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Wildcard weekend did not disappoint 1-11-16

Jan 11, 2016|

The guys opened the show by discussing WIldcard weekend in the NFL.

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Five my house and have five full days to dissect and analyze it picked apart it pulled up to the light. The chiefs and patriots and we will certainly get to that in just a matter of minutes like suspect but like the start would what we saw this weekend. And around here we elected toss the term goats GO AT greatest. Of all time because it refers to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady but I would suggest you that this weekend. The old school definition of goat. Reared its ugly head and it seems to be there are three kinds probably orbit three kinds of goats. This weekend. There would be the one or ambivalent about I would put Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer in that category certainly a goat for interceptions. A fumble and no points but I don't really care when grip the other. Well probably does he says Al. The last from about Saturday 45. Then there's the sympathetic goat and if you can't feel bad for viking kicker Blair Walsh. Missing a 27 yard field goal and letting down every single person in that stadium and in his locker room and you don't have a heart. And then there would be the idiots and thugs. You can laugh fat. Or what they did to themselves and of course at center stage would be on today's perfect but is it on Antonio Brown a bunch of other stuff and that idiot. Pac man Jones. Rev it. Oh yeah Jerry Miller out of the top. And some days until then it. My I don't know what he did I mean nobody did watched the game I watched that we replace when Pacman Jones to shut somebody. On ice I'll set you write will assume that determine what he said. I don't accept you'll probably lost his temper well do you think a lot of guys were dropped an F bombs on the field probably I think I think my man Adam Pacman has been unfairly persecuted I totally agree I keep watching and I wanna see the Pope I was that something must kitty shot somebody was where people point. I don't know who was looking like what I know what they should airport different angles and at no point did you ever see him do it ranks. And if some you know whoever league the ref the network I feel obliged. It was kind of a big plate they miss they miss David hit the field goal without pac man's no help yes but maybe not. It was a big big penalty made all the difference in and yet we've not sure woody did and I'm not surprised he's such rampant it's degree and you know we punk. You know it's the worst of the worst. But shouldn't network with all the cameras will all the importance of this game have given us an isolation help read his lips apiece were wrapped. I'm sure Phil slot he just didn't wanna suggest that it wouldn't what is he saw it doesn't fall into the category of if it's not on video and probably didn't happen I don't know so it's not Angel saw the melee among her. The guys does it include Joey Porter. They had a long leash they didn't call anything important that can call any other. In. Misconduct with squillacote onto forcefully to arms yeah and unsportsmanlike. Except on that. I would just like to know what he did I'm for colorful Amish earned it right. But in an age we see and hear and read thing. And yet we're not sure that a hold or would you not agree based on what it just happened with the previous call when perfect tried to take into audio browns head off. And based on what they knew the next penalty would do. For the outcome of that game if had to rise to draw level. But yeah I mean I just wanted to give them another fifteen yards but I can it's more than just a few Raff has had to be a lot of that idea. And by the way no one got away with a penalty more blatantly than perfect. When he ran. Back a soccer but I mean look at that in retrospect he picked off a pass and ran out of the McConnell. Waving at the thing with the entourage that which was a team celebration by which they flag my only regret for now hold game was this. That he was down. By contact. He ran the wrong way hitting a lot of that would down like you are adult he would have exactly what that scored a touchdown the game winning touchdown but the Pittsburgh Steelers went well. It doesn't like that and agree right now it's already Monday morning it's it's party sort of tired status but it's on the be shipped between though. Marvin Lewis is in no danger not losing his job he can address this directly on him and up no question but only bring him in perfect but also and and Jones but also have a net culture while you could do things. Like he did. I mean after he took Antonio Brown Hannah. Wasn't on the field and explain yeah it's so there's no repercussions not in notes it's. Like the Iranians with. Amen they can do anything they want actually returned last kick in the game yes seated. I don't quite rationalize that size of that if you want to open the pets UB act like mark it snowed on a book is perfect was out of control you know he was not exactly losing control. Well returning kick what do you think he's just saying you penalize it that's another important. Such a guy freezers because you meet which looks. True that was stupid but still didn't collapse at my point that's why like that what is ever happened ever priced as perfect I mean none I don't know what he's gonna pay a suspect yet here but he got four games are Middleby like import. The port games four games that's right for radio I'm sorry I don't dreadful if it being generally aware I think he gets too which is a lot that's a big pay kind of decline big fines he's gonna pay the price is also he's with this ever. Do you think players. Yes somebody a metropolis public pat Jones cares what's the big deal. You would prompt. Up. We get. That bugs me I'm not like you I don't traditional football what's the outlook tackle football Antonio Brown knows what would have had an opposite of would people's day. It's soft piece that. On the same day right. I noticed was some percent Austria missed mobile whatever worse ice after a whole world so perfect did and saw that game. And the next morning it was early in Vegas trump said. The NFL's bounce off soft. Argues finally crossed like I'm David Chase Utley and David let me just watch games in his say what you want about the league yet. It hasn't and so of course getting soft in terms of how it's played or soft unpunished laid out late in they don't allow ended its anymore they've gone soft and a cable that you'll only allowed one race when. On the Steelers yeah and didn't call him but in the words Dion Sanders. And watch the game it's so restored him up so stayed up watched the board right now with the network toes and Deion. It Tomlinson. Who was that Chris Rose. Of the oddest exchange. We have. We have a deal on defending perfect. Secret real quick. But they've perfect today I really feel like he tried to avoid to get what they got caught the ball. He caught the ball catch the ball as imperfect as this is a delight to make. He really. And passed him I don't have power stepped. Out he knew he did not catch the course I would answer for DOT caught the ball and you're allowed them the picture. Yes and B doesn't catch it there's no balled plays over the ball at the ground. You can't hit. Is it complicated it was popular with the altitude we couldn't keep up. And and Dion did you see that this would think deal and ripped a Mina. Rips. Who were not talking who was ripped for not meet in the media was perfect Jones a perfect and then they had this thing the scroll all the times Deion Sanders unless I'm at the media. It's an I don't do and to blow off the media in his baseball and football career and he did many many times mom who would be ripped for not talk on the media. I'm somebody. See I'm I've felt like it boils awful the watch them I was root for the vikings I was rooting for Blair Walsh took the kick in and eliminate Seattle would have been a lot of fun but I I've worked through my mind it's all it you'd be useful. Obviously goats are. Pierce and yeah Jones and and perfect I'm cool and cool the weekend Burr oak is he all right with that yes he. 56 year fuel they would win the game without that cultural and he's you know ADP is he's the best running back in the game he's mixed fortune he's supposed to. Hold on the ball up as kids in trouble. At some kids and Eliot Spitzer that morning with. Gimmicks that you'll sign Anderson says he light on all the city disciplining. We'll get to that objective that you disciplining of your child it is no word would be beating it was there was more ominous than needed them on the stump trailer Clint that's an Amish it was close do you think he hired Ari Fleischer because somebody is who the hell of a job. For Adrian Peterson's previous pin is ultimately ending point for child beaters and women beaters the common get there you know it's rubbed in. Everything's fine they were jealous of Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated full waited ABPs or maybe sit there and I think it's that we got to play catch up to your and they say Joseph Sina on June Lena. And she gave him the best foot massage ever. And you know this would you tell us how much you yes and it was just an operative its settlement units. Where again every week I get sick of you expand what they do but this change. Yeah they got the horse gets discussed is we want here's a taste a bitter taste sweet saccharin in. Some people's Adrian Peterson. With. ESPN's. Joseph Selena Anderson. How did you process. Some of their disdain. Disapproval of this association that you got from people. Who had a problem with that agreed to wicks. You discipline your sign. It was never my intention. Sued you know warmest on at all. And he knows. You know the people they really knows me. They know what's her father I am you know it was tough to hear people say it is and you know people say that perception. You know. That's put out there. From people and I don't think based on. You know a picture. You know the details or a thousand dollars you know and you know fortunately. You know this pitcher you know. Maybe people who you know our perception that say you know disguise. Is a monster I know them orphaned. Every intention arm and are now academic in Austin and see our kids were sleeping too if you stop the leave in the four year old's mouth he can't make as much to wake up the other note about there will be. That's her ruptured testicle. You know that's like that is voted him while explain why don't with a with a stick a hand on his ball on its its name. ESP in the gold and he. Oh. Three have a major leaders and unions heritage he still yeah problem people still see the photographs of these. Four year old with bloody so let's help Arpaio is big it's a manual these guys give me and this auction and the storms and up to coaches that night there yeah. Mark injury. And and and what makes you act. Tupac but the most interesting conversation ever want that we talked about relationships. It. Bothers me most that those. I wasn't and heartless and he knows that. He was more he was more you know Orioles don't. Most parents teach them work. Four year old and NC ask him to meet me yeah maybe some fear of another beating good. And seismic signal much smack cute dog its rookie no it was wrong. ESPN is clearly. India committed to reporters we are here we're in business with the field is not here to go after. Patriots. You're here to Egypt to make him of people watch a game yet figured that with. Player acts that talk to bridge the Pacific Brandon Marshall. Two weeks ago rights and so I mean Whitman has he been. If you beating element. Our story at seven Q at least that he has which she. Stopped. At a as it's gone now for the time pre. He's sacred is gone it's you'll Adrian PR people at ease in the Arctic national I've never had a doctor Houston Texans. I'll see all Seahawks but that was all useful. If Cuba. Waltz and the good idea after it happens I hope we. Series argues he didn't sell well at all yeah ot those. A lap and I. I have a new pet peeve it's on top of control your own destiny but that is when people. In the in like Alan Siegel as an example overnight said. Blair Walsh shank a 27 yard field apparently that legal option. To snap the tree was checked anyway. It was a choke it was a tale fortunately back to what Adrian Peterson which assigning Anderson one more time. My recollection chronologically when this thing this whole thing hit the fan. Was that Chris Carter at first. Was kind of tepid. On the injury Peterson thing of them thought about it and was very critical of B Drew Peterson about right yes he had he talked bat yes he did you talk about a but Adrian Peterson to sign a brought that up. Explain to me why. You feel like or said that you want us kind of slap the taste out of Chris Carter's not tubes are so emotional. And it was a slight. You don't know me who scored. Even takes a call. The concert need to find out exactly. Know what took place you know he's a Philly you want those people there. Seen pictures ands and this you know. This guy really dear you know beat this I. That was for reform you know the case. Ultimately. In off meaning to forgive you passing interest choir in the game you know Gorton shake his hand you know I'm not them below for us. And he thought yeah I'm forty and I and a forgave them is the end show that it shall follow that. I don't know that did not show the photos of the four year old with a bloody they exit Peterson play football it's kids at par via ice cream. In Jerusalem the with the boat that was a week after the beating that's a good point I've got a feeling that it was killing up at that point I am I didn't text him either I think he's scum well he's -- Cardoza I don't you know what I don't all the Catholic priests and it goes Narnia I try to -- like I was there our detects tocchet those pictures yeah nothing about it up to contact and never back is about what is possible assets sorry but I gonna come down Holloway and hero Richard I say I don't text Erin Burnett deceive should've do I should call them. I don't BO we smashed up as all of a throw in its way to give back to me right circle back to perfect just a second before we get it or break and you move on to patriots seasonal that sort of stuff if you heard. Blair Walsh yesterday after the game it was a. Like yourself and rock you your me party finds out what guys like that are crying. Yes yes there is great pain in his heart for ever that's his job the only I messed up that's. That's like you say naw it's easiest part of his job. Tablet under pressure could shut the H. So you think that's funny that's the I'll ask him Brady question you forgot to tell a joke. I felt that are opposed. I felt bad for a for Blair Walsh. You could tell he was contrite you could tell it was harper. Populace sleeper probably weaken app guys they Boyer it's never that's their underwear. Muse and program yet doesn't work where he'll Wear should not Geneva similar. Ultimately good run and ambler. Anyway Blair Walsh and was sorry and sad and heartbroken let's check in with the bond pays perfect. Sounds contrite after the game. If indeed you. All know. Decent lies deceit. I don't know I was so close up there on us not. What kind of pushed him he shouldn't be honest I mean look who put themselves. So in both cases of perfect credit and tax pushed yes he did so he knows GAAP. Pacman Jones it's somebody else's ball it's into the official's fault for not. Control in the game right. Or Porter fault for being on the fielder John was my fault he was trying to end the life of Antonio Brown he's right. It's it's Bart and most fault it's Mark Lewis should say because it is Marvin Lewis is ball. If he's never gonna get fired. After this effort coach for fifty years how many yours is the about the contract is just the financial paper round just to be just fine just like. Watch that game it's okay well go for the right guys we gonna screw you. Rationalize it like Tampa Davidson we have real hot coordinator hue Jackson's hot and Lee Rankin did you and we don't want loose wire it is our make him a head coach fired Marvin do you think all the teams that openings would line up in view on the way the outcome of one of educated job. As head coach or some maybe not this year next Marvin Lewis do you mind Plavsic a you'll did you get hit second head coaching job no losers who gets a medal -- I don't know you hoping to get other sustain on him now that somebody higher up all the way to book a psychic it's not a financial consideration he has one he signed a one year extension which is next year that it her out like that Christine you think clippers coach for a third mine years. It is comical. I tighten that it's his fault burka obviously perfect and Jones but. You have guys like down on your team. Is that this is what happens right and you needn't pay no price as we said perfect Jones paid no price for what they did. Given the Steelers lead. That has to be the head coach has to be accountable. Although we did some of them nicely after the games that we destructive arsenal if he did. Our guys fought their tails off all year thought their tail off today got back and went ahead in the enough to know we've destructed on herself both offense and defense together. I'm afraid we destructed on ourselves and it's destructive destructive on ourselves like. He and I knew I'd been so yeah yeah yeah or definitely met defecated in the ourself in the end I was kind of disappointed because Kansas City. Obviously good team mobile payments and Cincinnati Kansas City. I think it's. Have those and one point six. But it's a you have to admit what were called for much more in a lot of Jews and detaining Kansas City is. Leo Connolly. Kansas City Allegheny read yeah. You know some discipline Alex Smith. But not nearly as colorful as that much of that he would have been vague. Great story line on a number of levels that they just had the snot knocked on them as did the Pittsburgh Steelers and are coming in staggering and they got. Couple defensive backs hurt and all that I'm in Kansas City as you know Maclin and fewer of the people who were nicked up so called that a wash if you liked. But with this ought to be in the week we transferred our Kubiak. Offs while there may adding conversation. To Mark Lewis AJ McCarron and Andy doll. And he would be faced with the ball was ready this legal back through his stark court black idea all that would have after watching adult AJ McCarron yes he had the aren't so that then now we play at forward and the next thing is Andy doll now finds himself on center stage for you know rate and he ate the app. What question and I would say. I would have predicted that patriots would ruled as it would have been too big stage for Lewis and all the but as an opening this enemy and Canada's name back. That that you know and I'm sure his good kid tough but he has an arm and a dozen of the prostitute wages really confused deal at that was just you know arrests are to be fair we got to AJ is the other has struggled this. It's I use just like to do yeah a very simple it was them I'd call lacy green AC this country I'm still gonna protect the Steelers to win in Denver. To be tough to do worldwide this year yes I am I. We've brought Tulsa bashed our our guys got to push over that is what's the line and not seven. Denver at the big line here's here's here's which can't forget is I think Denver is an order that or any quarterback quarterback wouldn't man who line Denver as a quarterback. Who broke through force. Of Pittsburgh. According actually let's here at Pittsburgh gonna win Indy and Pittsburgh is which cover this weekend. I can't. I'm as famous argue that's a mimic the worst quarterback in league. Except for Hoyer is I don't care hours Patrick which 150. He stinks you stink is the worst quarterback people watch it really. Times this year with a full four games patriots all time decision just socked bull. You know take about your back. That was we. Yes yeah I don't care. Sweden's win and I don't know I know you're an atheist or agnostic but wouldn't you almost a drop in taken Ian thank the lord that Tom never got hurt for extended period time and that's swisher quarterback for six or seven re closer to ranch. Nadal actually. Final. Coda if you will on this. Cincinnati bond pays perfectly written a line is an awareness. And meet you guys were Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports headline perfect storm. Smash is back Eagles lost may have deeper consequences and he's reading about all that mayhem and all of and on the fourth paragraph. He writes in a game overwhelmed by anarchy. Center at all on Vontae is perfect. The Bengals Mercury will linebacker as talented as any player but undrafted because of emotional instability. Were you aware that. Yeah it like it's sup this weekend yet yet dungy said he would have gone in the first round if he weren't so emotionally mentally unstable. First round talent. He says every team passed on him for the entire draft that's so all seem to pay to take character guys lead draft slips yet skills actually open up at exactly surprising Belichick and grabbed in the sixth round. True and says it will take a chance surround him with what you work that was attempted murder put on Antonio router but Belichick drafted and you think that's up for the happen now. They played the biggest recruit correct that a lot sat down immediately and coaches and got it under control right. 6177797937. We turn our attention. The patriots and the chiefs. By most people's standards this was of the three options probably the most difficult road to the patriots that next. Ferriss. That being flagged for this morning did. Point Antonio brown and it's gonna put this Steelers into field goal range perfect was it their two. I. And obviously it's a disappointing to fight our way back into the football game and into to lose a game there at the end and you know. A lot of things not break our way made some things break our way at the end and then I don't get to stop have to fumble we do get interception. And I don't put the game away and it's disappointing our guys fought their tails off all year. Thought their tail off today got back and went ahead and enough you know we've destructed on ourself both offense and defense together. While Mark Lewis makes Jim Caldwell seemed like Elmer Gantry what are inspirational leader disguises. 6177797937. Patriot Monday Hasselbeck joins a 745. Tom Brady 845. I have in front of me a story about one pays. And perfect. Rama just captains put us. Matter. Antonio Brown taking. That's a minute no it doesn't matter at all the plant was well before we knew he was can cost as it was so late the head shot doesn't matter. In the absolutely elated get it a couple of things given the chance to criminal legs didn't matter what public prime on this as equals. Prime real crimes crimes prime prime would opponent said her prime start which prime said. In front of the problem that remind us time's cool about it perfect today I really feel like he tried to avoid to get. What are the deck caught the ball right he caught the ball guy the guy is only the best receiver in the for an NFL record guys. And he. He's a prime. It's talking about avoid. It took him out how many steps would you say perfect book once the ball was memorable and I was trying to gauge this I think I wish Graham. I think the ball landed before he might have in my house front seat the ball landed you could say you could say that we've all seen it's it's it was forced yet it pretty rare for the ranks much later than very Gerry Adams hadn't toasting their oh yeah it's. Also Vontae. Perfect talk about blowing from the hero to the goat in in a blink of an ally actually well I almost went. From the key row. The potential ridiculous goat. The real coach should've stayed in the in the locker blocker when he ran off they don't want to get after the settlement that always hear guys. You would've won the game Monta perfect 2012. At the feb. Indianapolis. Annual NFL com. Linebacker Burke. Have plenty of talent at Arizona State but yet so many red flags against him but he was always going to have an uphill battle. Getting a team to select him with an early round pick. In its final 26 college games he was tagged with sixteen personal files. Much so much for this guy that's like three for the open. But teams wondered whether he had anger issues and how much he could control its emotions while on the field in addition he had been shielded. From participating in many interviews while he was in college then why they. That he was ready to do the interviews he got them combined somehow when he did he managed to make things were. Worse he reportedly told teams he would smoke weed. Writers points for honesty. And reportedly failed the mandated drug test points off for stupidity. Heavier than expected and a 50940. Slot to any linebackers flow more than a few offensive lineman. Bench pressed 225 only sixteen times several defensive backs did better. Last among linebackers in the broad jump and next the last in the vertical jump basically it was to debt disaster. Man he said I'm always nervous but at the com buying. It was a nervous like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I don't league teams are high on the gained tattoos either yet. But I think he's got a Saturday the beat for blood. But honestly. It's sounds like. Obviously it does appear that slow on the field that we not now so you can take it's seriously as dungy said. He's a first round talent I don't purse for a while we certainly were worth being drafted and didn't even get a sniff from teams the patriots take you know. Chances and instantly rounds. Killing people but this was a tip things one of killing a flags down on the first rain today that the locker mission Apollo I was you know for a group celebration and a don't want I don't think they were hit particularly if you are Raff. You fall wallet how he thinks that it's. I watched in real time didn't think that much of it in the replace it. That deserves a fly the F three or four other clowns with him now and out with the others a good idea goes back to loose out little. Lou no discipline it's not like she hadn't been down by contact. And that score went out in the file that would win the funniest gap of all time that you give a playoff game away because you celebrate and rubbed the wrong way into aaron's and its midget it's in your pocket. Simpson's. Right. He was like the red hot he was on as he gets into an attention. Eddie Ohio and you what's up. Poor guy I anti pot like on taxpayer. Look at Cincinnati it years. I just wondered too proud of you you guys a little bit of perspective on what the real problem is here with this great. Mike Brown preferred all of boring here. And Margaret Lewis and and Kirk I I heard you make the comment that it is his responsibility. Orbit he acts that's where the that's where the hole. Think I get off the rails because Mike Brown as the one that put east teams to get. There's a reason why 31 teams passed on. Perfect. Nobody else wanted to. And that have been going on for a long long time and you wanna talk about the epitome of a other achieve that is. Our franchise that mismanaged person that they treat which the past one ugly. Back that's the real issue. But Andy you have to admit though brown and his minions and the people he has in charge of acquiring talent. Have done a pretty good job this year assembling quite an impressive. Ross here's Mike Brown is my prime a year ago July. They're doing it now browns had Tuesday the ball for the terms of player control has been handed off it is now Marvin Lewis he can CDs. More controlled committee comprised of Marvin Lewis and several members of the brown failed excellence. Now literacy now a charge. Well and that's not true though it if you really look at this team might premise of what the call the shots. I know what they're supposed to charge but eventually got let me let me ask you this let me ask you this. You'd think it Bill Belichick were coaching a team the other night were Tom Coughlin those same players forget who picked the team war. Pick another coach Andy Reid whoever you beat those guys act the same way unethical and nobody went without a doubt that's. And there would be on the field after after I had not at Mike Zimmer who doesn't inject them off the field after the hajj Mike Zimmer a coach X the Marvin Lewis for five years he was coaching a team that would have happened. Yeah I agree I agree that that that there's no question that by a really. If you when you when you scratch your head how would this diet that they had coached this team for so many people we. Why are we know that. We don't that's because brown and it's obviously it's his team are it's what 777 point 7937 our number two patriot Monday come and rising when he was brought about Marvin Lewis as well Tim Hasselbeck I've no idea where is he wants to talk football 745. Tom Brady 845 will be right back.