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Jessica Mendoza is still bad on Sunday Night Baseball 5-9-16

May 9, 2016|

The Red Sox were on Sunday Night Baseball again last night, which means Jessica Mendoza was breaking down the game. Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss the media's need to tell you that she's the best out there.

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The fly aboard the deep. It's yeah. The flat out Steven Wright is not shown much to this at all night still on the movement we've shown that then we'll watch this place just stay. One. That's exactly why when you see it Hijab the result like that means you've seen so many of the easy these hitters swing over the top of that visit this one stays right there for Brett Gardner can hit it out. You know just that was a fastball. It's. They. Handled before it's ever fly all the way so work. And then yesterday separating the two days Jessica Mendoza. High profile now doing the game of the week. And sitting at his house out midfield. In front of them I do we hearse go badly. With fans ultimately a hostage with a program like a broken farmers are beginning to discourage like watching the penguins capitals game yes unbelievable. I mean yes it but it was it was this or watching it there and I was mesmerized by it it was one of those things that you couldn't get away from. You know I sat there and I had it on my computer I couldn't get away from where it was mark. Jason that your. He said he just had surgery. Just answer but he says his plan is to charge people residential. Charge people yes. And it offered it's literally seeing. It was mesmerizing. Logged in order. Last week last week won the first heard about it. Last week was back. Now we have a technical hitch and worked on the golf studio in like just. His dogs and other motor their goal as old as our son. I was pretty good. In Asia I saw like that the tweet. Yes I want normal again it is I picked it up on on Twitter. And then everybody is flashing questions and he just throws out. And it's not always. It was written and it's stories it was you couldn't get away from idea it was. But it was this and the public's time went by. I don't unfortunately for awhile it was one of those things you couldn't put them outwardly you get it straight in league history. Oh shields borders. There's actually did yesterday afternoon for the cubs Netscape. It was before that when you want to go to my wife in the afternoon sitting on Saturday night to. Thank you wind to watch Italy and like trying to make my life looked long and all that that game that was the point eight year deal and lots and it's. Only in that they had not that I actually want to during the dates. He was doing it before the game before the cup. But he was taking questions and they were just we animal you can go back in his. Kenyan at least they go to the US. If you live comfortably and importantly. Many candidates. On a watch that game last night and yet I've got the couple again. My computer go in. Here's Chad Finn media media critic here in in town and he's doing his typical as all of the meetings now. Stalled for me of people who critics in the country think Jessica Mendoza is the greatest. Analyst we have ever had in any sport and they keep on about it I think it's pandering and they're going out of their way to presented because of her gender. It's a big hit and so he starts going out Mendoza is fine she has flaws and make sharp observations do. She bothers only those who want to be partner. Just look at say that about Chad good because he's bothered by other people maybe including us on radio. And so he criticizes. Our she criticizes. Other announcers out there so which is doing the same thing chance that you're doing the differences. We're not taken the gender into consideration here but he went on to say if you're complaining about Jessica Mendoza would never set of people. About John crack all those years. I know all I need to know that we know what the inference was there and this and that and that got one mr. angry liberal Loney on the computer. Oh for a trade rep before that we went out. I'd just tweeted out because Alexander at the home run. It was a four seam fastball in and you talk about how the break. Ehrlich four seam fastballs don't break. If tech tech its the foresee you know evil and a force seems so Phisix the ball you know registry nominees low rise but it doesn't break. Odds are forcing don't break that's net became out. And I just came back that I ball I always complain about crock. Mean a seder every days I've no idea what John cook's doing in the air that was fine to say because truck was a male I guess. You know but that it's just didn't. It Nelson of course then you'd jump into it I actually think and it's three weeks corona. And I and start to feel bad for a few too because she works her tail up. She is informed me she does all she's in the locker room she's Boston detailed do whatever she boss weekend. To give a good product that night I just think the analysis of inaction life. Is off yeah that's all but that honestly I don't feel like. I would sit there and publicly. Say this if so many people didn't try to shove down my throat out great cheers that he said I mean last week we had. I was at sporting news or somebody ranked the top 28 sport gases that all of sports. Issue is the number one baseball analyst. I think that's laughable but insulting. Nom. De we have great years. And it's just to meet doesn't make sense. You know I think it was at below points that would sit down. People used to get a crop all the time and that's projecting bags did not to the 1101000. Of this and you know. President differences by three back to people that one out of their way to praise crook. You don't know other announcers got 1101000 the trees which I think is the issue eaten she's fine let it go. I think depend on said he should get so much criticism because the people that pander the go completely the other way to tell try to tell nobody how great years and now she is the best. Decades reaction of people sink c'mon she's not did not know where it's at what ladle it wouldn't know that's not bad but no guys ever. When nothing gotten appraised at this. That she has yeah I'm real happy about Farai do writes I think he's he's right in that. Do we got to the same thing with Phil Simms I mean we sit around rip Phil Simms and yet. Collins were I'll tell you I sit your praise Chris Collins worth I think he's very good we all have our own opinions but it seems to me. That this one is really biased and it's all based on the fact that it is our job out here is media critics to build the female. Up that is what we don't make any minute if Peyton Manning decides to join the Booth at any point on any level. You know prime time doesn't matter wants to Jackson and also whatever yet. He wouldn't look at it did you think he's gonna get Mendoza treatment yet he's awesome he's a great Manning all know I yes he's going to they are going to it'll be open season he's a man out. Silly with given how they've treated Peyton Manning daughter's career nationally think he's gonna do a game you dissidents and while that that is often you'll be able to but you know what Peyton Manning. Outstanding job. The bury your job critical Jerome Bettis they are critical of Emmett Smith and these guys there were doing. Live games these guys are doing it Jerry Rice commuters caught up guys hall of famers. Guys people lob in the last year right. They bash Emmitt Smith. Big bash from Venice so they want to see what happened pretty heavily police say it would make any sense big bash rate low whistle for. You know that is you know obviously don't like him but these guys are a lot. Just like Peyton Manning is beloved. If you Sox if you screwed a bit like well okay it's the first time he sucks Troy Aikman. Figured it out is great so no I think you'll be able treat him. Even harsher. And just humid but they're not gonna prop them up and keep them up there in the bureaucracy all got it of people all these other ID number two item for a but I I think I agree with you Chris Burton. That's not allowed one that's that'll make you earlier that you naive in this problem I I I can't I honestly believe that they're gonna sit there protect eaten any. What are currently I'll go or no longer. You're no longer you know the good old boy from pop up public geno that you're Jones Robert John Albertine a big deal to all people make pizza. Curriculum. I see our lineup to go to the lineup to be critical diligently. Luke nailed it though in that nobody has ever gotten. This much praise was very little experience. And and resonate well going out of the away and I even and I feel bad for her. 'cause I think she does work really hard at this you can some yet. Far more prepared than John Baffert didn't because I don't like it because the criticism that even I'm levying on her. I'm not shorts or fault. It's we do the best as he talked last week about Mike finance. It schemes don't on the radio in a big role far too early in his career. That was the problem do the same thing to her she's not ready for this year but yeah route. And it was just much fault there was also mindful that wasn't that some responsibility for the thought it was but I got I got into it was tweet from some a clear. It just it would you begin it's much scrutiny she was a male I think not. I just simpler responded your mail which begin this credit. No you don't Munich if she was is now. And my again it's not the it's not the preparations she works her tail up and that's why I feel bad because she's trying to do the best she's in a bad situation. The the David Price like it we're talking about a by septa said. Told you that. The late kick is good allow him to give more weight on that back leg can drive through its gonna add 23 miles an hour to allow the double to give up and everything to be in rhythm. Sounds great. Personal it's true I I don't either at Toby says she sounds great almost Billick they don't. And is all the way of saying without sounding record do bush revealed no baseball sounds great. It's funny the the media critics are the ones and media people in general or the ones that are propping erupt when you talk to the baseball people. At least privately. There are a little bit leery of last night with a made a big deal about the flowers and the Mother's Day out of an issue. When you've got three announcers no matter what their gender reasons on Mother's Day to talk about their mother and you female in the same respect on Father's Day talk about their fathers. But when you go out. Senator flowers if you like her and sent her flowers but they made a big. Deal about that again what that does is that accentuates the gender. As opposed to. The performance on the job. I think that's saying they're they're they're making there was anything that was awkward but it would mean you know. Normally have that situation so they give the other areas to take gender out of it if we're gonna take gender out of it. And that's and basically I think that's what we should do don't you. Take gender and I don't I've got a run on the female. Yeah get package assistant watch the game and privately and just talk about it. Policy tweet that comes out like you know at jets one of them and others that it just like she is absolutely outstanding a lover had such as I don't just legislatively. Advocates want not gonna react to that because. I think that is just pander so think that's one of the reasons why she gets so much of grief and scrutiny is because people are trying to elevate to what she's not. And again if she was a male doing this job she wouldn't be nearly getting this kind of praise I can wouldn't. I can nail an eight may not great I can neighmond I doesn't. Guys that are doing right now that we criticized on a regular basis if you want I'll do that but I think this is gonna become the critics in the media. Vs sports talk radio sports talk radio is treating this so little bit differently would give an example matched. Each. Or swimmer Loney and Fauria talk host. Or. Nobody. Happy mother's. Yeah then you hopefully that makes it a little bit easier to know that blossoms of bank fifth fifth fifth after the sudden stopping them to see those two guys Omagh. There's more. That's about it I think. That's what they're showing its I do laugh. Would people on the approach to. He's doing it is vehicle. That people we are at a couple of people on the outs excellence that she's better. They Curt Schilling would you guys listen better records show that person doesn't know a thing about baseball. Either veteran to Rhode Island area code sorry I mean. I. And they don't know anything about the sport and I think as you can hate Schilling and you can be happy that he's in he's not doing it anymore put the let's let's be fair about it. She's she's nowhere close to what Curt Schilling breaks the it's as simple so this is what's gonna happen that sports talk radio which has a tendency I think. To be a little bit more for a little bit over the top sometimes argued that and but they're they're more willing. You know try to throw it out line and a lot of times pandering does not late into the format. They're the ones that are lashing out right now here's Mike North and he's doing it now. On any network this is the fox Sports Radio network my doors odious scenario it does point not just be a really good they're not touching this one. But this is fox Sports Radio Mike North. I gotta tell you so up folks you know I've been called every name in the book two when news his job since the early nineties good name names in between. It caught everything from pillar of the community. To a guy who's the best at it in Chicago's history to our races and sexes averages tell you right now that would Yeltsin won upstate. Off except maybe the regular you know it's yet social media. Jessica Mendoza it's the worst baseball announcer with pepper announced the game of baseball if you wanna call me sexist going Hammond ups or. And I cannot serve and was in the based on announcers for 20304050. Years and I'll tell you right now. I don't care if you're Kiev city public I've laughed yesterday Christine Brennan Michelle beatle these are all people like respect in my ears Cheryl Miller. You want me to want him out or because a apparently I have to tell everybody nowadays does a PC. Both females that I like before I can criticize one if Jessica Mendoza. Continue to land I believe something they're gonna have to replace. Unless the ratings are okay but I. I don't care what I do is I shot the sound down now from the watched that she's just not up to a announce if Sheikh. If she was a man she beat Tony Kornheiser or Dennis Miller. Okay at sun dot lasted to about period and distort at with some foreign anywhere I off. My endorsement Arctic. He's an old that old school music play good doesn't gaggle yesterday your etiquette expert that original Chicago guy that got hired and by the ethnic score in Chicago. He was a concession. He was selling like it's hot dogs in this thing. That's silly guy. That's when he was still bow please you play football polls before it was college. English. Well it's likely or I don't let them put their buddies right because he is an drivable what think she's not the arrow she's left or ever I'll I'll give it to right now that'll put. A ball over Joseph Morton towards the market junk crack Broncos are. It's OK to say they're bad when he is right in that. You have to sit here and talk about the women that you like on TV because if you criticize her because of her gender. Therefore. You have to be anti win. That's yet to be do you think that there's there's more. USP but by happy Jessica Mendoza there would be more female eyeballs. On baseball games now they thought they were doing the pioneers and yeah they were they doing it elsewhere Saturday after the NBA game. They had a woman. I didn't even who she wants analyst. Play in the WNBA. Terrell Austin. That's tool of Tennessee this action is pretty good and she was doing but the sport is exactly the same via an extra good. To me she was at Gmail they said before George Brett I think it's outstanding right she could do or is it every don't want inside now see that's what. But he's right now switching have to do because if you don't. Then you know that the guys who were there were who were hindering right now are certainly don't really is sexist. And here's an intersection is releasing. Like it's a two person Booth like I don't hear enough to boot I don't even if it's all like ratio is coming back everything commercial all the all of them went quiet and it's got to be hostile or doing interview trip it's got to be a producer mandate like you aren't lead. But you relieve you of the sub you're the you're the color ray you're the guy that's gonna add in a little bit more make sure she says something wrong. OK then you jump manages corrected but the Colorado. Just say a subtle way where. Actual cake so why can't we say this ESP NS tried to be the pioneer. For the gender in the broadcast boot camp now. That's what they're trying to do. They're going out of your way to push her ahead of the class for a specific reason. Because of her gender not because she's great at what she does. But because of her jet the only explanation I I don't have a product that's what you wanna do the effects of getting. Should really be. Would women in the cube almost be offended that. The pure reason why she got the job in other words if if the thing if you just transcript is a everything that she says. And you head of a male another guy right I mean it's multi whatever you Chris Singleton paid as ESPN radio. Which you've gotten the job issue the best person for that job I. Be frank with you. I think yours go to baseball analyst as I've for. The problem you have in trying to get a job is that you were great enough player. And so there are a lot of people out here okay. Who just excelled the game and therefore they bring that quality to look even though they can't talk about the game the way you can. In this case US the chief formal. Then Jessica Mendoza has except you have one problem. The bombings this it's a little at that as an issue here but I know. As well as to what I don't have a problem is that why don't these critics are excited to be the ST listen man is trying to be the pioneer. For women in sports in broadcasting. And their portion yet I don't have a problem whether it. Just don't sit there and try to tell me a few years and she's the best in sporting news out of all I'm the greatness that. LaMont yet there is at the top where I'll be honest about it there's ticket. Should their success identified so it's is that why you crusher well when sporting news says it's is the best baseball analyst a problem you almost have to give an opinion or is she or is she units like me were going a little bit too far. You could say the criticism is more than anyone but the praise is more deaths than any milieu than it's ever done this job. 'cause they're trying to pioneer a cause it's okay to pioneer the cost to speak with the obvious about a let's go out there and and throw it because that's really what's going on and. Right now we get an timeouts were taken phone calls coming up next load them up 6177797. And three step.