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Blame it on Googs? Patriots reportedly fire their offensive line coach

Jan 26, 2016|

We discuss the reported departure of offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo and how much of the blame should be put on him for the o-line's problems all season.

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Well the first domino fell in the aftermath of the patriots losing in the AFC championship game to the Denver Broncos. I'm sure we expected some changes to be made within the patriots organization. I'm not sure that we expected a coach was gonna lose his job as a result of it still nothing official from the patriots they haven't announced anything yet but there. Certainly enough media reports to support the the news out there that offensive line coach Dave did go glee Elmo has been relieved of his duties with the New England Patriots and in the aftermath of the game in which Tom Brady was hit 23 times the most any quarterback has been hit the National Football League this year. I guess we shouldn't be shocked that something happened right and it wasn't. The only time the offensive line had breakdowns so I mean you look at. In week sixteen week seventeen it was every bit as bad so you know apparently this was maybe some I was building Michael. Well Alastair his progression I'm just guessing. That they can understand it. Offered the flying coach. There's not a trainers not a strength coach. So it is not on him when guys are available. And may not even be on the trainers and strength coaches when guys unavailable to me on the nature of the injury the doctors today sorry out yet. Or orange shirt I'm talking about. There's some guys get hurt if not that they were ill prepared or or dual what they were they failed to do what they were both. Things happen at that it's a violent game. So for him I think that's an understanding that he can't control that. But what I'm just guessing most coaches. There. Have high expectations on. And the expectation is your guys are gonna get better work when your guys are weak five. Ark who will be and we tan who they are weak and art with a going to be in week eighteen week nineteen. So. May be maybe is the lack of regression. On that team you know door within the other day and yesterday. That he thought stork took a step back. I think Marcus cannon took a step back. Sebastian Vollmer. You know down the stretch and was looking like the guy he was the first four weeks of the 2015 season that's not a compliment. That 2014 season excuse me so you know maybe I was maybe maybe that the office of my coach took the fall. For the lack of is steady progress in the effort to line. I read somewhere. In the immediate aftermath of this news getting out there. And that big Oakley alma had reportedly I expressed to some friends subpoenas for awhile now for several weeks now. That he feared that that his job was in jeopardy. To back up your point Michael that this wasn't tea an immediate eight we stuck in the AFC championship game somebody's gotta go. Because reportedly Google glioma had been saying to France for awhile now that he was worried about his job. Heap. He was in the unenviable position of columnist land jobs just are taken out and out just thinking that you don't wanna be follow on the legend I whoever the next head coach of the patriots is is gonna fail miserably attic problem. At and it's not just following the legend of the yeah I felt allegedly last year and they won the Super Bowl and the off at the line stabilized but. The that the problem with following Dante Natalee was Dante a great offered to fly coach. Dante was in the very experienced coach in general he's been around yet he. He was a the professor and resting at ten year yet ten year. In Foxborough he he. Was there before Bill Belichick was during the hearing pouring 82 before Pete Carroll before Bill Parcells before Raymond Berry him he was around. For years and years and so. What what would dollar check and other coaches got used to from Donte' was hey this is not going well right now. How to we fix it and don't take a picture. So this year up at the line got some injuries and up at the line is not going well. Can you fix it. It can't we get this fixed. That had a lead to a satisfactory level. And I guess I would pick up the answer was no. I heard Christians say earlier today and I have heard other players say it's. That Donte' it was just great offensive line coach Christian said he was one of the finest coaches I've ever seen. And and that's kind of a common refrain for guys who played form you've talked to them before I've talked to them before. He was he was going to be a guy whose act was really tough to follow anyway. They loved this guy and it's funny because he was hard on. I mean he was a drill sergeant he was up one sided Evan guy on the other side of them and they loved him for. It godly Elmo was supposedly reportedly more of a raw rock kind of guy. A guy who you know certainly wasn't. He he was not up I'll probably what in guy's ear holes screaming at them or anything. But he suffered by comparison to a guy who you know he followed who retired now Donte' retired I have no reason to believe. That he wants to end that retirement that'll be the first thing everybody sect broke it Donte' back. He wants the Compaq. I I pinkie retired for a reason he'd had enough he beat Don at all. You know he's got he's rings he's got is his belts on the wall. Yeah you know in that role that consultant role it's always say it's always a good place to be where you don't have to go to the office. It because he was always the first one there. Now Dante. You've been to get into the office early Dante's there. Always. Show it worked coaches' work long hours anyway he worked longer hours and most coaches. So if if you can help out. In and provide some guidance from afar. I think that's a good situation I can see him doing that but the patriots. I know we've been over this ground before but probably. He's knocking them. I don't think he's gonna come back into the new offensive line coach. Isn't it also possible and I know you and I went back and forth on this but the fact that he was a consultant undermined the guy who had a job. Adult legend was that guy at the end of the phone Egon taking it take a look at this taken yet and you take a look at that did that kind of undermine the guy who had the job. I never think that no I don't think kids. It's just another Smart voice it's fine I mean it's not like. You're telling them something as a coach and then the players say well wait a minute. Well Daunte here we should do this it's now adoptees adoptive and that's the biggest in the undermining or the guy is you come in becoming a work. No Kooks comes in a work at 630 feeling good about himself 6 o'clock. Walks into his office in Dante's and there with a speed on a desk. Let's stop. I've been here since five words man ought to ask you gonna call out sick today. That's that it was not happening it's like that happens you're there and you feel like. What is your mother out of my coach and I. Gotta give you example of why I think it could happen let's say that that you know. Gold looks and it says you know what this isn't working we need to put this guy at left guard we need to move that data right art that's what we need to do. And and Donte' who's the consultant looks Thelma Cigna what you need to do with this guy over here putback guy over there. Whose voice do you think bill would listen to in that circumstance but but but this is what we talk about laster dale. Groups ever has to know that. Ever ask know that anybody would know if Pete said to build this is what I wanna do and bill is not and you're gonna do this is that there's a tournament act that you. That's what you pay for is to make that decision. It's just like. Kevin Graham talks with Mike princess daily as a consultant. We're not supposed to know that. And princess that tells them that would Jerry should be doing what you should be doing what I should be doing. Kevin never meant just that to us tore us up undermining. He's just giving. The group the wisdom of the Pope. The Pope a Sports Radio. And it's just something else to consider I don't have a problem with that I honestly an animal program really does that he didn't draft Nolan in the sports talk show host draft. Prints up to what this first round pick but if you're if you're listening to other people. Just. Acquire more information. Especially if they know what they're doing they've been successful to be seen Kevin ejection of his movie mumbled through just sort of that it. You know if you are not getting in the way it's okay but I think they're gonna. Wherever the next guy is is gonna have a little easier because there's some separation. That there's there's one guy who got in the way well they do at some unusual this time. They went outside the organization to bring to go glioma. No probably probably won't go outside the organ probably in inside got out now the big camera you mean he was therefore it was there that I the last half of the 2013. Season and so proud hired he was around in the after receives a sports talk show host let me. It would look at pro sports talk radio. And show moved out from a sports talk radio or at the best ticket thing. Sports talk radio careers lead to NFL coaching jobs. It surprised like that pipeline from Pawtucket. You're broadcaster and the ticket to go onto the majors instantly yearly sports talk show hosts. Raiders rams wherever you want. So I think the guy's sports talk gig was up and became man and and and saddened and watched the operation for a while many took over 2014. It will likely be a name that you know let's be honest most of the assistant coaches for the patriots names don't resonate with folks who watch even avid football fans. Don't know most of the names of the assistant coaches in the coordinators that know a couple of names but. I mean Ivan fears name you know 'cause he's been here so long but for the most part of those these guys are. So if they promote from within. And name so and so is the new offensive line coach most fans are gonna say who. You know what name we know it's been blown. Out of there. Most of them are I mean you you might no be of you probably know more than most but. I think most fans if they saw a list of names wouldn't be able to tell if it was a patriots assistant coach or rapper. It would be able to tell you the different. I don't know. Bra now. Probably won't be a guy like let's say Brian table let's use that as an example because my gut feeling is. He's going to be Josh McDaniels replacement when Josh moves but Josh is but. The fact that Josh has to be here in 2000. Sixteen but why so Dave Ball into it let's say an offensive line position. And then a year from now you know OK now we got to get another offensive line our coach is animal hit and a offensive court. Nick wants to pay went one step at a time one day at a time it is what it is all the cliches is exactly what they think. We're worried about two years about three years from now where we're Josh McDaniels is going somewhere else right now he needed operative line coach. I think people would be a fantastic candidate for end it would help him. As a coordinator he wants to be an offensive coordinator and eventually be my coach where he's headed next if that's a great that's a great. Training ground. To understand. How the offense really worked for me he understands that anyways as Smart guy. But to. To have some experience coaching wide receivers which he did early in his career in coaching Deion Branch and David Givens and Troy brown and Troy Brown. To be coordinator and other places to be back here is the tight ends coach to be here as an operative like coached pretty get resonant. If it helps you when you take over that job full time and I think he'd be a great candidate. I'll tell you this that Bill Belichick will be whether it's at top of the hour just after 3 o'clock. Any won't talk about Dave Google mail. Because they haven't announced that. The patriots at least one last I checked sitting in this seat you know ten minutes ago there has still been no word from the patriots. So it's going to be well we have them. When we have an announcement on any. Right I said self fulfilling prophecy we're but I don't know I don't know don't write it might already know my point is he doesn't talk about things that they haven't. At that they haven't released yet I don't know you don't know what they. Guys from doing so that to this one is you know I didn't feel like. I've got a burst of energy spotlight and all kinds of stuff but right at the great about this interview click at 305. Bill Belichick. Can give some insight. I would get some answers. I. I really think he's got to be expansive and no sarcasm. Not aspects sarcasm here. And you based on a one just feeling instincts. Let's be honest if he won the damn Super Bowl a mature he'd ever be expansive well what we saw that last year I know Paul. There was exhausted. Remember all I do. Won a super ball is right here in cricket game predictors. Well. I Petit met welcome well our. Eight villagers that call from Kevin Harlan. Is unbelievable. Public you know want to call a timeout period due to. Well in do what was best that would negate the game but not all bad. And I put out the day one that gave him okay. They didn't win the game 48 hours ago but we'll talk to top the hour. Everybody knows he's normally with a sort of patriots Monday but they and a whole lot of stuff there working on yesterday. Maybe gave to go limo was part of it that they had. Player exit interviews in and all of things that you do on the on the day after the season ends. It is just all your stuff and garbage bag in Holland it out to the truck sort of things so we will talk to Bill Belichick at 3 o'clock and then we'll see you know. Where is one of the golf what he's one of dissent. I'm not doing cocaine Norway and Sunday at Delhi are OPEC's side note don't know. That's that it spice kids stay away from that just say no. Now I've got four. Humans mice now the life. Jerry and life. Jerry you meet some spice ability to get to the rumor that Terry Barton will be your new offensive line Jerry and this well what on the ad daily Arnold Tex lines because sometimes home remedies now listen like crazy here. Sometimes home remedies work. So we're gonna open this up. And you have the winning remedy. Jerry's gonna put you on the wall. Your Walt defender. Going to be part of to be part of pornography blog. How do we bring back Jerry he's here by the way that was probably bring players -- an hour I talked to my heartily dry out just aren't that chocolate can. It might friends sets sort of hopes yeah he's got a surprising and right I'm getting by that is that deep fly somewhere if I have got to find that right register just and his role with it. But you know Jerry has been trying. Honey. And he yeah. I I've recommending Heathrow on low limit but whoever got here and that right now recommended some alcohol soothing throat spray. Praying. There are serious enemy and so he got to have any remedies there but it involves whiskey that'd be great to beat the fine now with the mean time I can just kinda. You're them you know monotone kind of bug to its horrendous thing. Welcome Nolan scored a seed Boston College play college network I'm trying to think you know back in the back in the days you know mama Ali is to have me do. Those note chicken soup that was for for colds. Castor oil and what that was for I suggest he did just see method what does that. Say like four awards an hour when your embryo maybe he can do that balance a checkbook. What's the other one write an article. For sort of the pornography and locked up today jittery you guys ever do the salt water thing. That that's. We're so that supports all of your mom hall morning Houston and that castor oil and what can we went through a stretch in my in my family is it. Where my mother decided we had to have cod liver oil every night. All mine. Now now is the worst experience of my life. They finally they might might might get finally said my money you gotta stop making him take the stuff but it like running and hiding every night you know just four bad. And if she just was convinced that cod liver oil was the one of the great talent that's ever helped because it was the most while texting friends or as a member of astronauts on a little rascals at the solved alien force it it was just. Don't like the worst thing ever meant. So those things. Parents did just to torture kids are trying to help out here people. Like I suddenly like I better not real big effect are yesterday. There's some that you went a little self editing is Hugo blog here. It's right. Mix with Michael and honey. Somebody says without a little sexy. Actually patent can give you some if you shot at. The shot a Blackberry brandy and the ailments and yesterday I said benedictine amber Andy. Hot tomato soup. We have an intern available to room make a pack he ran for me lots and you aren't you fly out by this one right doubtless industry are tell your Blackberry brandy is getting a lot of right here paprika honey lemon and hot water. Right that and a sound audible I need and you of those keyboards like Stephen Hawking has. You know his Stephen Hawking and I have so much in common in terms of our our intellect. Her athletic ability. Looks like my grandmother gave me Jack Daniels lemon juice and honey look or grab. If I have to cut. I. Feel that I love program. And no those were two or not we're not gonna shoot him you were not productive a lot of. I'll I mean you're so. And hard that. OK so I think we will we will ask for suggestions by next year they will maybe this game. The thing is little less than it is right now. It's it's still in you know everywhere I went there's a plot between yesterday and today went to the gym this morning people still bitch about it. It at one point one of the traders in the gym with Alley. About Brady how he was throwing the football yesterday not Sunday. That's. Your habitat here at that no way I'm a knock and talk about it but it is just one. Wednesday. Why pay on fort at one at that. Was an error quarterbacks from Brady gone. Lots of that there's been a lot of everywhere I've been I'm sure where you ban and the humor quarterback sneak hearing criticism of the running backs. Why didn't you better running backs witnesses because their first and second in their into a fullback. No Steven Jackson was the plan all along you know enemy might. Cut him some slack. That's the register where you're right yeah I know on sign right there repair records right and he's adamantly that area causes them and do it it's not easy. Again inflict. But yeah I mean at some point we have to recognize that this was not the poignant. All right let me. And pick up. Sick aside and says Mikey 6177797937. Is telephone number text line. You Lawler just a little out there let me just say that OK I love that 37937. Bill Belichick head coach the patriots will join us just after the top of the hour. We'll slide right into your phone calls coming up next Dele Hollywood port and Sports Radio WB yeah. He thinks he can get the good news. Students in the city and Newark new implements and billions of Rick you're good to. It's nothing cynical campaign did. Bill Belichick Communist and if you're looking is it coach Belichick's history he almost promote from within. And you almost told you make this hand signal don't do this storm bring someone from the outside on your insight because it's a screws it up. We're girlish Hogan of a coach or so I've always wanted to promote from within the. That's Urban Meyer. An interview with Mike princess of back in October about promoting from within which is really the way the patriots have gone about it. Almost the entire time. Our Bill Belichick care. You know not only has ordered Meyer promote from within and snappy promotes good solid education. For those young all the matter you know Michael is a young man on course for success in their library has ever that a coach he's a life coach isn't related news half the team is going to nationally what I thought early in the ground it's that intelligent the the patriots have not announced anything about Dave decode yum O although week. We're pretty sure what's happened here. I his cousin Greg Dougal yum O however Harris. Tweet. Fired after two Super Bowl rings and three points from another Super Bowl. Without whole line offense decimated with injuries love you 'cause writes Greg. And any wrote couldn't be prouder of the best allying coach around Dave to go to Romo in victory. And defeat. But again no official word from the patriots despite media reports. Well for almost point four hours now. Not quite 24 we found out last night. Not that we're surprised necessarily. Out here like I I knew all along you know of the broncos' only patriot patriot probably don't like the Broncos very much. I think I totally underestimated the level of hatred. Involved on the part of the Broncos did you see the Von Miller video. Von Miller in his locker he's he's got the football at patriots logo on the football but he intercepted him Tom Brady. He says as the men this ball feels a little flat to me in the video. Won that war. And and they got old chestnut that never gets old and then you get the the word. And and you know let's be honest it's sort of a little bit gross. Up a an unidentified. Denver Broncos defensive lineman who said he was basically trying to. Rubbed his twig and berries and Tom Brady's face. And that means that they really hate this guy and this team don't that he took perverse pleasure in knowing that he was trying to keep gag him. Given the Arabian goggles. Given Tim McGraw and bill and you know people that wanna blame Brady for an outlaws the ego I mean it was a it was a great piece going into detail about how bad the offensive line played. Look at I'm not naive enough to think that fans and players and other cities. Will just magically move on and not talk about spy gate even at this date or deflate gate. But they're so open about. In the Twitter generation that I like a lot. What are generation. Or in a lot of a lot of areas. You know the lifespan of things than than last as long as he used you so what was funny. You know right after the play gained. Like last January what was funny last January. Is not necessarily funny this January Sophie come out what that. You know after the Saturday Night Live press conference. Top job downtown. Are you still hero look at the cameras and economic deadline then OK that's fine. Later party all right yeah 52 weeks later like in late and the ball feels a little flat to me we by the way in real world stuff and I would I wish I was joking I'm not joking. Out word has come down this afternoon. The late great Abe the goat passed away at the age of 94 today. And his vocal styling have now and it out at at our buddy Terry Thornton over the that he rest it he was 94 and godfather one. Read about who weren't shocked of human that commercial Betty White and say he's still lies before him has CO. I just get to the call 6177797937. Because remember the more you talk. The less he talks the better we all feel let's get tilt with David Bridgewater Europe first on Sports Radio stale and holly. Dale might happen Gerri how he's gotten a request for comments about. I have a patriot question for from Mike and then that I could have very important question on the Pruitt broadcast last night you know about to deviate and now I have one son in his bill. Well do you feel free I I know where you're gone and I'm unwilling to defend myself you know they've prepared a meager defenses. So to grab the patriots are putting aside intangibles Mike and history of the endeavor. Logistically for football and how much does it matter. I was crowd noise Brady not being able to very the snap down and slow down pat first how much did it matter nagging. Not very much. They don't they tell not allowed not very much I really don't I don't think that was the issue I think this who has. And this is what you want in a championship game. It it it really came down choose some incredible. Defensive stands. Some system. Great one on one matchups you know defeating your guy what what we talk about all the time I really don't think it came down to the to schemes. In the in LA you know you can look at Von Miller and they're gonna do this against nominal revenues that. But I got lines up against and offered to tackle like Marcus cannon. OK you can think what chip this guy and make sure you help Bowden said that tiger and you know Gibson opened running back. And for eagle on a pattern you know make sure you hit Miller OK fine. We mean when you get to regain all of that stuff is irrelevant. We have a great player but I really think it just came down to a nasty brutal. Hard hitting AFC championship game and I'd especially. In the in the final. Forty minutes or so. They'll go ahead say it. Some things that are inexplicable like the appeal of our bill I can say oh and I'm not into and out what I set I don't let let me get a whole line out because it was so sort of funny. I opened the post game show last night by saying some things are inexplicable like the appeal of Bob Dylan. And why the Bruins are so much better on the road than they are at home front not a down day that day I had I am an excellent get a date I I I might Dylan wrote his stop and let real singers singing his stuff. I'd elicit a high ankle question for you tell me. Any any console back and CD cassette the court media and the console you're neutral colored or the Buick. Did you have one ED and it was the Eagles greatest asset. If I I I I had I had many CD's the Eagles greatest it's certainly was among them I'm just about telling guy I think he said terrible singer. Great songwriter terrible thing at all. Man belongs in the museum of fine art. It's just just not a singer whose system that does that matter of what you year and in in what you what you think he's a good thing I do you do bowling and yet he sings like four and talks right now all right and if there's actually a lot of similarities between. I go with what hunter S Thompson said he's got a lot to answer for Andy he turned out generations of people that couldn't sing. That the agency did not elect I respect I respect Dillon as a writer you have to you ought to writer absolute. And I respect him as a finger now this is the thing about bill and that seemed Dylan two or three times. You'll onetime Osama Mohegan. He was incredible he was engaged in you know ends just intuit back and forth for the clout with the crowd. And then it was time I was not Chicago this render Chicago wasn't for me. A summer Chicago at the United Center. And it was probably the worst concert. It just so that the new study it probably wasn't Chicago it was probably Dylan Taylor probably opened the Buick was fun it was just. Dylan just decided that night showmanship is out. I'm not do that. I don't have to. And quite. Do the Miles Davis turned back to the stage anything about that to turn back to the audience but it was just OK to play a song. Not gonna play another song. And a second night it's over. It. Just walked off with the hate it 6177797. ID 37 Georges in Boston hate George. City couple black white people and I'd be in the end tomorrow coupled coaching decision not been in defense. The first one at that that I didn't school patched now. Wind greatly that kick it ever got the ball back at the twenty. Why would you ask all of our Internet site and again why not Chordiant someone else. Second question. On defense on the first strike gold on the field. In doubt that even the back the country out there on the receive is very intense equality or. Now. Everybody crack in a while being me. Why they are taking out the more during the season any game on Saturday it would exit seventy. And yet the war why in the world if you can't get back out. We're actually quarterback they'll not banned. Everybody pocket while Ballmer and everybody get would be like when you have a black and backed back electability in the PGA LP quarterback. If it isn't it I don't think I've not been packed in a one advocate in April Autry I. It plumber like playing pool. That picket apple cart that at 3 o'clock. You know a lot of people on the clock they'll have that thing question that a college. Yeah what a journalist hat and they won't answer. But you're the only club I been a great culture all I'm eighty I I'm I'm Magnus. Not that George George George arms in frustration but you know you turn tummies relative greatest coaches in the history are illegal under with me a year ago there. Oh are you gonna tell me he's not one of the greatest coaches and have a history yeah a lot of questions. I'm not not CNET I'm Ian and I isn't that a culture. I wouldn't want Q&A team and a work in the cold and it hit him he can kind of bad. And how we call coached and I don't you and it. Right okay well I guess the answer would be George he's a great coach but he's not infallible. That you know great coaches make mistakes in fact our fourth Ford they will talk about some of the decisions that he made that you may agree with that may disagree wit. You can second guess coaches it. Today on one of the web sites that I was reading for the showed today. They ranked all of the Super Bowl coaches. From one day at fifty whatever lessons in history yes all of the Super Bowl coaches from the worst Super Bowl coached the best. And according to this ranking. I think it was will lead to do it I'm not positive I think he's got Bill Belichick is the greatest Super Bowl coach in history. And and in the in the little paragraph that he wrote he says you know you're gonna hate me for this spot. You know he's got six Super Bowl appearances tied for the most Evers got six Super Bowl wins tied for the most ever any es that you may not like him but he's the best. Coach in Super Bowl history. The gave them credit so it's just any coach who has appeared in the super ball over what is this head coach in this in the super ball but he's always got Ford. Know what what did Jim's experience six Super Bowl wins -- only said six Super Bowl appearances reports Super Bowl wins war okay. An and you know he lists a mall. I think Raymond Berry was like 46 that something I don't get well this only fifty or one on the list well the it is yet ready to go and yet Eric crush. Now so weigh it yep technology to. Now he had that's a little bill through stipulates that particular I think Chuck Noll was married and and I don't want to sit in it. John Chambers don't call call yesterday. Not trying to pander to you. But if your form on a Super Bowl. You got to be either one or two. You've got the most guitar for the most Super Bowl victories of all time would Belichick so either you're Bellic Jack. What are true there there have been that's crazy. There have been 51 head coaches in the history of the suit girl 51 total. There's obviously some coaches and had more than one in and analysts of 51 total head coaches the worst head coach of all time. According to will Leach was read Miller Denver Broncos. Super Bowl twelfth. X followed by bill Callahan. That's Stanley Whisenhunt. Said hey ray mallet Basie and Mike Martz know I'm I'm I'm counting down from 51 down five Ken Whisenhunt well it. They lost wondered great all time Super Bowls at best he was coached the cardinals right. Let me go to the cardinals against Arizona Cardinals up here. Don't count on comedy have to be you would you put at the bottom but okay bill Callahan who Raymond Berry. The ultimate blow up coaches. And not a fact. Our mark Levy at the bottom. Loved sports Raymond Berry was 45 on this latest three of them blowouts. Bill Callahan that got blown out by. Jon Gruden. Took on his old team. So he gruden better than anybody felt like all what are what the scope it's gonna do if your us last year. Pete Carroll was 23 by the way on on their list. And the Oscars that's just it it's one of those things that are fun to look at on. Does not fund a look at the notice and orders are not my auditors and no it's not fun at all now. Obviously as I said they've got Belichick is as number one number two is Bill Walsh. Number three is Chuck Noll number four is Vince Lombardi number five is done shall. Any Scott little paragraph you know explaining why he did woody did that. As he said when he wrote it yeah I'm gonna get yelled at for this 12 men but Bill Belichick and a six Super Bowls one for. Donna during a timeout unparalleled competition done it with great offense is great defense is both and neither. Probably has one or two left him. All the dealings before Jews who can email him. It's not going to be from four all right and Bobby Ross managed to get up to 446177797937. A Bill Belichick coming up just about twenty minutes from not just after the top of the hour Sports Radio WEEI. I was a waiting for the official medical report to come out we knew via the general Latin generalities of the story but now we learned that. Blake Griffin has a broken hand early timetable is four to six weeks he'll be missing from the LA clippers lineup for those of you haven't heard the story. The clippers were in Toronto there on a road trip there in Toronto on Griffin is traveling with the team although he's out injured at the moment. Vienna a growing polar something but it was traveling with the team. Ice in a restaurant in Toronto. With one of the equipment guys on the team god that I guess he hangs around with the Paramount according to the things that I've read. Record really leverage and I know they get into some sort of will be in the restaurant. Blake Griffin punches the equipment guy. The equipment guy and again this is this the stories it's been reported I don't know if this is true or not. The story has the equipment guy gets up and leaps he's thinking I gotta get out of here you know this is not a good thing. Griffin reportedly pursued him on the street outside the rest wrong punches him repeatedly outside the restaurant and in the process breaks his hand. The equipment manager has reportedly sustained some damage to his face having Blake Griffin the big guy yeah I don't know how big the equipment guy as our guest nodded biggest Blake. It's located not a good look right right there so. They sent grip at home in negate power force to look at the NBA power forward beats up equipment. Think about that from right so so they sent Griffin home to be. Checked out by the doctors that you were two days off for six weeks. They sent the equipment guy home because supposedly his face got messed up yeah they I didn't read it tweet today that said the equipment manager has not been fired. Jay how does not you it's his face stole bitten by Blake Griffin and they decided not to hire him for that. What is Doc Rivers gonna do with this I I can't wait to hear tracked it you're always gonna have a statement before their game tonight at Toronto. At this statement won't really tell you what he's thinking oh wouldn't love to be a fly on that law that was wrong on both sides. I don't know I mean. Believe it or not. I. This. The oh yeah we're gonna get up like I don't watch it. You sound like I push it don't try to make it here don't play a blatant if I wouldn't clippers by the clippers I would not make him. And let him fight it let them let the players association might get on here you can't pay him. Yet you probably have to pay him. Why he would probably. You know if this. Is it was it was really redo the foolish. It was a it was a really silly thing that and beyond silly amount I'm understating it. You know Blake Griffin should know better are so many levels first injured. It's offers true. It is that it I think what they Lebanon three without them so fourteen games of lycra and they've had a pretty soft schedule. You're trying to get yourself back. You're on your way back in value have a new injury that has nothing to do with basketball ought to have to do with you lose your temper so what the guys that Peyton Manning has better commercials yet. But that was a fight. The fight right there or whatever he says I don't I wish was that it's like basically what people liked that one minute Blake Griffin and you need somebody to at all they want and I read the peanut butter jelly sandwich in development at reforming. The two you'd you'd have to have more restraint and that but knowing dock and we thought doc here for nine years. He well he will find a way to spin it perfectly for the media but behind the things. Doc is ultimately docket the players coach an opening Kiewit picked a hard line that we're not gonna pay what do something I wouldn't pay him. Now I can I I would let them fight that things fight it as long if you want good things happened in the practice. You hang around you hang around guys. Does that mean he walked back. With players. Things happen all the time what what the difference been on this is that they get into a fight with a player. It took part of their teammate and you get injured Friday your teammate I might and then see it's unfortunate right but it happened. I got no excuse for our punch out and equipment I don't know a little bit more about it relates to whether it's arts studio album to me any. We need to league's all sorts through. That's true. Maybe down and he'd pushed down Al sec elderly man. And manager hired a manager of Red Sox told his general manager at that day. You have to get him out but it didn't happen not that well they didn't get rid of it that day but but basically said that's it we can't he can't be hearing you have but you know I don't I could do that would clippers aren't gonna trade Blake Griffin awake at this and it was a month later. Late its that you couldn't do what to meet you had to you know locals so prop. So the fact that you soul what do think dale as it sounds good hey I'm not gonna pay him. But the reality as you probably have to for for multiple reasons. And then now you have youth. You've got the notice of your your own teammate Kyle think the teammates are gonna say he shouldn't be paid the probably shame them. And I'll handle it internally but we get into public and they keep your paycheck away from you now you've created a bigger problem. No Putin created he created well but a bigger problem on your team he created he's the reason for a but the preview. If you try to say I'm not gonna pay you. That turns into something larger. 6177797937. Is telephone number we're gonna Iowa get to the flash of the sports update its top of the hour and up on the other side of that. Head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick scheduled to join us in just a few minutes. We'll go over the end of the season with him we'll get back to your calls as well it's Daylon Hollywood Thornton Sports Radio W media.