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Brady goes to federal court, 8-12-15

Aug 12, 2015|

Lou, Christian and Giardi talk about how the NFL and Brady may fare in federal court today.

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We're loading here. 48. These tended to. On WEP. Clinton can. This. Has. Picked back up through this. Yeah. No big pay day for outright lie exist on the program. This is the others. Fauria screening. Jack Aubrey blockade. No lady though with the old lady that was it. The culture might you guardian as well yeah you know our story. Out Roger when he walked response. Boot. Vote. It'd. Wrestling match right the bad guys. Iron sheik that month that he beat on anti deservedly. Gets beat on them. I want to go two question was asked yesterday. But babble of the process globe. About deflected it and if he listens to. Just no clue there. Or doesn't care that you make a straight answer. That ms. Rogers and a. The NFL consistently corrects missing operation in and corrects wrong reports that are out there some curious why the NFL not correct the report from the first week that issued an eleven to twelve balls run deflated by two pounds especially when in theory be out of a hat that data from the footballs from that nice. I've been as you know first and foremost we went to an independent investigation that we following. These two nit championship game all of that. Focus was put to Ted Wells at that point in time in supporting him cooperating fully making sure you have any information we had and there was no more discussion about Avaya public discussion it was Ted Wells this investigation he had complete discretion. On the timing and scope the amount of time that was necessary for and with whom we spoke to and we fully supportive. We went along went and that was ultimately a decision he made in May and we issued our discipline shortly thereafter and were in the middle of a CPA process now and now litigation. But it clearly was well the question was divorcing his was the question can you sum up the last seven months if only record over the question because the question your honor. Can you please repeat the question what hell was I have no idea. And it did it Roger Goodell. He can do and say whatever he wants the that was the stupidest answer every could just respond to that ball bend as we all know. Squirrels can't play basketball at Tuesday sunny day we investigated three blue cars were there. All right and he couldn't just sit back and get a victim there's of the god and the sooner we haven't got there after it and I just thought this thing. But Mike. I would open batter I grew up its act. But he should express today you go girl front row are you doing. I don't which government man. Pickles or doesn't know how to answer the question. Mean bloat. Won't mean that is about is. It's clear and concise as you can ask the question right hey you know they've been involved and called the vice Versa paper bag and reduces their bed and go though they are doing. You know right at me why I just I mean I know he's going he will never answered that question never. Texas relays where was the follow the big huge grab the Mike from the right they don't let you kind of buckle up up but it is if you're the next reporter. You know you the sit ditzy I had a good question but I I I have to fall pull up what was that other you know he's. And other local band together and take it because in these are your enemies lots of it but if you go back to the Super Bowl one where he had right before the Super Bowl game down obviously. Plenty of Boston media. The national media wanted to ask questions about the flight gate and had more plants in there. For people out the kids kids network you know down like. This advanced armor from the LA times. You know I know there's also a football team in LA or seven or eight people from Boston all in one corner and none of hungry and the microphone every animated way back there now yet bay despite the less disease somebody's owe him with hey I dodged a question about the plate he took one more. And didn't he didn't answer anything I think Tim the other thing that struck me is you spend five million dollars or whatever it is on the wells report. And you claim independence. Than a year filings. And independents isn't a big deal. And yesterday trots out the word again independent investigation but it also seemed like. You sort through Ted Wells under the boss a little bit yesterday like on distancing myself from how this is all played out. And obviously and answer yeah judge Berman. If he's at he's been monitoring all the stuff has got to be disgusted when is the lack of progress made here multiple reports saying Lou that. There is there was that this settlement talks have gone absolutely nowhere. Well this visit it's been reported and show after. Confirmed because the congress Morton throws waiting for a confirmation that I the NFL parent Tuesday. Changed its settlement offered Tom Brady saying they'll be no settlement. Unless Brady except the finding of the walls report. Then Ocalan is no settlement correct because if he does accept the findings. Per ads off. We can and can't do that McCain had our manager Brad who lawyer Michael McKee and of the Michael cancer and cared. Because he's already disputed right to appeal Hebert that would that would be perjury you wouldn't hide. In front of the court and then gone back on its non I didn't see that wasn't planned knows it oh she's OK here's another planet to exploit us. The unions your response that the only way we will settle zip that you guys admitted there was bias in that you made up the entire thing. Of that city recover now months were 'cause. Seven months you keep yourself for the editors I don't know finally admit that if you just admit it if you made everything up. From the very beginning and you just let false information go out there in the just admit you have nothing. There you go because that's that's why I say there is no chance in hell. There's a settlement today I do think we'll get a gates steps and direction that level of a better idea thinks. Will leak out now those guys they're going to be at 1030 privately very Berman yeah. And at 11 o'clock is when it it's gonna open that have been a public Barbara there's no tweeting but still well will get a feel that. The judge seemed to be questioning. In the NFL's case a lot more or Brady's case a lot more we disregarded this which is. Important in one side's case will. Well David's idea what direction ago but it always vote nothing will ever get done what you tell me what that deadline is if it's the nineteenth fine. If something can be done from the nineteenth and a fourth. Then I say nothing will happen in the nineteenth either right both sides in firm until the last minute. If the fourth is. The drop dead date this past the beast that's right that's when. That's when the rubber meets the road and you you have to make a decision I will not let the fourth yelled a third. To get some dollar still still no. By Daniel even have a better idea you know either side where he's going to rule what site deals is that is in more trouble than the other one. So yeah of course at the last minute while Lowry and I am extra. To take it to two games settlement offer and that seems to be the general consensus today as the environment will give both sides and an ideal well because he's on over this. Where he's leaving. And let's you can convince him to leave otherwise mrs. It is so you guys know now you're not a settlement done you better come up until in this direction so what do you the other is going to be happy with that you need to fix tonight. We're talking about. ESPN report that the NFL demanding gritty except the wells report. Which as we just discussed. Would be admitting perjury I was it ST here is and what we do that pro football talk Mike Florio lawyer says also it's standard practice and the settlement. For the party accused of wrong doing. To deny responsibility. So you settle. But as long as I can deny. You know that I was guilty right that whole thing in admission of guilt not okay we'll settle RO. You gotta come to me then at least come out and say that I didn't do this you know in this little settlement comes down to. It's in lot of people say Leo I play hard to believe it go to zero refine that third settlement that's a victory right right if that's the case. If the settlement is dipped zero games at a fine. The NFL that puts something other issues at the cinema was four games. Why would Brady take that why wouldn't he go all the way so why would the NFL take zero games in a (%expletive) it I wouldn't they just Yelp while ago if they get slapped down a court tickets left on the court. I think we should just sit here and read Twitter all day. Just up it is it's just update after update that and it lets all of them pro football talk of an edge of Brandon Michael Wood Mike McMahon and you just go on and not Adams after everybody's. Reach sweeting tweeting me Debbie is what is silence. Is gonna be supporters are gonna have to Vista as speculators are gonna rule and all this but this can happen also look at. Who is the body. Language expert. That's reading Tom Brady's body language as he's walked out of the car who's been like comment on its club is Agassi AT&T inside edition and Entertainment Tonight. Doing their little promo code number accident Lincoln Navigator with a black on black suit with black eyes there is right look at the glass is he where. He looked really good. What does that suits say about Tom ratings to that phase guilty to the thing is innocent or won't let you next. You wore black ice that used to mortal human. Interesting choice Roger who Q who don't ask don't just tell it was that Gisele was that a reflection in and it shows up at. It's not the right now but maybe they'll still stop what you're doing and yet what that girl in your reins of it would cross country like Vegas. Got the mansard. Questions and he answered right now okay. Right then I'll be back big day big day big day with a minute to Kristi appeal flat and I'll be on the right guys out. I have read that right tomorrow and how were the odd sports music right. Like Jack enter the head of the yield right you just know it doesn't sound good ol' boys and I was happy to. Somehow let's name it they should shake hands. Before or who's given. Put their hand or pocket again I'm not seeking out crap they did well in the last couple viewed together in Chicago I believe in sitting next to each other. The first thing we need data so you show you didn't really show Hannity come sit by me obviate and go sit by me. If you're a part of that yes I don't. I don't know what we're gonna get out today I do think that when this whole thing is street got a little better idea of where it's headed but I see this. This Florio piece here it is to Della full of boarding. The celebrated case of its own injuries he talked about his ago that the the council's executive committee can Roger Goodell. The you have to go in and talked to this this committee. About a settlement before he can just sit there put hill stamp on it. The C a full power we always talk about Alec the only sort of run this guy he's as though puppet right so this yet to go to this committee because they're a Dick uninteresting. Is it and order committee one of the members is Robert Kraft these get a call Robert up it's a Robin list this one basket a UOK if I settle Tom. Is that OK with you. But the other ten owners Delis there's no there's no worse saying there's no shoddy for the patriots you know the Ted owners giants' John Marbury vineyard Jerry rich and their there's bad Boland Broncos those two of the co chairs. Mark Kraft Jerry Jones Art Rooney Clark Hunt the chiefs Mark Murphy the Packers. Dean Spanos of these charges and Mike Brown the Bengals that's attending committee. Has rushed out of the committee first. That if phone conversation around when it. He'd still be outnumbered. And the Internet thing there to me is you know we believe that to Dallas the puppet for the owners. And he's looked like such a buffoon and is made the league look ridiculous time and time again over the course of the series. The proceedings in the wells report and and the following that we just got. How does he still have their support. These guys sitting there going what you've done. Even if there's. Bias against the patriots hatred for the patriots the patriots pushed the limits of the rules if you'd you know you can look back all the the variety of things that they've been accused of over the last fifteen years. Some of it minor obviously that's why did they made that. Went too far more than it was or rather. That wasn't minor but how these people look at this and say. You've done the league service that good service here I was dragging. The premier quarterback in the league of one of the two or three. Most important faces Little League through the robbers that you drag him through for the last oil it's our fault. All we wouldn't we asked him to cheat we asked him of the football we got information we were served notice and we had to do some about right isn't. What you guys want me to do. We just think we want to do that but just to handle ago is just completely screwed up from the very beginning we dare I say it's not my fault. With Jim Donaldson from a pro Joseph over the weekend Saturdays at some owners are getting tired of it. I guess you put John Mara in that group rightly see an end of when volts apiece and the is this is John Morris at the grown tired of Reading about it talking about my concerns has dragged on far too long. We've always seem to end up in court one way or the other to public before to the commission is doing his job. He's a knows it's no win situation that no matter what he did usually get criticized. From somebody but this John Mars in this this thing is dragged on too far. Too long but this idea of the snip billionaires but still dragging this thing on the other money that's being put at that time that's being put it. This one owner influential or one that's on that co chair of the committee saying enough. I read it anyway just the messages just. I don't know how people how each side is keeping historic street of for other knots that are OK yeah because I feel like. There's so much information know what usually tell the truth and if you are telling the truth you real it's Elvis the same story multiple times of how much have you he said this bad but remember that oh look look at this. But this quote from a two months ago. Or somebody I mean. I'd know that they I'm sure they have somebody who's in charge like Ernie Adams height that is in charge of all. You know information going in and out maybe somebody was there with the red and make sure you don't see it is but people end up just say they want and it just makes. The entire process obviously. Look completely juvenile it's like you took a bunch of fourth graders he said listen. Here's an experiment no more volcanoes. Margaret Moroccan to build a house OK I want you guys this is your spear how would you handle it and this is what you come outlets. What is what is. And that's and that is just comical for a league that makes. Billions right and you have Goodell making 44 million or whatever was. And the last year. Handle. This matter something. As ridiculous as PSIs and football's what do you believe. That the patriots did something or not. There's no witnesses dragged on for seven months there's no way they should be in a position where they're going into federal court. And it is embarrassing. I know some people have said. Because I've been saying is quite a bit about how nobody wins this year but all sides looked. That I know there's some people but there's a while I was Brady looked bad really I mean you don't think so. Well welcome they've dragged as they drag his ass to the mud there Lazio on text messages and air Terry are you kidding me right again. We're at a point now where his emails his personal emails up pool covers and about the little shot at Manning I got it noisy out warriors let them. Now he's got two Macs like. What do you put that truck hello this public. We'll start of about the pool cover off you know it this that it is just this thing. I'm trying to figure out late you and again off by no more today but I still think that this judge wants absolutely no part of it. He's gonna be pissed when he walks in it today and sits down it and didn't vote seven minutes. With both sides they are. So from how far we go on. When we got but he gets put on the table we got to see it again and that he needs of the NFL oh era after Brady I think I. What you guys got an 11 o'clock I would love to hear that opening statement yet I would love these I mean we're we're going to write and eventually gonna be weeded out be it may be a dual. Live but they'll come out later on it this is kind of what it was. I would love to hear that opening statement consistent with YouTube with what I was going on just disregard everything that I've said. You haven't budged when you don't want to be apartment strikes me like I'm grown up as did his three year age difference you know we're like in the backyard and were told coming out and fight. And finally. Comes on the corner. It's built off yet. You grabs between what's viewers and a half and act. This. What I say sit out shot. That's at arm's good when he. You guys you guys have me. Whatsoever I told to get something done I told you make progress we've made progress. So shut up listen to me and they need to sit down after about ten seconds you can go Steward and do you do that you got back. Started my touching you in the. Sewer rat out. Are we washed away and is obviously 6177797937. Imus Christian Allen 617779790. Three's Democrat or hit us up on the text like 37. 937. Coming up next. I'll probably lower explains why the NFL can't they can't settle this case. It you'll hear his reason coming up next.