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Can Johnny Manziel be a good NFL quarterback? 11-6-15

Nov 6, 2015|

Even though the Browns lost to the Bengals last night on Thursday Night Football, Johnny Manziel made his return to the starter's role. Can he be a solid QB? Greg Dickerson, Tom E Curran and Christian Fauria discuss.

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It was 77797937. Four days here bodies and New York joins us Tom Carter from CS and and he dot com I'm Greg Dickerson. Both the big goalie and Lou are back on Monday. Ot Texas line is is humming it and it is just one thing guys before we go back to the phone calls. To the gentleman from the 207 area code which I believe he's. Way up Yonder in Maine public radio. Certain. I appreciate your passion for baseball. You know we will be talking football for the majority of which. It's. I don't know if you noticed the patriots are playing Sunday. They're undefeated and they play eight. Dan Shaughnessy tomato camp but they're undefeated defending Super Bowl champions. And based baseball has been platter on the sports and one month. Longer a matter that actually is the Eagles. In due time save it for the day that the vivid the trucks opponent down not up a lot of my as it's like an Al Ghazi I have a suggestion for you a mustard Johnson 2 more morning. Six or 77757. ID 37. Scuttle bomb right in Framingham Mike thanks for right now we appreciate it might do whatever it is. They're radical that reporter who walked out he thought almost seven chart reports all the but it worked their coach. Since the rest of the way that the traffic and out mitnick in that sort of around. Why why would you ever a cloture and whatever the word we're gay and want to look out defect Honolulu and George you're not in the plant the note. Direction and by the way in my. Mike is talking about Dan Steinberg he Washington Post columnist. Guys in the morning talked about it a little bit he actually went up to a player. It was Ryan Kerrigan. And said what do you think about accepting the lost an away England. There and focusing on the saints game instead and and give me a little background on the end Steinberg is one of the funniest most. Insightful entertaining bloggers he just runs their blog in DC sports blog BO OG. Audience Howell. Really insightful solemn sure that he did it with a guy he was comfortable with the rank arrogant and asked the tongue in cheek knowing what the year two would be that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Was Kerrigan's response like. What the book that dog won't pick has done all the crap. They were tomato can't seem to begin the season. Yes. Yes and if anyone had suggested then that they look. The gap between the patriots and the rich and nothing Ritz and should do that could do that it would do I think the greater likelihood the greater conversation would be. And I had this conversation yesterday. On Comcast was. How do the patriots maintain their edge in games that could. Conceivably. Go like this one might you know they didn't have a game. This state competitive against Miami Dolphins last week they're gonna come into this Washington game may need to really. Continue to ramp up towards their game with Denver Christian. I'm wondering. How do you continue to maintain the focus of the team. When you know you you might win by 35 this weekend. And if you decide do you play all the way through dew point four quarters to to use yourself. As the measuring stick because its they're almost at that point we have to measure yourself measure against yourself rather than your opponent sometimes. I think. He's taken a week and Christian we've lost them. Mary you know there were quite murky how are what was out there. If they are there's a lot of buttons that look what he's thrust him we told you before. Don't press any button you know that's right yeah but its IPO on Iceland like you just talk a little might that they. Auto. Show here to tell him what to do I should hear much yet to question yeah it did here and I guess they ship if he should be. I guess. Battle tested how to deal with that and have a history of who should the patriots. Because they've had so woody games. Going back going back to 2001 to 2003. Where they've just been so hated it that he had healed all over you know. Does the team that the plane like they should just Wear them out. Regardless does it set a bad message you can see guys down on third quarter hated this this was a blow through here given how many guys you actually sit and because you don't. This is like a college Ross we have you know like you know five guys behind the starter Tommy Davidson only sort of six suffered the climate being taken out. Well twelve. To begin with what yet what what was the one is really the I think twelve at 87 if all that 87 come out I think they're pretty much let you know that bill face of this game is over. Because. Can I you know you can sit there and try deciding who's more important is it. You know Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski up that you can actually have a legitimate argument about those two guys. Actually Tom when what you could you can make some good points you know for. Rob beat justices as important but when those two guys out. You know it's done note of candles are coming out and out the animal be next but you're not taking out any of July mean you'll still rotate him in and out. A number of other guys coming out they don't have it. One of the things we've been not talking about is are you guys buying in on the Bengals not that they will or what beat the patriots. Come January but now they courted now that and maybe you actually give them some respect when. In the past forty years they've made the playoffs nobody is giving them any respect deservedly so I mean you respect him. Of course what that we got from Euro after everybody also. Note I was gonna add to that. You know you can sit there go our all of it played they played a backup quarterback John demands though. Who I didn't actually played that bad global it and we'll get them at some you know and basically played you know. A big dive team on Thursday night with with with short rest. And keep being in a drum. But they beat up on a team that they were supposed to beat up on me he watched the way the bank of play. You watch their offense you know that elected to a lot of creative team with a Roth at the line they're doing some on balanced look. But it looks eerily similar to the Patriots offense overall I have like you know. The Julie settlement that looks like that otherwise it's a quick passing game it's it's it's a quick flag get the ball got your hands is quickest possible. If your ballot in adult and you finished one and one for wisdom for 234 yards three touchdowns no interceptions. That's about as efficient as you can debt. And guess what Cincinnati did last night it's so many other things don't do it was a one score game in the first up. They made adjustments. And they blew their doors off in the second half run and metro Chiron now welcome and WEEI good morning. What's on Ron. Don't host John Hill. Which I'm good I was like let's say I like Cincinnati warns that today could be good I want them to compete with because all gonna do was make the NFL that much more in trusting. If you got another team opened as a threat to our team it's not competitive. And able but. But the same token until Google one playoff game. Notre taken seriously but don't let us compete. Cincinnati get that by his almost all of paradox. You get an extra week of preparation and you got. You know I'm not another week where you get rest can play that team that's coming off a wild card game. I think we're actually in Denver knowing when or hitting except by that well maybe examine all of them and go get I'm in eighty to get on executable while in jail. Rob thanks telephone got you guys buy into that trip. Are you really can't take a team like Cincinnati. Seriously until. They get that win I mean because I. Yes I think the reason being that they want to have the preparation. For all these playoff games that has gone in. And you've continued to peed on your leg in those games so at some point you have to describe some of the two coaching staff and their inability to put together a game plan that is. Play off orient. You're gonna patriots against Baltimore. Last year their push they've a week off they put some stuff in. It changed the momentum of that game two different things they put in McCain's momentum game they were about to get their asses upset. And they had two things up their sleeve what will Cincinnati have up its sleeve can't be inventive canopy creative and can use those things the right time. That's what I haven't seen from Marvin Lewis. In his tenure there a good coach can get their attention and get them on the details and he can he understands the x.s and knows. But that next level coach. Got applauding Greenfield Bob good morning welcome to order wait Maloney of Fauria. A lawyer Bob. Pretty good how you guys don't like about the great just like being on the game last night with Cincinnati. Whether or not people buy into it. I was kind of shocked so after the game I'll live on the collection NFL network and they were declaring this guy Andy Dalton the next. She you know Joseph Montana as you know Tom Brady rolled into one. And that Cleveland team which just horrible I don't know how they could take anything away from that game it's just they like high school team. And. But I don't I don't they were just basically looking at last night's game I think you'll look at the whole package. Of what Andy Dalton has done this year there were just coming off that. Don't they were just coming off. Of seeing that game last night but as a whole if you watched any adult this year he's done a better quarterback this year. There's no question you'd better quarterback and I'm what. You guys on the fact that they look a lot like the patriots and what they do and what it was doing last night he was told that followed very quickly I'm short passes. But wanting to people don't understand a lot these teams that haven't put the patch yet you can't do that against the pats they have Jamie college you know it's. They had nobody know linebacker. You know Cleveland last night they could do anything like that you know so I guess. And also you see these teams like Cleveland. Did draft a guy like me and tell that he just he has never going to be able play in this league he's you know what. What an interesting humble bite your tongue what it is here's the interesting thing in and if you think about that. That's what we're seeing a body and he called NAFTA playoff games it's time for them to move away that's what you say about Colin capita right now he's done it's over. That's why people settle Phil Simms has bill Belichick's a lot of points when he starts to wax poetic on the quarterback is it time to move away. Look at all these guys who are joining man's own included on Lothian joining me and so I don't think physically he's ever going to be able to wrap his mind around. Standing in the pocket taking hits. Very sheepish about stating in and taking hits with 64230. Pound guys have to take but he can't physically do but. This lead will continue to trend back to the mediocre. Because of the impatience at the quarterback position. And because of the turn over at the coaching staff level look at Jim Harbaugh was still the head coach at San Francisco right now. You wouldn't have the mess that exists where comic captain nick who's a dynamic athlete. And could have been a developing quarterback is now watching Blaine Gabbert take snaps Christian. Yeah you know I know you know join him and sell the idea that they're watching him I'm like he did play bad what you can write me. You could see there's there's so there that you could work where a dead heated but when you compare the first half to the second half you're like all right the first Abner some nice drives. He scrambling all over the place and a second ever since that debate is the you know wiley blitzing this guy. Like let's just keep him in the pocket and he doesn't want row I can't grow out of well his natural tendency is once this for free is not there's like later I'm not here. And that was one of the knocks on him in college but he's dealing with other college players sold the field isn't level and he's you know totally killer. But now. It's out Davis. I didn't think he played. That bad to not start the next game. I was I was looking for a reason to like Imus and they have to stick with McCown and looks like Mike and it is going he's not making a decision yet. But he was terrible I mean you know it's an it is team didn't help them out there drop balls like crazy. What's up for weapons sees that he's kept a tight aren't yeah that's it but I mean it's it's interesting because as you said he he is very much like Doug Flutie was very good player. But Doug Flutie. Got flushed out of the league and had to go to Canada to redevelop and and acquire the skills that you're not gonna get what kind of quarterback job. Like it was. It's like even though Doug Flutie there was a feeling. Yet and there was definitely a ceiling and I always thought like there was always they're always trying to replace them. Whether B Rob Johnson weathered the you know buffalo weather Pia if he was that was that Philip Rivers and San Diego. With Brees. It was breeders for a breeze there because they know okay this is the Smith. Not that it but he's a dim. Like you just you're looking for the prototypical guy that can be you can run your offense with because Mo could take. The punishment to the atomic in the in the NFL today it's not like oh this is Charlotte was ten years ago. But the protection. That these guys get from the rough for Reeves and the rules I think smaller guys. Like the man's cell Flutie he played today. I think they could I survive because they don't get it like it here's a look at the bulk of Roethlisberger look at EJ Manuel the punishment that these guys take from getting hit by guys could run for five in week 270 pounds. Is absurd that ligaments are not built to take. So you're right there's more protections in place thank god because nobody's more vulnerable including defenseless receivers and quarterback who's just thrown and it's an even looking. At the rush. Hopefully. Yeah that I outs when I think about guys like that if John immense though could what would play his cards right. And stay in line and you know is playbook is just a team player real player for fifteen years. I mean because he is because he is the ultimate changeup. And he he is the closer that comes he's got filthy stop it nobody prepares for a during the week. At your quarterback gets hurt and you have a completely different skill set that now you have to prepare for. And that. You bank keeps winning they keep you floating and it allows other quarterback who is your quarterback to you know to be the guy. But he's not a starter he's just isn't for that I don't know Christian I know unless that shall be given a chance. Listen OK atom. I can be easily be wrong. Great but based on what I seen in the other coral Tennessee goal could use Flutie as an example you want me there is they are always tried to replace Flutie. And the only one games 44 years. In an offense at Boston College that you don't really developed them and and defense is we're not not a sophisticated when he came into the week in terms of you know he was facing. Oftentimes the same eleven guys on defense throughout the game maybe 1213. Now joining me and sells facing guys who were fastest and I think the greatest limitation on man Zell. Is that he realizes he there's a lot of people he can't out run. Noonan and it's daunting to him to know that I'm about to get smoked. And I still don't run this guy grant. And in the ass that he had in college. And he talked it recovered them it was that there was this people did respect as you'll they thought that that they had is just as much people want to try to tackle them. They realized that yet another gear that they weren't aware of it was the seat so he was able to get away and run around like crazy because everybody else's Russia high school. But that element that he had a college. Is washed out because the linebacker can run just as fast Easter some big chubby guys that even attack Beckett Beckett chase you down. So you need to be able to throw on rhythm. Take your breed. And by the little decreases right about Brady and his you know feasible in my LP when he runs I laugh because he looks like the most on athletic guy in the world. Looks like he's running with boots on its looks heavy and awkward. But he has the uncanny ability to spot a little crease sites that some pressure bind a little hole in the coverage you know between the deeper the tackles comedy get them. And that's just as valuable. As some guy that's gonna run rally print orchids and. You what is it. I think it's sell them short Christian I I understood I understand the laws. And the hesitations. That people have about Johnny man sell but he's not just this. Athletic freak freak com. Who could run around a college he's an athletic read period well he he's got an arm. He can make a lot of the throws what can you do other guys can't do he can throw in the room when accuracy and velocity the ups and and he's a very very very very good out we better athlete and some guys were bigger than him. And throw better. When they athletes he and I it's quick it's it's it's probably jumping ability. But postings things is never going to be the only way joining me and Zell could succeed would be with a coach like on Coughlin. But ballot check. You know guys who are the dean's of their profession. Who don't have their future employment tied to his success that Mike Brown is Rebecca and I I I just hate the fact that people saying. He's never going to be any good he can't each year last in this league he's never gonna win this that's fine. Got the taste Christian and targets but what shot. Us and let's get on it. Air he's it is shop there's bulwark. This he can't get out of his own way that's part of it. So is is this is his lack of ability to help his team way going to be the reason he's out of the league. Or is it going to be is off the field issues because. You can't have both you can't you can't be got it up off the field as it you also can't be you got your coaches can't rely on. You can't do eventually. Look at it hide if your act of your are your excuses and tired of just a deal with you when you leave the boat that was never. Question what Doug Flutie texted Jews techno 4040 me probable yes I know. I would actually say the moody over the last thirty years back to back to 1970. You can include him in the top. Thirty or forty quarterbacks to play in the week he was very successful there was however ceiling. He could what do soup or someplace. With the right situation sure what having to put a team on his back against the popped your defense Pia a lot of people talk about players play off for a quarterback of the Japanese only. Know for a period of time Brady with three is three a pop the question why does the teams are better at the defense has you playing the best ones in the league that's why the record is a much different. And that's why I like what you're gonna run into eventually that up to your defense. Whose game where it's specifically for you so I don't woody was at it excellent quarterback but there was a ceiling has a ceiling for guys like. Me and sell. And there's only a few. Teams. Who have the ability to develop that quarterback position that's why all patriots knew it should be high five each other right now and say this crap ain't going away. Because all these other coaches all these other quarterbacks have a finite bleach it's getting eight. Oh and a rug it's gonna get pulled out from under them when they don't deliver the championship that the patriots. Seemingly. Had a birth rate to 6177797. I think seven. Bill went away what was that like president feels that way at the birth rights. Their god given right can't go every year not a Christian cut back Sports Radio WEEI.