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Marvin Lewis and Mike Carey, both, need to be fired, 1-11-15

Jan 11, 2016|

Marvin Lewis has to take responsibility for his defensive players gift-wrapping the FG for the Steelers, and Mike Carey continues to suck at his job working for CBS.

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On him winning. Peace or winning homer in Maloney and 48. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I jump right back to the phone calls talking about the weekend's wild card weekend. Going in the hole when you say it was kind of more. Overall I mean we had the fourth quarter of Pittsburgh Cincinnati if we did not get that fourth quarter and a wild finish. Then we would look to the first two games and said oh god this is awful for seven quarters which is horrendous right Olympics Houston was there. Houston was bad debt Minnesota. Seattle. And Pittsburgh great pace green washing for half. Yeah yes it was good happened then just it was a great football this week and mean the cold cereal and it showed it what's great football. People who scored we go so well as it is today so it doesn't I don't clearly need I caught you on that that Adam. That Minnesota green. It was good I liked that game I mean it was. A game the attitude that was great union and at united news. Night visitors and joyous it's a little Fella pluggable points a lot of Minnesota. Win and that makes you know it's like weather actually to pull this off. The shirt up Russell Wilson makes one unbelievable play one huge play I'm so grateful so Minnesota's basically controlling the game and it big stupid they're still trying to run the football. That one play where Russell Wilson's fault of the ground ball hit some of those basic gold mine on his knees. They have to get the right they have court Rowell. To do with the very last second jump up for this needs everybody. Old or run the play he buys it lock it in brings it down to four yard line and he's going Burnett. I think if you look at the NFL and to we always talk about how the defense and and yet you make an honor the defense and the offensively didn't. It's all both the offense makes it possible Dallas there's no points Unifirst in thirty enough that I mean they are into that dome overseas doesn't now Davis would do it it was like. Kansas city of Houston against he did anything offensively and I know from thirteen no than that I think two field goals of the there was turned pro and all those turnovers or was it offensively it was disappointing. The game that would all I was at last one. Are you surprised LT all the quarter that left so you have Cam Newton Carlson Palmer Alex Smith beat Manny. Brady Ben Roethlisberger roles in this sort of an 88 Iran is still play out. And out of those big guys. For those quarterbacks are first round up front and number one old national unity and it's amazing quarterback league are you the best goalies are being added house kind of teed up breeders'. It's at five the best eighteen to left right amid all the clowns are out of Houston simulator thing to come in since he can make that argument if you want Minnesota and do anything. Washing it was a joke but it best eighteen it's it's it's perfect. It's set up perfect for the NFL and honestly rock or are betting Kansas City Brady. Cam Newton Russell Wilson everybody Aaron Rodgers yet it. It's perfect. That's why last week and it's nice crystal ball this week it is what it's all about this is the best. NE we learned you look at ambler lost. The kicker from Minnesota Vikings will ask this guy is the -- -- he's that he's the offense from the missile Mikey he makes three takes its it's it's not did not think he's the guy needed to don't therefore he's thankful for that but that is that because he's got a good kicker because the pressure -- of the situation animal just got to anybody who asked not by the orders of Italy's excuse adamantly though evidently is precious immediately clicked it to the forty semi our willingness or their bodies and to its or is she -- We have you and your room you've been there to where it. You've been and that's all I should not take credit for this I called him a her just as an album out. And MB society I believe. I tick of looking at my you know this ample reason. Watch this skipped it was there was nobody knew what it was and even a volatile Madonna Watson. Is like black. Artists in less than registered as a guy who actually believed it at citadel of. I love seeing that if you're a I love the ticket Ngo that first drive. These get a low putt. And he comes down his noses bleed then legged pig guy should does it it's here now at the punter we got to deal with this guy. The showbiz noses read these bleeding a guarantee that happened in the schoolyard like that puck right probably because the guys at the same era that guy does the whole Americans did you contest he's jacked up. Yeah and next up for our partners who. Are putter go. Let's go to Seattle was affected by the cold we're talking about that game. And I just a vote you out who won that game and if the weather was normally that would destroy them. But aegis sauter early on you look at that you know wondering why did you do with it in the second half more you know Steve Russell Wilson outside the pocket. And let him do some things until the ball that wanna you wanna do they don't want to football in the first half. But what if you don't get a player to win this game against Estrada will win this thing Lleyton obviously they did it worked well. But the first half native dale and Russell Wilson to any. Boy you know Al so you think about that just a comic so some calls were a great job. Describing Minnesota's game plan on Russell Wilson now he he pointed out the fact that Russell Wilson. When he skates he likes to go back. Behind the edge pressures so what they did is they all over the Ole rushed him they Russians sold our backs a one try to get out he could go backwards out the back door. And the corral them and house a big part of their game plan a big part of their success early on. The eagle to the other games. Were on built some dealers I did not know where he's mentally. Michael good Nance. Guys that don't should not be on on the show to be Phil Simms and Mike Terry Mike Gary being a former Rapp who gives all the information is supposed to give you all the information. But Jim Nance is the one who sets everything up get asked the question gets himself the chancellor. And that says all what do you think my Kerry Mike says yep yep that's it Jim Nance. Right now. Is the greatest. Football broadcaster. On the planet is he's the only one that works alone. We had everybody so as a partner some guys at two guys they have you know analyst other people that helped the sidelines. He does these broadcast by himself so there was a specific play in this game. In which might Carrey gave you the result at the end. And then Nance said happily think he's meet touched agree on the Kerry said oh I'll have to check that out. Obviously I'll be right. Treasury as not only the church how he doesn't know how to explain new homes away he's mean eventually had no yeah he's wrong all of a picture and that's wrong that's correct a wrong. Let my county area there's no chance that could be ruled a chance. Now clearly this form of hand comes forward that's affordable. Covered by the defense how about Thomas to to see him the ball come up before he was down now that's at that went out to. Are back I saw I saw it working together and what are your thoughts football season I walk by it so their room the room that they actually were sits there's at least. Fifty TVs and there. I mean a ton of people in there. There's no reason why should have all that information rated all right at what he needs. Army tick now what should you have a replay right next you should know that these controversial calls. Does load the late two. Mike Terry no doubt about that right. It isn't what it's like. I'm actually means it I stretched fragile stretch don't stress don't come to mean now let me. I can see it's six times Tony cute too quick. A voice unit to a three times I mean is that a positive and say meat and we we talk about guys like Brian or you're not ready for the ball boys or preannounce is not ready for the moment. Mean Phil Simms you're right Phil Simms says absolutely. Nothing zero okay and it is sentence structure is right. Now player and you get a personal foul penalty or get kicked out the game what's the word the bat well not very Smart that's the word. That's the word not very Smart that worries them. Or are you tonight doesn't have any separation united. A little run on it he thinks it stands now because it's a balance of it all together. It's just one word that this stadium he's embarrassing. It didn't want cared more like Ferreira and so much so much that bit. Carries in a different position he's bad at what he does. But Phil Simms is all over the east and Phil Simms is going to be in Denver this week for the divisional game. Phil Simms is going to be broadcasting for the AFC championship game Phil Simms is going to be broadcasting. Not only the Super Bowl should poll fifty what's the word for that well not very Smart that's apparently that. Miller beat that I eagle and and I don't give. It felt stupid as Washington lost that does for your. Use their pick in the NFC he didn't know the teams in unison. What I did not know that teams you know Sedin but both of you I gave hundreds. Let's get a seat Dan. Was abused and we'll. That's not on us to focus on the positive signal Washington Alex Washington got sent back out to judge Joseph Joseph injury can vigil. Hey guys. Real quick. Pittsburgh opera it enough criticism in order for the way the coaches gave him between the hassle you guys. Or get rid of the couple years ago where common gets in the way. Two coaches involved a stop on the field basically didn't wait wait wait more criticism as much criticism she snapped. Should the commissioner does something here. Christianity. In the field who were allowed on the field. You know who's gonna miss it head coach or maybe the special teams coach of these lately at. Colorless and that the ref did an outstanding job opening number one I think you don't you Bernard was helmet to Helmut. And I don't care what the running back thing is the rule outside the tackles you know the do that I thought that was a penalty. And then you know he got. Get in running down she's running down the field Jeremy dale who's not on the field runs on the field to confront them they should be flak. Okay right did it should have been a flag there was not. It just evade to meet they've lost total control. You'll perfect intercepted the ball that should have been a penalty well let me get injured some good Benard got hit those that commit to go in the third quarter. There's no reason for anybody be running on the field confronting anybody from Pittsburgh. Yeah and then all helps to assess breaking loose but how do you not flag somebody for running onto the field after a play. Did you see the beginning of that game sees that the rest of the field of rest that that is what they were protecting the local in the middle of their feel like. Acting like they were protecting has got it out there so you guys gonna go on local roundups. Ups knew it was going to be an issue. And it can be rough and it was going to be a lot to its a lot of were 68 and a lot of you know late hits dirty play whatever you wanna call it. It. He handles it switched a little bit. What does he wants to buy more of Lewis. Did. And guys are you don't do that. Okay Cincinnati intercept the ball Pittsburgh backup quarterback for the minutes forty laughed. To get the ball what twenty yard line now we've got got traditions were pretty boring day all day. I eviction tonight who have been better off to explain these big Pittsburgh waste their time out. Put their defense backup kicked a field goal and they have their defense play against Pittsburgh backup quarterback and force him to try to score amend their luster go in the game. Yes yes. Now he knows that you know it Jeremy hill fumbled of course that's easy answer. Let's give it to restore your audience Hugo positions so the point three yard right you'll have three time yes. That if through two I thought three. Either one in a matter. Yet it's this outlaws. The Saudi and ID I could stay in games like DR Watson more gobble I've found out I've relies look at red okay how it ended. So watching this game in Berkeley gets the interception. Out in the public but I still going how the hell. To assist and a bagel lose this game. Because they're hardy and Abbott huddle at that time. What the hell happens all obviously yet and yet the personal value bought a perfect and it. Put them if you read that yet there are held. Another blow thirty or thirty yards on one final one player he's only needed was a field goal you gave them thirty yards you do that and it ended. You do that at the end of games and you're gonna lose most cable and there's a really package also pissed he should be yelling and self exam should. Is absolutely the student he's an article he stood. Up and blaming the wraps just do it. Is a guy who paid off twelve million dollars even though there were people who were shot. At the end the the strip club that night it doesn't take accountability. But I've stated he's right a sandy you wanna yell at somebody yell at yourself. Take. You see accountability at least don't say it the rest for a few Guinea lied and if you watch the video of him. Actually talking to the rest. It's it's so funny as his body language these movies that and is trying to sleep with the drastic physical don't skyrocketing tainted ways ate it. Honestly they deserved to lose they deserved to lose on how well they deserve to be buyers snatched her. Waste issues Steve your right I don't understand. How Mort Lewis continues to get away with a style who has ever told me 2%. That he's a great coach ever expressed appointed by nobody nobody. He's you senator earlier Lou he's maybe on both sides of the ball has more talent. Than any coach in a week the last couple years. We'll settle complete roster. They always talk about since the anybody Jim Caldwell could take this team and do exactly yes argument that Joseph Philbin did yet exactly and oil prices though. This is so much talent on the field. But you won't Wheatley station Neil gloves and that was an object in the result rightly so Jeremy fumble but. He can't fumble that ball like he he's on the field all this because this boy GO Bernard. It was not the bleep out. Right at any comes in the school as a running a touchdown in kind of guy saw the boat when he went to touch on an applicant pool yes that blocked by rev bumped him. Both one ref. Don't another ref came to talk to think about bumping a raft he put his hands up like that it do we thing almost bumped in two. And walked to the sidelines of law legislate the tough guy you know that he goes out there and fumbles and hoping his client is he lost the game. There's no reason for him to hold onto the football. What is she doing so listed as day shaky at this time they lost total control. All of that football team so hope in the Cincinnati Bengals Palkot Mike Brown unless marvelous works for for nothing because apparently that's always been angles. You know way of operating re doing its cheapest possible. Com I'm wondering I'm wonder. How you justified. In keeping Mark Lewis the culture that's been established with that football team. Is not only just what you saw this week we seen this time and time again so it's not like suddenly there was a brain fart. And and and then perfect did something out of character. That Adam Jones did something like art is they are Garrett. This is sure they are this is what this is who they were before they were good and it'd been good the last few years before that though. That running joke was a draft which troubled childhood of the Bengals coach or are we sit here and we criticize Rex Ryan. And we said Rex Ryan he allows this stuff to happen in the air for his players. Start saying outrageous things he allows our culture that OK ten to two to work its way through them no doubt account of how is it any different with. I sort of ad that you know Rex was on oh by the way Rex rival brotherly love they exist regardless rather ever heard. To it is so he's on this Moriarty has been talking they're asking news question about cultural locker room. And you know how to handle it at it he's the last person you should ask about how to control your players. The most penalized on unsportsmanlike it's too apparently that did his team have. Throughout the course of the year. It's ridiculous how bad his team czar. So I listened and it's not about autism perfect knowledge that I let my team down. My coach down like this guy Marvin Lewis takes a shot on you. May towards you develop shoe has faith that you sticks up you stand up you. And that jurors situation to. Prove that he made the right decision might bring annual long talk and you lot and then this is what you do it. It bought gold mine mine has bought just perfect it was basically spit. In the face of his head coach truly did hey listen we gotta make you got it. After a man. You're the reason why we're here. I it's it's it's it's sad to watch the post game press coverage regardless. Crime not only just love the players and you know its support of these years ago well I mean that's him though he doesn't want laughing fit. Pretty often usually they don't expect because you don't have a coach to try to set a different culture you've got a guy that wants to maintain their hold on it was phony baloney job. That's what you've got. Yeah it's a lot. People there's a lot of people called for a job. There's a lot of people that were Zuma should bishop beavis and there's surely there are other people were staying at our notion dude that loses this fault no it is just when you hold all these other coaches to such a high. Standard and you've been in the position over and over again at some point time. It's the players' fault anymore. At some point not you have to look at the head coaches say you know what it's you. I think about what what Tampa did it was a Tony Dodgers play god leads Tampa John Brody comes and up from Oakland he had to be the head coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers but with it set up just simpler. Similar to with its bagels great defense to death great players lots of great skill players more still up at that they had at probably a similar cornerback. To Tampa I have with with Dalton. He comes in there at. Okay that's the same situation you can app in Cincinnati. If you just changed their head coach don't give me some young op at the corner of just trying to figure out to be an older established coach. John Fox which do a Tom Coughlin this at all. Let's bring that doubt we would. You know they they would be in the AFC championship game and you aren't. You brought up Rex Ryan this is stupid took as we talked about this last week. So Terry put goo and no it's every time Terry Gould talks. Or there's a social media this tweet out here or something on on their website it's like it's his wife. Each from his wife okay. Who apparently. I didn't think was heavily involved in the business but apparently is involved in the business. But a week ago it sounded like she Terry Google and Kim Abdul were giving both Ryan. And and Doug Wally the general manager like a one year situation would like to make the playoffs in 2016. Boy you log on seven days less than seven days later low. Doug Wally has got himself a multi year extension. And Rex Ryan who isn't somebody you should be concerned about now is an owner. She opens up the doors if you wanna bring it toward brother to hit it. Left no don't look like he's very I want fabulous Guinea. It's better it's even better because he's not the defensive coordinator he's done he's just an assistant head coach I don't know clustered on the though they had to stay at the defensive quoted still there and I'd like that's gonna go over I just hope that sort of what I did yeah defensive coordinator used at the NC from. My head coach brought in his brother who has been the president quarters. My head coach is really defensive coordinator Greg he's involved in the defense now was Brothers and oversee a defense as well but he's not the coordinator. It is and then we first thought it was a little older Q on that beat you one year to win. Right one year you go on Rex is a deal to do it. Now I want it to my brother I think can someone adult family instantly tell robs in this event. We went to keep my job lets all keep you around as long as I have a job if we don't make plans for does was pleased that as a family. And he got a burned and it just kind of. I want I want audit it and yeah does it have won impressively on the side iron ball rolling around. Of African desert and it's gonna become. What shall we ready to show that over the weekend what happened when they give vote Woolley an extension and they bring in. Rex is brother rob is look at it sent home and I don't know maybe Kim's for the one run in the organization but it's all about ownership and once again you've got a disaster. Of an ownership opened buffalo we are back to the phone calls here on patriots Monday at 61777. On seven that he threesome.