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The 19th Hole 4-23-16 segment 2: Valero Texas Open

May 31, 2016|

The PGA Tour stops in Texas this week. Several Top 25 will be in the field this week and Phil Mickelson looks to get back to his winning ways.

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Boy welcome back to the nineteenth pole here and a BE. My name's Jim Garrard I'm your host for the day Mike brought back with you. So mostly above this or break Jim. Would you rather where urged green jacket are red plaid jacket. Not not not saying we turn which tournament yeah I'd I would I would personally go green jacket. I. I look couldn't dream that let us single morial we will with a lot more from a from a wardrobe standpoint you would look like you were in radio boarding school with that you're wearing a plaid jacket but so I don't think I love your Brandon does not complaining. No he he looked pretty happy learned that. But that's that's a good question there. To some sub in for our readers that they would among listeners to think about because what pants which you're what a plaid jacket you gotta go khaki cargo khaki goes with everything. The green jacket you can Wear a couple different colors yes exactly. So Mullen on two other Valero Texas open in San Antonio. The AT&T oaks golf course. See Rudy do you think. Plays good in Texas the sides guys from Texas and at the guys that are very good wind players. I was hoping I was thinking the same thing I was thinking Europeans will definitely do good that yes there's no doubt pretty good field this week general Phil's plan. Couple other rogue top 25 players not one of the best feels the air. But. Should be at the very entertaining weekend Jimmie walker was the winner last year. He's. Let us first went. I'm not sure yeah I know he he Joost. We'll put it up on Sunday. Right each shot like seven under some points out that and it's a course that you did that can can buy yeah because. It's got some somewhat tricky holes. But if you get a go on. You can really take advantage of some of the the par fours. Never really watched that war. Yeah it's you know we haven't all of those kids it's kind of an off week you do you know masters you always you always watch the heritage inherited because of the course right. And then this week you're watching them you know just every. If it's on the Golf Channel on Thursday and there's nothing else on on TV at night but if you watch to see you know what's going on with the gulf but I've never. Like on the weekend you always started to do stuff because the weather starts to get thriller eyes in this weekend this post it as weekend so. But after your chores this weekend the honey do list on redo this. Grab a swing oil and crevice when or watch tomorrow off the gulf this afternoon Sunday afternoon. Or so we were we have a little discussion about the Olympics. And what's gonna happen. Down in Brazil. So far from my understanding Vijay Singh says he is not playing. For his home country. And this week Adam Scott said he's not playing. Her pay for a stuff he has decided he Adam Scott has decided that his schedule is too busy. The take time out and go to the Olympics. That's amazing because every top player. I'm shore. Once or represent their country. Jordan speed says the one thing that he is looking forward to the most is because when you grow up watching the Olympics. You watched the opening ceremonies. You watch all the people coming in from every athlete coming and and just how Jackie he's looking forward to the opening ceremony he is looking forward to walking in with. All the different athletes. And just you know like he said he says the look on their face when they walk and it's one of the biggest things in their lives. You know as a golfer you've got the majors you've got right every year you've got big big tournaments. Offer some of these athletes. You only got once every four years and you've got to bust your book right tell me an Olympic team. Yeah there's no doubt me walking into a stadium with with hundreds of thousands of people oh plus the entire world watching. You know I'm I'm sure Michael Phelps doesn't get you know 2030000. People watch and in a standard swim meet bright. People walking into a venue. Was over a 100000 people. Yelling and screaming and walking with some of your peers. Why I'm in a believable site. Walking with other athletes you've never met right with you know some sport you never seen. And you start talking to a woman your life far my day off by may go see you guys remember that. Like they're going to be able to get to see things right. He said he's he can't wait to move to be in the Olympic village. I hope that's gonna go I mean obviously. I imagine gesture how many days golfer is gonna take up but if you stay in the Olympic village. Most of the the premier golfers have. Bodyguards or security service with a when they're playing. On the golf course. Did they stay with a neighbor where they go around Olympic village is it gonna be that secure within our have to worry about it. Are they gonna have this year Kerry on the golf course like they do over here in the states. That's an interesting question because you think of like Michael Phelps he's worldwide nine when he got to think of people from other countries that we don't know right how big they are in their country. It seems like. When they're at the Olympic village security is around. But I think when they go away from the Olympic village is more when they have their personal security with them right. So you would make at the Olympic village you know. Paula Cavuto right now is Rickie Fowler who. You'll have to look kids. Locket around the eleventh you always see those movies and everything right to you play I you don't period and I thought yeah the swap in about a half a that'll be a thrill so but. Vijay Singh says he doesn't wanna go because of the schedule. Because. All the losing a viruses eco virus the worries about his health. Him here in Israel he is fifteen he is he a little older so he's got his. Recover time is enough while. Imus I'm surprised about Adam Scott the army he's he's ranked number seven on the world. He and Jason Day would represent Australia. If if Adam doesn't go in and you know the way that you get into the the Olympics as far as golf goes. Is the top two. World ranked players from each country. Can represent your country. If you're in the top fifteen. A country can send up to four. So for instance Jason Damien number one right now Adam Scott is number seven they would theoretically represented Australia. But Adam Scott saying he's not going all the sudden mark Leachman who's number 34 of the world. He gets the bid. So. As of right now say Adam Scott's don't yet so it would be Adam Scott Jason Day in mark we should know you have to be in the top fifteen. To get more than two per country so another word over the all three guys have to be in the top fifty -- force OK I right now I would on the west I started to worry him. Then you could give a third report now now OK okay so so right now the US is the only country that has four players. Ranked in the top fifteen. So for the US were trucked in Jordan's beef for truck and Bubba. Ricky and Dustin Johnson. With Patrick reed just outside. So the before. Without Patrick would represent the United States. You know when the cut office for that. I have knowing probably sometime in July I would gas. You know right now in England you've got. Or Ireland. Amateur how to get a do over there is the enemy by country heirs are going to be the British Isles. Hi Susan I think it's I actually I think it's my country so Arlen is separate from these. United yes so Rory would be in with with somebody else from Ireland may be Paul Casey. From England you've got Danny Willett Justin Rose. South Africa would talk and Branden grace and Louie who stays and Hideki Matsui is number fourteen in the world he's represented Japan any Marley have my new reality I'm not through it was a silly ball well actually Obama. You have to go way way down the list and to number eighty in shingle Katayama. Is gonna. Mr. Smith Hideki. In the from Japan so it's pretty interesting how this all works. And you know live another couple months to go regarding. Events. And I would think. That this would be a premier event that that everyone wants to play. That's gonna affect the local tournament the TPC river highlands. Event down in Connecticut got moved. To August. Because of the Olympics. So normally they play the week after Father's Day I believe here yes at TPC. Because of the Olympics in July. The artist Caracas are there there are moving. Through the hardest VC event to I think it's the first week. Artist herself. The home. The men. Are August 11 through the fourteenth. For the Olympics and the women are harder seventeenth. Through the twenty. Nice. Geology so should be fun to watch see what happens. I haven't seen anything about the golf course I know I don't know anything about the course. Knowing Brazil probably still under construction. Based on some of the issues they've had with the with the Olympic village inn and some the other. Venues. It's. Of course called the Olympic golf course. The Portuguese the Campo Olympic code the gulf but what I like I like that name better than just the Olympic golf course. So they built this golf course specifically for the event either they built that or they rebuilt that. So that if I don't watch red and India like this summer Winter Olympics better. I actually liked the Winter Olympics that are. The Summer Olympics. There are some really cool sport but the Winter Olympics you see a lot of different sports that you you would never watch. Like collusion like delusional like the bot like the bobsled. Curling right in I love curl I you know it's one of those things where you start you start octagon he's the police shuffle board on ice. That really made a surgeons are resurgence if you will. May be two Olympics ago Alia. Where all of a sudden curling became the the preeminent event. And got so much press. Now. And cable you can actually watched curling events around the world we which would never used to be and it. Memory reminds you so years ago we were at a bar. And friends of ours where we're having cocktails and I looked up at the girl and it was metal interested hey can you do me a favor she's like what. Did you put on the curling. My cousins on the US national team she's like shore so we start looking through the details and for us borrow. Laughing so hard and she turns and goes. There's no curling on TV is good at it now now the diary and put it just sounded funny I'm so. It was the of a flood laugh that night both good. Well we will get back into some the Olympics. After the break stay with us will be back on the nineteenth hole on WEEI.