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Fans may be concerned about Pablo and Hanley, but the Sox themselves don't seem to be

Feb 23, 2016|

We focus on Tom Werner and John Farrell's comments today concerning Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, and how they stand in stark contrast to how the fans and media are viewing their first and third basemen.

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So what point. Did we as you know astute. Intelligent. Seasoned observers of the sports scene. At what time at at what point that we become surprised that sometimes owners and management don't say what they really think. And at what point did we think that you know. While they publicly support a player behind closed doors they might. Privately criticized that player when that all happened around here anyway where you're referring to where you're referring well if this whole Pablo Sandoval stuff so. Dave Dombrowski you know kind of publicly supports palace and the ball all you know he's he's doing everything we ask them to John Ferrell you know same sort of thing. Tom Warner gets together with the media down in Fort Myers today does one of those you know what we used called a picnic table sessions that just onto the picnic table anymore. And answered no no it wasn't disappointed myself palace and a well. And that gets on what disappointed to see him as a man has a person of about raise a good person because on middays with. Old or whim alone Gloria. And he deviated from script slightly. He actually had one small moment of you know saying what he really felt and Glenn asked him you know he was disappointed in in public sent a volley suggests that once. You know I think I broke. Kudos to Tom Warner forget to write the second time advocate disagree with you on this whole. Public private thing. With the Red Sox in say one thing publicly than privately be disappointed there's no way you can kind of get the message across without using the sledgehammer. You can say. It'll weigh in in a very nice way to look we. We all are using this time to work on our conditioning. You know with that what spring training is for it that's that's going to Crockett supporting however don't but probably don't know was right but your your point is. You expect them to say one thing. This like the happy road publicly saying you don't gonna pop up to go to happy wrote. I don't have slash a guy there. I think you can say it in so many words. It added a PR staff. Don't expect to figure that. There's a way to say publicly. We're disappointed. But he still Oregon. Now CI a didn't do that it is it's an old cliche in sports we brought it up with me shelter area. Being critical PK Sudan last week where did the old cliche is you prays publicly. And and you punish price that's why it's at all clear what but it's the truth my battle against real what it should do you know we're all human around sports most of your adult life as I have. It's Rio. They don't build an especially in baseball they don't do that they don't do anything to the events that instead disappointing may reach out it's hearing used the machete. I'm not saying do that but. Talk about it you can think of it it's a it's insulting to your fan basically go any other way. Don't pretend like it's not happening you can't pretend like pop looks at the ball looks like Jerry Norton. You pretend that we're gonna pretend that a minute he doesn't have a god I don't think I can't understand how close and the ball is skinny. Motto don't. OK but they didn't pretend he was skin. Predatory with a with a nutrition represented and all about it cowboy asked him today though. You know he did everything we asked him when the offseason they're not going to wait for an aunt Wii Sports fans. Desperately want them to. Because we test. So we want their bosses to be pests are Warner gave Tom Warner David. And I wondered if they put the eight foot script split. Right in if you're gonna. Take one approach or the other. The whole organization has to be on the same page you're also like points how dysfunctional your organization as we look when the. You know manager comes out says you know a fine and no he's he's done exactly what we wanted to do. And then did the president of baseball operations comes out and echoes that same thing. And then one of the principal owners comes out says exactly the opposite. That that's about look all around nobody comes out of that looking good it looks like yield. Yelled you can caught the distillery put you to let everybody you know what the cover story he has. Well he just forgot because when he met with a median Fort Myers earlier today. He didn't deviate from script were you disappointed when it's up tablet no no it wasn't at all maybe they got asking exact same question Mike Ladd and forgot well. Maybe it's it's as simple as that he's he's one of the owners of the team. Is looking around and he's eighties paying attention to what folks are saying about publisher of opt guessing. I'm most Red Sox fans can't get everybody to agree on anything. But I would say they'll comparable thing most Red Sox for 51% probably at 61%. Want. Look at bubbles and a browser that's not that's not gonna. Give it their pictures and that's a problem. So. Tom Warner who owns the team better that day that the old dance game. Alone can't offend him. I lying. They aren't buying it guy we're at 240 Bob last year. Had two hits because you manager Daniel had you ever Lebanese and U manager did you pay your president of baseball ops did happen that are for me. For me it's moments like I don't know if Mike and I can get about my old team in my basement at bat. I would like to see that. I because one of my all time favorite guys that I love to hate. Blake secretly deep down I wished that he owned a team in this town was George Steinbrenner. It was it was it live on Hernandez who was at that he called a big fat bag up costs had decked yeah rob who argued that that's it right. Exactly I'm by the way code. That uppity tilt that's right which is always easy to say but it was hard to write nobody ever knew how to put that in text because it always looked like idol where were you are trying to go with now. What you know what fans loved it. I'm sure the people at the on the team that loved the putt there was no doubt who was in charge it was the guy who wrote the checks and if he did you know it of Hideki Irabu didn't like it will tough crap. And them. There are very few owners like him and his kind might have gone extinct at all we may never see the likes again. But I left I would love to have Warner say that like you know what we talked to this guy up well losing weight. We sit you can't have a repeat of last year you complete big you've played big before but this is unacceptable instead of what they have. The bailout fail did you are you mentioned the old cliche of that that way to do things maybe most of the time which in the middle. Many most of the time that's the way to do things in some cases. Guys just don't get it unless. You'll put them out their publicly guys they don't understand. Until you say publicly. What you're thinking. So all will send a ball may be one of those guys. If you're gonna say it because we got to frustrate yourself. If the media members of the media ask you how do you feel about couples and evolves conditioning as far. It's fun and then you just want you try to protect him behind the scenes you're going behind the scenes you're being very respect. We'll Pablo keep the nasty Boston media away from him. Well. Yet but are on the table electric bill and if doc according to IPOs. How would call you out then maybe you'll get it that way. Yeah but it's dumb business. If your gave them browse key word desperately. Raining every night to the lord Bob that you can find to way to move publicist on the ball and Hanley Ramirez not here and the minute you do that. Whatever chance you may have slim though it may be disappears OK so you've got to play the game Michael Wright gotta you gotta do the all while he's he's worked out so hard this offseason and edit the nobody's down. I don't like I don't need gave them Ralph skate tell leased back. I got to wise and it jammed okay photograph. But let's not let's not play games because you talk about the market value here's a market value here here's a reality for 41. A switch hitter hitting two for four who who who hits. Up from the right side like he probably should get from the rights. He's overweight we see we've seen the pictures to your visual evidence yet to 45 last year and he's getting older so. Before I say anything. You're another team you look at those facts that enough. Not to say anything you respect me for telling the truth about business what else is bad business having that guy. Just I just eating everything up eaten up the entire training room. They're not pretending like it's not a problem to problem. California State huge payroll we have the biggest lemon. And baseball history last year the Red Sox were the most expensive last place team in baseball history last year. Why the AMs and you were part of it. So very wake up wake up big Fella let's go it's it. It fair to say I mean look at Portman ask this question are you know his answer is it fair to say that we here in Boston in New England. Have the benefit of the best coach. If not the best coach in any sport right now certainly one of the two or three best coaches in any sport right now. Honored Gillette Stadium we got a guy who you can make an argument the best coach whoever lift. Certainly the best coach in the game today and of the congress effort that he absolutely exact last mcdaniels yes and you have never. Ever ever heard Bill Belichick which who just advocated the Red Sox to and he set cause before. He's been passed before it dies. We hear about stuff behind the scenes I promise you he was matter Randy Moss and even when he was ship Randy Moss has bought out of town he didn't say anything. He knows it's bad for business you don't do what they want to till next desperately wanted to. But he too Smart. And as he say anything bad publicly about a player I'm sure yes IIIQ I mean I'm I'm not even exaggerating when it's I can't remember an instance. I think he did the idea did. Yeah Terry Glenn. Or what to say. The Terry Glenn was what wasn't ready to go and and entered but he was gone. I mean I don't know I don't know what I'm saying was. He can. What uniform anymore and you want to go to where you don't want he loves that talked about are pretty actually. Do it and do it in under would often I'm sure not not they think of it he took the high road with Terry. I don't get me opposite colon head bitten. Suspended by Pete Carroll pubs are not waiting on the fines in waive the suspension and and did play nice with them. And got nothing more work for it for awhile. And then you hear it Rick yet it happened I don't wanna give a good on that road again it's trust me it happened I remember vividly. Right but I thought honestly I deal makes a fair point I can't remember instances. Of the top my head where he called out I gala idealist Thomas sale of the tardy boys he just simply said. He decision players clear I don't. But this guy he got he does that there was actions. That's OK okay so he didn't do you didn't fit in a press conference endured but action and he gave you actually and gala atomic fit down. Albert retort got a pound. Ochocinco all these guys so so it early this labor practice a bit gone home ready not go home. You gotta do something you can't sit there and lie to the public. Pretend everything is okay. Treat got a kid glove behind the scenes. Kick right it's that name and a lot out. Who saw him. Expect this is why this is why. Part of the reason. It didn't last place a lot can't let this happen you can't just settle for this kind of stuff. I heard John Ferrell on this morning with John and Gerry and Kirk. And I'm I'm paraphrasing here but basically he was asked you know what if what if you know palace and a ball isn't very good at at third base what do. Hanley Ramirez isn't very good at first base and and John Ferrell talked about the did talent depth that they have on the roster hearken back to 2013. And basically said we're gonna play other people. I don't have anything to go on Alameda avenue and played a pre season game they haven't even officially apple squad worked out yet. What to back up your point if jobless out of I'll sit down on the bench and rock whole display at third base for game in April year whoa. It's all about I'll be so upset with our apartment and I'd be so angry right I think they're I think they're. Our man but yet but they're just that and sometimes it it's like look I hate to say it but it's like a buddy Terry Francona. Swallowing the grenade for Pedro Martinez in Baltimore you'd think he'd like to when that. Do you think he he didn't know that he was lying through his teeth that to protect Pedro Martinez. Any grit his teeth and he took it. Because that was the Smart thing to do what I liked to have done is said oh yeah like every other player in the history of the game just know you don't stay here yeah. It may be related at all changes it all depends and people like here but it's true at all depends on who you are. Your experience level your talent level now Pedro Martinez. It took it could have been Bronson a royal probably would've called about was just. It was the Smart thing to do what they did that year the second best starter on the staff you know Kirk Curt Schilling was better that year so there you have to do that. Let's collect a published edible. Pablo Sandoval who is not the equivalent of Pedro Martinez pop a set of all it's not even the equivalent of 2007 Michael. I would call you out. I'm definitely gonna call you out because it doesn't seem. That your first year Boston. Really shook you up. Didn't seem that the the career low 245 batting average. The and barrister OP yes you embarrassing performance. As a right handed hitter and last place at Torrey. So we're gonna tank. Here's the problem what do you get works. And he's got a guaranteed contract and you gotta pay AM and one at Pete gets worse. What he says screw you guys you call me out in public you think I didn't work hard last year William C this year what are you gonna do about it. That's the problem in Major League Baseball it's also the advantage obviously Bill Belichick and all NFL coaches have that with non guaranteed contracts that say fine city. We can't do that over here on yawkey way they got a choice in it. It would appear though that he's done that he's done that for a year plus you know one offseason. Where he's not apply himself where he hasn't shown any kinda. Any kind of plea discipline hah. Well well time right. And I would find a very important returns and I would hope this sets yes so. Hacked off about this theory that if you're refused rubric to replace him back regrouping. He said late this. Plea of retirement backyard for plaintiffs were Houston. Those intentional so you know it would help it your integrity comedy shows that you had Michael company late John how can I could. That might not do much to me it may help the audience gets it hardly the ideal Monica on down they battle lets you know when I have a shell guy out under threat to bring UN. Look I I would like to think. That that picture at least embarrasses the whole organization. Such that their plot going forward is if he has a bad start that they just shorten his leash considerably. It on and forget so much about well you know what does a guy he's played well in the past but just say. He's not applying himself if he's not hitting this isn't your average garden variety slump that every veteran goes to. This is because he's not trying hard enough. Would citi's considerable last down let's clear eight feet out on the bench for him to sit down and put Brock COLT did they are. And until he shows us that he's gonna start making some effort. I just have a I just have a feeling I've said this. Yesterday and I'm I'm stick with that I really feel like. They're the best third baseman. In their best first baseman. You know those guys combined to make it and an eight. Of what they're starting first baseman and starting our base. I gotta make this here I think the better. I think Brock called better third base and then Pablo Sandoval at this point of his career this. Point it's going to be like this that even the great the great ones. You know you you've seen them in any sport that you've covered covered all the sports and the great and all the sports they'll have something in common doping. Also work at it yet they have their supremely talented but. Work on say. It's always got out. Right it's the gift from god I have this kind of guy so I don't really work at a great. Has there been a great player that's ever done that I mean maybe. Yes maybe babe Ruth's Els his training regiment was. It all up bathtub gin hot dogs and prostitutes there's one there was a great player he could have been greater. There is great player who who talked about Iverson. Our other artists it was great good McGregor. They Lewis in his pocket anyway unbelievable unbelievable talent unbelievable you know pound for pound all that stuff but. You saw what happened when. He he didn't take it as far as hit his gifts can have taken him so I think. If probable Santa vol. Is gonna be overweight and not work at it. At this stage of its agreement it was resonates much better than Brock colts Rocco was better at third outing Trevor shot better person manner. I'll say this if in fact we believe that John Ferrell has the so called short leash. But the manager in waiting is the bench coaches being paid like a manager torrent of bellows at their right in the dugout with a then nobody has more of a vested interest in putting the best line up on the field and John Ferrell. Nobody has more at stake here and analyst Dave Dombrowski. Literally said to John barrel. You gotta play tableau you can Pablo at third you got to play him it first that's the rules you gotta play them. Unless he did that and John perils gonna do exactly what you said I don't care how much problems make. Rock colts better he's played. Because if I don't win games. I'm gonna be out of a job here at least I think that's how it's being portrayed for most we'll see which you guys think it's 6177797937. Lot of stuff and talk about the rock course of the day including. Whether or not via the noose is tightening a little bit around Peyton Manning whether or not wrong done anything wrong. And have a hard time picturing it for folks out there. Would get into that later on in the day six point 77797937. It's dale and Holley with Orton Sports Radio WE yeah. You disappointed. When you saw him. Yes I was I think the most important thing and I think we'd all agree on this is how is he going to be on April 4 and has he going to be on May fourth and certainly there have been some private conversations that have been had between Pablo and ended Dave to address the end and John Ferrell I just would like to say is as somebody who had. Who knows Pablo he has a tremendous work ethic and we're not talking about. An average player was talking about a player's won three World Series that and it will series MVP and and he wants to excel is here and if he had bad year last year I think that we can truck some of that to the challenge of of coming into a new division and a new league and I know that he's canola. Be prepared on opening day and then I think that stir well will have died out there probably be another 25 other story lines. Well he's right about that part storyline seemed to spring like. Water from a well down there now Mike GRD Comcast sports net CS and any dot com tweet about the following. This was when he met with the media prior to going on with Glenn and Lewin and Christian. Tom Warner was asked quote are you satisfied with his level of commitment and the way the organization is handling his situation. Here's a transcript verbatim transcript of Tom orders answer quote. As I think Dave and Jon have said. This is a man that has performed at the highest level he knows what it takes to be successful he's won three World Series World Series MVP. I think they've handled handled it well internally. And from my own perspective and the organization's perspective what he does starting April 3 is what's important on quote. OK so art I understand the problem this is not Tom Warner well. Except at security it's a boy they. That without your article I don't know majority ethnic question. I don't you know that he doesn't say who asked the quest so it's a read the transcript of the question. Are you satisfied with his level of commitment and the way the organization is handling his secretly I don't understand you did in fact gasket necklace that way you ardea are not think about that. Let's not in question were you disappointed. When you saw him. Yes I was hurting our question different course different started more direct answer I bet direct question director. He was not asked by Mike GRD or the members of the media were you disappointed in but when you saw. Like Clinton went right to what were you disappointed when you saw him. Evidently the reporters down in Fort Myers to mask that one. They asked about how the organization is handling it he went into the whole thing. I think they've handled it well internally from my own perspective Leo that's what he does starting April 3 is what's important he included that line the Golan as well. In. He wasn't asked the same question not a lot I don't have a probable cent of all here's this you guys seem ironic less is more if it. Let them or that they had a dot that he did. There was only team question. And got right to rent an entity not contradict himself to Glenn by saying yes I was disappointed about going to the spiel about he's always played this well I won every World Series in a World Series and the Lily and that I went through it what happens on April 3 is what's important which by the way it should never be your organization's belief I. I don't think that was contradiction. The way answer that led okay my disappointment in my disappointed now it looks right now yes. But. I know that there there's more there's more there and I know digging it was a little bit more and I expect him to give give us more in this. C but it didn't sound like that's how we followed it up with well where expected more you followed up by saying. Making excuses well but this is how he's always played and he's been successful dilemmas. That are actually it's true he has always been bank. Not he has never been spelt east Ehrlich like. The picture I solved a problem sent a ball Bobble head that the reds like he looked like that okay. When he was winning a World Series MVPs and three World Series championships and San Francisco and performing an extremely high level. He was packed with which was heat the organization's line last year when he was struggling and what he did struggle. And we mentioned at the plate. We haven't mentioned would have would up. Terrible field every once last year he was a colossal disappointment at third to the point where he and his range was down to nothing he could charge a ball. Ball don't go with the was legs and with legs like that. That is saying something because there's not a lot of margin for error for a baseball to fit through the air but it was happening repeatedly cost them a game. Early in the season so. You know they had to have told them you can't keep his weight up and played the way you do when you're in San Fran at. Degrading how rating lives. Zone rating whatever you wanna go go by any any type of metric you wanna use and go to the fair grafts start. I think across the board by most metrics he was the worst. Third base in the worst start in third baseman in baseball. If the other what are rice told absolutely had to have to say that that metric just the eyeball test he was absolutely the worst the worst of scene and why. Now having said all that and I saw the same Jim Davis picture you all saw I was repulsed like you work. We have a tendency in this town to take this thing and blow it and it back today. They play April flirt OK we even at march 3 yet. He still going to be big on April 3 I doubt that he'll be this big. March 3 next week. And I don't know the other final weeks before it before it's got to play baseball game that matters. Like I said he still going to be big doping suspect. On look I know at times and in in this kind of been I've been a part of the over reaction. A witness the over reaction that authored some of the hill Gloria I have I really have but in this case from I can't blame the media or blame. Fans who were short sighted. You think about what happened like everybody should be uncomfortable everybody should be on edge. The entire organization. He spent a ton of money last year he had great. Turmoil to tumble to populate the proper yet of tumultuous the tumultuous year. And one of the guys who was a part of that problem when the one of the problematic players was. Models and of law so he covenant this year and got David Price and you made some trades you in your feeling pretty good. And in puddles and about what the same looks worse. And over a problem a big problem. And they they they. I know they protected players before and they've said. Nice sanitize things. To the media. I just I don't think that's the case you'd this this is this is calls for an emergency room or meeting. Ought to go to the situation room and jetBlue park. But the fit guy we got to figured if. I can think of exactly three guys on this roster. Who have earned the benefit of the doubt to where if they or a few pounds overweight if they weren't an opening day shape you'd cut him some slack that's Pedroia. That's Ortiz and it's Koji nobody else has earned it in a Red Sox uniform everybody else. Is either trying to earn it or is very suspect in Pablo is very suspect so absolutely I don't wanna get into that. You know what he's got six weeks to get him at the shape he he hasn't earned that he came in two with an obligation to. To look good I can't think he should show up like you don't misunderstand me at all. My point is simply. It's this is probably not how he'll look on opening. We want I don't go to managed to pack on last year Dylan asked do you think do you think we're overreacting. I think it's what we do in this town all of a mile yeah include about it or not I'm not trying to pin this on you've got to know about that I was saying the same stuff yesterday sent you think people in Boston Red Sox fans those who have a problem with. Models and all is it too early to have a problem. It's probably a little early yet. I mean it's like I said the technically haven't had their first full squad worked out yet. I mean with all due respect I don't mean this is criticism of you personally there's like it's like tick in the big that the deal about Hanley Ramirez's glove. And turning it into a talking point for two. I watch I watch YouTube to directed at me personally because I do feel that I think you guys they'll help. Tool huge disappointment last year. Their peaks your big ticket in big ticket items. Problem is and at all and they remember. One guy. I most of us didn't like Hanley Ramirez signed most but when did it we're saying. Oh yeah. I like well. Ramirez pulled the guy last year. Hey. Here's a lifeline. We're knocking him bearish or just keep what you run left field you don't wanna be there we know what you're you're not get there we know in record. I first base. We are starting first baseman. Give me some public. It is thought that counts if what if that thought. Show welcome Mike Napoli got the yield last year. That's what it could put pirated. Give up every part. The have a grew up with them. He put on a shelf. Wherever you put yourself. Didn't touch it. And think about getting better but first baseman. Didn't didn't watch any film. Of Keith Hernandez and other great first baseman in history now this depressed and they get a good thing you know there. And a separate spring training. And he shows up and that's why it's on order. That order. So PO I don't believe we believe it's been ordered. Accurately while. Chela Chillicothe print up the email we got killed in order confirmation tracking number Emmy bag symbolic gesture that it matters to you. Okay Red Sox fan what has you more pissed off panel with Mike Napoli clobber problem as gut. 6177797937. Is telephone number I text line 37937. We dive right into the phone calls with you coming up next dale and Hollywood or Sports Radio WB. He's ever been. Sort of the poster child for him complete men's health or GQ. But neither was Tony Gwynn or. Kirby Puckett and so. I've I prefer to think this is just a little blip he's obviously had some private conversations and and I I would just like stand on the fact that. He has tremendous work ethic and and he wants to prove to everybody that. He's going to be a great asset to the Red Sox are going forward so I'm going to leave it that. Tom Warner. Spoke to the median Fort Myers and then after that joined order way Maloney and Fauria. We'll get the calls that you guys 61777979370. Telephone number. Before we do that this. I don't I don't I know I know this is totally unfair to do. Bring you raise your name. Rest in peace. Mr. Tony going to race today well and even Kirby Puckett I I I probably would wanna compare Pablo son of all the either of those okay it's our jobs one at odds went to the gas and in. In his it's been a full season the worst season. Tony Gwynn scorer I actually noticed this which is weird is rookie sees it too waiting. And I wasn't even a four year and other than that the lowest average he ever had a year was three on nine answer. Her career average still. Like 340 east 338 minute comedy batting titles they should know this out and it's a half a dozen about a hundred and he had minimum. If so I mean c'mon any gold gloves to. Coke. I mammy and add it all your probably not doing anybody any favors if you're trying to compare Pablo cent of Walter. To Tony Gwynn and by the way you gotta do him any favors trying to compare to Kirby Puckett either. Now how old the if the point it's fair to question 8888 battle it out off all but written no one's expected that Santa Val has become the look at like. Lee and I listen 300 ya mean no one's look at the chiseled six pack abs but just some semblance that. He wouldn't he want it to come here to get himself ready for a season and that he came prepared and that he serious. And right now all we have a couple of pictures and maybe it's unfair may borrow overreacted but it's all we have to go. Baskets of the call 6177797937. Larry's and duct Spurrier up first on Sports Radio stale on. Hi guys my biggest problem that I'm about it and his weight it's an attitude. The minimum nation of last season how awful it really was and for the amount of money we're paying him. How would she go on Peta and the mother gig good how are you gonna handle the Boston crowd pumping never had to deal with their. I don't see him talking at all about this is what I've done it better and that the elder hitting this switch hitting thing I know. I did talk about that. He did he said he spent a lot of the offseason. Working on going back to switch hitting and I'll say this little what watched him advocates today. And loose said his swing looked totally different. Then you know it was obviously something he had put a lot of work on this offseason who talked about what is swing looked like last year from the right side and what he looked like in the cage. Today when loose Armey said he was actually you know rockets in and you know he swing looked totally revamped so we did do that. Okay what about the fielding think I just didn't hear. He never talked about how bad last year when I think he meant might up that a lot that I. I think that's Ottawa Kent and I don't see our commitment mentally or verbally. I hear about all this stuff about what he's done but until. I'm just not convinced I don't know how he's gone and handled a lot the crowd if he doesn't do well with the Boeing and the rat like if you're gonna move back a third I don't know. Yeah you know hey Larry Larry Larry is great tribute to deluxe Sperry and and Larry brings up a great point this year. Could be tougher last year was tough. On Pablo Sandoval was not boot. Last year nor it was a boot last year because. How we all did we gave up on the Red Sox give up and the Red Sox because June dictating give us much right and we we had a team that was coming off a Super Bowl championship. We got a quarterback who was fighting the National Football League all the way up until September. We didn't know if if Tom Brady was going to be out four games OP gonna be available to play the entire season at the I think about it September. Late August September you're picking about the patriot you're thinking about. Judge Berman and back and forth and then the season starts and then you're in them that then the question was wasn't where it's our problem was whereas rupture. Not there at Gillette Stadium. So even though that it was a career low. Average for him. Even though it was a bad third baseman last year and had a tend to be taken out of games and was. Dual favorite thing on if you Graham Allison in matter. Didn't matter because. Work focused on. Took the team better this year. And we think they are and he added a Cy Young caliber starting pitcher and one of the best closers in the game that he's bringing he's bringing in the same thing to the table. It's going to be really tough. And before they'll also come to Larry's point we can't read this guy's mind we can't look into his heart and his soul. All we can read is his waist size and look at his gut and that speaks to his attitude any intent is there is no way you can tell me he's got a really good attitude right now he may have worked on his swing. But until I'm seeing results all of go one by. Is that gigantic. Planetary billion pieces and sell it yeah he's he's on. The everybody's radar in and he will get booed on opening day if we don't see a vast improvement Kirsten on this. All phony Kirsten I don't I'm I'm out gentlemen thank McCall and here are great thank you. Get but the year you were comparing at belt checked earlier when you were speaking about his players and I do think it's difficult to compare what you're talking about players that are not as high priced at mere. And general. Belichick has a way of being able to work with people who actually want to work hard. Because they don't have the dollar signs in their eyes lined. Out. Well he's got a few of those guys that hopeful who fall into that category a Dale's Thomas that we mentioned. Albert Haynesworth who we've mentioned he said a few of those those now with Taylor. Sure that ultimately. That's so people don't last year. Are drying up at that very well let but no C but the difference there Kirsten and I agree with you it's the non guaranteed contract. Where he could he can pitch him overboard. And and and unfortunately Dave Dombrowski can't do that with Pablo Sandoval. Well that's because that Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft job after that that you've got more people who have to sort of manipulate at age. You wish all the other levels of food group in charge of what. Technical harder. I will say this about the different approaches though pellet check when he's got a guy who is clearly a dog leg jeans worth it really says nothing. You know it would ask the question is lower all the work and hard and it's maddening but at least he's not lying to you he would never come ought to take. What Albert means are these really sort Greg Hardy is the first one in the building each shot off the lights went and locking up when he leaves out everything we've done them yeah yeah exactly which the Red Sox gold that extra step to the point where the manager came ounce at. He lost 22 pound. Our little over the winter and if any at Thanksgiving dinner is it exactly so that's where it becomes really bad that's when they covered up like this. This. Was that the announcer from San Francisco's Mike crook now. Who said he's getting eating disorders and are our sister station there at the intercom station can be our dozen games. You know former Major League pitcher and yes he's had problems and while hasn't eating disorder did you give that any credible and and I asked and picking a winner now the disorder is he eats to much like it's it's a lack of this point it's a lack of of deny self denial now is that something that the giants threw about. Well that the word is that they now are totally new problem re sign up without a clause in his contract they wanna wake clause in there because of this wedeman. This is getting worse now. They wanted to cause then. Otherwise apparently that's why he didn't re sign there and the Red Sox in retrospect I'd had a word out of San Francisco is that they were actually willing to go even. Higher than the Red Sox did money wise. But they wanted to wait clause in the contract in what interest in the wake claws thank you very much. And here's my thing with the whole eating disorder deal it's it's such an excuse for people like. It's simply put I think if you burn more calories than you take it you lose weight if you dig up what Kelly's and you burn off you gain weight I mean I've ever. We are easier Perini was ended you know like Japanese labor camp there wasn't 1300 pound guy next door and saying you know what I'm meet the same couple of Maggie writes that the rest you guys I just it goes right to my thighs. I'm not anymore it's just as eating disorders or weight gain weight aren't. Not get a dismissed any that he has. Eating disorder or dismissed that. But at the giants knew about it. It's it's obviously something that they managed given credit. They managed that they identified initiative we're gonna bring back and then say that the eating disorder. Is there is a reason the ship about a town all the data back and I said we're gonna put got to protect ourselves contractually. The fact the Red Sox didn't do its. Is the problem. 6177797937. Its telephone number four for just over an hour from now. Gala Hollywood Thornton a Specter calls coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. Number two dale and Holley with the Wharton Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I did say some snow possible for tonight. Not supposed to be a big deal however there. Just make the roads a little little greasy out there. It is so weird when you think about a year ago today when we had snow up to our kits skis. And it because the war. At and today Abby eat your look at eternal lawn out there ice Albert Gillette Stadium sent out a tweet they showed Gillette Stadium a year ago. And Gillette Stadium today. And it's likely that an Atlanta or something in the way the weather is around here you hit march 1 I was figure even into England him march 1 I can live with whatever they throw. See my fourteen year old said as we were out of the woods yet and I said hey you know maybe it's the old tiny Red Sox fan in me that I'm like no not until we're actually out of the woods a that we could still blow this lead. Evans said that this time last year I had buckets under every window in my house it was randomly rain and I was trying to convince myself that. It was those little waterfall to buy it Brookstone to calm you it and just every day with stress balls that now since that since the prop bet here a product that's okay opening day. You have a chance are you saying part of Red Sox you and Al Michaels home opener yet. Where's home opener. They open on the road that they are now open on the road and they get tickets round the ether some then it's like the over under. Over under fifty degrees. I'll take the over. Yeah it Allegra I like the over an answer optimistic patriots day will be forty degrees and overcast it color drain it just weirdly he has no matter what it's. The tool coldest days of the year for me. Our marathon day in Saint Patrick's Day for some reason it's always like you did you'd start to think that your out of the woods you're not. A one year one Europe patriots they had to be like seventy something. It was like it was it was difficult for merit honors because that's just that's way too warm for them. And I think it was it had to go X 75. But I'm not going there I'm to have taken and taken the under on both dates actually. I expected to be warm until May. In knowing. Chile by late may but if I can get this. From now till man Michael Kraft is now able April 11 by the way Monday April 11 rural it's real late what time. Wolf I thought well. Monday parliament apple Baltimore Orioles haven't found it important what degrees they open not April 4. Break apart acts Cleveland it would be lovely there are to April or if they play three games in Cleveland clinic go to Toronto who cares they got a dome. And then they come home on Monday the eleventh against the Orioles. And probable way. 372 who are confident that if the six foot 77797937. Its telephone number. Up back to the phone calls you guys Jackson mash the hate Jack I don't. Yeah oh well I don't I don't find thank you inject let me let me get right to be yup patriots they have that play. And the Red Sox they have in play great. A hole like language and learn learn. I CC Andy. Calling them. Calling the Red Sox out of that by calling it in play gate where that will put a lot of pressure on them. It's based seen that name in the newspaper here on the radio it's gonna put the pressure on them. Taylor there isn't any now here's the great of the great things that okay in Beirut at the ready to sit in lake gate that you said. Pressure. Well. Eric or get bigger shocker of supplements. You look at the over of Jack Jack can make it sound as though unless they see the word in late gate they won't know that their third baseman is is overweight. Yet they know that already. Out there okay. You're surrounded on into the not as a professional here you can advise Jack yeah you pulpit a dry well they have my friend got a. Just look move on to the next bit but. I listen clearly the Red Sox are having a reaction to this clearly they sat down together to try to get on the same message. So did I. They have to be feeling the pressure I mean they did they monitor the media appear and it's all we've been talking about it's all that's been on Twitter I mean. Nobody says they're talking about whether you know Pedroia looks like he's you know he's getting his groove back which is talking about the size of of it is. Got itself. You know they they have to know that the situation is a public relations bomb it's gonna explode if something isn't done about it. 6177797937. Mats up in Vermont hey Matt I don't. Eight guys as a government and Greg and jump right into and listen what your widget to say about it so you know. I know that you guys might have a an experience that eating disorders quality to argue that work with you now that she's at camp he has to step up your game and you know I think the Red Sox approach. John Carroll's approach with this is actually spot on the what he's doing he's he's not making it about a week he's not making about the number. Because if he does having the sore. Then if they're focusing on the number they're focusing on the wrong issue. People with a overeating. Eating disorder tended to use that as like it's. Coping mechanism form it's all about their emotional health and well being so I'm hoping that the Red Sox are focusing on what's gonna make Pablo feel good about. What he's doing his life through years. And I think that will be much more indicative of how. I think anybody said anything about the number I don't I don't I don't think I don't think members of the media said Telus and number I don't think they keep saying did you ask him to lose weight yet and asking was where it so. Let I'm not dismissing that the eating disorder is real. But Matt you use. He nationality now we're going down to one out of a very slippery road here. What makes Pablo field you may not necessarily be in line with what the Red Sox need. Yeah under the so that it will make public feel good it is. We pinning that would be one of the best he can do. OK so I was OK okay broke a great I don't HE OK okay it makes him feel better to win. And so now I'm on the Red Sox on the employers say now. You feel better winning so we all as an Arafat that's right that's why we brought you here because we felt we felt like you were winning player you work. And what was it last year. It didn't that you can we can even get what are we get away from meeting we get away from meeting so far focused on that what was it last year that. That stopped you from doing the winning things you were doing it separatist. I think that's a very fair question. I don't know that you that would. Bigger now that he wasn't can't. Can that be your doing you're doing what you're accusing us don't I said overall weight. You keep going back and wait I asked the very. Wait. A neutral question I said what was it. Last year problem that got you away from being the winning player that you weren't temperatures go to quite a bit and so what is it. No you're right on your spot on its. That's a great question ask what was it. Well that's all I want caveat I did anybody ever and if he immediately says it was I was. I I was two back dwelled on your back to square one again and let's listen to what group upset. He works at our sister station can be aren't San Francisco I believe he works on the giants a radio broadcasts out their former Major League pitcher. Nose problem sent a ball was there when Pablo cent of all was helping the giants win three World Series. Andy was talking on KN BR and it was yesterday or the day before and this is what he set. You can't help her but what this guy and he's just know he's just one of those people that. You wanna be around and and it's unfortunate America need disorder but simpler and simple you can't control so the sad part about it should it make what his color shorts and its crew were all believed to it could be an all star Courant and Fox News or use reward with a nice chunk of change jobs or five year deal with with Boston's big iron. And the only game mode of cubicles militants are gone and they're gonna make this life miserable. Carry it with all due respect to my crook out and to map the call up. The end game here isn't you know. Pablo personal happiness. And the real tragedy is an of his career is cut short. The end game here is is Symbian a productive player earning his pay and that the the real tragic would be if the police here any socks. You know I mean like he he's not a school teacher. He's not a radio host he's not a into overdrive our. He's a professional athlete and he's being paid good money to perform. And he's not performing no if you want to perform at his weight now and we wanna get up the weight thing. Fine do so what I'm not gonna sit here and contemplate whether or not his personal happiness is is going to be it'll in it. Tinged at all but you know. His success on the field a giant the issue of the giants flat out say that have a giants ever. Said that. That he had eight inning hit me and I'd I don't bully publicly. But I wouldn't be surprised you know you're around the team every day I would be surprised if it's the sort of thing you heard in a clubhouse on a boss. You know you hear things that they may not be saying publicly but you know behind closed doors isn't god almighty we just can't get him to stop. I can't say it it doesn't it doesn't seem to match up with. What he said last year's spring training you remember okayed this if this is an organization. That knew this about a never whispered it. I'll never whispered it during his is free agency visits in his visit here. I didn't you know go to the media and say well volume of very risky signings probably better off here because we understand. They do anything like that. They knew about the credit they got dirty business if you don't why don't they didn't do that right then get dirty business. They wanted to bring them back in in what happened they offered more money supposedly got the spring training last year he blasted them. Remember us an end and then teammates in turn blasted him they cannot say you know we have like one for and there are a couple of president really like it. So. I just tried hard to believe that a guy who was taken care of by an organization. Outside of baseball because with I'm not doubting and a lot of people. You know hear these things you hear about. You know addiction you hear about eating disorders and in our. Tendencies just to simplify its LS not real why don't you just stop doing this I don't think the worst it was so I'm not I'm not minimizing it. But this is a real condition. That he had slash has. And the giants to care of them because reaction. Doesn't necessarily a match up with the tree. That is Abbott sometimes. Your your self awareness lags a little bit you know and and I'm not making excuses I don't know what they'd offered to do formal what they did. He just may not truly appreciate how how carefully they were trying to handle his situation. Sometimes people don't know what they don't know. And did you guys hear Sam Kennedy on the morning show guy get us anymore okay. Am I am com according here John Farrell Carla Vallone attire medical staff the training staff. They meet with each and every player at the end of the season given exit interview when they go through what clue workout plan has to be for the Nazis that so there are expectations and he goes on to say. And if they show up to campus and are ready to go they should be held accountable throughout the season that doesn't sound to me. Back let's winnable then I don't go that. There's a work out plan Dombrowski imperil both said he religiously followed the work out plan he did the workouts he did the work. What they didn't give him was eight diet plan. They didn't have a nutrition plan now I heard dumb brows ski say that that problem has now hired a nutritionist. And the Red Sox are working with this nutritionist to try to make sure at its sounds to me like whether the Red Sox made him aware. Org or there was some moment of self awareness on Pablo as part. He sadly realize I need help here. This is beyond what I can handle I I got to do something different here. The fact that he's hired a nutritionist in the Sox are working with that person indicates. OK am I'm ready to get hold of that. Who do we have a timeframe on when he hired the nutritionist because that's important to me. The I would like to think that it was that dead of winter when he said Jesus isn't really working out for me I'm still put on the weight. What I suspect that he got there and they said. Or holy crap you are ten pounds away from having your wrong congressman you've got to do something about this. And so they forced them to take on the nutritionists think about this story about district. You have got a lot blind trust. And and I and I love alleged Alameda a larger ladies say I respect you all but I'm asking this guy to produce to contribute. I'm millions in Portland AME yeah I don't. If you really. How about what you and I think that the team morale will be like now if I would sit teeny. And realize that the only reason he's playing let me is because of our team. Didn't hack wanna him to work out and are there guidelines in nineteen. For the simple reason that he doesn't have to you follow a certain plan you know I I think it. I wouldn't be very happy and I wouldn't wanna. Pat them on my eighteenth I'm wondering what you guys think. That team morale will be like this year Heather at our. We'd like if you raise an agent that you're familiar raise an interesting point and Steve Buckley wrote a column yesterday about. Talking to. Dustin Pedroia and is that a blocker and Pedroia talked about the team in general but he talked about. Working hard he kept reference and he kept going back to it in part point and invalid one was that. He wasn't talking to the press he was talked into the rest of the team into Pope work and writes about accountability it's about put in the time. It's of opium in shape all those things and that's I I think. Pedroia UP and a leader. And in expressing his dissatisfaction with you know the CN evolve and with with alien sent them a message that they better step up. Amid brings up an interesting question though because it in the aftermath of his departure from San Francisco what we learned is that like him very much up there while we're we we learned that after he brought it right and and that these teams personally is now part of Persia. I have not seen any evidence of that here. Not that now I'm not the clubhouse every day so I don't wanna pretend like you know I'm in their observing. I haven't heard whispers of guys and for its use to that am I haven't heard any of the stuff yet. Impact the impression I've gotten. Impression only is that the kind of liked this guy. And it seems different than in San Francisco resident. Well let me know and woody was Francisco they covered. I'll give it to me I mean just watching watching the giants. And and they won three World Series titles so. We got you watching problems and a ball on that stage anything like. Number one player fun nicknames mica a fan favorite all that I didn't nobody. Nobody thought of any kind of discordant here for Cisco until puddles and ball brought it up last year's pre trip how shocked by what he's got a spring training last year I think a lot of people's tempers. We're surprised. Yeah I mean I did here and it's it's from a guy in the comedy world and they tend to know things because they're friends with the athletes and whatever it. Sometimes you get good inside dope and I heard that the locker room was very fractured last year. Now we. It would explain a lot of help how badly they played in all weather was really quirky weather cent of all came here in didn't fit in a whatever. But aren't specifics on the add in the fact is it seemed like once John Farrell got sick. That they sort of galvanized. These are great they certainly played better. So let me just give mr. resources the comic yes and they don't stuff that's not picket if they talked to a lot of people lately things. I I you know I might not shared that part body of information with a class I said you know I have a source I mean I don't want to make it sound like it's some clubhouse attendant or whatever but date of Pedroia of personal. Really this has. A guy who is who does the other one because of he's hiring the eight remaining half. Oh you know letting the market knows it's got its is this a bad thing that. All this talk about by the late Lenny does stuff all the talk about food is really meant that. As it is now works as well I don't right now. You would pop record doesn't with a duck and a half dozen donuts a couple of a couple of crawlers but some. Couple would glaze. Bobs and data may Bob height of the month and that they're you want to. Let players what's going on above. And they guys say don't. I just. I just looked like in the you know. Footage of alias they were in out insists. I mean he eat this is body language he just doesn't care. And you got a guy like Pedroia who no one here is more work out of that hit many debacle at Mike Hanley about forty feet two was left. Who nobody cares less who works works lasts in the city. And I just don't see it lasting. It it'll be a blow up big time they get away an area it'll on the field in the club house. Real quick vignettes Lipitor is that too evidently I'm paraphrasing but. You know really be open to doubt you could be missing teeth like my six year old. Most of them. I know Barack. Knuckle it's the fact that Atlanta public it's not elect its. And I just it's just going to be fun to watch and edited it's it's discouraging in a way because as a suspect Waldrop sort the last two years. Bob is it you bring up got some good points and I wondered is it too much to ask for. To all sports miracles in the span of four years. Because I thought that the biggest miracle. In May be in Boston sports was when bench Harrington or Larry Lucchino I don't know who's responsible but they were able to. They felt like okay is this the wrong direction. That take all of these salaried guys and that Josh Beckett did in and Carl Crawford made a mistake there agent Gonzales good player but then want to be here problem billion dollars and a guy that I take that we're just gonna move it out. And see you look at what they got returned to get anything in return except for restart. Get any players who were here now we're help them ruby I don't know there was a part of it. Edmonds. Was it Allen Edmonds the pitcher he owns it like he Arctic scared. They got. Eyes on the DJ you lined up in that Tampa is that real cool do first baseman with a cast name. James Loney DJ James got a jet I with requires a door over james' loud and use different models do smoke route. Think separate space and I think it Dave Dombrowski can pull something like that off right now. Executives of these. He idle thought if he was going to be able to do it it was going to be in the off season. I was Witten for that miracle in the same guy who unloaded Prince Fielder on Texas. And I thought it if anybody can do this Dombrowski can do in the offseason and he apparently couldn't. Right then that this is his attempt to salvage. Web that are thank you at Allen Edmonds is the store at the issue. I think I. And swept through regular much. I've ever driven sound right you don't really sucks would you would you preface your remarks by talking about the biggest miracle in the last four years. And I think you're talking about the World Series win and it's notable that salary dump a right it's a big America over the 2013. The world's. Ares is the one you're sort of cause the other I was really start off like I can now listen to the jerky boys and that's going to be like to plan around with a bomb called surge. You what do you what do you really want to get a lot of credit okay. 67779737. At Hollywood for Spector cult export ratio of the to be fair nobody back in Boston last couple days has talked a price they're talking about Santa Paul and you know I I got asked understand what are you and you must be. Disappointed with this physical condition that we showed up for the here's tinkered with we outlined to him and offseason workout routine offseason plan as every player gets. We asked him to come back in better shape we did not give a specific weight. To target to commit to camp why would you do that just our curiosity. Well first of all to talk about a player's specific weight we wouldn't do that publicly but in this case because there's been a range of weights that. Pablo has played after of course was clear that that's I think pretty clear and it's been evident we generalize that with. You need to back in better shape which includes greater range greater agility through the work out that we all witnessed this offseason work being done you have to say that he is not met expectations got it's not a flattering picture. We saw that. John Ferrell on this morning with John and Gerry and Kirk. Understatement of the year that was not a flattering picture at at at. Okay that part exactly right. Not a flattering picture and yes I mean. My high school yearbook photo is not a flattering picture that is a disaster that is the worst thing that could've happened to this team. At the beginning of of spring training. And for him to be the last guy to show up I mean not. Maybe it maybe not technically. Literally the last one but the last giving god the you'll really anxious to see what would he would be like me interject here. Three days before he was supposed to be ya Iliad no I don't I don't wanna make this satellite audio out up. Fat bastard David Shaw on time yes no I'm not saying he was on Roger Clemens and saying that you know it for the for the guys that you wanted to see. How he would show up and that was pretty much going to be the last story of the opening of camp. In for a pet to have it be as negative as it possibly could be for the team is is that is a terrible look and it's gonna resonate with people. But I think they're gonna do now. What's their plan. Is that they've they've it's been they're gonna try to get it out like this stuff doesn't even exist were to break his way I work out we're gonna. In other again tomorrow is the first full squad workout today it was technically report David a but it was there. The other lot their work tomorrow they're gonna hit they're gonna field afterwards John Farrell's gonna say in a guys to get their work in their working hard to get ready. I think the first I think the BC game is next Monday. I I think that that kicks off the exhibition pre season grapefruit league season. And and then they'll just start doing that and you know hopefully in the third inning. You know in the games going on in you see folks running in the outfield will be problem up there with jogging back and forth in the outfield. The other point is that this will have to thank you name it everything else boss does and it will eventually right. Of they'll say positive things really like his progress he's he's working hard and I think frankly they'll try. Not to talk about a much and try to emphasize the other things because at some point they got to get their fan base riled up. So we'll hear a lot about how golf the pictures the pictures are progressing and how sharp David Price looks and and so one which will not be a hard thing to sell problem. Now that I bad I have no no doubt that a mean there's reason to be optimistic about the steam by. Yelled that it is no point now in not. In moving off the topic of the two guys who with the most crushing disappointments last year. And that's the first baseman in the third base innate they had company not a lot of don't already know I wouldn't disappoint I would offer that there are guys that a pitching staff are our winner of all that they had completely that's LOR a that we were a little too little poster children who. Parcells and there is the three had a monster. And I would say. And its imports were making two million dollars this year. Eight hours and you're asking. Well what we know we've got the race nobody's even make that nobody. Dave to browse you haven't Detroit and not even trying to make you think. That that Barcella as the ace. If it's worse than that. Don't even know the number two starter reports throws making twenty million dollars a year and you cannot say definitively that he's your number two star can. You know it's and it's funny I was elected nets in the morning the very first day. Of pitchers and catchers reporting. And that was the topic a little roundtable discussion who's the number two starter that's really the biggest question in camp but either way and it's such an overblown. Each nationwide and we MB yeah we talked about how things get overblown in this town. We sell over blow what is he got the real easy for. Like it matters what matters it matters when you're there one guy twenty million and it's even a conversation here it matters in this sense. They have three good pitchers. They have got hurt their three starters excuse me I started offshore. Well rises prices easy that's one. I think ports are both pretty good I think he showed no yes I think he showed that when he came back last year and looked. Some semblance of what you saw before baseball don't work like that I did I I I think when Clay Buchholz is healthy he's always good I can't slice when he is healthy. I couldn't do that I can't do that delicate slice a year and and it's a nice little thirds well we came back after this point drop off in. So I don't know. Dependable dependable about that. Not talent that's different talented and a dependable value out what we're doing it that's what people say it's the 123 because it looking ahead to. The playoffs you're thinking about a plan a and it was off so I gotta tell it again populated got a playoff team yet a playoff team. You have three guys. They give me a legitimate chance of winning about my theory if you're in the playoffs and the answer is yes you do. You do know it if you're there in the playoffs that your pitching has helped get you there. Can you get to the point. Can you can you wrote can you envision the Red Sox having. Three talented guys in the rotation. Who are who give them about that. Give them a chance of winning the division or competing for a playoff spot to be the answer is you've got one of those guys you got one unquestionable legit ace. In for question marks and all four question marks are different. It did you know with ports so it's. Is he the guy ate that you don't came off the disabled list series you've got to put on this table lists with it with you rod. It is he ready is he ready to progress. With with you know but colts outsiders and that would Joseph Kelly Beatty finally learn how to. Pitch because with our item got to go to the cliche board and see if you can guess the puzzle OK Erica peaked he could roll. But. Trying to yeah yeah but backgrounds but he needs to learn how to pitch tomorrow. It was a fast op Ed and Farrell does not throw word out of figured out and Farrell said this morning that he learned that his fastball wasn't gonna get people low consistently that Major League hitters will sit on that. So that you know his claim is that he you know when he starts for one of the things the strikes in and in his current bubble comes part of the equation. And that's you know why you went seven and no. What is that the Joseph Kelly that we can expect this year so right now is not real reason I have faith. In any of those four guys. Put all four of them could also turn out to be go it panic network Eduardo Rodriguez really committed I love them but I just wanna not. Get too far ahead of ourselves on him because you know he hasn't pitched a full season in Major League Baseball and if you're grasses that's the natural. You know progression of guys say that that that's how both guys career arcs are a solo album. If he was a stock I would buy right now and I would invested for the future I just don't know if he's ready to be and you know and number two starter Johnny and. Ball river hate Johnny NATO. Guys like Johnny Johnny you know. You should you're working out what was his diet and George Foreman. And others now wait a minute now there's a difference between dietitian and working out. I am I had a dietitian. And a nutrition plan that's different then than working out. Oh yeah an even on that shouldn't let me would be a already got do you play I don't you keep what worked to George I don't know like how they got that line up I went off. I'd let me just say this I didn't really even when he's not buying what he's looking like now I mean I was stuck needed with with the red rocks and what they woods. Look at and what they were trying to get when they would start when they're trying when they were courting him he created I mean it's almost like. I'll give you an analogy I mean it was like. Say you you look at this girl and she's. And that all these guys are like quarter net like all like. Charm and her wine and dine in or you're in an in this scene itself. I don't know what it's something we won't make much of a sudden but not only is this goal I mean not attractive but. I need cheap she looks that you walked into the room to jump on the table I mean my god idea how I look at panda I don't. It's. Are your I well I don't know you know Jerry. I heard that your interest and comedy so there's a rumor that. You've actually done some shows maybe you can bring a man along with there. And that you want them to the rotation yet. Yeah I just and it's a 11 George Foreman joke and then and I'm -- the agonizing just got to learn how to do that idea if it makes Adobe gonna go to mrs. Butterworth you know you could have the EPA could have done a lot of things but. He just kept hammering away and that same thing I've always convinced me. It this certain hurdles the colonel Sanders are made mean not as fast sir Edmund yeah a lot of them Jackie Burger King. 617779. A text says dale who you are not like on the Red Sox. It's not like super Sox suck up all that's right that's socks and NASA and it while mess and does the Sox don't. Nested absolutely right. Yeah there's some guys who I've questions about not the least of which arts sent a ball and Hanley Ramirez. Absolutely ideal. And they'll say. Economist Adam compromise on your portrait Sox over. I. I I I have to tell you that I I probably think more of their pitching prospects than the textured here. And I do think getting net ace and sticking him at the top of the rotation. Help slot everybody else back in his spots that they were probably more comfortable. That the whole you know all we have five bases was just did disaster from day one he's we all know Italian it was so ridiculous those stupid. T shirts and all that stuff. The fact you're not trying to force Rick or sell lowered joked earlier Clay Buchholz to be your number one starter. When they never should have been to begin with. Help solve a lot of problems the only point I was making about we make such a big deal Ottawa who's two who's three whose full auto he's not forties by. After a through a series. You know you're number four starter starting the second series is the outset your race. But it's a big deal if you if you got a rotation I think I atmosphere of people doing and I do it I'm with him. If you got a rotation full of number four starters they've got a problem. So with the Red Sox they've got an ace what they have after that. Not because none of us now. But you know. But because. Dumb on the Sox payroll they give me Elliot sites often paid rather Red Sox 61777. Why mice tried so hard to pay off these college bills I've got all this cash covenant. 6177797937. Elena holly with Orton Sports Radio WEEI. Are you pleased with this condition right now is condition level right now between you say that's the one that you want the word got stuck in the offseason but you rather have seen right here is that the guy wanted to see. Well I Al Davis. It was when I saw him in person. In early January. It was group that he was in better shape than he finished last year with you better shape than than he was four weeks later. He easing can he's probably in the similar shape as as we so reluctant here two days ago so we we've got all spring training get ready for opening day. John Ferrell on this morning with John and Gerry and Kirk. Talking about well published on the ball which has been the focus for a lot of folks wealth will come up with a melts there there will be some other controversy soon. Oh yeah shared joke Kelly's wife had a baby 34 days ago we couldn't get it to camp till now or whatever it is you know will come up whether it. I think as we sit here right now and barrel talked about this today down in Fort Myers. That as it stands right now as it looks right now we deal with a number one pitcher is on this staff liberties. He says Clay Buchholz as the number two. That likely means reports seller was the number three. Eduardo Rodriguez number four and there's that battle for the fifth starter spot because I don't think that's been settled yet. But just the fact that all of a sudden Buchholz is two ports LO is three Rodriguez's or just. Props everybody packed down into little bit more comfort zone don't think young. Starting with Buchholz him particulate is I think he needs that. And Curt Schilling is psyched about this like the he's not a guy. That is that give me the ball a big game and opening day does count as a big game and you know despite what some people wanna argue it's. It's period there is at a certain message that you send in their wind when it's Europe. You know you'll start. And I never got the impression that putt colts once that they'd that he was comfortable in that Curt Schilling in that regard ya yeah exactly who you would have to rip it out of his hands to give it to Pedro. So I think that's got to help buckles at my are safe area would you think with comfort level would would buckle or was it just a matter of staying healthy. Why did it mainly healthy because then and I said this yeah a few minutes ago and and I feel very confident saying it when he is healthy he's really good. I mean there was a stretch there but before he got hurt with last year the year before he was best pitcher in baseball right I've heard Lou talked about this and I've heard. Curt Schilling talked about you know the stuff that he has unfortunately. He will be on reliable in Chile isn't anymore or which means I quit this season assuming he's gonna get her. Assuming he's gonna miss some lengthy stretch of the. Of the season because he always does. My theory on him is that he has about a 128. Good innings in them every year. And if he throws a 180 innings a 120 up a Moby good if it goes a 120 he'll have a great season. And it's in it's it's played out his whole career given sixteen starts and he's out of this world give them. You know to 25 plus and you docket to get thirty he'd never have. Arm then you're gonna get mediocrity you're gonna. As with him by the way I mean if you think about it not now obviously conditioning isn't an issue it's not like problem you know it and she'll go oh my god look at that got. In fact if anything you wish he'd you know at a stake in once and awhile right knee he seems to fit at times. You think there's anything to just that locker is just that he can't stay healthy at that nothing he can do it. I know what it's ever questioned his offseason work out eat up abruptly at the time any thought working hard enough. And yet he always gets her. Yeah I think some guys have to go the extra mile an air conditioning. Just be durable. And I don't think he was blessed with their ability I think you would have to work out twice as hard as anybody else. In order to be that guy you know when you do see some of those supremely durable pitchers of our times like Clemens like. Like Nolan Ryan and there. There almost pear shaped in all like big big bottoms big legs big thighs and from all that running and that's that's not buckled so until further notice I'm just gonna assume. Physically his body isn't built for the strains of a long baseball sees. No we we get to we're talking about this last week I hadn't had it go find one of our former interns. Covers are Red Sox now. And I was suggest. Following her on Twitter. My name's Jim McCaffrey very good which is very so. To McCaffery I heard us talking about this on the radio last week does buckles is and I just wrote about it. And and you should check it out and and the headline is no interest. Clay Buchholz in the key to an injury free season matched their homework yours great. That 200549. Starters to at least 200 innings. 201045. Starters 45 starters. Through at least 200 inning. And last season 27 starters. Released to ordered to see a trend here from 49 to 45 to 27. She writes it's clear you were starters starters are making few restarts and therefore prone fewer innings now this is where she really get this is where the rubber meets the road right here. But cold this career stats. Show that his best inning ERE wise is that sticks. Where he's put up a 263 ERA beyond the six starts declined 307316. And then 756. In the ninth. Last year he break at all down like six innings he's pretty good so her car conclusion is. With the Red Sox they got they hear. Analytic guru Brian Bannister with an improved bullpen. Would dates with a indoors bringing on an innings cap. For buckles at six. He's most effective through six. Get a better bullpen. And you preserve that. But the run the risk of burning up bullpen quicker the bullpen and it would Europe in the bullpen designed for that. Died today and they have done a good job. Adding arms to the bullpen you're injured doing it you're if this is the Clay Buchholz rule and an emperor I don't know what you guys thank you and what's thicket. All I don't debated. God. Talk about it being that basically. This has happened for pictures. Much more talented and Reebok. For for a variety of reasons. The Mets did it last year. Talent so happened that they did report pitcher who was was coming off surgery probably John surgery so they were trying to cap those innings. Cattle with young pitchers a lot who it who you know you don't want the increase in innings from one year to the next to be too dramatic. Five. Different budget McCaffrey was one of our best to enter our report I. I don't even care that doesn't work. Like the way get it. Right it's it's good in theory it's good in a vacuum. Because it. Presupposes that you'll get six months out of them. But there are going to be those times where you bullpen is tapped. You know though what does that started the night before went you know it you know an inning and two thirds in India had to suck it up or. You know what that extra inning game that goes in seventeen innings or whatever so there are going to be times it's just gonna have to add that up that right there. Overtimes he asked to do it but I like this plan of understanding gui it. And each and playing to his strengths. If that's what if that's if he if he's that guy. And you know he's good at a certain level and then there's a there's a drop off then you've got to deal what that he's your guy. You're not gonna trade him. So he's he's. He's sure problem regret a solution. 6177797937. Its telephone number text always available to be at 37937. Our for a fourth coming up just a couple of Mets right back your calls as well dale in Hollywood for Sports Radio WB yeah.