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Newton vs Brady in the MVP debate aka don't expect much national love

Dec 17, 2015|

Our quarterback heavy topic tree led us to this discussion today... who deserve the MVP more at this point? Cam or Tom?

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Our number two Galen Hollywood Thornton's Sports Radio WEEI we've been talking quarterbacks. We started the discussion because that Tom Brady won the popular vote. Not a fan vote as the top vote getter for the pro ball he edged out Cam Newton by 468. Votes. And I think. Most people would say based on performance this year those guys are probably 12 in the MVP voting. And I actually don't even have a problem with Cam Newton wins the MVP based on how his season is gone in and what the Panthers have done if I voted for an MVP today at vote for Camden. You know you know of talking to my cousin during the break gimmick doesn't fall in Abington op we just musical and all because the original family history and you know. Read time you know fifteen minutes ago we dispersant we first met. Let us aren't my cousin during the break and he brings up an interesting point one oh when asked you guys this. What what what factors what what goes into and I think everybody looks at different things. Would try to determine whether to MVP of the league that you just mentioned with Cam Newton or what makes a quarterback good. What exactly are you looking at because a my cousin Paul pointed out. That that Blake portals if you look at his numbers. Scott thirty touchdown passes more than Cam Newton. He's got a thirteen interceptions on three more than Cam Newton so Newton 2810. He's thrown for more yards and think Cam Newton has a rush for as many yards Cam Newton obviously. And is in his team's record is five and eight is Cam Newton the MVP. Because of his stats. Or see the MVP because. His team is thirteen and all of your team's thirteen knows the guy playing quarterback is usually pretty good. Is that why don't bonus it's both his numbers are pretty good. But they're a thirteen and I can't overlook the fact that they've the they've won every game that that the NFL put front. So what went which goes further sir did you give. Are they thirteen no. Because of candor is yes your yet they are because at Camden in my opinion okay all right yeah I'm like this I it's hard for me to argue against. A guy from a thirteen aero team went in the MVP. In a perfect world it would be Cam Newton to be looked equally at a again I don't think he's the best player on his own team. But we don't limit now world we literally a world where if you go thirteen and now if you those sixteen and all the quarterback is gonna get the MVP. Even if he's the held up the the dictionary definition of a caretaker quarterback even if you got you know the best running back in the league unless he's rushed for 2000 yards. Your quarterback is going to be the MVP. As if you kid argue and I think a lot of you would. You could argue that Tom Brady is having a better season absolutely yeah Cam Newton I agree I agree completely idiots. So put his team is eleven and two which is not bad now. But they're not thirteen it's almost like it in and it's funny this happens sometimes in sports and and has Gerry said you can't resist it you know it it's as. It's a steamroller and just got to get out of the way and let it take its course but sometimes people decide. Voters decide it's this guy's gonna get it long before the season is over. He's the MVP and I think it probably happened for Cam Newton may be a week ago or two weeks ago. I'll be stunned I'm really will pass out if Cam Newton is not the MVP of the league it's already been decided. Right and and you'll remember. Whatever year Miguel Tejada won the MVP in and based on 0304 somewhere in there. It was a year Oakland 120 game winning streak in the regular season. And to hot it seemed like every time was coming up with huge at bats and huge a huge hits. You want I'm convinced you want it right there. Even though. Other people had good numbers better numbers sometimes people just decide that it's your turn. So I think it's Cam Newton stern. Along with the fact that. They're thirteen and. Kirk Gibson went up one year with like eighty something and our guys he was hurt all last year but he was gutsy and short. That was it that was the the emotional and he's America's sweetheart vote I think Terry Pendleton in the middle of this. In unprecedented the great run by eight Barry Bonds pre steroid buries any area yesterday that it is they just throw it to him because he'd had yelled bonds it had this like argument caught on camera. With with with his manager in a sell it looked ugly so. There was just this groundswell of support for somebody other than him. No no no I'm put him in those categories because clearly you can't win thirteen games out of thirteen. As a quarterback without playing at a high level he's played ordinary write it if he has a crap game his team will. Probably lose him if he goes out he throws like four picks or whatever he hasn't done that so. I just like what Aaron Rodgers last year. I'm not get a you know starter right in football will police cars if Kim who wins the MB peel right. 88 in any adult because it's gonna happen and and so you look at it really even if even if Carolina loses. A couple of games as they lose two of their last three to finish. The very respectable fourteen to which still would be shocking because nobody saw that coming at it the beginning of the year. Not even people in the Carolinas that never in the wildest dreams they think their team would be fourteen to or possibly sixteen you know. Even if that if they lose those two games he's got to get it but they didn't you go look so if he's fourteen into. And the cardinals are fourteen into and the patriots are fourteen to and you look at the stats of Carson Palmer Tom Brady. And Cam Newton. Numeral finished third. In terms of impressive quarterback in stepped. I went. Yet because we know that that winning and losing in the National Football League is is it not if Tedy Bruschi is listening it is not only a function of the play of the quarterback. But it is in large part a function of the play the quarterback if the quarterback doesn't play well you can't win generally speaking in the NFL right. You might steal a gamer to be team is not going to be good. If unless he's mostly and you just said Michael what would you you know put into that with the criteria. I'm saying. First is limiting turnovers. That's huge in today's skip right and you know. Throwing touchdown passes I mean we've we've seen over the years that. Guys who throw for a ton of yards doesn't necessarily mean much. You know with his name from Detroit. You'll have to step we Stafford has had some seasons where he threw for 45000. In and if it meant nothing. Bomb so it really is that a Jim put the ball in the end zone and more importantly not turn an open. 61777979237. Kallis in Quincy take out. Big guy and bury Chris Gayle thank you write in every. Thank you Merry Christmas to you to cal Merry Christmas gal. So if you're like yeah I think that Tom Brady gonna get robbed out of it and ET. As they do it. I can take all the data to look at its. You know what each wind and the guy that went late night when he aggregate to get. I answer your question Tom Brady based on what he's had to deal with this year. If you'd probably. Deserves it more than it did not just the numbers that. No supporting cast guys who have been there guys who have been injured and more guys on injured reserve than anybody in the league. The most well more than any any team in patriots history. It'll. Be it Iraq upload PP one as long as you cheapens Super Bowl yeah. I hope you hit India that it was that in doubt. You know straight out like that. I would bet that will be idealized or do you look a whole lot. But that we eat double missile gap yet which could get some fresh legs so locked bolt that in America. Letting you know ill cal brings up appoint. A pretty good point if you look at it. For Tom Brady so there are evident to pretty good there are some panic the last couple weeks that it that it calmed down after they beat the Texas. So Tom Brady at the beginning of the season like lost his left tackle. Blind side guy. He didn't have his starting center. For what eight weeks. Lost is our favorite. Running back weapon in Dion Lewis. Lost his plow horse. In the Garret blunt. Has been without Juliet cattlemen. For several weeks lot lots of us right tackle in football arguably the best rate tackle for a few weeks had to play a couple weeks without ground. Yeah I am interested as you know had Jo-Jo look fell drop and everything. Right when he threw the ball. I guess I'm look at those eyes Joseph did it went there I yeah I look at the offensive weapons that the cam Newton's playing. You know and Ted Ginn junior and Corey brown and Jerebko crop Cotchery in DeVon bunches. He's got a real good tied ending rankled some very I'm and I like Greg Olsen alive but. But those wide receivers I wouldn't pick any of those guys ahead of settlement or M and they'll. Yeah no that's that's that's fair. I mean I don't think if adult men in Yemen dole wore on the Panthers that they would be nearly that productive players that they are now nobody can turn. A slot receiver into a star in this league the way Brady hasn't and nobody has ever been able to do that. Arm but it but again. Kim Newt is not what makes that team great he's the one that. Keeps them from being you know. Above average like you know you did on sale like he's right if if you are awful quarterback they're probably a five win team. He's good enough that their thirteen and all on the strength of that defense. Deals in Matta canyon next on sports radio's dale and Holley. And ale. We're going on I'd. Up about our well Brady you know timlin nom and beat you on right now. There are out there is. Brady Brady not having me back you know he's not not right now. He oversaw the war on out is if you've completed a lot more votes in Florida what was blown out billions of these guys. It would have been a lot out of its capita than a lot pattern because it is about one also include over who although quite. Neil I got to you that for the peace having the second best season of his career. Don't you got to US not you stop fret about the deep ball for some reason we are infatuated with Tom Brady and the deep ball here. The only season he's ever had the patriots uniform better than this one was 07. So let's go let's go on past it all sorts ordeal and I'm right on the minds he'll. Neil let's say let's say Iraq. Let's say that Tom Brady is thrown too many deep balls and he's just trying to go for those those low percentage throws it just aren't aren't connecting. He still is completing. He still has a better completion percentage and Cam Newton story is still. Certain phone 34 passes both. You know barely know one. Good deal you hear yourself you can get rid of James let me rewind like we're where we're back on an effective. Give duke back at what you just did you can't do. Said Tom Brady is over throwing people and thrown deep ball there but I trojans got a higher passing percentage then you have new music or restore ball. Pat is really what is. And block and it's another element out of the I all of the older you know I'm not then then you added. That it could have been his arm is all. Okay that it would be on my favorite player on top of that. Well we won those games. No you're right your you know you need to work and you know way of showing your appreciation for a I can't get terrible I don't like you know you're not how working hard at the school I mean it's straight daisy give another child like boy you're really not you do a lousy job all over the place and our our fourth fourth top the hours and it involves streaks you know individuals streaks. I think Tom Brady's got a streak of his own going because I believe this is the fourteenth consecutive year. And have complained about Tom Brady's inability to throw the deep ball. It's that great it's the one thing they they got nothing else so they may all back on Abbott and throw the deep ball very well. I don't Ali as his win 70% of the football games he's a quarterback. Re like hey if you're not Darryl Monica then you're just not a good quarterback and the fact is if you have any sort of appreciation of football history these. Quarterbacks that. Work you know of the of a among the best in the history of the game with the guys who threw deep balls I mean that the whole West Coast offense was based on away. To get Joseph Montana to be able hit a receiver with the ball in the year for the shortest distance so that they can catch and run. Nobody you know he. Looks back at his reckoning goes and I wasn't really in the deep. Balls hit Tom Brady and the patriots are are judged by. By championships which is good which is good that's what you want. I in the organization before. Before 2001 with the patriots would probably would be bent out of shape. If we had this conversation and we were conceding the MVP to Cam Newton because. I don't know if you guys agree with this or not just conceit it's gonna happen Cam Newton will get it despite the fact Tom Brady has a higher quarterback rating right now on the Cam Newton. Tom Brady has a higher completion percentage he's thrown for more yards more yards per game. More touchdowns fewer interceptions. His team is eleven and two number one in the AFC cam Newton's team is undefeated. And that's why is gonna get it just. That's just the way it is even though if you get into some quarterbacking numbers. Tom Brady comes out ahead in many of not Cam Newton blows everybody away. And rushing to rush for you know 400 plus yards already he's. He he's an impressive he's an impressive runner and he's one of those guys he's one of those quarterbacks. If you see a running and you think you've got to blow my name when I think twice about it because he's a big dude is like I've been out there and he might hurt you. You try to hit him. But that's only that's the only area where he's doing a better job break. And I led this in from pro football focus today. Most drops suffered by quarterback this season Tom Brady leads the league with 43 according to their numbers and as Michael pointed out what constitutes a drop. According to them. Tom Brady has had 43 drops Derek Karr is next with 34. Ryan tanning a 31 Erin Rogers and Sam Bradford thirty apiece. And Brady also leads the league and not passes attempted to GO GO look now. We're concerned. Five right about just ride that George are you got to step up the watch watch Joseph Joseph down the street to watch what he's about to do. Now I will say this I was comparing you know weapons a few minutes ago I take Ted Ginn junior and a judge all of fell. Well at this Jo-Jo Jo-Jo can speak about the quarterback's play I would vote well both bodies Dorchester your next on Sports Radio dale now. Garrett about what's up. I love the passion on the show there at the delusion yet sixteen years multiple out there that would then. Or read sparked a call in today Michael and I agree would you vote. Russell Wilson playing great like I completely discard yarder Eric caller com all rights over and over again water a lot of like the it was crazy it is. US trade or go right here that that just at this bother is still bothers me I'm not a result right now but. You know when you when you make the pointed that Russell Wilson has needed Thomas Rawls was a rookie that way so right Russell Wilson has. Well how about the Super Bowl and have it about killed two Super Bowl appearances without Thomas Rawls. Let that we were talking about this season though Michael let me you know. Do you think Thomas Rawls is responsible for Russell Wilson season. Will the first ten games Michael I mean that it would lead to a three trooped to touchdown that was his only multiple touchdown game in the NFL today until I think week. And you've got to single touchdown game to beat these are nice streak at this as it has started seven games he's rushed for about 800. They got 800 plus yards averaging five point six a carry. Yes he and and that has helped by day he had a huge game we have a cut 200 plus yard game. What is San Francisco few weeks ago. How to but not my point is if you look if you agree with them already got my yelling out silly even if your answer is yes go and sit do you think that Thomas Rawls. Is responsible for the success of Russell Wilson. It doesn't even matter I mean he could be he. You don't Michael hall and running the ball and a no no no no no no no one sinners now and Michael I mean I mean it didn't really that was by Altria. What what does it matter with the guy's name as you know I mean. How many first year running batch of c'mon Ben Russian leaders in the NFL and Kerry did seem just don't. I don't care what would you know just because name's Tom raw. No no it's just because at that don't Russell. None of it and take whip somebody's doing the point is Russell Wilson has had success without him. And he will have success after I guarantee you that Russell Wilson. We'll finish strong even though Thomas Rawls is now for the year and they act at the start it was odd to. To say oh yeah Russell Wilson has had sixteen touchdown passes zero Nixon's last four games let. Hey it's because of Thomas Rawls I know all all all respecting. All respect him a great of it was in gas and eight out I'll tell you this. They weren't running the ball well. You through this one touchdown game. Compromise some affair I'm a fairly and he put on a compromise on the fair man I'll give you this. If Russell Wilson. Throws one touchdown pass in seven ticks down the stretch. Then I woke up alone apologize to you the previous caller into the entire rolls family including Lou and als yes and I'll say. Wow this guy had a lot more impact than I was willing to give him credit for. Erik's on the cell phone Erica I don't. They got aerial what's going on. It just a quick point I certainly agree with Michael's point debt and do it indeed he wrapped up I think they're an area which. He can wrestle and operate it wrestle it away from Newton. This template if Brady throws it out and the twelve more touchdowns without any texts and another twelve under guard. And Newton in out craps out loses two games and broke couple text I think I think Britain would come out on top although right now at the band who respect expect. Although I it's hard for me to even picture that Brady's going to be in a position to throw those kinds of numbers over the last three games I couldn't not because the teams of that great because I'm not sure how much he's going to be. Lot and around a lot those three games you know. Right yeah and I. I wanna start to see here and we think it is Michael is yap Newton wins the MVP because they're America's already decided. It even if they have a collapse I don't think anyone's gonna move off of that spot and then Brady gets the consolation prize of offensive player of the year. Which is cows weird you know meaningless. Of awards that you can just kind of call whatever you want to. Call them. Yeah. But if they have a collapse if you know his scenario than the blue collar scenario of twelve more touchdown passes to attend a twelve for Brady. Let's get 12100 yard take realistic the short answer and pac ten touchdown passes no picks so he's at 41 and six. For the year. And he's got 5000 yards. And while and they don't you can't do it's it's sixteen and out okay sixteen and nobody his scenario was that the Panthers collapse and they lose the cup. Ours and Brady's gonna win them the MVP under the scenario he painted. You know 41 touchdowns six interceptions 5000 yards and the same number of wins is Cam Newton Newton cannot win the MVP in the post in those circumstances. Even if America's decided today they'll change their mind. When they've got to put the name on the ballot under the circumstances that the caller pain don't to agree Michael. Deadbeats if it will be it'd be a good. You know what OK and under that scenario and I hate this and I know we talked about it off the year couple weeks ago beyond that you hated to. If you like that 2003 situation would like to echo of the IE eight two to Peyton Manning not anemic. Our way out there that I think. Yet there it was the ultimate season for a pats him because they beat the bull and won this to bubble 6177797937. As I said our fourth four top of the hour has to do with some streaks. Impersonal street not teams streaks that's coming up just after 4 o'clock dale on Hollywood for Sports Radio W media. Could never see what Tom is not we know that Tom if you could be so it would dug the computer to the bar fragrance wanna. Have you on defense some webcam it's now like molded himself into the right that's the kid that capsule but city. And change the culture but what they think about it football down there. You can see how much fun that he didn't days everybody in to have it so even when they going to these close games. So to have on the way to figure it out and they run into the stands today giving kids balls that they put all of these things. Kim has matured. Not chicken and the winds calm but they had it's nothing that we haven't seen. We've seen this before from any quarterback we have. What Cam Newton is from the quarterback for this soon and better luck but we ban Kim and this year Kim who is. This is what meat has been MVP this. Adding pattern awful timing Carolina when they were like going to the Super Bowl and stuff yeah Abbott deal nobody ever gave balls so the kids before. Nobody ever energized the city yacht but that's it we're seeing great quarterback play. With just never seen kids come away with souvenir footballs. 04 guys yet that did get to tone it down he's he's he's standing over her shoulder at. I had a vote it'll get there from new over the shoulder. Why don't what he's wearing who can and lately we've got an. He he did it wasn't gonna get into a bar fight trust let's guardian a ball the ball ripper. I. Women. Have a slowdown of up to our. For the love of god told him they did he play does that a lot of us out of sight Michael. You're danger and that cold coming from inside the hope Michaels and. Also already apply Dylan. Good outlets at all it's happened. On the way it only going to be here. So it MVP. Was decided before the season began and there was going to be very hard. Ever sit in the leg the national media as a wave currently imposing that well and I. If you if you. Are a bit earlier in the season. On the competition should have been close before Cam Newton named should be in the compensate him. It seemed cool it pushing that agenda. Yeah I'll I'll practice I gotta say if without having this conversation if the Panthers on our. Eleven to like the page exactly it you know what Colorado wait for Brady. Yea what it wasn't decided before the season it was decided once the Panthers got news what wanted to in the final. Undefeated team that it became affairs right I'm sure this is as soon as the patriots lost. Chris harper game we lost Chris harper game. That. At look at your Jerry book courage that I Chris harper. What order lost that day in and out it would Cam Newton he really has become like. Grady Little liked to synonymous with a loss. There are games that he held a great little game that I hope we have a fabulous cores can have a great career decades attorneys learn from this. And. Martin demanded that the daylight heartland. I got my call for him. Having all blasted it is at the parking lot. Well you know Marten also have some production. He has some production. Read it and are for quite wary didn't like it but not harper you know in and they in the harper game he had the fumble. Yeah one target no catches nothing. Only it was costs in the game other than that he did or. Yes you guys the speculate for second just about about Brady state of mind on something like this do you think that. He's still fueled by this kind of thing like that. Other guys who went MVPs but you know it that the the patriots have a team gold go another player estimate that was real in 2003. When they played McNair and beat him in the playoffs and then played Manning and beat him a place to think that still matters now that he's won a couple of new thinking just as soon. Be able aware that is a badge of honor like he got overlooked. Yeah I think you'd like to win the MVP in the Super Bowl. The idea that it doesn't matter to him if he wins the MVP. That's trophy when the super. But I think I'd like when all honestly the best player in the late Andy wants to win the Super Bowl. But yes but let's say you don't win the Super Bowl and you win the MVP that it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter right. So I think that Jerry's point. Pictures which is in Jerry. Is is winning championships V is still the most important well. Yeah I mean I don't I I think that's never been an issue like this think like whether he's one of the MVP was nice sore. You know like OK I got slighted again Brady six if you know you know 199. Pick. You know didn't start at Michigan. You don't get overlooked for the MVP do you think that's still. What fuels this fire think that's the matter he'll never admit it but of course it does it look like paean slighted doesn't like being overlooked. You know I keep heat you have to have any doubt that allfirst all the play in the National Football League but like quarterback in the National Football League you gotta have any. You and you and you gotta wanna be the best and he does. Desperately want to be the best you mean it's not like in Hollywood where it was just an honor to be nominated and other fabulous actresses. Now always be given the choice you can win the super ball you can win the MVP that when Venezia and Chris on the cellphone Chris. Made at the greatness or is that Chris I wanted to go back Pollard a code of why we are now. You know. Well. You know we. He. So where. Singles is all that and all. And and eat it and it earned that it that it there. And it does matter. And because it will Marshall management. Opie and able. Spoke that are that are on all. That is. At war and by. What was he'd say it will be more of a real war now. Audit. That. Shouldn't be. Back and it would help balance. What you know. Though it you're right that the threat from that and at the walker. That will partner or call well well. I'll or. In out lives try to follow it. So. Marshawn Lynch being if Marshawn Lynch is healthy it takes away from Russell Wilson. Well it just. He's not required to do with much obviously. You know it hasn't been the case here this this is on on pace here right now. To be the least productive running game in bill Belichick's coaching career with the patriots. So Tom Brady is definitely more a higher percentage of the offense than he's ever had to be before. The operative that's an outstanding point even. More so than last year where they they set a record I think there were the first Super Bowl winner to ever not have a guy without a hundred carries. And. God I mean they look like the 78 patriots you know can be compared to this year's team where they distinct people around him back healthy and of barely even handed the ball off. Now that we had a couple of techsters the first tactics at wise Michael and Bristol today we'll get to that moment but the next sector has piqued my interest. Yes if you guys addressed Michael sweater on his and her hair back now. I can't see prisoners had expletive I'm Michael that Bristol. Is what what did you rock today for the spurs do you have an an ugly sweater party down there. We're no absolutely that's exactly what it was scary it was ugly sweater day on hasn't heard so. I would just today. That the gotti's. The guys definitely. Had an ugly sweaters because the guys were hurt myself to him Michael Smith so yes. You know at least on the question oh definitely has Arafat does and so everybody had on. Ugly sweaters and criminals. A Janelle not know generals on your man so you're free you and I knew I. Rick I'm gonna away from you Andy. That my Miami sweater was day. A Golden State Warriors. So it didn't say stepped carries stiff. So. So I had to step flurry sweater on. Thank you very much at all awake all try to let Jerry Java giant. That was a joke. It's okay it was a joke Michael Smith street fighter. Ugly sweater. They're. Want to. Get back that would give. Him. Care. Gosh the bars. Had on me. Derrick Rose ugly sweater. And that sweater has never had it so go ahead and Sarah Spain. This letter which around on the collar like Rama noodles. You. I got a tweet out a picture those for those of us who own. Let's say oh god please you know there's a picture there's his picture actor. There's nothing picture of mind if yeah if only there was some. Sort of an Internet type thing where you created my client alike were pretty gentle it from there to hear our guys someday you may be insists. Someday if we if we live long enough god willing 6177797937. Right backed your calls. In just a couple of minutes dale Hollywood foreign Sports Radio WB yeah. Better anyplace that bumper. I just wanna sit listen. 6177797937. Its telephone number. Text line 37937. Op on boarding the place were talk and quarterbacks and MVPs and stuff like that. Look at some of the things will lead in the mix is the afternoon goes on including tea Bruins team that. Has got a pretty nice little streak going right now after last night's play in the National Hockey League they're second in their division. There are five points behind the first place Montreal Canadians with two games in hand we'll talk about. Tuukka in some of that little bit later on as well. And and some other things no word as yet from the patriots on Stephen Jackson we don't know whether. His workout went well today whether the the mutual interest on both parts resulted in a contract offer. None of that has come out as yet but maybe we'll find a before the end of the after a let's give pact calls Jackson south the aide Jackie next on Sports Radio dale how. Thank Gary and Jack Jack the subject. I got a question if you switched and a lot of text. That mine Kim's. With their changed. While TomTom would also be thirteen and Al. I I don't care I don't know I don't know. He'd be eleven in two. Arnold Tom will be thirteen and no either because of the way their team works. They see. They they rely on the running game from Cam Newton and there that's a big part of what they do that that allows. Some of those receivers that you talked about dale some of those guys said you rather have cattlemen. And Danny Amendola a some of those guys the reason. Some of those guys are effective is because you've got to think about Cam Newton running game. That's that's absolutely fair. So I guess the question on the callers part is you know would look I think Cam Newton could be. He can he would have been at least an eleven into record here don't you think. Now boy yeah I. I I I just don't see that I guess I Maurice and I like the weapons hear about it from the ones there like wrong better than. Then like an and I love Greg Olsen grounds better. Boy I've already had settlement and am better than any wide receive a plane went. Okay now but now. I would just say it would be difficult because for for Brady to do what Newton does it will be difficult for Brady obviously right for -- Newton do were Brady does of the difficult too because a lot of it is. Percentage. High percentage it's accurate passing. And this it's one thing that he is not amazed he's okay. He's OK he's he his numbers his passing percentage would be really did for a 1978. And news but in 2015. Are under 60%. That's unusual. Yeah that's Koreans and his is set completion percentage is 59 point one. His quarterback rating is 96 point nine which is pretty get. Right. So he's thrown in the in the the point is he's thrown a two on about two touchdowns. Fewer than Brady but still 28 creating good yet Tony tan. Yeah I think I think both teams will be worse. Yeah I I I gotta be with them just trying to picture of some of the games that they've been and where. Brady's you know and on and use the cliche of the weapons was sold limited. And they were still able to move the ball and put up 28 points and that this is not cam Newton's game you know I both teams will be worse might threaten. Because the teams have been built. A constant quarterbacks. I think that's why. None of what is it that in Seattle does it also fair to say that if if bill Belichick's suddenly had. A weapon with cam Newton's skills and abilities he'd find a way to utilize those skills and. I think he's trying to wave but then it probably would wonder well what an offseason to. Best utilized I'd like to be dropped Cam Newton and fox for right now and take out Tom Brady. Yeah Belichick let's look at this what we have to do down but I think. If he had his pick against preference he would like an off season to really tailor the offense. To suit Camden. And Josh McDaniels would like the same thing. As you peer to change on the fly to bring in in Carolina it would Tom Brady now one. Which you know 12 quarterback out of the pocket and we really don't. Wanna I wanna be our goal our goal line back. I Cam Newton is sometimes. Up next the plane so the Brady has more receiving yards than Newton does at a and that criticism with bull Axel a couple guys that they usually ask don't give him the opportunity to catch the ball like they do Tom now. Our mikes in Needham hey Mike I don't. I thought I don't great that's so important to try to walk and we're talking purely about quarterback play. Then what it really don't Q is some difference between good athlete and good quarterback you can look at how Russell Wilson matured. Need to ask sir you what you say is you became a better pocket passer he became a better quarterback. And they can do it because what's gonna happen at the end there. This at the end 120 something and then these guys. Delays were out to backs were. You know what they're gonna have at the end it didn't want our witnesses in his honor they don't have. Can't states like Brady has to see what they get the line of scrimmage. Make an adjustment it probably don't make it checked out of a bad call. He can read to you can't that the line of scrimmage. That's one point but the other that they don't think about are you talking about. You know Michael you were in a little bit of soup about. You know Thomas were false. And then everything that about Troy Aikman who are we played I don't policy of not and to apply. What about Terry Bradshaw AME DU looking great short game that Stallworth and swan and and it's I want you start talking about it. Great quarterbacks and their success sort the start talking about her and into. It did a real city and to say that in addition to Russell Wilson bring peace at Marshawn Lynch. In this year Thomas all guerrilla and got a criminal act they. According. Great great point and I guess you know in what Alessio was the callers and. I apologize I he just went off my board mad when you said and I looked up and I can't see it okay. But could just call. Yeah if he and I hate him he knows his name. But he. Has passed and at some point in I was gonna say about him you know I just really don't like when folks to give credit. In his in his career whatever his career as these these doors of things at a high level these are getting credit for it. I would I would fight for him to. How does hate when when people are doing. Some some pretty cool things and well not only because this is only because of that will ultimately to come back to that person give them something that you have the you know break about something in the Thomas Rawls and has made me snapped well now we have it now we're down of that but here's another thing you brought up. I can't go back to Troy Brown just could you don't know his name does mean is not a good player and I know you know Thomas Rawls and months and in Detroit's point is just because it is in a big star does mean he's not a good player. If all else I know I came from deficits don't like Israel and now does that wasn't my rant about I don't rent at one at a bottom was about the parties and nobody Murray and his. What we're really just trust we're fighting to find a reason why. Russell Wilson's second quarterback if senator saying the basket quarterback Rex Butler and and of course thank you short but you know the heat out of Camden our our previous caller. Who has a great name that we don't remember key. Brought Cam Newton. And I think I I was guilty of this guilty and I don't know if he's got a guilty of that too. Cam Newton is rookie year. Pass for over 4000 yards. To get rookie year and 2.2 years. And think the next next year was was pretty good foreign. It was that it was calls me and yet he's he's had a good career. At some point. Maybe it was a disappointment of the team or whatever. To stop thinking about Cam Newton is an MVP candidate. And he's 26. So guilty of given up on too early. And that Michael Noll was overrun or about anything and I was about him coming into the league I thought. He was going to be a classic bust any started help that rookie year let's not forget they have a lot cup. So was it this guy has an abbreviated training camp yet virtually no off season. And he came in he turned himself in to a group of very good rookie quarterback. And now Apollo more than solid. You know NFL veterans sell him more power to home I was I was dead wrong about giving your rushing touchdowns yet as a rookie. Russian. Did he break. Steve Grogan record fourteen. Yeah. Fourteen rushing touchdowns and 21 passing touchdowns. Just crazy and so I guess if she hasn't topped double digits from rushing touchdowns. I just cattle this again and he's pretty game and he's pretty good now is he's more net and he still a young quarterback we just are so used to want. And and you know he's in his fifth year now on and now. Five years is is an eternity because we expect guys just to get it and they don't get a bye year to year three we just move law. 6177797937. And we'll tied and it some Bruins play at latest well it's Daylon Hollywood foreign Sports Radio WE yeah.