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Tanguay and Tomase preview the Patriots/Broncos Sunday night Showdown 11-29-15

Nov 29, 2015|

Gary and John discuss who will fill in some key spots that have been lost to injury. How do you replace Amendola and Edelman? Also, they question why Patriots fans don't want the team to go undefeated.

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Other news regarding tonight's game against Denver Sanders probable wouldn't ankle that's been bothering him not sure of that will be a factor tonight again with the weather. Bill Belichick who's twelve and O and snow and we know that Peyton Manning. It's not like to play in the elements but unfortunately he's not gonna be playing in Brock us Weiler is who is from job to mossy Idaho Idaho so he. Ladies players and potatoes and if any it would take its old Idaho and do they do they can give snow they have all blue fields so it's fine. I still never got that at a price of a service like it's football cleaner a year I CNET TV and it's still very important Ryan Hannibal has some news from Denver by that Libya dot com what is giant is expected to play has missed five games pet hamster has some one's going to be and so you have Marten. Harper got all kinds of weapons now. Got march and you got harper. You get that at a guy idea him that'd Chandler stone hand yeah I love people's other gonna play 34 tight ends like. To name a tight end after Chandler well Mitchell I. He got I don't know a number of Boston College great William asks are these are right. These are reacting and Brian there is running a soccer equivalent Tripp yeah ironically Sante Cleveland Cleveland I'm sorry yes. And well in Williams is a block and who was that again if that's 400 pound tiger yet he was a foreign upon it and keep Mitchell I would kill them Pete Mitchell Allen did not look agility he was great. Six what civics civic have a nice have a 93 sender seven Denver in the patriots tonight. Keep the train rolling with the undefeated record. Operating a dollar check vs loss Wyler and against Gary Kubiak and I think many people agree this game's all gonna condemn the defense notes that Ralph Cranston Ralph Europe and WEEI. Big good morning guys what's up. You know you look at this game and advocate cricket Ctrl+Alt a dollar and with this is going to be foreign because everyone's dying to see what Bill Belichick doesn't show he's got. Pletcher trick so obviously they're gonna go up against that's what the other has cranked. The show. The first look at the American government I don't they can't win win it all without a settlement goes back in is that receive a bit greedy shall desperately needs it and go or not. And rebels over the middle takes a shot get the bowl clutch went big after catches the ball. The thing that we always take the great that are near the well check it right do shall mean league are expected to see reform received in the past couple weeks command creator of being in the car. He didn't do that wage or slightly doubt him if different that we prominent I would argue bushel barrier if you were little holes what kind of actually how do you mean that he is by lead in the anything. Because actually holding and replace or other that replaced ultimately is almost got. And now they have the fewest points allowed and it felt this man is a multiple shall you look at that this game. It's all a vote if he's probably got some trucks up the league never know what he's overdue. Don't count them out even though Denver at everything you ignore the fact we're back at probable sure to win this game and give them their first law. I can't ever bet against the smear I don't like the approach we have filed with the Shumpert firstly in a show. He's not a real friendly guy but I mean this is. When we can we will we will leaving it leaving you had boasted Belichick personally well. I don't take it personal because there are one thing about the most. You can never going to be a person of interest in anyway we'll look waited in Iraq backed up you're telling me you you've had an interaction would Bill Belichick. Well are back to the traditionally neo folk. It Troy brown and I've been around him actual. His reaction been to the media. You know actually he looks virtual click rodeo you know you wanna are you a shot at the tradition actually here's here's what. If you personable she was late to lecture there aren't a lot of it is unable probation with you a lot or should I look in the pitcher with a do you care what steps they actually out of the war that. Restaurant away wrap the body of the article about fifty people there John at this point left right prediction I love. It's the way you know coach you basically put out word that I don't wanna part of this now now not kick it conjures up an. So I like that he could be a little bit late shot as you know it the way Iraq. To grow. Our rob great stuff we get a look at Ralph thanks Angela protocols to get to me and I hear you but he thank you on. A couple of things regarding Belichick. Is specifically it's his ability to adjust and I think that's why he's such a great coach John you look at second half adjustments and it's been well document and talked about second half a seasons as well its second epic sec asked period yes yes you wanna talk about a guy that can adjust and if you take a look at his career. What do we seem Bill Belichick do as a coach you've seen him as defensive coordinator. Live with the three for the giants yet. You've seen him go to a 43. You've seen him go use the nickel. You've seen this guy go to down linemen you've seen this guy offensively. Abbott dink and dunk type of offense likely to be Charlie Weis and Tom Brady you've seen him Aaron out in 2007. Pretty much builds done it at all. And it's amazing too because you think about it what Al Pacino in late fifties or 58 for you might at some pilots I think he's X 6162. Updates sixties early so he's even better I mean that support him. So most coaches when they and I I don't remember who did this if there was Greece are current I feel like somebody did a story. Looking at coaches as they age in the game passes them by pricing you know Shula. Chua did so I look at these guys the game passes them by the game is not passed him know he has an amazing. Well I think one of the reasons for that if people will laugh at bill YE. He assembles the staff the way he does and and I believe in this because I benefit from this a Comcast sports. I am surrounded by young people Comcast sports that young beautiful people like Matt Patricia America thank you well not I wouldn't have beautiful but. It's invaluable. It respect if you're a sports like the guy like colliding insider means is that you know can happen in true today you know ME. While there are all younger they'll like off 1520 years younger than me. It is so much better to work with these guys and somebody might donate who's better. Who having this little room for one miserable Gary is one miserable bastard estimate but it is an evening if you took a look at Elena knew me let's Yuba it's a movie ever seen new probably but no reasoning of this out of the room but he's a legend anyways but. Seriously I mean if you look at Belichick's staff the roll kids. All kids in and I kind of said you know is this a good idea he's insecure he doesn't wanna keep a Dom Capers he doesn't wanna bring in the you know Dean Pees laughs but he is a wanna bring it appear if you well. Maybe this jumped into this you know we're Josh McDaniels will. As we saw on the news the video Juan on the NFL thing do your job yet you know Josh what about parents are judgments of ideas what about that or Patricia. You know who's that from what I understand I don't know him but I understand he's he's a brilliant person I mean yeah it's actually off the charts. No maybe there's something to keep bringing in youth and its surrounding yourself with you I believe that in the war I truly. Believe that in the work. It's I mean there's been years where it was certainly called into question mcdaniels as a very young run back to offensive coordinator and what 05. Right and people questioned and they didn't give them the title you know because they didn't want right added pressure or whatever. And you know there are times of people wonders Patricia was in over his head as well. He does seem to. He does seem to groom the right guys because I don't think anyone would argue with the either of those guys know and if you look at the rest of the position coaches I I forget their names you know blood. In other DR dukes I mean that's the that's the obvious one you know get goose is the only one but I mean you take elected defensive line coach. Linebackers coach who has weighed in Butler one of the few kids. I mean that I mean even. What's I used to Ivan fears effort Johnson like Dave Ball he's a kid I mean he's like mcdaniels made the ultimate Kansas is about forty at this point in a crises compared to Bellamy took it but it's not it's not bill Belichick's around about Romeo Crennel and Charlie Gibson yeah you know all of these guys have me Dick quarry you know I mean it's yet. It's it's he's not he does the surroundings of his peers and accepted to. And I think the advantage for today bill is an in game adjustment as opposed to Kubiak. In game adjustments we seen it the greatest example to me was the Baltimore game. And he talked about it again it's patriot point do your job. Baltimore they doubt two touchdowns he says to Josh we got to do this were done right OK city go to Pannemon. They go for the day adamant pass short right that area that works and then they do the whole raven thing or bad that the analogy voters ineligible receivers that I go to that. You know they think outside the box they roll the dice you know. I listen most here don't add to that listen this game to me should not Denver should clearly be favored in this game. And my only hesitation. For saying that the patriots will pull this out is announcement radius Belichick six foot seven sevenths of a knights have a 937. Guerrero island re Europe on WB. Good morning guys morning. 22 quick points and one question and I'll get up the year I think this game is gonna come down to India a field goal. And if that's the case then advantage. Patriots because. Yeah in that in there I wouldn't at all be surprised to see got scout he get one from you know. 57 to sixty yards. It and Ed and it's about time that Chandler. Steps up and makes a contribution. And the question is who's going to be returning. Kickoffs and and and and Ponce. All where you know you're gonna suck it yard about that at 1125 but we're looking at YE what we're guessing. We're guessing you know may be white because now without him a bill without settlement. That's our guests but 1125 gonna talk to Jerry about that. Other thing is on the kicking side and I mean Brandon McManus has been Mike their offensive MVP this year aside and off I'd be. Willing to say that gusto ski has the clear edge there you know McManus and excellence when. Field goal all yours well and euros are gonna have to whether you're gonna snap snow when you may have missed what I mean look at work for Vinatieri. The weather's a wildcard here but as we know Bill Belichick twelve you know been snow and Brady loves to play in snow yet not a snow angels. Snow angels Lawny Paxton will for ever live in patron more villain Rhode Island Europe on W media. Are there hurt her you're so I had for the current about Belichick character and they'll with the young guys. I definitely. It icky old dog new trick and that he's been around in the down their own thing they think they know it all it's hard to get him to bomb. You know thinking differently you bring someone who's fresh you want to prove themselves and neat you know it's possible maybe he can scope them the way you want. And it worked our ass off the end there and are also and they're they're also less expensive. I mean you know it's a fact that goes back to the Comcast you were talking about are cheap young people. Well I wanna I don't wanna see him a colleague Sheehan after arriving as an ominous it my colleagues are inexpensive yet. Well there's a difference there on their way to be expecting. Great group that it's seriously the young guys the best of innovative finale and you know what's the what's even better another guy who thrives on youth is new me. New me will come in and just be ready to take their money. You know could be you know hey you know especially Draper with the NBA you know nearly caused repeat I missed the vast and yet any gets Draper go on and all these things it's a saucer Nancy. Draper gets all fired up you know. You know Draper is. Chris Bosh should be in the hall of fame argument in real crush them. But in a newbie gets the Pope gets the pools going its bets going you know like Prague four or you know. Always different guys and it's hilarious the city. That's him it's like from pockets who has an additive purposes but I would never gambled with the Adobe NEA gets guys to take it all the time we Craig he eat guys who take. We now have wagers like you have a written down on a piece of paper on his desk you know. Like how many catches over and over some of the catches with a receiver and he's got the guys' names on it five here folks here and I got to thrives on youth news. I'm too much I was in a fantasy baseball league within me wants it and you just dominate he's insane year after year it's always Garrett he's in saint you don't like his where I was and Roche laboratories which you know for. On plaza we were in buffalo for the Bruins sabres. And we're awaiting who's waiting native new pat burns does that knew it was too liberal is radio at the time and it's nearly a regional ports which has killed. It always is the business because a play like the market spread the risk he's got a whole formula that you know since his mind is already working like that. He knew it would have been agreed to Jenner. Yes. Newly I know he's got a great story learn from his uncle. Is is an asthma and you go to his grandfather's grandma's house and then for Sunday dinner and in music Katie which the school does uncle and a a some barber shop something all the guys were banning stuff you learn from from the ground up. I'm very Smart man six point seven cent a civilized have a 937 let's go to Mike in the call are Mike Europe on WEEI. I the morning that pick Michael I have two point one concerning bill dollar check. I think that. People overlook is that it outright and got a great job coaching and being in the players. They act and you also coaches coaches. At age you didn't go to like you to acquire. And pick guys that he'd be all that incident that benefit coaching. I am a bit perplexed and I'm like people on the radio always look for something to pick on Bill Belichick. I mean listen I mean the guys he's not perfect to me one of the things about sports talkies. Gotta be interesting I mean it's okay to sit daring question. You know Billy O'Brien who turned out to be very good coach thank you call. And but it it's okay to question of building O'Brien at the time because. Billy who's obviously Donald Penn State now is moved on Houston if you had a quarterback you used it would be different stories we know. But it really bill okay building nice guy passionate guy was an assistant Maryland. I think coach to Georgia Tech I think came in was the wide receivers coach. We know from atom and you're supposed to did you say oh okay we'll discuss the next Norv Turner. Don't know I mean. Use very highly regarded he's not quite in the same boat the year talking about he was slightly older. And had a lot of college experience why given DJ amen but was it unfair to question him. What's my point I am you know I'm talking about two separate things he doesn't fit the Patricia. You know he's got it right royalty was far away more spared by agreed there's a lot of college coaches that thought a lot of them OK fine that's fair but still. You know we didn't know Billy from out of my mean now what that we O'Brien came back as an offensive coordinator took over for Josh McDaniels who wouldn't questioned. Its okay fine okay goes that's fine. But I don't think it's unfair to question the coach when he makes her moves at the time sure I mean that was indicate a yet and they certainly had some issues with their young coordinators at points in there ten there were brought yes or growing pains having billion Brady went on on the same page at any you know a lot of academic talent to. By the way the unofficial depth chart for the during the patriots has Chris harper. As your third string punt returner. In Patrick Chung as your third string kick off return. So Pico I GR he's a Denver is on a grounder. Boots on the ground in Denver and we gonna talk to him coming up. 617 sevenths of a 97937. We'll talk to Mike and it's your calls before news. Denver patriots tonight with a patriots remain undefeated 617 habits of and I've cinematic through seven. Snow on the ground and us while liberating Kubiak telecheck. A let's bring in Mike York there's an outstanding job and as a desk next to mine. Comcast sports in New England Jardine made that. I have been at that debt in about three months and days it's glorious and not because Gary you know I don't happen to you just in general you is that the office the office he'll. Well as he shot a c.'s use that this could number of times chassis squatting there he dove was shot as he broke half of his book with Francona there. Easily. Easily coming to our security should get like a residual. I'm sure they don't get an architect and then at least you should so by the way earlier I said 80% of people and television. Aren't. Ego maniacal morons would you agree. Yet but Lumia course for a minute. My heart out when the 20%. Not much of questions people have been firing Janice let's get this special teams that's sexy but important. They get Chong and got harper as the third string punt returner kick return guys is that what they're gonna do. Yeah I would imagine. Depending on who that he'll rotate guys you know wondered when you're talking about who in the past where where local or. Kevin Faulk wouldn't do it all the time but they would do it in key situations where. Bill wanted his most shorted got back there so we've just enough perspective to the Chung has been around longer I think it you probably. Beat that the Smart decision Eric actually work. But yet you're critical because it's what between conditions were talking about here in the losses. That the pitchers have suffered offensively and all these are competed really good particular position is that premiums on. Yeah Mike let's start with the offenses. Power the patriots gonna move the ball on the scam and everything goes away they want what will their offense look like in your mind. They'll be able to run the football Abiola and put all we've got you know senator guards in that area. While the double. Open up some play action which might create a little bit more state premier receivers are for Murkowski beat it's. The target the bill and I think. You know now you're looking yet. Three quarterbacks that are better than what the bill brought to the table. The ability Q any sort of separation leaders could be extremely difficult. And to me it's going to be more about. Accumulated play action related. Didn't get you know it's those rob on the on the pick plays. I'll probably create it because. You lost your three best guys in tight areas. Is the Honolulu actually an element of Danny Amendola and that he's gonna pressure you and they're gonna say go ahead to thrive because you're talking about. Tell the guy who can't get open. We don't even really know what Chris harper is in the Victoria secret refuted but again. When he gets a lot of guys that are now working at Starbucks or UPS. So. How does that play out how much has really dependent in the big board football here again. Two of the best quarterly even Bradley broke the news first round pick in the in the developing colon will. Well elaborate on harper what do you think you'll see from him. And Chandler is he the last resort robbery. I Kim I have to play. Bigger role in the middle part of part of the problem for him that if they didn't get too cute and then. Content funded 25 yards down the field at the majority. Yes five yard the state dropped the football that kind of thing that the quarterback. Will remember the next time you looked down fielder. Mike Phelan you could be open but so could the end collaborative volume dropped its I'm and I'm gonna go the other side I think you have to. Earned them the money that he's being paid I think this is a situation where you should be able to create some sort of this match is such that there would devote extra body to run out which I would assume you were so. Yeah I can challenge is that while that's are where I really can't Italians didn't take that great that obviously got overturned that. Because the penalties in the bills' game but I didn't go too much. Beyond that hidden. Boy they stick with hair on him good luck and good luck at that moment but that's more than football. Mike we saw how much pressure Brady faced last week there are a lot of balls or receivers beats just to get rid of it. Will he face more or less pressure this week and how do you think he'll respond. I think he'll be better I think that that was sort of some of an aberration that it is based on the fact that couples got returning. I don't think the panel market it is everybody Q whipping boy I'll simply to keep terrific football player at right tackle what is the left tackle. But I don't think he's ever played that bad. It was that because he's that Ramon I don't know I just I did the Google of those games where between you wreck over the next few days. The injuries that they've strategic though. Like I expected them to go on and off the line I think they'll be I have no doubt we'll be better this week. What's. The latest with Collins it I know this is like what's behind the iron curtain here in dome. Everybody wants or what's going on him. Well look. He had. My understanding is he had the city and that's with a new virus that would put Johnson had now when you're number seven on the depth chart that you can then. And the sick QE2 lose ten pounds. They picked on IR. Becomes. The lost here you wouldn't. You're kind of a development that didn't would have been Jimmy Collins who suffer the same thing. You're not you're just too important particularly suitable. Pretty sure you need to be alone that is that soak up a lot of lay you off a lot of strength because he wasn't able to. Holy that he got what you'll train. I think you're hoping that he would be ready for this week. On the topic case in I don't know whether this is it a potato. We thought to be given that actually but I fully expected to play next week and you know we believe what you want before the injury I don't know I mean I mean I'm at the mother didn't like you wouldn't snapshot photo there. You know what I think happened eyeball you saw there so I don't know he looked like physically I do know that there is everybody told me you're on better. And these. Acting like Billy Talent so. Quite a bit says that kind of or police. Mean back here and being that productive and dominant self what is next week when he returns with new whether you get a perceived as a. It's a reporter got that ours might you might die. Yeah there's nobody not just limited to John looked. Sharp who elect we the fact that the wanted to buy up. Well for whatever evil things that the virus is so delicate tight out nasty with you applauded you want him around because. It didn't it didn't want. Rupert Burnett and Aaron and McKay got it and wanted brilliant because look at what it did it is what awful but he. All the app beat them to completely wipe them out there you. You really got to be careful of course Victor Hugo all too well. That you don't pick if he chipped to do right. But who went through everybody and is it paid a dear price neck in the cup which are due to global. But what's that Evan dole is deal did he really have a chance to play this week. Yet he did there was a tribute to a report that he was out on on Friday night and look at that report turned out to be true. What at the moment it won't be true he was very much in play Saturday morning. And that kept them out and it just wasn't far along you did the decision to people so you get out. I don't know you know I want per cent 1% 50% but there was a chance. And they hadn't ruled him out of the side and I adamant that the it's not. Not in the picture now working. Mike we've talked a lot about the coaching matchup ballots actresses Kubiak who. For fans who don't know what is a Kubiak offense and what is he gonna try to do the patriots. Welcome object first and foremost want to run ball on you right now on prior last week is the worst running football team ever at. The head coach her and offer the coordinator so that'll tell you. In part. The problem that they're having offensively. Because of many because of native ability to push the football downfield. And because many. Lack of mobility. Ticket to the perimeter like you want you know ruled that out what you want and Matt Hughes saw rock rather last week if you let me Nike's. Run the offense exactly Blu-ray. Kubiak wanted. And that means struck the pop certainly it is a little bit on these other running game get going a hundred yards plucked. That's that's whether that's what the wanna look like him. It won't be easy to do that against the patriots is because I think McCain the front seven really goes up when you get to quarterback tackled extremely well. What. It looked completely different than what it it would Manning in the fiscal and you know take in ten seconds to get outside the pocket and it. Thought that the whole different from hold with a look and if you remember. Last year that ravens' playoff he's that that offense. Called you up pretty good especially on the ground and then move that front seven relativity apartment from the some of the changes including today by the people for so. That the good group of Ron a little bit young. But that are that's something that they wanna do and you know. Just like with the patriots take pressure off of off the quarterback in the know will put everything on all the laws but. It looked a whole lot that while orange turned incidents that meant. Yeah and speak and us Weiler what what style or QB receivable what type of throws to see like to make. Well you know whom all the middle he lets you know. But ultimately the public 90%. All we know between number and that. All the sudden they. What happened to bring in Mary common and standard and gotten more football with nothing but I hit two home and that was one. He went largely different Davidson on Daniel and I think that. About Colin Darren let them act as if they're probably like a little bit. They noted that it with a plan actually is that like you don't get the tide and the ball. They that they are people that we're not well armed content that. That's where he entered the apartment you know it's opposite view and then. I'm like Tyrod Taylor muffled hanging up in the air and allow it to in effect a couple when eaten. All of our happy arm strength. Push the ball down the field but that doesn't happen so that's the up and I think that he thought that was your. What we hear crickets and the quarterback and that there will play accident it was second. Comments from standard that they can run by air and now they have got an act of multiple. I what's up with Sanders he was roosters probable. What an ankle so probable shouldn't be a big deal but what are you hearing about how tender that ankle. The other thing to compete with people well not want them now is a disadvantage in. It happened for him in America because you're. We expect he would wake up when we know here in. Careful when you rock solid with the premier flat reading your. Who. That'll be it in the lot but I think as of right now we didn't do that we'll. A 100% of the campaign. John was big on this at the beginning of the show but that was a good point about the broad care and we are making excuses for gronkowski as far as being double teamed you of the mind that rockets brought the best of all time or certainly the best of his generation. Double teaming wrong is that enough of an excuse for him not to get open. Yeah I didn't negative outlook will beat him up pretty good name. But that would back that. Yet against them though with our paths lofty and give them you know follow it and now whatever they that he is if you lived there. Knew when we don't LaMont and I think what what when where and did this up if not we'll pick up. And it was if they play they run against the jets where. Rocked it and walked in the once they become. A rock who. If David and the Cuban. The book or half a second on my allegiance to the little ball mark up in the whole little feel like well what is the original pact for it didn't look that way. You'll get smacked around. These you run it from the blow up at like you're all so. You can't take god out of it and I. Certainly then and I am appalled that it capital. I might. I pays people to do based on what you say I actually can't tell you go with the patriots in this what. Not the Vietnam Rocco went before and so I feel better about my pec now. Yeah I and you surprise feel worse about yours and. I hadn't even been that he'd let me tell you evaluate it in the wondered what people are all over the place. I just think it. The bank quote. I think the field goal and Martin if I'm given them given enough that the U don't you didn't want writers with people who are pretty. We will depleted hear about the patriot. Especially from the opposite side just I'm really have a hard time. Look they can run the ball effectively let the hair plugs yet a hundred yards on the on the and our country or not how they probably they put up enough with what we've seen. Mike lesson for me you're there what what is the weather like. It is probably had a cold gray. Wind to blow and yet it. It's not nice so palpable one of those he Denver since he got degree days. At the no we don't want that vastly better about whether the pay was playing we know where they've been doing. I don't I don't in my mouth reasonably cold weather I'm I'm not concerned about the plan was concerned about me you know Blair but got that lot of later on we'll put it. Abominable snowman didn't want to hug current. But I'm not there at that. Yeah we do have to say that it be in the effort of full disclosure when it comes to cold weather Mike you RD it's what's. You played football at trinity I mean c'mon you miss the place and cold some cold weather against packet and NASDAQ. Are moving political cold weather games and had to flee I doubt that. Perhaps certain amount mold and ice cold it's like Kryptonite. I'm like you say travels with you next week I think. I'm among majority giving us the lowdown what's happening. In Denver like you he agrees he thinks it Denver's gonna have the is going to be a low scoring game in the teens. Whether it's really going to be a factor this right now it's awful lot there temperatures. It's going to be cold and great. And they expects no one to three inches yes one thing I would also say for GRD if you do not follow him on Twitter is one of the best patriots files on Twitter yeah it really breaks things down he know who he's an under rated picture reporter yes he has the stuff. Six point 77 tonight 7937 tegra two loss to wrap things up. Look at some new information from Mike Furrey. Comcast sports they're checking it from Denver. And I had heard this before maybe you had but the Jimmy Collins illness came from Rufus Johnson. Now I'm wondering why that hasn't been may be that has been on my Mike is probably had it Mike as you said Mike is a great source on. He really is he he does a great job for a TV guys especially because TV guys we don't swap daddy's you don't have to you just have to be handsome or pretty. I'm still on which is amazing. Or or your lawyer mark pretty very thanks boards they say tightly you're just the voice that's it. Just a voice voice and a jump shot across that I bear. Remind mean missed I missed hoop against one yet that's I'm Baltic area work a nominee anyways but Girardi talked about Rufus. It was Johnson. Who was a seventh round pick. I. Much refuses have a topic but it was. Very deep on the depth chart at the thought of yet. Majority said he had the same illness they put him on I all right Jamie Collins got it. Andy told Jamie to go away because it was contagious now the sense to me like Marcus it was a stomach thing and test them think. He lost weight yeah because I know report stated that. He needed to give you strength backing needed to get his weight back so it was something that arena fortunately still kept. He's not gonna play this week Evan dole is out this week we also learned that Patrick Chung as the back up point kicks. Back up on Ponce is going to be Chris harper so you or maybe DC Chong and both of those situations I just as you wanna hang out of the football. What one and one of my takeaways from GR ID was I still think people are being into Louisiana Barack can you take a matter game if you double on yes bowl wide and teams do that before I understand your and other weapons but if it's that easy to take him out of the game. Why does it happen more often I just I don't know I feel like if you are Superman. Destroyer of men tank. Rob Gronkowski find a way not not another week like yes buffalo beat him up whatever love that he should be used to that Maria two catches thirty some yards. Ben Coates was double team for its entire Korea. Funny guys I mean. And it now and I'm I'm not picking on brought but I would like to see this is a game if ever there was one you don't even having Amendola this is this is the week they need him to go if even if it's. You know nine catches for 89 yards just something where your moving the chains. Very coax it to me is a hall of fame tight if you look at the numbers. Based on the other tight ends it is not a lot not a great example you're talking about Mike Ditka now but if you take a look at the numbers have been coats he is the hall of Famer. And you watched him and I want them he was a beast. And it's quite often we forget how good coats was he wasn't friendly with the media was into a Dunkin' Donuts commercials. And his career was not that long quite frankly Clorox Korea me you know all girlfriends that was part of his thanks and urged. AE yes he had he did have a history of domestic violence but the results witness who were growth from beat him yeah I never I remember that I had never. And ever really by those stories well ballot well that was the same thing Greg Hardy tried to claim that was yet but this one particular look Coates was not a saint but leave me. But there was an incident ones. He was with one girl. A second girl came into the pictured and he did call the cops yeah coats have like six good seasons they might run and he would I mean he was legit he was a monster that first year with Bledsoe. Was so much fun when they are really what was that like 94. Connect yeah that was great. I'd 96 catches it he just fell off the table and he just walked every sort of slowly lost it after that the balance is high watermark. By COLT was though as you mentioned Coates was doubled to constantly. I think rock is obviously better after the catch the coats. Adding you know coats is pretty good after the cat was but it did Belichick rockets more for wrecking ball you know coats coats was almost like that sort of he was a little ahead of his time he was figures close he was in ensures the tide and if that's how I remember now I'm members I remembered as much more physical. I see I said I think gras accuses physical is again. Yeah I would while they're human memory there's Serbia while but I would look at Coates is closer McGraw then as to a receiver type of tidy but nonetheless the point is well taken. Is that some scrumptious W corrective subsequent sevens of its allies have an excellent coach whose double team for his entire career and put a policy in numbers. So that's fares on I've lost a health but he put all I think he's hall of fame if you look at the money at it adds 1000 yarders even look at look at his lawyers if you're gonna go by the other tight ends four and are 99 receptions if you're gonna Italy other look at the other tight ends in the old enough at all. He's not going to end yet. He's not gonna give everybody no got a nobody gets into the NFL hall of fame weird. Like Thai liable like Thai laws a hall of Famer and it's easy for me and yet. It's prodding and take him awhile to get off on the right people get on the baseball writers for the hall of fame voting out of the NFL hall of fame voting you've been now works I don't like if it's a Bolivar writers like while forty. People sequester themselves right. We have no idea what's going on Al Borges and his cronies in general Romo Borges should be taking now famous Joseph the problem with the port is a Tippett. Yes and he should be there. But Borges and his cronies get in a room and me Borges is the debate or radio show on yes America yeah Tammy bought. They get in a Romany fight ago now and that's what happens now. So you can get in baseball for not being transparent. Or redness or for that I I don't know if Borges and is always get ice cream like the NCAA selection committee. Province. I ascribe a call it's good nick in Weymouth nick Europe on WEEI element. The guys doing a couple of quick things. And it was dull they never did say correctly from right what the MRI results were. Negative no they do negatives. Anywhere negativity sprained knee. That's what Tom current reported. I believe he has them sort of injury media where. It probably gonna need to do what he's considered what do you mean by that up and ever so it's light but something is gonna have Ramallah on the way I don't know why they try to. Would expect this practice the other day just looked just has them looking out tomorrow would you. Practice a week I mean it was practice in Wednesday and Thursday or Friday we don't know if there's an at large bear so we don't know. As that that. The weakness was with him being gone as I deceased is that catching contributions and he has said he had some dramatic kick returns using. Tonight going deeper in your roster. And so possibly is you got you beat shut down Denver on the run and you guys and gotten to that it early I agree with that however. They talk often at thirty what happens when the bargain strap on the pages that had a fifteen. By people just have been back there idea that you gotta like. Well it's a great point ball security a special teams no doubt about it because you're gonna have Chung and you're gonna have harper at least it's as far as we know. I Q at some point you know what to salmon though it doesn't get credit for being a money player that Annika has been a money player especially. From the post season the last no he was hurt and then he was just like persona non Grata there for our off season and a half after he got here but. He's had some big plays and he tends to. He delivers a class a punt return is huge obviously the playoff touchdowns last year huge I think you're losing a little bit more with him. And even the numbers would say I will always go back to his first game as a patriot off a troubled man this ten catches 170 yards on one like you out on one leg. Make it that diving catch over the middle Horry basically got ripped in half. The problem with him as we've seen is anytime you lean on him as a full time player gets there because he gets reps and he's vulnerabilities not a big guy and a I don't believe Danny Amendola was healthy is it doing the patriot for Tutsis. He wasn't healthy for our quarter you know of his first game while that right now that's my point is we were like he's soft he I believe that he. Will probably I'd. He's not soft like that's that's always got them off no but that's that's that was the criticism that was he's got is he's injury prone he's soft it's like well. Those are two different things they always injury prone because he's fearless and because he takes massive shots. He is tough has become. When he's healthy he's very productive I believe that tag going to share it with right off the ball brutal the injury he suffered in buffalo and the fact that he played. After he got hurt exacerbated the injury I think it hurt him for a pretty much two seasons there and I think people now realize that. Six what separates him as a benign than in ninety three's it was due to privacy junior upn WEI. They didn't. Ordered out. Every good very good awkward question guys. I'm sure they multi I don't know what picture could work a deal or whatever I brought editorial control most in Diego. Any possibility. On the trade deadline has passed so always no yes or no deal now gate can't do it it it's very hard to bring in and it especially. An office of steel player into the system. I think it's hard BK and I think part of it is Brady's lack of flexibility I think that there are quarterbacks that would. So okay organ dumbed down just to discuss Ugoh here south towards you but they don't do that at least that's my. My read yet the other thing with Brady that we've seen like you know Jerry brought up jam learn how annoyed Brady was that and dropping that pass against the giants. Tom Brady if you lose his confidence. It's hard to get it back he's not one of these like hey that's okay we'll go get them next time he's. Make the leaping play well look I'm Ronald somebody else that happened when Danny was trying to come back from the injury there was a part of that we've seen obviously goes without saying the number veteran receivers we've coming we've seen coming in here and not mesh with him all unarmed and Galloway down raised during you know it was. I'm looking at Tom's report from Comcast sports that I don't want to misquote him. But he reported he broke the story Amendola is in the spring that will limit him throughout the week available for Sunday will be determined. He does not save that the X rays were negative that was my interpretation but called in the sparring. So I don't know what is that means a matter of X rays found its brain MR I found this brain and so what does that mean positive activity what his grade. Three through 100 threes brain and so on back to the matter is if he's back next week that'll be a pretty good indication that it indeed was not that's your time it's governor of the Costco Erica soccer's Eric Europe on W yeah. They are you doing much of an opponent. Welcome. They keep just wanna to actually comment on a recent article about that Terrell Owens interest in joining the patriots know that I know he's Karl hiatus though no no no doubt that Hugo. COO. Note CEO Eric note T up for the hall of fame and is going to be coming back of the council Eric I think that if he could play he would be back I don't think he can play. What if you could play. I Brennaman. But he Cammie but it hasn't played in five years I here's the thing this is what I remember about TO. I know he's and I I made the prediction I I think it's as gruesome as news. I always felt it was gonna end at the TO by critics who laws would take it off CD's that are going right there or right there okay. Remember when he had the incident with the pills it and in Dallas. Hospital. Man. I think to tell is correct route I thought it was a cry for help and I think that he has a very emotional person. That's off the field you know and I think. Long term he can kill locker room. But I remember that he lit up the patriots on a broken leg in the suitable. What's amazing is to know what he did his last season in the NFL and I don't not with notes NC. And one more series about the way it convert -- year seven into catches nine and 83 yards since nine touchdowns. Last season I mean how many years ago. Tony tent is up for offering a lot of fire your best of five years I mean look it's two east tool that's what you don't want them it's not because. He's an etiquette. If he'd TO if two if there's if TO we had to bring a 42 year old guy up the street. None malware comfortable by receiver depth through it we just we've been mean and to have Tito in anyway. But I healthy TO and Brady for a half a season we thought that would Ochocinco to work at all. I think T owes more than Ochocinco but I don't know yet he's mean he's retired. He's done he's old you know and it about steal second and well. I yeah I've I know your feet equivalent go to a backup yes I differently is on its islands is gonna take is on the line. Pay only about twenty more minutes of us that it's football or W via. 61 set of Syverson tonight's have a 937 Texas 37937. Bottom of the hour pregame show west who wants coverage of Atlanta playing host Minnesota. And that coming up at 4 o'clock to consider price of being in the over the NFL Sunday signature game ready. For the patriots and the Denver broncos' regular WEI. Covered a lot of ground today we learn from majority to Jimmy Collins. Received a virus got a from a roof was Johnson the defensive and it was place and I are. And they said Collins away because he didn't they do want him to give it anybody else. So that was what was behind Colin story not playing today getting his strength back in and Dolan tried to give it ago. And as early said as late as Saturday I should say they were still thinking about him until applying. And at the end of the day they decided that he would not give it ago are you looking at Chong and harper Ager back up or third string. Special teams guys on kick returns and guitars. Six what's have a have a tonight's have a 937 votes to back to the calls the steam Fall River steadier up on WEEI. How like all right guys. I don't know how much you're dedicated to put somebody broached about politics I can be younger followed up that. Ed I want this year and I have the (%expletive) out who very well that the other but these guys don't get. Is that they'll story. Is. The but. Coordinator Matt Patricia is Matt Patricia not look good because quite yet. What you every good link to snippet of that lol all would be the best guy they could take it now. Wonder are these two guys in the secondary. To the secondary. You've got. A chilling example once the ball well playing for Indianapolis they can't. We're getting anybody done this award. Coaching anybody up the cookie people output court let them according. Comes as a rookie. He's all pro cornerback now the content that we were getting operational. Help from. There's Belichick like yeah. Bob crap like. Absolutely. What happens yeah we would you promote from within what the other. And besides it cut and know what the second benefit them by crap like well you probably gonna. What you've got yet you don't pay much right all that what they barely had let me they knew that the guys. Who run in the corruptly. Well again nick is stereo who went live. Of all let me and is there licensed games yet again that you get in any coffee one day. And that you know OK so I would 2.0. It might be good but it was it was hot I believe we had a good year drought it was a huge. We it can you outline. Well I Baylor sixty thanks to the focal discuss. I think number one I think the draft is very difficult. But short desire to criticize their recent drafts I mean that. The thing up like out of patriots have had bad drafts that really goes back to like the Laurence Maroney Chad Jackson Mike. That window in there and nobody's perfect and nobody is perfect but they've been pretty good I mean the last. I don't know what would be their first really grated draft of suppose was a big rock Hernandez drafts I am trying to remember but yeah I mean you go back. So like 09 forward was 08 was Mayo so you start. You start there are like paid their target of cards criticize their drafting an increase holders are starting left tack yeah Jimmy Collins and me go down the list they can on hijack our. Yeah I I agree. I think that there's a learning crew with everything. I think that it still comes down to Belichick though in in I'm not saying. I'm not gonna hold the position coach responsible for the success. War at the failure chore of an area that's kissed I don't think that's fair I think. Don't Dante Scarnecchia built a pretty good resume over years. Of coaching. But out of a reluctant Bryant able somebody you know pick you know if the tight ends and wide receivers. Don't perform well I I don't know because position coaches basically they just carry out what to head coach wants you to do. Out of fairness to Dave Ball he's also been an offer to coordinator who was defeated the patriots yet so he has some capability. I've always believe that you have to look at the patriots and their player acquisition as a whole group and therefore I think they've been very good. Because if you wanna look at the moves they made last year when they brought into line backers won a special teams to cius. And dividing the key mayors from Tennessee criteria he was very good and I think bill's very good at finding those players. Let's look at Malcolm Butler and Julian element let's look at those two players now nobody wanna basically both undrafted basing their old undrafted okay. And you tick and for that matter let's go deal Lewis that's at least those three yet. Malcolm Butler was undrafted Bill Belichick said they went to the undrafted com line for the land of misfit toys as a colander to basically everybody. Who do not get invited to Indianapolis right. Malcolm butlers and that group. Bayless told the story he looks down at a scouting sheep any reads about Butler he sees something different on the field. He said the scouting report was not accurate. It when I saw with Malcolm Bubba that day at that come mine made me put this guy on our board so builds saw that okay. In the guy saved the a Super Bowl. How I mean kudos. Bill yeah and not only saved the Super Bowl I mean Mac could have been a one off he could have been Timmy Smith or something you know you just have the Larry Brown the one play exactly right and what has he been this year he's been not only their best defensive back. But he has allowed them if he's not bear them we're just looking at one of these. No the last years of the patriots were there are just lousy even if they are make them play after they were going nowhere. They'd be one of those to they'd be much closer one of those teams about him. Malcolm Butler. Undrafted. Made Bill Belichick. Let the roller Disco yet. Think about that saved you millions. Now capped I'm not I don't I don't think the cap was an issue however it obviously gave you more flexibility. And how do you not to sit there and give like Belichick he get all goo and I cry and then and then you go adamant same things separate round pick cornerback quarterback. Right now they let him get to free agency and test the waters and in that was probably a little better ESCO find a deal and couldn't so. And in Adelaide is probably exceeded even their expectations in the case so welcome leave settlement steps it. As a mr. B. Yes I mean -- signing Amendola assuming that he would be a new well they did -- you we can't give him if there's some luck involved here there's no doubt about it but it was look at all the Brady to yet and I give the late degree by Dele credit north of that and a lot of people look at bill. But rate by it was a guy that said bill. You know. My wanna take a flight in the sky yet ballot check obviously recognize his leadership skills once he got here yet but without Dick re behind you don't have Tom Brady. And then matters how does that whole story had a had a whole story unfold the other one is Dion Lewis I've. Dion Lewis came in and I was like I know Shane Vereen. Couple of arena and it it's super. Your outlook connector of ARRIS can debt went out. Marine goes to the giants for 101000003. Point something guarantees. Lewis signed a deal Leo that's peanuts eventually. Much better machinery I mean game changer. And again kudos Bill Belichick after a football who's you know so. You can't just look at the draft even though the draft has been they've been very good in the draft lately you just can you go look at the entire package yet. And you don't want. It's unfair to criticize them with a player record acquisitions. And how many players have left here and being great elsewhere even Revis that now this year. Revis is added down near debt. It's amazing in and and yet we will do it again I mean let's say they when the super wal may have a tough decision Emeka and I would they would have to elect go after this year but. At some point maybe they have to choose between high tower columns or something well yeah it's gonna be high tower columns and Chandler Jones connect so. Jim Jones or so you know he's gonna hack he'll have his career high and sacks right they'll let him walk rather than pay him like an elite defensive end. And we will do the whole thing we do with Revis how can they do this right how can they be so cheap if they just weren't cheap they could keep this team together. And next year and it'll come out with a team in the be somebody we never heard of there and the beginning who do you keep of the three you cookie to the three. Back. Tee I keep alive ME two in a lot of it has to do is well first off hightower has become exceptional. Was so good running as the defense scenarios now expendable and you know. And I tell us sucked at first remember that when he yes and I lost I still have that in the back from I had my image of him is like a guy who's lost zoo's overall. In its second time around he got you know so we keep I tell you keep columns to pay those guys. I don't know how hungry Chandler is going to be after he gets paid. I don't know him that I then ran outside and apologizes to his I don't know desire but yet I mean it's a tough call like it. I'm not gonna sit here and say you know. The linebackers are more important than may and it's well no enemy in this NFL especially the patriots if a guy can get pressure that's important. 607 Syverson and accidentally threw so I was gonna Connor and Rhode Island the blue color Europe on WB. The other guys. I was just not accurate and your thoughts what do you think. Mac are committed to emerge as a receiver unit. Are you agree that we and other geek at a at a hearing. As a receiver. Few years ago or. All that successful but I given here you are eager I didn't help Haiti you might come into older. You know we talked about it and yeah we've got we're guessing we think maybe 25% Slater. You know that's that's the time deal big because he's a deep threat and I don't know how much that's gonna come into play in this game. Yeah I am I going bells later has been in the league for. How long. And how many catches the city of the last lifetime the last catchy as is 2011 it was for 46 yard I looked at of the other day. Is that his only catch set that qualifies him as a deep ball yeah. He's a deep ball threat is over forty yards yet what does I and yet he has one catch in his career I just think at this point and he's been. In the organization since one to 2008 we got a felony he now be like saying you know is Larry is can he be our run stuffing middle linebacker no easier special teams Pro Bowl I'm good about run its expert right Europe via. I follow the show thank you. I am I heard you talked earlier about in the spring and what is east. And I and health care fields like you say that the danger in architecture. But it showed the ball. The stock issued to lead an outcry. And our epic and brain telling you that they saw what it which is actually blood in the socked patients. And only joy can get spring. Or knee or elbow or shoulder. I think there is no ligament that whole rejoice and placed their pinstripes. Especially in the near the sort rest football has agreed to just you're just oh well. Tickets from this site you struck the ligaments in my side and are sparked a bleak. So a lot of what are some desperate. Need to be OPEC ever. Have a moderate sprain heal without an operation. I guess he had a mile per little that little bit sorry RI. Do you think you'll be ready. Weeks from today. I sound like that I mean a lot these players when they get injured like this if they get up and walk off on their I'll tell you a lot. I sort movement I had a superior strength they appear wait on that obviously you sprang to keep mile per SE. By yeah. I want to diagnose humidity structure that come back negative. Yet he broke his gave Brooke is for now he's so I see. You are so I thank you doctor Wright preached violence. Well it it has Protestants but I'd I don't think anyone is looking at them until nothingness here now. It is generally going to be like rock in the Super Bowl against the giants yeah Harry's dad's been closely put backs or through the same same injuries says gambling it took him eight weeks trying net took him a little bit longer well the problem has been days of Providence quarterback yet. You know it was an app collar bone and now is now is your castle again yeah I think it's pretty tough to judge. Mean I couldn't get anything that I Carolina game yet it's true you know exists I'd rather have TO a quarterback do you think. There are senators who are way and Tenet to a Friday. I think Brady used the MVP but do you think that. Cam Newton is gonna win it in popularity contest and. No well let's see how the season ends I mean if Carolina goes. Fifteen and one or sixty you know and the patriots don't bend it if Carolina go sixty you know the patriots don't new blow it just because of the team accomplishment. But as things stand now I just I don't see how you can make a case for Newton over Brady ME Newton is a worthy candidate. But Brady all of his numbers other than rushing blow Newton's away. Crazier VP yeah abbreviated Fiat I don't see how you can. OK we've been through this before now. I do not think to answer your question no I don't think new mandates if things stay the same brands that aren't via tape patriots cinnamon and I've I think that's overblown because I mean among the people who are voting like. I don't think they're that many writers out there. Who are alike I don't like Tom matte to Berea not vote for Micah and I don't see that you see mom we you don't vote you see more in baseball. I is focuses more in Iraq to a players. No win would people vote now. Honestly I'm trying to think of I mean I've had lots of votes of those things over the and I know I voted for Gaza alike but someone you know. While we go to him with page as we open the George king that was zero and that's like grandstanding. That was the grandstanding. Look at me the tabloid writer and I was tab program man that's no disrespect tablets I'd love them. But in that case that stupid he left them off The Herald you know tabloids and Harrell does attack dog and it's a fine paper. Tabloid is not a disparagement suit at a noise is a negative connotation and what doesn't matter to me it was also the sick but what's easier. Hamlet shaped in theory. The words are shorter ever reads that I met tablets announced they read in an office and that the words are shorter and the articles shorter yes they don't have as front so that's fine as long words. I Gaspar. Could never work for The Herald know. Herald out orders would take. Carving knives summoned his words. Because they are just feel like Anna yeah it was. I didn't what you're doing. Then I'd love NASA is more learned audience that is there. And a bit I've grow. This spotlight increasing spotlight though I want to read and it's a spotlight. Sime and he says the news but yeah. Up by the way as we wrap of the show. I do wanna offer condolences Callahan family again daring to Jerry and his wife Tracy and his Brothers and sisters and nine grandchildren. By Jerry Kelly senior I was at the funeral on Saturday in Chelmsford. And understand Gerry Callahan and I just under him a lot more. I disagree a lot of his political views but that is nothing to do. As a guy in as a person. There's some people who say to me like. IT especially liberal friends of mine you know howdy do we Cali you know listen. Jerry Kelly it is one of the most loyal. One of the most honest. One of the most and I know this sounds crazy. Humble. People I've government in this business. When I was in Worcester and I always remember the first time I've met the big guys and I remember how they treated me. But I was in Worcester working at WTO would Dickerson and nobody knew with a L I was. Mitch Odyssey and it was great to me. Bob Wright trip Obama backing growled at me but I don't hold that against that I was here all I was like people have bad move my damn back right. Bucket to them three times to remember my name but he eventually got there we speech. The calendar from day one set down and talk to wants. Like we were colleagues and I him he was in a Sports Illustrated yet he might event is just about ready to make the jump from The Herald the specialist and I'll never forget it. And that's our that's where my memory bank goes yes that's the stuff I remember. Folate Iran yet. And Jerry eulogize his father yesterday and now like it. I've eulogize my mother. It is. Is the one of them it's one of the most difficult things to do but at the same time it's it's probably. What do most liberating things delivered do because you're able to brag about your parent. And you can sit up there and you can brag about them and you can just tell everybody. In the world how wonderful they are. And that aspect is liberating of fulfilling. But Jerry eulogize is used and he was. Brilliant. And I just it was for a I was crying and I never met his dad yet. And I know the minute hand and Dino and Michael Holley while sitting together if you listen. So condolences the Kelly fan Alex. Jon we have ago. We have football coming up. We have Atalanta in Minnesota because sort of priced at 4 o'clock giving you game ready for the patriots. And did him for so long.