WEEI>On Demand>>Jackie MacMullan on OMF: "I do believe that Danny (Ainge) is going to make another run at Kevin Love" 2-17-16

Jackie MacMullan on OMF: "I do believe that Danny (Ainge) is going to make another run at Kevin Love" 2-17-16

Feb 17, 2016|

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN joins Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about the Celtics trade deadline news and about her latest story on Larry Bird saying he will die young.

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I let's talk some loops we are what twenty. Seven hours away. From the trading deadline Canadiens at list. The novelist on that let them I'm ecstatic ecstatic that novelist. Let's start with somebody who know little something about that Jackie Mack joins us live on the phone line. Jacqui I don't. I have a big recollection of you guys. You Hamas activities please listen well there's more to show right now violate feels like you know it's all got the game back together. Minus you know obviously with the addition of orderly you know you went out got married army supported I did I now it was I was I was a timer Salvadoran interest and now it is there a connection I felt that it's like the bachelor you know she just didn't want to give me a rose in Africa. Now he's your typical jockeying always like to cover up what is a year. Don't kindred spirits don't listen don't try pulled the embeds car you know what happened to him after try to get in between all Jack you know I don't bet could finally don't yeah. About it suited up but I don't know who the heck gets mad attitude. Yeah it's I just don't you think it's romantic matter. You have the instrument did you get married the next thing you do have a talk show the couple have a dudes you know that that's. I will say this. It you guys are happy that solid match all matters should we got something big planted a solid which is should these knuckle head dark. Are invited to advance at note that if for them literally about a year yes. I see it's 47 hours a way you'd Danny Ainge what do you think is possible what are you hear that he's trying to do. Well. You don't find it humorous that the Celtics are on Dwight Howard Lester. The 30000030000030. Million this isn't a thirty year old guy who is the rim detector that we know the Celtics need. But listen he reminds me a little bit of A-Rod you know the nickname mean Iraq has or you know this slow the cooler right everywhere he goes things go out. Phil black artists and pretty good years in Orlando goes to the lakers. And and I can still picture Kobe Bryant in the foresees its totality railing on about how this guy but all this talent doesn't do anything to get himself better right. It isn't quite hard to make it the same mold that we can't make. You know be 8910 years ago he's not a guy that's. Hell bent on winning which is why couldn't get along with Colby and a lake he goes do you live a decent year last year and now they're they're not even a playoff team. I just can't imagine. Why did he would make this his first priority in and talking to people over there I don't think he is their first priority in fact. The only way I think White House would come to Boskin is that they could work out something where they just ran for three months and I don't have to give up very much. And then maybe to make a nice little run in the play I just don't you like Dwight Howard in the long term future. Tony what do you see in their future. Why do believe that the idea he's gonna make another run Kevin Love because we know they wouldn't love all along and you know what I think it's asking about love. Everybody down on him well you know he's he's stretching the floor which we know Bret Stephens like right. Yeah we can't dissent. When you know I don't know how you guys feel about real plus minus and attend the hand and ensure the Celtics have things that are much more sophisticated than what we use hideous cancer real plus minus. But just for the heck of it I looked it up for you guys this morning Kevin Love. If you put money he got. Twelve overall in the league okay that's pretty get his offensive numbers right now. His Defense Department is better than his offensive. Last month to I think Kevin Love. Get a raw deal when it comes to Cleveland Cavaliers in May be why they're not performing as well as they should in effect. We know the carrier is coming off some pretty severe injuries look at his numbers guys they're horrible. Can keep it says a plus minus is a minus 3.2 two the only point guards you know the play significantly in the league that are worst. Our guys like Brandon Knight and actually Derrick Rose. So I think Kevin Love gets a raw deal I would be thrilled with the Celtics could bring Kevin last year I just don't think it's gonna happen from Cleveland. On the best team in the east. And you know we although every team gold states can't tell you there one injury away from the inviolable. I'm standing pat for the most part maybe he'll make a little deal like mocked top form in is in their show or something like that I'm not making the big deal frankly. Yeah and that's what else they give to Wie discusses yes you know I can see them tinkering with some smaller parts in awe of their team. But this is the deal but I think there would be done in June or July. The agreement still can win the east and you know you know go to the NBA finals that doesn't seem like the timing and that name. Is ripe for the catalyst especially if they are fired a coach they need this. I agree and I and I really think that carrier aren't going to be much much much better. There's a midseason trade in my opinion that's going to be getting retiree Irvin finally been settled spec candidate healthier and is ready to be an elite player again. And that's as good as any trade that they can make. Project over a guy like Al Horford and now the disorder dangling him as well me once again it's it's like Dwight Howard right you'd what you gonna give up form but to me it's. Are you willing to give this guy that Max deal if you're not you're not gonna give up anything because I think someone will eventually be like them. Yes so I'll I like Al Horford a lot but I understand exactly what you're saying little and again are you gonna take Al Horford in that it with the notion that in fact you might be different in him for a few months. By the way I'm also not convinced in talking around the league. That the hawks are really willing to trade Al Horford he has told them that he wants to enjoy free agency is so many of these great place to. But in no way she performances like Goran project last year at the deadline. When he's going to Phoenix you better check because I'm not staying here Al Horford has not said that to the Atlanta Hawks. Now they're also looking at became insane. All right we want to keep our grouped together because we were good or not great. Are you ready to deal Horford Korver is not going anywhere okay unless it's a blockbuster. So I I think there's a latency mode the Atlanta Hawks I have time to be really surprised it up Al Horford changes speed. You're probably right but don't you think it's more of a matter of Danny Ainge looking at saying. The 21 round picks that we have our own and Dallas Houston it's a useless so why not get rid of now we get the David Lee money so we can make it work we add another player in to leak into the Folger repko whoever it at my door and we get Horford we borrow for a couple months and may be were able to convince him. Next year is about to get maximum contract anyway which shocks the hell out of me that he's a maximum contract guy but he he has in his day and age. Then you worry about it next year but you've given up nothing to do so I would never give the Brooklyn pick up Jackie. I thought that we talked about it I've got to say Glenn what happens during you cannot eat lobster. I thank you well it's my mind before them but that's a separate story. The Brooklyn academy you know the only guy and like it to be given an up or would be Camelot. But the rest of them you know he can you know what you don't like that ticket now there's a catch 22 with that is that there okay so that it had been bent Simmons or. Bender or Ingram you can be really really happy and at. You know drop in our seven or eight. You know what can that happen to the Celtics every time doesn't it in the draft lottery. So there's a little bit of a gamble they're holding on to the tick. But then you know trade of people in it turned out to be and I. I don't think that Danny feels that if he used every single one of these picks in the draft to be extremely disappointed. Yes and he won't do that I I don't believe that he'll do that I really don't. There's so many fixes only use all of the Austin Austin talk to on their way this will do something they always do. You know I like the idea and you guys heard about it I think is John Hampton. You know you need rim protector there's no question either very underrated rim protector if he could score a little bit he'll rebound. Because they have Greg Monroe because the dot particular cabinet like out of this world. I a year he becomes a little expendable so maybe you can mean maybe that's a smaller deal that you can make which I think would help this team. Measurably but you know the problem is. It may cut to Evan Turner. You know to talk to direct cup and in turn to me has been just the unsung hero this team he's spent so many little things were I know we all cringed when he shoots threes and he turned the ball over too much but he's he's just made such a huge difference this year fifteen he spent so many wonderful things. I thought he was one of those guys Kenny acquired figuring that I can flip them and a year like in development a little bit improve on it's been a failure at two different spots. And we flip them and instead right now you're right you look at them and end of games he's an important is found my moment. He's Thelma yeah you know the only blood. The spotlight always says and you know what I would put you he gets he gets the smaller guy in the post that money money. But you'd fallen category of regular guitar with some of these guys that you'd like yet you'd still peel them I think yesterday. We have a caller says he wouldn't deal Jae Crowder for Kevin Love straight up and we can select what the hell are we talking about them. Like member back in the day they wouldn't deal Trot Nixon for Sammy Sousa book has the authority about both on the due to meet. They allowed the loyalty about the campaign debt rating Jae Crowder has come to embody. Everything that is good. And great about this Celtics team he is the poster boy for Whitbread. Stephens wants he's top. He's Smart he gives you install it it was offensive game at surprise me that I didn't know I didn't know he had that kind of range. And defensively he just gets after it he's the poster boy for the team. But you know you can get a player like Kevin Love. You gotta you gotta roll up that post. And don't yet you know I just think that yeah I don't I visited house of last year there's just. I I personally just don't believe that there's going to be a substantial move. That is that that Celtics will acquire that is a ground breaking in a franchise deal for the B a for a long term player that's gonna comer I think it's gonna happen in June or July. So as this team is built right now realistically you watch smaller time recover later in the know he's young the other teams that are in the Eastern Conference. Realistically is this a second round team maybe third round on immediate what you really feel like they're capable of doing. Well I tell you they scare everybody has to death. And and most of that because of Brad Stevens and the kind of thing is that I was in Toronto this weekend had a long talk with pop about Bret Stephens and by the way you I think economic I really think he'll be on top staff for the Olympic team. And going to forward that's how much pop thinks of them and what I think I was talking about would pop. Would all the little wrinkle to an end and you know like talking a hot players to that I was down there about Stevenson about the Celtics and how. You know they look at a place that you play Albright if you play and they and they watch until until like we have a dependent. Over the Celtics did just one little thing differently and Laura stepped play. So Brad Stevens is quickly developing its reputation as one of the great X in those guys that direction guys. In the league. And he gets died the other thing they say about Bret Stephens everybody in Toronto said the same thing too he's got all these players to buy in and you just can't put a price tag on that. So all of that's wonderful. But when you get into a seven game series. They're gonna have weaknesses because I gave you closer. And you get a double him you gonna make him give up the ball. And who's gonna take shops flea and that's that was the problem like you're policies and it'll be the problem again this year. I do think they I believe very strongly they can get other person but you know they're not going to be Cleveland we know that. And all that is wonderful to boo when it comes down to deciding whether you wanna play in Boston on how much weight does that carry it on a freeze the money's there. Do I go to Brad Stevens because I like yet the extra wrinkle. You know elements I don't. The only sane and everything I think it you know there's a lot of things that work here Luke. Putting that number 11 overall pick turn out to be there. And I think that really makes a big difference when you're trying to be but they're also don't have guys are gonna have David Lee numbers off the book they're gonna that's fifteen point five million dollars off their books. They're going to be able to go out there. And overspending I think any note he's gonna have to overspent so did the overspend now during that betrayed them in which I'd still think he will. Because there isn't the urgency for this can do it again and like it's you know someone really did like Kevin Love. And I just an of which you that I just don't think it's gonna be huge firework. At a bar that's why I think it's more likely gets rid of those two draft picks that he knows based on the personnel. He's got that are on the sidelines right now he would never use is in Dallas they just don't have any value. To which team he's more likely to do that now. And he's gonna do something big he's doing it in the offseason so you tell me you're Danny Ainge now. You built this team to this level. There's a team that could win fifty games and I agree with your assessment. In the playoff that it gets the half court gets more physical we start last year with Cleveland apron big bodies around Isiah they shut down his vision it's the forget. Yeah yes so so what is the any duo now. Because this is not gonna continuous good coaches this guy is you can't continue to sell these type of players that are at this talent level. You need to get stars up here at that level. I don't know if you go to weight around even if he'd have been Simmons and wait around for 345. Years until he developed so what do you do if you're changed knowing that. Timing is everything Jack. And their rights you've got to overpay for one of these players. You got overpaid for one and and you know by that I mean a guy like Horford and he will be overpaid. But you know Horford is great in the locker room he's a terrific. Young and he's still here and you had some analysts Molly injury history but not one that I would worry. Terrifically about you gotta get someone like that. To commit to come here and and you gotta make it as attractive as possible for him you know and it's it's interesting because if you can do that. Then you can take Isaiah and he's been wonderful and he's so much fun to watch we all agreed. But we also I think would all agree. Pretty much better off seeded coming off the bench concentrate our planet as a number three player you know median number two but really it into the number three. Jack we don't we're all these names every keys matching and a Horford. Around up in our real sport and it gonna give you one more markets cousins interest. Guys I spent three days to picking targets story for ESPN and I wouldn't touch and I just wouldn't. He's the only one coach it's never got through to one Michael Malone and that's because he let them do whatever the hell he wanted to. This guy just can't do it I spent three days of the mine was there a for two different game both game that was it he was on the verge. Prompting every minute every bad call every missed assignment every little thing sets this guy off now. You know I guess if we really believe in Bret Stephens and we think Brad Stevens can transform this guy. That's following good. I don't believe that I wouldn't take yeah he's talented he's like incredibly as the best big men in the game right now. You hope that anybody you can't have your number one player. The guy that you worried about that has got to be a leader that is going to be in the same bad what are your coach. Exactly and he's you're going to be worried about him play four days a week seven you don't have planted and I believe they talk about firing George Karl you really can't quote unquote Big Three is. DeMarcus Cousins. Roger on Rondo and Rudy Gay. God help on my goodness. I don't wanna get this piece that you wrote. I think I just got this circle this Fisher wrote this past week about big guys that dying young. Larry Bird shed some some heart issues we know that but some of the quotes in here. Are really start when the fact that Larry does not believe he's gonna live long. Until my wife all the time you don't see many seven footers walking round at the age of 75 she hates it when I say that I know there are a few of us live a long time but most of his big guys. Don't seem to last too long I'm not lying awake at night thinking about it if it goes. It goes you were surprised that some of us from bird you've known Larry for a long time. I'm not surprised Glenn I've been trying to get them to say that publicly for a long time because I think this is a really important story. I do think there's a correlation between height and longevity particularly seven footers. You know I think that in the story the theater critic disease control. There are so few seven borders and our country they don't even measure them that they can't tell you how many percent of the population is simply because it never even bothered to find out. Okay that's how small the population is under these athletes who you know. I'd become. Extreme athletes work that heart muscle up we all know that the large part is very common among professional athlete because of the strain they put on their heart and how the muscle wall Pickens. And and you know you just can't tell me that. Everything's okay here when that this spate of deaths they had in the particularly in the last calendar year. Guys like Jack Haley Duckworth is overweight had some issues that make them but multiple loan was the one that really got me. He was sixty years old all the guys that died last year were all under sixty. Bold move along with an excellent physical condition he was a big guy. But he worked out every single day was a workaholic at Calvin Murphy said he didn't drink didn't smoke he built fried food. This is the guy that took impeccable care of himself. And that's still still drop dead of a heart attack and so I think there's something to it I hope. It's somebody who's out there who is our researcher will take on the idea of seven footers and in in that big men and why. They are so prone to all of these things because you know I do think there's something to that are really do. How big are we talking you look at we're coming up on the thirtieth anniversary. Of the maybe the greatest basketball team a fulltime that 86 Celtics team bird heart condition Ainge heart attack. Dennis Johnson architect what's up Itar yes. And again and don't law with all the physical ailment he's had because congenital problems well the seven footer has with C and then Corsica Kevin. Who drags that would around you've seen him click into place on the broken foot that space is getting bigger and bigger need ankle fusion surgery people do it. It's government to these guys they they you know they were always invincible and I think there's also a little feared vault I've talked to I talked with part of these retired players. And they they held the screen in Houston for the free screening. Last month in this election December. And these guys showed up and got checked out. And they were multiple cases of severe hypertension. Diabetes I saw what type he didn't know it. Three H legal tribulations of one very serious. Heart condition and I and you know and if I'm sworn to secrecy and that is because he's been very very. Bad shape and he didn't even know. So education and everything. I hope so little peek at little Petri gets it's seven borders and take a closer look and find out you know what we can do to help these guys. Little long time Bob Lanier agreed to buy it Larry Bird. Plan I hope I'm a long time that I'm with Larry I'm not sure I'm gonna. Yet you visits have been so I don't know if I've been through my life that the good guys there is no right. Or type I it is I think I'm good now but does that surprise you it's more. I would say that's just an older. Professional athlete mentality overall and I wouldn't just you know of pigeon hole it just would basketball. Okay but here's the thing Christian Fauria okay. Predatory bird retired because he would have open heart surgery Jeff Green had serious heart surgery Channing Frye either current player now. Heart surgery. I dated off and never played a game in the NBA because they found they discovered yet marketing and internal it and just a retired players. There's huge group both currently a member Chris Wilcox heart surgery they call themselves the zipper Brothers. So there's just something to do that I hope I hope someone can and I'm not a doctor I interviewed many positions as I could. And and you know the one that the company was it a Doctor Who told me I'd doctor race so I quoted in the story same. If you look at any KG of in an MBA player you know if you look at his seat you'll see someone that. Had very radically different looks comedy KG that a regular guy walking on the street. And the danger is if you looked at it and needed now you'd think he has hypo tropic party a monopoly which is deadly. On but he said we have to make a loud is here because the NBA players. They're they're EKG a completely different and we have to be very very careful and understanding what that means. It's a frightening story we know in football with concussions may be. You can change the equipment baby you can do some things to prevent that but what do you do here how do you prevent we know. Well there might be continue to get a mile trip and we know it'll you know Larry pretty well as I do Clint you know he probably shouldn't be drinking alcohol. I think Larry probably still haven't figured out it's a is that a yeah and you know he admitted and the people that he can only take it no glitches like he'll look at that episode of the code to the pacers. It looked passed out in the middle of the game. Because Italy wasn't taking his medications so. There are things these guys can do you know he but the big problem the reason I feel that the worst sedan missed so many of them were elite athletes right they worked out their whole lives. And they have joint issues or they have you know. Used back door you bankrupt or whatever and you work out anymore and Larry Bird. Would we we know how dedicate less and keeping his body fit even if you wanted to do that he can't get used. Work out the way you and I can't so that's part of the problem. Interest is so fascinating piece you can find that on line after espn.com. Always good duck consumer groups with you'll do it again. All right guys great to talk with him exactly that's Jackie McQuillan.