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The greatest Celtics of all time 2-11-16

Feb 11, 2016|

The guys discussed the greatest Celtics of all time.

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We'll get it to burning. Trauma someone in this room called trump. Long time you never get any credit for in the U I don't you call the Cam Newton phenomenon I did for anyone else cigar and said well you Yahoo!. We don't sound spread out but what you're saying now you might have to pause on your canes a one hour. Philosophy and if that's like boy it Kenosha whole thing you brought that for months and in the biggest spot in his life he should go to be a loose and he couldn't choke in the bigger way. Our six foot 77797. Article recently about life Celtics he did when the MVP but he choked today was what does not think he'd never get me MVP ever not once. He said he was a winner like Tom Brady right. I did and the biggest spot of his life he looked at the ball and back to see. I get that move but he but he's a loser he's he's but he made them. I don't we get on that we'll do it later but I would I guess I have to say we can equate. All right a quick thumbnail I wanna get back results how do you explain away that move cause I've heard no exploration well or even from him recent some quarterbacks who interceptions and don't try to make the putt awful I mean that's awful he acted like a jerk our gut what I'd say gays. Quarterbacks it's ingrained in their minds not to give her. Don't get hurt we need to in the game he made the wrong decision. He made the wrong decision but I can I get. For a minute that he said you know I don't have a shot at there's a knuckle and in the Pollard oh well no I don't have a shot at my Anderson I think shot perk I understand that I understand that he made the roars digit here's what happened he's not. I don't think he saw he was up to me like he was playing well he's frazzled if you is playing well in that game that same situation happened it was close. You regard for the ball Cuban in the group telling you the alchemy fought affecting your struggling each its appetite we saw Marco Rubio do with the other night. He choked right right it was just. Which I like Brady continue to play well to break it you saw that I like when Denver game Brady fumbled and just dole right now getters. We're all kinds of big bodies the same big bodies by the weather we're going after the ball Cam Newton backed away. I I could imagine Brady or outright is so important is this better than Manning a Russell Wilson anyone else I was legal manner. I was pharmacies younger maybe I would much much night on the conversation after watching two guys like insisted teams in Britain did in and right second half it was a great first and second he played real well. Against that team which just destroyed him that does Newton displays don't realize is these aren't yet I was shocked I was. Toxic oil all around a while for its rightful wild. Kept outcome all we get back to regularly did when the MVP but I member on the morning of the Super Bowl the SP and guys were killing. The two people who didn't vote for you get forty votes. Radio One bright bomber got one but I'm gonna be right like I was like card and quiche Johnson who are these people. Right now I I I don't blame those people because a question as hard as well and certainly question is. Is his sense of team I mean again the guy I was excel we dropped passes and other quarterbacks he just can't take the blame on himself that I would have been easy to do these people. Who are criticizing him are the scum. Oh dear. That should be an enemy of podcast the scope of yours as well with two people like Bob Bryan shotgun and now you sound as they report no I'm just kidding Kirk of bad name. I think. Now let me calico white Manning's thug honestly I can't wait and nuclear shall we now I can't wait for that but that before we get to these calls in the bird. Pierced the Mikhail peers right by top and the best yes she Campbell I just wanna mention this because it's kind of exciting. In my opinion. You said Benson is a bust exceptional except you know except for the senate you know give Ben Simmons. You know I think if you really bad days league I think is good players he's Richard player but here's what you don't know what happened when they mix crypt imposing its true they booed right true they didn't Mormon people so what about that. All the New York people courts the draft. And he turns out to be a very promising talent that may be a superstar may be a princess where Miller got his coach fired Nowitzki. It yet he's claiming are so good. But they fired coach in this mock draft I have my hands. And Simmons goes first Brandon Ingram goes second of the celtics' pick and third that would be that the nets pick. And Dragan Bender who's got they predict going to boss don't want. Watch watch the film to you yet you get on a full over there controller you flew over when Obama Croatia yet. I get the Croatian package like cable do yes and the like that do you get the NBA pack my with their. He's got that at bill like useful work and I'm Tony sports Angus at least according to ULE seven feet and I weigh more than him. And and and ports singles expert won ten NE 74 or whatever and evidently remember riddled with port genius who seven feet 220 I'm not a foothold. Let me finish. Sorry kind of scouting that Marty at the break up Scotty he's got a lot. Of friends for children. I'm good judge of the overseas talent 71216. Pushing this can only dream will be in the BC. Com power forward. Eighteen years old. Eighteen everything lines appear hometown Kathleen yeah Bosnia could come. How late without shoes 611 and half we choose seven. One to sixteen wing spans 72 standing reached 93. He's he's a talent and he. A project Europe's top talk with the cost to give be giving copper that can't a number of them Hamels Google brand very convinced literal regular picnic perfect hit great place. The department atomic compare him to appoint. A Korean. Technical. Plus wouldn't it be is the Croatia exciting. Have a guy you know nothing about no pressure on the massive ego because everybody has is this comparison I want Benson is has come. Chris that forcing guess that's is okay elderly west he has yet. Does that whether it is gonna say how many international guys Roland stay afloat. A lot lately ally a lot. I was off one guy if you a listen and academic gases morning. But even if there's one right now we get a gig goodness that this went and tell us who were Natalie you already said that during the break into I've got to Goodman's a guy that you get asked about the stuff. I topped by a gimme a tough fight still visible. Less subject it was around you know from her Christmas at the end that's written consent well I do is take a guy at top five Celtics number one Larry Bird. Number two Bill Russell. Number three John have a check number four Kevin McHale amber five deep counts it was from a tough. Oddly Killen McCullough went low volatile and titles won MVP. And a soda cousy. That's fine it appears he won six titles that I think candidates sucked with cousy Russell soc Connecticut made the playoffs in saw one of BP's before that. But I would put peers behind Sam Jones. Appears coach yes I would open behind cousy. A appears seventh 600 pages that hater I normally if I'm gonna go conventional and say bird Russell have a check. Cousy. Mikhail pierce pierce is my sixth man all right I guess it's gonna go 60. And now. Killings and while counts low that's wobbles and began BP means something. Close. It out article rookie of the year which yup I don't care but it was he off. Did you say it was easy enough Petrie is she. EO could come. Up with Jack speak but always you you don't weird we've spell now not at all or Cigna. Guiding Jeffs belted. It's easy option and a half after he spoke. It's very hard hit the annual drop what they got. Play our record industry that you RT or like you're gonna have to about a week ago I mean it's yup each widget top five. Mine yes no it's Aussie again Cabot stake Michael Smith curt Schroeder today and it was not terrible. I got Russell Byrd. On though the fact that how it's asked to be in the top five. Even amount is just what you'd better it was about a Mikhail RNM McCalebb. I'm aka so you have no cousy and no love pierce finally you know I would but I'd seen it before or put Sam Jones for pulp price I mean. Heights and won the 57 title. Mean heights which it being a twenty points in 39 to 23 again was reading things and I mean Sam Jones become open talks with him shields to better players Eric here's what who's won thirteen time all star. MVP. But who would not plea in the 66. Time. All up all look at his. Consortia so you just can eliminate you think Hudson's top five player but who's going to be in the deal yet who can have a ball well nice to be at least will be smoking. On any given its regular so what do you think that shape that hook shot from like twenty feet oh no we're confident Tommy would. What you do because he's tall no he's a school hours is mentality well I mean he was. I'm past hour ever know and not where juicy like a hobby I too by the way it was he was six more months. Cousy was 61 is still right behind it I did you at 6161. Right here in the end Antonio Isaiah Tom scifi news. But obamacare but but Shaughnessy storage space of the material verse appears to Mikhail vs. It's a no no it trailer is one of the point 15 best players all time I don't caddie to purchase to get pissed because Mikhail been working a lot you know why he does wolf first of all the pros and pierce is the best score of the ever had Mikhail seemed like eight. Specialists in hindsight. And he also was six mess tells us yes specials and loads of Italy especially actually traded corporate facilities of the greatest low post player I have that's an idea team edict you watch he analyzed Duncan. That would say I take a more adult is all right but I would I think I'd have to kill his best of the best power forward where that tiger proceed. But better than Malone motion yet darkly this better at heartland MVP and he did you said MVP it was a failure banners says it Mikhail was first team all NBA in second leaguer and I think maybe third of the people earning 87 was a great player and a great defensive player silence which was not. Isn't bad you Utley put leopard into the wall and as here or simple China seniors became a pierce became a good to fit to play when you know show yes number five Kevin Garnett right. There's no doubt. To Romo always put my hearing the case you guys can help because we Cahill had. Burton Group in one of the great with three greatest players at great out there right now MacPhail might get a league MVP of bird was on the team arguing that it would and one half games. Do you read your right but it would be in the conversation it's great to look at Kevin McHale those guys Taylor sold under rated historically it's ridiculous argument which Barkley calls the best player replete. Yes Jim. Go ahead would be doubly. Yeah I got a lot of talk about the comparison between peers and out Larry Bird you hear albeit nobody said or nobody say it. Yeah yeah I don't know what order they. People forget how phenomenal and offensive rebounder and more specifically the mood after you were not in Iraq all the guys. Sergio put it back up we're talking about Larry get the ball in making multiple moves trucks at Bayside middle left right whatever. People completely forget that element of your game there wasn't garbage and you look here's what he did rebounding off at the league in scoring. Would walk nothing regularly love I love all result in Iraq. The other the other piece. I don't I think here's a little overrated to be honest with the appears to deploy army years and the ears pierced the top ten MVP voting career one. What time maybe I mean Peirce is in go to the hall of fame if he doesn't win an NBA championship appears on his own. If he's the best best player and a team that teams operate them in the final question you look guys I think Kevin Garnett. Should be in the conversation as much as years they won a title because of Kevin go on net. But without penalty was or they win it I get to be about to be in this conversation to be in the top five conversation. The south have to be the best learn championship team at some point right and who's the best player and a championship team was Garnett are appear to be curious Mikhail was right. What well been the care was now you'd have to give you some corporate America's McKay it was awesome. News so what Eddie wood beer would would work would bird. What they have won a title without Kevin McCain. They've won three without with a one thing I think ethically. And there still make him than him make that deal Joba Eric -- Carroll would have been a great player we're covering your plan would rather it would be like Mike and he would have been a great player. We're at an all star is 8687. All NBA first team but this team. Magic Jordan Byrd. Life once the senator the other four yeah I mean no one in the wheat a India did best there's ever a Little League and anything that one season and the most free throws. Times on the times in top ten people once. Never ending seventh. Oca. The ones that it's the second. But like he didn't have nearly OK. And your labor bird ammo for a that would match went on to the Cuban. What some titles much of course it was a time of but he wouldn't use seventh once that's it let a few hours a lot of shots at the in the game's never ever. It should never punish you and she's an alto ID six Celtics team hears from them. Aikman and fourth best player maybe even great sixth man Colin autism get shut indication. I mean you start to. But I media without roll yes all of it coming in this things like it's often difficult shot she won look let's be honest when it comes to pull out of sorts. Yeah one. Are you anxious Iowa I am going to talk about rights and we don't like heights on I could ever sorry I never saw him play ice block and it's what you are all over cousy but I'd sort of the stuff like I was a better player includes. Yeah I'll come whose it was MVP it's always better why it'll lord you know since Roger gets some kind of signal I would give the state of denial like idiots that I don't like the numbers he's friends with a dislike him he's friends with them Copeland atomic it was a Chicago because of the Comcast sits down to snap a pocket. For. And is it better painter and Bob committee operation that these shoes with a hole score came here. Tommy and it defines something. About what some act to put him in the attic or rides right. Let's face you know the school. They created a category so pierce could be the best and Celtic history it's the here's all those peers and he's right he's the best scorer and if you don't score and it glory come on throw it up bogus I gave that I gave the list of great scores of bogus cat Alex English Adrian daily George Ackerman. Great score but peers but a lot of years mediocre teams truly great players in the NBA truly great players don't play. The best team. I'd heroes would. Ainge did he dismissed the premise entirely you know he he didn't say those before best players. Amid Chelsea's premises that bird Russell cousy have a check of the four best properties quibbling over number five in Maine says. Oh. He says everyone knows it's Larry and Bill Russell but I put Kevin third. On that list I could do after those three and go with coups and Paul and Hondo. Number I'm not settling on any two of those three I've got sick. Since signing a condolence at a coups I would and it's six I put Mikhail closer to three then appears let's say I I don't put you wouldn't amount level typically can withstand the value is there any relief feels he's in the top. Houdini himself. We look McHale to the other. That's is going shouldn't go to your arm down a lot of reasons but I can see any body feels he pity if buries his play with the he'd be in the top five. I'm you agreements. A gunman on him no sane again hubris and it's reading tweets. It sends a six foot 77 tonight that an addict who's seven or go to Craig bad call it's a fearless. I Craig Europe on WEI. There with the guys hey I'm a Democrat that I am not pocket then beat it wanna be the uglier game that it clearly senate seat by. And I am not so I'll say that I think they got an operating Pall of doing the stretch there Wiki. Really it carried keynote at they weren't great terrible teams are the two countries carry lousy loans. No but obviously you got to peace and anyone but the summer date to about how clutch lark you know you're terrible a terrible job. Did not as clutch as people think and and another thing is Paul was not a good foul shooter down the stretch we need take a look at it he'd she'd do very well. First three quarters down the stretch in the clutch not a great I like it appears and use a really good Celtic I think he's a hall of Famer at the very lowest end of the hall of fame yes he has but. I think he's overrated the city now stirring a pop up where I mean the idea. The Paul Pierce might be a better player in the camp Mikhail slowly is laughable. It's like the site a conversation he had no it's it's a conversation is a different player and again what appears played with bird you know to be won titles than you would have been as you viewed as a winner ministers Mikhail they've been a different kind of player certainly not you know and by the way and a powerful and cost himself a little bit toward and it Zuckerberg said. It hurt said he played with a broken foot and finals in seven and played great in the final minutes go to Mike Mike at a car Europe a W yeah. Hey guys what's up yeah I just want to give a call I am I just want to agree with everything you say in our ranking to the Celtics and everything like that rolled. Through everybody. Well you pretty much all over the map but you know you're you're you're five and you know. I agree with tears in around 67 you know it around somewhere around there. I'm but I just wanna say you know kind of like last call it I really think you got an underrated him when he played along the entry to comment saying we can't let this guy beat. Beat me you know that put some anonymous put someone close by Ian was just one of those things we're just getting beat up and you know like like decent and taken the final shot I mean we didn't have much appreciate we gonna take and take him out lasagna. I mean toi the web and what's the latest terrible if he Ricky Davis Rafe yeah friends out awful awful awful place the book and the one thing you have to say about pierce news. The way he handled the chemistry VO eight team. Was tremendous when excuse adult you're an adult he knew that it no it was time he it was an adult and in it was time and and he had no problem with the right taken a look at your personal theory you know it's leave your deliberately hid in and free throw Esther talked about a 41% from the floor. 30% from three yes I mean just by Arab and it also. Remember what happened at the end of that in the series. We don't know where an add on that thing in the face of media total order that was definitely hope any turnaround in my deserves credit for that or no question I do think bodies all Famer. Because of the championship and you're right he's at the bottom of the hall of fame and. Play free and in fairness he's played a 1234567. In the ninth had All Star Games you've won a final MVP. He was third team all NBA three times second shot eight times and survived the shot 26 times survive. And and I had a leather jacket on the saved them the stat that not gentlemen here that he's on top ten maybe people in a switch on this issue. It's good John John Europe on WEEI and it's that quickly that jacket no shot into it just seems like John you're on the edge on. Yeah like a I'm really glad that gushed about about oil or you know what all. Great start all here to attend. Our peers you know like go down on the L or the finger at the deal. Is that. Ellen for Ellen shut down under in. Order and that way the the side. I got hurt or not. Mikhail Mikhail is at the short end of the stick and that the guard you know Barkley Wahlberg garlic Coble Helms right. Tree and Maxtor tasters at that Max it was epic guard Bernard king and Larry in that second team motif was some intervals by sea bird. I think that Max thinks that Larry get a little too much credit yummy rings match of his fingers labor was born. None zero zoom how many playoff MVPs think would happen bye week none should have done finals MVP should have non. I agree why he was 84. What does he say as he talks the Macs are desperately twelfth it is deterred new business editor Nowitzki. A fund that button down love Macs but in the mean Macs I think always felt that brigade too much credit for his defensive abilities. And Max as he bailed them out that's what I know it's personal that's definitely that's personal somehow happen personally. Well I think Byrd was okay urged and it's important that paper was always a cute Mexican pushed it could point what do you birdie next Bernhardt and you know would lower what am I mean Mac does not get a break guys being an actor loved wall. There would've won that title with a well they might put that that trip was a big reason why one type. Mean the 86 yes yeah community development was better six what seventy sevens have an excellent actor says it. I have like you do in the lunch lady who likes I'm not a grand am I doing when a woman though was when I have no cops fewer fifteen you know I that he didn't mean a Beagle back for second.