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Jul 4, 2015|

Scott Cordishi is solo in studio as John Rooke calls in from the West Coast, where the clock reads 5a.m.(!) They take your calls, texts, tweets and emails on the week's hot topics. It’s Independence Day, time to celebrate our nation’s birth with fireworks, parades and cookouts. Rooke is celebrating with his own chicken and beer in Sacramento with the Triple A River Cats, and he has an idea for the PawSox proposed stadium.

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Now we're back to southern new England sports Saturday in my sports Radio One 03 point seven WEI. And here's John law against god or. Here's Greg. Happy fourth of July everybody happy Independence Day. Big night for fireworks last night here in southern New England on not so sure about tonight. I think there's some showers in the forecast it is cloudy and overcast here. Today and I think some showers could be moving in. Later on tonight but I think a lot of cities and towns had their fireworks displays. Last night Duckett Red Sox noted. And of the city beat Providence did as well. Anyway where you celebrating your fourth of July. Hope you have a great one. Pilots. Let's head out to California and as I said earlier in the show. Brooke I always knew you weren't very Smart but I do realize you were that stupid to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to call our radio show what is hard. I. Really hope I hope I didn't get up I am and I haven't gone to bed and yet what are you talking about bigger fireworks displays. They were on black eye your right outside my window do all the plays were understanding in Sacramento. We're gonna bet your at all. Well it's funny you say that John because I was in Sacramento lot on me. AB 678 years ago. With when Greg Robinson's coaching brown basketball we play UC Davis and we stayed in Sacramento and we re we celebrated the new year we stayed at a Holiday Inn downtown Sacramento right next to the old town. And I remember on New Year's these same things fireworks going off there was it was pretty cool awash in from my hotel window. Well in my case though we had the other kids from those live next door college age kids. Then he would get off my lawn. And then around the middle the street light no bottle rockets. And so actually little concern that they might fly it to the window where we're stand so if only we kind of stood up more than we watched them you know we're complete fool themselves don't want. The cops chased them all and then one thing led to another guy like oh crap it's 5 o'clock I got a call. Now I did see UN to it was is it the Sacramento bees is at the minor league team. It's well actually would be a Sacramento River cats play the salt late peace and the rep. The other river cats are. Yell farm team for these embers go giants. These are the AAA team for the yum. Los Angeles Angels they aren't so that's what would receive but I did tell yet. Scotty that that was actually nearly one point three things but I held up quite a bit. That part is beautiful and if anybody who is you know so in support. Of a potential new well ballpark for the pos socks. Let's say shall we in the city or will Providence. You can do a heck of a lot worse. Then. Model yourself after what they've done at Wrigley Field sacrament right on the river. You got the downtown skyline and all the distance. It's about 101000. It's. Free and easy to get around the concourse why it is about you know super box they'll look at box outlined in the toppling of the place. So Marla compressed ox open air press box I don't know we could have open air New England but nevertheless it's just it would really great time. And the bad part about it also got a to our beard night. Oh nice. Or or would go to Europe and this. In the news you sound actually much better than you should right now if it was two dollar beer in the it recover. Now now it's it is before we get to three innings yet what was up with a huge bucket of chicken you guys sports game. I I did like at a ballpark combined like a huge bucket of was it like chicken tenders or something yeah. Yes it was about the true story this absolutely true we look at the ballpark in Saudi arms wide eyed look a little kid. There's because I like you know experts summoned into the ballpark you're soak you wanted to check council and walked the circumference of a park and look at all the little concessions stand and also ordered to go orbiters will be insults don't know and haven't been enough you know to Turkish right up well behind mark section which most. Very convenient. And it won't girl stay right there next to go the condiment it'll act of Iowa and she's got the skirt the duck and chicken wouldn't let you watch. It's so I walked up tour and then Mike over Robert Wood ripping and those what do you could debacle that you can you do to help them in the end you just point it. And you say that you point that you put it right all right behind me ensure and out of frustration at right there that was selling well buckets of chicken and Fries. Porsche Otis for like it was thirty some odd dollars resort actually pretty good deal. So we will have to quit or contribute Scotty I know how does well. I know I'd never go that now look for those guys to resist exit and about the 2011. It was awesome it was absolutely awesome as well ballpark they would agree. Of course and about a half dozen Beers and your evening anything little taste good you know and I mean. Well have not wouldn't it had mentioned that it is that we're on the sort. We now our turn to southern new England sports Saturday joined the show by calling 4017371287. Here's John raw against Scott scored a sheet. Yes I was. I am a little better particularly Saudi overall performance we expected. Much more. We were six games behind yesterday. With more than half of seasons remains to replace. So. Yet it still feels frustrated he does this morning and asked that the idea of not knowing that number out but you know. Is it did things in the jumper was basically that this except. You know and a Red Sox brass not happy with the way things are on this season what do before the trading deadline that is the big question welcome back southern new England sports Saturday. On WB yeah eyes got pretty she hear John wrote there. And wanna go to the phone calls for a 17371287. Steve is in Fall River good morning Steve. Now that you repeat it the old soul. You act in a moment. All you're done or are there that. Aren't. You got it certainly people calling up. All the people figured if you do it. Don't know what independent beta bulk. I think you're one long bolt that alt a ball late uncle. You're going ideal weight. To minimize. The picture here. Euphrates. And not quite what did you say. I'd. Say the top half of the rotation guy to Horry three U is not a legitimate any sentiment sent. Wu I felt a little bit different than what record. That's exactly what I said I said he's not an ace he's the only pitcher if you if you take that water Rodriguez who was a call of the five they went into the seats in which. Four of them have been lousy okay Marcelo has stung Masterson has gone belly has stunk. Miley has dongle would be less than the older guys and bolts as and the decent he would be good yeah not and it. IQK let the whole area and I got back in the our coal and you know it at all. Derby. But if we get those pitched well there's always been one of the best that. And he's at 1817. And he. Yet almost 200 in what she yet but isn't the pot that you shouldn't start. At any federal law what it quiet because he's been the best pitcher has a big baseball and basically like now the last two on. I don't know who had a he's talking about all that upset if you mandate lower actual and I wish it was absolutely. I keep hearing that while all Campbell. Basically what it buckled almost the same mobile 500 coal and political panel when he I gained double file under. Buckled might be 22 games below 500 in the Korea. I don't think you should be going now giving. All Campbell won a lot of money he had an epic about actual. But we figured a good idea get rid of quite buckles and out because of contract. My question is how much they are you going to be just tight election. With that contract. At the America I got to turn around very accurate try to project on. So Steve Ott says Stephen let me just address what you say could you bring up some good points but I'll tell you why I have been an advocate of not necessarily hang on buckle to right now you have militaries could you don't have a good starter outside of him. So I mean Clay Buchholz has all the leverage procedure only good you're only solid starting pitcher. The reason I'm not a fan of Clay Buchholz you pointed it out he is an enigma he can for half the season look like the best picture and all Major League Baseball. And then he stinks our reach her in knees on the shelf. You just you you can't get that consistent greatness out of them yeah it's a huge UC. Does have great stuff better than anybody on the staff. But he can't put it together for an entire season year after year to year that's why he's not a dominant ace that's why. You shouldn't be you know look at as one. But to me. I also on a purity and nobody says. I still tied him to this chicken and beer thing he was one of the four guys with Lackey with Lester Buchholz was there was a fourth respected okay. And and to me. I feel like he was. Infected. By Josh Beckett in those guys he could he when he came up with these young gun innocent kid. And he's developed a little bit of an attitude. And it's an attitude that I don't like and and I think it stems from. Being Ortiz with those three guys and being a part of that chicken and beer and so that's how I feel about clay buckled rightly or wrongly those of my feelings on. I didn't really fuel bottle. Attributed beer at all but then. You watched. Well there you look basically the there may lead at that point you know what it is while they created very Josh Beckett could that be particularly acute water. You know lead week I'm gonna show that aren't bella. Which were less there than the other guy with gotta you gotta be BER. Shape. The award because I think he pressed now if they. You've got to wait a little older we could settle all of he's the only particularly in March how good are on track you write you write and you can edit them on. Already computer like Matt Clement who would make in panic although he's still doubt. So he has upside could be it couldn't contract couldn't see I did not play well you know again well actually nobody could look actual contract. He had the upside and we did that Tina. I don't know what you try to go get another ad lot of what it. Now and a lot of what we critical like. But any case she fought so it was hot commodity with the PB when I was attributable. He got opposite a lot of what I will take all that. I don't go to guy if I don't wanna double what she already had. We're credible problems and click on a guy who looked at could be a bit regret that yet. People all look at the local. All right Steve and well yeah you'd major point clear and and thank you for the phone call and listen John I understand his point directed at the Red Sox. He's the only quality starting pitcher they have right now if you wanna include at watt artery is okay maybe they have to. But that's probably why you can't afford to get rid of him and he's right his contract by today's standards. Makes him made a pretty good value at what he's getting paid relative to the money they're wasting on some other starters who want performing nearly is Willis him. The other. That that's a real problem I mean I'm I'm one of those that as Saudi here now for the for the last probably a little distinction probably blown open and it started over again but because bought culture has its the way he says over his last few starts. I didn't cause any kind of stop for a second scratch my head and and salty they duplicate that will probably not in the position to do that could we might have already blown up but. You know I've I guess I could see going. So in that regard if you really good assure you the troopers. O of a helping you and I would say that that would highly questionable. At this stage you right you got a couple of guys that we'll be serviceable starters right now. And you probably shouldn't lay you know you're you're blame at the speed of the other guy at the problem is is that amongst the other guys because the contracts they have. Who really get really to take them. And so you might only be able to get rid of guys that are actually had some success. Like a guy like Bockwoldt. Denouncing what can get out point choke this is part of the conundrum right now that you know the red side actually playing without I'm sure we're going to be talking about over the course the next what 34 weeks. Until we get a the other trading deadline they had this month. Yeah I don't think that that the Red Sox are gonna find any takers for guys like were so low or mildly. And their contracts now are the Red Sox wanna get out from under those guys they can but they're gonna eat a large sum of money in the process that they're gonna have to take on a lot of the financial burden because teams will take a shot on bringing into ports double. Before the trading deadline. The problem is they're not gonna wanna pay him what the Red Sox paying and so the Red Sox but gonna have to assume a lot of the financial responsibility. Yeah that's correct then and so that's why you have to think about it or Arabian bogus thing up. I. It's gonna cost a lot of money in a goalie did very little wiggle room because of what you've probably already knowing these guys that you're you're you're packing up sending out a ground so. It's not quite as easy to blow things up Bridget think it is. While in my 21 years of doing Sports Radio in the province market this may be the first time ever a caller. Or texture has actually said something positive about Steve from Fall River from the 401. Steve actually makes sense why exclamation point. I. You know we wish you and I add it up you know take a lot of crowd we're putting the money here in the first place and frankly. I'd like engaging Steve because he always does bring a bigger point he can period you know one out of nook. What the same time we didn't get to build the bluster yeah actually that's a good point of renown and oh look I enjoy the conversation. And he's right and I think is larger point today was you can't afford a trade play buckled because you don't mean any other quality pictures on your staff. All right let's squeeze one more before we break Bob and Newport Bobby are next on southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. The Bob. Art I don't. Wait. To see you at. Thank you Bob anyway. This could see that it is ridiculous. All of but yeah you're right Buchholz is showing signs are coming back in in an aids. Like last year when he went like what eleven or no and then disappeared. Knows a couple of years ago when he had a good start yeah. The air while. And just under twelve Red Sox Nation. You know I hear people say oh so addition bridge guys need to you know. To enjoy what does it but I studio lot. You know I use common up a lot of talent. Mean everybody gets up finally lost so what time I know it's nice to win. In Jordan again baseball. And in Jordan rookie says it's a lot of good things common. Well and Bob you know that's a good point you make him thank you for the phone called atlas and I said this last week on the show Boston is a win now town okay right we don't have the patience to go injury rebuilding. Project particularly when it comes to the Boston Red Sox we know can spend the money to be good year after year but you are right there are some good young talented players. On this baseball team and you know. Who is what they need to do is is is Ben cherry in the east do better job of filling in the holes around them and supplementing. You know the young guys with proven veterans with stars but he's got to spend the money on the right guys he hasn't done that. As of yet in my opinion I mean. I think they they they had a huge swing and miss when it came to guys like. You know like Crawford. Gonzales lasso waiting Gonzales produced even though he's not an East Coast guy cut up the East Coast. He produced ever Carl Crawford was a disaster. You know that the purse LO deal was an absolute disaster I think they overspent to bring in panda problem sand at all. So he needs to do a better job in free agency in my opinion in in signing the right guys and spending the money in the right guys. You know there's no question you've got to you have to get the first of all you gotta stay up on top of anger you can stay up on public thinks. And you value early and I'd look at only the Pentagon is slacker major tenant in the Red Sox got except they're not slackers. And I that they stay on topic thing to quote anybody the problem is their evaluation skills have been brought into question right now because of the results. That these you know veteran players who brought them so you've just figure out relate to you know. Come up with a little bit more although I guess a consensus I don't know site. In cumulative you'd probably have two or three different opinions that are sort of leading the Red Sox down the path of the chosen let's. At least my impression. 94017371287. The phone number the text line is 37937. Southern new England sports Saturday on Sports Radio WEEI. Now back to southern new England sports Saturday it would John rockets got court issued a call 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WD TI. And welcome back southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Scott pretty she hears John rock out in California where those on the phone. Protection on the five away. Money aside this was a good sign and speaking of the reports LO deal. Young pitcher whose numbers have gotten better each year with the post season experience this is all on pour sell all can't blame management for bringing in men well I agree with the last part of that tax. You blame management for bringing him in fact when rocket man. I actually thought it was a good acquisition because he had put up decent numbers in to try and I thought he could be. A two or three starter for the Red Sox and when you look at his career numbers clearly this season he is having. It is I mean far worse than any use ever had. In his Major League career. All of which was with Detroit before coming to Boston so. You know that techsters right I mean this is on Marcelo underperforming or rivaling the Red Sox is showering him with a huge contract in big money. Before he really has proven worthy of it. Yeah that's true in. Here's the problem but I know that the Red Sox had to be fighting some wouldn't Arnold. You know if we don't shower it would catch somebody else is going to soak. I'm sure they felt like you know based on what you've done up to this point in time he was worth it. I had seen stories about it I think our buddy Nick Faldo written about this so you know I guess I can understand why what did the same time you know. Are you sure that you wanna hang your Abigail what you'd do that hang your Allah guide for him becoming an underperform. As is done this year or that deserve assert about a credit I mean you're gonna get old slap on the back you know and applauded when things go well you need to understand that you're gonna get no. Torn down what things don't go well. It and I guess Scott really what's the the issue that they're part of it all here's how much at this point do we really put this on and sharing them in NN. You know reflect management's and step what have you. As opposed to the guys published today because frankly guys on this team that are doing the underperforming. Garrett want to shoot you know we're pleased that the brunt of it dole I I you know the docket and both kind of sharing that equally public that the most disappointing records. Yet no that's true in a couple of weeks ago John I kept on telling you that I thought the biggest problem with a steam wasn't necessarily the pitching it was that bit. It because I didn't have high expectations for this rotation coming in but to me. I thought this was an offense that can produce and they were walled right under performing and now all of a sudden here for the last 23 weeks. They're producing like we thought they were capable law now it's time for these pitchers to start producing. Up to a level that they're capable they may not be capable none of them are pitching like aces. But you know they all should be serviceable starters guys that can pitch like 23 fours and fives and right now they're pitching well below that level. Then we need another round at T shirt from buckle journal I have the case of staff you know on the pastor around a little bit and do so would be derived bought culture and Rodriguez are for the most are the only two guys that have. I've got to within kind of regularity at all I mean I have to admit one of the great script that Greg all year. Is seen Joseph Kelly we're blow open as it is space like it has a would have bagged out of the pocket now so I you know who taught at really what happened. I don't think anybody thought that would have a certainly not Joseph Kelly so I don't there's there's got to supply Emerson reasoning here. They have it all goes South Lawn at once. Like it had it coming you suggested he'll put that to come around what couple weeks of the most part they have a the can't. The picture this think up to that child that they are still some but fragile about the the makeup of this team overall and I think that's what. The Red Sox need to do when they you know do besides the board up all reap a little one have yours that continued sort of put the proper pieces in place to go out and find character guys. And I know that that sort of well worn cliche ish type of race. But the guys that know how to pick themselves up when they're now they don't need. The prodding don't leave the needling did lead the cajoling. The only guy that we'll take it upon themselves as they get a lot. I'm made for five million dollars a year on cable Olympic in my old Nassau and M I really believe it or something to that he got out. You gotta look at character issues more than anything else now there won't help you survive the storm and also not get over it over the top when things are going well. All right John I was gonna try to squeeze in a couple of more calls here but we are out of time unfortunately so my apologies to Craig and James on hold. Guys it was next week I promised we'll get John but that is it we are out of time what's you're agenda call for today on California still in Sacramento you get a good out of San Francisco what. Where and where it Sacramento all and tomorrow gonna head out to Nevada and we're just gonna enjoy ourselves a little bit so what. Happy and say well what everybody. Eyewitness who like see in studio next week albeit great all right enjoy the rest your big gauge on. Every right John brook. In California with a status short for another edition of southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI thanks to Jason Terry bella. And Loren and Iguchi on the other side of the glass for John rook. On stock pretty she's happy for him we want. Saturday with John rookie Scott gritty sheet on sports Radio One 03 point seven WG guy.