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College Puckcast - Postseason talk with NU coach Jim Madigan, BC women's coach Katie Crowley, BU broadcaster Bernie Corbett

Mar 9, 2016|

WEEI's Scott McLaughlin talks Hockey East quarterfinals with BU radio play-by-play man Bernie Corbett and Northeastern coach Jim Madigan. Then BC women's hockey coach Katie Crowley joins the show to discuss the undefeated Eagles.

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Well enjoy. From one end of the college ice to the other thing right now with a college podcast this short inside all of although we're doing. Eat so let's get ready to face off with this episode of college podcast. Here's your host Scott nick. The College Park Castro getting ready for it. Hockey east quarterfinal weekend. Yes is. When things really get get exciting doesn't want the best weekends of the year if your College Hockey fan. We just had a hot keys to opening around this past weekend's. Some good series. You know certainly. EU vs UMass was closer than expected same with northeastern Maine while those both under being sweeps. They were all one goal games. EU had to go to overtime to beat UMass on Friday. Got into back and forth high scoring game on Saturday ain't came with a 54 win. Northeastern mean went over temple tonight's northeastern came with two overtime wins. Vermont was able to sleep UConn and then Merrimack really dominating UNH in terms of possession but needed three games ultimately went Nazi Ares. And now we get to the court files we have the best teams playing you know opening. Opening weekends like a nice appetizer united kinda ease into the playoffs a little bit if you're looking out from the outside where. You know the best teams and Iraqis had devised BC Providence and Notre Dame lol. Now they're in action now we get some great series. Albeit EU at the BUN lol series all weekend and that's. Going to be a great one you know four verses five to the top 1011 teams in the country. Northeastern area Notre Dame and a 36 matchup is going to be another great series. Northeast of in the hottest team in the country in the second half and North Sea I mean Notre Dame rather will be an NCAA tournament team. Merrimack at Providence that's you know become quite a bit of a rivalry the last few years so. We know denying any get the light hitting that's in a physical series. And then Vermont did BC you would be the one that. You know Afro against Sydney won in the is going to be a pretty easy sweep. There would try be that one I don't think BC love atomic trouble but. Hey I didn't think you would it would have had a ton troubled U mass and and expect northeast endemic troubles Maine and we saw how those series went. Talented and pretty stacked lineup today gone and talked to Bernie Corbett. You play by play guy host of all kinds of College Hockey podcasting shows will be talking about. You specifically but also the Buell series in general. Northeastern coach Jim had to deal beyond new we'll get insight on. Northeast of its turnaround this season their great second half and also there are come series against Notre Dame and then up. And given women's argue some love organ MPC coach TD Crowley on. Eagles women's team is 3801 note just beat. You on Sunday in the hockey's championship team in now. Heading into the NCAA tournament where they're going to try to become the second women's team ever to have a perfect season if you know if they win now when national title belt. Match the 201213. Minnesota gophers team that went 41010. My first guess this week is Bernie Corbett Bernie of course play by play man a term do you hockey on radio. Also hosts the hockey on campus podcast. Inside do you hockey podcast. Inside hockey east podcast. Bernie am I missing anything else. I guess you proved pretty much covered everything except I don't know when they always say LB was that window into the stands hotel on the twelfth chase. It's buried so Bernie thanks for joining the show and I think she think we get the marquee series here and have been you lol this coming weekend the 45 matchup in hockey east and don't just who was going to have home ice in the series came right down to the final night of the season. You had the edge just needed a points. Wasn't able to get it got lost one nothing out and Notre Dame and does a game where. Notre Dame goalie to help Peterson really stood on his head stole that one for Notre Dame. Lowell took advantage beat BC up at Tsongas arena on that found man of the season to grab that home ice spot. So beyond the time to host a series against UMass this past weekend in the opening around in. Think most people thought there'd be a fairly easy series having to UMass had lost its sixteen straight hockey east teams going in. Wasn't so easy you wins 21 in overtime the first night and then back and forth high scoring affair the second night comes we're at the 54 win. Bernie should should you fans be concerned about this past weekend I'd given that those gains were really a lot closer than people would have expected. Yeah I like they get it's it's kind of I think yes and no scenario Scott yes there's reason to be concerned because of some of the US carriers say transgressions. Particularly you know defensively. Some of the united that the casual moments that were on display in particular rout Saturday some breakdowns. Some failures in neutral zone play. Over the course of the weekend that. Really played it to UMass. Strength which is transition I mean I'd I'd defy anybody. To tell me differently that. You masses top line and then probably a little bit deep into this second lap I would say going 56 or would indeed can match up but I think favorably. With probably just about anybody College Hockey. And depth because of that they really. All in the neutral zone for read the bureau punt of the game first two periods on Friday. Even those discrepancies shots on net Friday but that was somewhat misleading. There were it would generate some good opportunities. And then of course Saturday which is one of those games were just have to be a little bit of hope on game with the breakdowns on either side. Which resulted in some odd man rushes and some great opportunities on his side which you know it's talky was you would not structured hockey was. More wide open so I think for that reason. Yeah right if if BU I can't tighten up. Defensively and B what our role in mindful and defenders I'd estate as they have really is coat went dark about his state and would applaud you work for a couple of months. And it's against aren't. What there's also the the playoff factor where where things I think we kind of take on a wife and Airpwn. And and I kind of a standalone if you will I mean at a UMass team that was just kind of counting it down. To the end of the regular season knowing that it was a little or no room for improvement of there are watt light at the end of the year. But knew that they were going to be able to Porsche the numbers back to 10000. Across the board to get in the playoffs. And I think really stick to their credit and to the credit of they're coaching staff I think they really took advantage of that and we're you know very respectful of the fact that hey this is all new season prices chance for us to make a statement. And I think the statement was that that this is talent on that team and they were probably the healthiest they were all year. And as a result the carriers have to go toe to toe and hopefully they'll be richer for the experience. Yeah I was at Friday night's game in game one ends. As you mentioned you know there was a pretty big shot discrepancy and I did feel like you had control fur. Much of that team at that nick rang years UMass is goalie you know. Had a really strong performance attend that game close and sent it to overtime and yet you know UMass deserves credit you know they did treats and chances and they kept things close but. I wasn't too concerned coming out acting amounts you know expecting our IP you will continue to control play a bit into Saturday and they'll try to run away with this running close at the Swede didn't. You know the just that that the dimensions is that wide open affair that Saturday turned into you as bold worrying me because. You know you'll it didn't now you face a lol team that. Obviously you know top to bottom is as a better team and you masks right and it's not you know. Against UMass senior maybe you can make mistakes and they're gonna get their chances at dinner answer doesn't really matter they can go back and forth. Lol not going to make too many mistakes and if you make mistakes to them. And they take advantage they're not going to give it back TO and I think. You know we can look back to. The second game of the series when they face just a few weeks ago. Where lowlands of winning 1963. In. You know they really ticket vendor a bunch of defensive mistakes I'd be you and that was really all outside the game's pretty much over once lol put a few up on the board. I've actually that did that Saturday game of the that you mentioned Scott there was some. Colossal monumental defensive breakdowns from BU. And once stretch in particular were a really quick lightning has stretched. Of the game that just turn the whole game around and it was a good example of how bowl. Like the function and and and how they are successful. And that is that. Taken advantage of a mistakes in and making sure that. Your mistakes and up in the back of the net and how they defended and they did a great goaltending that they got from Kevin Boyle all year that's that's certainly that the the typing game that. That they would like to be involved with the terrorism got to stay away from that. In order to be successful. I think also what part of that was. The little bit of the fatigue factor you wonder about it that was so you know game three of the five day stretch in the emotions of the Beanpot kind of a roller coaster week. Losing the game once and I think on Monday coming back he's got a big emotional lift that home to win and all the time. And as a coach quoted did talk about the and you know maybe you know that was the the tonight maybe that ignited given Sean McGuire of all night arrest didn't do it. You know it's a well you know kind site's 20/20. And I think it was a little bit of fatigue factor there with which on and and maybe kind of mentally tired act with the rest of the team but. But that's said I mean take nothing away from all and end and then coming back to get the split. That we can have the loser of the game in overtime anymore the coming back complain as well as they did from all indications against BC. To work to get the split dip back two weeks ago. In order to work secure right security that the home ice advantage that they now enjoyed. It should be an interesting clash of styles this week Daniel you are dead. Stats and in conference play and use one of the top offensive teams lol is the top defense of team. And you know that's kinda how both of play all season MP US played some more high scoring games compared to other teams not seized and laws and a lot of low scoring games. You know I guess we can. Yeltsin gets its sale like what thank you are gonna expect the price points of that the first game these two teams played a few weeks go to Friday night team. Where it was pretty tight checking all game and be yarns of winning 21 in overtime. Do you think that's already innings yet or are till we see things open up a bit this weekend. I would I would lean more towards to a city yeah the playoff hockey side of it and I agree I think it's more than likely. You're gonna see you again in the would be. We would resemble. The first night of the series of Friday night game would be more than one that wide open type game. I think would be I think it will be more restaurants structured game I think that lol. Really as a tendency to force opponents support structure game. In order to beat them. And try to literally beat them at their own game it's difficult to let all that and I mean when you look at for example with the affected. They bought in college to twenty shots in in the in the game they came back to on the Saturday night. I will be seated on white game but still think that that's an indication of the way that they like to play. Will be huge wide open it up or they try to take advantage. Yeah I think that they well you know as they say embarking style makes styles make fights. And I figure receded Jerious trying to do what they can do you would open up the open up the game. And allow them to maybe push the pace a little bit more. Allow their defense led to do it all the little bit more. So well I think that that's something that the B was obviously be dedicated to. And yet you talk about some of the numbers in. I think you'll look at the the boy do you work most recently over the last couple months which on why his numbers. And be used offensive numbers for the most part match up much more favorably with what what was done with their bloody work for the entire season. And I think that that's another factor in I really think it comes down to the U being able to get. That defensive acumen back. That they exhibited to be successful for the second half of the year not what we thought. We too much of the last weekend. Waited as goat when it dark about when it seem like they they just weren't defending his out of being as thorough as they need to be so. Hopefully yeah this week he's got a way of turning it around in order to put them back into way more via a playoff. For him in my. Damning don't use Kimball plane did defense I mean they had a stretch earlier this year where. Seems like you know every night for about a month they're holding teams have won TU zero goals and up. So you know when I mean other capable of it at. Just as you mentioned in the U mass series and you looked at that Lowell team you know they've just had a couple slip ups where it hasn't quite been there. Money interests in the about the series is near and dear has been dominant at home this year and under 500 on the road it's a fourteen to into. Add again S and 67 and two on the road. And similarly Lowell has been a really get at home as well they're 122 and three it's obvious. Do you read into that at all. Has to donate 500 or under 500 team on the road this season. I think a lot of it is is that this that that be would have on the road I think they did drop the the destructive for a story. On the road. And I think that that they use kind of dug a little bit also look at it that way you won't open it first street so they are old 500 the last while six export to. On on the road including to a real important way to get that split. At the board games so. I I don't it in this particular case I may be re less to a noble has made. Saunders into. Would with the success of their program over the last few years it certainly have developed it. In two way really solid home ice advantage they get great crowds appear. The proximity here and I think some of availability of tickets I think we what was with would be of great. It is probably got to translate and maybe you'll always seems to get. A number in couple. And I think the hope would be that the BU and are gonna turn out this weekend and wherever they are around the area and it will turn out for what could be a really compelling series I think some really intense playoff hockey and you know way. I think the crowds are going to be very good much anymore do you people in the stands but the people in the stands factor I think is important. We've seen the time maternal Scott where the timing be used spring break in a lot of schools. Has put them in a position where there's been some home situations would be you in the quarterfinals Sovran number he has I can go way back. Where it was lesbians in the building and certainly lesbians and the Kerry team would be accustomed to have. In a big building like again as a reader over the course of the year so I'm almost look at it that is. It's a playoff atmosphere and got to be more people routing engines and boy it I think the important thing is people in the building. An atmosphere applause. The all the adrenaline factor to get the get bolted popped up. I think that could really make it's special this week and so I'm not really looking at data much of a negative I just think that epidemic rate playoff atmosphere is something that. Is gonna be a plus potentially bubble teams and really kind of push the pace baltics. Yet the lol spring break starts Monday's over the age hasn't seen how many people. Hang around obviously laws you know look more of a local school. And then PU is where BUS. You people going all over the place on spring break. Yes I mean I think it should be a pretty good crowd lol usually even for the playoff teams is able to drop pretty good crowds out. And like you mentioned him do you fans will be able to get up there fairly easily if they want. So you know looking at. Looking ahead to you know you since the five senior hockey east and may have to go on the road this weekend but. They are you know pretty much a lock for the NCAA tournament this point I think there I think gas CH ends. Analysis actually has an at a 100% in. Lol similarly pretty close a lot they're like 99%. So. Neither one of these teams is getting really in danger of like falling out of the NCAA tournament are anything but. Looking ahead you know. What does. Do you see do you as a team that can compete for the hockey east title can compete for national championship and if so. What is it about the speed team that would make you think that. Yeah I I think I think they cannot state that. That their best hockey. Quite possibly is edit them. Based on what we've seen over the second half the of the way that they picked picked this season up. From that game quinnipiac which became a real swing turning point came significant win. Team that was I'm very in demand on defense without grossly Hickey to right the occasion be quinnipiac in their home building. After a real couple putts and in the term real quick the night before Yale and other very good team. But that the type of team. That I've seen since then coming back off the canvas against Harvard to win. Sort of soul after a real tough start against BC obviously in the Beanpot. Winning winning at Notre Dame. Winning a small you know when he middle attack came after losing to be polite. I mean it's you know it is it goes on and on view through the yeah. From what we've seen in terms of some signature moment for rent from BU over the course of the second half of the year and the boy do you work that they have put together. So I think it absolutely that this team. If the defensive acumen has backed that they if they defend I'd. As a capable of and that Sean Maguire having. 1 of the top save percentage but what about top Korea believe in the country since November. In terms of say percentage I think that day he is raised his game back up to. Sean Maguire that we saw back earlier in his career before yet at the the year and forced vital items last year that he set out. So I think that that issue I think that gives you hope. And the also. The fact that they have a number of that different places that they can look to for -- offense. That affected you get now what if I believe what five guys that have got with your pro JFK what six guys and got nine more I've gotten double B musicals right now. So the distribution has been in the air. Poll book operatives and move into the middle has really been at home. Obviously the opposite Euro last Friday night goal scorer. On given nights recently I look back to win of the Friday night against Notre Dame Mike Maria's lie with with Phelps and Kelly. Have a big impact on the game is what line. So I do that so I I think that I think this team is capable of competing. Block east championship. It's it's it's hard to win a hockey championship but he credible all the fact that they have been and that title game. Three straight years but. People make me get beat you always been there would have been two of those three years. In in the championship game losing Jack Black as let's game at thirteen winning last year in the questionable winning them back to back Indian thirteen fourteen so. These two teams that have. At a great track record of get the guidance. And be successful on that all important Friday night recently so I could see either of these teams advancing. And then also advancing to let this Saturday night and I don't think that's out of the question. Yeah you mentioned McGwire and you know don't match to November 24 it's 938 which is obviously young great save percentage to have been. Mentioned Kevin Boyle on the other side it you know he's been great all years so two different sees some great goaltending this weekend's you know. You know Danny a regain the lead the use leading scorer this season just. Such a strong. Senior season for him. Sixteen goals 26 assists. And just past the 150 point mark for his career. And has really had you know. A really strong for your career in any interest in because really until this year early he's never quite billing the superstar of the team right unity was. This freshman year he is really dirty is your man yet it was an outline and he was kind of the bigger name there and then last year gets a fifty points but it's on the line with. Jack I gonna have an artery guess he just knew Lou the country away in terms of scoring. And nab this year you know. I personally expecting a little bit of a step back for a region not having Michael and Rodriguez there and really hasn't happened you know it's another really strong season forum where he's kind of been the leader of this offense. What can you say about Dini Ari gimbal this year as a you know as a senior season and then to us again that his body of work over these four years and B yeah. I think the I think the boy do you work is exemplary. It's not unexpected at all to the he has most to him and yet I've been friends for. But he made these statements about 35 years at this point. Sort note about any normal like since broad rally and certainly some of Brooke the hockey careers he developed a from the ranks from. You'd like to say about Roxbury Latin saint Sebastian and in and be awed. So I added awareness image sort of play as a kid growing up was really hopeful that a comfortable at university. And he really as well look at Scotty had that type of career that I thought that he that he would yet. Very consistent. Very tenacious. Competitive. Guilt. Great great hockey sense which is I think someone of lots attribute for guys in terms of being able to see the game and think the game. And two. A lot of people look at embryos coveted the US like you know he's not the fastest guy in the world music and arts. But I remember route coat pocket talking about going to see him and saying you know I heard people say that he was in the fastest guy. And I remember coat pocket and G every game might go to anytime there's a 5050 parties seem like he's got an optical getting beat via. It's at and that carried over there was for your career BO you know when did they go the way that he played. And do yeah he has been you know maybe a little bit of overshadowed or supporting character in the in the play to match NATO war. Certainly you know Jack eichel in the in the in Iraq last year but which when you look at them I mean that the bought your work speak for itself. The consistency. Over four year period. The the flair for the dramatic getting a lot of big big important goals to be you. And most opportune times in his ability to really in all resolves that he's always acting you view something. In the defense and zone in the neutral zone you know to wondered what type game at the gators shot block. If if you need a big play at a penalty kill I mean he's been the guy. And I think the real eye open and now it's almost like we you know we live in the dead ball era as far as the stats now. In terms of goalie stats that prove the rule one way scoring stat is sulphide down. That I think now people that'd take notice is say not only the average two point game here in his career in the 150. Points whatever zone of the two point. That's the most points. In almost twenty years since Chris Drury I think people now look at currency while. It. In India these numbers are pretty good you know. What I I really I I just really really enjoyed him as as a player and and he's one of the reasons why he. And that. Core group of seniors and it's so difficult. The nature of college Iraqis particularly at a at a high end program can be you. We keep a core group together and you know your previous question about coming out successful hockey's the NCAA tournament while the fact that. McGwire is a member of that class but. The fact that class is made up of the map Wayne. And back grizzly and did detainees and he would like ran and that whole group of guys. I think for anybody to all of you would have hoped that. Those guys are capable it was a especially expensive they had beat war. And what they what they capable to win too well to be able always in the in these next two tournaments. Yet that that's it there. It's near a force seniors are their top four scores in terms of points per game and young mentioned you know over yen audio oxen and Matt lane and then. Mac grizzly you know down at 21 points but missed some time young terms of points per game he's up their third behind dioxin and so. Yet at CNET that's as solid of a senior group that you can turn to for leaders as as you got signs. Bernie thanks a lot for coming non. Now see Europe and all this weekend. Absolutely yeah and I was sick pack or rub all week and I would not be. I would I'd be shocked. If there's irritable put this well be more shocked that this series doesn't go pre game I think this is I think this could be a great great quarterfinal series as good as any with a bad hockey. And in my expectation would be could very well goggle go the distance got so expect that badly I appreciate it always a pleasure to catch up. Deb thanks Bernie and I told totally agree you know this is actually a series I can go to redeem joking that. Two of the top eleven at twelve teams in the country and as I said the other ball things in NCAA is neither one has to worry about that so this is just. Trying to win hockey's championship and should be great series. My next guest is northeastern head coach Jim mad again. The Huskies are coming off these series sweep all over mean in the opening round of the hockey sternum and both of those games on overtime. Three T Friday night's 43 Saturday night. And the house is now won nine in a row they have the best record in the country since Christmas. And will now head out to Notre Dame for the hockey east quarterfinals for best of three series. Jim thanks a lot for joining the show are you doing well. So you also faced mean in final weekend of the regular season into that Sears is not quite as close is this past week in you beat them 53 and 71 and those two deems. How did you feel about your team's play in the opening round this past weekend and was there some that change that made this such a closer series. Certainly it was a blow other total one. But Friday kicking thing and do better in portrait yet in Arabic archery. So we knew going into. The playoff series last week and hucksters and Bjorn we are forced out of the scenes wartime and ninety's which is typical can do and actually. The playoffs. Accelerate that process and and interest inspectors are all play out but you I'd like are our mentality in my checked into a playoff weekend and we knew that. You know we ex military would mean there is that you ask that we knew was in the cup series. You know you don't whatever global changed over time but he did go into a little bit different that we trailed interest in on Friday night and Saturday. We got through I think. Quickly yet you know we were critical of it was in the first period checker guy. Had in mind it was going to be like was the previous Saturday. Where we grew up tripping at 171 and so that was seen here playing a short span. Because that we we have history with the matter reflection on them and but of course we didn't play as well American net second to recruit them into a good of course being. Credits also include girl who would prefer to respond coax it in eagle. Again the at the bigger picture here of the second half of the season you know I just mentioning it team has won nine in a row 161 and two of your last nineteen and really compel a complete 180 after you've seen it start the season 111 into you and really got behind the eight ball. What do you think's changed around the mid season point that really got your team going. You know and there's a there's a few things and one and I have talked about this is. Do we lost two key players to work like that term law. And deal it is booked assistance actually scores in the week and caucus structure and so our lines are now what was adjusted and we got to place more emphasis on play decent and being. I'm much better attic king would pick a time when we were currently in Ireland and we had to play equaled their ankles are very critique. And you'll going over northern island we have a great group of Jenin and a close. But we were together on planes and buses. At the ranks adult goes not attractions eldest. Eruptions to look. And we when he was inclined to play against lol and we extremely well we do not we lost to chew over time when the old and and they're doable goal in the last darkness of force situation recruiting. Goals are to their credit won in overtime but we want to it would compensate each. This is we played well that we can play like they ask any against the Quantico like lol. That we're gonna work we're going to be okay and actually afternoon or tighter turnaround crook coldly. Be called it civil we came back. It boss called and generally 2.4 points but we played well we tried and lost 43. Com. Consumer confidence was there at. We continued as he actually defended much better tactic. He was conditioned talks a lot better and it was a body into how we need to be successful. Entrepreneur and products to the other couples. Wait a rate and then at. You're goalie Ryan Iraq has obviously had been a big part of you're success in the second half as while young to Cincinnati's guess save percentage over 930 since the turn of the new year. And you weren't getting very good goaltending early in the season now. He's just talk about his development and what's allowed him to step into the number one role have such a good second half. Yeah you know. Early in the year ending for conduct and good goaltenders we we we're spending while Scott girl also sources science. Ethical and result tree components. Where we. Weren't very good in order to those Kapono scored each item and but you also racially troubled in the area are doing their young or old uncle's a timely situations where we just keep up odd man rushes and our goal here or car port and urged. And what apple that change users chatter go to church just defending better and then emergence of Ryan raccoon who got the opportunity of playing and stop what some sort of a little bit when. Was playing well. Now wait I mean in interest confidently picked up porn which started to win and him you know he's playing much more complex ski media adjustment to College Hockey which is typical one. Early in the subtraction in October. And remember you'll just. You'll continue working scheme herbal and unfortunately lost a great job. So technically it's just been so called game. Could dance culture. Really come full circle and he's about work you get to vote which it did on them are against me on the Friday night onto. The good shepherd ship toward honest McCain he just battles competes and he is working chips when you're searching culprits culprits are coaching that's called. One thing I find interesting about you aired your teams' turnarounds early in the year you when you're struggling year. Possession numbers are still get in your team that he'd really low shooting percentage is like one of the lowest in the country which generally tend indicates some bad lot did you. Look ending I did did you feel like you're getting unlucky and how do you approach that if if you were feeling like that. You're earning your users to loot and we worked scorch we've worked spending and once courts are rescue for success. And we knew we had some awesome players who had gone out looks like to still struggling. To score. And we get a couple sitting there wanting to adjust to whatever order. Which are offered and just getting our street Luke hired an air out working out apocalypse. More on keeping people in and joke and the band it's we get that. Also Cain. You're the torture around the neck and the kids just staying later on the unity of escort it was similar to the year before we'd score early year. Durable I was focusing on cabin can be an article or your genes in your ordeal at one and of course Cologne and see what twenty. So do we competence or not just Kevin by taller forwards were going. But that was stupid to change in terms of just came a stream of high here and apocalypse are. You mentioned Kevin Maher a couple times and he went his first sixteen games a season without a goal and yum also missed twelve games due to injury and Aaron. It's you know is really shocking to see because he's been such a great goal scorer for you during his time in northeastern. And now we're seeing it come and eyes now and now has eight goals and his last the team's. Was it just you know a matter of time did I mean could you see it coming are there things that he needed to do it debt telling. Yeah no. Killer water scored below which played its highest level but it continues scored Utley played their tax. He's very good at a conference. Who was a program called square with history vehicles quirks yoga critical groups some some bumps some options and wait and you just they would in. Goat cart and actually. He was actually I think tribunal should cute and it's true. And on top player purple score card on his teammates and you want and should the car or. We conference who's gonna come out of it and street you know. Coming off an injury and being up for too much time trying to timing back and yo and he played well here a couple of good chances in those first four games British or going yet they don't struck the most. Frustrating and what you got there first and you to set is ready Arctic. I yet stream leading points or is a shared Zack gast series known Stevens and John Stevens and you get that you know for Aston resent and John Stevens as juniors they're at in the past seasons of their career. In north Stephen zero really exploding onto the scene as a sophomore to team high seventeen goals. As young but what about those three players has that allowed them to get going and app mechanic career years that they're having. They're all very sparklers. Virtually broke their hard work under heavy lump talks. And they play off each other really well they wanna play. Oh you're on the same money it and on and Johnny it is obviously in the care. Congress and a two way in and our closest it was two years apart first Kotnik plate. Again. You know they play the game or assembly at Swiss banks and now you answered it but you know. And you've got satirist who is very unselfish. And you know encouraged. Probably should be in the pot more but it should be in very well and he's got two guys on either side who can score in. When pop battles below presents a lot of pucks retrieve them on to win those battles and they have been lost the puck really well in they've got a local initiatives to opposition to. Oxford. Tell the belliard your defense tightening up and I'm wondering you know in your mind who do you see as your leaders back there and also how big or roll Matt Benin has played for you this season. Well there's there's one of those leaders who just talks so Matt Danny and you feel fortunate to have immigrants. You know great defense accord which continue to improve the seat long GOP look relaxed or four years it's been you know Mac Fannie and you know called soft sort outlawed the minutes in and shoulders you loose the burden the responsibility goals. 55 and in part on course to salute because apparently so those two been eaten and you know. Jerry Cochran. We emerged this year sophomore. Offered these contribute. In the shop heavy strong. You know player back there. Or action in place situations. In just figure is keen to Harlem assured and you regret regret Urquhart group or move back there you know with dusty two room. And put in the first. You don't seeking leadership recently broke and can be good glad tibia and he's really slow fighter key. He can be strong. It was more stated home defenseman and let you know it is very curtail oil in the corners and so. You know zap it out. Corn and adjourn so it's good for years. And this year is going. And some nominal terms of shares until you're just sleepy captain Smart reliable girl you'll insurance are there. Kirkland into as so often depressed skull so I'd like of course good blood in the real cop. So you had notes that Notre Dame this weekend for the quarterfinals and Europe there early this year awhile ago back in November and that too close team's 32 loss mana two to tie. What are you expecting to see from Notre Dame this weekend what kind of challenges do they present. Yelp and their. They're a well balanced team they've got very good goaltending and in the been built from the goal goaltending. Beat some big defection or heavy down low and strong on parks and but a couple of real jokes skilled offensive urged an up front they've got extreme bow the back end. You so hard working on the boards and in some skilled forwards out there who you make a difference. Overall it's seemed happy ski and play with pace. In one of the only wanna get into fast paced game in in a lot of pot battles. And every up fox joke you know we know we edit well coached. Your older coaches in Argentina champ ship before who won a national champ ship. It we recognize that there are the key thing that. You're works right about this opportunity because. It's a it's a bit extra playoffs it's support finals you play well here that's huge membership. Or was he changed when Cole a collegiate reporter Kremer winner cocky so. We don't could be too. Jonas street talking respects we played well on building. We we played well exploding over the last you know three or four years and dark should local and currently concerts which respects were important com. A conference that it was good job too and we'll work order get back out of Austin. Negotiation and the Oskar which. Imagine have a chance two win hockey is Stan looking at me and the five teams confront you in terms of seeds are. Either locks or or very close to being locks to meet the NCAA tournament. Where is your team you know almost certainly would have to win out and win the hockey's championship to make NCAA is. In that yes of seeding wise and again that weighed pupils might still do you as an underdog but again we mentioned you know how did your record has been in the second half do you. Feel like an underdog like him no pressure play you play a loose sort do again say we're right there at these other five teams. Yeah no we you know we believe work or Rick there was the other RT Jordan. Couldn't deal. Our record indicates there was this expressed in your records record for you know record store error at this point. You're put to aside injured focused and you reset once request that your focuses just want each other times so. Wheeler carpenter group would there were you know as well now it's a group some apartments. You're leadership that would their apartment and some good younger players who over emerge assured a freshman sophomore class is and we have goals. Just like all the other teams repeat of a certain teams are being their gold colored hockey that's our goal. You know and we believe with the way we played second app that works. Positioned to continue to play. And it and as chair with a very good guys that they just because we won. The last whatever that number is popular. Is it not get that you viewed that way and it's our hard worker terror effort it's a determination to our attention and eat you know or rapid. That and this allows us to when he got to continue this widget so quickly that it did and it will. Her dad's gym mat again head coach in northeastern Jim thanks a lot for joining the show and good luck this weekend. I appreciate it ought particular. My next guest is BC women's hockey coach TD Crowley. The Eagles are 380. Or no as they get ready for the NCAA tournament. They beat Boston University five nothing on Sunday in the hockey's championship team now take on north eastern in the NCAA quarterfinals Saturday. JD thank you for joining the program are you doing at. The so how does it feel to be 38 don't know you and the talk a women's hockey right now. You know I am very proud of our teams herb Asher what you know the effort might work they've put it this year. And it's you know I think it shows them that record you know they've they've worked extremely hard this year and into the season so hopefully we can continue to seek. Have you felt any sort of pressure around the team does it seem to be getting tiny one billion doesn't come up around the locker room or anything like that. Not name the heat on not actually hit really at all this season I think our team and the that allowed players handled it well. This year and were able to. Kind of focus someone in at a time and Andy and focused on getting better for every game and working on little things for every game to get better and and I think. We've been able to do that all year. You know out of here and playoffs really are record. You know it doesn't really matter you know you have to let them the F two in the next game to move forward and our you know our players know that and we're excited for percent. He beat as a man came big DPU five nothing on Sunday in the hockey east final in. Does a bit of you know an obstacle for you guys to overcome because you gloss to be you and hockey's championship teams each of the previous two seasons. Last year endured you know one of the top teams in the country going to a team as well. And you wanted to get done to your did that kind of feel like a Monty after back to deal to DP UN that team this year. And I think says that players especially the ones in our older players and here for the last couple years they'd. Thereof emissions pressure and I came on on Sunday. I thought our team are properly grade and which would you know valid ballot. I think they're a great showcase of women's hockey in him with a weary teams lately you really can't I'm tired and we're really excited and pumped up to two. To her and that. Bet hockey's title and you know I think your right it had been something that was building up and we are able. To get them on Sunday. You were led as you often are by eight to your seniors Alex carpenter and Haley screw. Carpenter had two goals and an assistant that team. Screw bad goal on the reassessing. Look at their stats in the season stats throughout their careers at BC and you have dared to video game numbers basically. 82 points routes copper narron. Thirty teams this year. And ask 73 points for news group and you know their career numbers 272 points or governor 238 Forrester about this book you say about those to you in. You know dead their talent level and just what they've brought to your program the last four years. You know it's such it possibly can. To play at one player over at 230 points and and career at a school it it nevermind having to do it in class. I can't even those two has really. Escalated our our our program to do level and. Have been able to its. The effort for much of eight years here they have played together. And watching the two of them together is pretty dynamic duo. They feed off each other. And you can see that on the day the need to watch them that the two of them have been. Absolutely commanded our program. And they they really. They've really set the bar her her her. What Boston College Hockey is all about end. I think it's been great representative of of Boston College Hockey so. We've certainly elements some let the ball over. Hopefully they can and a a couple more big games or here. And it's it's easy to get caught up in their numbers beat new because they'd jump off the page so much could give a lot of depth behind him yours your four other scorers who have forty or more points. Then I'm you know a handful of others after that during the thirties or twenties. You know you average over five goals a game so obviously it's not all governor and screw during that how important is that depth that you know if they have you know gamers maybe they only score once you have you know other players are stepping up for you. I think it's it's very important especially as they keep moving forward here and and you know to have that captain to be able to. To have you know I mean we've had three lines through the second half the evidence and producing four Athens has been putting valuable points on the on the boardwalk we need them and I think that's extremely valuable as we keep moving forward and and and it will be on Saturday you know our cats and but lately and a use softly I'm like you know they've they've area. They really all stepped up one what they needed to than. It's fun. Pass and I get to face in northeastern in the NCAA tournament on Saturday and there is a little minor controversy I think around the time of the draw off the NC fields if you knew a read some women's hockey coverage. Where young north these are higher and in the paralyzed which. On the men's side of College Hockey is late to be all end all when it comes to seating and apparently isn't on the women's side and so you end up getting north DC was. Ranked a little higher by that match rate thirteen you birdie been four times this year. Did you have any problem at the drop. In it's like other things they have to think you know control you can control and I think that was. That's the situation that's out of our hands so. Collaborate or fortunate our member. Couple years ago and plan we are agent to get into the net present for it and it didn't matter who we're playing regions are excited to have our name called than. For our team. And and our staff you know it's. It's not something easy. You can control. We are excited to be an apple wants it for the first time ever and and hopefully anything we can. We can continue to do that on C proud and keep in Florida are decent to great hockey team. I mean obviously like that we've played them four times. And you know that some of the another another great game. Yank guys touch on the what do you learned about northeast and those four previous meetings what. And it challenges are you expecting from them on Saturday. They out there and then chemical and has an Olympian. And it was Alex's. And now is about aliens. Dynegy in now. On the national team so we know our pretty well we think we are pretty loud and they have been put up fences. Threats and you know they've they've done good team all year you know they have a lot. Asked Megan's. Themselves and I'm sure there and a be hungry and the effort first data in the NCAA. And an NCAA. Tournament so. You know we are glad that they're very very good hockey team and we have to play well. And game like that way. Lyra the sub with kind of a big picture look dead women's hockey and am really. Not many people better at the talked about that and you you've been around one target for a long time. Played an Olympic teams are want to you know Euro longtime member of the US national team. How do you see the state of women's talking now when you look at dating you have pro leagues like DN WHL and CW HL. Just yank your does on on the progress that you've seen in women's hockey and where things stand right now. I think the progress and growth has been tremendous and in that backs and you know. You know the first Olympics in 1990 it means. Dave says the amount of girls hockey game that the younger levels has grown tremendously. More people are you more or women and girls are playing our sport and and it's it the growth has been tremendous since her. The national team match of the players. Attitude you know after college that have had no way to play in the past they now have. Indeed to leak at plant I think. I think it's only gonna continue to grow and continue to get better but it's been. Fun to see. That Grossman and to see how important when talking to common people's lives in. And and concede that he would you know become a bigger sport. To fund sport. If Alan and you know obviously haekkerup playing it and it's fun that other people now are getting to witness said. On T feel that more and and there's a little more around. My noise about it so. It's been incredible to watch it grow and hopefully contain it just continues to grow. A tense. BC women's hockey coach Katie Crowley T thanks a offered during the show and good luck in the NCAA tournament thank you much.