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Was Super Bowl Hero Malcolm Butler disciplined for being late to OTA's?

Jun 10, 2015|

Dale, Michael and Jerry Thornton discuss the still developing Malcolm Butler story.

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Arturo de Elena holly Sports Radio WB yeah I'd Terry Thornton alongside. Well we we may have solved one of the mysteries of patriots OTAs here the last couple of weeks. Many of us. And asking the question where is Malcolm Butler. The hero of the Super Bowl hasn't been seen at any of the sessions when the media. Was allowed to Latin seed players around. Now we we know he's in town we've seen him at events. Is sorry so the question became is a holdout is the injured. Editing app surgery in the offseason. But why have we seen Malcolm but are out there with his team. Well Jeff how the Boston Herald has solved it. Jeff how has posted a piece on Boston Herald dot com. Malcolm Butler was late for the first practice of vote TA may eighteenth. Because he missed a flight on the way to Boston due to weather issues. And was held off the practice field for three weeks. The attempt to fly into Boston the day before OTAs the weather related issues pushed his arrival into the next day. I according to how again I'm quoting from his peace Butler supposed to be back on the field this week as the patriots wrap up their OTAs at Gillette Stadium. It's a hard disciplinary measure for the second year quarterback and Super Bowl hero who did reach out to the team to let them know all of his canceled flight. But players are often advised to travel early enough tool Boyd weather related delays. Still the three week span is longer than any known related incidents for past players especially during a voluntary workout program. The reason for butler's absences during the two open workouts had been unknown until this development. It's believed Butler will be present tomorrow when the media. Returns to watch practice he goes on to say. The team source said Butler was very disappointed. To be held out of practice but he treated it as a lesson learned. And has brought the right attitude to to Gillette on a daily basis. Upon returning to the field Butler will compete with Logan Ryan and Bradley Fletcher for the top spot at corner. Robert Maclean Jordan Richard stacked Swanson in just in green also in the mix for playing time. Now it I know what I'll hold much folks out there is in a coma. Whether he can't not do about whether he reaches out to the team says hey that my flight got canceled whether screwed things up. Undo and everything I can do I'll get there as quickly as I can make note shows up and expand they say yeah. And sit down for the next three weeks. Would you guys. Well let my guys from the groups say it don't feel right. A parent I I really don't think. That's not the reason he's out on the field. I can understand if you miss the flight he's he's he's been told to get there. I'd leave a day early leave a couple days early to avoid any kind of weather issues and make we always have weather issues in May especially in Mississippi right. You don't really think about it. In the spring. I can see them punishing him for day two days three days a week. Third week's smaller to me so that that can't be the REIT may be a part of the story I don't believe that the whole story. That's what I would say it's not a contract renegotiation point and some people were theorizing that as well when you know where's Malcolm batteries not here. The contract that he signed under the terms of the CB eight. Even if the patriots set Malcolm you know you you performed heroically force in the Super Bowl we wanna rip up that Phelan and get to new contract. They're ready they can't even allow they can even deal. So even if they said they wanted to and Butler was Welling they can't under the CPA so hold that doesn't do many good there's nothing they can do. Yeah I mean that lesson has been the lesson has been talked a lot of the lesson can be taught and a couple of days few days it doesn't help Butler doesn't help the patriots. For him to learn a lesson for three weeks. So there's another part of the story and and Jeff how good reporter. Has uncovered. A part of it I believe that. I believe his source. Has given him something but I can't be I I disagree with you. I disagree strongly I think it's precisely because he's the Super Bowl hero precisely because this kid's life went from. You know 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock in in an instant. Is why they did this this is all of Pope bring him his kid back down to earth. And I am not saying that he's had a bad attitude would you go to look at a guy who deal went to west Alabama and. And you know went undrafted and then he's BN per you don't have an parades don't from in his hometown. And end in the article that Peter King did about that he you know now a public talked about how. You know I got to understand this is what life is gonna be like for meg getting it back down work I get a settlement that's I think is about the patriots get his feet back down on the ground insane okay. You know you'd there are no special set of rules for you because you know that the hero because you went to the grammys are presented awards and stuff I think this is added. Do you just went just agree he was everywhere I mainly got it was like he entitlement where we're like a tag team they were everywhere there are fly and a private planes and and I could see I'm not saying this case I hear talk to Malcolm Butler. I could see where you'd get a little carried away. It's impossible not to really animated favorites take a special special guy to not all of a sudden start to believe his own press. Be given day he came to take three weeks to ground. Yeah I mean 'cause. Because you're argue we were grounded for three weeks grown up three weeks and it did anything wrong no doubt now that I read that way that they know about the I did do what nothing interesting things still have done anything wrong delegate married that is great I think it'd take that long to get the message across to him. And and a three weeks is not a popular how long it's gonna keep gone and we're not done right. This is is the punishment over yeah because his heart the soul and eighteenth yet according to this notably back on the field that this week Brett and the fact that. They didn't say anything to anybody before so this wasn't a boat. Humiliating Malcolm but this wasn't slap and a you know a scarlet letter writing him and make it a walk around and be humiliated this about okay after the fact. This is what it's about it and how does the patriots team spokesman though that the source that that Jeff how come you know this is citing here. I did you phrase it. Was very disappointed but he treated it as a lesson learned and is brought the right attitude to Gillette on a daily basis. That's how they alien a soap for everybody hey this kid made a mistake maybe not of his own choosing but but though the whole point of the three weeks. Is is that you don't sell you'll make him known now. Want forward. That that play is over that that's Super Bowl it's over an aunt wasn't as attitude. I don't I don't give from the dawn hours and it is that it's already had right rhetoric from a story that his attitude was never know. OK so let's just go back to write his life changed. And he. His life changed because he did what he's supposed to do you may play. Right committee great play and at immediately after the Super Bowl. He still seemed. In an end in cash to shocked. That that happened. They Michelle to play is said to have and Malcolm has this huge news. Yeah yeah. Fused but okay what you may say I don't know what to say he had he was at a loss for words. An apparatus hometown shore corporation hometown small town it was a Vicksburg Mississippi a pick who has Levy or else you know somewhere and an historic Fredericksburg somewhere in Mississippi okay. But. Still called instead of having some problems with. What were my travel wreck and maybe. He should have leapt five days before. And so he had actually he's the only guy who wasn't here I guess I guess if you have it just so you have three or four days on them now most people don't do that. It's not just looking at a book and I love that that was him that was his little snow issue but what most people most people if the coach says make sure you leave. You leave a couple of days for travel issues felt like he let couple days travel our motivation is for kindergartners. That did the day before he was go on the day before to try to prevent something like this from happening now at a a lot of I said I've never been. Ground for three weeks I might have someone close to me was in New York it's got in trouble got caught. Got crowned it probably for three weeks but I remember thinking that the best thing that ever happened to him. The first time he stepped out of line he got caught he got the the wrath of god brought down on him by his mom. You never know there as did it again and I think what Butler it's it would be punitive I would say if ahead of time if they publicly told him what made this guy's bench for three weeks and here's why the fact that it's come out now in this way. But I think it's a wave teaching him that lesson internally without MP at all punitive humiliating and and make it out to be something that it's not. Now for the people and we were getting several of them in the text line your sand eighties are voluntary workouts voluntary. If you're the only guy who was late for the voluntary workouts than they're not voluntary etc. yeah when Tom Brady's there in and yeah all those guys are all there in line and up and doing what you're supposed to do when they're on time. They're not voluntary I know what the term is under the CBA that they call them they're not voluntary so let's get that out of the way in and second of all again you go back to the idea that there's only one guy apparently. Who was late now there are other guys who've not been practicing during OTAs but their heart they're recovering from offseason surgeries and this was the only guy in fact that's what got people wondering if he'd had a surgery at something happened to and we did know about. Art if he had been if he had won the Super Bowl. Think of what he did win one BP but if he had made the play of the super ball up the truck guys are attract so it's as if I had made the play of the Super Bowl. And he would certainly you'd think. You're about three weeks. It might just be gone. I mean all he he may be having just might be god because it does with this team does is they say. Voluntary is voluntary to other people not here. I mean you'll print it right didn't feel that the voluntarily can't do that would put you know it's kids here that says this is 38 or don't. Let's have a CB it and understand what you're saying and I understand that. And we're not skipping Italy they just can't public for a this there's an understanding there's an understanding on the team I'm sure. Where it says optional and everybody knows that optional. Volunteering or by noses not voluntary. But. If the guy is still himself. Up he's not himself got a different conversation if he still felt he still humble he's calling me saying. Okay. I'm having some I'm gonna have some travel issues here I'd wanna call and let you notice. Now wanna be there have been working hard and number I'm gonna continue to work hard like it did last year. And you sit down for three weeks that seems a bit access. You know what I think is happening here in him in a different sort of way it's like. Every year it seemed like Parcells for instance would cut somebody like first day of training Chris Singleton navy you know some guy would want to conditioning run and attack has talked about his you were around 2015. We've turned the Pate Super Bowls in the past. And Malcolm Butler handed him an opportunity to send a message to the rest of that locker room. Gift wrapped it. You know I like Malcolm Butler nice kit I'm I'm putting my thoughts and bill Belichick's head here you know made a hell of a play force helped us win a super ball. But I'm gonna show. That this this is over it turn the page do which is posted deal I remember one time. I presume that he was late because he he is still living in 2014 which is a big question now appears. Okay I thought I'd take it all back everybody that he's the only guy who's not here. Yeah they opened the doors at 8 o'clock Monday morning and there's one guy who's not present. Well that's the one guy who has the price paid our number one time I missed the bus in the minor leagues and the coach just filled me. Kill me. Andy said to me afterwards he said dale if I can rely and you can't plan any. It's the same way and same way but it's almost like you know if I let this slide Malcolm. Right and what I'm telling the rest of the Rome is that we haven't turned the page we haven't moved on to 2015. Because other guys have been punished in the past for being. You. Your coach dale and Belichick regarded that as the teachable moment. No this is where we can have a dialogue and say what it's all about in this is the way the patriots in all the patriots way is it a pile. You know we don't have guys who ever you don't. Being totally dedicated towards buying into the program. You don't win when the best player in the world. A guy just won the Super Bowl MVP is leave and I in all of PJ Costa Rico with the world's most beautiful woman. To go into the snow fox borrow angle worked out on the first day he's available to. That sends a message are they are you for your wife to right field and colleges though. The world is that a former chief of well I always called Brady the more the world's most handsome man so it's it's it's totally fear its end until one day one B situation. Now they literally. Yeah. We we we've had a couple of instances year you know pretty public and and well known instances here Darrelle Revis got sent home. Darrelle Revis you know. The best defensive player on this team may be the best defensive player in the league showed up late got home Friday. No I I understand yen and I know your your talking about the three week on that's a big deal that's that's well. Three weeks in June is not schemes three weeks in November obviously in and I. How many practices that we are really really talk it is still owe a lot as if three weeks. So it three weeks and Jim what you in the or use your words. That to make the point. It Joan. If you own and the guy had a travel issue like a punch him going to punish and send a message to the rest of the team this is unacceptable. We're not gonna do it sorted out of it appealed today not going to be on the field tomorrow not going to be until the next day that's three days. It's to me this is the person going eighteen days eighteen more days this is the perfect guy to make an example. Well and and again I don't mean that does sound but I don't mean at the so crippled that let me tell it now literally Belichick and I don't know I ballots to get Belichick. What what gets. What gets him credibility and respect among among its players is that he's not got a lucky you. In the undrafted free agent in say you have no chance vs the big timer. Or on the flip side he's not gonna look at you big timer and say yeah what picture big timer. I'm gonna make an example out of view too short to prove a point. To the undrafted guy it's like on the delicate you based on your own merit. And so. At the same you're gonna punish a guy because you wanna make sure. He's not getting the big head over being super one BP. Has he displayed any type of behavior that makes you think that not shown up to OTA's on time. So that's because. That doubt without that you got because if if Thompson of that office I say this is a perfect chance to say and when I say make an RR restaurant Revis lately programs were late because. He thought it was a big time player with deflate. If that's what I it doesn't matter I mean I get a deal as Thomas was a high price forget what got out right. And that and that mattered because the quarterback who is the guy who could take advantage of things and say hey that was a snowstorm and have an excuse. His wife gave birth the day before he was there and it Gillis Thomas and the other guys and it was it was rainy mosques in whatever they. That Gary Guyton they wanted to. Consideration and they did not get it Alvin I got it's great that you're you're late you pay the price yeah sure no matter who you are paid the price but. He's paying the price for being late. And interest rates raise the price for football and BP AMA be the best thing that ever happened to a second best thing that ever happened to him excuse me. Going forward he's just a late guy if he's at the late guys propping up for a couple of days and we move on but the since he's a Super Bowl on BP makes stories not. And I don't Joseph Jonas gray runs for 220 and four touchdowns we never saw him again after that perfect example preach about every Jonas gray remember they add the extra our yard to get to do ya wanna it was 11990 what detail what Arab whatever was and and four touchdowns and LL alarm clock issue whenever song again he's gone. Now he's on the team I'm I don't mean gone cut and saying you never saw him play again. Right there are you hurt your perfect example yet took you know I I think he loves to take those guys that. That'd be in celebrated in the cover Sports Illustrated and Malcolm I was a household word now in an all this and just say okay Blake. Bring them back into the fold Beatles led to a field Japanese expression and nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Let's say I've had this thing you have to look at it and maybe he has I don't I don't know what the details as I said the very can go back to that. Something doesn't seem right here so it's not the complete story so I'm not gonna do is jump ball in state. We have all of the information I think some of the information is missing frankly that's just where I feel to be wrong on this but. I I think you have to look at the individual to figure out what the punishment is. Malcolm Butler might love you might be seduced by all of the the media attention and I love it might be bathing and. Or what he's a guy. The attention. So all of the fact that he's late after no immediate picture that just. Dammit I'm late a lot of small town. And our airports are wack and I couldn't get the Boston or Providence the way I wanted to I'm sorry I'm calling you I'm letting you know I'm very disappointed. Pay two batters to broadly yeah payment. You're it's all about business about business. Just wait I don't programs only to wrote Revis was late because hey I'm Darrelle Revis and I make no you know twelve million dollars a year. And I'm an all pro and I'm going to the hall of fame one day become too late. And they. Rightfully. Adam down its that this won't deal with this and the next day. It was over. Which is what should happen you pay the price a day two days three days and it's all over. Three weeks. 6177797937. As the telephone number. Often maybe you'll agree that the punishment was too harsh maybe you think this is bill ballot tech using this is a teaching moment doc is up and New Hampshire pay doc I don't. Hello doc. I'll put docking on holes I didn't find him Shaw runs up to New Hampshire Tayshaun. And other gaga Greg is going on. I take my call I did say I kind of agree that it doesn't seem right to opt gut instinct. But I will bring up something and it doesn't seem like you guys have mentioned yet and it had two teachers that are about conned. Dell mentioned it because I head back as you Richard your comment has been Dell Dimension probably before he went on but god god stated and. Yet thing about the fact that you know this whole offseason has just been crazy. For the patriots. As far as you know scandals and all kind of not gone on but I do kind of think that maybe at a better way to say hey look. But make an example nobody in that battle line here we don't need that bad press. What about that. Well I don't know that that that have gotten any bad press in this case I'm not sure anybody would have no nobody knew about setting the example I do agree. Eight we don't do this yet. You know her aunt and I don't care what the reason it and I've I've I've heard coaches do this before. I've heard coaches say you know no if it if I say we leave it to we need to. In if there's three people on the bus we leave it to my prep I've heard player Sybil what I have a flat tire. Then leave early enough so you may treat take care of the flat tire and you know what happened nobody was Everly. Now they test learn the okay no matter what I'm gonna make sure. It's if my car breaks down I'm still gonna make. And if you've got one guy out of what they have 89 guys on the roster now I think it is you know the OTAs I think it's like 8889 guys. If one guy out of eighty metre 89 is in here when he supposed to be he's gonna get clobbered probably. Michael Strahan probably the best giants player of his generation I probably arguably their best defender going back to LT. He if he showed up fifteen minutes before an a meeting Tom Coughlin would send them all because say Julie is your only fifteen minutes early. And it was a bona contention about how to dice play for Tom Coughlin. Now I hate it. It's some guys write a tighter ship by me. You know we still hear stories about Pete Carroll where he would discipline somebody but to on the go run laps and angle all backed by the leeches and pull water on the guy it's a here just tell everybody that I. I ran into your sweat through you sure it won't call it a day. Players did not respect them they do respect it bella check and I don't think I don't think this is we hate this kid Butler where mad at ya just. Let's give them a big punishment and it says it. It's is set an example an. So example sounds like like so harsh it's not like such a buzz word I mean it literally to say here is an example every one. Of what happens when your late make surely not what. 61777979837. Dale and Holley with the Wharton Sports Radio WE yes. Problem on dale and Holley here on Sports Radio as we take up to the pregame show or Red Sox baseball coming up here just few minutes. Upper rare of the NFL network sent out a tweet a few minutes ago about this Malcolm Butler situation. Birdie tweeted quote safe to assume the NFL PA. Is looking into the Malcolm Butler situation CBA terms in play here. And he tweets out section five of the CBA title miscellaneous quote. No club official may indicate to a player but the club's offseason workout program or classroom instruction. Is not voluntary. Or that a player's failure to participate network got programmer classroom instruction. Will result in the player's failure to make the club or result in any other adverse consequences. Affecting his working conditions. Now I guess the question here is if you were not allowed to practice for three weeks would that constitute your adverse consequences. Affecting your working. I'm just to be fair right and I know what the patriots and will of the patriots like the patriots went as much as anybody but. Based on that definition if you don't go to voluntary. If you don't put too a voluntary worker. Your late. Call the boss they have some travel problems travel problems are confirmed. And you're not on the field for three weeks. Based on the letter of the law. If that would be an effort work situation. About right but Poland the punishment is. You don't have to practice. Isn't that sort of up to do a good free Amazon notably that would that plays association wants now know what he wants to do is perform like he wants to do the same thing his teammates doing it out of practice that if this is where you'd you'll never get into this and unless you have another CPA. This is really a story of one of the captains on the team is going to woman saying what we oh we all know everybody listening knows this Irvine Israel noses. Saying. Young buck Malcolm. I don't know if you realize. When he says voluntary. Via. Going to be. Yet at this club I don't have the talent that Ed and and it's not a must surmise that right now I think two coaches donuts say it which would be again let's evaluate players a player that's captains and selecting. It's unfair and in and on the union on the union representative of this team and we get a new CBA when a fight like hell to get that changed. But the reality is I mean there's the textbook. Law of how things work. And then there's. Like this subculture of what happens in the industry the inside the inside story so. Inglewood NFL PA in the you know you technically have to be there and this is unfair. But the role that but the roles of the jungle really are that you gotta be. And the rules of the jungle are if I'm Malcolm Butler I stated the NFL PA leave me the hell home right. You got bile reports in birdie even tweets this out he's taken this in stride he's not rocking the boat he's been and everything that he was allowed to be act. In a classroom film studies you know weight room and all that stuff I can see him telling the NFL PA. Hell no I don't want to do when that. I don't I don't want to have Bill Belichick act get in trouble for this based on and some idea that I've made a complaint to the NFL PA. Because that will adversely affect my ability. Right to make this state and put all your resources into the Brady appeal and stay keeping nose out of this but you know again what do we talk in my view of the patriots kept him. Off the practice field he was able to come to the facility and and watched game film work help whatever it was he was don't want it's not like they violated the CPA by sending him to extra practices. Which by the way the year they won the championship. Of the Seahawks got fine for having illegal practices under the seat right. Are you afraid aren't you afraid to run you okay. I bet that I read Roger Goodell recommended it very well that's this there's violation the only two days are acceptable and we don't want our. Our teams to take advantage of this so I am docking a few Troy Vincent has got to Dhaka. Don't give me a four all little spooked it's an actor around turned to influence makers of a little gun shy of Mike when it accurate to refer tropic particular. Sluggish second round pick. Even cheat the seeds that have not achieved nothing to appeal the players association called on the Jeter's where Scott let's start actually have to say about this case it. I wanna make this clear I. I very much enjoyed my dual existence ball blogging and be in on the show it to hit the ball for a blessing. I love doable sometimes it's hard though because you try to do one. Would you really want to be doing the other and indicated to double that rate there is such a great blood to be written up opus that with the colts in the European air. You see all the prayer saved and how are very little listeners who don't know the colts have hung a banner inside Lucas Oil Stadium that says. 2014. AFC finalist. Almost as embarrassing as the sixteen and a banner that hangs it to Latin now it's in my billboard to sell more embarrassed right I'm not a fan of the CI you know my point I think I hate I went here but it it it felt like pains me but that's because they're that is tons of it with sixteen and always still had a comic. I'll get enough guys yelled at him in terms of conference finalist. Is it only been 116 and don't think. Nobody income I in that manner it I don't like the banner either but this finalist manner it's. Far more embarrassing it six you know at least something nobody nobody's ever done yet even though it this season ended badly and I'm still all PT as the about it whatever. Try to repress that memory but it's good to celebrate. That you're finalists and a game we'll lost 45 to seven here and it just so what you got Tom Brady suspended for four McCain I don't know Al Dunlap oh late the bed yet I should say to placate champions 2015. So this guy waited it out. And some of the responses are. Like geysers. Was no worse than a final four banner in college basketball still a significant accomplishment. A blacks that's like you the colts. And best of luck to you and your continued endeavors. Are Red Sox baseball coming up live from Baltimore it'll be reports cellar when the pitching match up against. Wait Ian Chan. Note David Ortiz to start now he has available off the bench obviously he could be used as a pinch hitter later on. Or would that be more embarrassing I guess if you you brought him minister pinch hitter. And I'll be curious to see I'm sure it will be part of the manager's report that will be coming up during the course of the pregame show as well. I'll be curious to see what he says about all of that's a Red Sox baseball against Baltimore coming up next. We will all be back in the same spots tomorrow and around Sports Radio WEEI.