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Butch Bradfo & Tomase Podcast - Should the #RedSox be the third highest World Series favorite?

Dec 19, 2015|

Bovada has the new 2016 baseball odds out with the Red Sox 9 to 1 to win the Series. The guys discuss the season outlook and possible weak spots.

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So the point about in the training just read that of Bob Rose odds of the Red Sox. As the third favorite and the Cubs and Giants. Have is a giant Toledo and every every even year the Giants. Well so like I guess two part question are you surprised at the Red Sox or third favorite stunt. Because is it because David Price and the Giants because of Johnny Credo and then what the hell does it mean when you look at what the Washington Nationals did last year weren't they like one of the top. Favorites to win the World Series yeah I mean if it doesn't mean anything except it reflects how people feel about the Red Sox you know the fact that I have had a good winter but. I think we're forgetting that they did finish in last in there and just piecing swingman hurry they were twenty to one about a month ago. So it can be twenty to 11 injury two on back. In but it's it's contrasting I thought our interview with Theo the other night. At 1 o'clock in the morning with the loss yeah I close its doors about it 4 in the morning and a what did Theo say. All the biggest take away was that he said they were fifty million short price. Now it's up. Rail fifty yes fifty million show so the Cubs decided not to go the extra mile for price just like the Red Sox are not of the year tomorrow for Jon Lester. Well no because the Cubs at least until like 17 years something you know Red Sox stopped well short must. Yeah though so it. I go out and in and Jason Heyward. I noticed the name was escaping the guys in the morning Jason Heyward. Column. It's is baffling to me if this is that we talked about this allocating that much and am. The other part about this and I know this to be a show about opt outs yet. But I do you find it's not fascinating because the commissioner comes out and says. I don't understand why teams to opt outs. And we're sitting there why I can totally understand that that's gonna shift I think I think starting now. Price and Hayward are gonna be the perfect case studies because. Particularly price equate out answer and Kuwait I was Puerto me tell me so quick as knocked out after two years. Tell me that I think I'd let the teams without top of the Giants. The Giants wouldn't say hey. Two years at forty Miller we got the pass to John equate note now he's 33 or whatever they have is the one thing about the opt out story as the team you have no control over that on yes but but it can really be a benefit the beneficial thing Jason. Would you have even David Price. When you get to 3334. When this opt out is gonna happen. And it's any semblance of having hesitation about paying this guy Owhali Zack Greinke is opt out of benefits and it's Ozzie wasn't it's not a taste I'm not saying it's a 100% all the time a good thing for the player because again Greg Greinke and that's right you might but that this is the point Greinke is opt out might end up being a blessing for the dot I write off for 2016. But does that bring you the best we hear bakery that we can make the same argun about CC sabathia how much better off with the Yankees beat. If they had let him walk after wanted to do you guys are saying that part of the benefit for the team for the opt out is that date. Yet I deal lead to three years good years of the contract yes if the player does opt out cause they're at their peak like Zack Greinke did. You then avoid the risk of the CC about them now I'll I'll have to have the guts to walk away which no team has been able to do yet. You have that you have to say take your opt out or more at Dubai good luck. An end to this point he they've always taken that the players always taken so. Sent this scenario where David Price has two monster years and a third year. He's just okay. But maybe finish as strong. And it is it like Roger Clemens and ninety's today everybody else exactly as say it would say hey Tony strike on north and I had the Red Sox and Red Sox are a little skeptical about heading into your later thirties they he's gonna do exactly what he did. Maybe he's not going to be that thirty million plus guy there and by the way during that time. You have been able to develop pitchers to take his place while the tickets to your point that the benefit to the team is David Price decides to opt out that situation is. The next David Price is now available probably 2820 you have fewer what you remarried RV. No with solid starter guard. It's nice Greg timber I'll credit they're right now you're right that's the benefit if you gonna spend the money somewhere well you have to either three years to develop. A guy to beat that guy. Or you have the opportunity like you said identify another free agent. And in this case 2018. Is crazy with free agents. Go to Matt you Armas who's next I'm Matt Iran which brought throwing junk lawsuits undermined. Not particular but I go out a while earlier in America that a factor again. You know almost the puck in right there you know that there and they are one or a period. But apparently outdoor apart that belief that among them but I think that Ole opry Jaret Wright in you know. I haven't had a a running joke opera general looked O aloe and it quite a bit now but there are on our bank. That they're not really blew up the world the World Series contenders now but you're wrong there aren't that great pitcher. But there or not then you know all our our guys only got one of 101 spot in. The you know it is just can't let go. Well we got them there ain't in order you know what if it'll last. So you're saying on you you're not. Is bullish on them you think the Red Sox should not be favored as strongly to win the World Series. So what for what reason what are they missing. I think that opposite of that into a little by the should be out at that put an ugly but great on that at bat speed and not I think that they're young and upcoming you know that great young guys that. What are your biggest questions about the conference. It differently now that outlawed it and go well but the stretch where he liked how. And then I look at extra work that. This stretch with a bit it is in computer not a I don't think that at that burnout and it you know that we brought in front gate great well about Charlie went well you know. I am out I think those are two I think I would. Put them a little way in my head a little different way in my opinion but I think those are two good points and we talked about this. A Christmas at Fenway last week we talked about the top questions. My top questions included two of them which were not necessarily consistency offense but relentless this happened on the lineup one through nine cause there are a lot of questions. I think less than a lot of other teams especially an American League east and then who's the number two starter or two in three beyond David Price but. And I think when you look around baseball when you look around the American League. Cool right now is positioned better in the Red Sox when it comes to veterans. Up and coming players. Signing David Price injuries. Number of starters bullpen I mean who while better position. Real quick W look at Toronto what value look at the top really who Toronto's case. I like stroman Alex terminal lot is what you look at the top two teams Toronto and Kansas City and they've been weakened there's no denying that these bit they've been weak in. This program is at the top and they have some other serviceable guys. But I still think that you look at the top two teams they've been weakened the Red Sox obviously have been strengthened. That's where this opinion comes in and and in regards to the Alec hitting his money where price. Used the team with 28 and five when he pets I think that sets. I think this says something not only for when he pitches but the day before the day after and the caller is right also though there's still kind of questions about this yeah I look at the lineup tell me who the sure things are in this lineup I'll give you move keep. I'll give you Bogart's and I still think Ortiz is he is old as he is after that I think Pedroia is. Close handling him Pablo you don't know you just don't know you hope but you don't know and then you at the bottom of the order reasoning cast DO. I'd you know JBJ. I like slide hard as a hitter but you know let's see him do it over full season. Cited tough questions. Six on 77797937. Let's go to Jake in Dover are Jake. And I darn good they today. I'm Matt made some really good point I think I think being scattered and great odds to win in that scheme and it is. I do think it all go well. As he's had on tonight as you read that let me give you some odds and this is just I didn't look up a bottle but I looked at Vegas insiders as you talk about. That they shouldn't be Derrick as you're the second called so this the Cubs are six to one the Giants are six to one the Red Sox are nine to want the Mets are ten to one. The Astros are twelve to one on the Royals twelve to one the Pirates are fifteen want the Rangers have 51 articles national Dodgers Cardinals Blue Jays. Diamondbacks yankees and on I don't know how you put the Red Sox ahead of the Royals I mean the Royals were in my senior financial support yet they were ever seen before they go back way to equate or didn't really help them until the World Series and a great start of World Series but. In terms of second half he was a hindrance is it and so is over Steve losses Oprah's outscored. Area where it's what's what is the deal with him he's still out there by I mean they don't read it again they played most of the season without him today but the Mets. You always have the pitcher you always have the pitching I mean and they have it there I think they have a stinky offense and good pitching. That's how it is and maybe they'll hit that hit the jackpot again was some of the trade deadline to graduate. Yeah and I. Am you know had to do it. And it. Are you won't are getting closer to an MLB salary cap or contract out. Because I mean these contracts are there are underrated speed are a lot of the lull there isn't gonna continue to go. If it all has the most powerful union in Spanish Santo never happened and here it is Jake the reality with all the sports if the money if they're what the money wasn't there they won't be spending it. That's just three out I would ask why is baseball hurting because there under the salary cap in other words if your rob Manfred. And you sit with your business decision makers baseball hurting because of the salary if they do you think that the Red Sox think it's a bad business decision assignment guy for two and seventeen million dollar not otherwise they wouldn't of outbid the Cubs by and feels words fifteen million. And opened the Cardinals by 37 reportedly the only way the only way to start going the other way is all of sudden if TV is being devalued more and more and more which it isn't. Of the TV contest keep going up and up and up and the other thing is is it really harming baseball mean look at some of the teams that have made runs the Royals this on the World Series the Astros war or force to be reckoned with. Well that's the rays for years so it's not like it was. Fifteen years ago you could say. Money equal wins and it's got nothing you can do about it. That's not the case it's a great point because as Jake was heading merit but that's we're setting where a lot of people had on the talk about a salary cap in baseball look at the Green Bay Packers they have a good chance. Cause they got a guy like Aaron Rodgers and there are small market team to win the World Series as the New York Giants where every team they put in LA. Or the Boston New England Patriots. In baseball. There's no guarantee that used up in the big free agent that you're in Connecticut ops yeah other than the Marlins I think virtually every team has a chance which is crazy and tooth Pirates are good examples or two now they've done a great. Two they're dumb when team number one the V collective bargaining agreement is up next year so if the you're talking about things like opt outs in the sort of salary caps. I don't think much is gonna change but there's got to change is gonna be that. Error about this this week the free agent class after the 2018 season is insane soul. I mean you have Posey for Davis Bryce Harper you have Manny Machado you have into the cut is Craig IQ school keep going Dell's Tyco Matt Harvey. It is crazy so the reason I bring that up is because if you are ever going to see teams. You can see you work collusion. And try to get the prices back down that's going to be the office you do it but that's not gonna. That'll never happen that's ever happened in baseball run the amount of all never happen again there while the go to John McKay I John. Hey guys I first took the ball but that's fine. I do wanna match the breeze into the paint well quickly we partner is that the comic age limit for arrow. And the pay me two years ago last year when he when he took the lead he was in the eighth meant. And went out a little below take over in those eight and all in all the whatever was. With the union cute it was canceled game all the fireworks in the thick concrete and you'll I think it impala shot back and sort of complete. We're not sure if it's in the patent without any big injuries. And you know by the also operate mean is gone and what we do. Debris flying on John let me answer your question I'll give you my answer to that absolutely it's fair to have a ball wanna to wait till may first. In other words at the end of April let's see with the Red Sox record is and then we'll see what type of discussion when I am about John Farrell and then I'll have it on your line. I had to calm a number of team you would or should they did by their actions the Red Sox have decided to bring him back so. It's stared at coached. Poker world championship cupid Libyans want to get to Toronto and I play is everybody in any abatement dwelling here match that the communication. On the plate and in the. That's your again that's your opinion they've decided to bring him back or what we know what it's fair they brought him back. I'm not saying it's a rubber stamp it guys we feel about it yeah I mean perilous the one I think although I want to know normally they don't go one important thing was Farrell. Was stuck with him him problem he had no he had to play him in order to put them. Lavelle comes then those guys get hurt some of the younger players step in who didn't have an opportunity because there was no room for them suddenly there was room and I think. You know if Farrell had been managing in August when Jackie Bradley went off. We probably wouldn't be have an answer if you could draw a straight line to Ferrell. Being a reason why Jackie rallied to hit. Or win and have it in August. Or straight line and why he would Joseph Kelly wouldn't have gone on this eight starts rectory attitude after ERA those sort of things confide open the conversation but. I can't do that. I think the judge Wright I think things opened up it was just the timing of everything but wouldn't you agree that he's on a short leash next year. We'll talk about the two retirements last week yeah I think the same thing having not really. If it's disaster it's been a disastrous start shore. Absolutely but I don't think it will be in. As long as it's okay you have enough talent on this team he built enough talent of the team where the thinking is all it'll get better. Sure. Not yet these two guys bracket in the right Motley. The work they worked so that our league that gave panel that that would lump it or were you know we've never we've never been hired on the Red Sox. That's our go to guy but greed I think I'll let it prepared hearts and you know I would start weakness in the know that's why well because it's so that talks on a Mark Russell Brady on his political platform it. But French. We didn't have much you looked at but I I go outs and only let them Democrat John. Clayton. And direction go to where don't punch that he will not. Backed down and senior guard them simply want you won't know what he went after him. Don't believe in it and Clinton would struggle with the 200 troops and carries it. No I don't. She didn't do so that you need a pot of more mopping up a lot and and important we. Inflammatory. Or Republican and you like. In off. Thank you respond you have no lag I don't wanna go down this road of of the political stuff and and I just say. A lot of people keep asking me and they think and it's there it's an original question. Brady had a different had in his locker would you be doing this now no I wouldn't I find Ted Cruz personally distasteful. But. I don't care like of Brady wants support him fine trumpet is just a different category than me or Rick. We're back for more on butch Bradford and Tomas you right after this. Did you think. The Joseph Maddon connection in the fact that by all accounts he really wanted to hit did you think that might have given you guys a leg up even if the money wasn't quite feel there. Yeah I mean within reason I think we we ended up. I'm a distant third. Fifty million dollar shores of those times. Fifty million dollar short David Price that was a great question. For united doused with an event alive. Insomniac so it's it Mexican rapists. Go to Joseph when Warwick as we're coming down the stretch of this fine program that I hello joke. And guys are doing a good I joke during the show and the topic on Tom Brady I think that might have a period white. Can't seem to be dancing around the issue vote he would support of Donald Trump because it's easy to do that but it doesn't believes it. I did that prompt is a worker and most home supporters are workers. Boy that Barack Obama was born in this country. And I figured I might believe the main thing that explains. Why we meet with the president. And the reason why. Panicky and that undercover. Is that would cause acute problem for them it's people and you don't think this is a stretch Joseph. While it did it did it the fact. Alec to add Welby free you it does. People assume that in him because he supports the Arnold twelve people anti Muslim or anti Mexican that's not acute problem with. Put it. It's you know. Stick and hit it. A half I was willing to listen until until that gas fairness points right before we went on as that take any in the car firstly please. Okay let's go to Danny in the car hello Danny you reap what you so. They did it. Rob actually want talk about your article I actually and upbeat about. The chances then and the ball will play out oh they got 4018 off these and I'm. On its been a big name first name being mentioned many shot hope that with being available Bryce Harper. I mean we've heard the rumors of how much potentially up gonna call you I'm not really big on those guys. Com. What do you think the chances are blocking up you know I don't better Bogart the free agent after that even. Mom but I mean your your mood you bet your your Bogart what are the actual chance of them. Locking them up before their free agent. Period began and at between eight team period rolled around who. Available potentially be viewed him going out there. Well it's a few things have thanks appreciate that's why told that you call and you say that. But. Is a few things number one I think because of that freedom because everyone's going to be spending money. Then that's important locked those guys up obviously I think he had a better chance of bats they do you Bogart's 'cause of the as a source wars. And Boris Said to be in the winter meetings and when did Dave Dombrowski want to prioritize guys usually gets it done. But that doesn't mean everything. So bomb. It I think a huge swing and reported on the article in terms of how much money they're going to be able to spend that free agency. Haley has a vesting option. Plate appearances 20172000. AT. I mean between David Price opting out and Hanley potentially not reaching that option. That's over fifty million dollars you're talking but spending in the biggest 38 class in baseball history. And the other part you ask who you gonna go after all this Kansas small example of what they might need. And guys were blocking that probable said vol sitting that at third or first. Well Donaldson there that free agent class mated shadows they're net free agent class. So. If that guitar about it forever and it is it is going to be the most important offseason. In Red Sox in baseball history. At least that's like that my question you can write all unseeded but sport where you. I. You questioned. There any potential colluded in the pocket now. You know cut down a bit you know our leader Eric to try and that prevent that bat being optioned happening. You beat up apparently happening ordered. I'm actually here at your thought on man Fred coming out that never actually heard a commissioner c'mon beta. Where he that you had. Not a big fan of C you know the three are out there any potentially you can come up and act here collective bargaining. About. I'll think I don't think that bill it might come up well that they'll look at anything change in that respect. And numb because I do think it benefits obviously benefits players over benefits players Europe changed. Tom and what was the other one the other one is that I helmet collision on isn't an here Ireland's this island. You're not gonna have to collude because him Leo breakdown I don't think it will be an issue while just to be accurate I'm looking at cots baseball right now in at least optioned guarantees if he has a 1050. Plate appearances. Between the 2017. In 2000 needs or do you think he's gonna get 500. While on an on line Bob asked I'm going to be some stats to back it up product so if I go to baseball reference you know he had 430 plate appearances last year he had five and another words. He would need an average of 525. For the two seasons. He had 430 last year yet 512 the year before 336272395. You have to go back to 2012. When he gets 667. Plate appearances when I believe. He was leading off mostly for the Florida Marlins Miami Marlins back then and or you don't was switching between third and leadoff he had 667. Plate appearances so the odds are you're right John that he's not gonna get any has to pass a physical so that options not kind of this. It's just 2011 is reached that total ones except there's a fly in the ointment he's going to be DH and probably. Oh I mean if he did it against obviously easier front don't have an average of 525 guy that's title I would agree on Turkey to produce I would just to get to produce yeah I want him. Yeah I mean if this that he drives that contract and he's healthy. For them to sit him down he would really have to be bad it could begin obviously uncomfortable situation. I think I think it. We've already got through this offseason I think the next thing everywhere should be focusing on is Edwin Encarnacion next year. He's a free agent next year outing he's no way he sent to the Blue Jays and I think he Ferrell loves them. He's obvious David Ortiz is going to be off the books this is the guy I've east where is all of this Ortiz. Retiring theaters here are saying you will. Still believe our senior where's all this leave Trevor Shaw. Asked last man on the bench. We do things can make the team. I think he's got a shot to rusty with Sam Adam and the thing is that one last position guy and let's face it. You need a first baseman with Pam am hoping Brock Colts Israel if your answer first. Yeah well do you have Encarnacion and him him Russert the same time one place for us when the ages than they flip and then. Now I mean that's. It's is if today's game it's hard to have two guys like Batman and you have it now with him in Ortiz to an extent but. It's tough to have. To DA to full time DH is making big money on the same roster usually won't make him and you don't get a first baseman go out there I is not an ideal situation. But if you're talking about a guy that you senate restock throughout this before. Forget the fact that he's right read him playing at Fenway Park. Is something that you wouldn't wanna invest our thinking pass LB tremendous it's just it's again the question of Hanley hamstring roster yes. That is accurate answering in the roster. While we're on the subject I want to go back to the Shaw. Situation. Might the Red Sox. Be making mistakes sort of speak of their quick castoff Travis sharp. This year. Meaning that pure point John won his role might be I was development happens. Visit 25 year old guy is just scratched the surface and you could argue that the lightbulb has gone on a little bit we saw him not only hit for power. We saw him drive the ball all over Fenway Park a couple of times tour last year down after breezy averaged right so while I look at his numbers for last year which are 65 games 248. Plate appearances. 27 batting average at 327 OPS. Thirteen home runs and 36 RBIs. There apply any of other mid market teams that would love to pry him from the Red Sox might we be looking at. Similarly in a whole different way and Anthony Rizzo situation if you get rid of Trevor shot. Now I think you're more looking at it will medal Brooks if you're trying to day if you're picking between what shots more likely those two extremes they are the two extremes but if you had if you ask me to pick one. I would say middle grimy middle Brooks remember what he did under Bobby V we thought he was going to be their number five hitter. For the next twelve years and he descent and he just got non tendered but you now. I think shot you have to look at Shaw's minor league numbers in his minor league track record is not nearly. Especially last year not as impressive as is Majorly try argument against that would be what. Guys are especially at 25 years old what guys were and what guys are are often wait two different. Which I think it it is speaks the overall point we have to be very careful as to month's span were talking about. Whether it's Travis whether it's ruse Nicosia Jackie Bradley Joseph Kelly. That these guys all went on specific runs. But it is a two month a while and we as judgmental people have to be very careful when any Red Sox fan. I would argue this. That the teams make their bed with guys clearly they have made their bed we Jackie Bradley junior in respect to steal right now vocal wanted to let me is that they made their bed with Castillo before even came reds. But when they paid on the money right it sure is my point now you've got a guy out of your control of 25 years old who win David Ortiz retires. Couldn't be a left handed power hitter who may end up in the middle of your lineup the minute maybe I'd rather I rather the money for a Castilla a I'm accurate I'd like Charlotte guy I may think size like a decent bench player maybe but I I don't. A you don't anyone your regular major leaguer I don't think I don't think he's I don't know. I don't know electoral soft and well and what you saw and not just a flash and over again we saw the same thing on middle Brooks of the ski gone I would disagree middle Brooks Brooks it'll ever it is and I would do okay fine numbers wise but what I saw out of Shaw last year was anti middle Brooks middle Brooks approach at the plate change weekly. Middle Brooks swing and a first pitch strikes than he was a Shaw looks like a disciplined guy Timmy. Looks like the guy can drive the ball over the ballpark I like Travis Shaw he's also weirdly are reverse splits guy hits lefties a lot better than Fridays which actually hurt his value because in a platoon situation. You wouldn't necessarily what you're talking about what you can and I'm talking about what he might become. A. I mean I'm telling you what he's been has been like kind of average throughout the my eyes and he had two great months really one great month and then. Like everybody else whenever they'd like change the water in Fenway on September 1. Came back I think puts I think when you look at Travis what you have to do what baseball is gone which is you have to wait this out a little bit. You can't if you Red Sox he can't be all in on him. And if you direct teams looking to trade for a first baseman off the QB all in on them are out there and he's not untouchables no I don't know about this thing in terms of getting you mentioned Anthony Rizzo Anthony Rizzo was a valuable guy can he produce in the minor leagues. We get it. So then what he has to do is keep. Producing and that maybe get halfway through this year and you say this guy is a valuable guy either to wuss for next year or two. The rest of baseball to make a statement at Tommy if you guys agree yes I look at Travis shock. You know expressed or whatever but I'll I look at Travis Sean I'll mention three names and I think Travis shrines are put a much better big league career and all three that day and I can guarantee a Minnesota note Daughtry David Murphy. Now Brandon Moss ago and Josh rhetoric no you have to also and mosque has been austerity. Had yeah definitely has. I Murphy might be the closest. So you're looking at left handed guys I just look at it former Red Sox that they were willing to discard that turned out to be acceptable. Major leaguers but we don't know what their epic that's gonna be written yet Brendon Moss still has a good chance to beat maybe the best of that group Josh Redick has done more of a. And I think you think about oh what they'd gotten those trades. I mean good point Redick they got to their closer yet Andrew Bailey. With it must they they got. That was in the Jason Bay trade right and Jason Bay. And Murphy's but Murphy they get Eric Gagne. So. You've got Augusta our guys are all guys by the is exactly now know about may be up what you might use them to get a huge hit their value to get those those guys important guy some time in those deals and and I don't know of shies at that level again. Halfway through this year might change the story I don't order of kept on do I don't think he's gonna have like a ten year career like David Murphy's and right now. And Murphy as a platoon guy but he's been an effective one. And and Redick saw a little bit longer to bring its uneven but only go to like elect the butch pause radicalized. Look up this guy. I'm just not go from what I'm just thinking about Shaw again it's clear that I'm shocked guy. I would like to see him all things being equal still below sponsorship. Opportunities if nothing else I would like to see him be on this roster somehow and that's where you guys are debating what his role might pick it up its shots called Travis shot by next year when David Ortiz retires if for no other reason that if he turns out to be a really good. Left handed hitter with some power those guys are hard to find. In my opinion and and I also saw before we go to break take a shot at this question. Mike Travis shop be better often Red Sox uniform or Cincinnati Reds or some other team. For his career purposes in other words. Do you see him if he is gonna have a good to serviceable like those three guys just mentioned. Major League career that he's better off from the National League with some other team. Or that it would that'll never happen and Boston. How do you guys view that yet and there will always be looking for something more out of their first baseman Travis and none no disrespect him Armenia a good. Two months but pad the Red Sox can do better as a big market team can do better. I think there. So your point you would side Edward Encarnacion. Trade Shaw had something else that's not rest them. See that's if he would if we talk about spending money after 2008 team get out ahead of occur sign Encarnacion I know what he's gonna do. And like you're not you're still going to be antibiotic that K that will sit here and watching Anthony Rizzo would travel shock compete for the National League MVP every year. Thought I love let's just don't dat. I love it would ports would take watching Travers. Over Edwin Encarnacion. Will become the Yankees with the old guys I paid ought. Yeah we do know we don't yes we do. No ego yes. Tomas and ordering an injury here. It's going Robert Milton. Yes we care U I he's Spiegel louder. 88 sawed Merry Christmas there you thank you you believe recruitment did you know of course I relative you don't beat it I thought they tell me that you collected. Are getting Brady yes and Turkey call I understand what you want not a surprise but we use sneaker on the locker right. Do you see an opening to talk about that would other political thing to people I don't know Walker's non that interest me. We're dummy and you see it up. Nothing is springing to mind. That's all you only Hewitt selective and they're interested because you're all. Well I I make no did trump is trump should transcend this is what I don't get. Trump should transcend politics this is not a left to right issue I told you I like Rand Paul it's not about left vs right it's about on breaking Donald Trump. On yes lecture me. Darden well backyard definitely okay you have your opinion. Accounting exactly. What watch you trump. That he is a demagogue in a fear monger and he's doing more to hurt us abroad and at home. Van any other candidate who went Hillary Clinton. So I'm not going down this road I don't wanna vote for Hillary I will I have to. You know the colonel and by Internet but went went like that call everybody a big hit it doesn't agree to a what do you think about that shot. About what Hillary Clinton is called everybody and their paper all you Vick really. Yeah I miss that what what you should inform your work the ball up into urban. Wow words I I've been promoted to see you guys later. Gonna go take Koplan John Henry's claim I'm gonna fly somewhere. Golf to Brandon in Springfield is next I Brandon. I don't. The only witnessed at the time you say what. Are you ruling must not your sure rooming. No psychedelic mind altering all intrigued by Travis showed a 25 year old left handed power that it ever got to know Bruce reality sponsor package room. Show you what he could make it a little with not much yet and well. So so you wanted to sit there. And you enough but he's just went out. Off I would take and cross him over but he's there every day he would yes I think policies that would I don't know how he would then he had knowledge sit here and Canada is that they're bred and I think in John hit the nail on the head I think he is the guy V wood nine handle Boston while. Yes. I disagree no while you know Jose Batista do you know people who know Jose but the older I've talked to him that don't believe me I know people who have dealt a lot with those they mean the scrutiny of of Fenway which a lot of will a lot of Beijing Gonzales. They get out like that whole thing about you a lot of clubhouse lawyering. Rocker that stuff that which never plays well Boston. A birdie on that route in Russia you. Yeah what what Travis shot idea what what do you think I said the travesty. He's. Clearly going like sell. What do you think Anthony Rizzo was going to be what we have Riddick we have a conversation. Brandon. We have a conversation. Did you think you'd be Rizzo was going to be anything. It all you'll you know what he was gonna be here. Shot. 70 yeah I mean really. I'm looking at their minor leagues and I you don't wanna go down this road this is not a good comparison Anthony Rizzo. Was he had cancer in the middle of his minor league career so that set things back but you go through he was a monster and he was a teenager. We're talking and Travis shot. When he fort when my I feel it all very simple as though by the result you have no idea what this guy's gonna become in the major we know it any thought he got a much better idea not true yet return. And Brad who's who that other gentlemen I would eat it Johnson Massey. Guarantee you look at I talk about the mood during all. Series until voters are president I'm Noah ballots are gonna but I'd like that you don't know no I think he said you know what by the way what's the Syracuse game Mike Shymanski. Is it might like to ms. close remember much does that color something. You earrings. I never thought that for Mike Kaminsky. Really valuable to you eat you up for the Mike too I would have pegged after Randy brewer I think. It is pock Paul McCaskey it public Gaidar soler in the Carrier Dome is named after the guy who invented air conditioning. That's our ending the show yeah arguments easier ring in the Carrier Dome how it was funny because you look at with I actually do think we got a really good show because I know this if it flew by. But also about B I'm just sitting back of the I'll watch in the arts in the game but I couldn't be better right now. Family's home hanging out Bruce is on now Saturn is a liar tonight there. And I. Feel smarter now running out let let me have the last word on this. It's all been Andy Kaufman esque performance art vote drop and that's good Trout.