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Should the Red Sox have done more at the trade deadline? 8-3-15

Aug 3, 2015|

Mike Napoli remains a member of the Red Sox, as the team did very little at the July 31st deadline.

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Still more murder Loney and forty away Christian fox Sports Radio WEEI. Like it has this been a crazy week for you your name is Vincent trade stories trade rumors obviously the deadline. Came and went today and you're still here luckily the roadside but. How nutty it weakest event for you and really am UK time. Too much should. Come apart you know work hard on trying to make myself better. Team on the field of the hopeless when. Com. Of course it you know it's on TV and everything but you know the chemical in the charmingly so that is. Happily. Make it himself well. Why. Not great on C does not mention what he's done last month yeah actually that's a separate right. The all star break. And now I wondered. Without about a month to drop lie. I think about it especially all the glitz that that's that's the senator up at all what you know better though. All players of every sport they don't think about those things. They don't read newspapers they read online they don't listen to talk shows they don't watch TV shows. Those guys do nobody tells them about anything. They don't have cousins or sisters or mothers of friends who tell them what people are saying they complete a Barack ultra by the way. You know after it comes from it's come from the friends and the families hate to get that hate you hear what I guess what Lou Maloney said on the radio yeah or did you after game has been a verbiage it it would has don't so what's the deal and getting traded alive. Would you here and it's. You know it's it's just is there back of the plane. And you know bush tries to airports. You know it's. These guys think about the pick it separates we get that little company that put much thought in two I I would think it guy with the with a history of Mike Napoli. The ease kind of used to it being. Able to be used to it the best that you can but it's not like he's in he's second or third years and he's Maine starts popping up for a first time. He's been through this a number of times on short. He's hearing he knows it. Come on I'm sure he can handle it better than a lot of guy I was surprised at them just sitting back at partners. I was hoping it will be some opportunities to be Beagle get a young controllable on the talking about. But other than Cole Hamels and those guys dealt. You know none none of those night we talked about and donate the guys via Cleveland did. And I think offseason that the Mets to loosen up is that a lot of starters but right now and deal anybody there and hunt. But they may need to cash's daughter and try to get some bats. The guys that Napoli guys like Victor Reno item used operatives don't rush to deal Vick or nap or they Gaza. Those guys are gonna clear waivers everybody's gonna clear waivers year. Probably on this team we will not everybody got a tropical probably wouldn't. But you know it got late nearly mayors we put on waivers Pablo Sandoval we put away your reports tell people winners Manny Ramirez was put on drivers every single everybody does so but in terms of the Napoli and com they ask who was dealt last year in August even Koji. Unequal clear if you wanna treat him well because of the salary for next year and we're gonna wanna pick that right and and with the guys that Napoli it's just a question of one. You know maybe its title will be here and he gets dealt that's all it is a SA you can make the argument that if you deal Napoli. Whatever ten days from now two weeks from now before. The 31 playoff rosters are set you what you would get more forum at this point. As opposed to a week ago if he does continue to hit and do some of the things that he's been doing over the course of the last most guys gonna clear you know there's other guys today. A public animal in contract that maybe god that. Does but this an injury to somebody. Indicate Heatley and through waivers like apple will always be there. You know so it oh. An opportunity to view these guys to show you were weren't disappointed after fraud I know you hopeful we will do when the shown talking on Friday. UConn hoping that it'll one of these things out I happen I want it this year I know on. Because I want them to get a jumpstart a maybe next year having adding that one armed that we we would rather have that but we right now. But that can't be done in the off season now comes that question went and who. Again I think the Mets will be bigger plays the off season they were the deadline as far as the young arms go. Tyson Ross wasn't dealt to a team on a smaller scale passion depends they feel about him that Roscoe Salazar. It it is a Jose Fernandez run in their somewhere down in Miami but that is really neat to kind of shop. Com nobody of those guys moved. Right so that that technically they're all still available so. I wanna kind of see with Iraq when it comes the guys like that 6177797937617. 77979. B 37. So let's kind of tied this game. Armed with moves that you wanna see made in moves that need to be made during the offseason. And the fact Larry Lucchino was stepping down. In stepping away. Who's gonna make those decisions. What mr. crystal ball November 15 right. Smack dab in the middle of everything getting going in the baseball offseason who's making the decisions is it still are. As far as we know we're still making the decisions is it still bench Arrington. You know to me it's going to be the guy at the higher it's going to be that baseball ops guy. That that's that's its garlic the model a lot of teams that have gone to a what do you Andy MacPhail got the Philadelphia. Just pulled up that you can overseen Ruben Amaro Cindy Olson Yucca overseen some things that you are convinced. That that type of guy I'm debate will definitely need. But that's not quite fortunate to have argued that the case that it indeed had issues but it's what he would do let me write this note and Larry Lucchino voice. So who takes over the role of Larry Lucchino. John back and forth with the band Jarrett about decisions that Tom Warner. It's not going to be Sam party talked about that he's already the Democrat is now a lot of all those who have a conversation would ban. I haven't put himself in a mirror. Right in his other says that it's that so is there anybody else that's haven't those conversations about the direction of the team both do you want to beat that what you want and I missed epic you understand. My question they might concern that yes they need that. But you still won't say yes that's what they're gonna do that's what they need but are you like me. You're not convinced nobody got out dot com and make that decision yet John Henry will. But that's that they need that's that is what they need to do it if I am but chair and that a Bryant John Ferrell I wanna status quo of one Larry Lucchino here. Because the next data comes in might take a stronger look and evaluate. What has been going on here for the next two years as far as job security goes out that this is this helps spent. You know which doesn't help John other habits of people I think it was. Michael Silver today and Harold. Saying it added John hear their state. And and that's all great you know but let's tyra president of baseball operations hear from him first let's let's pulley a a Boston Bruins situation get ready you general met or bring in somebody bring in. Don Sweeney let him decide and say hey this is a coach or this is not your coach it's up to you what they do bring in if they do bring in. And overall baseball ops guy. Let it be his choice yes. 6161777. On 737. Let's jump to some phone calls Lamar loading Greg Dickerson. It is Maloney and for a day here on Sports Radio WEEI in that Doug. Up in New Hampshire your first this morning our Sports Radio WEEI good morning god. Hello Douglas. Let's put Doug on hold here and get in the trunk that radio gobble come back to him instead the right in Rhode Island re good morning. Good morning guys. You know I. In my opinion if John Henry wants to be hands on owner. You know I think he needs to let go of Harrington and and John Farrell. I mean how much worse. Could this team be without them and and and you know secondly you're gonna get that jumpstart and yea rebuilding team and rebuilding an organization. Yet that those two guys I think need to go and I think I urge Harrington a couple of weeks ago this day I'm responsible. If you want to blame somebody. Well you know you're responsible. You have to be accountable to. I just don't see him so strong personalities. For a team like the Red Sox. This is you know that's the thing with with with John. We look at this year. India look at last year and you gotta look at the World Series year there was a very good year we're praising John we're praising bin Jarrett to the team kind of came out of nowhere. Well you have to look at the last TO we look at the situation better causeway street with with Peter surely. They're great run here right but it one year where it was it was bad and he said look at laws our future look that might not look as good either. You know they say they were Claude Julien whose great head coach here for a long long time. You know and any of one bad year we said look at him differently this is the nature of of sports it's unfair. People say it's fair unfair whatever you wanted to booty of two years running. You have to evaluate deposition notional. Oh man I don't think he's writing other than additional questions to both gonna be around because John Henry said it a while but it's continual evaluation it never stops. But do you have an I don't want I had a ought to sit here and take down the beat writers of of the Red Sox are a sport but. Don't you have to take there word with a little grain of salt well it was just like everybody that and it's surely should stick. Because flu shot that argued the Ryder these guys to beat writers are tied into the organization. They may be friendly with these guys and they don't wanna sit there and rolled to hammer down and say. And sharing thing it's failed the needs to get fired. That's where things right right I understand where Michael and other beat writers are coming from when they talk about these guys coming back next season but just. Take their resume put on the table and tell me. Whitbeck and specifically. Three out of four years in last place guess what World Series year. Was looking but he got the job done he didn't credit fort but three out of four years you finish in last place on the hill do you keep your job hopped deserved to keep your you know. Not the decisions. The short term once you know like you know will he go bring him back Breslow exciting masters and it is. Ones to where the future of the organization is affected. What do I get for Jon Lester you know I got your assessment. I wanted to big league back I turned down some minor league arms minor league prospects I turned on the prospect deals weren't adjusted notes. We wanted to proving big league bat says that's what's allowed us to gip or sell. Trading John Lackey you know to kind of built with Joseph Kelly and Alan correct. So last year those kind of big ones you know not signing Jon Lester colleagues say it's not his fault he's still the general manager of this team. Then there's ones that could affect you and down the road. There was a future disorganization I get or sell for how many years. I got Hanley I got problem for how many years all the you know at forty million dollar range. Who boasts five moves are ones to kind of really impact this organization it's not signing Stephen Drew for a month but you don't mean it's the ones that. Did I get value for my two biggest assets. And what it was came time to spend that money. The forty million dollar price tag that I spend it on the right people possess the affect me the next 45 years. And then you spend those that go so you spend the money on the on these two guys and it didn't we certain target. Publish at a fallen Hanley Ramirez not idea sign these guys and affect your long term but you also signed these guys edited David Ortiz. Senior influx gate yacht flexible I think that's the biggest that's the biggest public those Steelers left a relic that you've got to think was worse the year. All what the future look like given the cap situation this in the salary situation the year from now. Think about it. Where's David Ortiz gonna play whereas whereas Hanley can apply where's look at a place he continues to trend the way that you stranding a third base. Basically a 3-D H is. On your roster and you can't move them. And a flexible with those if you had one of them right goes back to hold nearly in public. If you had one of them you head unit options you can sit there and say OK one of these guys. Will either. Global what do first base at some point or more printed DH BB first base for a year this happens in one year deal. And then year two will be at designated hitter Tuesday David's last year's next Judy gets 500. The one guy he could be flexible. Like it if you just sat Pablo it would be looking at their base three RD. They believe sidled to first base for next year nets for years that three sits front of the year and it may be designated hitter but we have to those guys. If you say panic yet she can't look need to. He tried their contract unless you basically eat. Right on everything right and I'm not in short eat meat you eat everything. Are you gonna be of which are definitely an example they that I wonder is the deadline. You start your book that deal you know and what it would save Diego Chicago and then it was Bibi said John LaRoche at the Kennedy MLB network. Big money was being moved around I don't know old. How far that got whether it was true or not but it made you think of one thing that contract that contract. Would you take note James Shields for policy animal. Yeah I would what I what I mean I need the picture and I know it's front I don't back loaded piano shields issue is not make him much next few years in madrassas in eagle putt. You know show your your one that we can deal after that your wants nothing ghost and no it's big money but I would still. I think I was still do that Lou. If I'm on the hook for the money if I have to spend money in that situation. I'm spending it on a picture. Even though I know James Shields is not a number one he's not an ace and I need starting pitching I I will I will take the depth bear and then it goes to a point before. About freeing up. And it being flexible now all of a sudden OK we get rid of that third baseman who's trending down defensively that. We wanted to be a first baseman or DEA agent and opens up things I just go back to lessen the text points out prepared David Price tree would Lester. You know for some reason sucked it up prospect that would be something that I would always wanted to know from band you know it's an okay. You got assessments back for him you know. While he's so determined to get that kind of the I elected you can begin as I it from the very beginning and a deal was made as he gets Estes for two and a half months in a trade. And they get. And I got traded administrative report cell right it was like OK but it was would you be better off doing that OG better better up now. That's just not price but I like Jon Lester Liza David Price get the prices and is a step obviously above. But yet no one pitcher prospect did data Norris who went seven last I think the Detroit got the wind out of Toronto for two month rental you decide to go sets but this. It's those minor league all but if you remember last year the big thing was we don't have a that we don't have power in the middle of the lineup they're desperate for that. And it took a flyer sentiments masked as did Detroit this is at a time when you look at it say after that it was. You know you'd Draper Craig maybe he was an answer yet says but as you dollars and get two bats you don't you ended up signing could steal a week or two later thing. And then all of a sudden on August 18. It bookie bet to appear for good and find out why he's a player so it's like the timing of it I get it. But still it's. I don't know Rodgers would want me would you turn down prospect Chris for Jon Lester let's look on could you got back. 61 dobbs 6177797. ID 376177797937. We talk about the direction. Of the Red Sox is that a good thing or bad thing that Larry is I'll. And John Henry stepped back and actually. Give more control if somebody else to run the Red Sox baseball operations what was blowing Greg it's Bologna at Fauria. Era Sports Radio WEEI.