WEEI>On Demand>>Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, joins NFL Sunday to give his thoughts on the debacle in Cincinnati last night, the Chiefs coming to New England and why Matt Patricia may not be ready for a head coaching gig -- 1-10-16

Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, joins NFL Sunday to give his thoughts on the debacle in Cincinnati last night, the Chiefs coming to New England and why Matt Patricia may not be ready for a head coaching gig -- 1-10-16

Jan 10, 2016|

Curran gives the guys a call to give his take on the games yesterday and the lack of discipline from the Bengals. He also get into the matchup next week that will see the Chiefs heading to New England. Some of the most interesting stuff from Curran this week are his views on Matt Patricia and why he doesn't think he's ready for the "big time".

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Couple hours away from the first of two NFC playoff games today it'll be Minnesota hosting Seattle you hear about one. And they're Packers and Redskins right here on WEEI before that it's NFL Sunday Chris price in the house what would you guys. Up until the pregame and part of the NFL Sunday experiences Tommy current Comcast sports net. At CS and any dot com Tommy brought do you buy palace on haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair 1800. Yeah pair mr. current lot and Chris price good morning how are you. Mortality rates comedy betterment. Every night for what he doing on this by a weakened for the patriots although watching some football. You're gonna rip off all over the next hour and a half or so here you random musings are some tidbits from Mike Green. Including the real early voting in who spoke with color by factory in both organizations are. I really Kris sighing heavily. Are failing to control their players in imaging product in the integrity of last. Or warrant by your social to the degree sure go in the game. Kinda. Take care of that quote no fly zone around fifty supporters can engage your. Neither Scott lamb was able to control their players yet on the tackle running onto the field and show the steal the war. With the you know K on the actual reporter in the period Mike Munchak who do you Ricky Nelson and skill in particular tumor they history. So because patriots Syrians. Rightfully look at the way the patriot to demonize. And Louisiana self fixate on them. I like spiel that always liked the cure organization. But when you have a prior like Mike Tomlin does Turk and collegial. In the nick sideline gets involved on two different keys to a reporter Mike puncher. And you've been forewarned. That kind of thing especially in the NFL. Trying to present its scheme. That list to primetime audience on Saturday night. That should really be come down hard on as opposed to. Be ideal gas. Setting aside what made arena and happened to the Steelers what do you think the fallout could be in Cincinnati for that loss. But the problem too and I don't think that Paul Brown sepia Mike Brown will will do anything. Barrett. Franchise that. Can hold their nose. And except talent. Over character. Time and time and time again I mean vodka per it was a did coming out of college. You had a good year but shut everybody up but he still he acts in the entire. Night now you can and certainly can't compete real. You don't see Enders tried to put and not if you didn't wanna hit them both hit should have been in the air. And moving away from the play not really an iron. Which is what he did it but he had stated the entire night Pacman Jones was up on the officials. Should have been lag multiple crimes the vehicle just doesn't do they allow players to challenge the essentials. In a very animated way which I don't mind would agree particularly torn up cooking Carter's left and right the tools for war. So let it's the players it's these organizations mindset. That a allows. This stuff happens I don't go to commit so it will Mark Lewis responsible they've been doing this. Going on twelve years. And they allow these players back I mean Jones out of football came back on this team and I wonder Tom as you look at. The weight and those those penalties there at the end you went after the officials in many people are. Does that in any way let Jones off the hook Joey Porter should not and on the field as you mention. He gets involved the targets another fifteen yards on top of that you wanna give Jones some leeway because. Porter was on the field the officials let that thing get out of control. I can't. Divine what Pacman Jones did this thing that he touched on an island in the but when I watched the video flat swoop. For the occasional loose this Stewart after Joey Porter was touched. What you reported without there agitated at like five singles or out of let go around the returns he was sure reportedly went around her record contribute to report. And in the flag flew. At the result of that so whatever field judge cover their trying to use Pacman Jones let somebody get him to do that. Real motivation for the flag fly. Flag flying somehow interaction. Including Joey Porter. And the Bengals were set to become work. You know that something in the NFL news and all the time they get that irritated that it makes sure everything OK guys that are not at each other in the game starts. And it's certain came in until you pick accurate at all ops people who were able to mobilize during the streak came against the cold last year. Beyond locker room carpet skis football whoever got the school thing. Try and figure out there were deflated when mother nature was doing the job. Yet you kick it out at halftime and the two people on the sidelines or get into halftime and they look Marvin Lewis. Mike Tomlin control your sidelines or people will be ejected from the game. We talked a marvelous in our silently as cigar store Indian. When players are in the faces of rituals like that not walk out on the field. And pull people up and and that you've tripped up. Yeah and that's eventually why I think he should be held response might be right the browns don't do anything but it's been a while we're this stuff that's happened in Cincinnati alt. I'll take a step back comments beacon about BP racial Crist asked steel gates has questioned earlier. If you're in the league. What do you do this has been an awful year for officiating capped off by the terrible optics last night prime time and again the get out of control. Other steps that they should take to either make these guys full time or some changes the procedures to try to clean this up for next season. It. Start the lawyers start will be organization. To a degree I'm not talking about things like you know Green Bay Detroit game earlier this year which was. An unmitigated disaster. Nobody getting to replace for. Which which make out what they meant really treatment called it gives you another opportunity they'll sell well but they'll last night. It starts with the players and teams and organizations trying to clear you know we expect the name from the product and stop that stuff aren't impressed everybody. At Tom I wanted to get your take on the other wild card game last night in sitting and watching. Trying to figure out gift pick Kansas City defense in Kansas City to release a hole was that gooders Houston just that bad. I think it's the latter especially on that day. I don't think he can really determine anything in terms of how well into each each morning based on. What we saw again I mean even forced fumble on order. Which was a good pass rush he took bumped into by apple and he might not even really. As are a step already come out on its own you know the other three picks one vote on. Basically the way through without he'll be able to double clutched nervous earlier actually to win whether it on one well so I can't tell. I mean Bryant ordered in the air we're making Lleyton completing froze for a period are. So. I don't think the Kansas City. Really did anything despite the final accord that would make sure my god you don't want to stream of. Coming into that game we're talking a Tommy currency a sanity dot com where did you have Cincinnati on a up potential challenge for the patriots among the three teams that could have faced on the Texans the Bengals and chiefs. Behind industry. Now what what do saying I wouldn't be fixed can continuing yesterday's impairment. But I do think overall dictators act but Cincinnati no more complete team. In the AFC on paper. You know. Still think that they'll today that completely separate secondary. Linebacker it's a line running backs. Wide outs looked completely. You know the ballyhooed hue Jackson really cobble it together the but it. You know that he was the most counted the interesting thing now their routes. You have been diminished Steelers Q where Ben Roethlisberger injured going out to play against you know a chronically injured. And diminished Peyton Manning next week in Denver so. That's going to be fascinating to me the other Beckett. Someone wanted to figure out what your opinion was here when we're talking a little bit but coaches and comings and goings tournament talk about the but the Bengals and calm the Steelers last night. In one and you're your take on the Patricia we know the do you reviewed with the browns the browns announced that it just last night. That he he had a chance to talk there. Do you think the fact that Bob queen is now the GM in Detroit does that put mcdaniels indoor Patricia in play potentially. To be part of a head coaching conversation was lines. I wrote about this earlier but you yesterday. I think that it certainly would put them in play. Well when you look at the way the Detroit Lions coaster season at six and here and Bob Quinn is coming in now he's set to introduce. With the Detroit Lions. And mark Ford is ninety years old ladies very clear. Point of saying I wanna win now. You must hold the line and something has to what this planet Jim Caldwell but. I don't know what you want fired Jim Caldwell. I'm at this point picture and execute do their current momentum that seven and I overall still have good talent yet challenge but it's going to be an issue to deal with it. It's hard to church or going out there a much church leaders that sure recurrent head coaching job. He's certainly done okay but there's so much more that goes into. Head coaching in the exit without yet the players loved him yet still coach welcome but I can't get over. In my own mind how willfully obstinate and obtuse you could be with the media here. I'm during the period of time after he was elevated to such coordinator and use it at all. Incredibly aggressive league. Disrespectful. With the media which to me look who cares it's it's you know. If you talk to conduct and that's these defensive coordinator my life my world continues to it that you think is gonna go take that being at the Cleveland. We're Detroit. And try and look down notes when he really hasn't. Accomplished anything on the on in the week. They wouldn't sit up or by Bill Belichick. I don't think it can fly between McCain with a much more suitable candidate to go lots of recent success because he has already figured out. This is a poster without the media so. I do think that Bob Quinn may stand pat. With Jim Caldwell although I notice is going to be some information gathering or not. Do you think that would really count against Patricia I mean I know that the youth of the physical appearance is one thing and we've and you talked about that pinnacle pyrrhic who. Care about should I don't you don't. Actions I don't care about the physical appearance. I care about the fact that he. Sure proclivity to try and adopt a bill Belichick's style of interacting with the media Chris you're in the media is going to be atmosphere. As for going on seven minutes. We set on the carpet call. Where he would not answer questions even when you retreated and meet him and retrace question answered yup you using gold isn't really have a problem that. No I don't put a picnic to I think they'd have a problem with no. I think if you certainly can get hired what I'm talking about is watching and someplace and picking up well that's on the built in program cuts zero point that there. And then picture out cape which is what happened with the handles. What you get the media against you when you lose one and five. That's on that that's that's an awful to a full deployment of at that point. Yet I don't think that says the ownership can have a problem that did not Smart enough are good coaches anyway it you know. The next guy collects let that thing about Patricia he certainly owe it to an. Nor are we should treat people. Whether he thinks that. The way that Bill Belichick has something committee Bill Belichick earned. The catch K to be able to plot wouldn't feels like it can be XP it's what it feels like it could be first we feel like it. Is a different story repetition of an earned idea do you think he has that ability to maybe grow into the job eventually. Yeah he's Smart he's extremely Smart I've got friends of mine personal and played under in the place and they want him. He interacts well people. It's too you cannot trying to patch itself up as being above at all condescending. When you enter into organization no one knows anything about to lose your console. Become operative picked at the beginning you have a hard time do you know which you know which Belichick handles. I'm feeling Mangini how many guys that are volatile because you can think it's never good luck to recruit coach what could coach. So Patricia you understand the key here trying to drop that kinda condescending. I'm better that you don't have to answer your questions operation. The other guy McDaniel seems like he's much more likely to land something this year Tom do you see this the year with Doug of that Detroit there's party via that you guys talked about Quinn. Could he bring along mcdaniels Tennessee's got young quarterback there are jobs out there were young. Yet top flight quarterbacks available to as the year Josh goes back and head coaching. If you look at every single up out there. There's land mines with record one. Not a single one of them will Ford trucks at the end of what you really need which used stable ownership and the opportunity to not have a flagging general manager OP. The jacket Jerry recently he liked his job. Titans have a very unsettled ownership situation. Which he may end up being so there's people lining up. To treat. Probably the best spot. But I don't know call was going into its imports that goes it's ouster and Jed York and in turn all your party cheat people out there. Cleveland to me just hired two people were non football people and due productive and especially ground. And you know very complicated place here Jimmy has to deal with as well also. I wouldn't be surprised in the least. If judgment in this you know what I'm sure that it's okay. Tom last question for me IDC thinks she can out this afternoon in the NFC wild card round. You know. Actually not you know there's a big deal and I and I think it. I think we all agree that Seattle probably has the better team they're special weighted playing. But I wouldn't be surprised at Minnesota to pull the upset. As for Green Bay watching and that we saw with Houston yesterday. What it division winner from crept. Division. And that that happened whether armor on the road. I think Kirk cousins Bear Bryant or air. But I still think the Green Bay will will win that game as well. Tom good looks just up is always look forward to the breakdown a Kansas City leading up until Saturday afternoon into the rest of you weakened. All right thank you very much that is Tommy currency S and any dot com he's brought to you by his hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get paerson Texas asking about injuries I. I just can't bring myself to ask. You Chris or Tommy current but it would be hey how healthy the patriots because we have no idea they at Walker's the end last week we hope they're healthy. It sounds like they think they're gonna be healthy but for anyone to have any feeling right now. A week full week of practices that before the games even start. Thank you have to wait and look at the price supports this. Yet of the fact that they did have been to walk throughs this week kind of complicated matters a little bit later when arrest on exactly when they're asking about. You dole overall health I will say this in my experience there's a reason to be optimistic about the health the question is how soon can those guys get up to speed you know and Billick said this on a number of occasions you can't just in football cheaper practically turned you have to get out there. After Pete you have two decades. Near triggered where you are physically. In Inco from. Ought to come back and certainly continued talk about will we saw last night and help out in Cincinnati won his league in view word of the angles going to do patriots and chiefs. And we touched on some things there were Tom we can certainly it continued talk about. The coaches for New England where they will end up if they leave and let's take a look at that list of jobs because. There are some bad jobs out there that I were advising the treasure mcdaniels I would stay the hell away 617779. At. 7937. As the phone number we got football come up an hour from now. Vikings and Seahawks right here on 93 point seven WE yeah.