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Chris Mortensen details deflategate tweet saga, claims Kraft family called him to apologize

Aug 27, 2015|

We go inside the audio from 98.7 Arizona Sports Radio/ESPN and listen in as well as Chris Mortensen finally details the circumstances behind the infamous "11 of 12" footballs tweet, and also claims that the Patriots ownership called him personally to apologize... for what he doesn't specify.

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Oh. What Freddie WEEI. Dale and Holley and done she's from the Doug and wolf show. Out gets extra points and Phoenix we're gonna have a longer segment or or or longer look at this in in a couple of minutes but. A real brief court clip. From mortenson who is on with Doug and wolf mountain Arizona here's what he had to say it applaud Hughes now deleted tweak in his relationship with crafts. You could argue whether the whether they were significantly ever played it or not but I would I stand by that story it and in the meantime. I understand the passion. The fanatical nation that is in new England and then and certainly and anybody who work loose ball and that's where do. I've had all perhaps Robert Kraft and darling Graham called me and apologized war just the ladies this thing is gunned down. Moon while more are or from Chris mortenson and Doug and wolf cotton. Phoenix. Jerry I think he was discussing you're talking about do with the whole fanaticism of the New England Patriots fan by. You know that fanaticism and the defensive justices have no class at. Let's Chris mortenson is is not the evil one here yes he was easy for all of us to target because he didn't take on the week the week was wrong it may be that's what. Being one of the sparks that this whole thing but let's. Let's also understand would be real enemy ease with this whole thing and I think that proves out YE. Why both crass Jonathan Hunt Robert. Talked to him and called him and said whatever they checked it does more to apologize. Year deputies got was apologist. I think he's an apology because several people apologized to him. But the way this thing went down now well there's only one person in this room was qualified to a talk about unity journalists and that's that's cute Tom play I would think that if your name is on something that's wrong. It's incumbent upon you know I'm not blaming mortenson for writing what he was told by sources. That's important he was told this by multiple people he said sources. Are you post that you put your name to a fine but if your name's on a lie. Isn't not a common appoint you for your own benefit to go on correct out lie and not just let it sit there where anybody can just didn't scroll through Twitter and find. A ball perhaps Robert Kraft and other grab call me and apologized work just the ladies this thing has gone down. I'm surprised. Honestly that when the wells report came down there was no circling back through that. The reporting was done earlier in the wings who weren't correct Matt being I'm a major one night say if you're Chris morgues in well with ambiguous enough. Where it's at two pounds under inflated. Com as much as insignificant piece that's what he hangs his hat on the fact that he says significantly. Under inflated becomes await you say well my definition significantly new was might be different. But it's terrific cast was said. Even exponent. Found that the ball should have deflated. Down to about eleven point five they were found to be about eleven point three so of their alleging the NFL is that. McNally took the balls about them to wait them by. 110 each. So that's what he calls his dancing on angels team to them and opinions ideas so they weren't ill significantly not significantly right Ron. Tea last week when I was in there. In the courtroom. In a match. Said. That there are people in the NFL this is why byways of explaining. But like the suspension I was faced with a similar situation and wants it he said there are people in the NFL matchup does. That were like before game suspension. With a ball deflation. Alone. So they were talking about the spectrum like when I went outside I somehow can waited that to. Bash saying. They wanted. The suspension for his for the ball to please don't moan and for music what he never said that. He didn't say in four games he inferred that it one suspect was and in order when acts on the transcript Friday night as I was flying to New Orleans. On the economic on. He didn't say that. And you know I thought it was important to. Certainly true visit there's another thing you wanna find it and reported on your help with someone else does otherwise you look like. You're on high you know hide that we're trying to gin something up that didn't exist so I wrote something up you know I don't have much of pats on the back from people. War. Hey good jobs screwed up and and tone of Wendy's or not. Because you should root screwed up in the first place the bad job to come out of the courtroom and every Weytman. Cuba crap quote. That was incorrect but you have to fix a half to acknowledged he's screwed that up and you shouldn't have to wait until then ball when notes it. In his Sunday notes as is Peter King did you shouldn't have to wait until Europe hammered by Robert Kraft during a pre training camp. I'm not gonna tell them how to do their job I'm not an ombudsman they've been doing this on the and I have been made a lot of money they talked to a lot of people. They're people who have helped me and talked to me and counseled me on different things through the years and I get respect for the but I would have done it differently. There have and I'm. And I have no connection to Chris Lawrence and so I will say he was a useful idiot in this that date he has often been willing to. Report things whether it not that he could follow up what will prove them true whatever his exclusives have been almost consistently wrong. Whether it's Bill Parcells is gonna take the job at Atlanta Michael Vick is not gonna get suspend him and there's a laundry list of these things. Boy the fact is that mortenson didn't corrected. I'm weighing more hacked off about the fact that the NFL didn't. That they let it sit out there they knew the numbers were wrong as soon as they went up there and the fact that they let him sit up there and continued to be you know. Talked about as fact and start this whole thing in motion that's a 100% on them and now we've seen thanks to the patriots a leak in the emails. The past them imploring the league you know is that it's Pak trade Jefferies and Jeffrey cash shipments Jeffrey cash. Egging him to correct the record saying you have the numbers in Paris and while we don't know where they came from of the patriot saying look. They didn't come from us so they can only come from the league and they were met with. Late in at best indifference and I would say open hostility at at most. And sat out there forever and I mean am I eight YE. The patriots feel the need to apologize to Chris mortenson thud quell the way things went down. Is you know they're better people than me if that's ridiculous. Go to Brian up on a client Brian you're up next here on dale on Hollywood Jerry Tommy Gregg what's going on Brian. Our fellow that a poll to decide that wrote that just I become matter hurts a lot but I'd just yet. It's self aggrandizing. Not assisted all actually state that that England patriots called him up and apologized to him. Or publishing a report that was patently false and at that race in if that's true. How much more can block crap due to a masculine himself if that happened court. And also says it he stands by his story. As well without having am stuck out. I mean did that this bit reported app which you right there I don't understand. That meet here in the return I guess it's all kind of business relationships that go on record or. What if this were just regular will have a bill media how could this not people be screened for but hill talks. But that is actually ridiculous and should he apologize. It's been removed the minute the well or came. What are some alternate universe but. Ryan in the yen more pissed about this in the in this. Part of the hold the flight gate. Situation. In what appears to Chris mortenson for not removing the Tweeter taking six months to remove it or you're more are you more ticked off at the national football league for not coming out. Immediately. And questioning it and saying it was wrong like they've done with so many other. Incorrect reports. What it where I was locked. In the Welch report came out ways. Krugman that you played well all. The fact that he didn't come out and act outraged and say it is ridiculous I would like to I don't expect to give up the sort I understand that. But the fact that he didn't about think clearly anyone with a set eyes could see that I would like to. I don't like it alt fuel the person did this and I apologize. Because right now the only policy at all like seeing it here is one of the crap. And Brian you know what you are. Euro one at a fanatical patriots fans like Chris important since he sold back pedal and a bulk additive because guys like Uga got plasticky like a fight. Backed up and out well but I mean I refer everybody. To the Forbes magazine profile on ESPN out basically they are. The the monkey to ride to get deals wanting grind that they will do what ever the NFL tells them to. I I winked at on the pornography yesterday eakins you can still see it on the home page. And com. There's a pattern here they from the boards in port through. Lester Munson with an aluminum is predictable you know fawning it right to get Al's feed of all wooded genius of what an intellect he has. But it goes on on on oh. ESP and pretty much is intimidated by the NFL and the amount of money that's changing hands and have basically become. You know a mouthpiece for whatever the speed in the NFL wants to put out. It's willful on in my opinion that. The sweeter in sports media has brand. Ignoring. Attacks these transcripts come out man notions. Of Berman just absolutely. You know going up once that the NFL and down you know that's news. When commissioner is getting pummeled. In court. In New York on the street that's. That's news the transcription news I know the report from the courthouse mesa were goes on but the transcripts and use the inconsistencies found within the transcripts. Are news. They begged to be highlight it. But they are and you can't conclude anything but two words broadcast. Partner when was the last time. Somebody on ESPN on. One of the television you on teen television networks and their radio network or even on their rogue website was the last time that somebody there. Said or wrote that the commissioner is and should be fired. Should nab his job when was the last time so what said the commissioner. Has lie aid was the last time anybody there has said anything like that might not get I don't know Bill Simmons yet utterly and he's no longer there yet doesn't even necessarily have to rise to that level of insanity that's fine opinion. Just report what's going on when you have as I've mentioned earlier. Torre Vincent's saying. One thing in the wells report and another thing in the transcript when you have Roger Goodell. Miss characterizing Tom Brady's testimony as to how often and what he was talking to join just riskier vote. When you have these inconsistencies between. That transcript that to me has been the worst aspect the appeal transcript. And then what we found out. Was inconsistent when Roger Goodell ruling is to meet ignoring news. It you know and when you have you know dozens of sports legal analyst now there are all entitled to their opinion as a matter of fact that's what they're paid for. Some analysts the Munson is entitled to his opinion as well but when he is the only one. Who was completely misrepresenting. What's taken place in the courtroom and I mean he is alone on an island you'll cannot find another order of the sports legal analyst. That agree with the his assessment of how these things are going. Then you know that's not he he's not entitled to his own facts if it is my point Andrea when ESPN. Reports. Absolute falsehoods. As to act like the patriots have a tape of the the walk through of the rams' practice. Report that respect and then give you you know stable Steve Levy Yelp you had no problem with Steve Levy but he has developed there at 1220 at night. And apologize in a way that it's young depth knocked out. Resonate with the people who believed the lies that we're told and trying time as a matter of fact I'm surprised he didn't just go up there and say. Yellow we wanted to who have fallen and I am now back to commercial Powell's view and and the problem in an effort. When I say it's willful it's purposeful it there's a reason for it that there. Continually attempting to tweak Wetherbee the fan base of the franchise. Which again goes back to. Over the years patriots have a tendency to make things difficult. On places like you get which are accustomed or the NFL network or any network real which are accustomed to better treatment and other places the patriots give the media. Mother used to. Where ESP and. Ball well you're here right I want to wanted to buy office don't what is that but there is also you know. It is a higher level of suspicion shown towards it's it's not beyond. It goes beyond just walked in NC and we have carte Blanche here aid they do have attempted to make things difficult. 6177797937. Rich is in danger up next on dale and Holley at rich. I could afternoon I have they are different interpretation of that apology that the trap the craps may supports it. I'm wondering what they acted as though we shall bet you that the sleek and not a member of don't screw with you we gave you bad information. Out there to hang out. Take and beat a guy oh clear saint. Yeah. I I agree with the premise of that. In the same way I agree that beer irritation is not with Roger Goodell hadn't been with Roger Goodell prior to the appeal. Being on a pail of irritation as with not with. Chris mortenson for doing his job and it's. Chris insist vetting the story. It's what the people who fed and the bad information about what happened in May and should happen to mate is a different story. But you can't really hold. The reporter. Totally. If you vetted in him number of different places. You can't be totally to blame for it if people you've otherwise trusted give you crap information. It all summer just tweet it to the Tom and myself and I I can't confirm that this is accurate but. This is a quote leases mortenson. Also said he has recently spoken to patriots owner Robert Kraft. While declining to delve into any details of the conversation Morton said the Kraft told them quote our fight is not with you. It's with the NFL. Assuming that's accurate and I can't prove that if mortenson has taken that as an apology. Then you know Morton's and that stuff like oh I don't act. And that they. Use the werder that was significantly over weighted. Assumption. I got up at eleven out of twelve of the times it is significantly over inflated I'm. You know again that would be. I regret the situation not I apologized to the wrong things that I've done to you but how our axe to grind is with the NFL is that from. The yacht interview from from putting I don't know what this guy pulled Arizona won this guy pulled it isn't open it's just that it's just a Twitter follower. Are we got we got we get more that'll be adjusted to here. As I said we're gonna play more of importance in response on that Arizona radio station with the dog and wolf what's the the words. Apologize were. Specifically used by the craft's two Chris mortenson go to Matt Foxborough back you're up next year on that dale and Holley with Jerry Tommy Gregg what's go on Matt. Playboy ticket that Mike I love you work Jerry you are the beacon of light. And electrical storm neighbors. And I can't thank you without grower important pillar of their. The other day apparently brutal I did OL Arctic unaccounted terrible. They make Gary and looked at. But I want to hit it it how are likely here. Iraq in the back holding out through standard they're capable or learn how to you know it. They're history and how they treat their employees are they how they handle things it is absolutely dismal and more or alienate socket a bet the report. And and you all remember recently and it. Are there or if it is then he bet if you walked spirit since then I don't think they know we're back. Did they hire people are happy not to panic at the patriots is they they hire people yeah its independent candidate can get hurt are the things. And likely that they you know they hire at tech. Players. Don't you know. Take your career. And it nearly three in India being sick. If they market to beat him on the field. Not exactly there are on the media and the prayer at the next morning to deport those particular court come out tomorrow. Which insure that print or ended up Matt on the keyboard is that the. Matt thanks for the phone call 61777979837. More your phone calls we get to. The final drive coming up in just a little while as well into day. A free ticket. Thursday just hit here and that he's now 52341. Cent. And the show ends approximately 6 o'clock we have yet to give away the Red Sox yankees tickets on just. Just saying and it's a lot of to listen forty minutes put down the last 37 basically in. You know any minute now baby in arguments and we might be given away these tickets though. Just less than free ticket Thursday Dele Ali Sports Radio WEE wrong. 6177797937. Ours telephone number we get more from Chris mortenson. From the he was that the dog in wolf's show Doug and wolf. And well. Oh. And I got there and here is what that more had to say in his. It was mentioned to us off the years but it makes sense it don't remember. If at all of course is really count of expanded on the whole. Processing situation of these weak and that the leading him and everything. In between from January. Until this point put here for Chris mortenson. Had to say up all the eleven of twelve football. Sweeten everything that happened. Since that crystal Whoopi you mentioned at the eleven of twelve balls being deflated. And it bit have you taken an awful lot of crap for. That very phrase because it wasn't expressed vivid view things significant way in the world report. What's the truth through your mind about the famous eleven of twelve footballs being under inflated. It's in my my wife also took had been gets a lot of flak that. Are able to get it it's really example of this yet it'll back to the timeline. Sunday football game. Monday senator Monday morning Bob Kravitz Indian apps reports the league put them under so underplayed it took all. I'm actually getting ready to act Arizona. The get out there early to them what import to get up a bit genetic you'll want her into the air balled up. No immunity your goal whether. And but the night before I was leaving our declare that whoa I don't put all the we talk about. I'm up three or four there and that of my inquiry the whole the whole narrative. That somebody from the leaked deliberately leaked ball information to me there's so much baloney. Did actually isn't so open because I may be an inquiry. How many football we talk about three or more. No love in the world. Ground to ground PSI under now I looked and I didn't you know what the regulations. Further PSI of the time more like I pick up the ball. And I had very little. Dialogue with that person. And then I called somebody. Belts another source and says. He had amassed. That it is the loan pull all my focus was on the realm problem or just personal process. Significantly. Under inflated. And so were I given the trouble. Is the fact that I tweaked the two pounds under. Week clarified. And simply went to significantly. Under inflated. After it became clear there was conflicting data by the way everything. It was eleven of twelve football. And it to the Princeton professor who was hired to disprove. That yet while report. Agreed on which gate would use and so even then we're talking about. By a ball in the general range. Another five that were in the low eleven range. And not only that we also know the league itself. Didn't even get it right when it's up the notification letter to create its endeavor that well what one ball it was slow tempo I want PSI. I will add bit but I'll let go let it be. Never implicated. Tom Brady I never had a sort implicates number you know an original report and all who didn't even the debt load that the ball or hampered would it. I'd hit great the issue whether balding and the referee pull quote called leaked it and the first person who ever implicated Tom Brady. Over the non media type in what the committee. Worked so well objects. Did your right we sit good dog the top pop up. He's getting into the dirt so that clip from the bottom line is that chimp well under PS side. It could look at cottonwood if I couldn't change that week. They feel pretty good idea to tweet this and simply do the dialogue that I you who took eleven football that was my focus not. But PSI a lovable Baltimore packed confirmed there have been under inflated and you can argue whether the whether they were significantly and there are plated. We're not but I would I stand by that story then. In the meantime. I understand the passion of the fanatical nation it is in new England and then and certainly any anybody to work loose ball and that's where do I had all scraps Robert Kraft and garlic grip on the and apologized war. Just the ladies this thing has gone down. A day ago what's not Chris mortenson. First time he's really spoken at length. A ball between the circumstances. Surrounding its weak that's on the Doug and wolf shall. Elton Phoenix which who. Oh we present the will be. Does that rate coupons. Down on the piazza I'd there'd DJ that is no ill and. You can argue that it when he like the start and he didn't. Note that the reasoning and it's really germane noble thing you can't keep bringing up 1112 and yes in the eleven came up. Because you'd be a little obtuse if you're not gonna. Boo to the fact that there were only eleven balls there so it was an eleven of twelve because if you say eleven of twelve votes while they didn't get one more it. It doesn't show the same thing if there is uniformity. From zero to eleven all balls. Under inflated and it speaks to something else especially going ninety seconds were spent in the bathroom so the clarity. Vary wasn't present in Chris is representation in my estimate for. No but the fact is Chris mortenson can sit there until these long boring pointless stories and talk about the fanatical patriots fans and and take the craps words as an apology which it wasn't. And he can also sit there and not get to the point which is that he put this false wood out there and he didn't corrected until now. It's August 27. He tweeted that out on January 20 and he's had it apple time to clarify this and he hasn't so people would you just talk Sigalet yeah. Significantly. When he changes it to significantly he thinks that's his cup. And I are still everywhere and it's not like when he changes the only thing you can really quibble with it about. Despite his tenant there which I didn't think was outstanding but. Do any quote with a bonus the fact they didn't corrected. And say holy crap these numbers on May sixth or seventh the whenever was was what about in my opinion actually. Everything that's happened since may sixth or seventh that he hasn't done is move. And if you want to hide behind the fact on that I don't not I don't understand Twitter you on TV every single day of your professional life. Mention it. Bring it up. What he doesn't want to which is why he bailed on Dennis and Cali Panamanian casinos that those guys unlike you know whatever I did Dick you're the wolf there whatever is going to look at it voluntary that they would have. Excoriated. Him that it would not have left a piece of meat on his bones if that's the case that he's making now. As he said one thing that is a complete falsehood and everybody has the stop saying it. Can we dropped this fiction that Bill Belichick. Haas Tom Brady under the bus up he was the first one it. Implicated in which was abandoned and he's done that before he used that as a he had that lying. We can go ten days away ever was when he first really came out and spoke about a that the second time he's run that Alter. Once you located Tom Brady Aztec cultures to extra Suez Canal on gun now an alliance with these guys work Cris Carter. Or anybody and then effect NFL had learned that that much less the media followed. Bill Belichick was asked how Tom Brady prefer is the footballs he said you'll have to talk to two probable that. Which is being portrayed ever so says he just said hey. I cannot do it this this is all Tom Brady. I would no sooner or be able to talk about how. You know you guys like your headsets I feel like you're volume adjusted you know what that's all he said. He was asked the specific question might help regulate the football season refer to Brady and that's. No heat through radio about the amount when all BS he did not he just can't speak intelligently. About how was quarterback prefer is the football scuffed. He handled the softened. You know whatever and he would've been immediate to try to address how Tom pre likes of football's. Scrap. Tim who's not San Diego two in Europe next with dale and Holley with Thornton carnage Dickerson what's going on Tim. They are under eighteen and how you doing. Good thank Gerri thank you so much for the Bill Belichick do your job future could do out here well. Why am here thanks very athletic Wear Wear proudly you're you're giving things to people now. I don't I thought typically. Like blisters sent stuff to you why why use innings that's elements and seeing you know it's it's it's about patriots fans man which is we we just we give them each other's spirits like auto Grateful Dead concert and we want to ought to pass subtlety here yet taken it up for us I'm a patriot fan and nobody certainly teachers yet. I don't ought broke boats that look like but I wouldn't sell it here and at what point play it was a that breed of our I don't know because read this article couple days ago Forbes magazine. Yes that. Pretty Cody relates to between your you Austrian and well I mean I think it also relying Morton back on the current order position. But I think the NFL talent there that particular note telling it in the dual themselves in a written in the Kutcher is. Very weird relationship. I don't know if they are telling them Tamba they insurers fell lights stop. Also operative from certain things alike I agree with him now it is so much money passes against the weight Forbes phrased it. You don't ESPN is the biggest media outlet doing business with the biggest sports league it's only natural that there's got to be kind of a little bit of incestuous ness going on. Absolutely it's billions of dollars that I cannot and I candidate never liked what they did do that they're. Biggest problem the biggest on that plateau which is cut and that's ridiculous but. Now I can't see I think I do think there's like the bigger which I've ever seen that the art that you stood not. Biggest since Salem I do I wanna bench and some come from Jerry when you 'cause I was at the press conference when bill vote to match on Britain. And he'd did not answer questions. He was making state. It long statement of which if on the transcript in the portion of recent I'm trying to coach the team news or from Belichick. And that's what I wanna do I think we all of the quarterbacks kickers specialists have certain preferences. On the football signal up more than I do a lot more sensitive to it that I am I here them comment on from time to time but I can tell you. And they will tell you there's never any sympathy whatsoever for me on that subject zero. Com's personal preferences on this footballs but something that he can talk about much better detail. And information and I could possibly provide he went on to speak probably for another reform minutes after that so he did. OK he was the first person to say ask him and I remember of perk it up at the press conference. When he said that blow. All right I I I mr. remember that it was in the tour ever responded early during a question or however given the rights. Stuff absolutely and I hope I get I want in my act trying to be a bank not on paper I appreciate I wanna be accurate on this to a no Chris mortenson palm will split. What he was addressing with specifically. How Brady and you can also write a glass house ski who also by the we didn't give his phone over to the Ted Wells but nobody cares about that I'm. He can't sit there it's it's like Nicholson says in a few that meant. I'm in an educated man but I'm afraid I can't speak intelligently about the travel habits of private Santiago. He can't sit here and tell you wreck that Tom really likes we you know when they scoff the ball a little bit but here's what this pirates got nor should he. He blatant to to his point that he was he was the amplify an edit. He is the guy who on a hot summer day is pouring water on the ball he's the guy who makes them practice outdoors when is it in the freezing cold on the practice bubble so yeah he. He was bright to say you'd have to talk to Tom about how ripe for. And it blew it and Ukraine it was you could even say that it will look. Crappy earth he sat out there it said we have no explanation within our building to explain why eleven of twelve balls. A two pounds under inflated as had been reported and as David Garrity from the NFL had told Robert Kraft. So you are Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and you have no idea wide and it turns out they really were. My turns out prewar. And one of questions get asked about why did Brady do this him why did he give a bad performance in that press conference and so what. It it's all past the tide back to the fact that they were going awful of wrong information they would get bad Intel. From mortenson from the you know of the build the league itself that regard he's saying that one of the balls and is ten point one which was a flat LY. And so yup they thought maybe some that it happened upon new themselves are trying to figure out why. Our final drive is able different. Today we're gonna do phone calls that will be part of our final drive we see you guys we will get to you when that will lob make way for a the Mikey out and show that. Doesn't involve. Like the items today. Widgets I Chris allotted to some. Dummy Greg crystal hobby is the end we'll talk gamble what he's got coming up politics the more your phone calls will say bye bye. It is dale Hollywood fort not Thursday Sports Radio WE. I will at this I'll let go let it be. Never implicated. Tom Brady I never had a sort implicate somber you know an original report. And all but didn't even the debt load that the ball or hampered what it. I did raise the issue whether balding and the referee Paul quote called the league told it and the first person who ever implicated current burn the over the non media capital than me. What bill well objects. I was not pregnant hell was that it was at the wolf. Always vet dog what book. Newton you tell Chris yeah all of that then schools as a pitcher. It's Ron Wolf we have witness will always brought wolf music camera phone and he does have a point. Rude and actually things are cool. And who's got you we familiar with dogs workers some juggling. A blank that the fresh some used just some Manolo. Develop. The Austrian guy out there are well let it's Chris mortenson just earlier today in the Doug and wolf show. Our final drive we normally do the final drive thing here you know tolls the sound in in a different stories but we got a telephone calls were to do things will differently today but I will tell you that. Bottle drug cosponsored by AA RS restoration specialists. The weather's nice now Maddon. In other words it's gonna suck pretty sound but it's nice out typical Bostonians. The weather's nice double a change of seasons can mean property disasters. Be prepared and have an ERS create a year round facility disaster relief plan. Only had eight RS or dot com that's eight or aunts or dot com. And that's it's let's go to Mike who is he in the ace long meadow Mike is a huge Jerry Orton fan I would like a teacher from Jerry Mike go ahead and ask. Right are you at. I'm like hello this is particularly towards Jerry because I've been listening. You use your station all the time and effort all the hosts and their opinions and all the callers. And all the interviewers. And every time anything ever comes up that might implicate the patriots. We're in the direction our QB reflects this makes excuses or. The purpose vehicle is what you guys were talking about with Belichick. When Belichick first well I'm an interview. Most people I talk to. Yeah loaded couldn't believe it you know anything about the football you know everything about appreciate your because everybody says mr. Belichick contributes. Which thinking in responsible for the team you don't reach. And then you go to say well well ports as you whether you file. You guys stay below reported a worse that the typically to Britain are yet we send out our check is exonerated in I believe it. Can I grew up Mike Mike and I just interject real quick here. Because bill Belichick's. Vociferous. And very well thought out explanation as to X and proof as to why he doesn't give a crap about the football's. And I haven't known him to be a liar in press conference situations norm private. I believe them I don't think he gives a crap about the condition of the football. As you well he when he came back for the second time in a couple days later explain a lot of the stuff Al he'd prefer the ball to be as bad as possible practice. I believe at the beginning in May be what I'm prepared to talk about it but I urged lack amid and it. And I believe that she didn't know anything about the procedure and about the ball pressure I think go check. I can I reject again created just one more time so you think that that he would have signed off if indeed the wells report was accurate you think he was signing off on. Payroll for the equipment people doing it then because I don't I think the if indeed it was going on. Absolutely insinuate. Some kinda clandestine thing about which Belichick would have known all. Well I I agreed that the track I are we only question is the process that's surely what happened and it they were deflated. He said that you know anything about proceed with the ball at the beginning of the game on ball pressure I didn't believe that I think those everything about every. Ball Mike thank you just don't exactly the opposite to what you're accusing me of doing which is you're accepting the wells report's conclusions set things happened. What you're ignoring the wells conclusions report that they have nothing on Belichick. Or mental I didn't hear it. I think both sides there's close both sides I think it without a horrible. Okay Bill Belichick slid his phone across the table to Ted Wells and said here you go out wells looked into it if Steele was dirt on bella check. They would have found it they would die in two do you not think that well I wanted to find evidence. Don't I don't disagree with that policy is. I actually it was part of any conspiracy all I'm saying here are seeking mental. What are supposed to be out. Tino approach there's been any of the beginning of the game there's so I don't know what happened I don't know I can't say that Tino radio. I don't say here's. Couldn't Belichick is god let this Scott free. EM I didn't completely leave. Freak you lost. You lost the first structure epic and a fourth round draft pick and his organization wants the million dollars if that's Godfrey then I I said look I'm curious about your sense of justice. What am personally got up there afterward when they finally realized that I mean it was it was really pointed toward Brady. And that's what they came down and I think they were over the top at all and I. Right Mike up there what you're accurate. In that they went out of their way to exonerate Bill Belichick and I think with good reason because had they not. Then you end up with a situation just like Rich McKay is in Atlanta where Rich McKay because of the use of piped in voice just completed a suspension as of today was reinstated Vick didn't wanna do that to Belcher. And I don't think they wanted to do that because he didn't do when he. Not because of these conspiracy theories and Belichick's skated never ending out I think they truly didn't believe that he had any knowledge. But. Built the world's report doesn't have to be completely via. Polar opposite of the truth and a freeway in completely or completely. Raw or completely right now there are aspects of accuracy that's the way of best life stalled. But to beat that one of those people who says I accept the world's report but not their conclusion that Belichick wasn't involved. Is to say what that. They had in full but they decided to ignore it that's the most dubious claim that I've heard in makes absolutely no active very simple. Simple minded. On price and if you notice we just a total absence of critical thinking anybody wants that opinion off. We don't get to these while that you want I pray for our audit Matt and chip and Matt and Alex and Jon day. You know we are basically yeah we were giving him you to crystal Lonnie who was in from Mike Adams. Don't make your car and help a child today that she's got bottles aria I went to skip. Wasn't you know upon us we want we want more Tommy current novelists schedule your free pick up at 877. Cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. It's not you the reason. We're not taking Dante and Alex and Matt and chip because they were handing them over to lock crystal Lonnie who's next but also because. Doug on the wolf they always get along and kiss and hug you may have. Wonderful poem by L moments with Chris mortenson sometimes Doug about what they just. Just don't like each of the two week. So why do you whipped dog and the Wolfson not so grand time Tommy will talk to you soon thanks Gerri will Alessio tomorrow here. Abdel Ali Chris body up next in from Mikey Sports Radio WE. Yeah I asked young people what do you do specifically young people what do you think so under thirty. Yes I I isn't what do you think and we're talking about the brain and I obviously would become rescissions over your head and I apologize to you I didn't mean to expose that that's. And by the way the numbers now 42 we've had 42 tweets. About a calmed by the way. Nothing's over my that you decide if ice today and the brand let's ask you what young people think. But your responses. And I and I say if you're anywhere between about twenty of 35 years a lot warmer instrument just tell me what you think you know and your response back is forty year old don't think that. No I just talk to and we want to welcome about a forty Euro which it would rubble so it's a scientific practice I led it was scientific I just fast I. Our readers you have are just shooting your furniture group told you were and how you really don't dispute the fact that the brandy is still want the best brands in the world. I asked if young people think that that's all he did but you have been out of shape about it. As sir Roger would say relax. You with drug sure I don't know. I ever tell me who shot Sheila gall you're not man enough to tell me to shut up that's a joke you wanna don't. Yeah I just think soon. So we should add some big forum why would you tell Amanda shut up I'll either you know what seriously you've got a problem. I do have a doubt what nobody says shut up to me that's a joke. It's unprofessional. And it's immature you know you gotta disagree with me all you want but to tell another man to shut up is idiotic. Speaking Nvidia. If you will feel better by punching me go ahead. Thanks for gonna talk about. Bonds has perfect since we. Both have the right to look at the way he handles himself right now and Arizona sports on 97 FF.