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How will Jimmy Garoppolo do? 5-12-15

May 12, 2015|

With Tom Brady out, it looks like 2nd year QB out of Eastern Illinois, Jimmy Garoppolo will get his chance to lead the team for the 1st 4 weeks of the season.

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The with a misdemeanor. And what is it like it was. Like because visibility so whenever and I think he would bet that little bit unfair it was a funny. I think he gave in to the public into the coaches and other people were probably former players seven I don't know things I think bill but commissioner gave him too. What's. The people want it and instead of ruling as Mike the commissioner with some gold as you know in food. You know the public please. The put these on the other side of the fence for much for Iran is saying everybody's applauding this. Roger Goodell ravaged goat that's because he's gone against his buddy gap put his bosses are chopper crash resumes its but it's got to go into the family. Curtis put his daddy is these big toward check. Airman was great conspiracy theories we had there's a great. Friday don't we open up the phones they just give us your crazy conspiracy theories as to what went on with the lake gate down there are the real recasts. But that elicited that segment again there are some good ones in their stuff I couldn't have dreamed up on my own. With all the tin foil to make data out of the humanly possible yes I gotta gotta gotta supposedly got to called in with that would be it changed his voice. It doesn't get out there that was really good he was our play together all the people that we heard he was probably ethically he would only talk if we agreed to. Changes voice because you don't wanna control and resorts where I got too precious ones about the ruling coming up total of 45 after Hampshire chapter joins us legend like it. You like one album it's tonight in here OK we'll get to that rep for the top of the hour but out of shelters and the c'mon wouldn't 31 that was talked out of about his. What the teachers can do to help the quarterback position because what it stays at for weather goes down to the patriots are gonna after bringing quarterback right. Yes I'd yes and let's just wanted to is live and I would drop below you know what you know actually maybe you'll be that bad you know all complete quarterback. Drew literally an element guy you go mentally keep the guy like that professor and as we don't give a pro at Al that you throw. About this from Mike Florio though. This actually is a very good day to be in need of quarterback Witter not. If you want Michael Beck. Or maybe Matt Flynn that we mentioned yesterday to be fair the 2015 free agency process could be getting a kick in the pants sort of in past years the window for free agency additions counting toward compensatory draft pick formulas closed on June 1. This year patriots are fortunate here the first time it has moved up to may twelfth. It means that any remaining unrestricted free agents whose prior contracts expired in March the tenth can now join Newt seems. With out that transaction counting toward the new team's total free agency gains or losses for the purposes of turning to district next 2060. The cities today sent a quarterback you've got it. For players former team the transaction won't count as a loss. Or free agency purposes after may twelfth. Notable available names include. Mike Vick in Paris Jackson and Matt play and others all of whom are quarterbacks plus there's Johnson Wes Welker and germane Campbell. Tackle Joseph Barksdale you've got. Jason Campbell's well I did apologize to the date to give team's chance to add veterans in time for meaningful participation offseason workouts and mini camps. By June 1 the offseason programs usually begin to one doubts a Christian I ask you how do you think Michael Vick is going to be is the patriots quarterback good god no. You know just think get Tim Tebow. You don't think Tim do you buts about it don't ME out of all these guys dimension to Barr virus Jackson Jason Campbell what played with in Washington. Matt Flynn seems to be. The whining dad UK this just don't screw it up where we're not gonna ask you do a lot race you could probably you'll learn the system relatively easy. Is large you. Toned down for them but none of these guys seem night. None of grappled grapples the guy McCain he's the guy but you're gonna have to now. With a four game suspension. Most likely reduced at some point you would think to even if it's you know he's still. We're that was just an atomic curry got to bring another. Real quarterback yet Rihanna real backup quarterback because it. The get a vote Jimmy Gina figured out we all feel still lists of what we've seen so far they feel decent about drop below playing quarterback. What it was a big it's very nice during camp whatever if he gets are weak one. I don't feel decent about him I don't feel decent about them I don't know what he is I don't know how he's gonna play this guy hasn't played. Any meaningful snaps at all he's basically even rookie quarterback I suggest that went sitting Ryan mallet. I mean that a lot of what I am in America up better with them but we never really saw. The house every huge better I'm now but it did nick came out of patriots organization even from Tom was that all. We never really know what it's Kabila because he needs reps and he's never gonna get it here so you look at drop below he plays better than mallet did in the pre season Nixie you know. Mallet hurt and amounts gone. And the drop below is the savior. So I'd be nervous I would be nervous with this situation as you do not know what you're gonna get with them. Him playing it's a mop up duty gets is that Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs. Our light it up Bryant Tim and in the last pre season a game of the of the of the pre season. Tell me anything will be fine you see those guys seem to Cyrus let our guys gonna be just fine and what's gonna happen it's gonna look good for a couple weeks ago look good in camp. It won't Brady does come back all of a sudden now you got a quarterback that everybody wants 'cause they've seen him a little clusters so good. I I I don't wait for the receives on wait for the to hear my Jimmy you theme song plane. Throughout the the first you know all the priests he's maybe the first four games here keep. Definitely stay on it's going to be a walkabout. And we just did this and I don't don't look nobody is not ready he's not ready I'm with Lou. Angle on your hard and as you'll get did you did you get drawn in by the so Gerry Callahan and I saw his eyes yes as you could draw and ready for a siren song you know what you know what the candidates siren song to put the rocks but gonna crash into die you know me you know I didn't read eight I did drawn in on the quarterback. Controversy on it's I get drawn in on me you know what we lost that first round pick grumble looks good. All I know what you want article click on what you want is droplet goes forward though you're averaging 400 yards no remorse absentees three in a case by three when he loses on the graves of the older but he the public that we man's nobody wins the next letting them die so it's three wines but Roethlisberger beat some 45 the forty yeah okay that's what I thought but the big dizzying everybody is small Zell yes. All after week to win it's like wait a minute. Wait a minute what's going on here are some deals handed Davis from doubt Jeter Sumpter has a sorry day comes Darrell Reid. Bakalar. Don't go backwards. He's like a great company paying their game five bronco that he's terrible and pick up those slow start and then. There's your question your legitimate questions this time about you need do. Rethink your quarterback situation like you are evaluating that situation Alex and I was right there appellate check. I like this in from the texted amicus against saint FICO looks good gamble looks good the first couple of games he gets traded rep for the draft for first round pick. In you right back in the first round. Not that aren't you loser court that future that's part of the stipulation righted the higher and higher and higher pick unlike what happened with spy gate. Right they lost their whatever victim in the kitten melee your right because they kept the eyes one from from San Francisco but still accurate back into the first round again. So it's so essential to hurt us on the news yeah. It's a dress that's gonna grab it like that the drop below last year and it's a new round this has happened there's the year that we have a theory they're gonna catch us on the footballs and wait. Played well did the Slater he did get a guy McNally columns of the later in May of 2014. That before the draft is the Diop was later last year. That's all coming in other news for the draft yet heard whispers he tapes everybody's phones yes he's geared whispers that this was going on. Zero the triangulation to signal to catch all the all India based in that regard that's regarding their team it gets filtered into a big you don't database and the they have one person lately maybe twenty people. In all there at Indy gathering all the entries that's all really work. The I loved affecting new terrible galvanizing locker room via this team's going to be that spitting fire okay. And indeed continue to on opening day and everyone's gonna sit there and it's 2007 all over again a seventy you know his team this Brady. Says it's war against the NFL in the line up their opening night against Pittsburgh it's. They got to destroy Pittsburgh and he looked up to be an easy chimney checked block. As a starting quarter. How well Ray Allen or is it you're like wait a minute accident that good may be defensively. Now OPEC meets big bulk they had body so that it was a way to do it so Brady Brady caught Gayle two to four games is called two to four games. So do grapple as a starter. You Marty you're already dealing with top of the line were not really sure what's gonna look like you're in need there's going to be a rookie in there somewhere. Eight barring any injuries so your mostly healthy on the off outside of football or change your philosophy on defense right. Mean there's no Revis is no Browner Eric it's gone now. Up at its Wilfork is gone yup these these rookies coming they're gonna have to get through some playing time no where into deals going to be gaggle. Yeah I bet we'll all get out cited an instance so you have got to feel that this is not just going to be that Kabila's throw their health out there and just. At school because. Dealers a dividend of defense that you have view figure that the first three or 45 weeks you would need breeding more than ever. To put up the points right I guess you would need more than ever hoped defensively they figure this thing out in the scheme wise. But early in the season you would need him more than ever you need more to Jimmy drop below. Then you would hopefully in week twelve what a defense starts to resemble what you're going for whatever the hell that is. Your face and you pretty good offense and those were games to Pittsburgh and against us now that's another AFC east and look at a team like buffalo. Look at buffalo what's the biggest is bubbles got stacked team but that talent all over the place they have a new attitude new coach it's gonna be different you can go there week to. Jimmy garrote below is going to be the guy the legion of victory. This no. How much snow X and I know and know exactly right. Get out of film got done talking like game plans title in the media now weeklies are gonna get credit went second play against rainy August is going to be slow you have a lot about it. I send their gonna went even before this happened this is gonna be Buffalo's big window open the season at home. But you can just say you get to see elicit the Buffalo Bills do beat the patriots and it's going to be blow some pretty duels and plain. Rex Ryan does that really count as you get the other in your cap. Hopefully what they do know is it Embree did does come back this you'll seven fuel come back. If you're up. Big on somebody it's not ending. Yeah we're gonna pile on it's not ending like it is it's going to be like the colts you know it's gonna be all all only a 3170. Look at whatever 387 yeah. 457 Y thrower with two minutes to grow it put another one end. It is kick it onside kick jets pro athletic all patrol. That the panel rules. I just checked couple sports books I can't get a consensus but somewhere between 45 and 47 point underdogs in the colts in the return game is the negatives go up. I think take it up and up the board over updating the over runners in this got to be like the eighties in seventy of that will be doing and I got one line just opened 61777979837. Get line and wait like Jerry Digg go ahead Jerry. How does they you know I think this whole thing is that to a degree it's going to be personal between the patriots and and they'll number one number two. You know one thing that I did suspend going through my head over and over again it's you know it's Kyle Brady really. Vetting cabinet. It can really not that Smart you know look if I'm gonna talk ball boys at a corpus controlling these calls stay you know under inflate and slick and really stick but fingers and learn. And you're not troll I might spiral Baltic rock or something. You know hey what do total actor he's somebody you know one of these guys are gonna. So you know there's something wrong with these also they're fit somebody get have a formal. They're gonna debate is something wrong with the polish really soft so I mean what Brady actually put himself in that position because there likable resistor is no hard proof. That Brady actually commanded the bodies to do this I mean that. Commanded like it's like he's wearing this dark you know robe like he's the emperor right could easily. Commanding U detergent and error of the put all the. Just it but it's not even if it doesn't have to go that far Jerryd guilty of Sri rule. Don't know why are amber did Jerry Jerry homeowners will correct me on this before and going has not had that that's that's. That's not the breaking of the rule part rookie because nobody has any proof whatsoever that this. I don't believe that Tom Brady sit under inflate them underneath the legal limits I wanna play with a legal football. Okay what it was was an order of I want my ball at fault and a half. Now the sole. You can say that nasty disguised under and played under legal limit. But if what the order was his I don't wanna play with another sixteen. If those guys decade to get rejected or they pump that thing up to fifteen or sixteen. I don't wanna play with a I wanna play the twelve and a half. So the insinuated that he wants to after the NFL officials checked the football. And then go rogue and under inflate them even to a legal limit that act is a legal. Once the officials jacket and put their initials on it whether it's 151216. PSI. Nobody is allowed to touch the football that is illegal action. Even if they brought back to a legal limit it doesn't matter you can't mess with a football. I don't believe that he set out one under limit. I just believe that he made a perfectly clear to them that he is one of pro football that's fourteen he wants to go to wal. And say he made it perfectly clear to them. How does he make that perfectly clear to them like how does that work at that look why after jets game it's sixteen in the context the guy. It always pissed off. About the football being at fifty. To 55 yards that does not help this happen I don't want I told you a one at twelve and a half. Like this don't get big twelve and a half what is that it's early but let's up. Can make a legal rent to illegal but the act of doing that is illegal. They can't touch can't touch the parking lot after the game is over they they are they are. What I what bugs me what is it anything like it all Mac game to a data due to an illegal act and I think about a sixteenth. It's pretty it's like how does this hunt does look like there's this scheme there's this whole scheme going on. Where he has control of their minds he's telling them what to do and he's he's he's you know he's not married and they are not. This is it this is these are released at that have been in place for a long period of time there doesn't need to be anything said nothing he's said these guys. I don't know John what do he knows what to do apparently there's text back and forth apparently either. Don't did not know this but this is about that football be about yeah McNally. And just you know huge obstacle for these guys they are bitching to each other Crist Tom was up their ass about the balls after injecting. There are what sixteen. That's what okay comes he was claiming okay holding out and that's a legitimate claim they're too fast there like a rugby ball sock. But bitty bit there's no there's no proof there's nothing written down that says hey. Take care of the football and put it that. Eleven point five what do you think they meant when he said Thomas bitching again. It doesn't matter what what the what what I heard there aren't sure what it what I think they met if they hit the ball sucked. That's not that's not Tom's fault that's not harms. He should be punished for that. But it it's in they take it upon themselves to do this they know what the really know what you want to Baikal out and they do it. They do so since he's. I guess the quarterback he's put that same guilty bucket as everybody else. Say a big audience so I don't want to do anything illegal. A drama ball twelve and a half and assume Tom what do you mean you're asking me to them because if they pump this thing up to fifteen a fourteen. Rescue me take it back down at twelve and if I do that after the ticket and that's a legal. You know so it's it's they did they take it upon themselves. They probably did yes just to please their master yeah okay just to all of this guy calls the Acropolis of on the valleys this tough intact you know after Tommy would never do that you say it out left on foot you don't mean after the kiss his ring until they did what they felt was necessary. You're satisfied Tom Brady. And unfortunately at times does look like it did the guy called himself the deflator. Means he. You know I have a lot of LA I have a lot of friends there are Shuster felt like Porter apparently called the kind of Sami. Where it's an affair and New Jersey be quick deadwood get a job before it got to go ahead. All right guys I guys that the that the one thing that and it eagerly yeah but it's gonna. A bigger one thing that no one seems to be talking about. Is how the players yet and so it is evil he is. Collective bargain bargaining agreement Wednesday and they have they have a pompous. A commissioner. Ruling that whatever comes out of it when my resolve as part of a popular demand. Is ridiculous when are we were ever gonna start talking about how much. Much of which eight lead to do. To this collective bargaining agreement that at least have a career. There aren't aren't aren't at our retreated. You're glad you're exactly right you're exactly right if more organizations stood strong with the great Pittsburgh Steelers and didn't want to sign off on the collective bargaining agreement may be that statement would have been hurt. Maybe that statement would have been a little bit more. NFL let's resident job using Ted Wells. And open proclaiming that it's an into independent investigation. If this is to stop it. In related to credibility is an issue here this is why say Roger Goodell. Use the patriots. Clean up balls fairly business to use the pay to stick his reputation back. Today we finished numbers he used that this whole situation you could say that you want no. All weeklong is talking aboard yield or Borges the Comcast is that the league doesn't want Tom Brady. As one cast doubts on one of their superstars. But when you weigh it if I don't I give credibility back from 31 teams and 31 fan bases. I just get one guy albeit one organization. So yeah they use the patriots here given that it may call in excess of all you want. But almost no one's talking about Adrian Peterson right now or great party but was talking about Ray Rice don't talk about anything the most talk about the kid at the Seattle Seahawks are stressed in the second round. No it's talking about everything all the talking about is while Roger Goodell came down the patriots. Good for him. We'll get league wide reaction without him ship their Prius it and next remember when Adam told us Iraq there is a team out there that inquired about Jimmy grapples rates up. I am now glad that cherry didn't happen now to 37 to be out.