WEEI>On Demand>>The 19th Hole 4-9-16 segment 1: Mike and Tommy introduce Jim Gavron "Gavey" to the 19th Hole.

The 19th Hole 4-9-16 segment 1: Mike and Tommy introduce Jim Gavron "Gavey" to the 19th Hole.

Apr 16, 2016|

We begin Masters weekend by getting to know Jim and his involvement in and around local golf throughout his career.

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Good morning welcome to nineteen poll amid a host Tommy Pluto along with cohost Mike Barack. And cohost Jim GAAP friend brought you bicycling oil beer company in swing oil ale. It's Saturday morning dew this Saturday but masters Saturday master battery matter that's like that like. Christmas. Of golf. So exciting brand has arrived. Possible Jim we'd like to you know first volunteers you do shall. By the heavy along and be part of the show today are two peas in the house our great fans back together. The new man in the house trade Jim Gabbert yeah every is everybody knows and tell us a little bit about yourself Jim we guy that's too much but I not tough are those details but all of these tales who got beat pills well. Started gulf and while nine oil country club. Grew up way in there. I'll have to country club. Ended up. When senior year high school golf. Ended up going. Poetry college played golf there college golf team went for the nationals out in Norfolk Nebraska. Which was fun Norfolk yet Norfolk Nebraska the night going there be big people big. The big thing about Norfolk Nebraska was that's where Johnny Carson was born. That where they have the event there that's where they had that was declared the day I thought he was the biggest is in Carson City parish I think everybody brought about a that was probably kit Carson and Johnny Johnny Johnny I feel like I was cars are in Nevada was was named well before Johnny was born all yet and and the bears hit your head at the year before. Do entry CAA tournament was in Florida and the year after it was in California. I got a breath he got Nebraska I got a press. Each file there that I'll. Was good before the court fed. Area pretty corn bed girl do all. Just been playing golf my whole life for men. You're an assistant how great you are gonna say I want. Actually bill Rosenblum. I aria boy really really Rosenblum got me an interview on it he golf course for American golf corporation. Am I became an assistant manager there for two years. And then Billy got an interview at Hickory with Rick or. And I worked with wreck for two years huge party. The party and the rest is history the rest is history of Iowans that I became a tech rep for Nike golf. Aren't like. Then. I became the head pro at no value for a year and then after that I'm. Went to twin hills and worked with him corp for three years. You're off work Cleveland doing demos for Cleveland and then back to twin hills as assistant pro or con staff from. Off so. So clearly a highlight your Heisman so close package on this this this isn't this now this is the pinnacle I'm I've that I go for their psychology I got all those. You're you're always say we're very well rounded in the golf while notebook with become involved again it about the they had if you met B. But now you're the the golf coach I'm the south Hanley iron this South Hadley high school golf coach we we play in the fall outs that's on the work of the kids. North could do good good. Good young bunch of kids Indo we will have a good your doctor. Possible welcome to the show yeah thank you. Very unhappy being arrested at Bagram and it's an important day. Obviously dean masters Saturday only public how many apple how great is this week you think about all the weather. If you come here to wipe the weather out there are. You listen you know in the India now I think the positives you ask tag I am right you know. A year positive guy yet you know if the way if it was really really nice out all week it would be like a reason to be outside playing golf and stuff now gives me an excuse to not do yard work. Not have to do all the tour is all the different things I can stay inside. Watching ball. Watch the red sack. In all loses so this is the week and you can get away with that the about it. Then men's national championship Monday night and you'll get away with much at home I'm gonna get in the men's national championship Monday and it Britain Red Sox got. Rained out right united so that was all women's championship Tuesday news that haven't met tiger on Tuesday right. Met masters coverage all week long. I mean it's as an anomaly is this is Ali one of my party pretty contest Wednesday all on the largest U nine holes and one. The record the whole ones are holes in one walls and bullets at cigarette between US army anyway there was an item on there was Isaiah is so nice guys not amend the you it would it's wrong it's wrong if you say this is my son or daughter her cousin her honor your wherever. Niece or nephew that's one years old UT's one year old Kennedy can't see holes and more hole in ones. Is it's one since its senior. Those holes and once we you know next next week folks will have an English teacher on here and I myself put people off guard Justin and I are both Victor we all await the Illinois nine a nine hole in one night it down right nine of those Gary Player eighty years old knocked one in knocked him. What the back to back from Austin Thomas Thomas and Rick Hendrick dollar same hole via mobile Jordan speaks at that was the toughest shot he's ever had been hit because. Because the two guys would hold one thread on how. It did get booed if indeed this is it'd make what he made a birdie yeah right he made a birdied they'll they'll lost the hole. Now we're at where it was on the same the 115 yard like the one that player remain anonymous while they're not there are various all their old Brooklyn is a par three it. Is there a par three girls arteries and ranks yet after you see the one nor Webb Simpson hit it. Now I missed that one Webb Simpson oxidant he's jumping around turns around spin their bogus then and there was arms crossed just like I can't believe this is that. And the funniest with Andy North says. Yeah Bubba just lost some money there. They got a play for something that. So how the Al. Some of the travesty that one of the. And ultimate group there was Nicklaus and Palmer. I was using a player and lots and watch that mr. Obama can make it this year unfortunately user for the champions dinner. Yet he sat on the first before the for the tee off the depth look apple NAS. Any Boise 8186. Now now while Watson I understand correctly this is his last. 43 masters he's playing done and he's done last masters you. You said yesterday that when he was an amateur. The first two rounds who says you know boy played with Gary Player says no because I plead with you blew it you could. I about it you know he's like well that's forty years ago and a half ago. The quake with a lot of people. Not any hornet that brings up an interesting point because you wonder at what point as a player like that who you know you win the masters you're in for life. Wendy Wendy is saying I'm not competitive anymore it's fun but I'm am picking a spot right somebody. It's like Tommy bolt who who kept playing for years and he liars and send an island both say and he won it so well right when Albany's west last year Ben Crenshaw says I just don't have the likes to play this course the way I do and limb and Watson said the same thing in Asia and is a press conference. There's a different thing and you wondering in on that point is as time goes on if you'll see guys were little older. Putt that it you know the you don't play competitive golf but just not complaining because it's it's not competitive for them there right essentially takes the spot from somebody else all specially day. Do some of the stuff they were talking about their normal like thirteen they're gonna change this burger chains that sort going to be totally different course so you can't hit the ball arm off. And your hit a long iron into those greens. Well they did extend one I think I was watching Golf Channel they had one where they eat it's not shooting up from a playing a sort of a car curved. Right that you know while left and right mind boggling a sense but just kind of comes out the shoe planned to all burn fifty yards back to answer a straight shot on down the fairway. With the tomatoes Ryder shot and makes her title track mix like eighteen which. Exactly might be one of the hardest driving holes on the torque and imagine the item yeah. I mean is I don't see what it's a quarter wider Riverhead and treatment and to think of it in you know in the terms of a fifty yard wide. Shot when you stand in looking at it you'll like coming in total it looked like this it's there's later like the ninth hole at the orchard when it right. Plane out of the back tee box like you really needed it when. There's there's pictures. From wake up above and from behind the tee. And it looks like you're hitting it down a drive right. That's the way it all day at all very and I are both peoples and and Aaron. Any you have to hit a cut for Arabian a dropper lefty because if you hit it straight eagle one of the bunker TM you'll be able to pick a little off the driver. Exactly of so listened and heard that talk radio this week and one of the questions that. I want the commentators polls was when you think of the masters. Who do you think of first. Technical sense and sense person in 1986 when means that you wanted to Fortis I. Yeah. Just the body of work I was you know 8086 was funny I was freshman in college so I watched it college. But growing up whenever they ever everything I remember was. Nicholas masters. Always in the minutes right. Being a Ben Crenshaw for him. Well my week by mr. favorite wins are parties panicked yeah RB panic now. The other that was incredible. That week he was plain awful. And his caddie. Said something. About this way. And he goes. Back crimes justice Harvey came through my caddie he came through trial right told me about how to open rebellion in from a remote. Shall stand point year in Augusta. Your mentor and teacher for life passes away you go home to Texas. You're one of the pallbearers. And and Tom Kite. And then you come back any have to tee it up on Thursday morning he got back I think like it rooted it at like midnight Thursday back. It's incredible army need only other name you don't think about that outside of obviously Bobby Jones you know masters but. The other one I came to mind when you said after I thought Jack Nicklaus and I started thinking through rolled actually crick in my mind was Tiger Woods and seven all right. Just you know in the first African American to win the masters by that margin and a share in inches that's a rookie card that's Brooke there at first major look at look at. You talk about the tiger you're after that. Right nobody got. Blew it up from there are Phil Mickelson with with a needle through cancer treatments you went right and he wins and then and it's and it's funny too because you think about some of their wins. And tiger had to chip and bill had a shot out of all of this pine straw buyers on thirteen. Like whoever whoever wins has that one moment while Bubba hit it out of the woods. Miller forty Aaron Ross from the necklace found sixteen hit that tee shot then. His son saying we couldn't him turning to him going it is. The it's great to those wobbles a leader necklace so so that there that response potter that he used 86. Saw you watching the show this week. And I guess after an event or something Murphy's downloads will with the equipment as you really just kind of throws in the bag in the house. So one of his sons. Probably gave the potter to one of their buddies who gave it to somebody else they don't even know where the putter is right now there. That's giants worth a couple million I'm I'm sure it's only number I don't plan. This it's sitting in somebody's basement. And they don't realize it's it's necklaces potter that he won the masters with. Welfare response spotter little banged up well. Look I was or I don't. Definitive go to if this could be it not straining don't there's so much history there are some guys that talk but they really do focus in on the twelfth hole that seems to be. That's not part of amen corner. I just like twelve people there so we donated in and just look at their talk about today even you know while listening to. XM PGA tour radio and just the importance of that hole when you're at that point of the tournament and where you are your you don't. Especially on the leaderboard if you don't know what can happen. Freddie couples when he when he just stop. Mean right everybody else Gerald and rolls in the water he slaps you won at least 11 blade of grass not out in its it's amazing now on the history by Tom. We got a four show it's me of full master shows got Jim Gabbard in the house Mikey problem miles we're gonna take a short break. We give back we're gonna I got some us Mitchell and our star running through some names of players where talk about. Why you think they would win and why you think you will not win we've got craft these messages and W yeah.