WEEI>On Demand>>NFL Sunday - Mike Mutnansky and Chris Price open things up looking at the Bengals meltdown last night that led to the Steelers moving on -- 1-10-16

NFL Sunday - Mike Mutnansky and Chris Price open things up looking at the Bengals meltdown last night that led to the Steelers moving on -- 1-10-16

Jan 10, 2016|

Mut and Price get NFL Sunday moving looking at what went down in Cincinnati last night when the Bengals had the game in hand but a fumble and two incredibly costly penalties gave the game to the Steelers. Mut is amazed at how Cincy blew it and thinks Marvin Lewis needs to be held accountable.

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NFL Sunday on Sports Radio WEEI. A presented. It by complex insurance fed cup play. Plenty of insurance they shot so you see that fed cup plans keep dot com and brought to you by Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us. By Boston Volkswagen. By Norfolk power equipment. And by AT&T. On fuel the best that's covering Sports Radio go. GAAP. It is and the Bengals being the Bengals it's NFL Sunday right here on 937 W we yacht like McVeigh has decreased price. We passed in chief who get into that over the course of the next up three and a half hours. Honestly think Chris the worst scenario for the patriots not that's a bad scenario but every opponents they could have led I think you night. About this Friday night this is the one you probably. Wanted to avoid now eleven or rolled the chiefs of wanna be pats chiefs next week we'll talk a lot about that game but. Holy crap what a meltdown. Last night by the Cincinnati Bengals in The Herald building. I. Should I would say I don't believe. I've seen it now the Cincinnati teams the last couple years Marvin Lewis owns seven in the post season at your personal files late and a disaster. The Bengals and their fan base Saturday night Vienna. But it's never been that bad. The losses have been ugly and there have been some relief ghastly defeats over the course the last twenty plus years when you talk about the Bengals in the post season history. But it has never been that that that is an absolute epic gut punch. Oval football game to be able to be down in that situation down fifteen nothing. In the end that. Score 164 quarter points in new look like you have a shot. You look like you're in it for every shot you got the game you got to deem to get back pocket with a whit what role of a minute 51 left. DJ green touchdown. You look at like elect the proposed thing. And only then. The Steelers turned the ball Beckel we get the pick all Landry Jones. Ironically you'll get to him by not to harbor on a bunt by Vontae is perfect and he runs off the field and you think that's it beauty that's in I'm I'm right made him write a story here talking about how it's going to be defeated the angles next week and two but stadium and you know Marvin Lewis finds redemption. And EG mic here in this note and see if you're in Cincinnati. In it all went up when. Went out the window and it was self inflicted. Right I do not wanna hear this this defense today of the angles and especially that. Absolute joke of a player and Adam Pacman Jones. But I've heard a little bit on the national showed driving in defending Pacman Jones this set up. I say self inflicted because the late leading U city get the pick from corporate in a game that was out of control from the beginning. But what the officials were standing at midfield yeah. In the pre game to make sure these teams didn't argue they've gone back and forth divisional opponents so it's been viewed all game. Perfect gets the pick does that off Forrest Gump run into the locker room. Up the tunnel like immediate epic comeback in the field game's not over next play. Jeremy hill fumbles the football it's Jeremy hill the only job he has in that spot is to cover up and not fumble. It's ripped out by the Steelers they get the ball back at the first of the Bengals bong goals in the final money seconds this game. Ot Pittsburgh as the Big Ben Roethlisberger back into the game with a bomb shoulder by the way. He gets that out just inside this past the fifty to 47 yard line out of timeouts. 22 seconds what do you point. You're probably gonna survive coming fort downs and olestra. Was that it was too if it were to outlaw look at it now it greatly by Antonio Brown Bobble last one great. Route you that would get himself free. But it's an incomplete pass on first and ten at the Cincinnati 47. And is Antonio Brown is trying to make the catch Vontae is perfect this idiot. Takes a ridiculous shoulder shot. On Antonio Brown after the play is over fifteen yard penalty Chris that is about it Don and it's selfish of play. As you can make I get that he's pissed I know it's been emotional. But it was easy for the rest deceit. He knocked Antonio Brown out he's got a concussion corporate apparently is gonna go through. Eight cover view for suspension which you shouldn't measure here idea. But that penalty right there you cannot take that in that spot that it reckless and just flat out don't. In that situation setting aside. The seriousness of the concussion and that has to be discussed you know in in the in the wake of the current environs are set sitting at a side. That was a monuments we stupid like all my part of perfect attitude to to go at him. In that manner. On a ball that was overthrown there was in just for the record here there was 14 down on that drive where Roethlisberger found Antonio Brown for twelve your pick it was awesome route to get oh yeah it was but it you know and we can sit here and we can discuss whether or not Joey Porter was great to be on the field in that instance. What I think the Steelers are doing. Right now the defense is. He is an assistant coach he was out their checking on an injured player dog put up the old air quotes around that because we all know what's going on while that and that's a whirlwind because that did the bureau the history the bad blood between the two teams Joseph reporters always been at the center over the last Dicky your so we know what's going on there. So but I think it. The Steelers have given themselves and now when you consider look. Orders assistant coach. What his players up there he's laid out there was to Jericho. I'll take a step back for second Joey Porter the player talking he's on the field because Antonio Brown is laying there. Not the expletive out of alcohol DC at the replay. And so Antonio Brown laying their they've already given the Cincinnati but by the Pittsburgh it was a fifteen yard penalty. Doubt their 32 yard line to the rate technically field goal range from work this very good noting kicker for Pittsburgh already there. As this is going on Joey Porter. Got the patriot fans think if I have this right that's what it's like almost beat her body. Despise for all the things he did to your team with different teams Miami Pittsburg eccentric he's an assistant for Pittsburgh he is on the field at that point. And he's joined with Cincinnati players say hey you only as he was Derosa. Also he was goading them and I listen. You shouldn't be on the field we understand that. But the video I've watched about fifteen times today Pacman Jones sprays all over wasn't too Schultz. This idea Pacman Jones to in Las Vegas. Witten Terrell at 2007. MBA all star game in Vegas Adam Pacman Jones. Was making rain in a Las Vegas Strip club the stripper spot over the money according to all reports in Las Vegas and because of that he got kicked out. He got so all bad he allegedly asked somebody one of his buddies and his entourage to shoot up a club. Two people got shot one eye is paralyzed. Adam Pacman Jones paid out twelve million dollars to those few people. This idiot has a history when he doesn't get his way he can't control himself in yesterday Chris you're right Joey Porter should not have been on the field but is. Not nuts Adam Jones which it's Sunday morning should use that language I apologize but. This idiot. Gets himself involved the play. Fifteen more yards now it's a chip shot field goal for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. Out of control reckless lawless. Lose that game at home and in my mind cost Marvin lewis' job should not be back and glad that. Next what's at carrier first of life feel really bad for. Angles fans out there and we know a couple point petroleum liquid group have been like OK Mike you know what I checked he's he's OK I checked in with a last I checked in with a this morning he's okay. No fans should have to go through what they went through last night in debt epic. Unbelievable meltdown but I am fascinated to find out airstrikes this morning this question Texan this morning. Does mark and survive. Because they've run their program there tension im. Really odd fashion first of vaulted to keep a coach who losses for six playoff games at weird anyway. In I know that you know they have questions about team building a lead going about it oval last weird yeah aid but it's. So I basically I wouldn't put anything past the Bengals yeah in terms of does Morgan State does mark ago but there has to be full gut when hapless. So it has to go to don't look the guy exactly you are you have to have someone. Go down for what happened last night because that was an absolute epic playoff collapse. On the part of the bring in someone has to lose their job because it should. You Marvin Lewis Jimmy Marvin Lewis and look I I'm sorry milk hyper drove in this morning listening to the station. I got milk hyper VSP and tell me what a great guy is not a classy guy in the NFL. He's always seven in the post season and he has teams. That have meltdowns and have that one of the more I don't major McCarron but they have a good roster. Loaded the lot of talent there they saw the ball. A couple of players yesterday in the bagels locker room. Here are some is that Mike silver piece today nfl.com these unnamed players. Eventually one player said that expletive catches up to you said another you put up with a up expletive for enough time. Guys think they can continually do. Nice to players saying that Marvin Lewis as a culture of letting guys get away with things and they are not wanna put their name to it which at some level was gutless. But those two quotes right there comedy bit that the players in the dangles locker room know that. Their coach is. Responsible for a lot of what happened last night and he might be classy melt hyper but he's always seven in the post season and should not be back and since that. Discussion that we had between shows who DJ green is that it will loan NFL draft camera going to become mine with him when bonds has perfect was a collegiate. And the talk around him and was magnificent talent. Into a lot of things on the football field. But just get it together off the field get too many issues that's why when undrafted Q was that of a medium did round to have you know separate their rent now. Coming out went undrafted Pringle took a shot at a in a way he's been focused when he's been right Greg good football player. That time is past I don't know. How you reconcile all. What he did last night we have him potentially having a future in Cincinnati and that's that's a whole separate thing but I I do I think that. I'm gonna be fascinated to see if this prompts beef wholesale change in Cincinnati terms the we'd be do you thing I think it should. And I think a coach should be held responsible for a team when they consistently do things like this in Cincinnati has a history of this and specifically. Adam jones' history like you said Vontae is perfect is a player that coming out of college. You had to know he took this player he's held that is hell. But you've got to have him on. A certain program and a fortunately for that angle steam in their fan base today nick was Shea. Kevin Youkilis who tweet about this year today. Their team is out the post season and absolutely you sick raise gut punch fashion. Bengals are out of it and because of that Pittsburg advancing and because of Pittsburg going to Denver it is the chiefs that'll come to Gillette Stadium. Are we seeing guys lining up on this a lot to talk about on last night's game. And I got some quotes from Adam Jones after the game. That are going to. Infuriate a lot of people followed and instead of I don't but I saw the media should now sides agree to. But I read the quotes of him this morning that Mike silver as nfl.com. And they are. There are unbelievable how those were coming up and talk to feel gates of ESP yank get his take on what happened last night we'll talk to you the show. I'll take your phone calls up until 1230 and of vikings and a Seahawks 61777979837. If your phone a beacon text and at 379 B 37 pats chiefs next week. Angles melt down last night it's NFL Sunday right here Sports Radio to be re yeah. As promised we get your reaction here is well. Pot to what you saw last night starting pitcher early thoughts on pats and chiefs at 617. 7797937. Vince in New Hampshire on an angle melt down last night waiting patiently Vince good morning. Yeah I don't that students call at summit. I got you know I wanted to make a comment on the way that game was played at the end out kind of compares to the way the patriot place football and I'm sure most interest you know this paradox you know just that the mental aspect of how they finish the game and how that two players just. Basically the way this season the team and maybe in Norway Marvin lewis' job and just you know so I'll. Wouldn't that they wonder why the patriots went so much. And a lot of it is mental politically to game and to be under control in that situation and not make those you know it's a great. See out on the field at the end of the game like that and I don't think you'd see. 48. At Auckland last plate and put them guidance you're worried like just everybody wondered what it hate it when so much. A big reason why because we don't do. Why did their adoring careful folks on Twitter last night and it'll include are from micro trolley in this that it that it it it goes back to we've discussed this already culture. In Cincinnati got in in the idea that that sort of stuff is not permeated by its. You know let it went kind of move go on a little bit you know it's it's all right to kind of you know do do a few things like that they also have to put in the context affected. Basically Bengals Steelers is a little bit like Red Sox yankees free too so mom for all say that because horror. God knows how long. The Steelers have been the team in that division who'd just been able to get past the Bengals had been able to hold Bengals down a little bit there though the little Brothers would be viewed the UFC north. In a lot of ways and the fact that. The Bengals keep coming up short time and time and time and time and time again. To their rivals there's a level of frustration I'm not excusing and I'm certainly not excusing it but but that all kind of feeds into what happened last night so. I do I I wonder how much this is going to spark change in Cincinnati I have to believed to field point before. In Vontae is perfect we're not talking about a guy who's who's playing for his next contract he just landed a big deal with Cincinnati it's like you're gonna cut the guy. It's not only to put it probably not gonna cut a guy like Pacman Jones. So if they don't fire the coach. And they're not going to get rid of these two players. We weren't what direction ago. Is this going to be one of those come to Jesus talks in the offseason with would Marvin and then. It impact me in an on terrorism is an art all right look you were committed to our new year in 2060 we're re better team we're gonna you know when when when we have moments like that more regular soap and open. Think a change Adam Pacman you know is no way I don't put a little but what he what alternatives do you have if you were you fire the coach you don't feel brown it's not gonna happen delta is that I'm glad you brought them up. Because the brown family in the ownership group there deserves if you wanna say blame that's fine but deserves. I'll say the credit for the way that he has built right now because Marvin Lewis this is not the first year. Where his teams have done is this the first year it's been this much of a meltdown. But you can practice where they've had very talented teams and it failed kaposi's he's all in seven. In the playoffs and they allowed to bring back our Pacman Jones out of the league altogether out of football. They brought back. They proper fit in here so they they bring in these players it's the responsibility if you wanna bring in players with checkered past Chris. It's a responsibility the coaching staff to make sure they walked the straight naral for sixty minutes week that's it he can't control and off the field I understand that. But I committed to Albert Haynesworth not a great guy. Came here to New England a while he was here. Didn't have the issues enemy that it is and that we go under a clearer Dylan live view yet there are major players issues I'm not saying that the patriots are perfect. Market players arrested during that time but the callers right bits and New Hampshire right. You wouldn't see the patriots melt down. The way that the Bengals did last night. Because I think there's a program in place where it's not a lot if you do certain things you'll not be a patriots uniform Cincinnati. You should go longer Leach about what you can and cannot do that branch. Include a leader the reasoner visits went in and NORAD against a brick Colombia as what might happen this offseason incident that Marvin goes to with the brown family. Because he doesn't have a whole lot of city over the roster the browns control a lot of the personal moves he goes to the Eagles the brown filming ghost ownership says look. Give me either some sort of control over the roster some sort of personnel as to who I can and cannot bring in your. Org give me EGM that I can work with. And hate your hands off the wheeled just a little bit him in the let me run the program. And I won't pledged the I'd look a little by by this but this is if I'm Marvin Lewis this is what I do in the offseason this event this this is my first meeting with the ownership. I say put a step back. Give me a little bit more football control didn't Aegean that I can work with and maybe we won't have meltdowns like we have last night with Pacman Jones and on to okay. We're playing role playing here and I'm Mike Brown. I'm not big Mike Brown fan on it but I'm gonna say do you Marvin. You're always seven in the postseason what leverage you have the common in my office and tell me. You can tell exactly and get control the players that you do it did have on that right exactly and I agree with all that. But Marvin does give Marvin does have himself a little bit of an note. Because he has sold. That's so little control but relatively little control over purse 61777979837. As your phone number can text as well 37937. Starting with the meltdown. A B Cincinnati Bengals last night they fall to Pittsburgh that coupled with the chiefs shut out win over the Texans will get to that next hours well. Means Kansas City in new Wayne went next Saturday here or to let Pittsburgh go to Denver we're talking about that game as well it's NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah. Obviously it's a disappointing to fight our way back into the football game. And into to lose a game there at the end and done. And a lot of things not break our way made some things break our way the end and then I don't get to stop have to fumble we do get interception. And I don't put the game away and it's disappointing not. Think a lot of guys you know we had enough chances to win the football game our guys fought their tails off all year. Thought their tail off today got back and went ahead and enough know that destructed on her so both offense and defense together. Now Marvin Lewis toppled your body punches yesterday after his team melted down. Against the Steelers 1816 your final it's NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP guys stills and change. My opinion he can't beat back he can't be that congress I always like I'm out policy but that when I was voting. He's got to take responsibility we're looking at it from a traditional you know common sense perspective that I honestly believe it to be decayed because again and we touched on this earlier in the show there are a little bit nerdy in terms the way they run that front office the brown family is not your traditional. You know they they don't follow the traditional team building template you know you look at any other coach who'd gone through what Marvin has gone through the last ten plus years. He's not around by this point. You if you have another coach who lost six straight playoff teams already. I don't know why he's he he's still here in so that's what leads me to be and that's what leaves little part of me thinks that Marvin still comes back next. I don't think so I mean maybe your right to be the wrong move by the Cincinnati. A few creditors be incredibly appropriate for what would not be their first as promised this is Adam Pacman Jones EST one place I've read this again like silver credit. Jones stormed out of locker room last night Cincinnati but then called Mike's over the nfl.com twenty minutes later to explain its frustration quo. But Joey Porter being on the field. He ain't supposed to be on the expletive feel. He was talking all kinds of expletive yelling at perfect saying your dirty son of a bitch. Take your blank blank out of here why target him and said why are you even talking. I didn't touch him and they throw the reflect. I lap before I go on year he didn't touch him he touched two officials he sprinted it and it ran into two officials on that play idiotic. How do you throw a flag fort talking to expletive coach rushing to expletive ain't supposed to be on the field. It been different if I was gonna approach an excellent supplier but there's a big X what a difference. I mean might topple what's on the field why the expletive is Joey Porter on the field period. And here we go here is the the ultimate punch line for Adam Jones he took issue with the call on perfect shot on Antonio Brown. Who said the Steelers said after the game was in the league's drug gusher particle Steelers had a quote. Man that expletive was expletive acting. He flop talking about Antonio Brown you need to expletive Academy Award. For that performance. I finally. I was asked if he blamed himself look Adams Leo instead of every play I had aboriginal lions. Was it good life and quote the that's the Bengals. They're in nutshell blaming the officials blame the other coach saying it's a brow as. When he was not the expert about the use Adam Jones terminology on that play and that quote. Every black added lines of the good play com on grass no I agree golf yeah I agree right I do away in the habit. What do you do. You get rid of the coach you can yeah you can put it yesterday you can't Farrell for two players who go to Fredricka I'm not saying it's fair but in this case there's a track record Robert Adam Jones I'd. Via highway would not be in a leak. After what happened in Las Vegas. I would not that led him in this league he's back and he does things like this get a great year this year. When he allowed one play all year twenty plus yards a quarterback he was good good specialty play great return them last night but. I'm he is a knucklehead he says not let things and he does. Now let things. Pointing the finger at everyone others in an audio brought acting last his team in himself and their performances you know when you controversy this. You contrast that. We gave Germany hell. Who stepped forward last night and said this one's on me that's the direct quote from him a guy fumbled at the in the volume setting up. The Steelers game winning field goal with less than 120 seconds ago terminal fumbled with a minute 36 left and that was really. Or call the first domino but it was one of several things are apt alternately led to. Pittsburgh's. Comeback win in that situation but but give Germany a lot of credit for stepping forward and saying look. This one's on me I would win I've lost this game force he he was he was very apparent adverse report after the game you know and then you when you look at that in. Didn't read the quote from Adam Jones in front of perfect in. It's a good look since in my nitpicking by saying -- just take three knees there kick a field goal that it states three needs kick a field goal you meet member and all three of veteran running their wildest into humble yet you you'd you'd you make them all three of their timeouts. What would you do whatever you need to do to make sure that the expand. That currency and that is you don't turn the ball over Jeremy hell you gonna run it. Two hands on the ball and help on the ball like on the ball every got to do. You can't fumble and that's an additive thing to do a lot of credit Pittsburgh their their region in their their question at the football. They're they're young they're trying to force the fumble they understand Maggie I Jack there was a guy who did it play don't you understand the magnitude of that situation or to do whatever you can do to get that ball let's hear from one of their alumni last night Boomer Esiason on CBS after the game not happy with his organization. I guy who fills them this is a disgraceful. Performance by the Cincinnati Bengals a public performance I'll watch boxes full effect. Should not only be five woods should be suspended for a significant amount of time. Next week the guys in danger on the field for opposing football players. Adam Jones right there he gets into another penalty this leads this easy field okay from Boswell but I am I right now. I'm a former Ben I'm embarrassed by the way that this game and a bottle. Way these guys acted on the field today. I feel bad for Marvin Lewis and out they want him marvelous can't control those players to make your mark that was should be standing there on the sideline coach and address. I'll boomer idol I looked down its debt bought great stuff yep exactly in the in in the heat of the moment like that in raising completely I understand exactly what he's thinking what you're saying I will say this yeah up to it and there were words discussing the futures of Pacman Jones and bonds as perfect as they relate to. You know. Their time and in in Cincinnati whether that the backpack in Jones treat. Aren't you on sixty immunity or talk about a bad look. You know professionally in field brought the good point interest from the caller both for contracts numbers now. We're sitting here he is yet he's got a big deal 2016. 2.5 million is according real world. A 2017 days are three point 75 million. He sent 420 million dollar deal in August of 2014 but that perfect thing going in you're. At angels might be via Adam told probably about the front of perfect is going to be isn't there have been for extend its odd gyms and PB waiting patiently sort of look ahead to pats and Cecil do that. Of course the show as well Jim good morning. Target. Fortunately we have YouTube and we knew Jim your response it sucked you might. Or. Mentioned that was those items in a motel like less later. I guess it's for the shot that you. You know Williams play. And it's it's in the two of them are deeply cheap can be. So I think both handle on Google Koppel on the hot seat. And that the present relevant to play it's completely 88 cents. And I hope we are here probably. Monetary it and then went about a Trittler that we should Obama's us senate Appleton public art and that we limit. Yes. But come upon the officials don't know makes some of those calls there at the end you win in Denver and by the way your home. Hosting the AFC playoffs throughout the course of the run out I'm Jamal with you when you talk about the help would get into. The help the patriots has been frustrating this week Chris because a lot of callers are saying. Other going to be healthy they're gonna be healthy. If if they're healthy they're the best team in the AFC yeah but as you saw yesterday Kansas city's pretty good. They are I act. Oh hole saved by the Texans she expert now for next hour but. The health of the patriots is sort of they're the top of the list you know they're healthy they should be Kansas City if they are is banged up as aggregate Miami. They can lose that game at home next. Didn't narrow it down to like six guys is not even just through the whole ride it's like it's cattlemen. Former high tower Joseph Taylor Jones and there's two or three other names that I'm for tonight Yemen if Lehman doors healthy. If those guys are rated ago if if those guys or is close to 100% is you can be at this time of year. There's no reason to think that this is not at least eight touchdown difference when you talk about the bit matchup between the patriots in the chief. And Vegas has about five or five and a half points right now and that is gonna fluctuate based on the health the patriots they you here early in the week from Chris price in the guys in the beat that. Settlement full practice him that's gonna go up half a point you start to hear that settlement. Doesn't look good and and you start your speculation that he or Baltimore or high tower or Jones can't play. It's gonna go Kansas State's direction of the hottest team in football they are the John Dennis pick to get to the Super Bowl which all right a lot of luck credit around here so. If it's it'll be interesting and a B a fun week a pats chiefs I as I said the start to show. It's the toughest matchup but the three potential matches the patriots will get into that. We'll get it that dismantling a piece yesterday and not quite ready for prime time Brian Hoyer poor. Or Brian Hoyer pork and poor for me it's like me who placed financial dollars. I'm Brian where yesterday. 6177797937. The phone number we see guys get lined up on dangle Steelers pats in chief's. We got still 1230 and vikings Seahawks right here NFL Sunday. On Sports Radio WE yeah. I'm hopeful was saying I'm embarrassed by the way that this game ended by the way these guys acted on the field today. I feel bad for Marvin Lewis and I'll play wanting a marvelous can't control those players that make your mark English should be standing there on the sideline coach and address.