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The 19th hole, Nov. 7 segment 4: Bruins, Celts and whatever else

Nov 9, 2015|

Tommy and Russ close out the show talking Boston sports

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Welcome back to the final segment of the nineteen formulas Tommy clues along with co host. Russell mass live the Republicans. Are glad you spent some time with us here the last hour. We're sponsored by throwing over your company and swing oil Whalen went to rules is coming out a couple weeks Ross. I still wait no we are I was out last night I'm. Company get this had to happen drain the last keg. Of October fest pull up on a soft boom boom of the 99 and a super Don this is that the best we intellectually here. Stay in this of them had to sift years ago what what's what's on nonstop war. My humor mild winter yeah Mumbai which are playing here disarmament drums from curly if region searching tonight for some there wonder British Jimmy through the. Tighten up the door outsized winter logger very nice. Wired they have meant by the BB it's going to be all right you like at the IMF all right president on some. Please post this crisis with cinnamon and I can tell you exactly where there's a surprise secret. You know originally come on pull my taste tests without people. Now and I don't know if you're audited audited announcement. I can do anybody any good inroads are a little bit trouble. The six and forwards if they had a tough time at home and home ice up perfect on the road five and all but they can't Sunni and done. They had a tough one against the Western Conference leading Dallas Stars yet and I Wear her friend Tyler's again you can send him there. And a hat trick. Missed 53 win over the bees. And the and they're in their records 103. Canadian so lead the Atlantic Division 112 and one half in fourteen games played they played the most games currently as of right now and being you know on Thursday it looked so good they look great. Season leading kings and our man who teach 103. In the metropolitan. Congress leaders New York Rangers three in two. I'm most teams has a set of plea at least eleven to thirteen games. Currently sort of the struggle literal struggle a bit of home for the Bruins. Yeah and large part they did that I think they've lost their first three at home and then they went on the road in one. It picked up some ground there but you know something's not right privacy you know and this year so Pizarro was with Tuukka. Or because in front of us opens not estimate of five goal game. You think given up it's the middle of the ice is your problem right now. They're not there they're getting you know they're not able to set up correctly. In the end when they go through senator rice there at the other their opponent is able to set off the or scoring opportunity. So that they need to take away the Centre of the ice on these they can't let it get that position where they're getting shot on net. This was happening obviously Pete the more times you shoot something's gonna go went right so in the way I've seen to me these they have to they're creating too much space. In center ice beginning clock sometimes down on the other and they. Upon zone on that they're trying to make a goal everyone's there and then something breaks out and they're scrambling it said it's a 212 or three on two. Even their power play where they're actually doing quite well that. Now it's it's win or we're. I was saying in so the last. At the don't think they drew the guy crossed that the era of the other. I'm by the Blue Line these skated across the part of the Fenner. Went with him and then he just. Passed the park I was wide open. And he just cranked off a craft China went over. To his left shoulder and any any scored a second all evening so. Ballclub that's all people rip it up I really thought this and will last offseason was going to be key because there's definitely. The transition I mean we're so far beyond 2011 at this point and I know they do teach is gone and Charles got minimal time left probably bird. Seem to be no it was public you know excitement about a week at the sky you know in this. Do you give Pritchard has a right. Specific players to get excited about. Have posed that you know they they cleaned house in a management wise on Sweeney's now you are fairly. I think you in say eons post game interview was talked about and he you know he didn't say it but it's like you know make has a field is that Kilpatrick can control former team. He's a it's always feels good to to to score any time but. It's not it was changing of the guard violates same guys are in place now maybe that trade one of happened you know if they were yeah you know so. You never know what's gonna happen on that now if that's hockey. And he probably gets as get a little older he can see that it's it's it's the GM management side the business side of the game that sometimes. They sound I mean look at last year meaning or a boy chart they ever have a lot of great players. Mean I was watching the Panthers game and you know there's run Riley. As an ambassador to do an online hammock or an Indian realized he went there in America. Who he passed Celtics. Are off to a 13 start of the c.'s signing really expect anything differently there but I don't think anybody did you know that's just they're still rebuilding I think they they're. Five they start with the other night and he is on the way to go. Though they'll have better chances they only lost by two yeah. Blast myself. And opportunism no doctors present pace. But the gum you of this new issued picked to. You are a longshot but you know spar is. Obviously not a top five contender for retired wanted to make the playoffs but. Lot of suffering a pre season was like you know what if you wanted to happen to be in Vegas is something Northbrook couple bucks on somebody and could money you know. Good odds M and at the weight management and now we waste dump proves what they can become of us Uighurs showed rust and a wrap things up. Our our listeners gonna get to talk was about us here at the shell. By email at nineteenth hole WER dot com our podcast page WER dot com slash Springfield audio. On Twitter nineteenth hole at WER. Peso since they were you enjoy the rest you day in beautiful weather outside stay tuned. For the varsity our hosted by Aaron Ross held 78. Eight tonight and it's not gonna maybe were 78. It tonight and I think are used to Mark Lee for making a sound good each and every week our sponsors from all of your company reminds play like our names on the bag enjoy your week and weekend.