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All the bad moves under Ben Cherington, 7-21-15

Jul 21, 2015|

The guys take a closer look at Ben Cherington's track record making moves.

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I mean assistant. Clinton voted off you know you can't can pinpoint one thing game tempo one person are. When aspect of the game I think we just Celtics funerals I mean you never saw or learn from run base hits and me. Was this just in to either you know content and had a great series and now. No he's from top to bottom it you know treasonous and hits and this. If the doubt that your fertility you know cleanup to gains in enough space in sizes from top to bottom you know they that's the description garrison it's an in play. That is up smoking all 418 bets heavily wet Oprah fourteen to seven strikeouts in this swept four game series Pedroia went O for twelve. It lost five row it is the longest current losing streak all of Major League Baseball at 42 and have to wonder on pace to win 73. Note team in the American League has a worse record than the Boston Red Sox third nine games behind the Yankees. Iraq score 22 to four in a four game series sweep. And they are a dead asked team to nineteen by the way with runners in scoring position and has Jerry pointed out earlier in the broadcast. There are only thirteen teams and write them the wild car once tied once tied right so he got that one Gloria. We were talking about bad deals and and alternate what bad is closing in. On his mentor deal. You forget we made this list. A court of a billion yes quarter of a billion dollars of wasted money Bible study more apps like half a million to Crawford Mike Ullman as a reward for Billy yeah. Now. And and thank you forget somebody's. Lugo. J. D. Drew. Rent to Ria. Matt Clement he'd fall. Daisuke should make that case I say. You're gonna say about what a World Series any 11 taking intro to pick some big spots does that say about the oboe. Give me the three last three last place finishes the news here report on the years and he went yeah I mean I know you're not charge you know I think we should focus on. Then and the post the only are all I know because they are setting the table but he he has catching folk like beat the field caught. Ben is catching feel in this wasted money to put ideal normally used in the big money stuff we get to last year right now watching. And over its have a nice progression shortstop Brent yes this may because it happened defensively right restaurant they decide to bring Stephen Drew back right it is a terrible errors to right AJ Pierzynski terrible pull ten million bucks Stephen Drew Stevens or ten million dollars but it presents. Africa Asia and half nine million for a year and it's not so much the monies yet the drifting was just. You know since we sent three of us screened in the beat right crystals were dom right the Red Sox and you know says that was a terrible decision. So they just they keep adding up this guy. Get to the job anymore and it goes and I'm sorry it's not John Henry. Those have been shirt smaller yes yes I mean if they're not true if they're not wish or to deal mean if there was John Henry moves to the is there any reason I'm here at all now. I mean he should be gone right on big deals well with a huge money in the partial extension all that comes from the top right so he's like we would like seed ten trades in the next ten days. I don't know how many will be a good deals on the name will makes cents a money in well you've. Fans hope. And how many will be stupid army or what would you cancel immigrant who. And only if coach. Pocket via may be Cogent Cogent is probably your best ship appeared you know entry colts obviously east. None of the closest by far your best chip. So you're looking commemorative you know victory you know this. That non relationship as low mean these guys tonight is our about a lot out there okay not a bad chat at some of these things but nothing it's W. Pedroia. Yet that's gonna happen but you know maybe in Gaza factory day Gaza and British am too sharp break. Fantastic wouldn't get for him. There won't be another dodger dog out there old. Those that Dan coming it was a once in lifetime opportunity and they blew it they learn nothing from it in the right back where they were before with no doctor team. Ready to make a deal it's incredible two days and as bad as I understand why everybody is outrage was necessary talking about the extension for parcel. You make a good point. It would be. Screaming and gnashing and weeping. Nest and you can weeping. Much more than course fellow if I sneak a steel were here and watching this this. Total lack of whatever gave that you gave him seven million dollars or do enough nothing in the jury I I agree it would Jerry's point they publish I'll play twice. Three times and got blown away at his body in his work three cone drill. And they said OK well other guys have been good from this country trying to get him since he knows Mike mumble try to work our area got the wrong guys is they always do. I Johnson Gartner H. What I told you. Beatles almost official little time US about the post fellow appeal earlier fellows. I think it was simply the anti left the deal and we're gonna do fuel what do you think the big book what's put fell 26 I think. Yeah till they get him in global financial big contract and you know who's that's that's a new philosophy and they paid in that the guy. You know. Earnings Jackie Bradley I think he's a pretty good symbol of what's. They rushed him initially. And now they're not giving him a legitimate chance at. It's that's so strange but Jackie Bradley thing makes no sense. Much of that mrs. scintillating radios stand with you guys it's definitely got those situations the better. And and I think the boys above in my column a shot more often than not but. I mean together the guy's got to go. By the way a quick aside you guys mention the boat deal and a deflected who can't get enough credit parole war. Was treated BO RO this the first World Series team was Dan Duquette team. Well in my memory conflicting over the golden boy and he brought that the coming home. Ocean Theo gets credit for the 2013 team. I mean. Lester Lester yeah he rejects reasons why they won the World Series and Ortiz I mean that's that they deserve credit for the torso was fifteen to thirteen with a 343. He made 31 starts last year. Comes here. It's just for the pitching guru John Farrell yes and loses it completely totally whose two point that I'm obviously is that happened. A trait for a guy like Joseph Kelly because you believe Ferrell and it just short figured out jerk I mean does that mean. His you know Rodriguez got better during the year this year I mean what point. Yet sure when this Farrell in. You know apparently never takes heat for this really does not know what you ever read anything negative about Farrell pitcher to ever just. Curiosity if they weren't. Rushing to hand him or sell all of this money and he was a free agent and that went to him now based on his. Output audited sign what do you think personal would be forced to take on the open market right now if you were free agent. Apple what he's making too big advocates at ending to probably take a one year deal in which port right trying to that's probably good point play it would take four years that and we don't know about it would take right. When you if you get a four year extension. Gave him and nine million baht forty million right lackeys are making 507. 500 grams 507000. Dollars but 170000 dollars. And this team could use him like no team could use. Imagine lacking the top of the rotation but you beer race were told that either one picture right right though there was never reported and we don't know why. Right in out of beat writers should say it's fact though they never reported rate I I believe it why I would never really got no details just didn't wanna be here. And they accommodated him. If I just gave away the no problem sure. While we if you leave when you talk to rob them with pillow talk before you say you hang up and he says you know he's Houston. Yeah late night is completely died for you tore that. Would you ask you to find out the inside story of the Jackie Bradley bring up too soon he'll be out too long yankees tigers a bit difficult latest and it. Yes there's somebody more to this is they're not to be doesn't make it you find out for. Intrepid or what wait what's this position mean for it was still. In without a lot of only all star team play. Two games two games hire Jerry get a blow. It's it's. It's as that is so amazing. Column when he. From game one when they lost eleven a warm game to. He flip Napoli and Victorino that night in a letter right messes things to go would you just to if you're the manager after 111 lost you're just embarrassed after two losses for you scored when runners honestly americanize her. Managers coaches at lower levels who would put the names. Major actions say here's yet is the champion he's easily enough whatever. Go to same exact guys after 111 embarrassment it's bizarre to get the sense that that that's a managers said screw misses were ER and the other you're like you know that's just go out and create without imagination right there was a big thinker. Now now. Maybe get them upset people. And it will happen made. What do they might lose four in a row or five general Gabi last place. And the like you ask rob asked somebody. What was the rush to get work solos. That's an excellent question yes date and not her website they've heard business here's what if Iraq does not mean as a monster collapsed or follow on answer but we I yours Robert say or Wear them it's. Last year entered the series fifteen to thirteen 343 Mary pitched two hours. If he did that again this year. He again 130. We've looked deceive themselves forty million. It took a risk Richard job hunters may lot of money doing it failed. That's what they its epic and endure a lot of questions about protection after Lester left and the answer was we get this 26 year old is just coming in it was no it's odd that the 26 years. Was the number the carries the most weight. With a Red Sox as opposed to his record is ERA and and his entire baseball resident right act Kelly Tony six Kerry today Kelly. The age groups of things right shore but I understand but they've just identified the wrong guys I mean. You can pick two worst guys. Right now Kelly of course it's possible what happened Purcell was could last year. Of it was a good abstract strike and the bad finish but look at that scan for four ERA the presidency possible look at is yours that's like trying to imagine hand they were merit points short ball try to imagine ourselves as a shutdown guy. Plastic decrepit and played short Purcell won games 6177 have I had 7937. Hour 3-D NC and minute hand it.