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Does Claude have to go in order to fix the Bruins?

Apr 12, 2016|

We discuss where the Bruins go from here, and whether or not those plans should include Claude Julien.

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Albert tell dale and Holley with Orton Sports Radio WEEI. Again if you're just joining us. Because of the Red Sox game the home opener yesterday afternoon we were on for an hour after the game. And and really you know we're at Fenway Park talking about the game and and really did not have an opportunity to talk much with you guys. Up out what happened over the weekend of the Bruins in the end of the season where they go from here so. That's where we started things off today and evidently a whole bunch of you guys are right there whether it's 6177797937. I Dave Cameron and his entire coaching staff were fired this morning. In Ottawa by the Ottawa Senators they avenue general manager appeared Dorian came in took the place of Brian Murray. Who's been battling cancer and some physical issues and Dorian took over as GM fire the whole staff today. There are a lot of folks who think that if the Bruins did fire Claude Julian he'd be in the head coach of the Ottawa Senators about a minute and a half later. Now the senators say. Their owner says now we got all the money we need well hire the best coach available we're in no rush and I bet they're not as they wanna see who becomes available out there. A lot of folks think that that's where he'll end up especially. In the aftermath of the act Canadians announcing yesterday that there coach wasn't going anywhere. All of the NHL is dirty does the dirty business with this. When they fired guys under contract if somebody else wants to hire them. Our teams entitled to our. Yes they compensate they get away with that they'll in this past offseason it yeah it's gone yeah and if there's terror dumbest political history oral are stupid. I mean keeping you keeping people from getting jobs because right look at this. This fire coach. It's eight your your organization didn't want you but upon hard you have got to give up compensation board to put to a team didn't want you. That that you don't have to worry about that anymore as I said if the Bruins did fire close Julian. He could he could be on the next plane auto if that's what they want and that's what he wanted and that is where he's from up around there so it is not surprising that's who most of the folks in Ottawa think that that that they would go after. But an art putt that is another indictment of the Bruins that this coach was open door everybody knew it. They I think give up the third most goals in the NHL and game that you need when they've got a lame duck coaching they're going nowhere. You get one bowl. And it's never even made it made the goalie work beyond that. Don't wanna do a little self congratulation here's a little in house advertising. And it's advertising for you guys as well. You know Dale Arnold contrary to the popular reports record the Arnold was the first when I tell you that cold was there yesterday and Lotta reports are close not being in the building for exit interviews. Load according to that jails inside reliable sources. Was there yesterday and in the first hour you told people about some of the things some of the changes changes that you would make a pick anybody else can break down what you did. Thank you but we went through the whole list in the first hour of why would let walk from this team and there's. 34567. There's nine guys had let walk. Just let walk. You know I would look to trade at least three others you may not be able to trade. Zdeno Chara Dennis Seidenberg David great T detector disagrees me with me about the crate she thinks it will wedeman. He needs hip surgery he played hurt any did by the way the last 20/20 five games of the season. You know he needs that surgery is going to be great next year. Eagle backed that leadership void on the esteem he's supposed to be one of the leaders on the team one of the quote unquote quiet leaders on the team. And I'm not saying that it's easy to replace them. I wanna change the culture of this franchise. I party said I would try to trade Zdeno Chara may not be possible. Because of you know his contract status now. I have to do my own homework here because their their various things here there is saying no move clause. David Craig he has one of those. There is no trade clauses. What's the difference between no movement note and then there is a modified no trade no trade clause for instance Brad martian. As a modified no trade Clark seems that's what I assume that OK I don't know the difference between no trade clause and no movement clause. And I I need to do my own what are they saying it's they're not but I I know ideal guy with a trading them. That does that mean you can't go to Providence I mean. It makes no I and I will be I will do better and I will find this out is as I was going through everybody's contracts earlier this morning and you know preparing this thing. I was looking at the different contracts. You know like like Patrice Bergeron has saying no move clause Dennis Seidenberg has a no trade clause. Now I'm with you semantic legal sound like the same thing to me but apparently they're not and I have to find out what the differences and stern think would be buyout situation when the it touched this contract and the Kyle. I don't understand all out but I will find out and then. Report back from Tacoma to become a dog Bob McKenzie for pain and believe me if anybody knows he's the guy who knows backed the call to go 617. 7797937. I Jackson a cell phone Jack Qaeda. Hello Jack yelled at me yes it is you were subject. And and waiting for awhile. Enjoy each goat gentlemen. Dale as a marquee guy I was just. I'm sure you note that DB and that you're gonna promote. Ted Donato war potential coach would be another candidate. Although I would say you know I'm curious your feed back. I don't think there's an American college coaches really the right person for the job because. It remains today that the majority of the talent coming into the league is from Canada. And we think meeting guy who's been established coach in my opinion. Tool picked it seemed to back bubble and I got Clayton college in the heat BAC level. And I would even say they quit the better choice than that not vote just because we're moving from the UEAC are. To not it was dirt on my list anyway. I I had I had Nate Lehman and norm bays and ahead of him anyway. Jack these and other Americans not qualified to coach hockey is is the opposite of Xena phobia. No I'm not saying that an American lock all by the coach argued what I'm saying is that. If we look at the number of successful NHL head coaches that are American. Who didn't come up who came up through American College Hockey. It's. Been Amber's very limited. All right so it's I mean I'm night. I like Dave went I I do IDs did a good guy to me he wouldn't be as tile my list is as the other names I gave you a by the way here's the difference. No movement clause means. For instance you couldn't say to Dennis Seidenberg look we're gonna put two on waivers. And we're gonna send you to the American hockey we're gonna pay you eight years in a year NHL money could you don't want my contract. But we're gonna send you down to two Providence of DHL no movement clause means you can't do that. Are you can't wave a guy and send into the minor leagues and you would do that anyway. It costs money to run away and I got to Seidenberg is is 24 million dollars each of the next two seasons. That's an awful lot of money to be percolating down I'm province or so but it he has. Well Seidenberg has a no trade clause he does not having no move clause technically they could deal with side. Even after all the years he's been in the league so it's not like MLB were after awhile it guy's been around so long he just can't send him down. Right now you know if you are a four year old you didn't put it that way and end the Montreal Canadians had a couple of guys like that this year. Who you know they just dispatched. To the minor league says saint John's Newfoundland and all star game everybody got on guys same situation he was down there are built on the cellphone they'll I don't. Yes it up to Bogart W Barilla they'll. To sort of follow up on merit fails converts our program social and do you previous call or arm. Corporate jet. Reduced duties. There's a cultural Denver. You received them on named Jim Montgomery continues that your. O'clock start university in being broken marriage. Played played a little bit the National Hockey League as well Canadian or American. You're an American or Canadian. Don't know hijacked a call before you just feel that Americans are required to have your yard he's like the anti Donald Trump let the party they have any team's problems. You know you're Canadian. They'll get a Canadian team in the playoffs and don't talk to us about you know this is our game now to our game. Not quote your producer just as well called sit. Let's call it Coca don't make it fit this Montgomerie also what. I understand you worked with Carol. In doubt I believe also is not a typical to bring record from US Rachel. Yeah and and like that we we've seen guys make the move I I I just think that if other than Anton crying in which would be against one reason to bring him in here as he coached him. At the University of Denver right you've got a hold these great hockey powers. In all within up an hour drive here you don't have to go to Denver to go find the guy I'm not saying to Montgomery's not a but coach who did a good job but there. Which a couple of yet neatly and down their Providence won a national title. You got norm basin is one you know hockey east championships you know just up the street here and all you don't have to go to Denver to find that guy. Now the president just to repeat now what I said in the first hour for people just joining us I would not fire clos Julie. If if I'm if I were king of the hockey world I would have close Julian back here. But if they do it if they do decide they've got to make a move I want them to go outside the box Bogut a college guy. And I and I know was a completely different world when this happened. But at at the very least. The Bruins. The the group ownership group knows how to deal with this and close knows how to deal with this. You talk about a guy who had his team up three games to zip. On the Philadelphia Flyers. What 83 zip lead. In game seven posing goal to caress and that is that is that coincidental I don't know. But 303 don't know series up 30 in game seven they'd lose at 30 lead in game seven days obviously lose this series. And quote came back. And when he came back. Got that team. In position to win the Stanley Cup and along the way to the Stanley Cup what they do today. And they sweep the flyers along the way. Or they they say they hit about pretty innovative beat them they beat the flyers a pretty good on the journey. Can handle. He can handle being a part of the huge disappointment and then turning it around and getting the team. And in the right direction and give the team pointed in the right direction. The difference between 2016. And 2010 I believe that happened 910 somewhere around the differences. Had a lot more talent. To work if you give him more talent now. And you say. We're gonna go all out we know we we put two and a terrible position. Works. Worst without worst team in the league when it came to you collective defense and our park. All the teams ever think about the playoffs nobody was worse the Bruins were their defensemen we're gonna take care of that when I get rid of some of these guys. That that just aren't buying and guys who were just their minds are elsewhere will give you an opportunity to coach a talented team that you can do. John's on the cell. On John you're next on sports radio's Dylan holly. I got there and Nicole Ari John it's funny guy called why I want to open up. Okay like you're at well if you're you're criticizing them the American pretty Smart today. Absolutely and Alia I love you because I love what he's saying oh you're not a hockey guy no sir loved. Listen to what you say because to me so much and your partner. The particularly a little bit we're torn. Bail. There's two people they sent abroad to get rid of it took the first one. And sort of thing do another second one reason for last manually here you did the game they stop you came back. They stick again sorry bill but. Quake appears to swagger and I have an intelligent Tate John and I read it and I was working on the telecast has anything to do it down I let modernize our sport finally has somebody look at your finger on it. We don't know they take out. We need to got to frustrate the Bruins and make the playoffs they lost 621. I would like to take up our frustrate does that to wrap and wrap this you. Know what god. I don't like guys that's. That's about why. Some. So and explain why they don't play well at home this year. Because that kind of illness that I'm in the world you are Joan clearly it's all lined yo ever covered by the way he's. Not the only. He's not the only intelligent hockey fan I've heard try to make the case that because I was on the telecast the Bruins lost. And I always think there's a certain intelligence level that that must be involved with being a Bruins spent. And that some people just flat out. Broke. A couple of your economics and house a lot richer bra and. I let that app as they pride that column but I think it for 75 minutes a bit waiting for certain kind of Bruins collar somebody angry. You know what we get these calm rational calls about the next coach in move I'll wait for somebody who's like been eaten raw meat readied its green. And the one guy we get. Is blaming the blaming the host idol not even though like I planned it out. And I. Blackened red. Shorts jacked this up and it's your degree doesn't matter if you're the intelligent I'm gonna use the word intelligent here. You know real tight hard pot head I wanna hear what they have to say the guy who's. You know with the season tickets the guys who shells go to 170 box for the authentic Jersey. You know weep where's the anger with the vitriol I'm not yet and we get in easily casual guys who completely comet crash RB I like Philip. This is your chance the events are we aren't. Pettigrew RB said they weren't in the column rational guys. Because they were Smart of you to about the Smart Bruins fan they were Smart enough to see it coming before it happened. They're selling they saw it they saw it just disintegrating. I thought audit team just choking it away and then what would really stood out to men on the two before but it can't can't get past that. The bailouts are the captain of the team. Saying look you guys being negative. The Bruins media. Those Nutmeg group. Gave me that negative. Don't have authorities talk about marquis. Is not negative. Ali Benjamin's seat that negative negative she's gone and it used to into the NHL network Charlotte she doesn't go to the race. Though we showed up Saturday. Had to worry about him. Think maybe get all the pot. Such haters what a murderer's row and say they want to take this the all stars dirt like you did that Joseph Gordon in the middle of the playoffs there at the port games that. Dale negative. Dale's up in Montreal radio. Not built a bill ansari very sorry bill. You'll find a guy Claude Julien now these contract. If they kick him out the door day long to happen in the next two years. And the people thought all along they only compromise a million the Bruins on the hook for the remaining to get that if you have that is correct they say the difference now I'm saying abroad to what they're gonna do and Connie Jacobs is close to is dollars and he does have the playoffs. So it but the opera and some kind of a job in the organization to cool okay. Emmett Etsy that doesn't work to pass the bill hopefully they'll built stop they can't do that his his contract is to co chairs or Graham. Is that right yes. That that I didn't know looking storybook that. The other thing is these people that are saying that he can have a handle young players how he won the memorial cup with a junior team in yahweh area. He went yet the national viewing your team put Canada and about a mental. He went mediate showed the court treaty or develop players for the Canadian before he was not a political. One paralympic medalist gold medal. Some other than that I've done everything to help the great call now getting back the Tuukka. Held a great caller to a loved where Utah went right in front men you know I know. Almonte they don't want real. Yeah let me ask her current. Went when they made that trade for the UK they got a hell of the Golar they have Mike you don't. Who'd gone to panel plan hasn't held a great here. 845 years younger thereafter they get a romantic it would it kept them to pick traded Latin. And brought into the night this is not. But it kept out open letter pretty good game. You know about what the hell he take you'll be sent them out this panel of paper and got choices. I mean come on now the dog and pony show or is it really has seen it really is swing and nearly in our annual report of the box for a coach. You wanna order the boxing ring and Raymond Bourque OK let him coach the team because that means you'll have the respect of all the players. You have lots of respect I have no idea if he has any desire to coach and his nearest I can tell he does not. But fine I'd I don't know that but I'm just saying if you wanna order the box that's what I would do it. Rather go get a coach bill I'd rather go get a coach I mean truthfully. I'd rather go get a coach rather than just a little legend there's lots of those out there. They bill and I'm a Montreal. Not a Montreal looked up on the look you're abroad you'll find Michael and Saint Catherine streak as you may know I don't know where you have army is hanging out what bill. That may have made a lot of sense that it to a man with Cuba to. Back to back while back to back. A lot in the whole spectrum today although this tech fest this as Christians best prank ever. I. Now. Good and bad yeah I don't know not in his article I had but Edwards concert parkers and he had too much content for a Christian as a man of a thousand voices all of them exactly this game. Well you knew this was gonna happen reds at New Hampshire for a day today. To those guys are present on the top eight right there at the end there isn't out to covet the shape drawn beside an upbeat. You know I called up in the air act that the finals going to be would it take and the girl. And that went up. Help the other wrong I was wrong but that this team going forward dale. You're right about. The coach. Coach to me when I get game like 71 loss. Two LA. That's it not been debacle in Chicago. And make it 64. We never saw that would claw. Now they keep it bluntly told him he'd had a that coaches different style and coaches vote the audience that the coaches and the wind. But that they want to make him up and therefore. So it didn't come back with the same players but basically is saying all they need to get written plot is not listening anymore it's not working. But in the second period what I would like to see. Is what happened in 1975. At oak street and people elect when he was talking about Becky went on for another forty idea. All we know in the playoffs and coincidence foot in the cup because they need that little. Shake up the separate company and Edmonton that tells you played pretty well. That they don't know where he they've got a lot of young play something could be done. So they don't look they need to do. I sort of doubt that the GM and Edmonton is is in any hurry to make any deals to help the bronze. It would have to be think it will help himself him right. Think they. Wouldn't whoever you're not completely reinvented as new young player and they need some some veteran. Play it that good settlement guys down. Ready right here Freddie yeah you're actually right in. No there's pressure rally may be a lot of some of these guys wells Zdeno Chara for these kind of to these contracts you've obviously got a fascination with so many give McCall. And that got it they'd get a status that's about what if something happened that. Again they don't go anywhere yet competition it shrunk up you know you prefer very long that some doesn't. That the ironic thing though Shirley gave them all no move contract so he can't get his hands on the I don't like that this tragedy has since taken Freddie back in 1975. Could now trade at the LA Balanchine crept back Sarah Fiat that worked out now. If I'm not really like other computer for not. I. 6177797937. Its telephone number top of the hour will look back and opening day at Fenway. And try to look at cheering your opening days as well Palin Hollywood Thornton right actor calls coming up next Sports Radio W media. All out they were upset and it would be hard to blame him based on how the team performed not only Saturday in an embarrassing loss to the Ottawa Senators. But over the course of the last month and much like last year where the Bruins collapsed over the final. Ten games of the season they did it again this year could've and should've been in the playoffs ball times. And and I know that for some base holds some solace I don't I know I've I've seen some people tweet about you know the Bruins had more wins than. On the flyers and and and Detroit fossil watch. More games and first innocent any team in the entire you know I don't care about that you you write a play under the system that exists the system that exists there on the outside looking. As a drop hole or of the NHL. I'm a sniff something I'm smelling something something's going on. It was gone on last year it happened this year I want the inside. Story Bob Moehler. It up the Red Sox for now we'll get back to them. To get on the news that Bob Poehler on the Boston Bruins. Those those guys at the spotlight team in the non core mania and our core. After their great their great work so just like you know something something trivial. By comparison. Bruins. And by the Wright story we got several text of the last few days about this and and the the most recent months has answered the bruins' problems John corner route. The exact last thing you wanna hire is John tort bar because he failed everywhere it goes. Less than a year in Vancouver and they said weakened him a lot of here. I end he burns a team out so fast. And and if they don't get into the playoffs they got nothing left in the tank anyway. AM local tarter and he forgot he's got relatives in the area and he arm around here. And I'm sure they're not happy to hear me say this right now but the key is the exact ladder and I covered the guy we know. You're right on. 6177797937. Once again if you're just joining us here's what I would duel by with the Bruins here's the the complete list. If I couldn't trade Jimmy Hayes and I would trade him up like could yes no no no no trade clause protection out of that you can trade him. I if I could that I'm out. I would let walk. Brett Connolly Max Talbot Tyler Randall Landon Ferraro Joseph morrow Zach trotman Kevin Millar Louie Ericsson Jonas Gustafson. Are all free agents at the end of the year I would let them all go. Ericsson's the one caveat here were I'd say if you get him any reasonable number Kelly I'm wondering a thirty goal scorer back. I think at the number he's probably looking at now I gotta let him go. I would look to see if I could trade Zdeno Chara Dennis Seidenberg David Creighton you'll never trade all three of them may not be able to trade any of them but I would at least look at the possibility. I would re signed Brad marsh gent who's got a year left under his contract they've imposter not who's got a year left under his contract and Colin Miller who's a restricted free agent. And I'm up in the air right now about John-Michael Lyle fleece them reacting Torre crew. Now again I'd like to keep crew but he made 3.4 million this year if he's looking to get north of five days ago. Why would you even Pam north before why would you do that based on the year that he had you mean what we're just based on wages. Why would you pay to recruit four million dollars a year. What what are you what are you getting eight what are you getting from tore recruit and is that worth. For Ford have planned out. Well wasn't this year it was last year I mean that's the problem. Again last hearing at thirteen goals here and and was one of the quarterbacks in your power play don't know worker this year he had at 54 game goal scoring drought in the middle of the season there which didn't help you at all. And and I know people get all cranky about about Adam equate. He's making two point 75 million and I don't let the whole Lotta money the union and India us but in in the National Hockey League. That's not an outlandish amount for a guy who should be a third pair defenseman which is what he should be on this team. It's not his ball but he was forced into playing top four defense minutes because that's all they hat. I would keep atom equate especially under the contract that he's got which is not out. And he wanted to exit one of these young guys one of these young and not not three up from one young defensemen. To be ready to take that step. To take that step in 201617. In the other roster not only be on the roster and that will give you some do but give you some some flexibility in terms of finances because the record we make a lot of money. On those first couple years on the roster but. Joseph tomorrow's not that guy out trotman is not that guy a lot of the guys that you help walking. Are some of those young defensemen that two or three years ago. We thought could grow in Q. Viable guy up top four or even or even top six guys. Are just you don't know what they are. So if they have draft well you have one of those guys who's ready to step up and then it makes your job a little easier you'd trade today don't Chara. You bring and a younger and younger to comparable but younger defense. And go to who'd Zdeno Chara is right now not who we was. Five years ago today notes are still as a top four defenseman Uga retire. Yeah don't give it got to go get who has. Kevin Chapman Kirk how saint Louis blues nice young knees mid twenties you know 26 point seven sub Monica here freeagent. I already got the trade for no I think he's if I I'll have to look him up but I I believe is free agent at the end of this season. I go to chip Kevin chat and Kirk from the saint Louis blues. My Achilles Italy here you know come back to this area that's sort of thing. I'd I'd look at a guy like that. Arnie the homecoming story about a I'm not saying I cannot Maine you know grab them right. Be some some minuses. I'm married now for some artists is on the Reza maps I've seen that I've seen that before yeah Jimmy Hayes didn't do a lot of that whole story line will soon know if. Closed survives this deal I think it almost becomes necessary to cut that deep to make that let that many guys walked. In order to change the culture in a. I I think if again if he does survive. They have the well while not. Giving him right of refusal they at least have to get his input on what kind of players he wants the coaches is that fair to sake is that accurate score given him before the vote of confidence and again a Mets say in that date he gets to make good choices but. At least advising consent because this system as it is right now is broken the coach has players that don't respond to him. Whether that's on him around them. If you keep him and then don't cut deepen our roster you've just make cosmetic changes in fans are gonna be livid. Gosh that incurred by the way has one year left under his contract there was word in Saint Louis that they were gonna consider. The possibility of trading him he turned 27 ranging. Our good guys and we we've got 44 coming up about twenty minutes a baseball themed Ford for you guys will enjoy it. And I'm looking forward to it for a couple of reasons one it's a pretty good fort four and also we haven't had an opportunity today and I think would do it after 4 o'clock. Talk about some of the strange. It's really weird. Decisions that John Ferrell. Made yesterday. I mean I unloaded little bit after the game yesterday and use it with things that just didn't make any unloaded prematurely on noted before you've been heard explanation it. His explanation. But it works had a and that was caught myself at that particular on Ty Cobb are supplements that that yes I did. And young band your dirty yeah I does it say that you're dirt. And and and the reason and the reason I wouldn't even think. I wouldn't think that way because I don't know what that needs. That is never good it's a lot of proposal always on time I don't even know what you're talking about. It's a race you gotta finish others outside that's I don't and so instead issued earlier you finish exactly what you want to I don't know what to talk about because. Baseball that debate. There is always their form but we can't we don't need to talk about John Ferro. Explanation made worse dale. I agree. And I like edit item I said yesterday at it like I didn't like pinch hitting for Shaw. To begin with I sure itself didn't like leaving him in to face the guy that he faced. When that's the one thing you have tableau sent a ball on this team for the paint chip there and oh by the way have got Resnick casting a sit on the magical play left field anyway. Yeah I looked young and because I thought he would be facing. Zach Britton. Which means you're losing in the night I think. Are you wanna face the guy and then ninth. What appraise them and I delegate to the point where you don't have to face him in the bottom of the night we don't want the bottom of a knife right. What a drop and I think it out a year. Dirty water. Line 6177797937. Bobs in Weymouth about. They are great hurry. I agree with everything they have but yet you've got to get rid Iraq. You gotta get rid of rat. You lost that series against Philadelphia. When they're up three and up and city's played like crap in game six of Chicago daily cup there needs stinks and the Prussia. He doesn't like pressure you daddy get rid of them in crates in eagle. He's getting it ready in two. We'll crib she was on my list of guys and I would be looking to trade Rask was not. Because I don't know who you're replace them with. Well that I had that last couple column go to great point Jones had a good year and should kept him. Yeah and you knew that then right c'mon while right nobody knew that. You acquired with the backup goaltender for the LA kings the backup goaltender is Jonathan Quick is really good and plays most the time. You acquired him and you traded to San Jose for a first round pick you thought that was a great move at the time Soto got. Well I'll tell you what I do though is raptors not gonna win it I guarantee. I don't height guarantee it out when that when they lost to the Blackhawks in the sale I game of the of the Stanley Cup final what did you think they lost because of to correct yes yes 8686 you know did you think they lost the final because of to correct yes that's I don't what I do. Well now I'm not yet a 100% that you play arable. Should play. A game seven I don't OK it's hard to say. Put the entire six game series on Tuukka Rask. He was incredible in the previous series against the penguins up it was awesome. So was he'd be a reason they beat the penguins not be reasoned but it was a big part of it and was he the reason they lost to that the Blackhawks know port. You've got to lead at the game six ready go to Chicago for game seven and all of a sudden. On home. Yes I do put a dent six up I don't I don't I game six. I put losing to Chicago Blackhawks on the fact that the Blackhawks stayed relatively helping in the Bruins got beat to crap forget about the health of it well but I. I had an effect on how game six went final minute I understand any sort saying please god I don't why I guess spyware no matter I don't no matter what everybody does in front of a Michael. A minute ago. I would get there are no thought I was kind of way yes absolutely I know you're banged up and we that I referenced earlier. I know. I was labs haven't come into Bergeron and nowhere to Bergeron has a rubber trees birds are Patrice Bergeron was fine and he was fine and he had a punctured lung and he was really in bad shape. The team was banged up I know that. And and they gave in and Zdeno Chara was playing hurt a lot of guys planner but. You gotta be able to get that win. 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with four and Sports Radio WE yeah. Ray Ferraro is a former really good player in the National Hockey League I'd go close to sing great player in the National Hockey League. He's currently an analyst for TSN up in Canada. According to ray Ferraro close Julian. Is doing exit interviews with Bruins players right now. Now I know you're gonna say well how can a guy who's covering the NHL from TSN in Canada now. That plug Julian is conducting acts and interviews with players when you know the Boston media doesn't notice. If it has anything to do with the fact that ray Ferraro's son Landon Ferraro is one of those guys having an exit interview. With low Julian and it. That's how L. Its own son would be among the people having one. Very easily could have said to his father had like I gotta go why I got an exit interview with Claude Julien copyright got to go to I gotta go take care in this. We told earlier in the day that cloak was in fact in the building yesterday. And there were some thoughts that he wasn't even around when the players had their media availability. According to ray Ferraro of TS and cloud is doing exit interviews today. Did I see the bronze and really. Thrilled that this that one of their players is talent his dad who's in the media about inside the way I don't wanna make its count. I I'm not try to tip to point fingers at Landon Ferraro and well there's a reason why ray would Null. That's pretty obvious out there but but but it but even further than that more importantly if you're the Bruins. And you're thinking about changing your head coach why would you have him go through the exercise of conducting the Nixon interviews with the players that he's not going to be here to go to next year. Maybe because your major to say I hope I hope you're right hoping they don't. I'll move on from him and makes them more substantive. Changes that they've ever made a mind. So. You have. Just conduct business as usual and goes through the exit interviews he comes back to them and he gives them his recommendation them of what should happen who should stay who should go. They may find that that I don't form a mighty Rick I thought I'd either convince them that he's the right guy they see at the same way or. After hearing his take an exact senator interviews if they knew each other I'm. Mike gotta tell my guess is all of those discussions have been going on since early Saturday evening. You know that that all those discussions took place over the weekend probably all day Sunday. We mentioned the cloak was in the building yesterday probably you know. We're taking place yesterday. My guess is all of those things that you just described Michael which all make all the sense in the world. What are your recommendations who should do what who should go who should stay. That they've come to some sort an agreement OK but he your gear your exit interviews download will move on from there but I've said I said before. I thought the Bruins were gonna fire Claude Julian but I would not. I'm now beginning to doubt that they're going to fire. You know it out and dale. As you know person who can just move forward and and and not done dwell on things that have happened. From years ago you know that right. Yeah Eric yeah it may well yeah it's all the players they have that kind of guy just that don't dwell on things. To move forward I have never witnessed 20 grudge O'Donnell hold ground and a but I do wanna read the a couple of paragraphs from the New York Times. An idealist I don't lie I don't know copper I estimated trade actually from. June 24 2013. Dateline Boston. Seventeen seconds. Two goals. In a victory. Chicago Blackhawks pulled off perhaps the most improbable comeback in the history of the Stanley Cup finals on Monday night with a lead. Trailing the Boston Bruins two to one with. 76. Seconds left. The Blackhawks erupted for two goals seventeen seconds apart to stun the growing three to two win their second cup in the last four seasons. This goal descending nobody saw coming through Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville after a finish that strain credulity. So Sutton and late with Chicago's rally that even the Blackhawks themselves thing not to believe what they had just seen. Milan Lucic but the Bruins ahead 21 with seven minutes 49 seconds left in regulation. Seemingly forcing game seven in Chicago on Wednesday and then lightning struck. With a 116 left. Brian pickle finished defeat from Jonathan Toews knocked in the puck past. Boston goaltender Tuukka Rask trying to score 22. With 59 seconds ago that's the winner really blame for. Dave Ball and the ball went. Dave bowl and beat the sprawling Rask after a rebound all the goal post and just like that. The Blackhawks were ahead. Do I blame him for the entire series no. We do me favor them before you before you make your next sentence we do me a favor and use YouTube's mean. Back in the last two Eagles. It's right here and and you look at them and tell me that those are took Iraq asks ball quote uncle. It is because I've looked haven't got haven't looked upon all Bruno and opera have looked at them. He's certainly part of the responsibility as every other player on the ice is part of the responsibility. To suggest that they lost because of Tuukka Rask and I know you're not saying those were about the brick had to keep your head it's a slam that I that you used as usual yield tubes and come back to me when you got some facts. The racket they are well fast and then tell me if you still think that both are took Iraq asks ball do that and I. 6177797937. Pete Dominic cape pay Pete. It I don't brain area but simply a question or they'll. Why can't go back to put Arlen spoke acts like that the eleven Jeep that heavy hitting they're intimidating. Island game. Why are we going away. You know it's it's it's such a great question because it seemed to fly in the face of everything we is Bruins fans have ever believed in and been brought up to to appreciate. And and I I've I've always gone back to that Montreal series that game seven loss to the Canadians and I think it was an overreaction on the part of Bruins management. We can't beat them unless we get to be like back and end. Peer pressure rally was convinced. That that there was going to be less of an emphasis on fighting in and more physical play and the Bruins. Well I was gonna say they they tried to get smaller and more skilled but I'm not even sure they got more skilled. At. Well and I mean march we yeah Bergeron but yet check. Shot or edit or and yet you know. Well we just got to wait and watch all series and the plot. There were asked that ain't gonna epic series if you'd you don't you don't wanna keep you don't think they're great and I think that required. He won the Stanley Cup. Pete out I'm in complete agreement with the on a change of philosophy here that I never liked and didn't agree web. And and that would really fly in the face of of what you would think Cam Neely would want would net. I mean Cam Neely was the quintessential NHL power forward. A guy who could be chew up and then Beecher for fifty goals in the season I mean he was the the perfect Bruins package. You know he was hearing 2011 when they won the cup when they were big and tough to play against then and hard nose. So it's hard for me to picture came neither what. Let's get smaller yeah but you know and I would have respect for the hybrid if he decided. That the game was going in the direction. That that it wasn't when he played I don't necessarily give guys credit for. For having an approach to team building that was just. In in concert with who they work in the air that they played in. This just can't really got it done like that with four hits gain right in his era doesn't mean that the game like that now he may be looking at and saying yeah. I would prefer to play that way but I ask you what hockey isn't in 2013. And her 2000 but it's not. I backed it you look at the teams that are good right now look at the kings look at the docs look at the caps big strong tough. I mean even with the Blackhawks who were not as big as some of those other teams I just mentioned are still strong the Bruins are none of those things. Yeah but I think you know it more than that whether it's whether it's heavy playing heavy style lower. Big strong guys of these just talent that you can win in a number of ways they they need to upgrade your account that probably. You know three to five players short from some of those guys that they had some big strong guy. There's Dennis Seidenberg is still strong guy and so is and so Zdeno Chara got some guys are on a roster to just not not a not not not is not as good as the other teams. 6177797937. Our fourth force coming up just few minutes right actor calls as well Daylon Hollywood for Sports Radio W the.