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Bill Koch 4-2-16

Apr 2, 2016|

URI Rhody beat writer for the Providence Journal, Bill Koch calls in. He discusses the current deal with Coach Hurley, the changes in some personnel, making the Ryan Center more available, potential allotment of salary for assistant coaches, and of particular interest, Coach turning down a considerable offer from Rutgers to stay at URI for the chance to win now. Listen as Bill breaks down the pieces in place.

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You're listening to southern new England sports Saturday would John brought in Scott Cortes she's. Call 4017371287. To get another conversation. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Sam welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott pretty she was viewed John brook down in Houston covering the final four. We've touched a lot of basis as far as college basketball is concerned this morning of course talked about the semi final match ups that will be played tonight in Houston. And we also talked about the Ed Cooley contract extension with Providence College. But joining us on the line right now to talk all things you RI he covers the rams beat for the Providence journal. He'll Cox's. Still good morning how aria. Important it bigger well thanks for joining me bill appreciate it time. You know a couple of weeks ago we speculated that Rutgers might come hard after Dan Hurley. And indeed they did it. Surprisingly or may be Q not so surprising me though Hurley rejected. Rutgers offers and he has pretty much pushed his chips to the center of the table so to speak. On next year's URI team which you agree with that. Enter a 100% right. Rockers made it a considerable offer you know depending on. We believe it's supper suspects here and upward well millions and and as you know. Very difficult to turn down that sort of money put. I think there're couple things in play here in the early burst. Is that they fired a loose and you're east is that to rebuild in sixty years. At Wagner and and it your body and he's gone to Rutgers would have been looking at third and you know went eat processed a record in the bottom of the pit then I got there at their call when it got to win. And the second thing is I think he'll certain measure of oil it particularly now Putin and on Barton. They're both god committed before earlier coach in the garage he spoke them out of vision. And I found it that he believes in it and we all believe they're going to happen it went in urban. Now I understand it and maybe you can help us understand a little bit better while. Curly mane out of had his contract extended it. By URI in order to get him to stay here or not go to rockers. That possibly may be some other agreements were taking place behind the scenes can you come lettuce in a little bit on what some of those things might be. At the end of the year like any coaching staff. An administration. It would mean that that's part and that they both Jordan. Who's been. You'll probably have as much of a partner in net with Hurley did that it bought. You're and they discussed what they need you to be better program. And what they need you to be quote the news it could be years and then being in the world. In the Atlantic then you know Robert that the best program that we. You saw that mean. It may in the Ryder that are even more billable. You because you're I don't remember back quality beat you does and then. You're done now obviously speak it is in the big east you know that could be great wolf problem. You know a lot of better program in the big you have the ability to it it's there college sports arms race right now. You look at it maybe increase in our report persons that. That another school at work on the micro David Park. Away. You know maybe it is the way they travel maybe they get a couple extra. You know there are a road game earn even that makes it easier I'm players. They're back in class the next morning. You know certainly might make more comfortable going out there in the player Saint Louis award in our. It just. Maybe administratively. That can help them be smoother be a little bit more repeat primary product. And stop and then at that there are rarely seen. But I think it's something that coat whose value because it is their stellar point where. You know I'm not sure what. Dan her released dream job is but I was one of those people that thought that may be rockers are Seton Hall would be high on is less because let's face it. He is a Jersey guy would tremendous Jersey connections. That can recruit that state may be as well as anyone. And that that might be most appealing to him obviously he decided to turn on the record shop for all the reasons that you pointed out. Let's just deal and hypothetical here for a moment. Next year's team if healthy has a chance to be very good and it will be picked Terry hi again in the Atlantic ten. Let's assume that next year's team does stay healthy doesn't make a run to the NCAA tournament maybe mix a little noise in the tournament for that matter. Dan Hurley again becomes a a marketable commodity. Is third job all it does he then entertain offers to leave your art or it is this. Possibly Ottawa a scene ending point but is this place that he. Would wanna stay for the long term or do you think that he's looking at next year's team as his ticket to. And even bigger or better job. I think we're there are true then it considered at the first there's. You know how far in your site go and learn. In tender and to improve the program. They've done quite a bit in early burst Horry here's an article I that was. There just like that. Are there and NATO and in terms of finance and now. And it in your retirement. You're durable retort that come in. In particular event here at BP credit. You know and and you do a lot of them creatively with the program whether they're more change the way you group. You may be a better player here there interpret our white accrued. You know that open it could be human and beaten you. And an equally terrible trio were provident eight. You know that that's an act waiver. Of you're a lawyer Kirk Kirk out go to. I think there's without popular it would or short I I think unless you're coach at North Carolina or a new birth and thought he'd. You know there's always going to be overtures made. You know and and realistically YouTube company. It keeps them all wrote something in Sports Illustrated online. Talked about much even nets coach North Carolina Roy Williams goes in our name on the there are so you look and say well I was out of our program. Well out and vote of our Apollo program but compared to North Carolina or duke or in hockey. It's already next peered down. You know lies and there could be an offer out there he would it and but I would have to come from. Five program that and opt out the plea went where to go. And have more at hand and he does that you're I'd have a chance to win immediately. You know but until. That comes up and and he needs the win as you drive the 48 yet that offer. I think if so where is right now. Are you you look at the core of next year's team and and obviously EC Matthews Jarvis Garrett. Hasan Martan and territorial mean they're all back so this has the makings of a very good team. Can you tell us based upon what you know so far in regards to recruiting what they have coming in for incoming freshmen are there any guys. That are expected to make an immediate impact guys that could see significant minutes as freshmen. I think. Near sang three quart size which is obviously an area of need them. You know another read I'm Mike plates are retired from Louisiana already children a little bit voted on wore a little bit. Great size and and a rebounder in. They're like heroin entering a lot played at a very high level Patrick Leonard you're the you know shot blocker rebounder very active. He. A little long 6768. Out these types who worked so well in college. Give of the third big if but it kind of is might hurt the Baltimore area little bit more popular vote. And a group senator you're sort of recruit there. Whose offense will have to c'mon. And then the fourth member of a flat stepped out into the combo guard who played. At age on collegiate in Washington DC a really good week with Napa. Who's been national power. If that thing for those that haven't commented bill would bury it it'll they'll play very good arts program. And hope that that the transition won't take it long. Get a in the house in. I think it if you had to say which that would contribute immediately do in my place started in early and being. You know it just because of the bill that they have. And the fact that it will be admitted the available on our. Bill as always great stuff appreciate the time we look forward to it to if you don't mind would look to catch up with the again as this season approaches maybe in October. Aren't Simon not that double thanks bill Bill Koch Providence journal Brody rams beat writer rapid enough for us on a Saturday more.