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Is the Sox good record helping shield Hanley Ramirez from criticism this season?

Jun 16, 2016|

We discuss Steven Wright's place on the team and whether or not we trust he can hold up for the post-season, and the quirks of Hanley Ramirez, and how the team's record may be affecting fans perceptions this season.

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Seeing the Red Sox don't have to get an ace. Everest are right you know they they've gotten ace it's not David Price it's it's the knuckleballer but pick one of those already. Ellis now the discussion is that whether or not. Stephen Wright. Is qualified to be an American League all star now the question is starting to become should he be starting the all star game this year. Dearly love to go look a hot hand and he's just not only has to be consistent but there's no hotter hand. In the American League right now is is Kerry for June is 137. For a for a guy who wasn't in the rotation wasn't even probably there is six started when an accelerated rate to our Rodriguez. Doesn't make the opening day roster. 31 year old pitcher. Who is who has pitched like an all star absolutely yes. So you know what a month ago. Although less than a month ago for the all star game. Right now the Specter Hewitt. I think we've you guys are used to pitch you're superstitious technical. Events maybe of the day we can point back to June 16 2000 when we recruited out for a toll jinxed. Steven Wright I'm not superstitious but maybe you guys. You know yesterday you brought up the. The idea that he was likely to get in the all star game I still feel there's a there's a natural. Tendency to add to dismiss a knuckleballer that it's gimmick deal whatever in and. Even that the guys pic of the team even yell MLB is going to be predispose to its power arms or whatever. But if you don't get in it it's gonna be a Travis Shia mockery. Guys. Yeah he's he's. Had a great season the question is is he legit I mean do you. You look at hammonds and start to plan. Since the beginning idea the beginning of the year he was a nice story. And then it became a better story than it again the best story. Now you look at him and say I BC's more than a good story in and in other fairy tale and no I don't think the period tells gonna end I'm starting to rely on fever right are you at that point. Absolutely and and Jerry I'll point out to you that. A knuckleballer won Cy Young award a couple of years ago. RA Dickey knuckleballer won the Cy Young so it's not just whether or not you're. Yeah you'd trust them enough to put on an all star team on knuckleballer won the Cy Young yes he's absolutely of that caliber and yes Michael. The minute the Red Sox scored two runs last not a. This thing's over and I respect Dickey for breaking down that knuckle barrier being in a pioneer for its people. Who lead them against the oppression and and the prejudice against them in yacht that's. Good for him I still feel that like. Right is he should deserve he's he's gotten to that point I don't think it's natural for the powers that be to put him in there. And I wanna be consistent too because what he's doing pretty much is what. David Price has been doing. In always ERA is gone down six straight games the way price has. I you know I was definitely want to buy it's nice to operate in all year shore but but price at the electorate in China's. He gives up three runs and on Santa I want more out of him and here's a guy go seven innings seven and a third. Gives up three runs and a Mike celebrating that so I get that it think it's inconsistent. And I don't want to necessarily go to the band's frontman analogy. Blake Wright is a is sort of George Harrison when he drops in there he's really gut oh I don't you have. And to use Michaels analogy here to take one step further goal in game. You get David Price starting the game for the Red Sox you've got Steven Wright starting the game the Red Sox which Pritchard you have more Peyton get the win going into the game. Corporate right I do. I don't I am not I don't know that would have written so far this year as a thirteenth start as a as a pitcher talking about how they performed this year watching both guys performed for the Red Sox this year. I have more faith Steven Wright's gonna win his game. Now I have faith that David Price is gonna win it. I haven't got that are not thought it was interest in GU Syrian. That he's reliable car still. I gotta learn the hard way for Stephen Wright I just don't think these guys exist. 31 year old starting pitcher he started more games so far this year thirteenth at thirteen starts this year this year. That is more than the previous three years combined. Any 31. So there's usually. There's usually something. Wrong with these guys. You don't find 31 year old all stars who haven't been all stars before and starters. And expect him to continue it. So I'm not I'm not convinced that the Red Sox I have a reliable starter yet I think they have a great story and Steven Wright the best story on the team by far. I'm not ready to say. Aren't the Red Sox a walk a win win the division. I'm comfortable opening Steven Wright as the number two starter in a playoff game or at number one if you or in now to take what you guys are saying. Obviously I'm I'm I'm talking about how they performed so far right's been better than price you start the playoffs tomorrow David Price is starting game one but not to those starting game two. Steven Wright and you feel good about that welcomes Derek I don't tell me tell me who won your staff who would be your number two starter. Probably Purcell I don't took great about that either. So. You guys think that the Red Sox have a number two starter right now and it Steven Wright I think they've got. Guys who are. Who are showing. For you know 56 starts are having some good stretches that they don't have enough a reliable number two. Stephen writes in this way all year is play he has pitched well this are you Meyer seems really had this hats and that up a good streak here a good couple weeks good month. He's consistently and back when he lost his two games he was pitching great. This feels a lot to me. Like the Tim Wakefield story. You know a guy who lets be honest when when they brought him in here from the Pittsburgh Pirates organization nobody was doing cartwheels about you know the knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. And and he kind of came into his own a little bit later on in his career as well course he had to switch over from you know different position different way of pitching and all that stuff. This sort of feels like that to me. Demi Hummer and so Stephen Wright is given up this year I do not pork. In ninety innings or eight less than David Price test. And ER 889 innings giving up four home runs that he is he's been tremendous and walked a lot of people he struck like most most knuckleballer is. I gotta but two walks and about to strike outs and they come out of those games. I don't know what it. Hey you know. Sometimes the knuckleball goes where I wanted to do and sometimes it does that you never know it's unpredictable brits or does do at the same all the time. But don't know he's been a eight controlled knuckleball pitcher and he's different than Wakefield and at a number of race fastball want obviously one negative one positive for the positive ways better than Wakefield is that. As you just said it throws you a good fastball and throws a lot more in so it's not just a guy who's just slaughtering an apparent and Wakefield knuckleball. If you knew that thing was coming you absolutely we're gonna hit it it was in the seventies low seventies to mid seventies. Stephen Wright is throwing his fastball on the eighties and so it's a big difference. That's a positive where he's better than nick better than Wakefield the negative is. There Wakefield. Wasn't just discovered on the scrap heap by Dan Duquette and in Pawtucket. Fact is he had been a good pitcher. In the National League with the pirates he had pitched in the National League Championship Series he's he had one of those vintage. Tim Wakefield runs internationally and many fell off. And the and the Red Sox who rescued him because he was start to think that his career was over so. We didn't come out of nowhere Steven Wright has come out and where. Well he's only got a knuckleballer for a couple of years now. I know it's 31 years old as you said but he just became a knuckleball pitcher a couple of years ago so he has come out of nowhere but he's kind of reinvented himself. And end you know reconfigured everything become different than he was it's like when those those you know. Great fire balling pictures suddenly become controlled chunk bald guys later on their career this guy's only been a knuckleball pitcher for a few years now. Later on in her purse but knuckleball pitcher not. Our public and got nothing on I got I got no book there's no book on on Steven Wright. You'll Hubble this for a book on amend it to can be armed to Wakefield. Who every once in awhile every I don't know dozen or so starts may be six or eight starts. What blow up where it's itchy he just wasn't feel and it that the ball wasn't dodge you know whatever. This is Steven Wright's worst start through thirteen games his worst start was born at third innings five earned runs. That's beyond Friday night at them yeah again against Houston. I mean even that that heavy Clay Buchholz would look at that as a head excited to have a bad night. That's the one start that he's and we can really say that wasn't that good. And it wasn't that terrible you're another twelve he has been a metrodome he has been steady as you can ask any pitcher to beat knuckleballer not. And have gone through something myself but reed and myself lately so. I instead of being honest a couple days a week or three times a week or decided I'm going to be honest that is going to be ought to get all the guys got a lot. All the time on the radio this 100% honesty for you guys because that's what you guys deserve. But I don't know if I'm prepared to handle our ultimate thome like I'll only showed little assurances. When I was ripping Joseph Kelly were going back report I had Clay Buchholz you guys that Joseph Kelly we both locked iron hammy when and what a bad hand to draw for both of us but I was. I was rod what buckles you guys are right in with Kelly. But I said Kelly. Can't get it done. I want it to be right. I won it and I didn't want them to do well I really didn't you run against I was rooting against that I wouldn't get the no hitter I wanna see him pitch well I admit it. In the case of Steven Wright. I don't need to be correct on this one. I don't app I'm not rooting against Steven Wright. I'm just so skeptical of guys and just pop out of nowhere at the age of 31 now. Popping out yeah toy part 26 or he was highly regarded prospect in. You know we had a great year AAA. And then you know came up a camp to the majors and he was doing pretty well rounded out his elbow. And shoulder problems than okay. That trio are and I can understand this. No that's not the story at all. Are able let me ask you this way okay. And and I don't think you're alone I think I've heard this from other folks you know callers to the station I've heard this elsewhere. What would he have to do to gain your trust I understand the knuckleball is capricious animal you know BA yeah you don't necessarily rely on him. When at what point do you say okay. He is what he has he's he's really good. I'm commands from beyond the if it's never gonna happen noticed too early for capricious and mean I get a break out of 5 o'clock and not just like I've got a little coffee here are suggesting there's this close early for that. What will it take. Probably the entire season. An entire season of of this. And not being able to pitch at the Major League level I think he can't pitch in the majors. I I just automatically Wanamaker and because of his agent because of his lack of experience because of the pitch he throws and Tanya. I'll automatically when I make my number four number five starter when you start talking about the number two starter on the Red Sox and Stephen right. Now I dug a concern about that. Then I get concerned about the entire season. It's like one of those things we year they're doing something without thinking about it and then you start thinking of bodies are freaking out. So. The Red Sox in first place male leads this is great and hit a bong. Young guys doing wound another big night last night from Okie breadth and you know Jackie Bradley junior has figured out and how about the pitching. And start up that nobody gets scared. Because if you look at that rotation. For first place team it's frightening as. Oh positively you look at the like you know what it's not a whole lot different than the team they're tied with first place for. Who's your Steven Wright. Missouri nose or 31 year old unknown would like right now. The guard averages aren't you are obsessed about the thirty why I don't madam Heidi I had EMI doesn't know nor does matter that does matter in baseball and it's unfair. You know and prepare for those of you who are gonna say hair switch careers at parity. Tony nine or thirty you don't understand. You know I used to be a schoolteacher than I've decided of them become you know lawyer or writer okay that's right and I'm happy for you. Then work like that baseball. You don't just. Just don't become an all star pitcher. Here. Because he would you be changed to we whites. Look he was a career minor leaguer as a normal everyday pitcher. He'd been through law lat and and suddenly you know it it was it was like a light one honor or something happen any set I can't I can't be a Major League pitcher doing this. I gotta switch to debts. And any any switched and it clicked and and the results seem to speak for themselves. Our our hope so I hope I hope you're right. He is outside your circle of trust Disney. Yes he has. US such an anti knuckleball. Hate hater Europe. You're not a list. It does the word there I'm gonna find a player heavier yellow period arrows what he's still this is the the what he has to lean into is exactly this kind of anti knuckleball rhetoric. And again and I mean if you look at this competition for. That that's starting spot the all star game it's it's pretty step. I mean it it's not a walk over for him and emulated. You know T and Alan are you an ugly and as it facetious now these are having Chris sales probably going to be the starter in the all star game and should be and I and I'm fine with that. I. My point is this is past the point now wary you're asking is he all star game worth. We're past that point you know when when you've got as good any Ari is there isn't in the American League I Urals are worth. And if it's an amazing story just forget it out of look at look at it as minor leagues that right now that this is minor league stats is mightily stacked and stops. So eight into 2009. Not that long ago. At at twenty of the 24 year old was in Dublin. In Akron. They made the old hollered out yeah how about what's that. Many made the out. Ohio Torre went to Columbus and through that OH I note to ingratiate himself with the locals there. Bakken Akron 2011. Before going back to Akron he was in tenth then they able. 2011. 2012. Portland double play. And the jacket. Penny was in a place called. Announced its first sort start. After GO. Don't know where that is Portland in 2004. At the 829. Double agent pitcher in Portland. Two years ago. Now we're looking at this guy as they'd top of the rotation starter for the first place Boston Red Sox no way no way he did that this can't happen again. And to. Total ribbon around how important he's been through this team and I said the other day if he's been. Averaged if he's just been sort of a feeling and you know number five starter. They're probably a 500 team if you were worst art if you don't pitch like Buchholz. The manager of public fired right now they're probably close the last place and here's the thing the Sox are under 500 in the division. The only other team of the divisions under 500. If the Yankees in in the division. Writes ER rates six starts is one point 88. Again he's been huge when he needed to bring his darts in and invented a city that's six starts against against the Toronto Baltimore. Tampa the Yankees. That is the areas one is an unbelievable high Nokia save them so far win. There rotation as as well as you know rice's prices started to kind of put it together here. It hasn't exactly and it'll. Of a treasure trove of talent did you know starters and quality starts and yet he is filled with again. It's an unbelievable story guys. And that I hope it works out well Foreman hoping gets a huge contract and at the age. A 31 has found himself and has a long has another ten years in the knuckleballer email maybe another fifteen years. A draw that picture and confusing people but. I had to see all these minor league stops. And recent finally stopped back and forth socket packet to Boston in 2013 Portland 2014. Portland Pawtucket. Boston and 2015 the tuck it and Boston. And now last year. 54 with the Red Sox 409 ERA a terrible. Limited duty. Nine starts. In this year to crushing. He's never this is how easy this guy's making it look. He's never had a minor leagues for season this gear as a starter. New dawn in the majors. But all those minor league seasons were not as knuckleballer either. Mean that's that's pretty recent and and you know he's figuring it out he is working with Wakefield blocked by the way. And I think Wakefield probably helping him out you know lord knows Tim's got a wealth of knowledge about that's a residence goes. Now the other question on our mine in addition the fact whether Stephen writes an all star caliber pitcher which we all agree he has. Was it Ramirez right. Watch out. It hit homers and triples and a more homers created he was talking about getting hot it's gonna get dangerous out there might not that he hit the heck out of that ball last night. We can't hit a ball harder than it last night. Was he was too right. What's really asked. I mean that give them a whopping five on the year you know he's he's still doesn't have a a slugging all the 400 so. Pardon me if I'm skeptical about that actor and that would that your guys circle of trust any it it's a nice start but I mean he's got. He's just it's so much ground to to make up for and and here's the thing. And I never thought I'd be telling you this a year ago I would but you know you you make in this up it and yet or at. A blast my mind if I was going to be telling you on June 16 that I like a guy. And it's so stupid because it's not because of his production I don't know it's it's that weird in definable attitude to win every right up in the on deck circle. And he took a stealthy with some kids sit in the front row at a year ago I would rip my hair out it would have been. People legacy all over again and instead of just in the country. Yeah I don't know what he's smiling he seems to care it's stupid because he's not easing Joan productive he's enjoying himself. He's having fun and just not being productive yeah it is eighty. You know and nick I keep going back to it which normally used to say about this town if you act like baseball is important to you. And you and you care and you buster you by people like you at. It's just that states is not enough to go on I mean if he was in the middle of the giants want the posed for itself we dedicate. And didn't hit that moon shot RD ID are NB a we hear all of us would we be crushing. And as it was on to Laphen via eight it was a it was an eight and a nice mall and obviously interacting that whole front row there. Medicaid can now on the island exposing itself be with the kitten. I know an intent to embrace this Garrett now on the base so what he does I admit. It's stupid that it borders on fan boy ism maybe I'm just tired of how much I I was disgusted by humans and about last year and you just wanna move on. And the teams went in and I mean it's not a good day to be ripped him for anything because yet that was that was a great homer and maybe. You know and I I only key missed a couple of others but he was you know he's taken good attacks and I don't know I it's it's so dumb I would I want to rip the guy I just don't have it in the right now 617 sevenths. 97937. I wanna rip the guy. Because I hear what we've become all right Elizabeth tell us here yeah guys out there you gotta help these two they have no one within their circle of trust. What makes the cut these guys don't Steven Wright know Hanley Ramirez. 6177797937. You guys will help them. Does god knows they need it Eleanor Ali port in Sports Radio WB yeah. Just try to go out there and try to do it and hope team went. You know us I was a tough loss both David and Tillman threw really use I think the game could have gone either way of our guys battled and notes and I you know they stayed aggressive and you know with the decision time substitute we have so. You know his new Monica's new just try to throw coalition Drexel Brooklyn Decker as like UPD and Sean. Leukemia and removal you know coaches like that is gives you more confidence to know you can just attacked his own epiphany and was a good chance going to be you know. I've decided there's one other problem with Steven Wright it's not a problem is not his fault. In addition fact that he throws a knuckleball and that puts him outside some folks circle of trust someone does it can be my grandpa are evident heart had restarted it and the other thing is that. He doesn't look. It doesn't have the that Major League pitcher luck in alleys. Looks like like a guy who's you know working down at Lowe's or something and then. Home Depot these cool round face and public chiseled Cotter ripped. And he goes out there to sort of what's that thing up there. Were seven rate innings every game. I started for me either thought the knuckleball. Are you about away and broke before we go go crazy with that Tim Wakefield comparisons it does want to look up Wakefield numbers again. Wakefield won 200 games in May usually you know and lost 180 modern day. I want to under games toward your Major League game comparison I made was simply. Both guys made the move to be knuckleball pitchers as a way of extending their careers but by the time. Wakefield was Tim writes age. That offense even with camera in other tight tight end and I heard Eric by the by the time Whitfield with Steven Wright's age. A new camera it was somebody. The already won sixty games in the majors. So it's not the knuckleball is not the fact that he that the news the whatever it looks like I don't care about that and definitely not in the position Dutton how somebody looks. But it's the fact that this doesn't happen. This doesn't happen after awhile. You are in baseball is very cruel that weighs very harsh. And give you a few years to figure it out he started baseball and around nineteen or twenty years old. By using by 2425. You have an idea of you're going to be a major leaguer or not. Them by thirty you'd certainly are who you are after the game says historically. And they are there are out flyers there are exceptions if if Steven Wright is an exception. Great. Based on the history of baseball it's a duck. There's pitcher Greg right now. But but there aren't a lot of guys who. Start doing something completely different they're done it. Prior to of that sure there are blatantly just completely take a pitch that is they don't lie identical to the things that they with Roland previous that a lot of doom. Desperation sure. Yeah yeah it is now extend Mike or it's ironic are slider and cutter and he they didn't have a defective curve but yeah he's an 88 mile an hour fastball. And he started messing around with this thing I mean. Yeah but wait Wakefield. Messed around happened a lot earlier to him and he was doing was. Minor league first baseman that he made the switch and looking at it in 1995. When he had that run the pirates when he was just great eight and one a record down the stretch 215 ERA. 25 years old. And he's already a knuckleball pitcher so he made the switch early enough. Where we're not talking about a 31 year old Tim Wakefield and Hayward this guy come from Wednesday. Mid twenties Tim Wakefield if this isn't really unusual story and hope it works. You know New York you will for Bradley in the natural. They got guys like used retire they don't start pulling in baseball that your agent and I I get it. He just came in out of the sabotage valley unions and I'd never heard of and I'm not that our picket on him you're no different. I really want are written apparently her marriage I am I eight. I can't come up and can't bring myself to ease he's one mile over and it's not because of his driving in runs and it's not a slugging percentage it's. That he hasn't made error isn't I don't know why can't I can't find it might art to be now sadly that was last. Why does this one point out Roy Hobbs had some lady. The F and they want it now yeah bullet gently at the let rob. Are predators and a separate. Yeah he should have been active subject of a blue zone if they don't Muddy Waters that have been. They write a song about Roy how to do different Harriet bird shot Lee hooker. All right let's get to the gulf and you guys 6177797937. Bobs of Waltham about. Also look won't you comment on without you right. It's also really operated and it has been licking of Latvia the songs on I used to call yours ago. I was successful with that could control herbal. And in my Euro. You know who knows what we're war warns on. Medics afterwards these guys will never know you wonder whether even would be. Promoted in the at least that they did not pitch the ball fast and you know you can you can. Measured the speed and velocity that. You never your suitor all that that you certainly want it back herbal I want it that slider and look into that knuckle or that's why they ever pitched these are hardy it. And I think that's a wonderful grant while we will know was an amazing player back in my Europe. And I remember being a Baltimore watching them behind the home plate. Also possible that hit and you know it is you know hated it and you know I think this is legitimate Beijing there are many ways is doing it. The this is the ball is over rated. Unfortunately. It would week which can measure some think it's great. But I think that agreement that successful pitchers are really the ones who can really at the artist which. Well let every you bring up another good point as well and and for the most part if you look at knuckleballer that seems to happen later in life. You know you're talking about 31 Michael net it is it is is HRA Dickey. Won the siting at the age of 37. 37. I mean don't you think of Niekro and will Helmand. And wait wait pitched you know much law longer than than many folks do. And you know had some of his better seasons and a little later age. For some reason for knuckleballer it's seems to come later in life and it may be part of it is ready to start throwing until later in life. As you said Michael are almost forced into it I don't throw this one we're gonna deal. Yeah but I think you know and a lot of people a lot of your your techsters beyond the daily on my exact. It would protect ours named after users will give credit revenues. Wearers do and where to want it. But it even in the case of RA Dickey you know people have thrown all kinds of names RA Dickey and thrown out and Dwight Evans changed this Mike Mussina change this. They were in the major leagues. They are making changes in the major leagues they're very talented Major League. Up performers. And then when you make a switch in the majors. Look at a different. Steven rice were Steve Wright was not in the majors at the age of thirty. So to come up to the majors what the knuckleball that's unusual even for our ridiculous guard Nikki right now. I may have Major League debut when he was 26. I think LA it in in any spin. Pitching and and Texas they went from Texas to Seattle to Minnesota to the Mets having been around he's a major leaguer. Dwight Evans obviously was what the Red Sox at a young age in his twenties Tom Candiotti was pitching a knuckleballer in his twenties. I want the story to be true right now to fairy tale too great fairy tale and hope it continues. Yeah public company growth and trying to figure out what age their right. Bill Nikko came up at the age of 25 I tried to Dale's point I'm trying to remember the last time you heard about a hot young minor league knuckleball prospect. Like those guys are so good at that got a exactly it's an artist Arnold Red Sox had a guy out got a direct talks with Charlie zinc. Charlie zinc rose one and had another way we hardly knew ye. I again and it just seems like it's one of those things that you'll only deal out of out of desperation you don't. You don't hear too many guys who aspired to make it to the majors on on their their knuckle balls that becomes a thing that. You know you've default settings to try to throw it is hard he can't failing that you trite did you know given to off speed stuff and then this is like. Desperation time it's it's either this or go get a job driving UPS. While I what what this all comes down to is that dale and and Lou Moroni who have been. Are on the same train sharing of I'm not not obviously sharing a seat on the same train now you guys are driving the train. And looting government for a second and got a little break here he drives there will lead to break your driving that train has been. I'll take those prospects and I'll trade them for legitimate front line starting pitcher. And I still think I got your thing I know you've been saying that has been saying that I disagree about you guys but. Where you really step back and look at it we have David Price who's been pitching well lately. You've got Stephen Wright who's in your second best picture. And then after that you've guy and you know the flavor of the week. And sometimes that flavor is reports fellow. Heavily worried about tonight's play Leon Patton and Eddie Rodriguez yes that's tonight yet though here's needed yet there are a lot of there are a lot of risky characters in that rotation. So your point you know maybe they do have to sacrifice something that they like to get something for right now for this season. Because their offense. When their offenses were at home you can see anybody. Anybody can just take off they've already have a few guys this the guys who had hitting streaks impressive hitting streaks this this year are ready Zander has had one. Obviously Jackie Bradley had one Dustin Pedroia has has had one in David Ortiz has just been. Hovering in the red all year it is just just hot. The entire year. So they they've got guys on offense can just take over. And Kerry team. What they don't have is the equivalent in the rotation. Outside David Price cut I still think David Price can't do that he can be that guy. He's your number one and NN I'm not as I said I'm joking around about Steven Wright what he's done I think we should be in the all star game. I head of David Price but I know David Price is clear number one pitcher. Well you need some beyond that I mean Eduardo Rodriguez yet any faith in him and you've you've got you've got a guy going tomorrow night we're hoping will be okay. Hoping he can earn the number five spot in the rotation may be. I mean you've got Marcelo was getting pushed back to Saturday. Up and down you know good sometimes not hurt at other times. You've got you've got two guys right now who you feel confident in night in night out when they go to them too guys. As starting pitcher. And one armaments even bleep and a right. Steel boy right dale and I scream bloody murder when they started him. On the road to open up the season instead of and John and Eric was smarter than me. I clearly it's worked out it there's no way that John Farrell had any idea that this guy was going to be able to beat this productive otherwise it's that was. It would have been installed as the number two from the beginning of the season but. Boy it's a weird game you just just never know there's Rick a solo make it twenty million a year. None of us trust them to do anything and this guy that none of us heard over the beginning of the year has been holed in the staffed again. Want our listeners is hard work that Jerry York UPS box just got crushed. Due to say it's possible. That's what 77797937. Its telephone number text line 37937. Dale and Holley with Orton Sports Radio WB. That's why it. It's a cool little. It's very much. It's his first home run in more than a calendar month. It's. Person would. You know if you win series like us they can honestly is that cellular well they're writing. A good thing it's. Do you know wherever coach. I love Jerry. Ever Marist basically saying get your popcorn get your popcorn ready gets up puts about to happen right get a win. Got to win a series to get to the playoffs continue to win series from the Red Sox that are. Are doing so. Split the two games so far this homestand with the Baltimore Orioles but they do they do have to make a statement by winning. I winning this series if or when this thing. Oh split. Don't let it when it. Listen it's not just this series it it begins with this but I did the map the other day at 25. Games. On only two home stands nineteen of them are going to be at home like the Holtz C and basically Michael the whole American League east pennant race. Pretty much comes down to this home stand like big. They can't tread water on this one they've got to assume it the next summit go to the West Coast they gonna lose a little grounded happens whenever. They've got to come out of this next blocking games between now and the all star break. With a cushion it in the of in the division and I mean think that camp area but there's no way that they can be tied at the end of this it's gonna be gigantic wasted opportunity if they do. And by the way they can't. But the series of three game series with its like one and a half to one half there's gonna let that go out none are I got a call reality things got a call me out. You know three game series. When this series against Baltimore because as you pointed out. They're under 500 against against the division. And you got to start making you're making your move within the division and especially with the golden opportunity well. You know the reason I'm in the anti human it's doughnuts that we would the mayor's home run in and Hanley and you were talking about earlier and I was giving a hard time money it's show up conflict isn't it. Are we giving Handley a pass simply because there first place team in other words if he was posing for the cell be and they were five games back of Baltimore in the American League east. These lines would be little market does that guy I've lines lit up to waiting to leave disarray this guy I they're tied for first place culminated tonight. They probably aren't gonna split the three game series. They're probably gonna either win two games the one currently there at the back of just gave the why they're probably it's sure. Not that it had to go back I just does the thousand dollar asset to our our general our Hitler and I both as a lie but but the fact of the matter is their play in great. He hasn't played great he hasn't performed you're right Michael when you talk about what you expect from him especially a guy who's at and if the mural in your batting mortar. And what you've gotten from him. Okay because they're winning. He's having fun they apparently lot bombed it the reaction of Ortiz. When he hit that home run last night Ortiz was on base and the reaction of Ortiz when he hit it it's obvious they love this guy. They love them. The fans seemed allow them. So it's okay I'll put with what Cologne or. And it's not justified by anything you can make a case that he's been. Nothing short of a miracle at first base. I again I'd I don't mean to make it's only come compared to mark to share in the field under Islamic it's almost Father's Day and he has it made an error yet. And we thought he was gonna be a disaster especially when he showed up about a glove. And didn't seem to be taken extra practice during spring train and so in that respect sure he deserves you know some credit but in the net at the plate. If covered them up that's what it is there's score runs in spite of them. And so everybody's just sodas and other dialysis to ignore him and let's focus on the prompts with a pitch him but he doesn't deserve the past that he's getting from anybody. Particularly from me as they say that. Each. Democrats I mean you want to get a considers that I I. I like the guy if I'm missile pull inform whereas last year I find months myself watching games just to see him screw up. And you use bring about the peace instinct in me and I now I think he's bringing out the best of him a card I'm a better human being Florida not like about like you who such an anti knuckleballer. I am but but I think and I'm not into an apologist anti Stephen Wright right now is Steven Wright story is I just don't buy it to. It's fiction it's fiction we gonna get back to nonfiction and a second with him I think I think that's what's gonna happen but mainly. Do you think. Hammy or Marist the acceptance of Hanley Ramirez has anything to do with being separated from his twin. Last year they were twins. The big guy and the pin guy. Parent or last year was the big guy in the bigger guy because Hanley Ramirez has dropped some weight is handling. And Pablo sand evolved and that this was an example. If we were in in in Washington this is an example. Of overspending. Look at this we spent. 88 million dollars on on Hanley Ramirez spent ninety plus million dollars on Pablo send a ball spinning all that money no return. And so they were kind of lumped together. Well not only did Hanley Ramirez changed his position Pablo stayed the same position on the field and off field during the same position and he's not for the year. So there's been a separation. Pretty gradual separation between Hanley Ramirez Pablo Sandoval. A legitimate question but wasn't there a out. Eight a figurative separation between them even before problem went down. In other words hammy it made the shift to first base and was happy and smile and this spring training he was like. Problem lost his position at third base they've RD begun that split even before. Pablo got where Haley came in and in better shape in good shape H Pablo came in bad shape and that was made worse by a great picture. A great director from Jim Davis where he's got a got him an action. And they are embarrassed and you saw everything. You know. It's too bad it's too bad. Because he's not doing he he had been doing anything different. It is on his entire career. Policy and. Even yeah he. I say it's a matter degrees exactly. Who put those poses a big degrees although it'll unless you buy in at 17% body fat fiction which. So there wanna meet John Henry Kenny Joost is dads welcome that but that just come on you and me with does have a beer and talk about this let's go to U boats get on the iroquois. Just us guys docket now tell me that you actually believe that thing is part of the problem here the fact that Hanley defied our prediction. Because universally read it he's going to be a disaster. At first base this is going to be awful. Set to air the whole year. So and and it looked fine expect these look better and parties look. You know. More than a cover art about it and so he defied what we set was going to be the case forum. So it's almost well got it right it's it's grade on the curve that it's the kid that. In oh. Comes in and does nothing in the in. The first semester and then the second semester he does okay I feel like you're you're much improved persecutor drops off the colonists parents and demanding as as a sit down. He doesn't deserve the credit that he's getting but I think it really belongs not so much still effects and evolves night here. But that Jackie Bradley juniors it. And Bogart and bits and then poppy is on this historic run in the fact that those guys are covered up his deficiencies is what's given in the past. If he scored doesn't really matter how you can score. It's not how it's how many. I mean we keep saying it but so what they've got a one of the best offensive teams and in the American League are not Major League race. Can't say so what the when when guys are in the in the money does factor into it even though you're not paying the salary. You have got to make that much and making that much money in being that. I'm just. Week offensively yes he did offensively week. It's a problem and the keynote is the problem that's why I told everybody get your popcorn ready or something like that. 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood fort in Sports Radio WEEI.