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URI Coach Dan Hurley 4-9-16

Apr 9, 2016|

Scott & John welcome URI’s men’s basketball Head Coach Dan Hurley. Coach Hurley talks on the focus going into next year with the return of EC Matthews. Coach discusses staying at URI instead of going home to Rutgers. Also, Coach Hurley shares how he used Billy Donovan and Matt Daugherty for coaching advice.

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Listening to southern new England sports Saturday would John brought in Scott chord or she call 4017371287. To get in on the conversation. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Now you have to crank that up a little bit come on. About Matt. Often. And the like little zeppelin to get you on Saturday morning now we're talking. And it popped up along what did you with the Hilton. He's classic stuff. That we used to like classic rock a 10 please let it pop pop pop pop. I thought so let's bring it back we'll do whatever. A couple of surrogate that you can separate morning's southern new England sports Saturday continues on Scott is off to a spring football practice Brazill hold on the fourth Aaliyah. The last half hour here as a generally scheduled to join us here in a couple of minutes hey don't forget tolerant the first flight inspired by James Cameron's avatar. It's coming to the Dunkin' Donuts and improbable does take advantage of the special offer. It's a ten dollars on tickets. This offers available in select show dates and in times while supplies last cannot be combined with any other offer cannot be applied previously purchased tickets. But don't miss this live multi media experience that brings the breathtaking world of James Cameron's avatar to life story like hurry. Get your tickets today and listened to southern and sports Saturday all throughout the next week for your chance to win it your way in. 40173712. Weeks and we've got the and it may Billick would tickets to giveaway still. Well before we wrap the program up let's talk to our ability jewel in the book it Joseph thanks for hang in embody housing Golan. Can martyred darn good morning. Yes they are. Your thoughts. Our. They're not presenting it out in the big east and don't get right beat Villanova. They're on the Obama. Us not forget that Jill that's true. Could the PP by recruiting. I'm Eric who should be Aaron some ma. Play it and thought well 'cause they beat don't know what wrecked him on I got Margaret got out on out you think about our ability here. And beaten and when the gulf. On championship that began an area thought. Thanks Joseph appreciate that I got to admit I as far as the golf the concern written for Jordan speeds symbol because he's the he's Texas grad org and grandes of Texas student. A plus we have that the local I was you know his brother Stephen being the the you know athletes who mentally brown so I had been pretty hard for me not to root that direction. But I gotta tell you the kid at dish Rambo is is unbelievable. Playing as an amateur for the final time before he decides he turns pro. I really enjoyed watching him play early this week didn't know a lot about him until actually saw him play in the masters and I know eat he kind of coughed up a couple of strokes at the end of the round yesterday. But I would be at all surprised to see him make a charge. And then if you really a golf at all why would you wanna see speeds and mackerel like in that last twosome like they're going to be today so that'll be actually good watcher but I'll I'll take speed. That it edged him Albert should be some good dueling. Down the stretch first the Sox a concern I gotta admit. I just I haven't been a big fan of the make up this team I don't think that there's enough pitching. Certainly not within the starting rotation until you get to it water retreat is back into the fold. I I'm not sure that this team has. You know like I said earlier in the program Jill I I really believe that you'll see the Red Sox go after an extra starter. That are before. The trading deadline at the at a July does that gonna have to have more depth if they're going to be a serious contender for the post season. Based special and what we've seen here over the first three games we played what 34 games of the regular season long way to go but. That's just an initial thought our let's turn our attention now back Tabasco from home because a happy to be joined now by you or I had national coached in early. Coach John brook here in are Warwick studios housing on this morning. Nice to hear from me I know that you know personal rodeo fans everywhere basketball fans everywhere. Breathe a sigh of relief when your name gets thrown in. With a job like Rutgers Big Ten Conference and you tell everybody right off the bat that doesn't interest me even though that's your home state. That's what you're from that you'd made a commitment that you wanna see something through here. Any fact that you know you have chip makings of a pretty good team for next year that you are right so is that a burden off your shoulders to at least put that aside for a war. I think you know that may be or. Maybe they have you know it'll that it you know or beer or coaches that are. The player's development placed that I think has so. And as a total potential. You know you're I. Don't strike replaced that you could sustain you know winning and just Spain you know championship. Carol program. Sort just about no. Evident that a breakthrough year. Don't get over the and I think you'll. Placed at the potential to really explode in terms of local interest the other you know they're patient they're being so I think it's. They're trying to collect. I would definitely agree with the on the expansion and the and the exciting potential but let me ask you if you don't mind for a moment. I know that the ties that bind would you have a chance to potentially you know go home. And I realize you know that wasn't technically your home you played at Seton Hall but at the same time he spent little time Rutgers as an assistant so. What was that a difficult decision to make a mean. Did you really have to. Consider of familiar needs it all or is this strictly a business decision for you. I think he Buick is everything blocked it with. You know per person all ilk you know college conscience. Judge could tell that they're coaching carousel. Spins around. Not sit so they'll follow that the obviously. You present at. Bill that would opportunities you. Take a look at a just you know as a responsible. You know that that that side if you put you know what artery you know I hectic. Amid a place where so many great things should you know happening you know probably the most that John where the only current course a year I just got a baby. Make a couple more trips to New Jersey. Every elected don't let that or a problem. Utley pat Korea. Does your father. Serve as an advisor for you still to this day had do you lean on him a little bit for that or. You know and and the reason I ask is because obviously his influence. In the sport especially the city New Jersey is is is legendary so. I wonder if you know he gave you his thoughts on that or is this something that you can sit dead forget about it I got a decision to make my own here. Well that's what talked about. Yeah. That obviously. Eric. Much more than just all there ought to be obviously. They are all I'm you know great coach. But somebody were basing your site you know who. His profession there's some that obviously you are now straight to pop but brother and gonna let chart is an art form the world my old a little bit of a coaching. You know oh. Then tore ship. Myself about from a coaching tree just like came right from high school to Wagner I say that he would do a background of this rockers. From a coaching tree you know where I could catapult a guy. I work or until I was about the business required. That's what we try to reach out for your guys like you upload content authority. You know to kind of supplement the vice I get them. That's that's interest in Bob. Pardon me Dan Hurley not ha early damn early and it's treatments of the in the sports at edged dad's thoughts in my mind it's you know it's. I'd love to chat with your daddy I'd have followed his career in the prep ranks I just. I think it's been remarkable I think what he's done for the sport is is absolutely stupendous but it'll be that is make. You've got a lot of expectation now you've decided you've played your cards on the table I'm at Rhode Island. I'm coaching the rams and you guys have set the decks up pretty well where you're already getting pre season top 25 mansion where next year even the were about seven months his soul like so how do you begin handling that have the expectation. Particular you try to follow this obviously. You know it felt like coach talk you're really just try to get state president. Don't in the moment and focus should note dated today ya are just you know try to get better try to improve. That's a program you know actually get our guys will prove. You know athletic league you know mentally at their preparation season. So we're rates go that far cry from where we. You know we were chided about that type of attention you know luck he'll put spoke. You know what we have Greg roster we have you know I think. But a lot of the most help the players are really you play hearts and no we just we can't carry your outlook works about next year what we can accomplish real lot of no carrier so but still the burden that happened not that orbit them. You know however many years you know we spoke. They'll ourselves here because if we play at all higher level you know next year it's going to be a lot of. Well I EU obviously have brought up the others the snake in the grass the fact is that Rudy fans are certainly frustrated over having some close calls. A number of times over the last almost two decades now without getting a chance to taste March Madness can that still be used as a sort of us. A carrot on the stick for your guys or do they really need dead at this stage. A bit I don't think they need that you know what look into getting well much much you know much in late I don't ever question. You know the effort. You know the intensity. You know. How hard we play you know I think Russia. It was about Osama or younger players just get them don't get a little bit older you know out. You know adding a little bit more you know outside the recruiting. Out. They're true strident note is to be healthy you know keep your. If you that's player on the court. Actually you could be special but yeah a new topic we need the motivation of trust without. There's just taken that next step and really well and you know internal the other shelves because. We have the potential have been outstanding. You should do so let's. Let's start with the two key players who spent. Well one of them spent the entire year other than the first five and it's the season on the shelf. Power row rehab what can you fill us in on for a EC Matthews Indo also for his son Martin. Well I mean she is. No easy road trip built. Barry shoot jump shot now I matchup for him edit. It from the surgeon it is. There was a beautiful surgery if that he looks fantastic circuit look at that. Are you likely get his first live action in August. On the court probably mid to late August you know an obvious first law I've actually. On the court then Hasan but you know lady or get the Amara yesterday and there is media fracture heal you really cute but he probably. He's about another book out and there should be great those guys back. No question about it and I know that that's were a lot of realist and certainly in basketball fans in general on here realize that this team rotates around you but. What do you feel like it might be the biggest need for your team to develop. As you try to meet those expectations for next season what's what will Wear on your roster do you feel like you need the biggest of of improvement. I think that you know what I think we're gonna. You know a lot of depth that they were. Token to go from being a little bit on the may have to you know captain. You know eventually. You know twelve. Dealt well with parking garage really commit competing for. Parole and an opportunity. So it straight. Role establishment you know couldn't tell. Al in grossed. If guys are gonna have to you know workshops. You know share a couple more he'll be all about playing each other and you know Russia would that's what they report. I figured out he'll play in more style that don't like approached a prior prior to roll get more. A vote no full court pressure you know a much better. Transition. Don't get Ichi basket. Or use our ladder system ultimate game up or we'd been. They're way too many rock like the last couple years. Sure I've seen a few of those myself coach within the Atlantic ten. It seems like it's it's Virginia commonwealth its Dayton it's saint Joes those teams over the top as well this past year. Do you foresee that being your primary. You know competition for the top spot next year. Big issue in Dayton you know that they'll always be up partly because. You know that that you know they had their breakthrough and a bit and the commitment level at that boastful incredibly right. Or resource. Obviously David and you know it is is the program Apple's self. And I doubt that being that there regatta. It is you're sitting out the public from you know all of a quote that piece yet level you know strips or street guide there were. It would Jordan pride Slovene sports in the country mixture of it so don't shall float in that think that maybe that chance. At extra. That would be quite an improvement only won what nine games ending this year but a lot of guys back that's the beauty of the sport right you can change it around. In her if you got the talent in place. Try to meet at it yet but it Betty you know. There were recruiting in capital and enabled at all the other footnote. Grueling on baby don't our street are now recruiting season you know finish up sixteen. You know and I doubt that he and eighteen let's put a lot of heart gain 13 Serb you know you want dirt. And Mercury. No question coach thanks for little time this morning sure appreciate it have a successful summer we will luck we'll talk again soon I'm sure. Uga coach Dan Ehrlich coach who wrote he rams basketball program. All right thanks to Dan Hurley thanks to. Ed Cooley. Obviously it's awkward if she's on his way to brown football practice spring practice but thanks to Scotty for. But we won the cherry get here this week travels are what they are getting here as much as we possibly can but it's gotta be back here next week as well and it. Will roll back around again very very soon thank you Matt thank you Jason for getting on the phones. Thank you for taking time to listen again summit ointment sport Saturday 103 point seven WEEI. At that. Sports Saturday. Sports Radio One 03 point seven. I like calling for a 1737. 1287.