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Jul 21, 2015|

Tony Stewart, Kyle Rickey and Kurt Becker join Eli Gold on this edition of NASCAR Live!

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The following is a production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. I would go my bad tournament. Good replied that. He's been met Ford presumes NASCAR. Lost. You know things are worked in our favor right now. Who's doing the right thing to the right time and you know Indian I'm one of reserve my opinion until afterwards because you know I don't really know how I don't think he. Going to be exciting that was a giant win my career. We look forward to develop sorts of cool place from a to a speedway across burg Ohio. Jury your hosts the only goal. Everybody and welcome to prosper in Ohio the legendary el Dora speedway where tomorrow night to NASCAR Camping World truck series. Is back in action third year in a role running here at el Dora. I'm Eli gold happy to have you along with a us on this Tuesday evening edition of NASCAR live and hey watch it like to be at el Dora well you got to spend some time with the track owner and Tony Stewart is with us here. In the studio welcoming us to his fine racetrack how Loria. I'm good that I am operating on very little sleep but so was everybody around here yeah tell me about this weekend of course you add racing to worry about for yourself but there. You know when I was here. With CNN we did. All. I. A race here that wrapped up at 3 in the morning. Then of course at Daytona the other day and I signed off the air at ten after 3 in the morning. But you guys totally trumpet this past weekend I must've been a wild night here now this was there missiles and early when compared I think the record that we've had some sense out of the track the last ten years was a USEC four current races that we thought whether all night and finished up at 6 o'clock in the morning we should tell folks if you're not familiar the king's royal ram here this weekend. The checkered flag flew at 4:32. In the morning. And the place was darn near packed. We had an awesome crowd to start with and then I was absolutely shocked and amazed when. At 2 o'clock we started heat races. And there were 90% of the people that started the night you're still here and and that's just that's just what kind of diehard fans we've. Now taking it a step farther from the business side though I'm also told that despite the lions at the concession stands as you can understand. You guys didn't run out of product I mean. How how do you even anticipate. Enough stuff. Whether it's toxic non toxic and a bowl drinkable what happy happy anticipate haven't folks in your backyard here for. Fourteen hours or something well eight. I guess it just from experience more than any. Thing I mean you know that when you come to the kings royalty come to the late model dream the world 100 for the late models the four crown nationals. Those are all events that are gonna have big crowds and and you always are prepared for that and obviously you know we've we've got a tough week this week haven't the the king's royal on Saturday night in and haven't the late model race tonight hear a door and then at the truck race tomorrow night so. You know we're prepared and geared up for pointing that that we can't prepare for his mother nature and that's that's been the big topic here. Pretty much all year and especially in the midwest. Driving and I'm what is it highway one a team out in front here from our hotel. He could still see standing water off on the side of the road. Yet and that's what were frightened here it's you know the last two days have been great it's we've we've been really lucky to have sunshine all day and big win Salt Lake. And that's how dry out the campgrounds in the parking spot so what. You know we've we've been watching I've probably watched I've watched the radar. More than I've watched TV in the last five days sure so. You know but it's it act like I said another great day here at the track and a he weather wise and you know I can see spots that were wet yesterday that Ernie drying out today so. You know I think we're going to be in good shape in the united Roger slack to who runs the facility here on doors probably. A lost about five years off the end of his life in the last 45 days I bet. If you're just joining us tonight NASCAR live coming to you from the el Dora speedway for mark MRI and broadcast facilities. We're here of course to bring you tomorrow night's coverage of NASCAR Camping World truck series will be on line starting at 7 o'clock eastern tomorrow night. Then on all of our affiliated radio stations starting at 8 PM tomorrow. Pardon the elementary nature of these questions but I am really curious about. Dirt track racing and I've been to my fair share over the years. Is there a difference in your prepare the track for a light. World of outlaw machine vs a heavy truck or is a dirt track prepared correctly regardless of who's running on. Now we we do you prep at different you know whether it's and even from something as simple as. Wing sprint cars to non expert cars rarely we prep at different. The dirt late models those guys like you're really snooze in and they would like it to get kind of what we call blacks what can get. Blown often and kind of cleaned off so to speak that the sprint cars the wing guys like a cushion at the top and like a little bit of moisture at the bottom. I'm not going cars like to have a lot more moisture. A lot more percussion. So we we do we do you think about that going into for the truck race we we really make the track really hard. And that's because the trucks don't have you with windshields on and they have no way clear in the mud off so we have to have a kind of slick often. And get the majority in the the mud blown off the racetrack. What are you learn all this to you learned from Earl ball to us from whom you bought this racetrack that you. Pick up the black art of track prep from other promoters and Amtrak guys which you'll learn all this just. 37 years a racing and never had a lot of racetracks and you know it but we do drilled or doesn't work it. Other tracks and I've been under house thought Indiana's a place I'd levees as an example because they they put wood chips and order and it helps hold moisture in the trailer. And that Tommy offers down their does a great job Pratt and his track and but everywhere that you go in and especially different regions of the country the dirt is different the soils different so. You have to prep pure dirt different in and like I said Furl door here. We have to prep a different for each division that we have so you know we we put new clay on the on the track at the end of the season last fall so. We're still learning what this girl likes and dislikes. Sister takes about half the water that the dirt last year he Stan used to take to preface so. Eat this clay holds a lot more moisture in and with that it sent the way we. Water it in the way that we watch the weather and how we kind of seal it off if we think we're gonna get a much rain that's that's all parts of the science evidence. The notes. EU literally guys that that promote and rounder racetracks. It's a seven day A week job disperse the guy that actually preps attract because. You might get rain for three days in a row or you might have four days of sunshine and then get two days general of rain right before your rent and so you have to be prepared port and a so those guys those guys are on top of the and you are one of those guys because I've seen you around here. You're on the racetrack with a all sorts of different pieces of equipment that you physically our hands on here I do and I'm told. The couple and a long time ago Earl baldness is green's son and a chance Matt Myers the one that actually preps the track and Chad's been around here forever Ernie learn a lot from his grandfather so you know I've really pretty much do you Chad wants me to do and you know when it comes to the truck race and when we had the prelude here. And I kind of had an idea how I wanted to because of the guys that we had come and so. You know we we worked together really well there's. Two or three of us that actually work on the track but. I only do a couple times a year chads the ones here every day seven days a week working on it in he he's got it down he's gonna down to a science. We're visiting with Tony Stewart of course I'm sure you recognize the voice where here at his wonderful old Doris speedway you know one other thing before you move on. When you take a look at some of the all time great dirt tracks and make it and everybody's gonna rank them differently. You know whether it's the Pennsylvania posse guy like in his or the Knoxville a guy like him his revealed Dora fan. You guys seem to have as much equipment here. As. As Daytona. Or anywhere you guys don't scram one bit I've been dirt tracks where you know you'll see a couple of trucks out there and that's about it. You guys could there field and army would all the gear you have here. Well let me and my he said he you'll learn as you go and we've got a great relationship with pace tractors and I've had a supplies a lot of equipment that we need so. It's just having the tools that go on those tractors he you know we we have what they call lately ended the scratches the top of the surface we have. Rogers called the road a source down and I don't I settled don't exactly know. What it does on the track I've seen it work but it's a different piece of gym equipment that. You have to have all those tools in place to be able to handle whatever the weather gives yen and what you're trying to do to prep the track correctly so you know it's it's as vital as it is you know anywhere Washington. Tony Stewart whether we're back with more. Right after this. It's slow and this is my impression of 1930s gangster using progressive name your price to. They never I don't really lays it on the table saying I had to tell how much I wanted to spend and it gave me action not saying. Makes all of crazy SAC. It's easy to find entered that fits your budget with the name your price to only progressive.com. I s's like and sing Martin good exit subsidy. Progressive casualty insurance company prison covered match limited by state law. Hi this is Eli gold hosted NASCAR live we've been taking. Calls every you and I over thirty years but now you don't have to wait for Tuesday called motor racing network. Hotline at 8444. Ask MR I can't help what should be able to separate run for the championship gets away. Just like any other where they get there are part of the season to put an injury recommend this game. Here when the trophy being a part of the voice of NASCAR called me 444. Aston Martin. Board asked MO RN. Back quickly here at the el Dora speedway if you happen to hear a little rumble in the background maps the local dirt late models that are on the racetrack right now. They run a race here tonight they'll run again here tomorrow evening. That of course part and parcel. When our coverage of the NASCAR Camping World truck series. The 1800 car cash mug summer classic coverage starting with a pole qualifying at 7 eastern time and then the race itself. I'm motor racing network starting at 8 o'clock PM eastern time tomorrow. When we come back more with Tony Stewart as he is kind of up to spend about a half hour or so whether last year. 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Eight outlook report horizontal line Neil Monica's gonna win the northwestern like 400 UB water but you calling one of them finish here in North Hillsborough. Thursday's it shoot eastern on the Maureen Dowd column. If you have a question we're the favorite NASCAR drivers tweeters suitable and review using the hash tag basketball and then we'll get you the answer directly from the source now back to your holes to Eli gold. We continue NASCAR live tonight from the el Dora speedway and Ross burg Ohio tonight tonight did seven late models. On the track tomorrow evening's NASCAR Camping World truck series. But the third time to run the my mid summer classic. A hugely anticipated event how difficult was the cell. To NASCAR. To a common run at track. A dirt track that they had never run before how tough was that a few years ago it was actually kind of. And because we we sat at and we literally were. And it chased dinner prix chase dinner with fed cup series and we are sitting there talking to Steve O'Donnell and you know I joked around and says hey we needed we needed editor resettled door you know right. Because they've seen you we were talking about the prelude and churning in and had a cup drivers in IndyCar drivers drivers of all the guys that would come support that recent. So I joked around I said hey we need to we need to get a NASCAR event here I mean it's. We've got we got the basis for wood got the crowd following Obama the prelude nights and a so literally one year later at the same. Pre chased dinner. For the chase drivers Steve O'Donnell walked up to and he said they were in serious about. Haven't resettled or. I said yes it's we talked about five minutes and this is we got done talking I ran elsewhere if so where we're at a Colorado just like us that pay. Are you can believe it he sure we can do this because we we spoke about before we you know it's something that. You know Roger slack it worked under the great company Wheeler forever Charlotte motor speedway so I've got a guy here it's a promoter that thinks way outside the box banks really being in. As such and I are Roger Knight obviously spoke about it but. You know I was like you know we can do that to Stephen had a real site called writers are you sure we can do that this is so I use him you know we can do it or use why we're past that you arguably the so don't just came out to be in. Mentioned bring the trucks yours so that's that's actually how it started and you know it's something you know I haven't guys like Steve O'Donnell on Brian France and you know to be able to think outside the box and bring your bring something that was a big part of NASCAR history that most teams don't know about. I'm Teresa was huge part of NASCAR in the early days ever to bring that back in the NASCAR now sort of pretty proud. You know you sit here you got a smile on your face as you telling these stories and that's it's wonderful to see the business. Of racing look this kind of stuff on. And you've been involved and still are involved in. Umpteen number of other businesses that we we won't necessarily get into tonight but you're a very accomplished businessman. Is that something you always had thought about. Chasing. Or was this Sutton that just happened that caused a lot of your guys that we've talked with a over the years a lot of drivers have gone in the business and you know the happy just days that they ever had was the day they went in the business from the day they got out of business and these seem to just office. Well it. And I'm unable to do because we got a great staff that none of this was part of ever part of a master plan. To do anything like this. You know I got a call from her lumbering baseball just one day in and I was actually at my house Indian which three hours from here and Earl called me at 10 in the morning and he is hey I need you to come and you come talk to me today. I'm like OK all all I'm on my way well this this is an. Drive across town to when he misses a three hour drive so I knew it was something important that. And I was luckily I wasn't. Indiana at the time so you know came out and whether it was el Dora speedway award the cup team went Jeanne hos. You start in the sprint car teams none of it was part of a master plan it was all just circumstances that happened at times that we were able to add those amenities include in the limits. Not I may be treading on an area here that are some of my business but I'll ask him if so you'll tell me does all of this go through. Stewart Haas and and Bayer business brains there I mean there's other stuff I'd I do for myself. Because I want to or whether it makes a whole heck of a lot of sense or not I wanna do it. You've got to make money on stuff like this that's why you're in business you have to run is there are trusted counsel that you go to the run ideas past. Absolutely in and yet we we hired Brett fruit. God probably twelve years ago. And he's been with us ever since then and this was before Stewart Haas racing the Brett now actually runs. Stewart Haas racing for so. It kind of it doesn't go through Stewart Haas racing better RR as we've kind of grown and as we've. Branched out everything goes through Eddie Jervis and refer to myself and I have. Had a lot of business opportunities that I thought were great ideas and that I was really passionate about them that due diligence was done then and having somebody to say hey this just doesn't make sense to do it and and that's something that's yeah I think that's been why we've been successful in businesses because we've got. Harvard Business School graduate and have we've got a guy that's been with me for sixteen years and and did you come up with my crazy ideas I am I say. That I've got the best bad ideas in the business so but I've got a great staff that keeps me from making bad decisions and you know track and decisions like heaven the racetrack I mean that was one that. New. The Brett wasn't necessarily sold on it right away but it was like we have to do this this is something that we have to do and carry baggage Iranian was working with a for your time and explained to Brandon. What kind of an opportunity was so it's there's times when I still get to put the good bad idea in there in error and go through the motions with the bad. You know that's why we have Briton Andy in place to just to make sure that I'm not like an NFL player that. Retires in three years later broke so you know we we try to make good business decisions and have an a core group of people here in Charlotte helps. Giving you a little different look at Tony Stewart tonight here on NASCAR live a little bit about that the business world let's get back to racing though. And talk about a driver or shoot tomorrow night that will be talking about now on our broadcast. Brad Kozlowski. Great champion. Hugely talented. He's got about as much experience on dirt as I do and that's nothing. What's he gonna be experiencing. Here tomorrow night that might have his eyes wide open. Well I think just the lack of grip I mean a pavement track has so much more grip than what the trucks series struggle we'll have appeared Al Dora morrow that. He'll really have to sneak up to that and find that limit that. He's a guy that can drive a loose race car and that's that's really the foundation of what it takes to be able to drive under you have to. You have to learn how to throttle steers these vehicles and you know I think that's one thing that. I always like when we when we ran the pre would and having guys like Mac tens of that never been on Gergen Harvick and some these guys. And you really realize how talented they are right watching them and how quickly adapt to Juan Montoya didn't even. Did even know how to make the car move because the transmissions are totally differently model than anything else you've ever driven so. It by the third lap he looked like he'd been under all of his life so if that's the fun part that's what's that's gonna be fun for the fans tomorrows to. To watch somebody like perhaps it doesn't have any experience and watch how quickly he adapts to. There are few names that will be talking about tomorrow night on our broadcast that the fans have probably never ever heard out some. Dirt track regulars from the midwest from the Pacific northwest. Men and women both folks from that deep back woods of of Georgia. How much of a advantage they have by being dirt trackers. Vs the disadvantage. Of never having been in a truck. It's I would compare. To what it's like when Boris Said and Ron fellows ran the cup races on the road courses and we would show it's kind of the same thing cuts we know the cars. They know the tracks and and know the techniques so. You know they kinda evens it out because of that I mean the guys that. The guys that still run the trucks all the time I think still have the advantage because they know their vehicles and know what the feeling it's likened. You know the the other guys know what the tracks like they don't know what that vehicle. On that tracks and feel like. Let's wrap up with one Sprint Cup Series question going to a racetrack this weekend where. You have had such success and to us right now you're already smiling happy and asked anything yet Ab. How huge. Is this weekend is just one of those you've had circled on the proverbial calendar all year and we it's it's always circled on the calendar every year so. I love going to Indianapolis it's. It's one of the hardest tracks to race that. Because of the the lay on the racetrack but it's and also makes it that much more gratifying when you conquer it when they're so. You know I get to have my friends and family there and you know it's it's a fun weekend flat tracks are tough foreign. They are yes and and specially Indian I mean it's EF 490 degree corners vs 280 degree corners like we have it must now. Well listen I could sit here we can tell stories all night I wish we could do that but that we do have to move on but. Thank you for allowing us to join you here at your track for the third year in succession and having been here in the past I know this is such a yet it's a passion about dirt track and then. As sprint car racing and and this track in particular so continued success and again that thanks for joining us on the show you appreciate and we. I know frank Beers probably didn't sit or sweeping the floors every five minutes because he's such a clean freak so got to find some from the do also if you think. It makes the big money he sits in the big office every time I peak my head injury just read in recent magazine so I don't know what it actually doesn't accomplish the berm around here now we we always find a few things from the do Tony thanks so much again we appreciate day your hospitality that the Cuban Tony Stewart with us here on the show. All week come right back where border from el Dora right after this. 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Hey folks don't forget that MR I am as a new way for you to reach out and let your voice be heard it's on to fan forum hotline and if you have a thought. A question for a drive direct comment about a race you can call in any time and the phone number soul free at 844. For. Ask MR man that's 844. Again the number four ask him aren't you can leave as a message wanna know what's on your mind. Andy good comments will wilders put those army on one of our shows so feel free to participate we'd love to hear. What you think about the world of NASCAR won we come back to the lovely Kim Kohn joins us on the show. And the not merely is lovely woody Kane that's coming up in moments. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. If you or your family love the freedom of swimming any time of year. 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As we continue on this Tuesday evening from the elbow speedway here and Ross burg Ohio again tomorrow night the 1800. Carter cash by Midsummer Classic you'll hear all right here on MR and our online coverage starts at 7 o'clock PM eastern time with the qualifying racist. And our affiliated radio stations hop on at 8 PM eastern time tomorrow night for what is going to be an outstanding show. Here at el Dora about. Right now let's welcome in many young lady who I know would love to be here but the regretfully is not that she is joining us from our studios. In Concord, North Carolina Kim Kuhn hello Kim how aria out of am jealousy and around the need to be here yeah. He knee out get a better travel per Anderson I'll work on them panic if they go up let's talk about social media and bad you know one guy who is here. Who has virtually no dirt track experience he's never run here at this racetrack he's here for tomorrow that's Brad Kozlowski and I know he's been. Active over on the world of Twitter. He has his sponsor has actually Miller Lite tweeted earlier today. Is it too late for the Emmys to give Kozlowski and non. Many tweeting out a video kind of promoting Brad little cameo in shark meal which. Premier is tomorrow. But brat son is acting chops for this I gotta say there's some cameos by some actual actors in it too it was pretty funny I was laughing I'm sabathia but haven't checked that out I know. Miller Lite again between today and the NASCAR between it is so. They do check that out there Brad Kozlowski you. Is making his dirt track at debut here at BO Doris speed way to mop who's going from shark NATO that it dirt NATO here. I'm mad tomorrow's schedule. Let's discuss it Chip Ganassi racing bay were active on the social media world today. Yes they worry now about they're averaging marry and collars and have yet to get when this season so they Brian special guest over at the shop payments head coach she act. I read about Ron Ron McNair was over they are giving them. What they call a pep talk before the brickyard 400 so I know kind of locker what kind of motivation or (%expletive) he brought to them but he was there at the shock and was Jamie McMurray has run well and has won at the brickyard yes he has so maybe it's the drivers this week and that's gonna get. To Victory Lane in and they do I'm sure they'll be giving some thanks to river ran. Who else has been busy on social media today well early seven races until it tastes and NASCAR Sprint Cup on and that means they've party started kind of and shooting Promos and commercials and that sort of thing for the chase I team Penske Ian Stewart Haas racing both tweeted pictures from. Commercial sets so Kurt Busch. Where it is you know and a lot of sports if you're not already. Guaranteed a spot in the post season. They won't even talk about it certainly it's obvious today in our sport that certain guys are already locked in or going to be but sometimes it probably does wouldn't wanna. Put the cart before the horse like that. Yes I gotta say both teams treated pictures from the sat and Joey in cart but relax. Calm and confident and I I would be too if I was blocked but exactly so. Ken great to chat we view is always we appreciate you joining us banks enjoy the dirt track racing. Will do it Tim Cook joining us from our studios in Concord, North Carolina. And now joining us in that same locale before he heads on to wherever this weekend's travels take him. Woody came he has the headlines of this day Woodrow. Eli the Sprint Cup Series is preparing for yet another rules configuration this weekend. As the so called high drag packaged debuts at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Erica Motorola believes it could lead to more pacs style racing at the brickyard. The goal is supposedly we're gonna have less downforce live. A lot more drag supposedly we're gonna. This is what I've been told you're gonna have about a hundred a 150. Pounds less downforce and we're gonna have about a 180. Horsepower track. I think they've they've figure out a way to. Reduced down force field but then also adds drag and their hopes I don't know if he's black so they have put their hopes is that we'll get these big runs on the straightaway home. Meanwhile Kyle Larson is eager to return to a track where he notched the top ten finish a year ago. Especially now that he's got a new song to introduce to family and friends and an area he considers. Third home behind California and North Carolina. Weight difference heroin and we're stars in the last yourself. Going to see that's. Yeah I'm looking forward again their nails and friends and you can place to live with their. Funny goes there anything out and then next oh against them from being taken there. Who's to help them. Easy. While fireworks and pack I threw in the morning and next week and so the idea that something. Camping World truck series is getting set for the month summer classic tomorrow night at el Dora speedway. Eric Jones got his first taste of truck dirt racing a year ago and won the pole. But he wound up finishing 29 so was he looking forward to another shot. Added honestly not a 100% excited no you know it's kind of it's a cool experience. For sure to get to race at el Dora. But at the same time it's it's kind of expenditure for our team stability trying go there but some you know it's a cool race I think the fans love it which is great. It's been great race the truck series over the past couple years and I think those still. Is big this year don't forget you can keep up for the top story each day on many of these same stations on NASCAR today Eli. I woody thank you very much and of course will keep you updated on all of the stories every single day. NASCAR today comes your way a number of times on M Bahrain and our website MRI and dot com. Feel treated check it out in the abbey part of what's going on in the world of NASCAR. When we come back with an open football minds you kind of shuffled the show around just a bit normally we begin with our fast form. But because of his schedule Tony Stewart was needing to be on at the top of the shelves we've pushed the fast foreign. Pity second half for the program. And I have got Kyle Ricky MMR and seated to my right over to my left his cart back our. When we come back both of those gentlemen join me in batting around the subject of the weekend we'd love to hear from you. At 1800. Sued NASCAR the phones are open 1802. NASCAR when we continue from the el Dora speedway. Big guest media evolution is the latest innovation from Friedlander trucks the official color of NASCAR. Powered exclusively by the Detroit integrated power train. The cascading evolution achieves up to a 7% increase in fuel economy over the first generation EPA 2010 compliant cascading. Keeping you on the road and in the race longer. For more information visit 300 trucks dot com great putter trucks division of dump trucks North America. Wheeler trucks Bryant Smart. We're going to be NASCAR because it's a decent. Uncle Lynn sixteen drivers begin their fight that NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and it. And I picked up like qwest back. Ships to tackling these ladies be pleased to be September 18. Twentieth when all we can't refuse. Begin their championship will return your seats today poll 8086 to denigrate or visit Chicago when we dot com Chicago land speedway. Chase starts here. When we come back Kyle rookie join Justin as does Kurt back or we talk about compassion forum topics of the week. We'd love to hear from you at 1800. Tune NASCAR's so stick around this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. 107. 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Of NASCAR nation nature it's a world of racing days on the motor racing network. If you have a question when your favorite NASCAR driver tweet is suitable and were you using the hash tag basketball around and we'll get you will be answered directly from the source. Now back to your holes to Eli goals. Welcome back everybody as we continue on this Tuesday night from the el Dora speedway at the dirt late models around the racetrack right now we were just talking earlier today. There's not a whole lot better than just being around a racetrack that's point number one being around a track comment Tuesday and Wednesday. Really makes for a nice week and Kyle Ricky is nodding as he sits just beside me here. Another racing bop and there really is so nice about. Being able to hang out what this group this group here in May get set for tomorrow night's race and there's a lot worse places we can be and that is like coming back home for me I group short tracks in the New England. Wednesday Thursday Friday night short tracks and and you're right there's no. Better way to spend any night during the week an and a short track and of course cedar over here to my left the gentleman who is also very much at home. I've dirt tracks. But he deals more with one horse power as opposed to hundreds. Of course power wannabe preeminent horse racing voices in America where. Of course thrilled to be able to call him one of MR rams Ol man I speak of Kurt back there and I trust I read that the way you wrote a silk. Lou late night it's good to be with you guys you know and Kyle mentioned the fact that. With the dirt track in the short trek route that that he identifies with and it's it's similar for me because even though I grew up and I and the horse racing background before migrating and a in the motor sports you know it this not often that when one travels to a venue such as old door that. He you drive down the state highway and you passed through the small towns in western Ohio and if you see the folks out for a walk and enjoying the summer evening and then all of a sudden out of nowhere rising up out of a cornfield you might say here's this historic. Half mile racetrack to a lot of fun to be part of beginning this week. You know one thing I wanted to ask Tony Stewart but I didn't I don't think it's really realistic. Of having a dirt track race in Sprint Cup Series competition and they may do it and art got. Obviously the Winston cup and it's predecessor the grand national series ran on dirt. As a major part of the schedule for years as Tony mentioned. Wouldn't that be saw missy the cup cars on a short dirt track I'm all for it I am time all the boring run it during the week Thursday night or Tuesday night event like we have here this week. Run he races or qualifying races on you know duet don't bring us back to our roots. When the grand national division when now Sprint Cup Series ran short tracks back in the in the sixties and seventies yeah you know cart you and I. Have worked this broadcast together in the Booth I believe each year if not. Surely two of the three if not all three. There's just a special electricity. When NASCAR comes back to the dirt that we haven't been able to replicated a lot of places. There isn't and it's it's almost like a controlled chaos in the way in and what I mean by that is. Wit when the truck start to lineup it seems like every lane of the racetrack it's all all night long. You you've got guys that generally the top group with the way around the track here at old Dora but you'll have guys try to make the trucks ticked down low he got other stock in the middle. And you'll see this throughout the course of the evening and and to watch how they slide and see drivers who are used to dirt try to get quickly accustomed to get up to speed it just adds a whole new dimension. I'd certainly be the best race we've seen. Was the last chance to delegate race in 2013. When norm Benning. Battled for the win and what are hugely popular and now with some great driving. Her referred gentleman doesn't always get the headlines bouncing it off the wall off of turn number four the checkered flag the entire property all of the thousands of fans. In attendance on their feet. For a last chance race and norm Benning was able transferred. Into the main event later that night and I I just think in general though it's it's been interesting how of these you know who you really find out Kurt how good these drivers are. Well and it's interesting because of the fact that in the in the two prior races here. There's always been the thought though which which is really more important do you. Unita driver who's more experienced with thud with driving one of these NASCAR Camping World trucks. Or does it help to have a driver who's got more experience on dirt and you know the first year when Austin Dillon with a Victory Lane we saw a combination of both I mean you had a guy who's a former truck series champion. And who's got an extensive dirt racing resume. And then last year. Bubble Wallace goes to Victory Lane and death he had very little experience prior to last year on dirt so. That wild card factor the two prior editions have shown you just don't know where the winner might come. And I think the other fun driver to watch last year with Kyle Larson you know he I've got bounced off the outside wall he had everything but the lottery are every bit through three times a lap but still managed to have that a good night challenging for the win most of the evening last year. Let's shift gears no pun intended all say it nevertheless Kyle Busch next up by media discussion point a few folks like to join us. 1800. Tune NASCAR. So he's won three times in the last four weeks. Everybody knew the guy was good evening everybody knew Joseph Gibbs racing was good but did you expect. This kind of domination. Kyle yes did you realize I've you know Joseph Gibbs racing. Powerhouse team this sport. Kyle. You know that drew them. Kyle Busch needs to get in the top thirty points and although he'll tell you he doesn't really look at the points he is. He's just you know wouldn't be human if you watched correct yeah right and yet I expected it you know I don't know I expected three the last four weeks I certainly expect him to be in Victory Lane multiple times before we get to the chase cut off. On the drive at Sonoma was phenomenal. Via a drive that New Hampshire just a couple of days ago was amazing you know that move to get back on the lead lap of one gutsy move I've very gutsy move and he admitted it in the media center post race but he knew it was something that had to be done just in case the caution came out. And there was talk of a potential caution with the oil on the racetrack are yet to make the move when he did and he knew it was gutsy but he knew. You know if they did throw the caution that that could have been the winning move in and eventually was. And I will confess that unlike Kyle Ricky I did not expect this in and the only reason being that so often in the world of sport. Whether we're talking about the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series basketball baseball whatever it might be when someone's been sidelined it's just so tough to get back up to speed in this case literally. As quickly as he did not only does he do that. Mean here here's a guy that he's won what he wants 32 races in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and three of them now in the last four weeks and guys the other thing. It'll say what you will over the years about Kyle Busch his personality could be intense at times has a lot of racers are. And the other aspect of this is it seems like since he has come back. He's he's somewhat more philosophical about why if they are those who say a lot of regards he's more laid back. And yet when the green flag false he is as intense as ever behind the wheel it's really paid off. Both to the thoughts of Kurt backer Kyle Rickie with us as well I'm Eli gold we're gonna come right back. And continue this past form wanna talk a little bit more about. The new rules the aero package at how it's been received and how it's gonna be changing again at upcoming races including. This weekend at Indianapolis. Wanna talk about Martin Truex junior would take a few phone calls as well 1802. NASCAR. As NASCAR live continues from a legendary el Dora speedway. Right after this were. There's a lot on the line here and we'll keep bigotry and erase. When it's all now know the pressures that early on every moment matters the intensity ratchets up. You need to tears away and I just think that 48 Victory Lane Daytona. He's friendly. To back down. I'm here to win. Where else so regular season win. This is the boat and I'm hander Jake got join us every Saturday morning at 9:30 eastern time for Palomar I'm wearing mission on the map if you look talk with the biggest names in the wings for her racing from the brought about close to your local wind sprint Kart track we've covered awesome we'll preview each weekend's biggest wing spread car racers from around the country endurance Winger Mason 9:30 eastern time Saturday mornings on math TV you don't get mad TV go to get mad TV dot com to find your local TV provider and let them know you want mad TV. Hey folks don't forget that each week on motor racing network Ned Jarrett world of racing. Gives you the driver's perspective on today's racing topics just one of the many shows podcasts and highlights that are available. Each and every day at our web site and Moran dot com when we come back. We'll head north up to New England for a phone call from Zach. That's right after these messages this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. You're regular week in pit stop for current Tribune could get the speed of sound decent Americans tailgate party NASCAR USA. Join host rough generation who took two hours of tasty cup week. But grill it's just look what hot new. Those features live reports from the racing mobile North Carolina head straight from the tracks across the country a race is on and we've got your cup. Rev up your weekend at America's tailgate party NASCAR's USA. Both wins Eric Jones was the man behind the wheel for both of them sues him orient motorsports Monday with a forty cream man Choi NY Erica I guess you kind of got tire all those people here saying winter getaway and. Yeah I can I guess so I think come around and vertigo the right way forward that's my dog needs the and it was very bunker you caught up at this point are bigger outraged here for the doing so sure that's what feels good to get fairness you. And you'll only motor sports Monday every Monday at them at Ameren dot com. If you have a question when the favorite NASCAR drivers tweet is suitable and review using the hash tag ask him all around and we'll get you will be answered directly from the source now. Back to your holes to Eli gold. Welcome back everybody it's a beautiful 76 degree night he. Aaron Ross burg Ohio. We're about an hour's drive from big map you're not familiar with the area were a couple of hours away from Indianapolis. This of course the home of the el Dora speedway Tony Stewart's track hopefully Europe where those on the show earlier we spent the first. 25 minutes in the program with Tony this evening let's get the bombs now at 1800 she NASCAR. Zach is up and am Plainfield Massachusetts. Hello Zack. I. What's on your my answer. I'm at a question com you know Heredia the drivers on the race on Sunday. Are they left handed in his does improve their driving. She's I don't know to be very honest trivia. I'm left handed out all the improves my broadcasting and a half I can use that as a as a litmus test but to. I I've never stopped to look I'm sure there must be because some of that and writings are so shaky that they have to come from a left hander. That's one question I have never thought snow and I may have to do some research this weekend's card you up on your. On your lefties and you're right is. Is I we will you mentioned Eli the fact that Tony Stewart had stopped by to visit earlier and I am. I'm tempted to throw him into the left handed category may be incorrect about that but that's one comes to mind. I don't think question Jack you'll giant map by I don't know realistically I don't know if there would be any. Advantage. You know. They do say that left handed people the only folks in their right mind since the right side of your brain controls what you left side does so. But I thought very interesting question hey guys let's move on a Martin Truex junior started the season. Would bode ill wind that he had five top fives fourteen top tens. Now all of a sudden last four races he hasn't got a win or to be hasn't got to finish. Better than twelfth. Just the racing dodge. Yes. I think there are a lot of people that thought that streak went longer then. That it did come. A single car team out of the Charlotte area. Took a lot of people by surprise. And how surprised to see them you know top ten inning every week in fact that it broke Richard paddies. Record from 1976. Or seven somewhere in there of top tens in the first half of the season. A whole. But being. Yep and it's catching the statistics are catching up to them here in the second half and and I'll how surprised that they went as long as they did just being based where they are and in. You know I had just yet they surprised Kurt do you play bay. The percentages. Whether it's in your other full time work and in the world of horse racing. Or in sports in general is that the percentage is catching up for them or is it just. Dog racing line. It could be a little bit of both and as to answer your question directly I'd I am a believer in percentages law of averages however you want to describe it. There's a general rule and horse racing that favorites win roughly a third of the time and and and that generally is true but and in this particular case with Martin Truex junior it's a two edged sword for Martan and for his team. Yeah out if you come out and you over achieve arguably for the first several races out of the box with sports is a world of of what have you done forming a lightly and unfortunately when you set the bar that high for the first several races. As soon as you're not meeting that standard that you set for yourself people start to notice and scratch their Chan and say oh you know what's going on here but I think he'll be fine. And are they prepping for the chase. You know since they got the win they've faded just a bit meaner still running well every week. No they're not in the top five top bait like they were in the first fifteen races of the season but ever since they got that way and we've seen them less in the top ten you still surprised though we understand it dollars you know talk them you know and so on and so forth. He still surprised about their talk of potential manufacturer changes in light of how successful they were earlier. Yep a little bit and we heard more of that talk this past weekend in New Hampshire. Of a potential change down the road. Just when they're finding their groove and with young there for the current deal was having. Yeah it it's it seems to be a case that I am. A lot of us are firm believer in the old adage if it isn't broken don't fix it is the same goes up but that said that the next race team that I own and manage will be my first so you'd never know what. Challenges are a team a spacing or what the reasoning might be and obviously they know what's in the best entry. Kyle before we let you go you hung out in the garage as we all have for weeks and weeks and weeks. The talk about the new rules the aero packages. This track has its this track has its this track has its own one so on and so forth. In general terms or other drivers comfortable. With the changeable rules or they rather see standardization. I think they're comfortable. With it and I think they would be comfortable if NASCAR or to implement. These type of aero changes in the chase the songs it's fair for everybody everybody seemed very happy when it. I Kentucky Speedway a couple of weeks ago. See what happens at Indianapolis this week with the new high downforce or packet Kyle Rickie thank you card. Bush thank you sir Kurt Busch Kurt back artist. Just put you behind a race car Layla a skirt backer over there and now we'll see both of you gentlemen on the broadcast tomorrow night thanks for joining us here on the shelf. We're coming right back we'll hear from. Guys who really are race car drivers Carl Edwards and Kyle Larson next. They've folks buckle up. Up the road to Victory Lane isn't just for drivers anymore introducing the official daily fantasy game of NASCAR I draft kings dot com. Draft kings of America's favorite daily fantasy sports site where you could wind huge prizes every weekend with every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race pick a team of five drivers before the race starts stay under the salary cap. Outscored your opponents and win look you already know the drivers and you watch all the races put your knowledge to the test that draft kings dot com. The official daily fantasy game of NASCAR just pick your race picked your drivers and pick up your cash. Are aided drafting dot com now and use promo code gas to play for free you can win part of the one billion dollars in prizes being awarded this year. And tear gas to play for free now draft gangs dot com. Draft kings dot com that's draft games. Dot com. It will hear from Carl Edwards and Kyle Anderson coming up next this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Who raced to the chase is on in NASCAR today keeps you up front with the leaders even though it doesn't cure things it. 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If you have a question when the favorite NASCAR drivers tweet is suitable and review using the hash tag basketball around and we'll get you will be answered directly from the source now. Back to your holes to Eli gold. Welcome back to the old Doris speedway everybody we took off microphones in the Vick arrives the other day because William from New York. One of us to ask Carl Edwards after testing at Richmond. Does he think that NASCAR will implement the lower downforce. And aero package for that track as well. I hope so I mean it. Yeah I just hit it wasn't that they do it differences Richmond with a single car met. A couple things you have to remember this package really is only setback to about 2000 elevenths it's not a huge change. Number one of the two makes of cars a little harder drives the guy in the car has to work a little harder but also puts a smaller hole in the air. So affects car behind it more so to me. All three of those reasons you know point the more they can run this fact picture or even take a step further. I think the the more real aren't the better it's going to be but as you get towards the chase he needs to determine a champion. You don't wanna comes I'm sure NASCAR is going to make a mistake and try something to crazier to outside the box and and mess up the racing but. You know I'd be all for trying to whatever we can't before the chase starts. That's Carl Edwards shame from Texas one must ask Kyle Larson. It looks like you're going through the sophomore jinx. Do you see things getting better for you in the second half of the year. No nothing. Last season's still you know. Kind of not really I mean. Our speed really isn't it agri either. You go back to Kentucky this week has run new around the top ten. Most of their race. And in you know there the last rather base. Austin noon on in my left freer and it. Ten are tired down. Connected and then but you know and kind of down and and in. At the wall so then ran around and finished 35 so. Canon's story our season where you will run me okay. You know 80% of their ace and then you're there at the end something happens to this. CN eyes it's frustrating. Will wrap it up from the old Doris speedway right after this. How to be second generation is your source for refurbishment of your existing drugs specialize in the reconditioning of vocational type drugs ready mix trucks and dump trucks and we strokes. Extend the life when your career drugs today give yourself a viable option of purchasing new units especially if your lower volume market. Pat tells me second generation we perform as much or as little work you require. More information visit Al dot com. Hi this is Eli gold the host of NASCAR live we've been taking. Calls every you and I are over thirty years but now you don't have to wait for Tuesday called motor racing network back. Hotline at 8444. Ask Omar and picked out what should be able to separate run for the championship but it'll. Just like any other source they get there are part of the season to put an injury that commitment when. Championship that would that trophy be a part of the voice of NASCAR called me 444. Asked MRN. Well that's gonna do it for us this evening from the biggie the old Doris speedway here in Rockford Ohio we've got to. Great show for you tonight a big thank you again to Tony Stewart who Byrd joined us for the first half for the program. And of course Kurt Becker and Kyle Ricky. With a last year. Talk about the subject matter the date Kim who matter Irish social media update. And what he Cain whip all the latest news let's mention again tomorrow. Our coverage is gonna start on line. At MR and dot com will start at 7 o'clock eastern time from seven until late with the qualifying races. Online and at 8 o'clock eastern time tomorrow night will be joining you on the radio. All of our broadcast affiliates to bring you the coverage of the mud summer classic course. But yet the MR and if you assault there tomorrow as well for all of us here el Dora I've Eli gold mine everybody. Must. Tour life is a production of the whole crew racing network ports studios in Concord north Carolina at Daytona Beach, Florida. Tonight's broadcast wars produced by which Coppola failure executive producer of them are amid here's David I have. Remember diversity of Mario dot com for the latest NASCAR news of upcoming guests must go our law makers produced under and exclusive license with NASCAR. Did you shall be count toward descriptions contained in this broadcast must be what he expressed written permission of NASCAR mumbled through. Racing network.