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Ben Cherington's mistakes 6-1-15

Jun 1, 2015|

The guys discussed the mistakes made by Sox GM Ben Cherington.

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3-D NC fault lines are a little bit open at appalled indictment only in Boston in just a second will also get to the church and transaction. List. Which started correct me if I'm wrong in the offseason would be like the end of 2011. After the season that correct. Correct right yes I'm reading a piece from February 24 of this year that would be dateline Fort Myers, Florida. Out in the Red Sox announced a Contra and using. A contract extension. Manager John Ferrell on Saturday a question arose about the status of general manager. Usually. Bad insurance contract. And then dodged the question. Stating he was fine contract. But would not offer more context. On Tuesday. John Henry met with the media he was asked about chair and contract and revealed. In the Birtley. But the teams signed its general manager Tway multi year deal. Last break. With that in mind churn consigned the extension well before the team at the trade deadline shipping out four of its five starters from opening day in other words. Chairing that was granted his contract when the team was on a downward slide. Here's a quote from John Henley and in some ways it might mean more when you have a bad year Henry said of ownership faith in bench Harrington. We know the reasons we had a bad year we took a lot of risks last year. We started rookies who were really ready yet. We took rest risks but I have tremendous confidence the whole organization has confidence in those two guys chairing and and Errol. I will tell you this that Errol signed a contract extension he's good all locked upset and guaranteed route 2017. So that's the rest of this year. Next year and the year after through 2017. And as a team option for 2018 which you won't like this market. The legal. Right to that's where we stand contractually. It probably makes two million bucks a year Richmond estimate which to fire him today you have to him six million walk or pitch. For a team was problem is that too much money and that is the problem of too much money yet the need to ML planned ten million you can attach yes and and that would not be deterrent at all if there is the only question I have an up live to a few managers and you have to do you know. These usually guys waiting plea that guy. That you wouldn't optimal way to summon it goes snatch that accountability in dire judge that was actually that cool as waiting for use the guy to die. Take his job. Barrels Weytman Francona got on which was wearing when Morton got dumped more calm was marketing and MacNamara got dumped who's waiting in the wings right now we'll. Nobody Torre Lavelle allow he's part of this Brian Butterfield now. Jason Varitek mocha no agreement name. Writes. That the equipment at an epic epic like flight in that price that it called him in special. After Josh Hamilton went that the double ocean bottom it was just as likely to suspend which feels boring but it's not funny all races I can't wait you'll be sucked up and like I thought lions pretty good idea I had thought of this defensible linemen being the prize and he was just like a pretty good. He is a pretty pretty I mean it's that's total that's a complete set guests at the Oprah wasn't deep enough. There's a real feel was and usually deep I could see him open there in left field your timing game and a ball would've been an out normally. That's that's I I don't agree with the. This is a team right now that is really struggled to score runs they hit every aspect of their game has been bad except their defense or defense had been really really good. Last June 90 school they get six errors. That was a tough place for Pedroia right there. This is a ball right here obviously could have been scored a hit or thereabouts he should be able to make that play especially when you're a gold glove type third base on my sand ball and then this was the killer in the ninth inning. You let a guy get on base all you need to do is close to sending out. Coaches on the mound in the end up losing a game that you should one. And has three errors from last night's game three years in today's game that's when you know you can't win if you do that every night. One and six on the road trip. They were outscored the rents were 351912. Double plays and seven errors as well you say this right. Could you say six million dollars in the big deal for the Red Sox decide you're right their budget right now their payroll. It's 150. Million dollars a wait a minute that's a 2018. A hundred app. Fifteen million dollar any teams here is we're so Sandoval Pedroia potentially Craig. Miley can steal I would argue all seven of those contracts are bad contracts. At the 120 million dollars three years run most of which ones Ramirez. Torso. Probably Santa ball awful Pedroia. Potentially Craig will be shore like Crennel has 1617. It's a thirtieth at its option there mightily. And caused it to steal. We that was so does not put toys are among conduct. This sixty million he's part of that she's not part of its decision on the roster and our men is very good contract there for sure they could contact there it's probably not like a real good one that he would say look at that Smart GM link right there no. And fact look at the list you know we have. President transactions yeah what jumps out is. Really good move quickly go through bodies out there are. There are 24. And some of the more like multiple deals Vince ideals attacks you more than that but 24 transactions. Since December 14. 2000 up we should we should go over the the grains and at Celtic law com Andrew Miller. You got Eduardo Rodriguez grand Milla but the only reason that could discuss humor. And the last place right. And you were selling songs sold Miller on you in the was in contention anyway at these called the and we should get to a boy we should surely before we do before I forget the calls we go through his record. Let's say Sheraton great job. All the way through the World Series and looking after that what's what's what's you concede. Some plant also like Paul woody half. We will compare John thank you oh thank you. You know I knows a myriad of problems or history didn't sign the end. And gave watched this summer that cut the money the pigeons look at bottle under 1%. Secondly. Today it would that problem was three years from the main list to get 67 years. Today it would look I will stand up ball B three you're familiar all right capsule and they they have a different standard for pitchers and outer I would eyewitness I would have a different standard for hitters cholesterol because I want a sad Leicester about your brother sent western sample question notes seventy million more -- I'm a sustainable. Or blow our targetable luster to fight for a hundred million people that was never gonna I was never gonna. Stop at. The are we want to do that circulate. Is there are many children patterns in the game Uga Uga. But what could steal on third base reruns wasn't gonna win that game Europe that's the place. At the plate at least you can build this would go on match to try to safety squeeze yesterday he or there was some sort. You've got to make things happen when Angelos and especially in close games when you have a game like that you can win. You've got it makes things happen. So you wanted to squeeze wooden bats at the plate. Lower or even a safety squeeze cut it he gets solved the steel workers series at thirty. What want to steal was that third I think it was in the ninth will want out right and that's was at the plate. Always get a date at the little one run lead a short run I think we're one game and yeah actually he squeezed at the ball on the ground with the steals species that are. How many elsewhere there. Our goal wanna I wanna open in my much better chance to get a fly ball the outfield not yet. The weight billboard music in the clear in the clutch. You gotta make things happen. Don't think that is the big problem. When I Elliott is in Boston before we get to the character and transaction list Elliott. I'll that would go look at the current actual work and go back out every parent and about what he dumped all of our our doctors. The big thing that people saint let that not only did he dump all the money out that's prospect out of I'm bill's prospects turned the turned into a way to mildly so if you think about it. All the prospect in the return that we got both stuck on the word we you need it all away and are well debris. Do you all the money. He couldn't get it on. On to the roster when you know what we started the season I just don't see. What good church and has done what every prospect that they bring up suck at the ballot bowl that you could stayed at Douglas he got. Plot hole that the Loewen inept your best trade back in the past three years. Is a public utility infielder that you can't play every yet to see what use at what benefit that I thought. I would say the Bastille is is getting on one over agrees so far sure we'll say looks good we'll see if that's your best deals so far. Got a few let's go to movies are very quickly. December 2011. Turn to ensure Jed Lowrie and right handed pitcher Kyle Wheeler and the Houston Astros for mark my Lance and he was going to be your new clothes correct yeah. Need to work out so. Off. Two weeks later. He traded Josh Redick. First baseman miles head. And right handed pitcher rob all Al Contra the the Oakland Athletics for Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney Andrew Bailey would be your other closer. Okay. Terrible deal I mean wow. Injuries injuries hurt him a rush thank god for you'll are right I mean you go through two Frontline closers anyway. January 2012 Red Sox trade Marco scooter wrote a Colorado. Or right handed pitcher plea mortenson. Red Sox sign free agent Cody Ross. Good move. April 2012. Cubs trade Marlon Byrd to the Red Sox for right handed pitcher Michael bode. Rick's auction rate of ours and chemical bowed to him. Could suck straight Lars Anderson the Cleveland for right handed pitcher Stephen Wright are now works pocket. It's fine now. A Diamondbacks trade Craig Breslow to Boston for Matt Albers and Scott descending very good that. This is 2012 Red Sox trade. Ager and Gonzales Carl Crawford Josh Beckett Nick Punto is famously called the Punto deal right. To the Dodgers for James Loney Ivan DeJesus and right handed pitcher I'm sorry. That's his best move outlets her best trade right. Undoubtedly you would what you get back pictures and everything back you got rid of those cut the Crawford seemed. Crawford contracts in the most aren't credible deal in history. It really did and human to unload it for team to a team that really won me doing itself a magic a lot they'll Aaron Gray went through the roof and Boston. Great great great move that's number one little odd Dodgers trade ruby dollar rose to the Red Sox for a left fielder Jerry Sanders. Now we have three free agent signings go moose had to go to Reno and you watch our. I would say Colmes good victory you know plan. In the end bad because it's going to be a one year deal for 39 million Koji was is Michael Jordan coach is probably second Koji is a great great move with. Don't see there was a fourth free agent signing right after Koji. It was just a week later they signed free agent shortstop. Stephen Drew. The game. They trade for Joel Hanrahan. And Brock coal or Ivan DeJesus mark my Lanston. Stole meet him and hall and Jerry Sanders. Let's okay that's fine right. It's good they sign free agent first baseman Mike Napoli in January of 2013. Normal monopoly music catcher and assigned him they'd trade. This. Abu assailed Garcia to the Chicago White Sox mightily lately about that. Then the tigers traded Garcia. And to the Red Sox for Jose Iglesias. Chicago White Sox traded Jake Peavy to Boston. Or friend fellow small path shortstop. And Jeffrey Wendell can. Jessica freeway and deal that was Iglesias for PP. Greatest amazingly you know through hitting 338. As a BP. On to support 396. Really yes neighbor put our name pitcher who has eight winds there are couple. This year baseball yeah. Who are tremendous and was the general postal meet with Mattel know he had a double yesterday. It was a electoral local art to all local and now it's being active. It doesn't we solve a lot of that around spring break in five years ago mostly lives you wonder how he did that kind of stuff pinning his platelets OS got this. December 2013 Red Sox signed free agent. AJ presents us about these. Start drawing media old line in the saint yeah so they won the World Series in 2012. We're now in December of 2013. Now we're gonna tweak it I guess they kind present skier. Sox trade peavy and cash to the giants for Ed went Escobar and Heath jamboree. That doesn't look good now what do you couldn't get more for peavy the deadline Allison Buick one and I want to win member right. In. July of 2004 teams Sox trade right handed pitcher Felix who brought to the Chicago Cubs and opens it and ran it. That's it right in August that's that's on me now it is right. Now we're talking also don't have in this that they cites the tonight. Could this kind of argument before that was the dumbest thing we have it is we argue. I beat writers on argue with him all day and Telus. For Abbas and killed it right when he's it's Fridays I'm not sure why I have a red mark next to this one might do. Red Sox trade John Lackey Portland trail and cash to the cardinals for Allen Craig and Joseph Kelly and. You can are gonna like ours that's an epitaph epitaph one or cola. That's just now at stone right that's in his obit yet. You know use certain deals you just never live down. You know if as a GM as a is that an executive and professional sports. Lou Gorman never live down Larry Anderson. Jeff Bagwell. I think bench Eric them if it doesn't end well for banned here and he never lose that that. Sox trade Lester. Gomes and cash to Oakland or UNS to assist Bettis. And then they traded Andrew Miller to Baltimore for you rod so that's okay. But that's Jonny Gomes essentially for a Europe Russia via cell in the Cutler trade. Yes and a desperate as us an assessment is for personal right right now Lester leaves freeagent. And 2014. August. Boston signed Cuban outfielder roots Nikos DO seven years. 72 million dollar deal you know not yet but it doesn't doesn't some element to moderately doesn't look good go all right here we go now run a role besides freeagent third baseman Pablo sent a ball five years 95 million. Andy signed free agent and Ramirez for years 88. Million dollar I'm looking in my own Twitter handle from that day November the 25 I tweeted. When John Farrell venture to lose their jobs remember this day the Red Sox are lost. You of the curve oppression it's odd in December 2014 tiger straight or subtle to the Red Sox force us but us. Alex Wilson and gave speier. Diamondbacks trade weighed Miley to Boston for ruby Della Rosa Alan Webster and re melt Flores. That's not bad. While I smiley Brooke group is pretty well is it hum. I would say signing him to assign sites such sites as part of that Cyprus or Miley is part two more ago Padres trade Ryan Hanigan. The Red Sox were will middle Brooks that's that's terrible that's terrible Jerry. Pointed out base that's the same opiates Sandoval a much middle Brooks and I'll take a Mel Brooks was a prospect who at 32 home runs in the span of a 168 games. He was supposed to be a good mentally player within Kenya beat him up for your system going to be a good major player that's all stock. He tried a foray back up catcher in his mid thirties who it's 220 I love panic eighties he is what he has. But those guys are diamond 1009 in the texas' four point five theory for to a season. Mel Brooks a terrible but I mean that's what you get fumble wasn't supposed to be good so you develop your guy and you think he's a prospect and he's going to be good. You you're held responsible for the fact that he just under cheese making 540 grand picture books he's been basically Sandoval that. I've reported audio meant to play on the ground ball on the ninth yes might I think he would've. And finally Red Sox agreed to terms with Cuban prospect you'll want Mon Qaeda for 63. Million dollar for the thirty million dollar signing bonus. Over an undetermined amount of years we have to take on that went. Too much money that's his team's problem it has too much money that's. How do you explain the rustic studio I mean in the open the next guy's better by 30 AM thirty Korea number probably the same thing with the on condom Malkani you'll yankees are so sure go on my kinda. Do you have any faith that Markota is in short think he's more like. I visa and he's like if you know that they disarm it's an ankle the thickest don't like some how much money we got the bad they're not studio in my cut fail or succeed but fail fail. They'll look good new uniform because Cuban has always do will it be rip in the home you know have. That. That. Play on the fly there where you say you know he could become and I am Easter eggs and ham and it will not go well at certain. Look at Grozny say UB a decent player but 72 million sight unseen approach seventy million that are right 61777979. B 37 fault lines open will talk with you next.