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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Home Dominance Edition - 02-10-16

Feb 10, 2016|

Inspired by the Golden State Warrior's home streak, we look at four franchises that dominated at home.

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And holing. Or at fort rock you by AT&T mobilizing your world. You've got a couple of teams in the NBA that are just dominant on home court and it got us thinking Michael brought it up this morning during a conference call about. Teams who have been dominant at home. And that's the subject for today's board for. I can. Think one key ingredient for making. Because good basketball players that we come to win every night we don't think tomorrow. Game after game most Celtics destroyed their home. And nowhere did they do with wood more savage intensity. And beneath the banners of how low Boston Garden. You hate moving. And you love winning and you all know one coming and being. Losing only one game in the garden full season. They've posted the best home record in NBA history. Forty and one wrap your mind around cut pro full forty and one during the regular season added eighteen playoff games they went 58. And 21 there one loss came on December 6 1985. To the Portland trailblazers. Will we ever see another NBA team that only loses one game at home. During an entire regular season. Well are out of the course here but you know at at the playoff games. I think it was 51. But you've added eighteen playoff games that call him your home correct thread my but it but still the question now. I don't know I don't know not a chance that was after the season they got swept in the playoffs but Milwaukee. And the play they'll spot that's it they stop the nightlife that you know that they were appeared drink and bunch and the greatest team I've ever seen. Home what it out of that and honestly it savage intensity before Jerry and lost in the finals. Oh it's O eight. Regularly by OK 83 was more than Milwaukee's big OK Mike you might already got it by an average of the last well. No active actually Turkey was one of the few guys who actually like. Go for it but he was the one I think it's safe to. As as dramatic plea unbelievable as the Golden State Warriors are in San Antonio. 51 probably never gonna happen that say. I mean your pitch Scott Weytman. Jerry sees big Bill Walton it was insane great throw. How great great or at the top and how deep or. Yeah. The Big Three have pulled. 27. Come up short sixteenth straight home wins against the. East for the New England Patriots. That's just not explain near perfection in a home game. You're at their ability to beat Vegas spreads they stop to think that no spy gate system and started you know I think I felt how their program. It is an advantage specifically. You know games they shouldn't be able to do what they're doing. Fund which is moron was that minor. That was Brian O'Leary the author of the book and it's the only book. Our boss has in his book and if not yeah Google apps. Since Gillette Stadium has opened the patriots have had winning streaks at home of twelve games eighteen games in twenty games. Since 2000 into their home winning streak. Their home winning percentage is eight. Thirty. That is ridiculous is there ever been a football team that dominated at home quite like the patriots have since Gillette open. I'll go I'll go a step further that is the highest winning percentage by a home team in any stadium in north American sports. No no one's won 83% of their games. I mean I don't know during those great runs for the cowboys to the Steelers are argue the 49ers I didn't look up to see what their home records were during those stretches. OK well when your report 30 in the morning you've got Salmonella I do with Hitler before he met her. I guess there's fights I've got a good idea. It's everything you are allies and Kate Jay Jacobs they as far as I know what it's surprising they lost what they let their great things. They lost more at home that you would think. And are still there are great but. This is better late then. Most of their chronic renal and a lot of those losses were there in the Matt Cassel Eric too I will never forgive a bloody violence on them okay have taken the the percentage with Brady plane at Gillette is even higher and I will never forgive one of those streets and did. On the wildcats' game if people we stream and help the third quarter fully pull it off at an outlet they don't feel lately like really this is that the reaction that they get full one crappy game. Three please. Rosenthal turns on a rubber the one to swung and then missed in the ballgame is over that 199 miles an hour. He strikes down the side and Red Sox go very quietly in the bottom of the ninth. Ford to the final in the St. Louis Cardinals have tied up the series at one game apiece and the next three part in the Saint Louis at Busch Stadium. How then brings this around this. Since 2004. In the Red Sox made the World Series and swept the cardinals. They have lost one game during the World Series at home that was the one loss gain to 2013. Did you guys ever think now my coat systems is. Dale and Jerry did you guys ever think. No would you see it Red Sox World Series victory but you'd see them become a dominant World Series team. You know what I get a kick out of his we're talking about home field dominance. If we like the what if they block as their favorite highlights of of Saint Louis beat them that it at that like think about that three World Series in our you know lifetime right. They've lost once at Fenway Park during that stretch. That and I certainly never thought that going back to the Bill Buckner game in Shea Stadium game six. After that was the first of. Thirteen consecutive postseason losses that's directed that'll never be broken because. Rosters turn over me energy is changed to look to get swept. You know that many times in a row in the post season is is unheard of so yes to flip the script and a generational leader. To be yet unreliable. It and not just a team doing it but the Red Sox doing the reds out of all things. The team that you just you know year after years look at what's gonna be this year. How they got destroy us this year and then it turns around. There get a couple wins against the cardinals are remember the first an old Ford that was the one good that it a couple of workers games that first game game one was a big game. If the cardinals in 04. Game two was. Against the Rockies game one was not a great it was a blowout for the Red Sox. Game two was closed that was leaked a Papelbon picked off wasn't. But the Todd Helton or Matt Holliday. It was. Picked him off first base. And then in 2013. Okay game one he felt pretty good about that when game two he had the loss and then come back and win it. To win game six here. You're. Still don't happen. You called out there you'd like the final like this all along like ultimate that I. Op. Act. Actually two are you with every of every week every day not worth it even knows what sport this is the law marriages and Ireland that's now it is his winning streak home and road is just unparalleled. Just great. Worried the warriors currently at age 42. Game home winning streak to San Antonio Spurs having 37 game home winning streak which team. Will drop off and lose at home. First. Let's look at the schedule. But got a proper read about it's equipment are there so therefore they have a 42 game winning streak at home right. Not far away from what is it just say it'll ever happen. 42 straight all the 51 was which is why he died on Wednesday. I'm gonna say the spurs lose first just because. Just because they're trailing or I've never seem to lose their trailing industry by five games. Pretty impressive. Isn't this isn't as the Western Conference finals. The western are gone off don't be greater where the NBA finals. Analyst and they went seven games last year in the seventies. Booted. San Antonio against no data don't know got bounced in the first round like a moment think it may have lost to the clippers' Al drag out like him I missed a clue. The rockets rockets of. Let me ask you guys San Antonio hosts Golden State on March 19. Will that be big game yeah San Antonio loses. They're home when Inkster I think they'll have to lose before they don't march 19. The long ways away. More than a month and April 7 San Antonio goes to Golden State. They won't win there that you're looking at San Antonio schedule right now then yeah assert. Photo replay after the first game after the all star break. They're on the road until March 2 when they host the Christmas. That they host the pistons on March 2 yes there to lose to the pistons and marched out on the road trip. Mark set. You know Luther Stan Van Gundy in the pistons. Got to achievements in a. And I looked more like. Think the bigger games that a got a break it's big OK yeah yeah after the war is a man and that's that's the god resisters got a great point upper house of Boris will lose first. Just pop will rest the top ten players on is the outsider it. It doesn't happen. The millionaire in the street breaking games you think it's gonna be somebody really good. And they just get surprised by a mediocre opponent. And I think the pistons are. Pretty much a mediocre opponent. I think they I agree that it's become just may come at the right time. But I think the techsters probably closer to be one of those games were sitting out here to play and I can enact a play another there'd been a plan they're gonna they're gonna sit out tonight. And a lot lose by a basket or some opinion on the final minute when all the second stringers that event that gets right speaking of home. On games aren't necessarily home dominant home game tonight Celtics clippers. Doc Rivers returns. Paul Pierce returns Brit Bret Stephens said that EE he hit the sack last night at 250. The morning after flying out of Milwaukee immediate. You know I'd. Oh hole. Back to back nights in this this is really good at those. It dammit that's a lot to ask you know lose a tough one lose at the buzzer like that and then Arnold plan and then pull an enemy it because she's in all the right things and you know what Mike. Whip where users who played a lot of these and they're really good at those two compared to other teams but. You know they're. 15100 miles apart that's that that's a tough task you're you're you're losing you're losing at the buzzer as Chris Paul is that Conte forum. Second out BC basketball. As they were losing again. Absolutely scary I saw the video Roy Williams and then he didn't. Look well all as they were helping them off. Noble locker room and and you know I don't know we were we were talking about it at the garden last night when we heard about it and Barry Petersen was saying how old is Roy Williams and. At least seven years got to be this got to do you mean he was. He was an assistant coach at North Carolina when Michael Jordan was there he had on long career Q and Kansas for what a decade. Won a national championship Kansas he's 65. And 65 that. Maybe maybe that job it's while things that age usually and a president let's have a peep column up hey Rory. When we're where were you born when you're and but it in the back if you remember the names and make it big New Hampshire. Six months and I have to remember don't pick and hopefully I took it that call again.