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Aug 4, 2015|

Matt Kenseth, Regan Smith and Michael Printup join Eli Gold on this edition of NASCAR Live!

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The following years of production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Withdraw my bag you wanna man. This reproductive. He's been met Ford presumes. I loved. It's just picked me up and its I don't believe you. Without doubt. I don't think they. Fleet of Kyle Busch comes up just one last thought about I have a flat start. At his feet made these the checkered flag met pit exit plan. And pulp and rumble motor racing network studios in Concord, North Carolina. Puree your post below goal we'll. You know. That's just want to love about this business. Obviously Kyle Busch could love for the whole pack of a lot. A few others that can tip the but the fact that you just never know. He would just never know until they waive that checkered flag wild finish at pocono good evening everybody welcome and glad you're with us as we get set to have this weekend. To Watkins Glen International one of the most famous addresses. In all of motor sports hosting NASCAR extremities series and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series coming up. On motor racing network I'm Eli gold happy to have you went last. Coming up later on Matt Kenseth will be here taking your calls and comments so. Jot that down and of course we'll update you on all the latest news of the day. Kim cool will be here to talk about social media. But right now we're joined by two gentlemen to whom upstate New York is a very very special spot one guy is the president. Of Watkins Glen International. Michael print up Michael how are you sir. Eli can't desecration and demand. And also joining us a man who knows all about upstate new York and its sports traditions and does being part of that community. He is Regan Smith from the NASCAR X thirty series currently fourth in points how highest share. I'm doing good Eli outlet up things for you. Everything is nice thank you I'm looking forward to head up to the Finger Lakes this weekend. So Regan if you have the choice. I don't oval track verses a road course how far have you come. In New York comfort levels on a road course clearly we run so many more ovals. But weary you now compared to where your first war when you saw an attack that very first road course years ago. What they the first one minute and stop current of that attack does actually it was actually the lion and now the first time there it's intimidate I mean it's. It's a faster of course you go to the s's than in the way that it touched on this eaten the G forces that hole. You trying to teach your arm lifted up so he can shift the third fourth year out the ups and he'll get are under Al. Elements directed at you trying to do that and that they'll go look it took me a little while first to get acclimated with the arm wanted to. I had that looked forward on there's much of that in any rally along at Gary matter federal watching very there's that's exciting for me you know. Now watch all my heroes are on the track in the kitten and now like it's Mexico or aero on it as well. I'm I would yeah that's what I would I would rank it right up there with you know somewhat biblical epic when people ask me what are your spirit tracks acutely about the murder or on a line. Mostly because I'm real partial to Darlington and I've always into it almost at that. It would be right there you know right there would be opponent and the land and your neck and equity each other the outlook or. Wonderful Michael or not you obviously have to think that that's music to your ears because you know for years. It was all these road course ringers. I'm now really you know Boris Said shows up and that's about it that these guys have gotten pretty darn good on your lay out. It's it's incredible upstart Colorado Regan the maestro I mean that was we talked about can have an abrupt. And I really appreciate them. And millions and yeah I'll have to. As a fellow new Yorker and and I I have to give a good shot out to the governor. And region they both teamed up a couple of years ago and stepping out together and he takes care meteoric external like I'm glad that. You know it it is I mean you you know I only got to inherit his job obviously didn't make it. You know there's a lot of people before me you know obviously that's just relieved me. 81 could plan and all the race car drivers like Regan says. All the seems too good to recognize it. I think could be my dream to be given. A backup. Thirty years of course maybe 46 and a heavier dream I would love to do the same thing impact and be able to try to make it to try to put as a lot slower than you have to drive it. And I never have that GeForce probably talked about but. Yeah probably at a different view that you are too so. Anyways it's a lot of time that we can't wait obviously have all the other drivers come here this weekend. It all my first time beer track a lot of folks of this year I may not know. But MRI am used to do Formula One races the United States Formula One. Before US Grand Prix. And you know the first time I ever went to the gland was way back in the seventies and you know there came a John player special on this one that was man that was that was something special taking nothing from what we've got now. But you know the Formula One cars running at the gland if you never experienced that Michael you know these guys miss something special. Yeah I would agree in you know just live reading the history of course that was. Literally prohibit these very lines I know I don't read it was just that I really think about it. I don't know I don't know even. That may Allah be called yeah. Love what I think we're going back where Regan just is you know. When you get the race the gland. In his level and what they get to accomplish here these are adding up to people would have released here from. From NASCAR to pimps. Two campaign. Am to Formula One. I mean who was soon released Watkins Glen and so. I I really am am am always doubled home I hope I never ever forget that feeling like when the driver like Regan says. I you know I grew up watching it now I get Theresa my attitude is so cool to me. Now am I that you have a lot of respect and admiration for guys like me him. I know how I open Eli. I look back now in any better after you watch some bull Formula One takes an in what some of the newer movies that come out he met. Different Britain's got some of the footage that they've pulled out. It's always interest when the iron to eight of the Blanton and shall some of those or the one what did you what used to look like back and what it looks like now. Some of the things the same problem that are different and to watch those cars go around it. Just it's absolutely credible lots of and they haven't seen him. On my nose but it had a couple of movies to the car recently that the now careers and lives and stuff that they're worth watching just eat at all sure and let the glam look like that. Now I ran in the Marten Rundle a couple of years ago at the Glen during a but Tudor series broadcast he'd never been there as a what are you doing here now at this age in the staging your career goes like cannot. Continue and retire without running a race that want it and I mean we're talking about one of the greatest names and all the voters are. Anyway we digress. Let's zero went got a bit I'm not Connecticut city aren't we can sit and talk stories all night long. But their Regan let's start from a guy in the driver's seat such as yourself it seems over on the cup side. Bad Joseph Gibbs racing now has become the dominant organization that they've won five of the last six races. How fine how fine is that lion. You know your fourth in points in the X thirty series how fine is the line. Between where you are and the point leaders between them Hendrick Stewart Haas combo and and Joseph Gibbs racing right now how how. Then is the difference there from first place to fourth or what have you. Bought tickets I think Terry and you know when you look at it and and speak into the Tudor series and on the cup side. You know it started the year often and it almost appeared as though maybe you've been at what speed that they want a new season started off. And we've seen in the course of basically you know sixteen or seventeen weeks they've gone from may be trying to find this Ito's first 67 racist all suddenly turned the corner. Rather they develop some new stuff from the change in systems obviously I'm not. You know I don't get to India that are working so I don't know what they daughter changed between now and a button they hit. And despite sitting out we've seen off for their cars. Seemingly in the top five is I think eight completions for about the past six weeks now at six weeks spread ground not to maybe Kentucky area. It really started turn informed so. Apple whatever they follow whatever they're working and they were working toward the start the year it's I start form. Pretty clearly got a much speed and anybody in the field right now. I don't think that we can count on that indicate collier along I think you know teams realize gonna have to go to work and I'm a little remorse either and that people on the that there. Every organization to put a push on right now and the one thing we don't know that some organizations and locked into the chase already. Our army B sample to stop for further down the road they don't wanna bring out until it's close to cheat that's the other thing that. You don't want to get that first win and it releases that pressure just a little bit and and they can start human and they can start development site at. I think we're still gonna get a little bit of a new look over to the chase and in the cream always right now we're gonna see those same twelve to sixteen guys really they're on further from the wind and order of the points. Robert Gibbs certainly not strong or Bonner right now on and when you look and the extent that. Same thing I'm in the you'd expect Indy cars are extreme and that's. You know we pilot its America unit or sports that we need to work on and you get a little bit better. Our short track program our recourse programs and strong last year and this year we got to cop and now. Our intermediate program com and not think the two little more comparable we add a little bit more speed. The fortunate thing for us that we got four weeks and if you count Iowa last week X five weeks of up short track and road course race and which allows us to go do something that it leads. You elect or indeed shape what at least that now all I'll still working on how the stuff and trying to get better trying to catch up to you know to it and Penske kinda. And it seemed to have the majority in dispute are series. Michael quickly does your ticket sale. Reflected a difference. Depending if one organization is dominating or another is. You know not lately you lying the last four years have been climbing tickets were climbing again this year. The trick will be you know from our team 15102000. More than last year. I think what people really look at is just for us. It's just there's the competition on the track the drivers to make Kennedy McCain and two of the Sprint Cup guys. And then driver's seat me. They're just rocket that I mean all three series are banging out a great weekend. And I think that's what our plans are looking at I think that's what to watch on TV. We're coming right back more with the Regan Smith and Michael right up don't go away. 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The action begins on Friday with the bully hill won 25 CNN pro series Saturday as the NASCAR expect these series Zippo 200 all leading up to Sunday's season 355 of the it went for tickets call 866461. Race or visit the glam dot com. Coming right back continuing what Michael went up president of Watkins Glen I'm Regan Smith of the Max Starks then any serious later in the program Matt Kenseth this year. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Looking for a great spot for an affordable beach vacation the family get away. Or it's the perfect romantic retreat but just can't find the time let the plaza resort inspire helped. A vacation on the world's most famous beach is sure to help you reconnect with the ones you love. You'll discover the grand tradition of hospitality and service at this sparkling Daytona beach hotel located directly on the beach. A plaza resort and spa weekend escape is the ultimate in relaxation. With world class massage facials. 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Were so you were best in class. He did not leave the very Manny to lead there that are sure they were Brian stronger race car and not. You know we did everything to that last restart snookered me a little bit he got a good start and able to jump out and knows. Us open I can go into turn one thought that I'd let them. And now financial from the restart he jumped more than out of the plant out though it he got up hurt a little bit but that they were there are back. You know I think brought salute it was promising to keep that speed that we at their. That we at all myself and cheats in the top on my long and and you know contend it's irked early laps at a shot that went. On that so that told him look for audio we got to keep built mountain. No doubt pay Michael let's talk about some personalities you've been around racing forever Kyle Busch despite running out of fuel. Obviously didn't win foreigner role but he still the hottest driver in the garage he won the truck race on Saturday at the pocono. Tony Stewart he qualified in the top five last couple of races. Faded and anybody had a decent run in the top ten at pocono. Can Kyle keep up the moment demand idiots think Tony is starting to turn the corner. I think both of those things are gonna happen this weekend I think you're looking you only get a couple last laps sites on Sunday. Weird that Tony. Kyle and brand. Just really played at all and I'm sure in the last slept are all going to be gone thank goodness Marcos Ambrose who beckon Australia. Now that he's gone Kyle's not run an ounce on the weekend a media ex Minardi race it's going to be good opportunity Regan for. A series regular to get a W. It'd it'd and I can tell you that would that we had conversation earlier at our races does that mean the most Ian and to meet that you know one would rank right up there to limit your home track that's about it especially it and I'm Lynn quotes a bank up at a sports there are your run on third from the dirty the race last year to boot to the two Penske cars actually. Anderson I have quite enough speed up there that's up to them that lot of cop and has gone into this week and I can promise yet. I'm not in the lead on the last lap and it easily gonna do our Kinect and yet elite so that'll make it for river but it watching any. You know that place is always acted it. Just blows me away how many people come out the Irish in and out than it is now. It cataracts are a little bit more we hear that we keep the excitement level endemic it's a little bit more pumped up well we given those great Kirk. Now and I don't wanna give up the impression Michael. That you guys are sold out because that's the last thing I'd wanna do bucked. The way you search ranking is in the way. You have offense lines in where the general admission in the reserves are in all of that. You're really not that far away from being at capacity. Mel you know that trivialized you know it's the grandstands there are running out of capacity. But general mission for a road course is always something it doesn't Sonoma always enjoy pitching keeps selling general admission tickets he went. Capacity outfits you're seats. Mad but I will tell you this campaign. We've added two more camping locations we've rather that's fifty acres of camping and we don't have about 4050 spots left as of today. Wonderful well listen before I let you goal Michael immune to Regan but Michael in particular would not be an official. Eli gold Michael print up interview that if I did not ask you if there's any more talk about the cup cars running the boot section of your track. Has got. Is not dead Dunham and sitting and finished or. Is there are glimmers somewhere of extending leave the course for NASCAR. It may never happen and our lifetimes Eli but I would pass that won back to Regan and just go. What do you think about race from the boot there's a drive. Her I think what absolutely go for. You know may get decorate intercept controller hit it on the cheap just a Mike that NAND opened the Buddha or not. I think we'd all be excited to try to I don't know if not hurt in the past that breaks up something to do that that our brakes and dual or not to look at but I. They get driver's dot certainly embraces these four trotted out. That of course from a guy who'd love to probably see seven irate road courses on the schedule and so while absolutely never mind. I hear you are Regan thanks so much for your time and listen connect and grants and a great season so fine. You know Chris butcher and chase Elliott and Ty Dillon everybody still. Well within shooting distance of you so would lots of races ago wouldn't surprise me to see at the top of the heap when the season's done. And we're gonna keep working at a new Nike chip away at that point with that they'll stop the noble will beat out that took a constant or appreciate it and you land and appreciate all your listeners. And it's a pleasure thank you Regan and Michael very quickly with a minute remaining in this segment. For those who have yet to make their plans. Because of the availability of general admission I guess you could just drive up on this weekend and buy a ticket there at the box office. But if you wanna purchase an advance how to they do. Absolutely the best way he like WWW. Don't glam dot coms so to Nazi Regan driver held various times Sunday airs Saturday. And I can't see all the drivers for the weekend we have a grip placed paying out what some great racing to a retail at NASCAR. Michael thanks so much in a few days my friend. Michael prime up the president of Watkins Glen international and Regan Smith currently fourth in points in the NASCAR extend the series. Coming up in just a few moments Kim Kohn will be here shall join us we'll talk about. The world of social media will have Kyle Ricky will those news and then Matt Kenseth joins us all of that coming up tonight on NASCAR. Alive I think NASCAR fans this is Larry immigrant. Join me in the NASCAR foundation the mission to help turn our kids in the room together we can provide much needed resources for kids in our school. Your mission. NASCAR dot com slash hill today. A minimum twelve dollar donation of 2015 collectible vehicle has banned the wearing show your support. Do it today brings me and our kids need you. Yeah. He's in NASCAR dot com's. When he doesn't start in the home stretch that starts at home. That's like gridlock are trucks the official color NASCAR is proud to be headquartered right here Carol it's. We employ thousands of talented people locally to keep or plants and facilities in north and South Carolina. We've killed more than trucks was jobs and outreach efforts rebuilding communities for more information visit frequent or trucks dot com. Recliner trucks division of dom we're trucks to. Rick Lehner trucks and Smart. Hey folks this portion of NASCAR alive is being brought to you by AutoZone. Don't risk your safety when it's time for new brakes get dour elapsed the official breaks of NASCAR they're proven tough. And sold only at AutoZone. Kim Kohn and Kyle Ricky coming up next this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Victory junction was your race driver Adam Kennedy's dream and he worked toward building a camp where chill. Concentrate on and now they're mr. Aziz. When he died tragically his family and friends around NASCAR made sure that dream came true. Today victory junction is again that provides a life changing experiences. Children deal. Disabilities and all I know it's the camp and tell books serve or killed by visiting victory junction. Dot war. This went straight night drawing the motor racing network for him already and 360. We'll take you from the tracked into the lives of your favorite colors should guarantee anything. Tyler brother race even the fans have a voice on Bierbauer 360 as they get as far as. He's too hot it's available. Sixty this Wednesday night at 7 PM eastern Nepal mobile tool racing network. If you have a question when the favorite NASCAR drivers tweeters suitable and review using the hash tag basketball around and we'll get you the answer directly from the source now. Back to your holes to Eli gold. Welcome back everybody again a big thank you to Michael frowned up the president of Watkins Glen international and Regan Smith the running in the NASCAR X thirty series and don't forget coming up in just a short while. Matt Kenseth will be here he's got enough fuel to make it to the studio so there's not going to be any problems. Right now it's time for us to zero in on the world of Twitter and FaceBook commitments to Graham and anything else and somebody's invented in the last few days. Social media as our subject Kim who has led us. Ally in this camp on and and I. Has anybody invented something new is there a new. Social media hots. Fox not that I know of but if I find out there's a new one I will let you know in the fifth. Please because you know I don't wanna be on the on ramp of the information superhighway I wanna be right there have been traffic flow. Speaking of men there in the traffic flow Jolie like Donna I'm self adhesive run. Over the weekend certainly in the pocono. And what does he do and video today I understand is in a music video or why I'm not sure that video as it is fair for performance and it looks like it's gonna be interesting but the more interesting thing is that he's actually up in Wilkes county doing it. And he pleaded. Doing immediately appear in both counties report performance look at the gift they gave me hot hot hash tag real nice guys. And if you look at the picture if aid gas and then if you look close they left a note that says Jolie welcome to vote counting. Where we never run out of gas so obviously alluding to this past weekend. But. Joseph it lasted up so you know. Yeah he had fun with it. That's good. We're coming up on some major events here of course this weekend back to the road course we've got Michigan after that there's Bristol and before you know gonna be. Very Darlington on the sixth of September a lot of guys looking forward about race. I'm looking forward to actually because there shark and some guys are doing retro paint scheme. Yes. And so that should be fun for fans as well as the drivers. Danny Hamlin one of them in each weeded out something interesting he said need to design team record driving suit. Threat to test its name to go with our throw back at sports that scheme send me pictures here. Your ideas they actually asking fans to kind of I'm helping the input of his retro. Fires you've designed so fans you've got ideas can we ended and yet. Wonderful wonderful a. By the way folks this weekend out on NASCAR live race days of the three great show. Kim it's going to be sitting down with AJ Allman bing are of course is the Watkins Glen winner. What is his what's the temperature of his team and their preparedness. Have they said much on line this week. Actually they had you know they come in deep defending. Winners and so they would like to do a repeat. But whenever we go to these road courses Watkins Glen Sonoma not only did the cards right they can't write off system that requires a little bit of extra effort from the pickers. And JTE dowdy racing actually tweeted out today that ticker codes. And jacked me and Michael Klein were getting a car ready for watching and Clinton actually practicing knows right side pit stop and included a video for fans and didn't see kind of how they get ready. And that. Different where'd he go see this weekend. They have a check it out it's every pit stop is not the same particularly when we go to the road courses. Kim thanks so much we'll see happen now upstate New York in just a few days and getting them. I Pimco and joining us that's what's happening on social media now what's happening in the world of the actual headlines of the media here style. Ricky would probably. He lied Matt Kenseth won Sunday's race in pocono on his second win of the season and further solidifying him a spot in this year's chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. But there are several drivers still looking for that first win. Jeff Gordon and not got the checkered flag yet but is in good position in the points a position though that Gordon doesn't have to want to rely on. As a team even though an outperform the level we want to performing well enough to make it into. Chase it if you news that you're gonna finish you know. Too intent to fifties every every weekend here you're going forward but just like what happened last week you know. He can't afford to have in the 42 place finishes that. To be disasters Roush Fenway racing is another team looking for their first win of the season. Greg Biffle was the highest in the championship standings for the team right now sitting sixteenth following in fifth place effort on Sunday's pocono. Biffle hold them Mara and over the weekend that he with the team to turn the corner needs to start with a better balance in the weekend's first practice. Again you know figure out how to unload off the truck and get our cars have a speed right only show we've talked about that everything. A little precedent they show up on the truck 32. Having him again. And then a weekend though biffle was sixteenth in points in currently out of chase contention heading to watch him play and this weekend. In NASCAR Camping World truck series championship contender Eric Jones will contend for the NASCAR expending any title next year or Joseph Gibbs racing. The team also expects Jones to make select starts in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series read more now let Ameren dot com Eli. Thanks Kyle had a huge talent Eric Jones is a young guy Wear them. Future that is just amazing to think about when we come back. The pocono winner joins us Matt Kenseth this year for the rest of the show taking your calls stick around everybody. Ready to take the training wheels up your race dinner but then vision dot com and upgrade your. Period but they envision. Not only will you be able to your race Dale Earnhardt junior gets a good run rap album Kyle Busch Kevin Harvick future. We'll see every moment you live video instant replays lives that's more hi I'm Jamie McMurray. Driver of the number one McDonald's Chevrolet. And I never get to the track without what ended. That could have envisioned dot com their rent or buy yours today. He's the Phillies used vocational and highway equipment regardless of type and condition. And how he is your single source to manage all aspects of the sale process. We can sell your equipment immediately during one of our twice monthly auctions either from where it just worked for one of our nationwide sales location if you make the choice. How he has buyers who are looking for what you have the self and we'll pay you ten days after the sale period nothing to sell but looking device. Check out what we have today and how deep dot com. Folks don't forget our coverage this weekend starts on Friday practice and Watkins Glen New York Saturday qualifying plus the NASCAR X in any series. And Sunday that she's at 355. At the Glen. Hope you can join us this weekend from Watkins Glen New York Matt Kenseth this year and he joins us right after this. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. The latest winner in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series over the weekend Alex tag Leon. Line shank racing enough story doesn't come easy you know when you've done that all your life is second nature for me I really love this is that challenge right I mean when I'm in the car. I have to redo the beat concentrating all the time and be disciplined to drive their cars whatever you want to be you know very NASCAR. Coast to coast every Tuesday at 1 eastern on Ameren dot com. Stay up to date with the latest news from the NASCAR garage weekdays I NASCAR today mid day on things that are happening that I believe will eventually be better but everybody's gonna get better as the possible. Involved in sport you from the drivers and teams as they chased the 2015. Championship trophy on. I'm not looking back at all look important focused on what we've got coming up NASCAR today mid day on the motor racing network. Source source for the latest NASCAR news and information. If you have a question when your favorite NASCAR drivers we visited a woman revealed using the hash tag ask him around and we'll get QB answered directly from the source now. Back to your holes to Eli gold. Welcome back everybody is NASCAR live continues it's been a busy busy day already we've bank and Watkins Glen International president Michael ran up for joining us earlier. Regan Smith stopped by and also Kim Koo and talking about matters of social media Kyle Rickie had the headlines of the day. I'm now via headliner of the weekend just past he of course is Matt Kenseth. Who played the fuel mileage game to perfection on Sunday. To win at pocono raceway matter how YE a good evening burger operator I am well sir thank you and as I greeted you before. You'd never know in this business most unusual high. Yeah yeah I've ever I really felt elect the first race at pocono recoup our. You're finished sixth program a little bit better map and an we had a card in it's Sunday to stump. Couldn't quite run with the leaders got beat up on restarts pretty cute cute. And 1878 at four was probably a lot better too and broke but but anyway I would talent and are Albanian. You know that last front installment it's been a little bit gaps but he really thought we were okay Annette. I would try to round three to go around and doing things are both took about to get a little more side in their reduced plan on. Did you realize did you know how close everybody else was said the guys. Kept you totally informed. No not really. I had some idea because the lap which pitted on. You know that was so a few laps more than what Jason I've got more and we could run blocker great. Doctors are reduced it a little bit early anticipating caution that and to get their and you know. They don't sit in Q under caution and not want to get caught. Under racetrack when the yellow came out you know Monica or rely on a pit at a time but that it would be you know in years over her luck going and so should help. There's been a Ali cautioned there lately and number obvious that their walk outs on but it so. I knew that everybody was ala critical foreign aid group lap for a Sunday that. I wasn't sure what lap they changed or ATP announced like its earlier outlook through to go I was so. I was pretty surprised at that that's a long way to pocono took two of mr. by. So once he ran out of new that are rated must be a little bit pollsters that well all of that work. Let's go to the phones at 1802. NASCAR. Terri is in Mississippi hello Terry. Men Hannity just didn't manage. To bigger and now. Issue on the final lap and agility it. Yeah that's good question I think that the biggest difference and it just tracked this year you know Collins was brought news starter until it out of whatever state do it and they're both regular vote or rework and fuel. You know here's a lot cleaner air which in turn you know makes more Greg which burn more fuel. We were back there a little bit more and in what you got about fifteen goalie we knew we were gonna catch leaders are to our problems and the people behind a source slowing down they feel also that well look early Coke or window where we could slowdown in and they've you know that's an advocate remarked you'll. Without movement this and that restrict. I thought your comment that you crossed the line was remarkable. Well could you believe this crap we're gonna win at pocono back. But it does tell how incredulous you are. He just never have a more cult like and a lot of them not work out that beat out sooner or audible. There's a few times have been in position at what ever happened here aren't you know or or or something happened that there's been other Tom you're gonna now you know lead nominee integration. And you know you're seven laps short fuel leakage there's maybe one guy you know. Back very low teens that made it went great so I mean that's just it seemed like it never quite worked out thousands. Surprised that everything we rolled our way were the first two were out. My arc serve out a little bit faster and a playbook outlaw wild they're without kind of make out what it in or reporter on that you know that is sage the not when it's over here without happen on the backstretch. You know that started unit getting excited about certain terrorists let manatees out. You know I need to make it to turn three and engine on there I'm not gonna win either so one play at the turn three and engines to run a little and pretty pretty neat feeling. And he is in Pennsylvania with a question and they welcome the NASCAR live for the our guest Matt Kenseth. Chaos I was watching it on Saturday in and the car seemed really sat there were that actually at the track for the truckers and whatnot. I'm particularly if you really think you're gonna have to win it the way he did Ehrlich setting at the end. Well I mean can't say that after practice Farrah went up a bit about that would not Beecher were. Because some of it ever done that for about that they'll forget about our our belts are neutral pretty cute and our speed we're pretty reasonable there's a car that a couple of pastor. In practice and in practice in a recent that would do different things felt pretty comfortable. Where where were out alike were solidly in the top ten and and maybe even you know the top five car. And early. Believes someone in the law Barrick you have to like if you can run up in the top five all he put yourself in that position you're gonna have summaries is a good thing. You know all your way in and in Munich and aware to Rome you know. Do it that way it's do like to keep yourself up front keeping up that there's eventually you're gonna you gonna hopefully get some. Visit it would Matt Kenseth. Let's talk about some of the story line is of the last few weeks and looking ahead to the next number of weeks. I had Kyle Busch on the show last week and he said he didn't mind all the rule changes he thought it was good it was refreshing of course he had been running well. Dale Earnhardt junior a few weeks ago said well you know. I'm not that thrilled with the all of these different aero packages all the rule changes you know when we given what groove we like the stayed there. What's your take on all of that. You know I I think the problem of not assert that the driver very well wallet but now what's best for us not think that. Well I know that that Powell will Alter rules package at all all three very different. You don't racetrack so. So to give it away at that the matter because he's been able and at all. You know obviously. Hendrick can esoteric art equipment there that perhaps the standard rules package last couple years they've been pretty much unbeatable Lester they're pretty much unbeatable at this year there she really strong as well I'll pop that bottle wanted to change it either a lot of relatives. You know me I'm kind of middle of brand piece it was all well come on code proponent an epic Diana looked. Of running lower downforce a operates at their Kentucky was very exciting bit rates enemy really enjoy it watch enough. The eighteen car run down to 22 and use different parts the racetrack you know point to try to. Tried to block or wasn't such an aero disappears behind them that carpet still maneuvers car pass them the Quebec to pass each other back or fortunately. Yeah you know that was cut to meet. Or old school racing when I started watching what I really you know. While most org enjoyed watching. Yeah. You know people crazy either Townsend trying to buy a mechanical grip and not to survive so much on air and been able to reach each other like that looked. That was on the watch and noses of one right sample but that was well. That was exciting in my mind I enjoy that I hope that they do anything different that would go on a lower down force on. Setting to make a little feature passive system. Just soaked up for the trailing cart path looks leading current now he's gonna be as westerners there are a lot of extract that. You know you know he would be out here wrote minor aspect after a very few here faster he has so. You know whatever Koppel reports that. That's a little bit easier for the we got to pass the guy and current views assuming your passer he has. We're gonna come right back we'll continue it Matt Kenseth some other story lines to. Tackle and a look ahead to this weekend at Watkins Glen International but right now we breakaway. As we continue with more right after this. If travel and adventure is your desires DVR do you always wondered if Tom Johnson camping dot com. What one of the largest inventories motor homes of pop ups you're bound to find and are being that fits your lifestyle and budget no matter where you want the country. There's also thousands of parts and accessories available on shopping online order to location in the Blue Ridge Mountains in my Charlotte motor speedway. So whether you're touring the country around for a weekend trip discover your next Garvey and Tom Johnson getting knocked. Com. This is the boat and I'm hander Jake got join us every Saturday morning at 9:30 eastern time for Palomar I'm wearing mission on the mouthpiece look talk with the biggest names in winged sprint car racing from the brought about close to your local wind sprint Kart track we covered off we'll preview each weekend biggest wing spread car racers from around the country Ameren swing Mason 9:30 eastern time Saturday mornings on math TV you don't get them TV go to get mad TV dot com to find your local TV provider and let them know you. You want mad TV. As soon as we come back more from Matt Kenseth he takes your phone calls. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Listen you've him orange program on the archives and podcasts. 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If you have a question when your favorite NASCAR driver tweet is available and were you using the hash tag ask you Maria and we'll get you will be answered directly from the source now. Back to your holes to Eli gold. Welcome. Back everybody that can chip that went bust his 33 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory came this past weekend at pocono. In his 565. Career start. He has now won all but five of the tracks on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. I'm not going to ask you to comment. In particular. About two any team's business. But right now we're starting to see them only silly season but ownership moves and so on. How disrupting. Is that do you feel when team is not sure what next year holds can make. Keep their eye on the ball in 2015. Speaking potentially of the of the Clint Boyer bunch. Yeah I mean you know again I don't know. Exactly all the beat bill that what they have gone out of what I what I preach. You know saying you got I think it's very disruptive I think that. Whenever you have any kind of change coming. It's with that distraction you know well. They engage your panel that is due to anybody can handle adding another team but you know here at another team and hiring. People try to put our infrastructure and body late in. Each opposition. You don't you're trying to figure out a lot it's taken time. That you used to be dynamic nearest cart passers so I don't think there's a little bit of votes. Distraction I mean people look at garment and have a job next year aren't out there and insert look at per dropper all right you know well. Whenever he gets something else on your mind. You know it certainly have to be somewhat of a distraction. Now let's move on to this weekend. Back to the road course sort. To the road course have been awhile since Sonoma. How comfortable over the years have you become on road courses. What do like Sonoma and Walken Leinart are extremely different feel like that are here in Martinsville. Michigan so. So so they're different in others. I'm not 801 of whom by any means that certainly locker Atlanta if you look at the notes that by. Driving style a little bit more than Sonoma aren't so. I really Alice. Enjoyed the track comptroller. Probably not that great they're both I do enjoy it outlook for the donor and look for the challenge. And trying to be better work hard to be better so. Kyle vote really really good there is no threat to win there. You know so certain action it. You know I'd acuity does and what they were content you know what you need to go out there and and certainly I feel like that's a that's a big advantage some of reported going very Indian worker and a European being better there at a level that. Now to West Virginia Brett Euronext when Matt Kenseth good evening. Matt out callers and it took part question where you want houses water and work slow attribute to success this year of course last year and change is made. And know what you gonna bring go to April 1 so I'll be Elvis they're come CU and not register you get aggressive. Well thank you. You know it never never one thing you know to so a combination. Of a lot of these are 2013 what looks you know incredible achievement for the organization and you know we outlet. Led. In every category except the championship and we. As an organization. Would win in laps led. All I'll let stuff so. And 2014 disaster relief down here urged all but. On performance and got ourselves aren't so I think everybody is or are. Every person in their department or art to make sure that that doesn't happen again or try to prevent it from happening again. In. You know just trying to trying to build better cars better engines perhaps it's not just all out that would that work on and I popular perk up when. The right direction and elect her. You know we're closer Renault got to keep people working in and not keep trying to emperor thing to have it or need to come. You know we get to the chase but it up quite feel good about the direction where it. And of course tegra two before seventh in points locked into the chase such a great position to be in. Timothy in Melbourne Florida you're on NASCAR live that Matt Kenseth. I would one askew with the announcement earlier today you pared down to being moving out forward with the Joseph Gibbs organization and it sounds like he'll be in the cup series here within the next three of five year. And at that you think guy he's going to be to the organization. I think he'll be a big asset to the organization and you know one thing I think your own book and for from a or standpoint. You know obviously drivers and crew chiefs and not just current on that we're we're the future one's gonna be so of the car that's been around longer you'd. Like to see younger Irish covenant what you catapult him to go someday they're gonna take warriors beat so. You know certainly Erica. Very very talented he's shown that that he can win in anything. And it had pretty much any time. Without a lot of experience and he's a great restart our ideas that as a really good deal. And like you work hard and it so happened that he gonna be up he Olympic record are published. Matt Kenseth will bounce as we go to walnut ridge Arkansas. To hit the phones Terry. While command how aria. Articles of warrior. I wanted to know are we switch and seems certain plot even tackle Alex you'll get along now and I'll see children are broad area. You know we go along credit markets and that we your announcement a lot of time together. And are left over an error. Or edit any long deep conversations with some you know certainly cordial checkers. A lot from our current certainly would be here without. Without Jack Roush all the great opportunities that he gave me are part of who's to move in and good cup car went in when he equipment and in particular that changed me as our side but certainly a whole lot to him and really really thankful for all the things that he did to recruit years sure. One final question for Matt can chip let's go up to Boise Idaho. Jim welcome into NASCAR live hello. So I got a crushed format. And basically kind of revolves around web. All this hoopla around Jeff Gordon retiring and all of those. A good slash factory so that we see on TB and out the tracks. Matt how would you like to be remembered when you retire what. Which your big picture on on our out. Kapono answered with the correct word spirit. You're not I don't I don't really care. Can help I mean. I wanna go out and obvious it's doubtful elect Canon. And it's fair that I can and hopefully be respected. You know from my peers and and you know per Bruno that you you'd hear your most but another anatomy never repeat you know form their own opinion. You know of you are living you know. Like Correa great and like the racer when he erased or whatever so to me. That that kind of doesn't matter to me iMac Loudon and do the best I can and and not try to be spared a camera so hard brick panel workers are at a cabinet people. You know like you for that respected that that's greet him and if they don't result. I'm not a great way to wrap up the interview went to summarize what Matt Kenseth is all about a great guy. A consistent winner a true racer you can ask for better accolades in this business. Then Matt Matt thanks so much it's almost time for your beloved Packers to ticket off what are they looking like this year already Aron. Man I can't wait to our electric football season not disclose what policies individual being monitored Boehner. Great coaching staff cup profit together. Couples their defense together so look at sort of the season. And that was pretty cool a few weeks ago to see nearly 70000. Return to Lambeau to honor Brett Favre. Bing a world class athlete like he like you like a lot of guys. That's has got to be remarkable to they have that kind of adulation from the fans on. Yeah that was the greatest thing ever move to the base was so place you know for four dollar ticket. Which from my percent of basically common stream talks. And yeah thanks to redeem such as creepy yeah the I can't imagine what that felt like for him. Had to be Europe that there really neat feeling like that I can't I can't really imagine you know it's one thing that. That Butterfield plays and yelled. Although brand governor watched the game but to all come here in the middle of summer just that kind of cute talking get inducted into the packers' all I look at a little. You know that's that's quite a compliment most pretty neat. It is Matt take care my friend thank you so much you'll see at the Glen this weekend our order. That is Matt Kenseth joining us here on NASCAR alive. Paid folks buckle up. Up the road to Victory Lane isn't just for drivers anymore introducing the official daily fantasy game of NASCAR I draft kings dot com. Draft gains in America's favorite daily fantasy sports site where you could wind huge prizes every weekend with every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race pick a team of five drivers before the race starts stay under the salary cap. Outscored your opponents and win look you already know the drivers and you watch all the racist book your knowledge to the test that draft kings dot com. The official daily fantasy game of NASCAR just pick your race picked your drivers and pick up your cash. Part aided drafting dot com now and use promo code desk to play for free you can win part of the one billion dollars in prizes being awarded this year. And tear gas to play for free now draft kings dot com. Draft kings dot com that's draft games dot com. When we come back Austin Dillon and Jamie Murray with answers to your Twitter questions. That's coming up in a moment this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Ever wish your kid came in instruction manual on behavioral therapist James Lehman and I'll show you how to change your child's behavior now with a total transformation. Program that helps stop defiance back talking lying acting out of school even problems what ADD NA BHD is no screaming no fighting no frustration your child will listen to you again I guarantee it. Change your child's behavior now with a total transformation call now 18040629451804062945. George just go to an eight diamond rating mix of original hot dog eating Jeffrey this is fast food at Ameren dot com. Being the eighth time champ. Are you competing against yourself. Right now my biggest competitor is myself I think you value is getting complacent. I know like fear anybody and in and in the process I am watching those people would turn a profit from watching them aware what is doing a plan. Kind of find my rhythm moment breeding and dog. To build low income. Fast food Thursday at noon eastern had a Ameren dot com. If you have a question when the favorite NASCAR drivers we visit a marine was. Are you using the hash tag ask him around and we'll get you will be answered directly from the source now. Back to your whole street Eli gold. We are back and we did peg Tyre around microphones in the garage area excuse me to get some of your Twitter quench questions answered. Rachel from Oklahoma. Water just chased down Austin Dillon and ask him what he thought about running at Watkins Glen this weekend. It's a fast place you know got some fast place coming out but. Definitely don't Moroccans guns when those places where. Road course racing comes into play but at a faster pace so. We shift and a lot. Look forward to actually had literally get run going now last year look inside the top ten and and missed on the last corner and lost about four spots so hopefully can capitalize on one alert last year. And I broke from that. Lots of Austin Dillon meanwhile Ryan from Mississippi. Wanted to stashed Jamie McMurray how he stays so calm and collected on the racetrack. When someone has irritated him during a race. I think had a better job hiding it and everybody else and I also don't either radio when I'm mad or when I have something to say it. I don't know why people keep it radiates announced to the world. What they're feeling and it's. It's really know what I mean I don't ideas that takes a takes spots executed radio and say everything I have moments just like everybody else that is delinquency it. Very Smart man right there not too good point why in the world be key the radio you know events without the radio on and then. Then calmed down and type it's easy for me to say I've never been in that situation but did Jamie McMurray that's how he does that we're coming right back. Don't let noisy brakes through your mode Joseph stop by AutoZone and get a new celebrate the brake rotors. Introducing new they're less back to remember engineered to outperform the original Arabic and not. Just won't. It's slow and this is my impression of the 1930s gangster using progressive name your price to cash saying is they never I don't really lays it out on the table saying I added it was tell how much I wanted to spend and it gave me after month saying. Makes all they did say. Cheney. It's easy to find Richard that fits your budget with the name your price to. Only progressive.com. I says I can sing Margaret Jackson kept saying. Progressive casualty insurance company prison covered match limited by state law. Mostly to situations. Welcome back everybody final few moments of NASCAR live here this evening with a busy show. Regan Smith and Michael Burnett joined us on the F fast form Matt Kenseth also with us here just a few moments ago. By the way we have been getting some great responses from you folks on that new fan forum hotline that we have. It's away beat up any time you wanna leave us a message anytime you have a thought or an idea. A question or comment about a race you can call in and it's told free. 844. For. Ask and Moran that's told create any 444. Ask MRI am a fan reform leave a message that we do want to know what you're thinking. I like the broadcast you don't like the broadcaster tired of this that a the other. Let's hear from yet and don't forget folks this weekend. Motor racing network is live review at Watkins Glen International practice coming your way on Friday on our website MRI and dot com. Saturday the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has pole qualifying. For the cheese at 355. At the gland. That coverage starts at 1 eastern time. Also Saturday the NASCAR X thirty series they run the Zippo 200 at the Glen coverage at 2:30 eastern. And then Sunday the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and action coverage starts would NASCAR live race day at 1 o'clock eastern time. From the Finger Lakes region of New York State so you have a great week. Will be seen at this weekend from Atlanta until then for all of us an MRI. I'm Eli gold good bad and cooler life is a production of behold who reaching network ports studios in Concord north Carolina at Daytona Beach, Florida. Tonight's broadcast was produced Martin which called for your executive producer of tomorrow amid fears they vilified him. Remember diversity of moderate dot com for the latest book NASCAR news of upcoming guests must go our lives has produced under and exclusive license with the first car. Through the use of these accounts or descriptions contained in this broadcast must be with the expressed written permission of NASCAR admirable career. Racing network.