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Analyzing the NFL's return to Los Angeles with Peter King of the MMQB

Jan 13, 2016|

SI's Peter King joins Dale and Holley to discuss the Pats in the playoffs, the NFL's return of LA and his open letter about violence in the NFL.

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Every week at this time we talked to Peter King from the MM QB you also see him perhaps on football night America Peter joins us on the AT&T hotline hello Peter aerial. What our guys right on great thank you and I start with your letter that you be open letter that you wrote to the players in the National Football League this week. Here I suggest that you may be addressed it to the wrong parties because rather than addressing it to the players in the NFL. Wouldn't it wouldn't wouldn't have made more sense to address that to the owners and coaches in the NFL. Wow well a lot of people said that in the wake of this. Between period and I broad for the players is that. Duties you have daylight art I had another conversation. In the last few weeks is raging now in one of the Bengals safety. Com about. Eight unity in them in an a in this Cincinnati and her game in week sixteen. Raking knelt and hit O and being needles in the torso. Dislodging a ball firm in overtime. And it was held up it's a greedy. Out here. And in a very very hard way but they hit any clean why. And in fact Owen Daniels. The next state tweeted. Two breaking out and basically said. Thanks for her and not kidding me in the head toward the needs and memorable and I parked original one of the things he said was. Marvin Lewis has emphasized to us over and over again. You got the got to hit at the body. You know he can't aim at the head eagle on aim at the knees you want it. Great at the numbers and so I have no doubt in my mind that front as perfect. Has been taught. How to tackle and has been taught to not go for the head of guys. And the fact is brought his Berkshire chooses to do this he's a tremendously. Talented guy. He chooses to do this and you're right when you say that. The owners in this particular case Mike Brown. He slumped as Burke kicked around until Marvin Lewis taking him. But at the end of the day. It is true that every one. You know has a role. In what happens in the game and what and who actually is on the field. But. It you know also in my opinion. I believe that it's players who ultimately. Have to take care of themselves and have to realize that. We can't go out the year and and and try to. Edit injure. Guys on the other side of the field. And not I just saw it in several cases in banking the other night that they hit were so egregious. That I think sometimes. I think players get so caught up into the game itself. That they don't necessarily. Eat all right take they gold or how. And yeah obviously are relentless as has sway as the Mike Brown over whether Iran has virtually those on the field. But I just think at the end of the day it's the players really you have to take care of themselves feel and the Bengals and Steelers did the other night. Our Peter you've been a journalist for a long time in used to seeing many stories come across your desk or come across your laptop and it kind of have to put two and two together and come up with something so. Veteran journalist. Peter King reads all the information about this Chandler Jones situation and determines what. Honestly I just read about it today for the first time and I wish I have launched on the I don't. I don't really know what it means I don't know exactly what happened. I didn't look into it other than read the story that it was an error today outlined. And. Michael I can just say that. Something about it certainly. I don't know certainly smell and he you know I'd really like to know what obviously what exactly happened. In the you know late Saturday night early Sunday morning. But I hate. Others and having read about it and they have not worked on and I have not made phone call Barrett so. I'm probably not a very good person to ask a batter at least right now but it certainly seems like. Chandler Jones did something here Kyra the patriots are certainly wanna know what we're at war. Peter it's not often that you know what goes on and aboard Romo mongo bunch of billionaires fascinates as let this thing with the the rams going to LA does it's really striking a chord with people and is this an indication of how much juice. Roger Goodell has with these owners that that the committee recommended. No that'd be two other teams and instead he managed to get Saint Louis and there. You know Jerry I I'm not sure that it was necessarily. All good bill. And in this case I think that I think Jerry Jones played a very big role in what happened. Ultimately. In Los Angeles because he you're exactly what happened I think that. You know we need owners. Looked at this I think for infertile past few weeks and I have been writing in training methods that. The one thing I didn't like about this process is that the owners were looking at this as. You know they everybody in the 80s06. What's gonna help the NFL the most is they weren't asking. What is actually get a work in the Los Angeles K and that's why I think for a long time. Because the owners wanted to do right especially Barney seen Eagles. And and being Spain Spain Austria and. Everybody gets caught automatically that the person site which is really kind of collapse or site in terms of bells and whistles. In in terms of location. Like everybody looked at bat and said well look you know the owners who want help dean stand outs. Argo. Are gonna win. And they're going to. Rick you know they're gonna end up voting for art and story. Just like the leak committee of six owners that rain and that Kelly process of older part to want Craig Erie Gerald recorder in the morning. It's saying that I've never seen a situation where an NFL committee who and believe me committee here which trusted. You know everybody trucks are content. And John Merrick and interior Richardson as well respected. If he hadn't seen where everything just went the opposite I think the reason that it went the opposite way is because. He owners led by Jerry Jones is basically says to all the other Robert Woodson. This is the most incredible opportunity. About two point seven billion dollar project. A 182. Acres in you know near downtown. Los Angeles. That is just going to be football stadium it's gonna have a campus or NFL media for instance her. You know article that comment at fell still everything. And their it's just going to be a real show lights. And I think that the reason at the end of the day light at one that the NFL did not want. Not to let goal of of that project and to build. Essentially no matter how you would describe a lesser project. Substantially because the owners of that lesser project. You know we're not terribly well he guys whereas. Building the lead in the place in Inglewood. We have now older who's one of the richest men in the week. You know and in Prague he extinct long term. And they just thought was best entry NFL and certainly Treo so bottom line. Peter I'm not saying this isn't even the right project that they should have gotten behind but it's sort of smells like the fix was in. Especially when rich Eisen yeah he's tweeting out about information about you know NFL films and and and the NFL network and everybody moving before boarding even got out. I didn't even know that I I didn't know that but clearly. All along. The the business side of the NFL. Thought that this was a better place and a better a better deal. What was says I mean number that try to sort of deconstruct this thing a little bit. In Monday Morning Quarterback over the weekend but there's no question that the business side in this thing one. And again right I didn't know that about retirees and cargo I don't know exactly what happened. I I I will tell you use that I would surprise. Because I was given the impression last weekend. That. The number one Singh on everybody's warrior going into the meeting. From the power brokers all except for Geary Jim -- get on with term. Goal in the air and to really. You know pushed very very hard to not give up on the steam cranky project that we will regret it a long time. But I think that's important I just I I don't know exactly how it got from point a to point B that. Hopefully you'll be hearing about some of that Monday. And now for next Monday you'll be you'll be writing about a week from Monday be writing about the participants in the AFC championship game. Who will they be and why. You know what I think it's going to be New England in Denver. You know I know that the road teams had a great run last weekend at amber at call for home team this weekend. And I think. If you look at. Just Ian you look at each game we could argue that who's gonna win each game that. But like if you look at the patriot games for instance are thinking of the city gonna be buried there. A formidable foe. You know on the realm of error in the realm of the waiter grievances then when Nate when the patriots have played in recent years because their defense and so top. And their pass rush its formidable. Under stick in theory is good. And an Alex let the market into the game but that you look at the patriots and the specially. I'm I'm assuming that Julian Evelyn is gonna come back. As Julian Edelman and again I guess we're dark and don't know until 430 Saturday afternoon. What kind of shape he's in them and and how good he seals but. And Tiffany. The patriots. As much as everybody wants to say that her parents EU's. The key to that offense besides Brady I agree he's vitally important by. Julian settlement is too because Tom Brady when he doesn't have kinda broke it always rely on. Julian adamant find some hole in the defense. In usually short route. Where he's always gonna be open and and I think mixing Natalee collapsed. And also last two months it's really hurt knowing that ostensibly they get him back. And and I think that's gonna pay offs or the end. You know its heart the Broncos though. I think they're. They're lucky at the game against the game in Cincinnati was so. Physically taxing on the Steelers because. You know me I just think that is chose the benefit of what you get when you're a week off and play outs. You know you UN and the playoffs are relatively healthy. And your whole Lotta times enters their divisional round game really eat out I think the Steelers and her to beat up to win that game. Peter for commissioner of that has more words for transparency than an eskimo has first snow. Roger Goodell has been strangely quiet about the PSI data that though the legally supposed to collect this year. Has anybody asked do we know anything about the condition of the footballs in Minnesota. And would they test in the patriots game where the weather is supposed to be identical to what it was in the indie game a year ago. Well it is it really get it 51. Degrees and in a chance of rain is that a. I don't want them I'm here and announce the low forties at the start of the game and a chance of rain on almost identical. Okay. I don't know what they're going to be that and look into the NFL. Says that the year. They work release PSI. And and like I mean at some point. Our ability and I have to answer a question about water in her whole life alt 267. Regular postseason games. Are not. Being measured it certainly doesn't seem to be that big of an effort to do it and I believe that should be done it and secondly. A way we are learning anything about it because the only ways that. I in my opinion that anybody could draw any logical conclusion. About whether anything funny was done with the football would be BA championship in. It to know what happens in. I don't even know if he I wouldn't necessarily think. What happens at the football with the football. In the playoff team in Minnesota last week. Water should be exactly what happened with follows that the patriot. And because it really is different. Weather pattern entirely I mean it was it just you know whatever forty or fifty degrees colder including the wind chill. But certainly there have been enough games this year that approximate. That temperatures in the patriots game of the weather conditions. That all of those anxious been tested. So. I can do it's I can basically get say that I think everybody realizes that. These numbers should be out there in the fact that they are out they're only. An eighty year old Lee increase every once station. That. In the NFL will gladly publicize. The numbers it. You know if they support they are caught. But if they don't support your cause and they support the patriots caught. They'll bury him deeper than that you know. The nuclear codes that the president has you know has there has to guard every year. So you know I don't I don't know I certainly don't think that the NFL going to release them. And I think it's the wrong waited there are I think it's a long way to go for the NFL certainly a bad look. Four what the NFL says it's it has been transparency of this case. Peter we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. 400. Meter reader king from the yen QB joining us our Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe has not forwarded the Chandler Jones story. We'll give you those details welcome back Daylon Hollywood Thornton Sports Radio WE yeah.