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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Trimming the Fat Edition 3-29-16

Mar 29, 2016|

Based on the Sox rumored desire to rid themselves of the pork that is Pablo Sandoval's contract, we look at four other times Boston teams looked to do the same.

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And holing the far more rock you by AT&T mobilizing your world the idea for this for a four. Was born yesterday with nick a part of report the Boston Globe. That they scout for the San Diego Padres is scouting the Red Sox to watch how close and a ball. Nick added the information correct that it was that in the winter of 2014 when the Sox sign sent a ball. The Padres were one of the three teams that were in on the bidding in fact worked was that the pot rates offered sent a ball more money than the Red Sox but he took the deal here. Leading everybody to think you'll. But Dave Dombrowski pull this off pretty trade problem sent evolved to the San Diego Padres letting us think about. Trimming the fat. Now in Pablo is Jay's getting rid of him is literally trimming back idea why do you think we now I will absolutely drives the flatbed truck with him on the back all the latest news Diego. Most of these instances where literally trimming the fat but some it is get rid of baggage. And really start with the Boston Celtics when they got rid of the worst case of baggage they've had since of vin baker. And Rajon Rondo when they traded him in Dwight Powell to the mavericks for. Brandan Wright and draft picks and flip rated right for Isiah Thomas so they brought back Crowder in the all star Thomas. Simply by trimming the fat. Breaking news that according to our mark sided kill it in play then fox and point guard rod got Rondo beat Dallas fort. Brandan Wright Jameer Nelson and Kate without a plus future first and second round pick Rondo and his ninth NBA season averaging eight point three points per game which would be a lot. Oh it it is for your 2006 however. Leading the league with three triple double. I think race I'm. There. Let that report the first time I heard it was they traded Rondo for a lottery protected first round pick and. Blab blab blab blah like none of the rest of it meant anything to me. Who knew there. Jae Crowder would have been and it's free to steal out of that draft is an out of that because that was listen there's entry rate is a great trade. And maybe only a small negative part of that trait you see that the headlines Davis. Jake Roberts drove for it was a wrest the perspective of somebody all. And then there's if you go to that story there's a link to another story involving answer Graham and mr. I'm not garner. Majority kid but that's what they are dedicated retail is that there's a lot of that's not the only negative look at other than that I suppose every genre. On though is to stay tape walking coach killing. Mean first diva. We are no defense playing we called today for a four trimming fat simply because of problems sent a lawless out of Q you're. It also could be addition by subtraction. And that's what the Rajon Rondo deal wise that was addition by subtraction don't think yet a classic case of addition by some. I thought it was time it was time for me go. I defended him many times when he was here but it became obvious. Long before they traded him that they needed to trade. Oh. Yes we are up next. The dreaded Tyler Sagan trade. This time it seemed like they needed to trim the fat a little bit because of all the baggage that he came Whitman. You brought some players back that and it still helping you and other players that you let go that are helping other teams now. It was the Bruins thought that they are trimming the fat and how wrong they actually worked. Tyler state get rich Beverley heading from Boston to Dallas huge trade Louie Ericsson three others heading back the other way. Sega had a goal and seven assists in the bruins' Stanley Cup finals loss it's now a initial seven players. Two prominent ones flopping sweaters. So. Look at the April the whole disclosure Michael wanted to include this one just so he could bitch about it again. Our goal again. How good they'd do is dale. How good they trade away talented kids like Tyler Sagan. Right after I saw Mo he is too emotionally too emotional after losing in the Stanley Cup finals it's so much. You don't have time to assess. You don't have time to think. That's that. That's not the space community deal. And just to deal that. If you wanted to if you want to figure out where did this rewards anger starts from the fan base. Are you what I just remained. But it's not only for you are safer for most fans right now where we're looking at the teams that aren't happy about we've been talking about all year yup hey Barbara once brands on board this it was pretty good teams exciting. Playing above expectations got a new. System new general manager quoted coaching this team and a little differently. Why there are excited I think this is. Either the number water number two reason they aren't excited you agree. The wanna get people the most upset even now and probably will take years from now and fifteen years from now. Three he. Sometimes a neat trim the fat you have to accurate from the very specific area like fact that sometimes yet to trim fat fat. All patriots case they had to trim back up fast. In Drew Bledsoe and they shipped him off to buffalo for first round draft day. I say I'm proud to be part of the Buffalo Bills organization attack. It's funny how one person can really make a big difference in morale and spirit especially if that marquee player that marquee name especially at quarterback like this has been in the dance and Drew Bledsoe himself fueling that fire. Let's say he came to buffalo for one reason. When a championship. You. That do that again. Boy band. Mineral way. They were greeted him at the airport flaky and as The Beatles in 196430. Came to buffalo for reasons I got traded. You didn't hit it didn't pick Q. He got traded Erik Scott a freeagent I carry over from freer to shore and thirty. Now I love this sir after months thought and analysis I've decided. To buffalo you where. Not only did bill Belichick's great. Drew Bledsoe out of you know officially opened up the spot not the if you to had to be official. For Tom Brady. It's portrayed in the division I don't care of it people I had sat at a buffalo people thought he was not stated it was it was between the first and second rounds of the draft the most not mistaken and they treat him for a first. The following year so. Read entire year they had to face Bledsoe without any compensation back and bit of getting Ty Warren who was that. Terrific substitute for that you had no use for a very good very good on. And again now we come to the Red Sox. And trimming their fat rule that punitive. Disgruntled Josh Beckett. Disgruntled Adrian Gonzales way or grow in disgruntled Brokaw Ferraro in and that Nick Punto bachelor air war. She was just front and cared about Nick Punto and they've got back a bunch of scrubs. But they'll tell us. Needed to trim the. We have a trade to announce. We've agreed to deal of the Dodgers. Josh Beckett Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzales and Nick Punto we're doing in the dodgers' four. First baseman James Loney infielder it on the Asus. And ready pitcher Alan Webster. And two players to be named later. Got crushed an accurate I not a got this Q Rory what they they wouldn't know if they hadn't stepped right back in front of the same box. They say they unloaded a quarter of a billion dollars in awful salary. And any thought what they'll never make that mistake again I thought I better be good rigorous way those guys with relatively. Easy deals I mean sure Victor Reno got a lot of money but wasn't a lot of years. So it seemed like they had completely got away from that model that got them at the so much trouble with a look at Catholic climbed the tree you get it down. And they just went right back up that same tree. Talent wise if you look at all of you Adrian Gonzales is just Adrian Gonzales alone. Who isn't who he was. Vs what they got back. Well I don't how to we sit around and and and applaud that because the Sox went out won a World Series the following year. If you look at it gave it their won a World Series in 2013. Nice little surprise championship of of those throughout the price shipping. But it's no wonder. If you're that much talent. Win a championship. And thirteenth last place in twelve last place from fourteen last place in fifteen. Kind of tough to recover from a trade like that. We're all you get back is cap space in a sport that has no cap I think. But put a different way and basketball hockey you could even make that trade. Because the numbers didn't come had to give it up close to a close another organ there are other alternatives out there were other ones we've discussed that we could've used. Like we talked about trading Randy Moss. You know that that. Addition by subtraction deal he was Matty B was made it clear. One that we could have absolutely. Used then and didn't really give it enough bought it in hindsight Manny Ramirez. Talk about the classic addition by subtraction trade because the minute Jack McCormick at the floor in the clubhouse in Houston Texas Manny Ramirez had a gul. Yeah I think that's true I think he had to leave. Then you think about that season you guys remember what happened in 2008 season what it came down to. Came down to game seven. Against the Joseph Maddon. In game seven was in Tampa. And they lost by a run with an Enron and David Price amateur game and out and shut it down. They had and Terry Francona still would be okay it would make an idea they had Jason Bay. Instead of Manny or merits. PM Manny Ramirez I think that trade that you can make the case that trait cost them and and other World Series appearance. But you couldn't keep me. I mean asserted that this goes back you know you make some deals for reasons beyond. On the court on the field on the ice issues. Yeah the seven and lost three or don't want us off to rest okay your ideal for seven and two thirds years though. They overlooked a lot of things with that guy tons of things things that other teams would never put up with. Except he can't be a productive and they treated hum. Because of the McCormick and I agree that but they they just could no longer make the deal with a double that and. Thinking that I gave you some feel that way bill exactly Alia they had to trade him because of the Jack McCormick in Britain. I'm guilty just as you are we all are of revisionist history. Because the Jack McCormick thing I'm not mistaken I think that happened in June in Houston right up your honor I don't think it was June road trip in Houston up. June. Throw Manny was there let's say it was a middle him. Know week two of June and we three Kuhn still there we fortunately still there personally Gujarat. Still at the Red Sox second week of July he's still a threat are they in straight into the deadline so it's all we're trying it's all wool. I don't know I know they believe behind and Lleyton and I know Barbara we're back that there were a lot of discussions between Terry Francona. And Theo Epstein you know we gotta get this guy out here on try am you know on I'm trying to find a deal that. That seems very convenient because if if Manny Ramirez if he can't play on your team because of the Jack McCormick McCormick situation. Happens in June you'd trade on the last day of July there are options in between. You could have done if. You really want to read that they're going to be doing what you what you bitch at the Bruins for doing about Tyler Sagan. You shouldn't play out you should see what else was out there which is exactly what deal was try to deal. Don't you miss your listeners and report when things that you feel like he just cannot be on your team can't be in the clubhouse. You can suspend them you can make it six. That it Danny makes him it makes him less treatable and then duke doing at the way they did it. Well it was only he only had one team that hasn't pursued an anyway. They didn't think he was acquired. They knew exactly what they regaining. I think it was gonna take a team like that once again with the Dodgers lose their ticket came selling out saying. Yeah he may be a jerk. They may have some issues but he sure can hit. And now will suck it up. While roller Manning that's what they did he went thirty went nuts. LA went crazy and any good you we went crazy his numbers in Los Angeles were off the charts indicative of up how much in the tank he was here right. Mean didn't it it's not like all of a sudden National League pitchers didn't know how to pitch to home. It's a sad okay now play again it here Jason Bay's numbers and that hailed the yes against ALCS that she's against the up. It to 92. Good numbers slugged 458. Drove in four runs with a home are okay I have to legitimately think Manny would have had four runs in one of those games you know what I mean backpack. Art I mean he was just he was on unstoppable particularly in the post season suddenly don't really like to acknowledge he's the guy was a World Series MVP. For all those years they put up with that stuff aegis finally did the one thing that he needed to get his wish and to get shipped out of town I mean they had. I I think they had certainly as you pointed out discussed the possibility in the past I think that they would have been willing to. To move on from Manny before they did that put him on waivers that hit I mean if it is you know they they had they had sort of had an up to here with him. And that was the that was the straw that broke the camel's back when Jack McCormick is literally hiding in Terry Francona office. In the clubhouse in Houston because they're afraid of what Manny Ramirez would do want. You can't you mean you can't continue on with the relationship by after that. There are times when you have to make deals for other reasons Rajon Rondo wasn't traded away because they didn't think he was good basketball player. I knew it was good basketball player. I think you haven't they trade him away because they knew he wasn't a good basketball player for them but state they knew it was good player the bruins' new Tyler Sagan was a good player. There were other things involved would have it I mean the patriots certainly Randy Moss you know could still catch the football. But there are times Drew Bledsoe was still a good quarterback. These are all deals that you make for reasons other than we make our team better let's trade so one sole way. And it's sort of the in the same thing with Pablo Sandoval that I'm sure Dave Dombrowski would give anything to trade Pavel sent all the way. Now kind of open it is and in exchange for James Shields but you know why not. I just don't think James Shields a fly ball pitcher at Fenway Park is going to be death. I mean he's he's playing half his games at Pepco and gave up nineteen home runs last year. What's it going to be like these pits and at Fenway. Ninety home runs all year. Resides in our own eye and I think nineteenth the year but that. Bad number nineteen over its its home run percentage was was quite high last year we were looking up the numbers. The other day when mound Friday when you're here. You know his his numbers were it checked at dale. Thirty he gave up 33 home at a table and I it was ninety aren't good path that's yeah that this blitzer in ninety attack us at 98 a pat Cullinan another fourteen on the. And I SharePoint is already out last year it was 391 but. The tell with this guy is that he's going to be a fourteen to sixteen game winner for as long as he can pitch that's what he's always been he's ever gonna be spectacular. I want the guy because he's a rock. He's an absolute horse last year 33 stop starts led. Majors let the year before 34 led them how many are exhibit last year 20220. The year before 227 to 28 led to a 27 of. In an eleven when he was with the Tampa 249. Innings eleven complete games. You know and that's the. That's overload Joseph who's Smart enough to know how to me on our backup of my guys out there from ward 200 innings and if you look at the history here and Jerry I'm sure you notice. You can't do that I was that was schooling from Purdue G about and that got sick. About OM girl and hipster appeared just to show how even cooler than you thought it was before. But they've become a better team even with the fly ball pitcher thing may become a better team that they had exchanged Pablo Sandoval got replacements for him the other thing I don't even though he's the best third baseman they have. They still have somebody put it at third base of a cent of all. And then they get eight. Lester is an expensive expensive number three starter they are you already have an expensive. Barely usable third baseman. YNN album all for getting rid of the expensive barely usable third baseman but have you done yourself as much goodies you'd like if what you're taking on is an expensive. Fly ball pitcher whose home run prone. Pitching at Fenway Park north you know what you're gonna get on James Shields. Pretty dependable performance. No surprises in order to get David Price but David Price knows all about James Shields so. You know you already have your race. And thank you read sharp today pronouncing that the case the guys but all that money on is gonna start the season. Got here that doesn't show I'm glad I've read everything is working out pretty rough or presses it shaped why not see that the good guys Tom Brady is gonna start at quarterback Austin budgets. When we come back in just a couple of minutes mark in a room Lotto will join us he is the coauthor along was that with his brother Steve of league of denial we'll get back to your calls as apologists few minutes 6177797937. Galen Hollywood foreign Sports Radio WEEI.