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1984 Coors 420

Mar 24, 2016|

The 1984 Coors 420 from Nashville Raceway.

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This is Jack Gary time now for MRI and dot com's throwback Thursday classic NASCAR races from motor racing network racing archives the this is throwback Thursday prompted you by Sunoco brand Hercules tire. The motor racing network resilience NASCAR today. Sponsored by goodies headache powders and extra strength. Real special pain reliever okay NASCAR. I want from Nashville Tennessee. Tonight the wizard cup drivers who run their champ race of the 1980 foresees middle either fifth short track race of the season here tonight international raceway last week the list of 500 out Talladega. Kale Yarborough became the second driver in 1984 to win two races this year Darrell Waltrip is the other. It's a frustrating race for several top teams out there Darrell Waltrip won out early with an engine problem Dale Earnhardt at the law also to jet boat line Dick Brooks. Had engine problems so did Tim Richman and Mike joy I guess are about half the field really before it was all over had some type of mechanical problem it was a frustrating. Dave for a lot of folks last week it was some 500. Well certainly barrio a couple of stores that we've kept up on the just vote on the fellow who probably hit the wall hardest. Suffered a slight fracture of discovered a bit blower shoulder bone in his back does it build a problem appropriate for him. Is getting in and out of the car he thinks will be OK Morgan Shepherd is here's stand by abated. Nobody thinks should be OK a lot of the race cars are well that was not case. A lot of teams looking to get the 1984 season turnaround here tonight at Nashville Tennessee. Nashville is a unique racetrack it's eighteen degree banking it's a very quick half mile little more than a half mile racetrack as a matter of fact. There are two and three lanes depending on what's driving it talked to the taken raced. What we call hard goes racing at both ends of the speedway here. No water despite his frustrating week last week at the list of 500 retain the Winston cup points lead by just 29 going into the race here tonight. He kept the lead in the standings. He leads Bill Elliott mature and I've always turn the body has third Bernhard is fourth and Ricky Rudd is fifth after the Talladega race. And like a lot of drivers will be looking for their first win in 1980 Ford in some cases some drivers still looking for that first win ever in was cup competition mainly deal bought it for one he's a frustrating year off to a slow start. We'll talk with one of his car owners tonight Warner Hodgdon. About how he feels about the team's efforts if they're disappointed or if they're just figured it takes awhile to get it together our water run Bouchard. Still looking for their first win as is Baylor heart Harry Gant Richard Petty Terry the body just a few of the names yet to visit Victory Lane this year. Well the pressure still on Barney at Martinsville Virginia the last spot on net NASCAR's lucrative winner's circle program was killed when just bowed on one there but still for a lot of drivers. For means of personal satisfaction or for teams of border or to appease their sponsors a lot of those that need to get to Victory Lane and and as ever critic Roger who tell your best game to be just a tough place to get because there are more cars running more competitively. But there have been before on the circuit. Well the story here tonight can't Darrell Waltrip stuff published a short tracks continue he has really been phenomenal here at national his homes. What is considered his home track you live just down the road and the speedway here. Pre race activities just about concluded they've introduced all the drivers who live most of them have climbed aboard their cars will be too long before they'll be giving Atlanta fire engines. We're talking about how close some drivers have come to winning this year Dale Earnhardt has 22 place runs turn the body has 32 place and gorillas until the day and Harry Gant also has 22 place finishes zone. Those guys are surely do when one. Price of your strokes are maybe wondering why Robbie your little bit later than usual it is not because of rain we've had good weather Nashville. Read this speedway made an adjustment in the starting time of the race Risley scheduled for 730. The race will started at 815 local time that's about seven minutes from right now so it was an adjustment made by the speedway and not due to weather any other. Prevailing conditions apparently some of the newspapers and other media. Did not get the word on the rescheduled start but we're just about seven minutes away from our scheduled start time international raceway we'll take a look at the starting lineup for tonight's cooers board wanted to. Starting in the thirtieth. And final possession of fellow who is running in his first NASCAR Winston cup race ever he's a street stock driver from up in the middle of char lot Michigan. Mauresmo Randall in the beacon sales Chrysler group of thirtieth spot to deny this JD Mike Duffy of Sanford North Carolina the wilder is nuts and bolts body act. 22 remains Huntsville Alabama the Broadway motors' Chevrolet. What is evident Sterling Marlin of Columbia Tennessee the walker column Chevrolet. 26 Trevor more I don't Alberta Canada it will take several I put a good starters Tommy gave a little lupus Pennsylvania that's the Saudi king court. In the 24 spot that'd be DK Allred Waterbury New Jersey the USA racing Chevrolet. 43 Ronnie Thomas Kristian berg Virginia these are Ellman row Chevrolet. Twice second to Busch beer second round best qualifier Greg Sachs the rookie from Matta talk Long Island at the end of the sacks and sons Chevrolet. In the 21 bought. It was a racing series national champion. Running on his home track Mike Alexander Franklin Tennessee the action fans Oldsmobile. You'll start when he first. Starting twentieth his rookie driver Clark Bleier Colorado Springs, Colorado. He's in the fiscal exhaust systems cardiac nineteenth his buddy Eric in Martinsville Virginia the affordable rentals dodge. Starting eighteenth will be Tommy Ellis of Richmond Virginia and the Morgan McClure racing Chevrolet. Seventy position that's Jim Rich Little actual Ohio all the old Milwaukee Pontiac starting sixteenth is Kyle Petty Iran to North Carolina the 7-Eleven Ford. Starting at fifty spot that we deal bottom of Huey town Alabama the Budweiser Chevrolet fourteenth position to the current reigning Winston cup champion Bobby Allison Buick Alabama and the Miller high life Buick. And starting at thirteenth spot Joseph Robbie and of upland California Levi Garrett Buick. Qualified twelfth Richard Petty irrelevant North Carolina is STV Pontiac in the eleventh spot Dick Brooks of Cordova California native with a beer and sunglasses score. In the tenth spot. The fastest tricky in the field as Rusty Wallace saint Louis Missouri into the clip Stewart Gatorade body yet. Starry night Terri the body of Corpus Christi, Texas the Piedmont airlines Chevrolet. In the eighth spot be re mock gracing the Pontiac for Dave Marcus the Wausau Wisconsin native will go from the eighth spot. Sever this Harry Gant school battered from Taylor Israel North Carolina whether Chevrolet in the six buck Bill Elliott of Dawson bill Georgia in the cooers melodies for. Going fifth dale art art of can Apple's North Carolina the Wrangler jeans Chevrolet at Richard Childress car. On the boards but it's an all new England's second row fourth is Ron Bouchard to Pittsburgh Massachusetts the Jim justice Chevrolet Buick. And starting third to Martinsville winner just bowed out of among New York the all star racing north western security life insurance Chevrolet. For a role as a quick one Ricky Rudd a Chesapeake Virginia has boogie boards Wrangler jeans board up their qualifying get a 104 point 110 miles an hour and on the poll don't think surprised Darrell Waltrip a Franklin Tennessee. In the Budweiser Chevrolet with a qualifying speed of 104 point 439 miles an hour. That's the starting grid for tonight's. Cooers four point eight let's check in with the head right now. What good afternoon everyone and good evening I should say everything about sat down here guarding all the drivers are getting good to their cars and are getting buckling down. Getting ready to go the pit crews are all set up here off. Somewhat of a typed dipped. Area here. On the front straightaway at the Nashville international raceway so it during caution flags there's really a jam up in the pits here. And sometimes even under green visor they'll decide to come and watch it can be. I jammed up affairs are they really have to be on their reason she's here. In the pit area thus nevertheless they do it and the Gilani has been improved here since the last time we were here and that should help the pit crew man. Well as we said it is one of the fastest short tracks that we go to shoot year round let's check it over in terms covering the action at three and four tonight for motor racing network feel like old. My Bonnie thank you very much a must have interstate racetrack exhibit saying eighteen degrees of banking I'm for the folks who. Whereas say well why is this not just your basic. Short track your basic half mile track will see us leaving progressives to buck that. Cars that work well in turns one Jude don't always work as well but it turned breed of born this racetrack with its own person now. Hourly and cars need to come off the corners well they also want to get into the next corner equally well to get around. Around Nashville successfully to be of interest they gave the. Doctor Jerry partially work he would Ned Jarrett covering the action in the pit area tonight. I think they're all for the senate get the car talking with Geoff rampant are just getting ready to move the feel all the pit road as you could hear in the background they didn't have been fired. And they've cloudy eclectic are now getting ready to move there are also ever if you are off board turn want. Always hope to get award Rivera about him whether he could defend his crown here at night and certainly as the favorite in the field the overwhelming favorite here. But as we said we first came on the air a lot of teams seem to think the juniors domination of some of the short tracks might have turned around I got a feeling that. Not that Jeter has had a actually it's those they can't think the other teams in this car put them. Aren't about Jerry touches down at the start of the Greta Ricky Rudd scar had little trouble moving off the road crew men climbed inside the car from the right window. Made a change on the machine and now they have fired Rick these parties moved out reps Jerry can find out what happened on him. And we'll check in but Marta group report back does Suzy has net. Field pulling on the road. To the course here tonight. As we said it's point 596 miles around here eighteen degree banking which allows them to get around here about a 104 miles an hour they'll be some straightaway speeds of probably 150 miles an hour going into the owners may be a little bit quicker than that. And this is a track where they can kind of race door to door some of the drivers. There's no doubt that they're definitely two lanes that they can race side by side and on occasion here depending on who you talk to somebody like Richmond Earnhardt is not a know that bashful about doing it they'll stacked three deep in the owners say yes I love Florida. And sometimes they can even get. Why then the middle there but knowing better and I think everything that makes for very dramatic bracing for victory at night when they won drivers know. Welcome normally doesn't running right down on the about the racetrack and then a guy like you have are hardly watch the our Richard Petty they'll be up there next to the wall and it looked like you know their run and do different races but it's all the same race but it really makes for some very pretty night race. They also image into contact with the Wrangler cruel but more that that is right by Joyce said the car would not fire. That's indeed probably had to switch the ultimate ignition box inside the car. That's an a little bit worried about roads early laps belly ultimate box being used at the primary mission so bogey but I'll let the situation. All these cars run electronic ignition and they all run to complete ignition systems nodded on the right side of the dashboard. One as a back up so that's the case Ricky we'll have just one system worked weren't. What is the reason ledges smallest form here. Very shortly that's for sure they stars pulling out of pit road were set to go racing in the tour. 200 green just seem to jump the feelings often turn to Ricky Wright singled wild second all time star Ron English artist morning. Single file they get into the turns three and four walks relieve the first lap here at national. Why you like. One and two there in the backstretch. Still Bill Elliott can't talk Denny's and seven hour drive them. Mark is battling on the low side of the racetrack Bill Elliott handling well outlined his remarks live from underneath one of the cars. Running nursing a right turn 12. And second then back to back nights the ball Diana was third with more than robbers are good. Have a sixth place final hours again inside of an alien. Dropping back a bit in the field like Alexander slowed just going off the number two corner evil for real good. Right second or third as well and I. What does Bouchard did place her. I've watched. Maybe offer. While Joseph takes it on the corners got to survive the early lead on Ricky Brothers. Remakes. Start them. Earnhardt then there's single file back from the rest of being. November 6 was coming at camp seven. It was right away you won't see a really. The tires heated. Below and see what's. They're like this you're actually. There's no doubt early in the race here at the national Saturday night that Darrell walker is going to be the man that we chasing for awhile he leaves Ricky Rudd as they come back. The last 140 scripted. Peter nine. Single while they're not in the good luck getting a good jump off turn overturn. You may want just going to the last couple of times I got sideways what sort of how great to have an on campus finally dropped the spot market. Bill Elliott will. Surrounding money on the outside. They also don't count on now here. It's gone around. You'll see a little of everything here just about every driver will tell you there is no really set plan obviously the quick way around this racetrack would be the inside room. Can run a little bit and I have been lower than we. Aren't going well. The Beatles feel fine and he started back fifteen spotty starting you know. Joseph Wright and he's playing the run looks. Looks like I'll that in turn to a lot. The high side of the racetrack and in fact doctors I'm sure we're able to the inside he can't get by Kyle. Never would let him dig his way through traffic and get the run they had some frustration here earlier. While flying last night in the in Argyle the cease to be running pretty good as his children and. And now outside of everybody I'm being good members extra time frame the coastguard recommends no experience and certainly hasn't it's. Roger and me have a good opponent there's smoke coming. And no one problem there. Anders is a good run right now. It's not your natural attrition rate here you. If I even though it's very cool racing leaders still water. We're back down the line about the same liberal like Richie wrote the second place car separate cars. Bill Elliott seventh right now you're on the money in the eighth place cars they market there back to three. Well the Bobby Allison. Madonna have balanced meal. Earnhardt and Bill Elliott aren't anywhere and I grew. In turn three more Bobby Allison and you want and doing it exists and has taken turns one and do right now I'm still Alison I chose the way over. Inside coming off an. And Alison. Back straightaway. To let me get back in the. This really on the move right now Junior Johnson spent a lot of time women. Our yesterday. Get him on the pole position here this weekend it's. They don't they have some problems while finding. And here tonight. That has to be able miles on this racetrack to deal Monica is there a long term that's a lot of work straightaway lead on recant right. Third spot jump load time for this run whose charred everybody running right we won't live in the middle position his Dale Earnhardt he's got a challenge of Baxter's. It's. They get a drink are not really a little bit. And trying to make it three wide as we were talking about coming out of the. Are just run the car out here. Right now they took in single file here's your card dropping down the inside aliens have positioned right I have. Now Walter was about to. 22 laps. Cooers fort flooding here and actually don't think mobilizing just whose literary hero again. Run his second walk the stretching his advantage now he's blew away my left putting Carly still hanging out. That's just what I've won the front yard fifth right now as Bill Elliott. Easy it is to hit the setup here. Hello how easy it is to mess it. It gives me accommodate there's no he. It's it's a very critical places the setup home. Just a matter little adjustment wrong way and you're out of line just like everybody else seems to be. He would just driving your car you can lapped the field any. Next hole that way and will grow a lot that way you just. If you happen to mrs. set up a little bit and everybody's going to be if you hit it just right and you're going to be everybody. He's got a dialed in pretty good right now apparently has hit the setup. The heaviest travel back in the pack to move up that position old Terry nobody they'll learn. Her heart Dave Marcus Perry again have been riding along in a packet traffic there the last eight or ten laps around and it Shelley little bit and he like old as you want out of Louisville are quite a few cars back in the pack they're not handling and. All not at all like. I'm such as don't run but not handling well just Richmond's car's been all over the racetrack ranked shots as well. But it's apparently only had 45 laps of about 420. But these cars not to be working this well the leaders coming by us again just like I just about a second and I have already wrapped. Nervous but I'm more of Rashard at the turn right. Florida would mention that Clark flowers in front yard and made it gets up he went back out on the track and ran all afternoon now to thank you down into the garage area Jerry punch has the report. Definitely Roger can't be right into the queue arrive there wasn't a leaky. Now cover all that coffee and also the cars missing that ledger might be some internal probably gonna look parked our car and nobody out there on the broad. Reportedly cracked invested a street stock driver more adrenaline char lot Michigan is on the road right in front of net. And now they're not good at lunch on Iraq now backwards into the new group that's the first race that they've made now Joey Harrington. Goes around and look at the outside now there want to thank you Jack around Manson tired so there are going to change the right side. It's a home that are so this month schedule and it's not for him the first one in grand national competition because that's the first right to prevent him. He was so tickled to make the race after its economic qualify committee couldn't stand still the pit area want government doubted that a lifelong dream it is. 128 laps in the cooers sports when they return ready to speed very Rusty Wallace on lap to go as Neil lot of those around me outside of Bobby Allison and of the government's bond. A couple of laps ago we saw in the top ten a lot of banging and bumping back between Bill Elliott Terry the Bonnie. Inability of Dale Earnhardt. Not Martinsville Earnhardt going to raise revenue and salmon to talk about what goes on on the short tracks we saw a lot of it at Martinsville. And MasterCard and we see a lot of your market to Nashville tonight. I hope that there has little bit better too much going on remarked remained in national. You know it's a night race in. When no lights really exciting it is not in need Smart mind and metal revenue but. You always have a little bit nervous over short track and need every little or next so they've been exciting to relieve them. What is going on right now the return of audience filler they've they've been running door to go the last couple laps around as they come off the number two. And head down black shoes looks like Bonnie we'll get the manager. It was forced the driver of the and want and nobody takes him downstairs yelling and has now changed. The racing back in the pack running door to door and again just about everybody you're seeing lines all around the racetrack and it's so long ago that there would be different. I'm here barrels that it. Run pretty much anywhere you want to win easily wofford's cars right he'll be running right almost all the. There right now millions out of all the time warnings in the car up to run now there. When the car work better on the house side of the racetrack of their cars and beat him like we saw mark here last year. The bush award winning and that was one of the reasons. It labeled a big fan. Don't wanna car works well you. Just about anywhere on the racetrack and we don't know. Arm can run ins I don't know that's where he wants to run you know they're everywhere around the racetrack. Okay anybody else I've picked up my running on the house side. Expecting goes to really didn't get the car dialed in to run an extremely low roof that's what he likes to listen. Anyway like Talladega where is two point 66 love. Short track you can get it down with a lot of the racetrack it's only one. And Carl work at the bottom of the racetrack can work anywhere he feels like that's a big advantage Darryl is a leader running second right now I'm dropping back and losing ground every time. Is Ricky Rudd right along in third spot right behind and as Jim Boeheim. She wants to run yard fifth his carry the bodies six right now is bill Elliot settlement is Dale Earnhardt name is Dave Marcus and he's right now. Brand reinventing I'd imagine your 'cause Vargas a belong outside of her and Carter are we do just barely enough room in the rust. Start British driver. There's still side by side down and turn wanted to. I was tied earnhardt's things down alone right behind them any isn't signing Larry can't almost two bottles now we'll watch an article. The Braves don't Marcus being the much advantage. While that's going on Neil lot of climbs up a little spotty just moved underneath Perry can't. The backstretch and bottom trying to find the way to the has gotten off to a slow start they want to Busch clash in Daytona. His feelings as long as we said earlier when I first came on what Warner Hostin is Carl about the team making progress. The second half of the season finally when they'll get it turned around and use a new team despite the fact they went to one of the best in the business the Junior Johnson shop did not hear team. Coming off turn four Barney looks like a freeway traffic jam there are actually more different racing planes being used on internal war. Walter coming right off the bottom of the racetracks sort of pretty much the cars in the lead Ricky Rudd who. I just put Irabu shard is evidence secondly your body airing tonight in the third there's about five cars tied together about a half a lap behind the leaders literally over the course through. Never just use it every piece of real estate out there to try to get off the corner. That was the comment for the very early here and I. Well okay. Okay breadwinner let's. 39 laps to. The lead in the brewers' fourth flooding here at Nashville Tennessee is a perfect night. Raising the beautiful weather both days yesterday and the day temperature. Because over maybe a little bit. Then for the drivers right now walker is still in front of the it's he has almost a full straightaway over the second place car reviewer. Still won't run for his shark those regards to running like together that is about 56 like it's back to carry the body and I'll tell us. Spent enrichment taxed the wallet. It turned tail spin Sears best of my ball Mike Alexander ran Greg Jackson Richmond's black comes stopping him now rolls away pointed in the right direction. But Richmond was one of those guys we have singled out earlier obviously not very high growth and even ran a racetrack and tagged the outside retaining wall but was. Best buddy I'm coming around. He'll go a lap down the process Eli Darrell Waltrip got I have before a camera to take precautions line so according to collapse in the course worked flooding. We're on the first caution of the day Mark McGwire is made repairs to his car into the back on the racetrack has now finally feels lows under caution. Bonnie and transit safety car lit them up and run to the first yellow the evening. Dead in the car to pit road for view waltrip run Bouchard to her heart and Elliott all took on four tires and stuff. And those that didn't coming up the last time around my guard coming up this time Rusty Wallace leave that we have Bobby Allison they broke us. There is I'm Alexander Tommy Ellis by airing them. Peddler Jack in just a quick second Dave Marcus has lost a wheel as he came out of the pits the well the entire wheels come off the card is rolling up in the biking down the middle of the back straight away as he works his way up to Eli gold. Markets right now in the middle of the backstretch go limp body around the real just bottles have obediently about dog when he bought a car lands are we don't blame me I've. I'm not a tired comes on the inside of the racetrack. Vessels up against the inside retaining walls everybody goes by to be out shine through. It's not close election and that's going to be a tough break for Dave Marcus doesn't have to come around slowly slowly just about have no choice but to go a lap down because guys are not very far behind him. Other drivers are getting their servers ready preparing for now with the heart apple dodge on sponsorship on the out of this car. As the left front tire that's gone off the Marxist are so apparently he didn't know before they were able to get up there in time the load this. I'll bet left France and now they got to pick the left side of the car up getting jacked rendered as they starters back he will go a lap down there of course it would have left front our own. Issue it would go back out and be running good you'll have left America. Public was about two years ago Dave Marcus told the goodies people why don't they just sponsored haven't they wouldn't have to give up the duties cynical or he's already he's a candidate. Nice cars on pit road penalty in Kuwait were. So we start to feel like gets. Card jumped as they had returned wanted to run out right shocks of all time. Why so probably outside retaining wall my job. The leaders are back territory. Caution comes out immediately beyond left over 48 as a fuel race back to blood waltrip will bring it back down again as Greg Sachs automobiles theatre Dublin biking down and turns number one a scramble back in the back he apparently got just that we've been high. She'll be running out of the law doesn't appear to be that much damage on the car as he is pulling off the blanking of the turner before he'll be on pit road in front of Ned Jarrett just second. And it looks like the right front tire caved in on that guarded it also looks like the spindle and tie rods and suspension levied knocked out of kilter a bit we'll check within a moment find out. Party that's another one of those cars was way up the high group running under the great that the cars wooden handle the bottom of the racetrack. Exotic motorists it never goes to Dover Delaware to bring you all the lap by lap back to the Budweiser 500 at the monster mile. Bush bowl qualified as Saturday and the bushmaster earlier model sportsman series and run the blood 200 tomorrow and goes on the air next Sunday at 12 noon eastern time. That was a cup series a lot of them but the mayor of Charlotte for the world 600. And that's on made a 27 June 3 Sunday of aren't back on the air from Riverside international raceway but Budweiser 400 of nine dirt road cars. One week later June 10 it's back east to pocono for the fans bush diamond mine and 500 belied at June at the ultra competitive Michigan International Speedway with the Miller highlight for a hundred modest Sunday June 17. Second half of the season a good start of the Pepsi firecracker 404 of July at Daytona so wanna make plans to attend Euronext was to come brace now. Another lab we'll go back to racing it'll be a brief caution for Greg Sachs guard he's fitted right Bernadette. They're still working on that right front my joint on home pointed out that it don't Wear your old who was damaged or their steering mechanism they're so they're working on that they were ready for when it came they have they saw it hit the wall. And immediately got their tools. Together so fitting together no. Here on the pit road and it's getting bad service and getting ready to go back hello where exactly right. Via double file restart as they get ready to collect green here adjustable and always a lap cars go now to the inside lead. And the cars on the lead lap we'll start in the outside group waltrip so far has been the dominating cardinal big surprise as we said earlier in the evening. It becomes your guess and hooked up he definitely will be because they'll chase most of the night just about every team here felt like there for a five cars like the deal within. But thus far he'd already stretched his lead to about five seconds we're going back to greed is a come out of turn over full. Pace cars on pit road. Harold and. Trying to get himself back up there on the lead lap it didn't work as they go off turn over to walker already recalling some front. Ricky Wright sandwich get behind everybody's running second. Reshard Portland on what body fat sex on the restart Bill Elliott. Not a dirt floor to the start British driver want Jerusalem jumping away from the field. Rod looks to be inside until Richmond run which. The river that's a lot of I know that both go to the bottom side and meanwhile Jenrette but it tries to get a lot back Eagles way I have to run pass check every. Sharp has now learned I'm four spots tell us. I don't markets occupiers in Zagreb the market is getting the black flags gathered at the numbers don't all the borders. Right now with a lineup for the double file restart he went past 983 car and Tommy gales are on the left side trying to find a spot that low line. Who's getting black flag will be a stop go penalty for Vargas standing his wounds received an. The real frustrating night for several drivers here in Nashville Tennessee they're out of turner before waltrip isn't front right behind him about 56 darlings back to bring you run and run Bouchard rise that. The third. Another need urgent and unexpected sailor. Are presented good strong run here the early going Carolina its fifth sixth right now is bill Elliott's settled as Richard Henne. And Tim Richmond's art is all over the racetrack they really have some handling problems on that on the back to three. I could turn over three back to the start finish driving nine as the the bottom of the racetrack we go three wide in the bottom. Moving up beheaded Tim Richman. Down the front straightaway into turn on the water returns cars running well they had another lane he'd be out there and it. One of them aren't doing well call us rusty Wallace's automobile he lost a couple of spots on the original start of the race battled back the ten. I backed are really piled into the racetrack. You want it can't try to pick his way up through traffic. On this teammate Darrell walker Bobby Allison RC to be working considerably better after that pit stop and hearing again is losing a lot of ground game. Houston dropped back through the field after that restart a moment ago there certainly is something that'll probably at least this juncture of the race here on Harry against north here's the leader waltrip out of turn. Or brings it back of the line that's 57 laps on the board of we're twenty. Riding on the second still Rickey brought in who Sharpton running right together for the wells is that what Leonard green here tonight Earnhardt trying to hang on to them. Real up front has lost about Peter Knight Carly they're going to be like oh. None of that same time I was telling my body it was bouncing off the rear deck number aren't supposed to watch what you wanna run around the racetrack here in Nashville. Richard Petty had a look going to be Bill Elliott that's backed bonds seventh position could do anything with a coming out of turn of the war. And again Elliott is high and that he has real on the low side we can't do and how to do return and get the job offers an opportunity. Water got called nine pounding right behind him that's the problem how again does have a pass and can't get a good move off an opportunity corner that's the reason is. Water back into. And stretches it's lead a little bit more a couple more comics every time Iraq. Run holding on the second they had hoped to win this race here tonight they felt like that they had been the dominating car just about every short track we've been to this year they certainly weren't rich political will spur I don't think diversity are working better the. We McLaren don't want much Ronnie Thomas. They like China there's going to be able Albany around talk and continues on his right bill we don't watch. 5960 left have just been put on the board here at national. But Nashville raceway this is Omare Lowe motor racing network. I'll if your vehicle isn't stopping like you used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the spring break feels events take advantage of O Reilly's do it right rebate and get a twenty dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail when you buy a set of great best select pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. Okay. Oh Barnes. 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Third caution of the evening Ronnie Thomas has just hit the wall off turn over to bring down a lap of the sixties. Report let's go to you're like oh. Nobody is very much like Gabby gives them a few. You lapse or go home. Last time of course running Thomas will be able to keep the car pointed in the right direction this time the guy came around out of its opera moment often turn to him. You let them raise tropical lion running us and certainly join the parade Monday brings out the third caution. Everybody is diving out of pit road except Richard Petty and Dick Brooks we'll stay out there let's go to live. This little surprising run. I'm laughing stay. For a change of time. Okay. It can't figure at least this that before by the Beltre. All sports car with an OK drive not this time course Philip effort because everything is gasoline. And maybe later on they'll put those things are back home because they don't they're going to have a lot of cars have been sick right it's going to the way it is right now. Yeah product gets off pit road in a hurry and outstanding stuff for modesty that he will be the first of all the front runners to get out. As Ricky Rudd Darrell Waltrip sprayed the little sheet metal going off pit road and Ricky will get ahead of heroin is. Teammate Wallace and they teammate because you very hard don't consider themselves the label's record cars gets up right behind him. Barney the the looks like everybody again down the aren't good road from bed all took on board tires once again is that said the object goes out and see how they're wearing and how the cars running good. Eli looks like turn two's calamity corner tonight and really seeing. Is that right Michael out of cars just not able to get a good rap off the corner another years ago all sorts of lines that are back while we are away at commercial. But you what I commented at the same time as Harry Gant. Barely caught the inside retaining wall coming off an average are gonna. I'm verdant through priorities that have been losing a number of possessions but trouble spot has been turned to what he's going to be doing a fine job not to collect the wall. Let's go down to the pit area and doctor Jerry punch. Body first had to get her out of bars Randall a driver out of Charlotte Michigan as far as your first grand national camp for the breed what what happened. Well I don't know over irony yet but it's not blowing out all over the entire. Our transplant Allard is maybe injured leg gulf. Right now I don't know but as far as straddle his car they rattle racing crossings into the garage barn they're working to try to get it back down. Morris like buddy Arrington devoted Christ or product Manny did some drag racing except Zuma and it's our records in the seventies for Chrysler. And Simpson less providers been running street stocks have been central Michigan. Tried seven times this disbursed qualifying got successful qualifying attempt for grand national race of Jerry Dutch border not a good beer short evening. Before the beacon sales Chrysler we are seven laps complete here at NASA bill raceway and they're pushing Greg Sachs cart up the road never. Guess there was. They have a funny little lie back up. Back joy they replace the marks on the right front they're perhaps suspend all but to other parts there was damage that it took out with the ball. And that of course when the big change those parts view. Your stand the chance of fouling up the no we haven't so they're checking to see if it is. Running reasonably straight so they can send it back up. 0% to go back to three Richard Petty will be the leaders are quite a few cars that did not come all the pit road during this round of caution stops Richard Petty was one of those. Also Dick Brooks didn't go on pit road neither did Joseph Rama. Deal bunt moves up into the fourth spot as they start picks up a little speed out of the corner we'll dive on the pit road and hurry. We'll go back to racing speed as they come out of turner before a sale on Betty can keep this DP Pontiac help front. As Harold candor waves the green and they go back to racing speed there's a free ride at the start finish. Right now inside trying to get back on the lead lap is Dave Marcus as he races Richard Petty off turn two and into the back Jude. Not markets that the moment has got himself back on the way and Trevor Hornish captures the wall at turn number want to kill him. The mail sorting itself out. Three wide under the Carter Bobby Allison is splitting two lanes of traffic it is gonna move up a bit in the process it's a logjam out of turn over. Or Ricky Rudd got little piece on Tommy Ellis. It's not always looked sideways and allison's dead coming up through the field three wind obviously the most out of racetrack Rusty Wallace goes I have us. And what's being embarrassed I don't adding anymore. So why now I also this and sign up Rusty Wallace and also gets a question of winning. Allison's god suddenly began to handle stronger the last two or three times around just. Boy that last caution and. Caught right in the middle of the logjam and can't go anywhere for the moment as a traffic doubles up down and turn over one meanwhile the leader as they hustled into the back shooters still Richard Petty. Brooke tonight comedian sunglasses for rides in the second. The third place car right now the yield on an as he's moved up there shoveling out of the line is children what does he gets very high and the more. Levi Garrett are cars. Racetrack betting that big rocks bottom line deal about it. Right behind those cars are good we've traveled about a Sacramento back. For the Tommy Ellis Donald Walton Dale Earnhardt. I'm able bodied car. Join us jump on and rookie running out of water. They're sealed bottom of the low side of the racetrack he's battling big roots in the second spot groups in the car wound up on the outside and he tries to hold up bottom. And poured in billions and high growth can't wipe them off we don't want it holds that position number two amount of rocks being shut them back into the third spot. Made on that last round of pit stops and I think quite a few those cars came in you were speculating that came a little bit early because they've been in only twenty some laps of the good just being. Hello advances Carville and Franken in Marcus remember him with a laugh and around written and it has pulled away when help. Denmark is given the events took on tires and cars that he did not so. Aren't just thought he'd have a good run at a when they drop the green flag restart. I make him again in time next time this movie night. On the right on the mark and everybody who made that decision because you really running good run around. This car is Darrell Waltrip six right now is they'll work. Our hearts seventy. The body needs is Jim Boeheim I did Ricky Rudd and from there whack it. As one man's level of relief like oh. I don't cutting Rusty Wallace eleven British artist while Bobby Alison thirteen not fourteen as battering again. Underwent another learning every now that last let's stop and may have gotten that kind dialed in my window. And number two weeks' time now and makes a whole lot more sure of a wrap of the racetrack and it was earlier. Marcus is now back on the lead lap and we'll monitor has gone leader Richard Petty meanwhile work cars move underneath any ill handling Joseph Redmond. He'll drop back from his third place position as the leaders groundout to. There are handling I'm doing all of this morning the billionaire Warren thank you watch iron room and. Everybody else now follow. The yield lot is beginning to run considerably better we talked about him. Earlier this week here in Nashville about a slow start and he says he's not one bit discouraged about the. You know overall it's now over hard. But we have go break we junior who. There's no way you can do it. And be successful and if we try to break your push herself and do better than like that we just don't want. We're just ahead on every week. If we bits. We can all those things are gonna happen. Thank you. Leyland isn't backing up right now I just took the lead away from Richard Petty in the middle of the backstretch as they come back to the line. Marty latest victim of the rabbit rabbit is Bobby Allison look at the back in the Miller time yard. Shows the right rear section of lumber on allison's car is not laid back off you are. NASCAR business keeping an iron out of wanna see if that's gonna present a hazard anybody else himself and they may have been Dixon meanwhile thirds about a change of Baxter and right now while holding down third spot let's watch the. We need them and turn on watch movies as well. Again and then inside groove as a way to go Brooks is car's not working in the turns clearly as well as it needs to be run. Lehigh having problems really having an. The car. Tonight that's. He started out in seconds while the feel coming out there. Or back of the line in the cooers Portland international puts an 88 laps on the board real bottom right now these. Your petty ride second the third place park barrel. What's it got to rethink my clothes off from Richmond few weeks ago when Monica and walk really did some of the most kids are raising gasoline and nobody was giving it. So wrapped wheel not so bad was so good we have got to ask Junior Johnson. Those two guys are gonna knock each other silly on the racetrack what would he do it dinners in when they get out there in the areas that are normally do everything master. Has turned out it was for you right to an end in Victory Lane and had nothing to do with a heart was racing I. Chris Paul and earnhardt's cars Dale Earnhardt comes out turns out because when you rather than trying to get my aunt living inside right continues. Around there are problems on earnhardt's Ari slot on the number two won't happen again right trying to streamline the inside and all of a sudden aren't aren't that. I've been brotherhood is solid on Richard Childress on Wrangler Chevrolet and Dale Earnhardt let's go to Jerry punch in their bed. I can't but it's not just north of the Negroponte learning around me. Rounding this area. Joseph Lovett is making an unscheduled stop problems on the right well. The Marlins collected bits and Jerry. Information on Dale Earnhardt who's still in the plant when it came out and let's go to your right. We'll check for the little I would think they've added distributor of the car's broken hearts of the car just quit because. Putting a price category. Driver who won one of the events here last year's national Tennessee still sitting on pit road's going to be a long night for Dale Earnhardt in the the leaders still do a lot of running second at Richard Petty Richard is getting some heat put on him right now but they're all companies about to take that spot away as they head back to the line. Hey Trevor boys. A lot of the Joseph Robin almost none of these long been a nice job saving it has Walter moves underneath Richard Petty. And the brewers worked wanna even the moment becomes a Budweiser 12 punch bonnet and run. While its second daddy's third and Jeff Conine is war. Terry the body is fit. What about this about wasn't brave Roger vs us the Kentucky fried chicken wind dropped six of the front of the field. Junior Johnson ordered us Chevrolet is running in the 12 spots here. At Nashville the brewers scored 2101. Laps have been completed. Work continues on your hard earned him a replacement distributor and and again never seeing after this round of desktop still everybody's got a different way around the restaurant. Yes they are online doing really. Cars are running low on the track in the global war. His new running running back home and parents can't run again. There there were running and able Ronald and Lauren and. We'll all line. The bigger battle for fifth spot shaping up right now Terry Nevada apparently supposed to live look moving up right behind him Ricky Rudd has been. Trying a couple of times to get underneath into the corners hasn't had much success in my prime on the outside this time there and turn. And run as an I'm laying there in the backstretch. Running getting right it's U I designers Mary LaMont beat me bring you run by about a car. I went down the backstretch and into the. That sixth place car right now is Ricky Rudd seven. Looks back date that we run through a yard hanging on the night position right now the only child any. They worked out lying to come back down strike and it. Want to congressman's car is really a handful Foreman a couple of times this year on some of the short tracks we've seen written. Would really struggle with a car all day long at Bristol Tennessee the car. Often ran real well win tonight with a car is ill handling it's a long night and. Here in the fifth on a track like this morning's business faster. Most of the cars are running out there. And railing. I feel I'm more racing here and there are not anywhere on the agreement makes them especially when cardinal 420 miles. And it got to stay out there live with a you get a chance to go. Keep making adjustments and hope you can find accommodation and they can come back and beat you so far. Is nursing an ill handling car running almost out as far as the bears to invoke into the speedway this thing out of blue. It's gotta be tough party to come down that backstretch and look at the Winston scoreboard and only shows a 106 laps to leave. 314. To go winner mine that race card and passed to learn about them earlier today that scoreboard cast elapsed all the slowness and. That's true that you know you always keep. That's a new scenery and if you're in the top four or five you know you see them. Race card did he get out scoreboard you get back Warren Maria outrage around. Knows a little bit more pressure but if you're the top 45 DC leader in your room now Wear a good pace his career lack. He's way up the scoreboard now is a couple of laps down and replaced minister of parties back Hillary's strength of the thing everyone is watching the two Budweiser cars real father is a leader Darrell walker has come from outlook. About six or seven. There's another restart as the display at the second spot and he's less than three car list behind his teammate. Some of the best racing we've seen in 1984 we saw at Richmond fairgrounds raceway back. But after they told this year when those two cars are running. And really branding and Manning isn't gonna happen here tonight well they're about to colleagues away from getting it done what's it look walker does. There on the backstretch. Let's not forget general Don and I was right behind Walton Miami or marine pilots and generally of course coming off a victory at minus. It's interesting that there are those first three cars their drivers are driving. Nobody with a broken ribs and avoid them but I'm. Last week at Talladega and other NFL father. They'll only get up there to get a chance to win the race early iteration forget all that just get. Businesses they sing leader right now -- a lot of coming up what Jimmy means cars they've worked in the turnover three. Extremely highly corner dropping down on the eve of the racetrack Monica. At this time. Walter Reeves ever closer still about a car length and have come click on links between those two traffic going to be a factor for me just a moment their offer. Mean hey all right cavs again giant room ahead of the leaders they'll move into the inside the leaders well I'll leave Jimmy means I don't go three wide at the corner. Bottom Walter codeine and when I'm there those two is no surprise he's only run more races here birdies watched a lot and he's learned along. An awful tough racetrack off. Demanding and it retiree you're really after gonna drive this track cap wise the best field wall for the last couple years. Yeah hole. Broke up I mean what he does and I think it has not really injuries here and I think. I found a way around this racetrack and. And I don't tell. He's doing a good job getting her out and if he's watching all your good work from about six speed off the barrels backed government battle for fifth spot is still a good one here at national. Who works for bloody turn of funny currently rides fill the Ricky Rudd has been doing a little. The last 23 times. I'm trying to find a way around you can't get around on the inside he's trying on the outside and he's there in the middle of the backstretch. Donovan Warren roundup Rainier mountaineering mining trying to turn back to the most Simon and do what might run goes way higher in the corner watching everybody get charged. He's down on the apron of the track and Ricky comes off the corner very strong moves up Flacco looked at Arlington takes over fifth position that battle. We're watching to shape up and just a moment walker bit player he's a hapless Carolina back in the way he's been running around this racetrack there in traffic out of her. Take it easy content. He's as strong as it looks to build a resort and I don't think you will have a good barrel to get back to release them in revenue they're working off turn two right now behind. Our water and went ahead about a man Dave Marcus we won't be a factor right now. Don't feel Monica goes away from Walter in general I'm right there tightly in there. Here comes along to Vienna look just barely on the outside there are now drops down low on the racetrack on dirt floor. And Budweiser and ours and our bumper to bumper and bottom wouldn't turn one just a little bit tired accused Walters of room. Darrell Waltrip try to stay inside nearly half the nose and as Budweiser Chevrolet and everything that right off the wall to. It's not behind mom. Out of turn three and a lot of foreign back around the start finish line they need. Be moving up bond Dave Marcus Marcus on the restart speeded away from Richard many believe in time. Now Walter bonnet will not there really event. Still trying to change dominate markets and most greatly automobiles this time I've not made him off on the court order. Not carters joined about one out of every memory lapse there. Right now codeine is hanging on he's watching to see what's gonna happen between the two Budweiser cars as they come out of her boy back live traffic is a big factor right well. About four cars a lap inaudible wheels and a running along and run walk for mobile he'll let you know he was there when they came out of her report by the tongue. As they work in the backstretch. I'm Alexander David Marcus Tommy Ellis and Sterling Marlin the last. Earnhardt who show no mercy to anyone enters anyway you can get up there pick up some of those laps he's lost he's gonna do it's already moved. Out Jim lives at designs underwater in the second place car and walk or run. That kind of cool room continues up a little more racetrack that he'd like to visit in return three. I'm getting behind Walter Walter. It's duke and Carolina are going to be a lot of good. Still I'm going to pregnant right now wins the battle for congress started trying to take away the sixteen cars running on the lead lap 122. Laps and lead bottom of the leader Walter rides in the second spot. In the third as jumbled time Gordon scored as Richard Petty in the fifth spot Rickey brought in six is run chart seven to turn Bunning. You name it runs and nine Kyle Petty ten. He is Rusty Wallace eleven Bobby Allison in twelve bill Elliot thirteen just hearing again. In the fourteenth spot is Sterling Marlin fifteen this Tommy Ellis. And a sixteen as Dave Marcus one lap on the base Mike Alexander is just gone lap down and so has Jimmy being 123. Landmark. Leaders moved back to turnovers three in the around back the start finish line the little app on Tommy Ellis this time line. Well do you bottom and they need to keep water back in the second spot so far Bernhard as our elected. Right now as they were trying to pick up a lap or so on the feeling lost a few laps on the road won't go. And a very strong right now I talked with the Obama about his efforts this year that we heard him say earlier he was. He felt like they come together. Trying to get around a little bit. Laughs no we'll be stuck there for the moment he also feels like that this could just relay. Information coming in here one of his greatest guard with a knowledge you have about one minute break right. We have good way to turn this around on here and there were no women in the big moment. Lot of right now facing the field and. As they Marcus is on the outside they race door to door of the right behind him in her heart still trying to get back around. Pick up one of those slams and lost just a moment ago and while it was then he's pretty good at that he'll sit back even if he has the horses or whatever it takes to get the lead right now he knows there's some cars up there that are going. The lady take a chance to. Part of some of them are allowed now are trying to get it back so he just drops back and watches you save. Tough driving very Smart in that respect Barney got one car park where they're starting next. Back now he was proud of the backbone and everybody wanted to animated energy trying to get around nobody wants an archive and the family of around you'll find now that still have got Dave Marcus laugh. Now Waldman who brought back it up. Lerner is still several times down under. Basic and distributors and he posed no threat to the leader. Marcus is another story he's trying to keep them going a let down in turn to our market goes up my cap room rather than do all they don't want to Walton. Coming off the corner gotta get markets that he's got the largest you'll get right back and why don't try it again and turned brain. Marcus Griffin live high up on the fourth floor and driving down on the inside again a lot of looks fine and put in the lap down and can't do. As they go into the number one turn they touch momentarily well it's great little. I'm getting in the quarter but markets are running at very strong race if his cars dialed in I don't think there's a driver in the bin. And Dave Marcus that back to bring our correspondent Elaine makes a sentence of automobile you wanted to. I don't know that race and didn't know there's a majority got the job done morning. Arnie I don't think there's anybody master down a straightaway here tonight. The Marcus he's been pulling everybody off the corner and then the attorneys holding its own right now he has to order go to leader in real bottom line. I'm trying to put in my lap down markets that Germany won't do it let's see what happens at three. I'm market is bottoming out sign up and turn the best I've been able to wave I don't cards at the wall in turn over Florida just riding its way along the wall and as Bill Elliott cooers Lauren. That is hit the wall in turn to reward him the car way up against the outside. He's able to get off the wall little flat right front tire Elliott will be able to come around again and we won't get the cautions it was a bit of drama here for the moment in Nashville raceway. 138 laps completed vigorous sports flooding here in Nashville Tennessee Neil why it's still the leader of the only Darrell walker C. Riding around the speedway about into the live colleagues back that's been available. The twelve laps. Jeff we'll find rides and. A fourth place car right. On the backstretch that's going to be Ricky Rudd. Hi and diving underneath. Lucia art and pulling down the straightaway I can't do. In the backstretch I was village Darrell Waltrip chasing down below Bonneville. I'm Jeff Conine he won't let loose she's right there at third just McFarlane got to walk. And you know get up there tangle. To what was your card for sure. A car dialed in and just like you know won't really take. And the ending up the car right nobody knows how strong Darrell Waltrip business obvious how strong the a lot of scar is right now double time wisely. Riding along in third position it's time to get something. Talking about deals or efforts had a chance to talk to. One of his car owners Warner Hudson who owns the national raceway here today about his thoughts a lot of people have been some speculation in some of the neighbors. Also all the media that Warner might help each. Our operation I ask you love them. It's really done better than we ever dream that burning our families get along very well course junior and flossing your vocal a lot of wisdom and there was good news. Leaves everything. That discouraged about the the team he says he didn't expected to come out smoking in just pulled the whole field first few races in use a new team new combination. Where did the in a lot of record. Bill Elliott is back on the track after bouncing off the wall in turn it. We're streaming Ingraham and riding around long flat right front tire they replaced it. He did lose collapse bits and he's back on track. Rock Bouchard won't give up an embattled correspondent Ricky write the incident the final lap car Sterling Marlin and dad watching that what it seems that Wright's car. When it runs up that high groove as it did when Dale Earnhardt drove here last year provided the car really gets a good run on five part of the corner and really should demonstrate away from. The wind power on the track that. Through all the water. And now they have worst being that start off there Natalie on side. There are you now. Looks like the other car has long horse farm in fifth here but the thing coming off return. And I ask Dale Earnhardt about that daddy drove the car last year to victory here not the same carbonneau put more pork. And he's I said if you can come off the corner that much higher than what charm or rpm on the outside wise everybody's into the car to run on the bottom. Well I'd say as fast wherein I. You can get off or risk. We love and I do when you can come off and I have to find the car was bad news you don't usually communal time. There's if you would call workflow would come up all of them they didn't restarts being in a stress right. It shows have been either way is the fastest way depending on what's working at the time drastically. Depending on your race cars working and driver locked drive. Like oh those are things. Perfect swing whatever works that's when she. We're a 145 laps in the coolers for twentieth Nashville Tennessee up perfect Saturday night racing. Just join as a vulnerability to say that he's Linux didn't even stop with some problems on his car he is back on the racetrack and. And very well blossom time in their hands. Is back now. 46 laps on the. Leader we'll steal a lot of having a good run walk of keeping him in check has been no further than freedom live car lengths behind him right now he writes about one lane. The third place cars still ship load time riding along in fourth position Ricky Rudd. Battle has been going on for the fourth spot for the last good. Go door to door. What they get straight away road just pulls in line for a five car. Their fourth and fifth sixth is Richard Petty a seven to stick remarks made here in the body kind of Rusty Wallace tempest Kyle Petty. An eleventh as Bobby Allison Allison is the last car on the lead lap. One lap down to love this air again thirteen just Dave Marcus fourteen Sterling Marlin did beat Tommy Ellis sixteen is mark Alexander. Seventeen is Jimmy means. In the eighteenth spot Tim Richmond whose card does not work at all nineteen is Trevor boys in twentieth is Joseph run when they're all one lap down. It helps a battle everyone's been looking for water trying to get underneath his teammate when they came out of turn. There for just a moment and wanna kind of pitched it down the bottom of the racetrack lady come out of the problems there I'll turn to an election. Most cars coming up a lot Bobby Allison who's currently the last car on the lead lap waltrip will not challenge a lot of them turn green. Back to this time as they come out of the corner and a lot of people said well you know I think you might call the shots a menace to. Who leads this Laver who is a race I don't think so I don't think you can be told I don't think they give each other then. No I don't think that's the case at all aren't happening in the US. Go out there there. Why they're right right along with a thanks coming up at third and ten. Thankfully no other body now have moved around. What else you won't believe. And. They're not concerned over one walkabout drops back Bobby Allison trying to hold one round he can't win. Two front runners he and walker are running door to door that Monica has already invested in the lap down as they were back in front of the cycle. He's not able to keep his card when you came to the racetrack and not allowed waltrip to. Again why again I think we need to give a call to Rusty Wallace he is not quiet now and came away from the telemarketing. On the basis of Wallace's vice winning car lanes now and I'm Rusty Wallace a lot of pressure on the young driver and sell them. Closed at large part because everybody wanted to every time almost gets on a short track. And his boss spent hours from home and have been a learning process here grand national and Wallace now aspect car working awfully wrong. There's another car that's running extremely well here natural events Jimmy means we need to get a call him because he's been running. Almost as quick as the leaders he stayed up there will be a lot of for ten or fifteen laps the car was getting a little bit behind the corners. But he has had some very good. You're very consistent race here Jimmy told us yesterday. He'd like to get a first class ride one of these days maybe get a top five or six car ride in one of the but he knows just how hard it is to do for a driver like himself. Again my position now right thing here. We really had everything he's doing divisive things besides that it would like most rights. We're not. Get any recognition has witnessed it myself. Everything layup. We left. In the kitchen. Ratliff. Kyle Petty is the tenth place cars the last car on the lead lap and he has been resisting going a lap down in December 11 floor kneel on it now but I have. And so is Walter Mears Bobby Allison on pit road never. Gary Nelson in the third and Oregon and Miller time effort somebody else of course Els and Justin Leonard Little leaguers and Nelson pulled the car down towards turn one hitting the far end of pit road. And Gary Nelson played ball. You're right side tires would be an unscheduled pit stall horse rousing don't change drives I've rubber buildup which you can guess. And we'll talk he'll be down and away and fifteen point one seconds. It's not been any don't want another lap down so he's down to that town leaders international raceway the Samar in the motor racing network. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires wheel gets in there whether you're running on their. Nice job. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your needs for unmatched value selection in warranty would industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. If your vehicle isn't stopping like you're used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the spring break feels events take advantage of O Reilly's do it right rebate and get a twenty dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail when you buy a set of great best select pads and a pair rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. A moment. Mubarak's. We're under caution international raceway Tim Richman is at the wall again let's don't you like old. I'm just gonna get a pretty good at spotting me I can't be outside retaining wall coming off turn number two of the kind of careened across the racetrack. That has come to a stop against the inside retaining wall to give us now but everybody go by go back the car up. I'm pointed in the right direction but there's extensive. Ron and damage that we could see as the cars now pointed towards us here on the infield side of the backstretch. We assume would be that big gave the outside retaining wall there's likely. Some damage on the right rear but horrible thoughts on the far side of the automobile was gridlock now buddies back under power that. Pit stops of the order there right now watch it's his service and he isn't a way we'll take this moment under caution to tell you about tomorrow's a big. Brazen ambush late model sportsman and a serious as the red carpet 200. Of the Wisconsin state fair park speedway in west Alice Wisconsin. Among The Milwaukee Mile east of perseverance. In the state of Wisconsin for the NASCAR late model sportsman cars Dick Trickle is on the ball that won it Allen collecting. Is on the outside bowl Samar has qualified third. And Bobby Allison has carved there that was qualified by Mike waltrip Darrell Waltrip has a car up there that was while five. By nobody. And it Jarrett asked Darren is a wolf why did your brother qualified Bobby's car steady hers and theirs as well birdie qualified. Nets wolf fifteen under us well let's viruses out as the ball 500 Mora was self. And that's that's quick look qualify that's about to be good shows that you're listening to us in the upper midwest dig turned up to The Milwaukee Mile tomorrow. The red carpet 200 bush played models were children's. We're under 61 laps to lead here at NASA bill raceway. After this the most recent caution is the fourth one tonight and he joined us late Tim Richmond brought out the first one on lap 42 when he spot in the second quarter. Another ensuing restart Greg Sachs in the wall down and one that brought up the second caution. Another 67 lap Ronnie Thomas but in calamity corner turned over to. Same spot and save as the first time around Tim Richman spinning this time he caught a good piece of the inside retaining all. And thus were under the fourth caution of the day with a lot of 620420. Laps completed. There been a rash of pit stops just about everybody has been in about a good bit workable to go forward. The Budweiser car appeal bonnet. As they've really got him back on the racetrack ahead of everyone has is when they came off pit road bonnet was out first Robin came off pit road second. Waltrip was third author Rosalie should still move up into the number two position. Riding along in fourth right now our third I should say it would be jet boat and fifth. Run the show art and Richard Petty good good work gets him back out there till Christmas card is on pit road in front of Jerry punch. And Marty problems on the old Milwaukee body at Richmond car course the reason for this caution flag got that some sheet metal and we don't know right rear the right rear corner appears to be buckles on wanna put some fuel and there was some leakage outside. They're looking now underneath the car when there might be a culture that weren't the right rear. And now they're changing their right rear tire and it's but they still work you'll look different but politic for the facility probably has. One lap. We'll be back onto the green here this the fourth caution of the evening Bobby Allison is in the beds. For a look at the Miller time Buick and Hillary Jordan Taylor into the field two laps doubts with a long evening for the defending the Winston cup champion. They light up like this bottom does it brought Walter the second bode got his third fourth is Broussard fifth this petty Richard that is. Back to the six spot Rusty Wallace in seventh is terrible body aid would be Dick Brooks of my QB Ricky rod. On the inside rolled Kyle Petty and Dave Marcus will be fighting get back on the lead lap with a drop the green green flag at the pass by Eli gold. And pays constant light off the top event and is now pulling away putting some distance between itself and the rest of the field. Again the Budweiser battle resuming at the top of the field as we go moderately altered. Jeff ball not robbers try to return Redding and order behind them. Fresh tires and you can 76 fuel they're ready to go racing pro. A lot of those evils of field down indiscernible one Kyle Petty ducks try to embody these are trying to get himself back on the lead lap. Walker back to second they're on the backstretch. I'm behind Walter knows Dave Marcus is carnal acts of buffer between Walter about it all the time. We're not generally drives markets on the high sign. Music and out of the corner. What I'm writing them outside playing. Makes it hard left turn. And down into the garage area and apparently they're gonna call that night for the old Milwaukee car would check and make sure that sucker flag in the car back in. The frustrating one what Tim Richmond here at Nashville. Leader right now as a lot of running second is Walter third is Jeff blunt force right now as we show our fifth as Richard Petty single file they were. Straightaway ahead. I want pretty good scramble back in the back of some of those yards came off pit road late late. Right behind Richard Petty and Rusty Wallace trying to make up some ground on the terror and the money they're the backstretch behind. Rock and a regular probably all of those pot back in race traffic midway in the back. Nobody gets real lose seven turnover for a pretty caught the car they come out of the corner three wide and nobody had a nice job of saving it. Because he was definitely headed for cement city event outside retaining wall the run out of turn two. I don't want to upset about chasing Kyle running the Bob I'm. Walton wants to set sail it takes now to go bottoms now. It's I don't know running hard to imagine that Tim Richman and things in his heart of the Roger Perry and we checked and Eddie rap artist and they're gonna happen until Milwaukee Pontiac they've proven right lower control arm begins near the car so it's gonna holiday here at Nashville this. Hitting nine temperate here in Nashville. Right now we've completed 168. Laps here in Nashville Tennessee in the cooers fortunately the Obama is a leader a lot of concern about just how moderately. Be able to handle that car. And here on the short track that requires an awful lot of steering asking just what finishing Rory tonight. You know got a good and embracing this music thing another fine. As having a problem right now is leading the field around. He is the leader at 170 laps to go up on the board as they get back into the turn over one. But just his biggest over the good handling cars are working their way up through the real some of the others are. Dennis great back the other way and that's the way it goes short track racing here in Nashville to see unique situation these cars. You set up the car on a fairly tight track in the daytime and then I did tracks durst recently get loosened its old weather condition. Richard Petty the senate and the alike then there. And practice the same time. It's been released that you've got a pretty good idea. Practiced here billions and Shannon. Detract one way. Night time. Doing things like like yesterday. Nobody picked. Pretty close there guys like. Hundreds anyway. You know like practice. Out of watching luck get them. Attractive. Check out tiger in the serve letter. 175 actually right now he'll monitor is the leader Darrell Waltrip right second run on his lover Jeff Long live his third. Want to thank the ball pretty good at Talladega is having a good run here tonight. Jerry plunged on its way down to talk to Tim Richman the old Milwaukee Pontiac is out of the race tonight prematurely the car just never end well leaving. As we've got to battle for the lead out of four that's. As they come back to a lot of water trying to get underneath his teammate what JB made every lap car was there you couldn't get around anybody. Alongside Justin always had to come out of Ronald and walk just biding his time waiting to find an opening. You can hear the reward quality 177 laps around the world let's go out of the pit area and Jerry punch. Jerry plunged making his way over to talk to. We go bridges climbed out of the car after a very frustrating night Barney. I'll go around and just make him. It's not now owned jointly bacteria are another thing runs on tired now leave your mind you know I've written in Richmond. Static and never looked a little bit I don't know it's until the end of. It's my. Marty tell you this sleepers in this razor biggest load behind everybody's watching me do Budweiser cars bottom. And Walter and every time there's been a marked the front of the field Levine has the right way and he has not really challenged. Father Walter already the drivers running up front and back but he's right there whether it lasted before the race tonight just what kind of brace. He would driver can you really predict or pre plan any kind of strategy for this race. You look at it while it's so close it's unbelievably. Close you know Walter was a little bit out front everybody good. In Ireland and expects that your room and make you run and then from from crime and back to fifteenth this is so close that. You know Heidi you know how there it's gonna go on and it looks like going to be. Arrived dashing through the cash rate in the beginning and then. I think everyone knows that distract your management gets out slippery in its long race. You've got to pace yourself you gotta save your tires. You know it just like every week get 500 mile race or 440 lap race and it's a long ways to go to you gotta pace yourself. That's pretty much what we're gonna do you know Martinsville workforce we we didn't really pushing our brand. Where we could run comfortably we took the lead when we could and we ran third or fourth he had to. That's what he's doing right now. Labor's card race that's that's the tip of the racetrack mostly young young guys come on the list of circuit they're very eager to prove exactly what they can't do that may have. Can win a lot of times they will abuse the card punish the card for the day is over. Race that I know you. The first thing that makes you a successful race driver you. You have to have something to be in the late competition is right now you. It use and all of the first trip. No way up. And price of western where do you put on it's. More right than looking at his arm or on the right track here. Rick Karr. And maybe better. Unless we're here in Atlanta here that he was not a break in the race. You know and. Harold welcome to its roster right now from the inside. These are dying in the most of the racetrack goes inside a ball up and take over the second spot. Waltrip now a third that's why the Marlins got runners aren't holding up one spot. Bob Rashard is coming up through the back he's lit up a lot of ground in the last 25 laps rally is just about caught up. They limit Darrell Waltrip scar he's no further than a couple of seconds behind the leader Neil modern Monica's up front wheel got it's just we. You're right there riding along in fourth spot and there's less than it was not a second half of. We're cars as rob was showing the back injury. They weren't singles finals further back to everybody is broken free from race traffic and he tries to chase cars down behind him read and write that Rusty Wallace. Robin Firestone somewhat ill handling Bobby Allison nor'easter runs operation. Nearly an hour. Lead lap Richard Petty and the route something we want lap down has Kyle Petty Ricky Rudd David Marcus and Tom and Tommy Ellis machine Joseph Rodman. And a Mike Alexander along with Sterling Marlin. Or reject champion here had Trevor boys Jimmy means two laps back so was Bobby Allison that takes you back through 1930. Cars started. Already more scrambling to Richmond. Off the garage area and there out of the worst award winning here in Nashville 192. Laps complete. What me 28 laps around will be on the halfway mark. I Saturday night racing your Nashville little warm little muggy just kind of weather worry is do it before 120 laps to run here tonight though. Ticket live in the house is another sellout crowd looks the same thing we. We saw the Winston 500 at Talladega last week. So outstanding motor racing that. They have had a capacity crowd almost every place we've been. For balance and they are expecting a record crowd they're also at Nashville Tennessee on Saturday night. He's seven left just who have multiple. Leader is Neil bonnet. But it's never fun in the art style and handling. We'll start up and all that concerned he likes this racetrack bottom has been here I didn't realize until August oh. Here this weekend. Or about six or seven years before. For every time in the grand national car want. That this used to be your close race I mean we live in Birmingham area and Birmingham and Huntsville. Montgomery and I look Iran naturally become an all big shows that appeared. And a man that's a track record or rather than one through through the journal that racism there all night bracing his speech earlier we're we're ruling grand national. There's been all good record. The market a lot of people don't realize there's more track champion Syria in this race Darrell Waltrip Mike Alexander was a track champion. We've already talked about Sterling Marlin and Jimmie leads one to track time Anderson earlier tonight. There's an awful lot of experience out there tonight and quite a few drivers start their career Harry Gant is another driver he's due to a weird that I guess you probably know more about them not do again and also we have a chance to talk with him yesterday. He used to come here runs from the sport for races and he said he was a long time before is ever able to get things. Around the when he did he likes this racetrack he's been very successful and this has aren't any around. We export prices higher ones. Thank god now and learn how to run this racetrack apparently started I've just about worked that well that it could do. Rated show what you can do office right next time by will be halfway in the here in Nashville. Raising a record crowd looks we have received the place was sold out earlier in the right now they're watching you wanna leave this field for a he's ahead of just put on by almost two and a half seconds. It was an artist filled Darrell walker ladies really over the place not all that much as he goes off the corporation. Harry he had goes around and tonight's winners and probable Walker's car you would drop that far back. Well I don't think any. Has lost pounded him Madonna and you'll find is not that drastic can't just came out this morning you have them. Arizona right now he's running faster as a result of everything even our own wolf from start not working quite as well it was earlier over. All right there minus 121 they have more attractive. Live maybe that's not. In the way it's gonna happen. Almost lost earlier robbery charges and try to get you the last few. Lucia are currently rides and fourth position that team. And better every. A lot and he's had a good run here tonight apparently is very much. The car he can get the card here right you have to trouble finding what you they really needed here and send it right. Line. We have to get a good night and that's why it's very important had a chance to set up here and have the right here we you you really can't step on the gas coming up octagon. That's silly things happen. That team Marty through this season they have what happened last week Rashard was in contention. As opposed to second ever Talladega victory it. I heard losing races for a lot of silly reasons but they had a new one last week we see I didn't think you know we had it around at Talladega with a window net down. It was a race got a win in a day to honor and we got nick crashed down here when Dick Brooks hello win. Kinda disassembled reassembled grace Karen somebody forgot to put it kind of key in the bottom. Run on now and then it come up about half way through the race. So what to do you actually on opponents' top. Well when it first happened that I don't name it wanted to happen and he said well try to keep around and he says and we'll catch you guys himself. I just grabbed when my hand and I got a hell on all of the one hand and drove in the other one and after about twenty laps I got so aren't. And I just don't David RAS were I have to do something and then the whole thing fell down and ask them black like this anyway zone. There was just an unfortunate situation as good as we were around and do something like that happen. He's in their season has been satellites and go to C song anyway do better and feeling I was to a five things as always seem to tip. And the other cars direction of Bristol like that a woman ran out of gas. At Martinsville they were faster than gentle ride until the last possible I don't work tires midway and veto. Part of the way things are going they've just got to end up in victory sooner or later there's no way they. Himself and he knows he has the ability. Some breaks to go their way. Field lot as a leader Jeff Levine right second and third place car walker award this shark bit of Richard Petty six right now to turn the money seven. He has Rusty Wallace good good run for him on an outstanding run rusty lady shot you know. Press lately. At this point of the season they've had things it is not gone their way. The last car on the tail evidently left right now leaving these sunglasses car. So those card. Right now. We Dave Marcus also laughable things. Back in the eleventh spot as Tommy Ellis twelve despite Alexander thirteen of Joseph rob Linehan worked team is Trevor boys. Mary can't just in and out of the pits and then that's his second unscheduled stop in the last fifteen or so labs. Yes that is my. Is this about when he went back now did we come boy. Running like you know dirt track. You'll drop that thing you know it's your call now I don't want to. Well next week will be at Dover Delaware it's always a thrill want to get up there because he usually runs right up around the rail. Right up against the wall along the way around and bring him. That's the best way around we'll bring you all the action that Budweiser 500 starting at noon eastern daylight time next Sunday here on motor racing network. That's what the governor Arnold go to Charlotte. May 27 for the world 600. Car and goes back on the air June 3 Sunday at Riverside California on the night your road course for the Budweiser 400. 1 week later worked well you know and it's only June 10 events going on lines 501. Of the month of June. Seventeen. At Michigan International Speedway with a Miller high life. Foreigners making plans to visit one of these women to come tracks see there's no firsthand it is the Brazilian motor sports. 25 laps and the cooers mortality here in Nashville Tennessee the leaders still feel a lot of he is not about giving up until a couple of strong challenges. His teammate Darrell walker. Right back there Jim Boeheim has moved up their mind right now we'll. Right right word is he's not a second back then it's a pretty good ways back run out of their along the third place car. Charred. And hanging out in the Betty here. Good car all week long and also the latest retiree who pulled out of the garage area here around this area where they are now. Now there is JD and nothing else ever feel like. Pontiac he's just taken enough help to. Marty took through five let's go sixth place that'll be terrible running seventh district you're running into Rusty Wallace tonight is the crux they're all leaving left. One lap down Kyle Petty and his tenth eleventh his Mike Alexander. In twelve as Tommy Ellis. Thirteen is Dave Marcus fourteen this Trevor boys and two laps down Sterling Marlin is 1516. Jimmy means seventeen is Bobby Allison. And back and eighteenth spot. Is Joseph Rodman and 228 laps around the lord for just a little more than half way brewers worked warning if you join us late Darrell Waltrip took down to lead. From the start held. Until the second caution line. The first one came out to a different spot on the 42 lap in turn to affect it all happened in turn to. On the restart breaks accidental although that is the speedway lap 67 Ronnie Thomas but I don't know lap 159. Richmond spotted bounce the car into the infield retaining wall lows of the work cautions thus far. Only three leaders in this race waltrip led from start petty took over on one of the cautions when he elected not to stop for tires and the rest of leaders dead. Feel a lot of marsh is way up through the field went underneath vetting under the green and moving into the front spot. He ran what Darrell Waltrip who climbed up through the field to run second and about forty laps ago Jeff Conine moved underneath waltrip and into that second position. That's the witness stand in one of the leader. Mode I'm in second waltrip in the third rock Bouchard has been watching Walter fourth spot just about two darlings back over the last fifteen laps and there. Richard Petty taking on he's just about two or three seconds behind the blue shark probably buying cars on the lead lap. Turn on having a pretty good run here tonight last year nobody would be the first to tell me. Want to rate slowing down off the number two corner right now quickly. Chart will move behind Darrell Waltrip and then former Capitol Hill no real serious problems barrels. There's no way we did not getting through that either in the speedway as well as you've lost an earlier tonight surround Bouchard boom of the box. Or place away from their longer talking about your nobody's ever season last year they felt like if you want another race would be on the super speedway and feel like the event. Let me Thomas on the wall spins off turn tail and just a couple of everybody avoids everything was kind of a racetrack and Ronnie now allows the cardinal rolled down off the eighteen degree banking and finally puts the right shot and bring out the caution for the fifth time. Thomas now writes this automobile and bulls aren't 41 back around. Weren't good right well Tim Richmond even bring out even numbered rush its running time is the odd numbered ones cost free and alive and attributed to the Ronnie Thomas automobile. His Chevrolet out in Harrisonburg Virginia it spits out the second time and all the cars to come up in the second corner. Putting a drag race on the end of pit road was deal bottom Ron Bouchard got some really quick service and got out ahead of Jeff vote Simon. And the rest of the cars on the lead lap and as Steve pointed out as we shark voided out. Network lately has really made the difference in their running in their division. So as Joseph might Garry and I before we come Enron and fairness second inning we go back out well then they you know that used to really parent initiate here we've got some guys that come just on Sunday to gas and Jack can. David and birdied eight change tires and everybody just is an all out effort and I in May come in around a cemetery to make your job they run a second and and makes a difference on the racetrack you don't have cast of pass and I think it comes up the driver do when they weren't that had you know you've got to work just decide that cannot eat balanced the whole team. It was a good stopper Bruce chart he'll be the second place car bank on pit road Kyle Petty jumped out of bid rodent Abigail is coming along down a bit lame. Went right in the back of him. At Indianapolis qualifying today for the Indy 500 the front row is set and a defending Indy 500 champion Tom's neighborhood. In the Texaco machine will start on the ball. Rick Mears in the past you'll be right alongside him Michael Andretti Mario's son will be on the outside front row and AJ Foyt try to qualify for his 26500. Blew up in qualifying and Mario Andretti after 11212. Miles an hour try to complete a qualifying run. Blew the engine. Back under great at Nashville Tennessee Neil wanna do. Network puts it right back of the head of the field was charged with the workers plucked him up in the second spot in a couple of colleagues back is against bringing. I'm right now barrel Walton wonder where he is he's brought back about six cars behind I was raised rabbits sort itself out. Is purely money that is longer than six. And please bring out an area around the racetrack. But it's not so again we see a lot of adjustments going in the cars I guess we didn't want everybody thinks some drivers that are more competitive now that Laura Spector made some adjustments on Darrell Waltrip starts to rise. There's a sitting in the car or deleting it and understanding of the problem the Waller Pontiac. The rank and got knocked him out around with a wing meal and things in his own and. Hard charging him. We've got a driver's his watch a lot wilder is nuts and bolts of rubble furniture have been held in North Carolina. And effectively 240 laps. In his bottom and blue shark bumper to bumper to lap cars separating them. And plays Jim Boeheim nobody is the fourth place car waltrip whose lives six his batting seventh is driving me. He is Rusty Wallace is there in the backstretch coming. They weren't right behind me Obama going to return rate. There's certain goals a minute I'm on the racetrack and. On a very strong. Here in Nashville tonight nobody's really. A yard is up there and he's been giving him. Little shot or two going into the corners good noise there trying to get around outside or inside. Chart can get around pulling out in the. We'll Tommy fields and parks his son 18400. Sponsored car and its sponsorship and Anniston Alabama he's like 09 years well. Lucia are just war. Good plays right now back in the third place car of Jim Boeheim about three seconds they're like I'm old I'm still. Comes during the body and mind you was there a long. Raining a lot and Walter collapsed on Bobby Allison and behind all of temperature reading it Ricky Rudd make too heavily black. Good battle around the racetrack your natural caution flags. He revealed here and it is now another Yankee run loose artist pressuring me wanna know what's gonna judgment over that time line. On the national scene. And beaten and battered bank government a number of times over the years. Really think seeing him there. On the racetrack and bouncing my way again it's no real bottom. I'm combing behind him that I could leave just. Point Marines. Both Chinese and. Thirty years on the racetracks of America's stock car racing primarily a southern sport unlike some singer Pete Hamilton. Now doesn't really Yankee bottom line drivers really mixing it up. The fellows down here in general I'm commented about the progress season he Enron whose charred hills like breaks activated. What it's meant to the drivers they used to really get the ball. In their native New England. You are harder than ever because each season this is this big billboard so sport and yeah I was tired. Starting in this sport and watching Gavin do you have a lot to prove deadly for. The Google Voice from up north it. Could drive these big tax tips like Google Voice from down south you'll be Hamilton had done a little bit and it was successful landed in. That was about it from the northeast and New England. So wrong Ryan I have. Would you do that it can't be done then and you know look Greg Sachs. Don't have run their down year try and I'm sure in the next few years. Good old boys north comes out. He's very relaxed everything winner mark. For years like yeah. Seem to go against it time after time. When does seem to take his job at Nashville Tennessee 251 laps on the whole. Leading the race and he has been. About the last time. Or is deal. Well nobody's ever since he felt like last year that he's got to win in nineteen. This year he feels like your short track. Think we're you know we're a lot better position to win right now we're. Users while you can only do other. Most racetracks. I've been working down there and we haven't I think we've continued to improve urgently go back there right. Continued today because we're still learning things running thomas'. And time was doing in running and running all. They have one of the car and you know what could be out of here. Yeah I don't ever. We're here medals. I'll let. Yeah. Last volley Gail what they found a way to have your. You Rhode here is very. Back floors when I was driving writes no remember them down for the name. And very strong woman. One cracked want to. I want him back. Also want this. I'm going down Palin. The guards started to put everything back in barely got underneath them as soon Ricky Rudd and so they're very good. And what he's lost a lap network security line and running really well all night. We've completed 262 laps. Good morning do you love having everything his way in this. What have we. He let go unfortunately this thing earlier tonight plus do you wanna play. They have not they. All night long. Teammate Darrell walker but he still. Uses to give up please remember a lot of his driving. Ask don't live handling. This time wearing ripped the steering wheel get all the pressure noise that would power steering and are here for the night in Nashville troubled. Boy is gets crossed up and we'll be Michael. He had the car well I'm ashamed they're really they will be. Right so I've been gathering crowd and this kind of dirt track things aren't good. Good racing going on back in the back. I'm sure the money just forty came in and we'll go live in a classic. Six months back you feel right now Richard come out here. You had a good run here tonight at Ricky. And I need to also. Low on the racetrack but he says with a on the speedway thank you very much see maybe three different Kurt Warner writes it's. Doing it might take a hundred feet into Atlanta please feel free. You'll see cars right at home from all different and irrational Waller around the racetrack. Passing cargo there and I didn't wallet the only problem. Okay and a lot of Gloria they're beginning to get tired now. At quicken rare and very check on the you've really got to be working to nail a lot of. On this particular juncture of the cooers fortunately the field is just about a sprung out as you'll see it here all night long. No change in the front five spots is still real bottom of the leader it's pretty healthy separation over the second place car right now we've just run the show heart he's. Dropped back about perhaps two and a half seconds Jeff bowed out of rubber shark get out. It's a lot of probably like old. I'm happy inside but their running up Obama's slower car Bill Elliott that should give bush started to back. Bouchard the good do good job using Elliott has a victim mode I'm just really drive our race interviews. Elliot little tap and try to bonds everybody inside the by the time he does Rashard is gone. But progress I'm winning that battle but bald I'm old look again knowing the site to go single file off the number so let us break it out down the backstretch as an example of how well a lot of this morning but first back of born this six point 72 seconds. He is getting around a racetrack pretty well the crowd is watching the battle for second between Jeff Conine. Then run Lucia are they found a couple of times around then this is where crew chief like Harry Hyde can come and there are available take Louisville long ways to go. Am not going to let the good times cars working better right now that Ron Rashard right now is trying on the outside and around that bunker if it means that I'm me. Rob Portman David you call third floor right now. The car that idea though is running involved in close quarters after that is Dario worked better than it was hard to resort parking and given up. It's ours too much when he was doing and are sent but it doesn't feel. We've got to admire the way we chart is working lap traffic to give up until he meets a minute ago we shark can see that means it's working better. Going up time so Ronnie waited until Jeff recommitted to the high groove and then start them out there to drive behind the lapped car he's doing at the same right now. Look around Sterling Marlin put on the back Donovan I think he knows you're gonna have to get Ronnie open field running this Bouchard is not gonna give me any room against the lap traffic. You can have a little bit. MasterCard be running but I don't know. The driver if he's willing then you have some real estate really put juice lingered taken a different line of course sometimes you can making. This led them broadcast. Short tracks and run driver running and everything the a couple of hundred slower if you try to get around him he can really make them you. Little went through like Harry I'm very assures on the radio contact. There's a what you can do anybody. Let's letting go for a while still a long ways to go here national 281. Laps a little. Who were sport played leaders steel products. Spent his life and they do need a shot in the arm no doubt about their team off to an outstanding starting Daytona speed weeks this year. They came out smoking and won the Busch clash and from there on they ran for. Have there been left corner on the team is just seemed to have more than their share of bad luck all. Being bad things. Modest the leader in second as boos started right now we'll see what I can do anything with a they got open field running from Robin the next fifteen laps really kids anymore traffic we'll China's third fourth hysteria the body. Good run for the body tonight that's his lap down arthritis. That's right we had this front that is a couple absorbing time and money was worth your right he's a lap down now waltrip. We'll move up the leaderboard let's start that he will be very. Six will be Ricky run seventh and real good run at night for Rusty Wallace and now that this change might have moved around Rick rather just pulled away from me so. So we'll give Wallace a six month but Ricky Rudd back to the seventh position made that we didn't run season keeping Jimmy Dunleavy scored on the lead lap tonight. One lap down and not to be Dave Marcus tap Kyle Petty eleven. Is going to be Tommy Ellis twelve is Mike Alexander thirteen this Trevor boys and two laps down. I've come Bobby Allison Joseph Reitman and relapse back holding on to this seventeenth spot will be Jimmy V news good run for Mike Kelly. Senator he has a track champion here had. Successful runs at Nashville Tennessee over the years has started his career also. At twelve position he felt like he might have a shot to win this thing until yesterday that improves the racetrack he felt like he had a chance to beat the big boys it might be here. And you know it's Indiana they're right back and I'm gonna do good. I felt like to visit me where I'm gonna do the best personal. He's doing you know basically what if anything. Great thanks and have we if we got together we should do it. And the rest of my earlier. Brooks also right now having to find his way in the final eight and we'll. Racetrack do you like nobody he's getting some good lap times and. News is we're taking a lot won't be all that kind of thing got caught it behind Jimmie being out of the lane just event coming off the return. The running consistently and again in the race that we don't want to have been sounding. If you can stay on the lead lap you're not particularly well I've also watch Richard Petty party. I respect him. I've been a battle that weren't bad rap. But Darrel looking in the rear view is already coming up it seems normal the way it's now about one point seven innings second so. Walton is still obviously it was a good. While many would drive that can't spell won't know Rusty Wallace is. Giving up on him in a moment later. Other forms of great things you. The right track. They're right. I'm gonna just having the only way. Wallace won a big ASA race here while vacuuming firebird and no Barney or rather did he was talking the other day about how. That Stewart and his Carter better NASCAR's very long time and he thought the back in the days when you're driving to clear up. Scar won a race at this racetrack which if passed the bill and we thank you line. And Nashville Tennessee on Saturday night 297. Laps go on the court as you. Bulls this car bomb. Right now first up. 297 on the court no change in that book club deal on it still plays into the field and they have really done their homework on the card one of the best runs he has been all season. It's very reminiscent of the race was all up at Richmond. Earlier in the season when Bonner was the dominant factor of and walker have had some pretty good battles earlier in the evening if you just Joyner broadcast running first and second and walk it was not me. Away from Obama has been very strong all night long look. Cup victory. The junior Johnson's. Glad that you were talking. Yeah handicap for you. I had breakfast with O'Neal this morning we were talking about then amount when I'm rumours are that I'm. And gone forward. And realize that. I realize now look now we're. At the live and it's one that's doing let's. It's a prisoner. Had a doughnut and also talk revealed earlier outings at the properties. Board to could be at Riverside and orange where there's so much everything during the course of that night. Our home floor when everyone in all of race cars and that's the situation of you Republican Gordon. Good battle going up again between Iraq lose yardage upload they've been door to door of the last three or four times around them leave for the second spot they worked out of her. Neither one has given and it's the last three laps around there are still door to door was shocked by half and probably doesn't work back into turn. Smoke coming out of the park liar gone a little bit as he works in the corner directly ahead of those two. Moment I'm still using the inside but Ron retired pulls away at my best I have not lived up abusing umpires aren't in the racetrack turnover of great help combat the the corner and again I'll. Out of the Carter Jeff Levine has the bottom of the racetrack rod who chart with a higher rpm getting the jump on the high side and who shark. Drive to hold onto that second spot tonight has proven again whose heart is good news lap cars and then. While not giving Sanders and behind the black wire automobile have nowhere to go all but single file behind Rashard about how they had to turn great meanwhile. Richard Petty has closed it right behind Donald Walters. That's coming to Atlanta than any deficit that could be a battle before it's shaping up. And he's been coming up very strong he's gonna walk from there all. In very heavy traffic right now let's. Bobby Allison. And riding along side door to door what Darrell Waltrip for about the last 5020 laps around Allison outside of the hot lane and Richard Petty closes and communities in the within one car length. Moving up on water in the backstretch. Funny characters are currently occupied since I grew waltrip gets I have no trouble and he loses some real estate. We already is still very strong in that packet traffic. Want your values that are being Bobby Allison do fellas that actually battle for the Winston cup title it seems that. Alison we'll take away and hide group and Walton get underneath him now that's not for possession and all of that. Knocked around for spot on the racetrack is an opportunity to close up. Now Dallas and he'll pitch watered down behind the left guard dog of a lottery singer about a dirty war hero goes way halo to stay away from Allison and try to move faster. That's 300 laps 300. Board here at national of the cooler sport flooding but the good race most of the night. Look real Monica has been dominant car thus far nobody's been able to do anything winning talk to their locker room. At Talladega last week about the two car effort coming out of junior Johnson's labels. Trying to think walker to get him to say something that two car team is not working. He's myself and overall we're not. We're not advance payment. Mac team is. I'm seeing. About Mike Allen won it felt like I would expect him. There have been some adjustments made war. The additional car. Some of those adjustments have hindered it a little bit fun. We see no word on no those kind of things as we go along. I'm a little game goes beyond. Everything work now mind. And I'm still a little skeptical. We've got some tough race in the hit over the next few weeks is certainly. Indicating good if we're gonna have any probably got seven right in a row. That indicate good romantic. I don't know that now. That no team can do well. And now everybody. Can be relatively happy with the situation so why am entitled to continue that way. Thanksgiving is that really nobody knows what's gonna work or not these that we've had. Pretty fair success with the start of the season much better this year. Bobby Allison. Stop let's go to. And everything your right side tires aren't homeless since that event. OK okay. Oh OK okay Darrell Waltrip I'm. Getting around. Feel a lot of rounds out of turn ordered to leave lab 311 of the brewers worked wanna I wanna good leader and being healthy separation. Cars battling for second spot and now Florida straightaway behind him. Jumbled time. In the northwest of security like Richard Chevrolet has the second spot in the gym test Chevrolet sponsored race still far Buick and run charge sits in third. In Florida to seal the Budweiser Chevrolet that's Darryl Watkins automobile. And in fifth Richard Petty says DP Pontiac is the role of the charge Rusty Wallace. The rookie driver in the Gatorade on hand to Reseda house builder Nashville race we've final 151000 seats on what was in the news world. The crowd over. 120000. Cougars weren't running 316. Laps on the board wrong who's rented jetBlue eyes and you move out ahead run Rashard he's opened up about. A second on a busy trying to track down leader deal on international raceway so far and motor racing network. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the draft whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. So you can trust sonoco to beat him you would beat you go second camp a Sunoco fuel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so race. Faith it's may Kansas Speedway. And there. I'm sorry. Saris for them blast of NASCAR in your ear holes at 200 miles Broward. So are even turning your kids and a motor heads. So are you when your bones rattle in the next two weeks. The sorry for my whole weekend tailgate high octane party is an epic adrenaline shot back. I'm real sorry about that. Tell them about the race and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series gold holy dot com forward. Victory of the sport's top driver this Saturday night maybe seven mothers. Sorry mom. Sorry I'm always BYU will be and you never have to pay for parking. Sorry when bad drivers raced their flip red wheels off get your tickets at Kansas Speedway dot com. You'll well. 318 laps on the board and two more laps there would be 100 to go in the tourist board play here next. Beleaguered. Real bottom having just a flawless night right now on TV. You certainly needs a shot in the arm and it felt like they let me. Out here. Experience on this racetrack is anybody out there. Darryl Walter. What I'm rods in the number two spot he might indeed be the sleeper here when it next round of pit stops comes up he. For the moment he's not a straightaway back. Ron Bouchard rise in third. Enjoy your broadcast later. And he has the early going tonight jumped up on the leads they they're liable for the most part you wanna live just. Part that is teammate Darrell Waltrip live earlier in the evening Richard pretty heavy pretty good run he's still in the top five very much. When you race team that was put together out of Talladega last week in also had a pretty good run tonight that Sterling Marlin second generation right. My boys are. Here's. You team at Talladega. Well then he started his career here at an. He feels like he's. Right now he's having a kid. It is where you. But first camera and your holidays are sleep probably about fifteen I don't know about 40 years old I am as big real salute. You hope we come back tonight and tomorrow night do you believe he's left and I let him come back users are now. So you could right now asking can you see a pretty good feature for this new team here we got here and it's. Give us real force you to Ramon Calif good TV fan I wouldn't do and it. It together and now did they get you any help. No grip wrist movement relatively young boys had worked together Dearborn. Every night spent in place that iron just to live. He was sent home change some things we'll probably run deep pain they'd be grace Chris is here tomorrow night you know. Glad we have you know you don't talk about all the good with the. Tell legacy having a good run here at night race team appears to be one more solid you. Tour 1984321. Laps on the court 99 to go. Aren't you feel a lot of desire to win this is gonna take home just about every Verizon houses are eclipsed 3000 dollar 7-Eleven miles leader lord of the the brewers worked wanting. He will probably pick up the chameleon changing lord as well a lot of started back in the fifteenth position right now he's running in the lead and fourteen spots you can easily garner that time it's time as a move to raise more diversity doesn't want to win about the only thing he won't take home as good as attic door. Announced. And the next round of this stuff they will have to make one more that's for sure. I imagine most of the drivers along with the car underneath and is working pretty well we'll stay up restriction may be hope to make another caution. Obviously layered thing. If they will be addressed here and everything you are checking out their labs and apparently other labs. Forget all real bad that I saw him coming in fifth. Am going to make their land and it's not clear my. As far as cancer. Concern that. You got to make its way. Our enforcement that there will fill up we're canceling run it would help him. Then someone who is on laughter. More on the rest thing here tonight because the car hasn't performed quite as well as everybody. Good morning there's enough. Born on here. Okay. Have arrangement appears they don't believe. How rough is I don't believe I am so. Oil and there was a lot. It is awfully easy to miss the senate here. And match when you heard Darrell Waltrip Zabel first came on the air tonight in your Q do broadcast that you can get it's so easy you can miss it so easy. It just was all night long. Sometimes it welcome back around sometimes and that's why we've seen Ricky running high lines keeping they have to keep the RPMs really wound up on the boards they don't have that much toward helping. We'll learn a little. Unless they do really find the right combination really get it dialed in so to speak on the short tracks. It's very hard. We discussed Richard Petty earlier in the broadcast. You've practiced on this track in the daytime than your recent night the old track conditions are different it's easy to miss the setup. Rumors that you've got to go out and run a race car and it's between the driver in the groove and how to keep things are consistent even in the in the lead lap then it's a shared responsibility. Brave man dressed this compilation. Of the drought rest of the depth is much candidate got to recruit. What ails these big live. Tires burgers look like if the he's put out clues they can work and now closed areas to begin with Gordon Wales then you know what times they king the king staple. And could help them learn you know they're not that all of the and we have been you know the network news event that's we want them. About the same good bibs for all of the veterans work together better than starting a bit better than risk. Maybe you don't walk by the there is room a lot better position to. You know thousands. Good. I utilized through that you really never qualified did you have. And everybody slows down like guys back. Well he did so well actually destroy them one at 3100 so that they come to his lead in the race goers than a million homes along them. It's accommodation and next Sunday we're off to the notable mile Dover Downs and Budweiser 500. As of right now we're just 85 managed to finish here in Nashville and that's a very unique racetrack to run high crude below grew just like here in Nashville when it's a mile track instead of a half mile and he's he's a good racing there. 500 miles on a mile track last and artists there and I think it's. Levon is really special about running 500 laps of over there it is the you know you were asking your race out millions. Well I'll be in their next Sunday and Budweiser 500. And another was to come tour ahead for Charlotte world 600 we'll be back on the air. Three weeks from today. At Riverside California Budweiser. 400 out there in the go to look at over the man's glory of god and lines race and the Miller 400 at Michigan to close out the month of June motor racing network. 340 laps on the court here in Nashville Tennessee in the tour of sports audience to enjoy their broadcast late. Please sellout here this Saturday night at Nashville Tennessee had a good race even in tough races are pretty good racetrack home run. But right now I'm real bottom has been looking for this all your. The Junior Johnson magic to work on his car and it has. Once they got in the lead earlier in the evening nobody's been able to touching his teammate Darrell Waltrip. And Darryl is almost a little better than half a lap behind you right now. Is way down into the. At Jarrett has gone down two juniors fits the maybe talk with a crew chief Jeff Helen and see if indeed there is a problem won't let. Carroll's car what their chances are maybe pulling out a victory I know it. Some first few weeks ago when we. There's no way barrels for the continuous dominating street here and he came home victorious you don't ever count thirteen out of here even though his teammate right now leading. You drivers Jim Boeheim and Robert shark both having outstanding runs your mind you just never can count up Darrell. Johnson combination. You know within a Junior Johnson combination it's working pretty a lot of tonight. Aren't you watch a lot of scar come off the corners and he's right down against the curve as his Walter riot against the bottom of the racetrack that's the way Watson gets around here in some ways. One and would run so many good races here like he really car on the bottom all night long and among all the cars on the lead lap bonnet the one driver was able to do just that. Experience here has helped him a great deal he's got an awful lot of miles on the racetrack. Cornyn been helpful the first time ever here after redneck like him appear to have relief driver lovingly endangered the Pennsylvania hospital. And Casey's car and since that tell us little holder for the town very National Guard appeared. Well that's the only way grace there's no doubt about it no barrel build homes. The racetrack at his home track and well let me lefties Renner and you know I mean I ramped up his very helpful look at past experience that bigger drag. It's paying off for the night. He is not abuse the card all the car has really been an underneath him to leave this race he's put it out there he's just refused to give it up Darryl took a shot at him. Blue sharks took a shot they load I have been up there to take a shot at him. They will be coming up pit road for one more round of pit stop sometime probably in the next thirty laps yourself. The tires would be the factor here nobody wants to get caught short on tires have those give up toward the end of the race they run a long ways right now I think eleven to 24. About the last round of pit stops we had that caution gave number 11347. Right now as they worked their way around an actual international raceway. Nobody that's about a hundred money found laughter so that they run since they've made that good stuff and then earlier. You just live dance is not the problem with the tires aren't getting awfully hard rock out just made a trip up and down here. People don't Tim Salmon of course there's a hundred people there Walter's dark and ask them. And no they're not that great record. Fed up that they have right now is not good news. The racetrack that we need to caution flag to make one more adjustment I think we'll be in business. There's no regrets with the same thing happen where you gonna come again we're gonna sort of look away everybody else they think that's the one thing coming at them that's one of those cat and mouse that type situations. They're watching their others that they when they got him. And then maybe coming and I remember watching about a few laps later on this thing out there in front lawns and as long as they're not in danger of getting laughed of course. Feel fine I'm leaving out middle. Think that based they say that you're trying awfully well three things. Run down though they don't have any plans to immediately to bring you can't let somebody else comes and goes back out running very fast company that apparently and they have no choice but come. You know we talk about that a lot on the racetrack we'll say out team. A set the car of one. One way to run than the racetrack changed and if you consider the grandstand and not much changes here what they needed to play for the folks at home what is it the racetrack changes throughout the event. Well it primarily at this conference on the racetrack. We'll check. Either about the weather we'll call it McCain. Make him a little bit slippery harder for the hour and fraction more on that in combination. A little ball and breathe. Water that gets on the track all the cars that they race that's the biggest thing that causes him to change temperatures certainly doesn't change but. But all of the water and everything everywhere because I think more than anything else and of course that changed the way the card you. Setup to really make work work. He'll probably still the leader here nationalist lap 360 you'll come. Reported seeing flashes across a lot of works the way around the racetrack we're still waiting for the final round of pit stop to come up the field pretty well strung out around here. You know wasn't. The plant life here maybe. All right here's Dave Marcus coming down pit road course you're running a lap behind the leader Martin Leslie what great on the they go around the right side and they will I come here. Racing gasoline. We've been running its. Of course yeah. Why don't career got a little bit. It's new and the longer they thought they would like them. While we're on the left side tires now longhorns. Tires and everything yes he's really coming on this like candid what's the distance service. We're trying to change a lot of good cars and events of one of the front runners do. Roberts a manager. I've rolling along behind. 362. Laps. Our complete your national. Real love having his perhaps his best run of the year except maybe if there. Few weeks ago when he almost won that race of their theory is coming out of her. Pouring down the line and surprisingly and then as long as that car has been out there he is still unable to stick right at the oh run in traffic where he wants to. A heart attack cars really work well for a record deal is driving it very well do. Are we begin in a situation where the car might break loose a little on. In a straight line then is not burning goes cars and that is down. The Premier League especially you'll force. Our thoughts and here tonight watching. From the sweet just now from us watching. Thanks for everything. Are there is such a the quickest cars and practice. He started from. They do a lot of homework today and it's paid off for. Is very much in Atlanta this race right now if they make them last round of that stops under green and you can get a good one he's gonna have a big advantage. If you're gonna run out Tommy Ellis is. It's changing right I'm tired. Our Sterling Marlin was just him also pertain to Iraq Todd Harrison thank you. Gasoline so we'll see various lines coming in here over the. Rusty Wallace sent a very impressive drive tonight we've talked about him a couple of times and who's doing Gatorade Pontiac rookie driver this one on just about every kind of short track him. That kind of competition he's been tracking Richard Petty provide the last fifty laps here. We get within orchard street darlings of that he would write the little background here comes Dave Marcus and Marcus. Has been collected just pulled back the slingshot a little more tires on at least analytic always backs turned. This morning hi everybody using a close eye on the right track here. As we write great car. Automobile vegetarians. Phenomenon here when we know that there's not they're coming because outside of just. Everybody else now beginning to notice. We know coming off turn over to. Wage job. So obvious what those are you born new tires have done for the day Marcus Carty just going by anybody. So very shortly. Everybody on him. Imagine Leonard. Blanton at start to say it's this like Ukraine in an old jalopy that you've had for ten years. Then trade him for a new car here is not exactly cartel would not coming down that road. They'll change Brian Todd. They go to Iraq and I read a lot of us commenting about it's like getting a brand new car and looked more tired. An automobile when you go. Yeah that's the hard castle of sponsorship on the side of him. What time there's. Just what went right side tires feedback around the real bottom will make his can stop under green he's on pit road. And retains the right side tires relate to what they don't have unions everything from racing gasoline. They'll do. You bring in Queensland your little bit and they've had all the fans we have work. I'll play hard and they had all that brings up here during this good about Courtney. Battled for the lead in the turn over three run luge are live the last lap around there a larger comes around the outside. And Walter will be the leader has who's sharp we'll go to good road let's go back to bed and these. Sorry Glenn it's not a smile taking on the new rubber on the right side and leave Disney you'll find it and Pepperdine there. Shard anyway and down pit road because works on the right side they. I have some very good pit stop the run return and he wants them first. Good long. Here's Carol wall coming down another run run jump play every sharp have good service background because they'll pick up good and second a lap. Rescue walls are coming down here. Dale Earnhardt coming in on the Wrangler Chevrolet you know his little announcement on that ultimately change the distributor on the car they just think we can afford to give up. And allow the others have wants one young man renewed for a number of. Good good work done do you want an exceptionally quick stop for Eminem. Very quick stop for Darrell walker. On the racetrack here's Richard Petty pulling back out of the STV Pontiac along with a Gatorade car Rusty Wallace what is best. Remember us. Brilliant sun glasses sort of thing rocks coming in these. Good run here tonight mainly. Karzai weighs about every time I just got sideways off. It's no longer. Your right I know. And bottom will be the leader after the round and that's not secrets out of the road ahead of the pack will not only his second place car so we get it unofficially. Just relax and feel good meal would be back in front. Honestly it didn't work as we said a moment ago that they've made this final round at stops under green and they've got a good. Still has a very healthy separation of almost. Straightaway on the second place card Jim Boeheim. Most of the crowd her back about Clinton. Anything around. Been running all. While listening entering Pontiac running strong and solid run on his domineering got a little here. Weeks ago the most outstanding run he would have as far as I'm concerned in his whole career get a good shot to win that race now there seems like there short red peppers. Come together for a little more so than on the super clean plays well at 7-Eleven four. Tremendous disadvantage too because they also had not. They offer them 378. Laps or on the board and I'm proud of that stuff is just about over the years. The 71 you know it used to be Dave Marcus. Then raise the Harvard business like Alexander who was in the car this year here's Joseph run well. And Bill Elliott so let's go back and then after they saw the way it's. Fans want your comment as mobile we send them a chance would not be a problem that they're coming over time. Well I'm Alexander just kind of run around that you. I don't care. Every good run here tonight for young by killing 10379. Or on the board has elapsed wian now in the news sports what do you imagine. Motor racing network covers NASCAR Winston cup stock car racing just about every week and on most of these have aren't stations. On Tuesday night you'll hear NASCAR live B I was together this week. Nobody's going to be joining us find that would open up the phone lines of 7 o'clock eastern time and call I was always cold rain one in 802. NASCAR's old nobody finds itself. If you're stations not carry NASCAR live one on dropped a lot and ask them why not. Then take advantage of your opportunity Colin and talked with stars of NASCAR racing. He a lot of still out front very much so right now has almost straightaway lead on the second place guard Jeff mode and lot of stars working almost anyplace on the on the racetrack he's come through thick packet traffic just a moment ago. And gun free events they moved. Just go on down the road and told us yesterday that might be the key to winning here and if your car was working good it would be hard for anybody to hold you up that you would be able to. It's on the wrist. It was an oh my goodness drag the big hardworking good evening you can thank you pass somebody announced that it would display and a lot of the employees but. The other track is quite good enough to resolve Florida and there are some places and I got to know we have a big crowd involved that more than half a hundred covenant is the way to get back around them it's harder than a whole yup he got a good right. Nobody's held a lot of them tonight he's about to come up on Rusty Wallace Antonio also returns three and four and I can look Rusty Wallace on lap down he's been able to stay on the lead lap and that's a credit this young driver when you. Johnson Carter in the top teams that matter. Rookie driver like rescues an awful lot of pressure on himself calling your long a lot of it was self imposed a lot of it. Also from the team you know expecting to do well because it was. He has a rookie driver but he's not a would you write them off a lot of experience a lot of divisions and it's a winner and native the other division distillers and I'm afraid to begin and first class race car with a late response from. More than expected producing right now is having. Easy to just seven cars on the lead lap Marty he'll want as the leader of cars just put on his second. Ron who's charged third in the fourth spot his deal his brother's Darrell Waltrip didn't have this Richard Petty and ride on daddy's bumper now is Ricky Bryant. Run a sixth place in our Rusty Wallace is seven and he's still got a little margin. Over Neal bonnet. The leader on and try to put him one lap down a couple good battles on the racetrack shaping up waltrip his run of about LeBron whose start rounding out of turn of the floor. That'll be the race we're the third spot. And also the battle for fifth place that has Richard Gotti. Leading Ricky Rudd might just to Carling side by side off the fourth quarter for the third spot Walter has the outside Ron who's sharp will happening inside. Walter draws ride up alongside the race so far Jim justice Chevrolet Buick as they get to turn to. I don't know and Sterling Marlin is going to live for. Sharks' ability and signed room pat Walton still running final lawn sign up now want to think Atlanta Braves and Walton went to the battle using Marlins up. Good run for that third spot they're still door to door but Darryl wisely backed out of Ronald kind of forced Bouchard in behind Sterling Marlin you'll get the position is terrible and hit now by a couple of car. Colleagues as the laps wind down here in Nashville Tennessee 394. Fortunately in the Coors event. Morning all right now Pepperdine is kitchen you'll find the jump off a couple of seconds in the last later today Atlanta is definitely running after them. Lot of it is. Apparently here behind us and go get him if he can't and he is coming on up in the field. 394 on the board in the brewers' forty bloody. Load time right now caught some traffic is he's trying to get around buddy eriksson's are not ready directly ahead but he has a close look an awful lot of ground as they were down into the South Bend the. The track golf turn. I wanted to and over that you like bill. Real bottom coming by us right now let's get right back stopwatch going and kept me out of all of there's barely. Point 10 seconds not to my second child while being a homeowner. Good driver but I'm closing in on field bonnet. Marty talked earlier about a thing that I think is the key to the recent weeks for them he's just a lot calmer in that race car and be very high had thought they had something to prove they did they wanted to Martinsville and he says it's pretty good feeling good to be able to run as well as he has the last few weeks. Some qualified third here is the best qualifying effort so far this year and you know recently we still have some problems. We know our short track engine program isn't quite up to snuff and you know we feel like we get that. Where should we were gonna bail out plan ever growing get a couple holes. Would come close right now it does feel good the village drive and a racetrack can. Know that everyone. Realizes that number five all star race team is for real now. Geoff what love is gone we'll monitor the catching is one thing getting around it was another he's fighting on the inside he's Friday money outside can't do anything winning. What I'm strong suit is in the corners he's able to pull alongside him in the turns but only of the straightaway. On the global embargo calling it to their door to door out of her. Monica is a good jump on the low side of the corner like he has all leaving the down at the end of the straightaway but I it's gonna take it in a hardy gets deep into the corner birdies right alongside a lot of store. Side by side. Don't vote on designs that I hit single file. He allows Monica coming down the backstretch and. They're back in the number three cooler track again will be a factor. And sort of doors resemble mine is extremely strong in the middle of the attorneys got in this time of the straightaway by half a colleague but that's the way they go into turn one was. The traffic directly in front of them. You want to know why you don't believe silence on an all time. One time thing so late in the course sports morning. Put some time laps remaining parent turns praying in the crowd is dumb struck what I'm just came and caught bottom and work everybody collapse and then when I am. Neal started to use the race traffic kind of like the ball control basketball does slow the game down and work around the landmark. Stay inside stretch run across the racetrack. Kyle Petty and Trevor boys avoid what that allows jump ball kind of pulled away here comes the rest of the field Elliott gets behind. They don't wanna writes the automobile and I don't mean no additional contact but the margin is coming up for the sixth time involved I'm pulls away with a big way. And it happens in turn number two and that has been calamity corner of all six Carson's tonight it happened in the second quarter. Larry look like deal was all by himself would respond. I'm almost about speculate whenever it may be something happened in the car because it just took off right out from under have been spun around although he could win every little bit hard maybe he didn't tires are. As hard as they've been racing the last few laps around anything can happen whatever the deal is they'll. And cars coming out of pit road as bovine comes down to pick up the cautioned the leader right now. And this may be one wild finish before it's all over yet 412 laps around the board. There are eight laps to go at Nashville. The front running cars came on the pit road Darrell Waltrip elected to stay out there remember we said earlier in the evening don't ever count waltrip out I'm certainly not counting about right now he is live at the field he is the leader Richard Petty also stayed out there as did Rusty Wallace. Now those the front street cars back of that will come Neil body had no choice but to fit because he's on the car over there obviously would have. And quite a bit of damage to cars Ernie Moreau and herald kindred. NASCAR officials tracks that are giving the field indication we'll go back to green next time around. So this is going to be. The finish in this list are handing over their five laps to go as the face guard takes them down in the turns number one at two and a walker has been working extremely well since that last pit stop. So weather's gonna be time enough for Neil Wallis and Jeff vote Ron Bouchard and Richard Petty seduce nothing can pull this amount of fire. We'll be interstate. Don't count out Rusty Wallace Barney because right now he's third in line but race car has the field and so on the backstretch waltrip and broaden. That Richard Petty followed by Rusty Wallace meal bottom and jump ball not a good look for the restart. Sometimes the strategy will pay off sometimes it won't as many of the drivers and teams we'll tell you you make the move and and it went to the race your brain if you don't look like the goats we're gonna see who's going to be the go to. The fullest over. They scars on pit road Rebecca are great at Nashville Tennessee. The bottom there is a hot scrambled from their back. Not everybody sorts themselves out of want to pull away birdies and second and third as Rusty Wallace now Wallace. The third spot. Squeeze play bottom squeezes between Brooks on the low side waters in the high side deep pops out of that ran out of traffic in the third spot. Into turn one. Daddy why they did here comes one time I've been a while Rusty Wallace getting shuffled back just defend defend and make up all the opportunity owner Walter. Play my part highlights from letting me know what I'm trying to pass anything exciting things behind her. They get together going in the third quarter they get together coming off for a little sheet metal playing flag as they come off the corner but Hollywood yeah. Your spot as they weren't back in the turnover while Richard drops back to third he's got his hands full of Rhode Island easily outside of them were to turn. Don't know I'm pulling away from returned. He has learned here pregnant rats they backstretch as meanwhile Bobby Allison Kyle Petty get together midway down the back straightaway the real setback for the. Caution is on the racetrack and their two car slammed into the wall in the middle of the backstretch as they raced back to the line no change in the front. Bobby Allison is one of those cars let's go back to you I go. Bobby Allison final birdie came together midway down the backstretch Bobby is going to back. His car around and I'm not a forehand about automobile companies ablaze as Bobby Allison. The fire now we need a race car seems to plot itself out of money. When I'm car all the way around to read wrong meanwhile my health. I just pay our caddies bends right in front of half the field as everybody tries to get back to the flag. Cars are still streaming across to the lion. Marty Hollywood's a fight right to the checkered flag for the front spot and deal bothered appeared to come out ahead of Darrell Waltrip as they came across the line Kyle Petty isn't the end sidewall and that 7-Eleven Ford has reared damage here's Rusty Wallace the front end of his car demolished and Richard Petty a lot of damage on his machine and everything has happened in the final few laps here. As they come on the line. Marty is the wildest finish I can remember a NASCAR racing it's started in turn number two. With a lap but I have to go all the cars involved at first Rusty Wallace tried to squeeze between two cars they're just wasn't room. And Wallace's car popped out of that mess into the wall along Cambridge not Kyle Petty and Bobby Allison. They've piled in and crash data leak inside retaining wall. Alison backing around the racetrack and apparently a fuel lives something at ruptured his car caught fire and three. Just as waltrip and bottom were coming up bottom in turn three they went way higher. Neil almost caught the wall in three and he'll waltrip raced to the checkered flag. And the difference was just inches were waiting on NASCAR to call it. And meanwhile Rusty Wallace lived his car on three wheels and a shower of sparks all the way around it. He got the checkered flag. Richard Petty came around the fourth corner spun his car out Kyle Petty got a piece of him and altogether there were six cars involved was. An incredible finish at Nashville Tennessee in the cooers for twelve they remember we told you the caution came on the racetrack Colette. Next to the last lap to go and they came across the line the leaders took that caution would want left to go also the white flag came out Neil bonnet beat Darrell Waltrip back on the checkered flag lap. But you can't race back under caution that way and changed positions so there Darrell Waltrip will be the winner. According to NASCAR rules when the white flag appears the leader has taken a begins his last lap when the caution flag comes out on the white flag lap. Our after the white when the white flag is out of the caution comes out. The cars are scores across the line at the checkered flag and that's why Neil bonnets cars being ruled it a Victory Lane. Well we'll see what they end up on missile because both teams are running up and down pit road to see who had won this race the rule book of course is being gone through I'm not that familiar with the other procedures first time I remember this happening myself. At any short track or super speedway for that event but nevertheless they have rolled heal on its car in the there. And right now let's go down amid Jarrett. And nobody at that you say his car has been rolled in here mailers getting out of the car will be able to get to him. In just a moment we're looking to see if there's anybody that has been developed around here there's not disclose to us Barney so we're let's go to Jerry much. If we have heard a pit road bed at bill well prepared talk it was always screwed it got to take the card out of the gas falls below wanna pulled out of the gas folks to get up. Get the feel of the car that had a totally doled out orbit related. To Darrell Waltrip steady with the Budweiser through here talking with ever give a clear back in just a moment. So there's still trying to sort out who has won. The cooers four bloody here at Nashville Tennessee at the line nevertheless when they came across a that final lap it appeared from our vantage point here at the start finish line that Neil bonnet beat Darrell walker by a less than a foot. But the situation right now we're trying to get clear. Are they all do but go ahead we've got their water with a barrel one a scramble a better should be decipher this course it's pretty simple really. They are quite and a caution came out together we don't have to race back. I was lead erased when we took the white flag and the caution flag so we were really not racing back the race was over. Little words according to what you understand keep the white flag came out with a golf if you didn't raced back to the checkered. It's now what I understand is what's right and what I saw the white and yellow came out together that's the end of the race. Okay that's there waltrip but there are of course down here with the Budweiser girls and welcome back today spirited Victory Lane down. Hear what the other but rather crew and the driver of the other but rather guard Neale bonded to him field that is they they'll do well I don't know there were more Labrador filed a I avatar go mad rush there at the end of Ramadan. There won't Wear a bit and you read about four laps to go out and have any idea how many laps left and you had to get to the front. And I think you know it's totally up to their judgment I don't know what happened we're gonna ever. That way above you I'm I'm sure Lloyd junior Gaza order the garden but otherwise. I don't think there's any question about that Neil that car really up until we had debt how are going Dan rader worked well for you all marked. Then we had a car dug in all occurred at one good job with a in the last time we stop with what goes to retire so we lost one up. Nobody run me down and asked monitor the tire we're always glad I just couldn't get the whole thing and primarily we're just mad scramble about that wristed it body here on the short track. Maybe my luck go about our dove at the bit cramp bend and I can't move this locked up then there in the thank goodness polygraph about an hour is still limited. No it doesn't matter does RN. Okay there's near Obama with his. Version of Victory Lane right now. Which has got a few battle scars on his Budweiser Chevrolet the bat every car here and I've got some of those who live reports already there will be an awful lot of discussion on this one then the rules are still being clarified here in the tower. And then. But as far as we're concerned unofficially kneel on it has been declared the winner that could be subject to change we're still trying to check on it. Marty we just talked with NASCAR director competition bill gas away and Andy bush the NASCAR rule book and points up to us. But yes when the yellow flag deal like signifies cautioned the card the flight given the first car passing the starter immediately following the occurrence of the cause. For the caution and the cars must maintain possession however. The next abated next section of the book refers to the white flag and it says and I'll quote the rule book wanna white flag is displayed it means the leader has started his last black. What the yellow flag is displayed during the white flag lap. All cars are scored on the basis of the position in which they crossed the start finish line after receiving the checkered flag. That's sort of what the yellow flag is displayed. Mr. gas oysters they've narrowed candor was instructed to display the yellow and white flags simultaneously. In which case this white flag rule applies and the cars raced to the checkered flag. And Neil bonnet is declared the winner of the race. We'll be going back down to Victory Lane with a adjourned just a moment from Nashville raceway this is MR and they motor racing network. What every drive wherever you go Hercules tires wheel gets in there whether you're running on their. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your knee strong match value selection in warranty would industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump or into the fifth. You can trust sonoco to beat him you would beat you go second camp a Sunoco fuel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. But the national international raceway and there. Cannot believe this finish the fans I don't think there's probably more than 10% of the whole. Crew that were honored tonight 20000 strong uplift this racetrack are still waiting to see may be what might transpire here. Unofficially as we haven't here in the tower. Field bought it has been declared the winner on just the interpretation of the rule book that we had we talked with the billed as a way the competition director and Dick Beatty and that's the way they called it here in the tower right now I'm sure there is going to be an awful lot of discussion of that before it's all over let's go back to Victory Lane and it Jarrett. Well celebration continues here in Victory Lane Barney wanna Hodgdon who have who owns have interest in both of these race cars that finished first and second owns the racetrack here. Warner itself. A somewhat of an eye here year old owner of the racetrack and then have your two cars finished first and second. Then it's just unbelievable barrels on the pole. And then a and it just seemed like we went through the ball down at the end of the race and it big and we want to thank Gore's first sponsor about Bob land. Well it's a nice. A problem to have I guess when you have been. Two cars and have them in a controversial type of a situation another one I'm gonna about the letter well I just got that number eleven and number twelve and we were just beat the bushes net well and you got to be pleased also with this background did your thoughts. Wonderful crowd than the coverage has this been terrific the weather's perfect Gary Nash Ville and good lord's delegates up for everyone. They were left Warner Hodgdon it's in partners' web Junior Johnson on these two Budweiser Chevrolet is now let's go to the garage area were Jerry punch with. But we're static route could theoretically Peter should give it to I don't know what happened Ricky wanna FedEx could you tell us what's your version of it is. Well there are really chaotic cars we everywhere I couldn't begin to tell you what that there's three or four X on the back on the on the very the last couple laps. Cars where did and each other you every which way off. I'm I'm really got anxious to see who wins this thing because I think the way outside Darrell wanted to look to set the way you see how it turns out. Ricky Ricardo right or Florida and you have what an awfully high hopes of the car handling well Brody straw here but does it appear the track changed a lot during the race or not. A lot of cars at some haven't trouble. Well we just never could get hooked up all night the only chance that we really had to go with all fresh stars I'll call or go pretty quick. If they can't decide too who want to raise I'll be glad that they get this there are in and out of their Victory Lane right now watch Ricky Rudd finishing fourth in Iraq report. Once again the way it all started Rusty Wallace was trying to squeeze between two cars in the backstretch ran out of racing room. Bounced off the outside wall Kyle Petty was involved Bobby Allison was involved. As the cars came around the caution. The white and caution flags were displayed simultaneously. If the caution flag could come out first. Before the white flag then the race would have been to the caution and the cars would have had to held possession but according to the rule book when the caution flag appears. During the white flag lap which apparently had. Did according to the interpretation of the NASCAR competition director the cars raced to the checkered flags of Neil bonnet is in victory away and Darrell Waltrip is the second place guard Jeff boat ride his third after making a pit stop. Under caution to give up the lead Ricky Rudd is awarded the fourth position and of course so was his unofficial fifth is Ron Bouchard to. And in the six spot again and officially six will be Dick Brooks and seventh would be a terrible Bonnie we said earlier in the broadcast that the Obama won this race. As apparently he has he had already clinched the 7-Eleven miles leadership award. He'll probably get the chameleon change a word for improving the most positions we said he could probably whatever they tonight but the goodies edit court. We were wrong they voted the goodies edit Gordon the press box after bonnets bundle before the race was over he won the goodies headed toward as well. Well it is a thriller tonight here at Nashville the front five or post it on the board. According to the rundown its bottom waltrip bold died abroad and standing by with a fifth place driver Ron Broussard is Jerry punch. Federal labor sharks still sitting at a car taken like wholesale fraud you got to be pleased with the head Barack but look toward their thirty laps to go to clubs you were up. Heavy contender to win this thing. Well we really did Jerry would we ran real well all night long and it comes out that last caution there we headed put four tires are we might have made a mistake but. You know you live and learn and I'm just happy that I worked well all night we run up front and we'll be there eventually. You got to feel good at what this team has come together you didn't have one of those privileges about a year grab your window that out like last week at Talladega you hear that one of those problems and know that. David if sitting beside me here or not. He's got a big smiled as let's go to Jack BP's got to be pleased the calls it literally gave Walter puts on his guys fits all that long that they were chasing you most of the evening. The that we were we have worked really really well the Kara it drove good all night long and David and a crew got me in and out of the pits and that's real important here. 'cause the last guys you have to pass when he come up through that at Betty save the tires but I'm real happy we had some bad luck last week when a window NN. I think it'll come together let's run we show the Jim justice Chevrolet sponsor Buick finishing fifth. Good run for Rashard here tonight should grow rather Jerry is also trying to get a word would just vote on the driver of the was in the lead at the time of the caution. They chose to commander in the caution and did put out a couple of tires and try to storm back through the field. They were rewarded with third spot for their efforts put a lot of crew chief Terry hybrid conference and their truck. Jerry try to get word with a before we get off to your tonight. In all the years I've been doing what's the cup racing have never seen any kind of finish like this when this the way they're posting the top five right now. Kneeled on the winner Darrel waltrip finishing second although waltrip still insist he won the race as. As I said earlier that will be kicked around a long long time let's finish here regardless of the official outcome when it is all over but right now they have declared Neil lot of the winner Walker's second Jeff bovine third. Fourth to Ricky Rudd and fifth to run Bouchard let's go to Jerry. Lunch party were standing beside the depth but I dropped at all flustered security alive and both times got out of the car he was absolutely exhausted drove his heart out these shoulder course fractured last week got. Cracked at Talladega he's in the back of the truck playing down front now have Harry had a crew chief with big. Perry tell us about that last pit stop was settled laps to go clearly duration coming under caution and make a pit stop. That was a strategy to order a part. Well yes we don't have to run. Bonnet down and had I estimated of course there was Iraq. We had to make a decision to come in for four tires. Because we knew he was committed reports are that we could afford to let him out for cars without us getting bored tired. Water was elected to stay out there and actually eat lay edit but bonnet Kmart due to traffic it is noted Jeff. And lined up behind him and and of course the accident happened to laughed ago. And that's foul up our life had that not happen it would have been able to race you write downs of our and it shows you had to have forged art because. Body went back and no one arrays. Over barrels day and out there. And we couldn't do everything else were you a good idea now port card out just didn't score card. That last itself with a strategy Booth putting for fresh tires aren't enough because you felt about final caution had come magic got a little bit in the hunt. Well I think that we would have a longer race there's no question about that. And I think we don't want to race at the first caution not come out that due caution flag we just couldn't play though it was not enough time. And we have to make a decision in in this business they don't does take time out to make a decision you gotta make it now. Bubbly and a veteran crew chief yar area however there was one follow up question you got to feel good what this team has come together a brand new operation he won a couple weeks ago at Martinsville. And not near a victory tonight for the want of a final caution flag you gotta feel awfully good about how this team is jail. Bob thank Jeff O'Donnell wrote definitely when Lauren native Northern Iraq where about them. But a very tied to their car was posted third at the finish here want to get it bought the literal waltrip its second boat I missed third rode his fourth. Bouchard his fifth now Richard Petty and Rusty Wallace were also running on the lead lap when the wreck occurred it was triggered. With Wallace coming out of turn number true bull hook to get were with him before the night's over we go a couple minutes left were on the air and Richard Petty ended up spinning. Just prior to the checkered flag here so we're awaiting Morris Metcalf in the scorers posting of the official order of finish again will hope to be able to bring you that. Before relieving here this evening we. They're still trying to sort it out but as we told you know moaning oh they have declared Neil Bonner the winner at this juncture that. What that was standard that will remain obviously and I'm sure because like this is going to be kicked around an awful lot. Event in your latest time for us to go to all the time next time is move the race award and versatility like gold. Well Bonnie I'll play out what a cast the vote broke maneuver we saw out here on the backstretch oboe. I'd venture to say there might have been something good happen there near the end of the race but you've fellas got a whole better be a lot but I did. But we Harken back to the very first caution flag to be back. Jeb enrichment that problems off turnover true. I'm Greg jabs at that point did an outstanding piece of driving to avoid enrichment out of the same time making sure didn't take out the rest of the field hours. Following him to the rear flank so verbal about here on this portion of leave racetrack I'll give a vote for early in the evening to Greg checks. Barnett got a cast my vote for waltrip I think on that last caution flag that he saw the two leaders ahead of him duck into the pits for tires and thinking that he could stay on the racetrack. Take the restart green and try to hold them off I think that was a pretty timely move and and that takes assert about a guts in this too because and to go up there you know you got guys gonna be right on your tail was fresh rubber and to make a calculated gamble like that and say hey maybe I can when the stress of what I got I got pretty timely move and dogged in my not. There were quite a few times removes laid all leaving along with the one that really paid off the most and even though they may end up second in this race when it's all over as it has right now us. Bottom has been declared the winner I think I've cast my vote also for barrel that was a very timely move and cook laid off form handsomely and posting another victory here nationalist diluted share for his vote. Well I agree with that kind of thinking but also got it going a little bit George and your body because he did he made a very down to move on the last lap that has him in Victory Lane here right now I'm sure that he was taken advantage of a rule that he didn't even know was in the rule book Howard. Would venture to say that most of the drivers don't realize that this rule that you bring it over there already here and I. Who they existed and so he took advantage of ruler believe that he did know was there and as result they're easier Victory Lane some of the cast my vote for him. I usually do TV businesses situation like this occurs and they could begin to be still listed filled eleven. Well as well past eleven at a maybe tomorrow morning before this one sorted out that we can tell you that on the scoreboard. It reads Neil bottoms Budweiser Chevrolet the winner of the tour sport twice Darrell automobile got the 7-Eleven miles leader award and to get to goodies headache award for winning the race and it it will take all the lines you're the person that stands second we'll go to Darrell Waltrip. Waltrip led the race back to the white flag the caution flag flew at the same time. Neil got a camera out and beat him to the checkered flag in the way the rule book is written. Bonnet is the water Bolter to second Jeff bode Ina who was leading the race from the caution flag came out took on tires fuel through the pack finished third. Ricky Rudd had a good run tonight he finishes in the fourth spot. Ron blue shark finishes in the the fifth position and two to one will award Darrell Waltrip the money from time except for the timeless movie of the race award. For staying on the racetrack not taking on tires and try to run it down to the checkered flag so lots of papers to bar for the complete official order of finish enough. Well Allstate could usher will be updating you again next week from Dover Delaware at the Budweiser 500 on how this woman all sorts out but thanks Louise Frasier. Gail Connor and especially to Robert Roger rare and Bobby Mattson Winston for their help on the scoring loop tonight and providing us with timely information. Thanks Eli gold covered actual the back straightaway to time was to go jab. Ned Jarrett and doctor Jerry punch in the pit area. For Barney hall this is Mike joy congratulating Neil bottom on his chorus for Tony victory will speak to your next Sunday from Dover Delaware. A motor racing network coverage of NASCAR Winston cup series from a Nashville international raceway. The general manager of the motor racing network is John McMullen a chief engineer Brian Cooper director of affiliate Marc Carroll. Assistant Bobby chatter and have him. This is Rick Lewis asking you to stay tuned to most of these stations for the Budweiser 500 from the Dover Downs International Speedway next Sunday. It's broadcast with the presentation of them are ram the motor racing network. A division of International Speedway corporation.