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Patriots post 40 on the Bills - complete reaction and game breakdown

Sep 21, 2015|

Dale, Michael and Jerry break down the win that brought the Patriots to 2-0 on the young season.

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But unfortunately Rex could not. That's the role for Dion Lewis now that it currently Garret blunt that's the name mine now Lizzie I never even heard of that diamond and colored his name you know I I I was talking to lay out a former NFL player yesterday. A former NFL player actually said to me I kind of better Rex fan I kind of liked the bluster like that but bombast he said he lost meet today. I'd be in such a jerk at the post game podium about the analysts. The Dallas played his ass off play great against its okay to say you know what. Tip your hat cute played well played great against that he just couldn't even do that. You lost your NFL player yesterday. Well yesterday what does this thing he always kind of supported racks panel like the act a little bit. But and the post game press conference yesterday really pushed him the edge. Like wrecks like I like people like wrecks. Because everybody knows someone similar to direct. No matter what you do. They've got an excuse for no matter what you do against them no matter how much success you have. They got a reason for why it wasn't as great as you think it was in and it wasn't as bad as everybody else is it wise. I you know it reminds me of a story Wes Welker all people a little while ago. He's the same practice did it involve feet I did not involve it got this one that's what but now Wes Welker it gets used to going to party starter. A Brandon Meriweather practice. He's at every time. Brady were complete a pass. To Welker. With with Meriweather trailing arm bear weather in the area and I'd rather come out of the point thank you very much thank you very much mirror whether it's almost that Alan. Well you're lucky to get down when I was close don't throw that again and welcome tonight. What are you talking about. What are you talking about your closeup and I've been schooling you all practiced their lack of detailed a true but I guess. You know a certain kind of personality no matter what you do no matter how much success you have they got their support. And interacts. I think Rex is a bully you want to be I think he's a fake tough guy who you know can talk a great gimmick he's the best coach in the NFL on Tuesday. Like it it doesn't you know. Lend itself towards getting your team prepared for game he does is occasional great game plan and his teams get fired up and they would like anyone in this league does. But he always emotional chips on the table in this game it is team responded with. One stupid penalty after another strike that some of those plays he said they had three penalties the onside kick it to I which one you want it. A taunting call on an extra point that. And a patriot I don't I don't do it. Man you know Malcolm Boller actually responded with one of his own which is really crazy and characteristic I'm sure. The coach heard of the you know it. You know talked a little doubt but I mean an unsportsmanlike penalty on the bench it was one thing after another they warrant. In a mental place to be able to win that game. I tell you what's nuts. Rex after the game complaining. That hey you know the referees called more penalties on obstinate at the patriot wonder why wrecks when it. You guys have fourteen penalties I don't think Bill Belichick is crazy about eleven. And by the way you should had eighteen or nineteen they declined some of so don't. It. The patriots got a break it's game time is your argument that the patriots get favored treatment from the get up well and I would like to taught you about the summer of 2015. Rex. Same for that game I mean that's the last thing you you're gonna complain about the penalties. It was that the story and kept saying well Dion Lewis was in the story of the game. Okay Dion Lewis was the story of the game a guy who was part of the passing game the reason NC leader blunt as you predicted earlier in the week. Because they run the ball anyway big stud running back the region and see him as you've invested 250 million dollars and defensive line. And it's just silly and just run into a brick wall. That's plain to Buffalo's strength so he had no. That the patriots are gonna have the same game plan they similar game plan they had against the Steelers have a game plan they had against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl does not do it. Then make a lot of sense. And so but let elected you look at Dion Lewis yesterday and still wouldn't give credit. You know you have to break it he always has to fix something that really. Doesn't really go to the heart of what's happened with mr. Now the patriots. At least publicly. Haven't said a word about the noise situation. Up and orchard park New York on train whistle Paul now I I don't want gay I you know I don't know what they've done privately I don't know if they filed a a report with the league which is certainly within their rights to do and and lots of teams do that sort of thing. But for people as you were listening to the game assure you heard it. But it you may not know what the role situation as you heard them play that train worn when the patriots were on we're on offense. It's a very specific ruling memo was sent out to all the teams in the National Football League pre season this year. Said that you can certainly play these artificial noise thinks the patriots do it here with a fog port you can play that stuff. Until either their twenty seconds left on the play clock or. The offensive team gets up to the line of scrimmage and they marked getting up to the line of scrimmage when the senator touches the ball. Whichever comes first the minute that happens you have to seeks with the artificial you know foghorn or train horns or whatever. Some I don't think the bills got that memo. I heard it probably a dozen times. While Brady standing at the line of scrimmage especially when they were in the in the no huddle right and Andrews is over the ball touching the ball which means. The points got to stop. Not buffalo it doesn't in the patriots though at least not publicly Evans had a word about it. Appalling something do with this he was in the building yesterday he was being honored. My bills fans for no building those great. Conference championship teams. They were dominant conference champion and I think for forestry years so I think AFC finalists FC finalists for years around is like everything Chenault FC champion. It is is we can all agree that the only proper response by the league. Is defying the patriots. For a mess it up with their fought on with their with their no huddle offense clearly the patriots deserve to lose draft picks for this suspend though the quarterback before week. According to Mike Florio com. The pages don't have to file a complaint that the league. As a matter of course has teams submit their their game tapes and the league reviews it I guess four things along this line animal and clear on the concept. But apparently it's gonna be reviewed regard will be. This vehicle. I. If there yourself and and by the way if you are wondering what the punishment is if they are found to have violated this rule it's fine it's a team fine. So it's not like in ho Rex could lose draft picks and you know he's not gonna be suspended his quarterback's not gonna have to sit down. Although fans of buffalo want him to sit down yesterday. It would be eighteen fine and some teams would be happy pay and that sort of thing to what the hell leased or crowds in two. Yeah and if it messes up a couple of plays it it's well worth it did did pay a good chunk a change. If they could do it in every single play when the patriots are trying to run no huddle and it's loud enough and there anyway but as some. Manny weighed in on this yet I know he's he's got anti gay love what they're up. But if you look at buffalo yesterday I know. They weren't up to the task for most of us that they had a nice opening drive. Bullish on the court with an easy touchdown crowd's into it patriots go three and out so browser alien get rid of it really looks like it's going to be. A bill's victory. But if you look at yesterday is that I'm 3713 and have moved on come back. Does that change your opinion of the bills at all what you saw yesterday didn't change my opinion at all I still think their playoff team. I don't I don't I didn't think they were going to end and I certainly don't think they are now for the exact same reason I told you guys last week quote directly. And they don't have one yet. He may become one someday. The patriots made a pretty clear if you stick him in the pocket and ask him to be chew with his arm they got issues. And that's what they did yesterday sacked eight times threw three interceptions. He looked like a kid making his second NFL start against a really good defense that confuses young quarterbacks that's. What is I think that's what it is again you said it dale against a really good defense. And so I think I don't give them too much credit but it defense that's good it can not have an all out of the picture of the patriot credit gets a good difference. And so I think you'll find a lot of teams football that are able to. Game plan and execute like the patriots into one. He probably is difficult to do both for a lot of teams and at this town level. A lot of talent even with that the departures of Revis and Browner really good defensively so I don't think you'll face that too often. In the league he certainly offers too often in this division. I think I think we'll see him in the playoffs yeah. I'll say this it Tyrod Taylor pressed me a little bit. So more of them and I had a week one and the only tool in the pocket in east from when short he's pretty effective but he had him throwing deep. And his deep ball is atrocious it's like it's as police at the second game. It's the second time on the slopes keep them off the black diamonds OK stick to the bunny trails a little bit. Com and the patriots took advantage of it every single time but he's got some escape ability he's got some ability to move on its feet made it. Couple of good decisions by. I it was more that he was moving the ball because the patriots were just finish L and they were just trying to bleed the clock it. How I was surprised though on on the patriot side of things when it will is. 37 to 25. I was little surprise. It on fourth and one they were for the deep ball now. I understand that. That if it'd been slightly batters lightly battered touch from Brady. That could have been a bit completion Julian settlement with that said I've seen Tom Brady's entire career. Even against tough defensive lines is that the toughest defensive line he's faced in sixteen years and I fell. Even against top ones I've seen them just kind of find a way on on a quarterback sneak and pick up yard. It's so I'm surprised and see that one time yesterday and on to two were the ones. I was surprised as well and it was obvious it then and with all the respect directs who knows more football than I do okay. It didn't take a genius to figure out they had no intention of running the football as you said Michael White run into that brick wall all day long. Rex wanted them to run more Betty did. I and some fans probably one of the patriots to run more late when you're trying to bleed more clock. An incompletion to massively if they had no intention of running yesterday that's why they throw it 59 times. Yeah I would say that no intention of making that the the staple of the game plan but in those situations. And we know they've got big tight end in got ground canyon got Chandler. I got even got the kid Williams. You can bring in NFL catch yet you could bring in an. You can bring in another tackle you want if you as wanna go big. And bring in the Garret blunt and run the ball. Either in the belly of blunt or on the set and a quarterback sneak I think you have the personnel. That can do it every once in awhile. And a couple situations they just it forget it we're not gonna we're not gonna try and I think if they had done it one time. Well obviously mr. talking about a win but it's not it wouldn't be as dramatic as it was yesterday but it. Here though is the monster in the closet of every NFL defensive coordinator right now. The patriots got forty points and with almost you 500 yards 466. From their 38 year old quarterback. Didn't play. Even close to a perfect game at left a lot of yards and a lot of points on the field that felt like it should about it 25 point win right now yacht they. On offense they were about a B minus and that's how effective war I mean it was Brady missed an element that was Shia it's got she only dropped two balls in his hands. Yeah I don't wait that was always his rep in buffalo tipped the drops these proxies were an issue I was I was following the buffalo writers on Twitter is the game was going on. And they were saying now you know what we saw all the tears and and supposedly. That the rapid buffalo was he dropped you know ball right is breadbasket I remember him hang in on against the patriots cornerbacks but I guess it wasn't with the rest of the league and I mean look look the quarterback to his credit was. With you know contested the throws by. You you should have you given away about you know 85 pound cattlemen had a couple of uncharacteristic drops in my opinion that the wrong ones. And I know the patriots keep their own dropped stats and right now don't wanna share them supposedly the patriots dropped six. If they count that one work wrong with reaching behind him and got a hand on it and I know Troy Brown always said if I touch it I have to catch it you can't count that as a drop I. I doubt I'll do my Hughes depending a little cross out there and while much of it there was one the semi deep when he loses there. It's what I wanna seven at that point. Rock drops 217. You scored seven points your team not you you've given up when he went straight. He's in there for a short kind of break up and it does the income jumped at. That's open to talking about. Came on your right it's it's the wreck effect. But he that's why I think he's a bad Reynolds and the fact Michael listen and I don't we had this discussion all last week how good coaches Rex. You saw a good coach he has completely out of control pulled his team and his coaching staff. They are completely out of control they have no discipline. I'm not sure they have an idea of a game plan and like the classic and you punch a bully in the mouth what happens they turtles well our. Think I think he is a good coach but as a great Joey Porter or bloodshed different contexts. You'll never be on our level instead about the patriots but it's the same thing with the wrecks he keeps comparing himself of to Bill Belichick which is admirable. The best in the game and I guess you shouldn't wanna be the best but on the. Man. You're now on this level where are you not even you know you're just not there and get this thing. Yeah he thinks it's. He thinks he's on Belichick's level. And but he had spent months by his own admission getting ready just for this game. Just completely normal early. We wish we had those this game plan weeks ago. And completely crap themselves. It fair to say I mean between you know not being enabled you know with the patriots with thrown out of my office. You know his own offense sloppy has been Tyrod Taylor of thing do things they should not be asked him to do. And then. His own just actions you know speak volumes when he had. Every opportunity to win that challenge he couldn't get that the flag out of the spotlight challenging a play that you aren't allowed to challenge yet. Here's an idea erect maybe need to getting year old book a little bit here you know you can't challenge that play. It's like he hasn't the first clue but guilty he's one of those guys again who fail and then tell himself. You know I did a great job wasn't my fault and and that's soul filters down to his players to the point where. Like we mentioned last week the jets players to a person all think they are the best in the world at what they deal. Right rate from from geno Smith the a couple years after the in the ninth overall pick in the draft Bolton he's the best corner in the in the league not say. Do you feel that's Michael and strive to do that you know I I admire the Darrelle Revis is now there are already. Well I think the moral of the story and and and them this is immoral for many stories not just Rex Ryan football is a teachable moment and boys and girls from Oklahoma. Teachable moment don't believe I've. It really is doubly beehive back I remember it was a few years ago. Rex was was still they head coach of the jets. I'm Rob Ryan was a defensive coordinator of the cowboys they played in the meadowlands at the time. Buddy Ryan was at the game Revis was still on the jets and you know I think the idea. Revis got an interception late to win the game but. The theme of the whole match up was that these Ryans are breaking the mold NFL coaching world. You know on the old thanks to some of these guys are just sole line and so structured so discipline are so predictable but the Ryans. You know what their long flowing hair in the case of Robert just your outrageous audacious comments in the case of Rex. You know this is what players look at programmer from one of the players. Being quoted as saying you know guys don't get it wanna play for Bill Belichick in president. They put Ryan's. These are the kinds of coaches we want to gravitate to or don't believe I've I don't need to be my body. I don't need to hang out with you I need to impeachment game of football want to put me in a position to win. It if we're we're buddies that's a bonus but that's not in any required Vanessa obligatory bit that we need to be best friend. OK but they give a sixteen year old his choice of teachers. Between the one at the classes chaos and you don't have to like do much at once in awhile you'll. You know you'll give make detested and you probably got to be given an eight on the test regardless if you learn the material. What a guy who expect you to keep yap shut and listen. You'd pick but the good guys run and as. I agree with that there's only problem. We're not a sixteen year old Puerto about 252627. Year old slowed but not the most mature 25 point six and seven year old that. And I think there are plenty of guys in the NFL who would preferred it to be in an environment that that Belichick sets. We are yelled that there's a calm here and in charge of things and you driven to win. I mean I don't think Rob Gronkowski is haven't you know any less fun because he's under Belichick and eat the shorter isn't an. Ryan ever getting out more fun I don't wanna see it I don't wanna live in that world where Robert Celtic have a workbook but a young been a man. Yeah I mentioned that game between that the cowboys in the jets and I remembered it was an orchid. Few years ago young band comes with a note and that was a week 11 mile. We won 2011 back when the jets where we're capable of was Monday night for Monday Night Football. Or that Thursday night game especially or some in making it was something special. The jets went primetime like they are tonight. Awhile if you if you ban apparent high school and Jerry you have Michael you haven't yet to. And I've been the parent of three school kids. You oldest person. This is the parent and you've seen this player who wants to be best buddies with their kid and all their kids France. Inevitably they use it if they if they take it too far there are the ones buying booze and ask advocates talk more house and drink in the basement. Give meat cheese but I want to write it but once you know all come on in a way. What Amy Poehler and mean girls yes that exactly one would be. The best friend. Of of their kid in all of their their kids' friends that's who axis. Rex wants to be that parent he doesn't want to be. Well I was this parrot that bit the disciplinarian are trying to hardly did a dollar dollar out of that inevitably all I did that to me at one time or another in a year two strictly adhered to strict and then inevitably about the third when she's the opening to restrict inevitably they come back to its LK. You were right. Villas that is the strict there Rex as the guy who goes by and the boost for the kids to drink in the basement. And it's why he will always fail he will always failed with this because. Output at this unless he realizes. That yes you do have to change Rex you don't have to shop you know let's stop talking. What you got and as ice is a tweet it out at one point yesterday Rex showed you yesterday the difference between playing tough and acting tough. His team acted to bill Belichick's team played tough. And Rex got his ass handed to. And in his productivity apps yet yet he's disappointed. I'm guessing Bill Belichick is more disappointed yes direction. And they want. I scored forty or score forty points in the disappointed today that I guess apparently on the conference Oslo grumpy to. Which gets me very excited about 405 all at all five. On Sports Radio WEEI nanny 37. In on the Afghan side we have Bill Belichick right here. 305 Tedy Bruschi 405 Bill Belichick somewhere around 430 Chandler Jones your calls coming up next dale and Holley with Thornton down here to let stadium patriots Monday. Sports Radio WE yeah. Mike drop landing back at a wealth. 6177797937. As telephone number. The other dude that most of the playwright mark it down at other arugula that's a malicious gone on the sidelines a double Mohammed Ali. Can't full what I am and I did yesterday would have been a penalty a yellow flag we're gonna put him in fifteen yards or everywhere. Hot as it. As you watched what happened with Dion Lewis most people me included were surprised that app three put the ball on the ground for the second straight game he was back out there. Think there're couple things going on here one James why it was inactive. Tavares cadet was hero in the only other option in that pass catching swing back type of thing. Plus Lewis is being used as a kick returner now that you've ever get him return kicks the two known Sam. Not sure bill had a whole lot of choice but to go back to but I was glad he went back to. I don't mind. Yeah it was it was post fumble that he had he cut that co wrote the lake 33 yards that was spectacular. Catch and run. He had that first down inside them the the red zone where he made above 37 cuts through the middle of the line like I. I don't think anything album when they picked them up like he's my heart shark right now he's I am totally in his corner. While you know it takes awhile and you guys guys and I'm talking about this because when you get used to seeing a player for awhile. It takes a little bit to get the other player. On your head at the player who used to Wear that number I'm still thinking about 11 o'clock like a I didn't and I Kevin folks out there dumb folk art. And it should be it would now I'm having a hard time. Which year. Richard Seymour and her drink that's a that's important. Or actors or back all of all is well appropriately and now I'm way past the can yet Donta hightower and that you papers. A way past that. I got over last year accurately the people last year was. From. Yeah they scheme in years. The how old number. F you know wit with pros and April is when guys switch numbers. It was what was it easily last year was like Billy nine. I don't know what to do and have another number twelve. I just get over this can happen at every day whenever I know and I'm not it has to unlocking this data Al I'm not a good thing it never happened I meant to say I am. Never gonna happen little odd or they will hotter than number but somebody will still wouldn't Ninkovich and Mike Vrabel is still a struggle but I just shot and it did at the same for they are the same breath. A one quick note before we get to the calls here and it has to do with the Miami Dolphins great story in the Miami Herald today. Ndamukong Suh signs a six year 114 million dollar contract with the dolphins this offseason. So far in two games he has two tackles and an assist with no sacks. And you wonder what the hell's going on with a Ndamukong so as well according to The Herald it turns out. He's ignoring the play calls from the defensive coordinator. And freelancing. And completely screwing up the dolphins defense now. Object is that not I I got Semel time I'm gonna try over here. So according to Miami Herald he is ignoring. What the defense of coordinator telling him to do. Dual what he wants to do which weeks he's doing nothing. You know who's gonna lose that battle with the president or is important Eric doesn't have a lot of and and get another word. Defensive coordinator by the way. As Miami defense coordinator yeah I didn't know there was going to be clay I mean I have got we just got Beckett vacation yet on poplar does just barely notice head coach Philbin. For now this year about I think probably have to learn another head coach. Soon recycler about a way Jerry told you where but Mike alert was robbed acts that is sell one point. It's like a moral and little five is the craft only went dark brown shirt instead of the dark blue grass in Maroon 5 I say I'm road in five different places that tie the pocket square. That jacket or shirt everything yeah I was telling Boyle. Kevin coils the recording the defensive coordinator for economic and still is ignoring and they'll let apparently the defensive players named Ndamukong Suh. I I think what you don't want it. I know this is. Users don't like to say that you don't. You don't want it bad it. But when you bring in Ndamukong zoo. You're pretty much for that and for that amount of money you're pretty much saying my defense is built around them consume. Every Plato was built about every play but I think any thing like like yeah they called a defense okay dude disguised in disguise their nieces escrow and I'm just gonna go our wine but if you if they're adults is getting messed up but if you were willing to buy into with a guy it is. And what he's comfortable going and what you signed him in the first place. Because the owner fell in love with the name I guess there. I skipped the calls rubs up in New Hampshire robbed Europe first and Sports Radio stale and holly. I don't. Rob what's going on. Mike I gotta say that all the pull it deflated dolce and right now. Zanger. I cutter it that's what can I think what you're about Butler Rex Ryan and he I don't think that that article you've taken out to be like it started and that goes dot. I got a lot of that is at eight bill tension after the original thought about it like. The probably tell Rex line as he's just so low salt into. I'm just beat the patriots and forget about everything else. Everybody back at your you know 2000 the Red Sox yankees and the Bartlett talks at the hell out of Yankee. You know stick by. Let's just play baseball and be that he'd. And I can ever get that we had the respect. I think he did much better off. But do you think that all of his yeah happen in knowledge is you know histrionics and the press got to know that god has. No I'm ask a legit question gee do you think it it helps some alarm around it keeps it seem like motivated nor does it take up their focus. If I'd I think it could take while the focus I think it distracts them from what it you know if you kind of separate that Cuba but. I don't think he can listen to install that and that's the problem okay that's what you know edit if you can do that. I mean you look at the picture to look at the step for wise kept you know it's okay we'll move on this yacht with a little bit. Thought about brainwash yes you ought to respect however that you know winning that to you Lana got everything that happens everywhere and that's that's OK it's like got to do web. Edit no it. It got into it through. And and get that stigma out. Whatever you gotta compliment you want the ball all out of the patriots but I think he's just so caught up in the wind blown all of their art else. By ignoring that aren't great anyway. All right the other issue here is when when you basically make week two of your season your Super Bowl. And the and you loose it. You have issues for the next fourteen weeks they go to Miami next week. Endowment consuming or monopoly the defense that I will join us ahead in our. Well but but they're gonna go to Miami will be hot it'll be humid it will be in all those things that Miami always is in September. Mean would you be shocked if they lose Miami next week. I won't know and our divisional game at the division is it's fairly even outside of New England those. Well I think having buffalo Miami are fairly without having buffalo feels better than Miami. That Jeff Simpson match sure about the jets and their their one way and it was over Cleveland. And adds quote knows who knows what who knows what Cleveland is who knows what the jets are at this point but I wouldn't be surprised if if Miami the Miami not tomorrow you know Jerry and you're like a little trivia you. And so when you go to your trivia you do it once a week once and I like. I tried to light gets in the way of my life gets in the way like you never know where trivia now. I gotta get your priorities and not put it any other well don't be afraid to let the radio show get in the way of your trivia and I can't it. But you know I know you like. You know. Sneaking up on people at that trivia you've got to say this sailor can figure this out without using your phone. Without the Internet. Tom Brady is three and when he cut coverage as the greatest when he warned three. Vs the bills. Whoever three head coaches. Who beat Tom Brady. We're buffalo. Oh man Doug Marron who I was last year as it has the 31 often coach we'll see that's what you got out loud was it Wade Phillips. In the off yet it. Expect it today bills coach is that somebody that is so everybody was able every distributors is a mess I don't know there's extra I can't move up. Great I know. I don't eroded one of the Gregg Williams is is that it was a thirty ones and ones I think. And then I can't remember definitely. I made is that is that you know Dick Iran is that jammed. It's cold air admire leading cattle company coaches they've had in the breaker Ara. Coach effort at about. Coaches don't just pop error coaches they've gotten about buffalo to you know much about my Malarkey maybe he was I don't know. If someone else they can get us how many quarterbacks have started in the AFC east since Brady took it took over I'd be curious to see what that number is. I heard at once but there's been a lot of air in kids doctors say like I got home work man I got I got I got enough hard worker Mark Stuart and I try to give me seriousness on the like that can handle it. You know every era that I. I look at the AFC east schedule and I always willing to pencil in one loss from the for the patriots contrary to popular opinion after the gonna go sixteen you know every year. This was their potential loss in the division this year. Is I believe they go to Miami in December this year it's not so there won't be that that he did great home field advantage for the dolphins right yeah. Exactly offense and if the game matters to the patriots are not buy them three point 6177797937. Tedy Bruschi is coming up at 305. The patriots Monday live at Gillette Sports Radio WE yeah. There is no this team won again. What stands out no penalties they only have eleven police. We have fourteen I guess the rest thought they came to see them today. You know that's where. Enough and it's our players are players out there please limit the place when the game and so it probably over and some not so great coaching a month or so that the credit that our players that is good job. They deserve credit wants it was. Jeanne not much difference between the two approaches sound. Players made the plays and overcame some not so good coaching by me. My favorite comment maybe of the young Tony gifting season they only had eleven penalties. Only eleven hit only eleven penalties. Hey Rex that's not good. Eleven penalties is not good for an eco dole jeopardy. And pleased to put it in a reduction from both of his first two games show me one penalty that buffalo committed that should not have been golf otherwise the one there was there was there was one grabbing offensive pass interference. Was at that one now it was another one that was if they know the one where Malcolm Butler went down. Because that idol they just slipped right. A huge topic of Sports Radio conversation but that field is a disgrace that thing is like a newly polished hardwood floor that it's an ACL waiting to happen. These owners should be ashamed of themselves that they plea in on that service to deceive a couple of bucks and risk of these guys career but. Okay now militaristic Jackie went down whatever. I don't I considered it it anyone's ultimate patriot should not have been called. Yeah legal all of ability to close by the way you're angry review the field seemed to be a real problem. And and I agree with dale on that play it was just the fact that that Malcolm Butler slipped. If so was it was an operative and their parents. By any stretch for Sammy Watkins but I agree that that the field is in bad shape. These are new dish owners some notes maybe they will decide. I'll Revver and 06 the patriots they were so embarrassed by the aerial shots of the natural grass at Gillette Stadium. That in this season in season is that a torn up we're done and they put in the field are that was. Midway through that 2006 season may be buffalo looks at it. Before they learned the hard way and say look this is not good enough we got to change are we gonna change our heels situation. 6177797937. Jays on the cellphone AJ. Today. Vomit. You know oh you all the analysts are saying he didn't know that check mark up will build deep parents and wide receivers. That the Buffalo Bills didn't get it checked art and there's obviously quarterback as Iran you know whatever. Well let name nowhere near Tyrod Taylor right Taylor right over here treaty and of course coach. That oil is Bill Belichick. Yeah Ali Al coach Rex Ryan Indiana. Well we'll build your ego or what the New York Jets where I went skiing. That's just diluted form. To our Ali wants. But he's nowhere here. Well in the only area he wins the press conference. Uniting an attic you said he sees a great coach in the NFL on Tuesday's. And test Tuesday's event as a business except maybe not Wednesdays because that's when they're like actually practicing and putting in game plans and stuff and he's going home early maybe that's an Tuesdays okayed players aren't in. He's just winning the press conference that. Do you think do you think he does want to snap off a good one liner or did you take him literally. Know that yet you what you think yeah actually where homer known. Now that was that was Rex with a snappy one liner that they've been that the Tito's Smith not to get to go. I'll probably go home early it's. Regular deadline that you. Yeah I'll concede this director Ryan if I was and one of these. If and when these teams that has had no success like buffalo where you know we just looked up their coaches though it over the brand accord acts Dick Jauron and Gregg Williams and and you know Doug Maroney Sammy just. These two grab a. For credible if you didn't look a mop you never would have known that even their tech guys. I would love Rex Ryan coming. Off iris is a is gonna get this thing only and gives you such a great coach he's brilliant. But in Milan in his act doesn't. Work is a great hype man that's for shores of buffalo a young than to set this to Yucca buffalo was 9135. Since 2001 that's 9135. Other quarterbacks. They've got out of one if you remember any of these names now you know Tyrod Taylor the latest. I'll ask your Kyle Orton EJ Manuel that Louis Jeff tool. Camp body for the patriots. Ryan Fitzpatrick. At Harvard man Trent Edwards. Brian. Don't call me Brahms. The two J. P. Losman. Kelly Holcomb. Drew Bledsoe. You know what in in the Tom Brady era. Drew Bledsoe is in the second best quarterback in the AFC east after break Alex Van Pelt yeah. And rob Johnston and the next level down you'd probably have to go to Chad Pennington and I mean in fifteen years. The the best I think not draft the by the patriots this Chad Pennington. Well let's say the best guy in the division. You know since other than the second best guys in the division. Other than Brady of course would be. Brett Favre. Are far Bledsoe was better in buffalo than Favre was New York. By the time Favre got to New York he wasn't farming a lesson that those pictures. Which none can unseat now. A in other pictures that you're humid he would throw that out maybe you. Keep the button flies up a Motorola applied now Iran right now John here told duke Amir Johnson Vancouver H. On I don't. Very good good let me pick up speakerphone here bro thanks that you radio veteran right here then you get points for that okay. Yeah all right guys I have a questionable content in now we saw with the old they have amazing now from four or defense and it didn't bother trying to power run with a lot of mental outlook for the work. Everybody knew that but that we have the jaguars coming. Jaguars played well run defense. Firstly. Stopping Jimmy Stewart better. And then now with. Lamar I I I got a by the way nice job. And I got I got to Jimmy Stewart imitation. Yeah it. This sounded better on speakerphone. You're the only guy who's got to reduce agents on the veterans and on this is not your fault but year year signals cut in an op Ed might I might my answer would be the same as what would be yesterday. I don't think they have to run to beat Jacksonville Jaguars. They obviously in the pit or run yesterday to beat the Buffalo Bills and didn't really care that it run. So I'm not worried about the Jacksonville Jaguars run defense let try to talk yourself into being nervous about buffalo if you want. Don't try to talk yourself into being nervous about the Jacksonville Jaguars despite I. Monumental win against the Miami they'll Delaware's elected Michael tall I don't coach of the Dallas is going to hit you can't did you dean jazzed up and striking a small truck that and Eliot L I love that. Another brother wrote it down. I would not advise. So old that a lot of questions 6177797937. Tedy Bruschi coming up next Sports Radio W media. And now we just visited with head coach Bill Belichick act in the last few minutes Chandler Jones will join us here in the studio a little while as well a guy who had. A heck of a game yesterday. He and and Jamie Collins who I thought. Frankly Collins especially at thought disappeared a bit in the opener against Pittsburgh. And bought redeemed himself pretty nicely and I thought Chandler Jones by his own admission didn't play as well as he wanted to in the Pittsburgh game and and bounced back with a nice effort yes. It says the same thing today who say the same thing today that it plays that well he probably will downplay. This acts. That he had yesterday. In and give you a whole you know you know what the speak is they were just trying to get better and trying to improve every day. I wanna ask dale when asked Jerry Norton this question Jerry Norton. I believe has the pulse. Of the wall. Patriot nation Thornton nation. So important nation and I just wonder how you deal with this dilemma tonight it's a dilemma. Please give me the answer and patriots fans or an audience. Tonight you've got a prime time game dale. Between that jets. And the colts. You hate rejects. You hate the colts. If the colts ball to Owen to corner holds maybe if it's not a control. If the jets win this game to go into it now. Who knows they may be confident they think they belong. You wrote for him his game tonight. Jets and colts. You history buffs might remember the Iran Iraq War. With that well nobody rooted for you just want to casualties on both sides that would ordinarily be the case here. What I would probably bad game yes that the that the colts. Have. Ensconced themselves in the number one on everybody's hit list or you hate the colts more than the jets yes yeah after. Deflate gate you match. More but they say they had all tonight is Steve Nelson ever says whenever status and it just reminds me Desormeaux argue some you know now. About history about the colts are responsible for a duplicate the job responsible for spiking. I'd after Israel was eight years ago are not allowed this year. But now it rejects in spite it would deflate it the first round pick if it hadn't happened you lost first round pick and a fourth rounder. And a million dollars in a four game suspension. They're connected these franchises and Tanya and the jets at least. Came in here and in that took a playoff game from you in a fourteen and two season that's pretty that's pretty discussed. Yeah I could points all but the colts I've taken a special place in everybody's heart blini. Nobody loves the ravens around here but the closer ahead of them right now what one because they are still ostensibly. A playoff rivalry is still it. You know hole in all likelihood. That they'll make the playoffs if if they win this thing on to see them go only to to watch them get just trampled again. Like they did it in week one and two seeds of that memory foam soft defense. Get rid of right over it out that would be fun. I haven't so that I mean it's hard for me to root for the jets this is that rare occasion I I'd be curious to see what the call is with the text line says but like I think people agree with me the colors are actually the top of the the kill bill atlas or you know. And for the jets to know tonight. Tied atop the AFC east. Well and lit up talk in a Toyota nothing to win here at Nazi that the other thing for me is an and I know what the records are right now but realistically. Who do you think is legitimate competition for in the AFC between those two teams who jets and how I don't know it. No legitimate competition and fourth in the conference for the patriots yes the jets now not because at the colts will hold its course like they'd have to come here and AFC championship game and it's got all likely to win their division I I got I got sacked. I got you on that but obvious thing. The colts can't beat the patriots. Would it mean they can't beat the Andrew Luck. Colts have never competed against the patriots true it is they've never had a good game they've never in just it's never come down to the final five minutes moment. Almonte was gonna happen who's gonna win this game. They haven't they they added in the offseason they add it to their offense. Frank Gore they had. 80 Andre Johnson the first hint if the receiver. Right but but in addition to that though you've still got these these off the field to act as you've got. Ryan Drake since lying about the fact that they alerted built the lead to and they'll hold the flaky thing you've got Sean Sullivan on the sidelines of guide. You don't the pulling it get that finalist banner that they hung Emmy right now I face it the general attitude is. Dinero in the untouchables. I want an outlet out towards the grotto what are the other rations. It's it's it's that bad right now at that important don't get amenable ordination says root for the jets tonight as wanna get that. And we have on the record nor nation. At the ordination Colin. For the jets the story below. That's Demi levels like foreign words that have really hard to preannounce I don't know if I could actually say it in those terms like yeah that's I think I speak for a lot of people and I know the colts are. Actually always sixteen wouldn't be good enough. I'm with him on this one Timmy if you told me that the patriots we're gonna go one in fifteen. For an entire season. And they can only be one team I'd want them to beat the colts in and I hate the colts and I and I know you're right. Especially playoff games they're not exactly competitive with the patriots. I don't care. They had their they are the team that started this whole. You know fiasco with Tom Brady they are the team that led to the debates have Tom Brady's reputation and career. I like Q I don't play on the debt that are like like meat or mired yet. I don't I don't I don't I don't blame them for that they're they're like number three on the list. I'm number one analyst as Roger Goodell who allowed this this phony baloney investigation happened and number two on the list or sports. Ticker sports. Is is it there as well because he was it to actually in the eight and they gave him this company ran with it and articles. Just tackles. Mamas hey yeah but not me. But re colts the only ones the patriots can play on in a football game. I can't do anything with it felt like it do anything with Morton's and I just can't imagine rooting for the jets and again Michael could I can't imagine rooting for the New York Jets are still out there promote this myth. That D'Qwell Jackson intercepted a ball started this whole thing. And then contradict themselves publicly not to mention you know he you wanna bring media members into it. Got Greg Doyle you've got Bob Kravitz still frightened things a boat I'll Jim McNally was. You're in ged I mean that is just who many enemies in Indianapolis right now now now. I didn't hear it but apparently on the pregame show for the the patriots radio network. Jonathan Kraft said that just strength ski and McNally had no changes in their duties within the organization is that right while. You know what I I had didn't hear his I didn't hear his interview I sought. Description of his interview. And that seemed to be different than that the description I read the description our bread was. Kraft saying there were certain there are certain restrictions that the league put out there. So they're back. But then there are certain receipt didn't get into it. Well I don't like it says Trent ski isn't involved with the preparation of the game balls anymore but he goes back to his duties as they wore. And I think McNally. You know may not load the football from the officials room to the football field but he is still as I understand it going back into that position is officials from attendance sort of that. Here we have cameras. There is. We NFL network cameras involved with the first I'm. Of the first time. McNally. And Walt Anderson see each other than meeting. After we do like maybe a football life on that. McNally Anderson. Connection. Significantly. What you. Wanna see. My guess is they would do with vacant it. Always this year instances hello deflator. How Lori. Hey Walt. You know the difference between these two gauge his race here they put in writing and does it say specifically that McNally is still allowed to bring that delicious clam chowder it is. Well. The vote all those Gillette razors at the ready if that's a that's sort of and I had to use Gillette if I mean where are we took nuclear root for the jets that point I had torn apart I was in the know you. I don't mind as well as that the odds let's say they'll it's playoff implications happened once with with the jets were playing that Altman's wasn't there something late in the year. Yeah and the jets needed to win the game for the patriots to win that the wind division. Brett favre's quarterback. I don't find it's hard to believe Favre was just had turnover after turnover. Really just collapsed in the big game situation. And the dolphins that Tony Esperanto dolphins won it won the division in the patriots eleven and five missed the playoffs Mac cast in blackouts and. So there are rare. Instances you know haley's comet like occurrences where you root for the jets and makes strange bedfellows mention the Iran Iraq War listen we'll root for the Soviets in World War II. Nobody loves them you know they would know bundle of laughs but we needed them christened Salem Chris you're next on Sports Radio dale and Holley. Hello Chris I don't. I am where they'll enjoy area on this and here's why. Yes the jets blew the whistle on spy gate but spike it it's something that actually happened. I go flying from you know that's a good one important. Human needs to be made secondly. I think it would kinda stick it to Rex Ryan is the jets did well this you and Ivan paper tickets are trying to. Yeah I now are you you're not concerned about this though the jets are able to beat the colts. You're not concerned about the jets divisional opponent. You know doing some damage in I'm not seeing an arresting the division away from the patriots but you know being a really competitive team. Talk stocks are and they start they start off like this in you know worried about. We'll talk Chandler Jones coming up next Sports Radio WB.