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Cam Newton thinks he is treated differently. 1-28-16

Jan 28, 2016|

The guys discussed Cam Newton.

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Are you may find this hard to believe but I'm going to admit this at six vote to fifteen. Maybe I was wrong about something I said. Maybe I may be wrong so early in the early in the year it would be my first. Maybe I was wrong for Nicaragua this year. The Super Bowl streak a couple of and the city I had a Minnesota temperature at Carolina Denver he picked up last year fares are right about maybe I was wrong again when I've predicted 82 week fully and Peyton ramp up to Super Bowl fifty. It's seems to me at least so far thus far. Cam seems to have grabbed the spotlight. And it would be a racial spotlight sitting here in front of the headline which read headlines while he has. It's about. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton being an African American quarterback with this skill set. Scares people. Cam Newton displays Panthers greatest strength in discussing race's impact from Yahoo!. Is that your ESP and cabinet says he has not changing anything. The satisfy. Critics. And from Scott all of the Charlotte Observer here's his lead definitely scares people here's the third graph. He scare some conservative folks and some folks in the football establishment and some folks who don't. Did dancing. You folks who are. No two ways about it just plain prejudice. Don't let this change but the only thing that's changed that we're winning. You know and and and a citizens they won in common African American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they they have been seen nothing. That they can compare me to here I am I'm doing exactly what I wanna do how wanna do it and when I look at Amir it's me. Question no nobody changed me nobody you know made me act a certain type way. And I'm true to our roots and and it feels great but yet people won't say whatever they wanna say and if I'm in this world living for that person. All of this personal status dispersal today that I can't look at must have a say on Ken Newman Carl Cameron Newton too it's the most people because I'm not because some live for you. I'd just say the less I'm aware. Or Von Miller. And V. I don't I've yet I don't watch again I don't be I don't watch where I don't watch Von Miller I'll watch Camden is Earl black but I can only in football games I watch when only white guy white I can't think of enlightened way the right way I'm into him habitat and on you gotta root for Peyton swipe at the Maggette plays Von Miller I've not done a full ancestral real. Test that he ceramics and submit match. It could be slightly activate amid. It's more. Dick the balloon in Lubbock arts of know that they'd love this I'll get to play the race card which is so easy to use its so predictable so tired and I applaud Charles Barkley she yes she these fools down. Honest to god cam Newton's he's not fully invested in the spring playing into this this ridiculous. Theme narrative. I don't know who to compare him to start with Russell Wilson. A black quarterback crow went to the last two Super Bowls. Was a very dangerous double threat you know bad news a greater it and then Wilson knew and scares opposing the muscles. And that was from a size of the items yes he scares defensive players you can you gotta stay in your lanes and the McCain camp play and you back going to be a good Ron Haralson. Yeah that's tough policies your defensive back sixty pounds lighter. Most votes of sides there to get physically ski market and a comparative and also for Roethlisberger because he's a big quarterback Ari is why did indeed aren't Jerry's wife it would look at forum. 250 pound quarterback who's black right and who's after the most people on the field covered X faster about an hour peppered fastow and don't you know and in the Super Bowl three years and he's not completely black just changed game. No matter where you. Which again is the problem is. You know we've we've certainly done when you have a clown like Lambert he knows relying Dave. Is about roll on it yeah that's eyes he scared little slower. It's they know they have tapped and there they get this coatings Teflon coating this cone of protection around them muted double in web that you can mention the plane. Doesn't like. The Panthers and what are people gonna say we will certainly we certainly smacked them around it called guys like Warren Moon Doug williams' uncle uncle on. Russell Wilson I just get away Russell Wilson doesn't screen and and and pose some doubt he's obviously not true to his whatever the plan least favorite team and he knows that other and few select people like us. The thorniest will's column on what's different release its essence what's different than calling you know Colin Williams and moo differently Super Bowl. Delgado president Colin quarterback corn ball brother really the essence what's the difference a year that you have to define corn ball bro. He didn't go our our pal rob Parker and yeah it's a great job and still I think he gets screwed he wouldn't say it was nothing it was stupid always stupid but generally you can say let it come up lack of what he's not really like. The guy you wouldn't wanna hang out ways. Right great great great this plays into that that same theme Wii's and there and you make everything about race who works for the tarred. Works for Howard Bryant like dirt are racists America who don't like him because he's black shore advocates like. 1100%. Sure that's about it. I didn't treat it like it's the biggest Super Bowl yeah but the is it is in realities of one of the 500 biggest or is this to those breaks she talked about to elect. Russell Wilson. The whole. That is. Calling it cap predictor like Daniel carver. So are sort David duke but this is not the move. This is in the case for the last three years at least as in the case overall for for decades that they see black quarterback and elect. Right so what makes this precedents that he's really big. Well I can you said so is no. Capra atlas small it is as big as this will not many guys are a lot of tattoos have a view in this instance it on the suitable. Oh salute you again. And and I'll give Barkley credit for this thesis he wouldn't know him to a on the other team think the Arizona Cardinals were annoyed at the day. The affair wouldn't suitable place sucks. No that's part of it. When you're playing another team can't do and here's. What are Kovalev recovery play the race hustler it's really easy everything's about race everybody's raised you be the race hustler and I say. When you're winning by thirty and you post for eighteen photo where everybody's dad thing. During the game it annoys me are easily people celebrate you know which celebrate and I don't like fine you're no fun guy get off my lawn and if you're the older whiter there possibly you could be 822. Year old black you know with every what did I can actually got to tell you got a card yes and if the guy kicking your ass is literally dancing. During the game getting his teammates to pose for a photo during the game you get annoyed. And new knows he can get away with a because he's got these race households have his back to three to say it's all because it might rates any of the 53 Arizona Cardinals on the field. Be pissed off that Cam Newton because he's black or because he's rubbing their know most of the cardinals are black gotten to a guy who took the ball away at my wife was black. There are a million examples of guys to miss that payment and smaller doses. That famous black relief pitcher Dennis Tankersley east appointed the actual market cap that black sock top closer. Pop blog grab describe right yes Andre McGee can you can go oh million different ways are on for ever in if you play in the a team. And you could say with a webpart and say well should we be game then of course and that's of course that's true but it's will be pissed off. If you lose by thirty and some guy but they know it's a signature is because they know they will not have to debate are they worn out and support they can just make the most. Egregious charge call it was wild thing your racist and can you say. I swear. And some best friends are bought we are supposed to say that sticks and it never goes away right and he can do it. With impunity all day is bosses that he is panel plot them. And it's just begun this is Thursday current rate we can. Ten days and days. Of this and if they win and he's make posing for self season Danson and he does the three part celebration dance wings up thirty right. You can't criticize you can't if your on the of the team if you're in the media you've got Phil Simms and Nantz will pretend like their joint right that it is they don't that's a good point. The ratio is the least favorite team I'm going call and let these Carolina Panthers. Are you prefer the planned least favorite team but I wanna get into the conversation of is he the black. And the reason I say it that way is because we've had black quarterbacks before in the Super Bowl we have not had this guy. Dancing with joy taking pictures with future before the game dabbing the black quarterback that you have seen in the Super Bowl. Is Warren Moon. Don't Williams. They are quarterbacks that feel the need to. To give off a professionalism. That is hugely hugely professional. But it's also palatable. Two white America it doesn't. There are people who spend our culture commit a little too who fired. Curt Schilling for re tweeting I mean comparing Muslim terrorists as well while they farms on the baseball it didn't fire the which compared Muslim terrorists. And that's why the people who did that. Think nothing's wrong with apart let people suspended Bob. Bryant for calling a Bible thumping phone a Bible thumping phony. Are OK with Webb a target calling Doug Williams and Warren Moon. You know uncle I got that wrong if I have not heard a bit toward cents and any view idiots texted me instead. You know that Leavitt towards ask the question is Cam Newton the blackest. Super Bowl quarterback of all time. I would've thought you luster Bonny light and easy the black. Believable but to rank as you apply such quarterbacks of all time get them on the west. It's good to hear from trait wiggle from yesterday to yet excellent twice a personable and this is this why he Greenland on cents from Trey wing ago. We get it if you don't like some of the things he does that's fine that your choice. But then you have to ask yourself why does it bother you with cam and it doesn't bother you when Travis Kelsey does some of these things when Rob Gronkowski doesn't soy fiesta thing. Or when Tom Brady. You talk he's got a mouth what you would believe on the site OK that's his competitor. If you have a problem with Kim and you don't have a problem with those guys you need to figure out what your problem was. Double check the double to right. Manager militants are not. I'm a start it's much easier it is never get trouble on and become guys you could could go places few young right you know you've mildly talented great looking guy if he's had seen if the if you DO directory here it did I mean look what kind of scan all the gigs he went to make a fortune. That's politics. And your ass off right wing go he should be shamed itself. I like him I think he does a good job to the beauty you said you'd they should put him in place of Burma and angry. On the roundtable thing on Sunday morning and he's a brave little anchor it is obviously known about. Rain since that is by design. He's pandering. And it's pathetic thinking that that he compared. And news for its rate went. Marcos he said you'll Sophie S that was in an interview after the game I'll say this at the patriots lined up to date with the Panthers did during game. It's let's think it's is ridiculous a source. Of course he knows that he knows that that's because every patriots white yet. Everybody's white on the patriots. Are the greatest thing Tom Brady's wife a terrible for pets right. Right Portland every crawl like. In the married ask yourself why you have a problem would this person. As opposed to so vision of the people say yeah you hear arguments on November a year ago. An expert that we know right behind. You see it right now jury have to draw and ultimately what what is truly ominous. What is look at why an ally yourself why why the problem look in the mirror and ask yourself why you have a problem with this person that he does disorders and other people why lightning. Three part celebration. After touchdown when Europe thirty. You know the the thing the cam Newton's at all but he goes starts with that in on the dance than the point in the dab in the ball. And animist and the sell them to Superman in the cell feet. What your problem that just because. His skin is darker than. So I'd say barely have a problem with it anyway. Means it's something it's let me get really worked up by a like an ax I don't sort I have audit I'd like to think of it from the other team it's cut but you get really worked up when Jesse Charles Barkley at least think somewhat independently yes you sometimes like well he's white coach Jerry says as much as I love Cam Newton if I play against them I would put him. Put it on him. They rub it in pretty good. It is we have already restored their crap about. Black vs white good vs evil. And the loans from the winner got radio talk shows up a couple of you can just see different but it America. Black against white. Good against you what it really did most notably we religious can't appreciate the greatness of Eaton and and they've been clearly cameras on the track to become one agree to split up. Budget page you can reduce the improvement America. Black vs white good vs evil. And he that the problem you have two weeks between gains but pit bull great player as durable goods. But you know a lot of these fools don't let them get regular show them the best way to make probably you'll do is make you rich but Reagan airport boom in the world when you. Brigham race. Good reason the bearer of serious subject but it gets a bit of food up there they can have a by the spare conversation. All the reasons. Bingo good pretty don't go good for you char house is not always. On the money past compliance he panders and sell. But this case he's right they get shows and they know that's the safe so. Own college they wanna say spend ESPN's style series they want you to do this let's go to or call everyone racist. Pray we knew comply implies to throw racist and there's. Absolutely no blowback now you can't integrity called my boss's office killing. Like Ryan did say. You know what you mean woody creek on racist. I watch Von Miller. Make a sack and then running back Travis back rapist package. And I mean if I. Column on for the criticism it's because he's black this out yes it is no white guy like now Papelbon never do that now so and you refine that I'd love that was you know what I thought it was Jules. A cut out what showed great jewel in the game the right way which generally the white way up does anyone think quick on Miller did. In the middle of the game Sunday afternoon. Dancing in the by the way this was not a blow out this wasn't painting a public celebration right like the Celtics I'm sick of this was grab and your man tickets squeeze a little with these and the refs didn't Barkley didn't see it. Or it would got a flag and then than what we just awfully straight as a race say yeah Hartley does appreciate his usual. Wouldn't you know joy when news like what do you think of that fray wing go you and and in and he's black so you don't like the fact that he grabbed his joint middle of the game I'm Hitler tweeting ambiance thing but it deep thinker and now I've attacked the recent issue evil as the host look in the mirror and ask yourself why you have a problem with this person. The patella prompt I'm gonna make it hard and root for Carolina and they're gonna make it hard to Africa they released these these fools as a that's our quick calls in these fools and Aspen ergonomic at heart I am. I elected to hear from the weekly winning who bought like Ron Rivera two and a man who rejects them annoys me. I'm rooting for Carol I think we should break it down in its simplest form. If you root for white. Peyton Manning and white Gary Kubiak. Over Hispanic. Revere Ron Rivera and black Cam Newton if you root for the white team. Are racist so you have to root for the black and I'm ruling otherwise. You are racist brutal Saluki clue move on militants and injuries right now but that means a room for Cam Newton like Rivera says in this Josh Norman say if Boller stories of people want integrity Hispanic coach. See people doing now are now what you do you can add a run premiere on anybody else talked about that he nobody espionage rock repairs the second Hispanic head coach the rise to global. That's what he is the end as they did five minutes after the game and it's that right Ron Rivera the second person of its Hispanic descent that extra. I. I think was ready to go the extra show yeah yeah it show you got a thousand dollars back in the day per show. It's like. At a strip Israel owes it to appear on its opposite on WG AF or Hispanic. Head coach of the Super Bowl Carol. I'm you know I'm kind of in the same boat those who do want tagged me as Hispanic head coach to a that's great but treatment placement because his coach. Because it really should be about your marriage more so than anything else about what you've accomplished what jobs doll I think that helps. Do you do that disagree don't do that disagree is certain degrees certainly can be and is not on this matter it's a way I understand. Well we judge him. When the MVP re edit his Jersey sells for third in the league this year. My guess is he makes a pretty nice living won the highs and one this if he weren't black you would have won the heights. Oh I'm sorry for him but it is the first to get on national commercials and yogurt commercials and I another one. And get too big national exit on to in the game at the top repaid players next year. So I I think he's banging flow. From. Progress progress I think early on their item peaceful that's that's that's an racial couple at. And here. Is the black. If you don't lack sick it's sort of like a lot actually spot this I guess promoter true. And so I want to say this on my show is cam knew the black list Super Bowl quarterback. Hitting me and an example in this. I'm OK if you wanna say that he doesn't have the backing up I was gonna debate of bones gonna Como it's such an easy seat. Pandering thing to do you know all races funeral racist until Israel for ten days into his vast audience of seventeen people. Thinks about oh cares about what the chemist the blackest the semi blackest the least black judo poll too great a much uncertainty people out on the three. In the region believe the story that is fiercest is not the end it is not the Scott Pollack student leaders at the University of Oregon debated removing a quote from my move that came from its students and arguing that the call was not inclusive enough. For modern understanding of diversity. The quote would be judging. Them on the content of the character not skip. They don't like fellow or go to a good despotic inclusive enough that they would they think Martin Luther King. Was wrong they think we should judge on the color of scare. Set my mind boggling is that now we have gone yeah completely it's 1984 now and where are saying Russia backwards we should judge. On the content of the color of skin not the content of care. Get ready because we can do this it's 6 o'clock every day it is will be three more stores tomorrow by guys who won Reich is nothing in the world safer than what Scot Pollard wrote all that much trouble for the disease I mean if people read guests. But there's nothing safer you'll never get in trouble Scott follower. Charlotte Observer the lead is Cam Newton scares people are graft and he's scarce and conservative folk. Some folks in the football stab shipment and some folks who don't cotton. Who dancing and a few folks who are two ways about it just plain prejudice. Also this them what the alike are not as anyone that he's not. Blast to watch play a lot watching like mean he's he's great he's winning and it's it's fun. Especially if you're rooting for them. But. Can you enjoy watching him play and appreciated skill and and still thinking goes a little overboard they'll all notice too that I don't know what Barkley didn't. I can't I can do Barkley did canto Barkley are black and you can't you cannot. I'm of mixed race pulled Jim Clark among this Pakistan that's true that is leaked. It's the first to talk show boss yes yes it's opt out myself this from Pakistan in the fossils from. So glad West Roxbury on a mixed race. I can do to send your I'll skip that went live. This is US every single player in the league and also guys who retired Richard dent is again. Sid do you think it's a little excessive when a team poses for a self be it calls self and their altogether sure someone like holds yeah. The teams sell only with they all GAAP. During a game to play out during a conference title game. I know I'm not racist because I hit an elegant Oscars she's won via. She's she would. Almost all your hopeful that it should get your volt Opel that's different racist it is amazing that nobody has no player no coach at their did think that it was a little much. All right 61777979. B 374 lines are open will talk with you next. Eddie lifting of our restored their crap about. Black vs white good vs evil. And no love from the winner got radio talk show. I just like it if you want bull like he's a public you know why though I mean black arrogance will like ratings arrogant bullish sign Eric Hinske it's the worst there in sports in terms of public perception is lack an error I would say go to be fair on that one difference is. Tom Brady's treat as someone that you are supposed to like like we watch the broadcast is always going to be a really. Pro Tom Brady sort of thing is not to greedy teeth or anything else that this is the data we decided. They just both respective revered he's got forcible balls that's how it works out. Was the transition going to be. We're Cam Newton to get to be. Baghdad where were you turn on the broadcast we're going to gush over Cam Newton did you have to goes over Kim noodling if you went to Super Bowl at 26. This is pantheon type stuff like he's now that guy in big you have to treat that guy like he's at gas. You don't want all that ball on. Since I don't wanna do that's they want things I want she's broadcasts that fox crew bucket they demanded they killed him left are known god you know Russell Wilson's score at all. Michaels calls were I mean my god it's it's it's so it's may I point out to the damn Levitt hearts and the trade wind. And the Scott. Hollers and B Eric Beatles news. Brohm Yahoo! all of whom white playing the race card. Is a weird pattern. Charles Barkley and it was a money joke but it's always the white guys it's always. Now right now it's the white guys playing the race card as I guess that makes them look what open minded yes. All inclusive. All that anyway it's I went out well for them that this will be the fourth Super Bowl in a row. With an African American. Quarterback. Starting I don't keep tabs here we we got a chart we have to keep tabs this will be the fourth straight Super Bowl where an African American quarterback is the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl. And by the way just you know. There were zero. African American starting quarterbacks. Prior to Doug Williams in Super Bowl 22 which was 1988. Or keep tabs right right he taps. Right now. Russell Wilson was won the Super Bowl two years ago two years ago he was 25. This fool thinks it's. Pantheon stuff yes but it may 26 year old black quarterback when the Sobel that's pretty clear about how great accomplishment. We're talking about is that the announcers gush over Brady and Manning absolutely do. You heard gruden. For Aikman's war seems ever criticize good quarterback black or no god and also when you are gonna hear gushing through new levels are we knew. For two reasons he's great MVP he's interest and because announces itself right. It's yeah right you have to self preservation write you they're gonna think it would gush meter. In the blue I shot a gush commoner frontrunner if they start gushing a patent and they see the level in the Google up all got even though they will gush more about new some people say ought to discuss black in disguise white Sims I'm short literally didn't know until this week the dude was black and now he's gonna have to you know. Begin. Well yes and who doesn't say the word Redskins while it's very that we forget socially conscious he use Berry opened my question for. The last play. Of these Super Bowl a year ago. The interception. The interception thrown. Was roundly criticized for that what percentage would you say that was Russell Wilson vs. It's would you say nine. Mean. I'd percent this is a good side yes the white guy he now. Percent 9% according including Marshall did anybody say well stupid why did you of that. Russell why did you do that no it didn't. Taco to a Russell Wilson's house I think interview him and the hand of my heart broke for you be perfectly out. A money Jones is next good point though because like the league in the media would never. Criticized brief for anything you know that now come down oh no it would never seen the golden boy it would never seen numbered tickets we ever and and he never writes anything never ever now. All right let's seal why he's white. Right exactly in irons I don't one right way but Lipitor and things were prominently. Pat are back a few sets up that stupid Kurt you would have to answer took personable me. Dino callers. Other hosts sports different that's why we have listed as an ESPN radio does not it's like. Aegis into the chorus in nobody's. Questions and I'll do forty Boston one book this. It is now it's anti on type stuff yapping and beyond the 26 year old black quarterback in the Super Bowl. As well there was one last year between six year and the year before the year before Donato for this for no you're wrong slightly more than it was a 25 year old all right quarterback I thought. It was Capra the year before that I can check. I guess she was younger sifts through the fourth year in the row in this fool thinks it's champion on stop posed Brady on his first. When the re. War for. 24 when he for pain at the on stuff yeah yeah. Now say it was just paint the on type stuff 26 year old going. Eighteen and one of the union VP and winning the Super Bowl is one of the great years of all time. Right that's why if I had a MVP vote I would vote Cam Newton. That's why he's gonna win that this fifty voters and when he gets in the get 4546. Votes. For MVP and the other four were racists no I think Russell Wilson and getting to vote showed column but it's not going to be close she's gonna maybe look at. 484950. I wouldn't be surprised if it's an unanimous I'll let's talk to Matt in Boston hey Matt what's up. Bigger as just wondered are you. Allowed odious to criticize anyone other little like L you're glow congress felt like someone. A person that that product anymore. You can't go wrong criticize the white males say that it's you know after giving you trouble. Let me not killing everything nowadays maiden Torre's that you and I. I love Cam Newton I don't like Ray Lewis because he electorally they'll. I think that that person. No you're racist or don't like Ray Lewis because he's black matte. C'mon tell the truth. Oh. There's a good thing to say this is a scenario to I don't know because I'm she's a great player and an entertaining player. Eases and tailings and when the league and I can say that and mean that and also think. Eighteen pictured during the game is a little access all kidding aside seriously this is serious deep no question I'd answer. You were you cooled right I don't think it's a by the way I'm doing enough he wasn't just the team picture whose team actually they all dab at the same time. And it was a conference championship game. Now I know like it is old school book what if you ask Crisco vacation Johnson objects and you know him as select the whole crew. Would anyone think that was cool question it is just and honest Chris it's 1990. Detroit there was 26. Point seven the second time white. For Tom Brady was 24 point 16. Ben Roethlisberger was three white prosper was again missed six Rodgers just turned 27 right Russell Wilson 25 what happened it was like I've. And then Ellison's 26 the next year then we'll support sick the next year so it's. And we can't be on start at 826 year old quarterback is in the super wide your face serious deal question though and all kidding aside all kidding aside and sarcasm it. What does this. Valuation this assessment of black quarterback like simple way we have had. This will be. The fourth Super Bowl in a row where a black quarterback. Has started to respond when does the beat it was after what it's hard to see if we don't wait we spend 12 talk Russell Wilson being black either of the last two years. I'd call well we did not. Bell was bought it and for some reason. Because of the way Caroline celebrates. But he gave people like Lipitor and got excited because one person who gave them an opening against your ego get to make historic deal from the bottom of the day Embarq is right as you know we have two weeks to do that that's the best she got. And webpart always look at the playback part of juicy ripe and and that's that prize mean that's it's Thursday and days even even made it to San Francisco yet. And they're gonna ride this. Rod has been awake for a couple hole Pro Bowl selection last night out are no good ruined it for me was excellent it was good TV. Black guys it's the election to. Managed to watch them now that we do not think that we're sort of done with this and pass this after it was two weeks or maybe one week. A discussion about dungy. Verses Lovie Smith in 2006. Sure it was ten years ago it's if mean. Never going to be gone as long as guys like clever clever part to restore the second will Symbian black last year or the year before no no no. Now we deflate Ankara that we published bonus it is funny that's whoever Johnny man zone and lava spurt Tom Brady. Who has the three part celebration. I'm pretty sure would be for it could be fair game yeah be allowed dawn hours to criticize. Can't encampment got a disappointed in two. And Camden just. There but any get a football game play. And just put these tests show these clowns is surrounded by certain people aren't really do not need to do it's they see this say that you get. Yeah that are viewed pages do rate close to good career on the legitimately fuels which surprised being toppled look in the mirror poetry window about things that nobody is saying it seems to beaches. It's like college meaning meaning but look in the mirror and ask yourself why you have a problem with this person shot as supplies that she's a great window why don't shares Greenwich Connecticut and I didn't train out of law the mean streets principally Shia silver spoon kid he's almost -- measles is will -- ministry here here. I think it's going to I think it's going to take some sort of outrageously. Unbelievable. Settlements. That has the best athlete who has ever played any team sport. Actually be African American. I think it will take the best golfer who has ever played the sport to be African American I think it might even take. The president of the United States someday. Someday. To be black. And then we can get past office. Yeah and they would probably have to be secretary of state to an. On the Supreme Court yeah men you could say okay we were making progress are you on the can be number one of the box office. Natural. Site or a jury maybe we can help maybe even win an Oscar global. After I got. Them out there yet that might be gone too far not isn't it beyond type stuff. Paint pigment and stuff. The bullets in the etiquette these were mostly a Super Bowl. If it did how did he do. How was he reasons to blow the pantheon level stuff I think it was forty threesome now now. All right 6177. Supplements that 937 Dennis Callahan minute you know human hands always yes I do yes I didn't always. Has no heart he hasn't cared laughs when. Blair Walsh from the field goal but it's on top and he doesn't generally think in a feel sorry for people feel warm and Fuzzy when. He's these human interest towards these emotional human on the put that to the test we get back to see oh. Cold hearted. How's stone hearted. Turkey on a scale of one to ten you think we can rating I think in my test this went to creating good story should be it's an evolving dog as. I'm out. We wanted to do it's dory the blood on run have merit but a great story rod Aldridge and as a runner. You just discuss beach you went up you work that that's true. Isn't the black.