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Dale and Holley's Final Drive - 04-16-15

Apr 16, 2015|

We wrap up the day with the best in sound that you may have missed.

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Final drive cosponsored by KRS restoration specialist with such a monumental whether. Bussing so much property damage be proactive. Protect your client with a KRS disaster plan today Harris served dot com our column of 8774611111. There's that kind of anniversary to focus on in today's final drive yesterday of course was the fifteenth tax day we don't wanna necessarily remember that. Yesterday it was also the fiftieth anniversary. Of one of the most iconic moment in Boston Celtics history. The Celtics are leading by one point. Once again we want all live five sec. Left rear is going to throw the ball went Johnny botnet career but it evolved flag to get that out there how. I. It's. It's. This. OK. Okay. It's. Another thought. We're. But passionate. John Pavlik. It's. Okay. Good thing for. It's. That by the way. Is B rarely hurt long portion of the call that our buddy Bob right it's all operating by the way with all with all respect you Jerry Lucas in it. Mike Conley doing here Greg Oden and anybody else that Clark Kellogg her way to the player the cup out of Ohio say my prayer. And dale could back up but it was the greatest guys one of the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet job out I'll I'll I'll I'll take it to this extent. He's on the same plane for me in this part being you know legitimate humble superstar as Bobby. I have no greater compliment I can payment and also an inviolate young men and partner to draft class last night. That's it for a man jogging out what check email look at you like about John tablet that's right. What. John tablets yet can you put forty minutes every day she went there not Motley and execute also today as the fifteenth anniversary of one of the greatest fiction NFL history fifteen years ago today. The patriots selected Tom Brady in the sixth round with pick number 199. Robert Kraft remembers at all. You know I still. Have the image of Tom Brady coming down you'll punk Bruce stadium steps. With a pizza box owners on the skin being cold. Introduced himself to sort of mr. craft lesson we spoke to say who. I know you celebrated your. You're six round draft choice. You mean it's on the best decision this organization is that when it. Looks like he could be right. Doubt that. Advance sometimes you don't know I pretty humble guy at the I mean you are how that at that point or its next round pick coverage that is that overall you'll meet the billionaire owner I think I offended I'm the best decision you're gonna ever merit pay it they don't tell that story different. Probably gotta say that's when Tom tells that story is the holy crap column title. Is that none on time rate and its threat that impresses me about me at arc to progresses it's never maybe not to move to Hartford. You know that was the that was good when you yeah but today on goodbye in Foxboro Stadium have been behind team knows about it. Today is also an anniversary for one of the men who selected Tom Brady today is bill Belichick's 63 birthday. We taken out of perhaps the greatest moment in bill Belichick's life. Great dale NATO Michael and it's it's an honor beyond future. Well thank thank you very much bill I know it's a I don't I don't know autographs until after the initial public life just by way of full disclosure. I enjoy your coaching. To say that the understatement of the century guy I really that we can keep anything that approaches. Gerri always a pleasure now thank you actually make it a regular thing but so it's going to be here. Got little or going over their ownership that I like your culture aspect to this I'd I don't want to overstate the case Michael Clayton. I one time took a helicopter ride to the Greek union that was the greatest moment of my life. Prior to that day last November. Kids can be able learned wedding I'm they're up there I know cardinal has fired happens a lot of that's good enough. Today is also the eight anniversary of one of the strangest and the coincidentally funniest moments in Red Sox history we take that take you back to. April 16 2007. Here's Donald zillow and Jerry Remy. Yeah. And. Now less than they had before it was too good guys go play on. And an alcoholic beverage she had a is that it was full of movable while the body to the oh well cookbook approach that they keep quiet. We didn't do it investigative reporting. Who will what was thought of that channel and gentlemen had been rejected but it was an ugly ugly site. And I don't know why it was necessary now watch what pick up that lead to six. Well look. She highly unnecessary. The patriots jacket and because he's been on leave the ball game ruining the good piece of pizza. Let's just. I was out it was north solo lap record territory and can now party tell whether it kills me every time goes. The guy who is a Pope need to deal away from his intended target any just hit right on the deck. With what was probably a seven dollar slips that feeds them for no reason at all. There it's on the World Series dvd from a year and it never gets tired so. We have a way around here of getting all over our media contemporaries and thankful that rookie move of leaving their cell phone records on during on air moments you know press conferences meetings. But when it happens to be senior US senator from Kansas Pat Roberts. The ring tone makes it particularly embarrassed our. Objection to that approach as well so it we're gonna be very aggressive on that issue as well as on the geographic. Preferences are tomorrow. I just let it go mr. I'm sorry but yet. I know my term is up I apologize to my colleagues one thing I wanna say thank you for your advice and counsel your work with regards to cool cool isn't nearly as cool as some people thought it would be. He actually as. Luck I'll go from roads and at fighting for what me and even as a ringtone. Think like I. If your full body you talk about silent ring. At all times but I don't know what might sound like it hasn't rung in years the guy you're sitting across from several religions you know he'd done it. I have different songs for each of my family but he your phone does not on vibrate only apply at all most of yesterday they'll. So that when the phone rings I know that it's you know my youngest department did those that I don't every comfort others. That's okay you're here. Now I admit I imperial that would go to outlet eye candy are ready it'll from frozen. Now I can not athletic always that is on there. What are the most embarrassing ringtone that you have it both the bears. The area don't have to make it might might it like Taylor's my my son. I've like that at all it's cracked me up every time rate than I think he's. The old boat at about eight different rings so I had mine on because my wife with expected needed any time while playing basketball. Everybody quit at this one is me just take note that appalled. Had a heart attack we could talk that person. Yourself with yours and that's no big deal but don't go belly Jack. Well the birth of your child everything I could have dreamed that I'd let him know that professional golfer Bubba Watson with an aspiring rapper even better. Bob is an aspiring Christian rap furious appearing in a new song by Christian rapper ATP level talks on the night that. They're round. Programmer for them in the mud. Kate need to burn. Told him not doing it. Everybody being black eyed look at me and we just didn't. Come up my putt. All my. April 14 2050. Rap music officially died today. I think in the bubble like Lowell street you are knocked up are lots of greater civil Roy's injury affect the work cowboy throwing yet this is the one. Don't violate ESPN announced within the last hour so that they get suspended anchor Brit McCaffery for one week what you're about to be. Brit apparently hatter cartel while she was out for dinner which went to pick up her vehicle out the outline and that the so. She let the cashier haven't been made most unfortunate way at. I woke up. OK okay that I have played here. My strategy. Have faith. This is an people's money. Myself. He felt good about your job. So I could be struck out of the same thing. Changed now. Your eyes. Re aware yeah I think he's right you know. While you don't come out oh what a week isn't enough not enough to throw it throw it could have figured he could hear positive image released over the course of your run. Department at noon sweetheart. I will be sleeping through this place. Hamas television. You're an athlete and trailer hunting. Calls or college drop out. Quote maybe about missing something they were higher behind the move to wait maybe they're a quick. A week for her part here apology. Are you know I'm so sorry about frustration I know your thoughts came out right. You know title she literally did yell at that point for sure you know again. If you look down on people that's what Kate what happened we found out about it further proof that case you needed that it's good to go through life as a smoking hot woman because you can just get away with their own thing. I was rights also cosponsored by cars for kids don't make heart healthy child today schedule your free pick up. An 877 cars for Q3 cars cricket dot com both cards and it wouldn't it. Not this is not good at her car got totaled. Just talk to people not to people in tow motor right now that a lot where a lot of pay the money to talk about it. How hot this year doing a job. I got to take your muddy berth. Thank you may be part still legally maybe apart in the wrong but I don't know what does it take your money. See when you look like me you can't get away with that I it would be great to be her. The atlas or treat people like garbage and get away with a that they just are happy when they look at you. There's people defending her on line and no emergency she just had a bad day no that's not a bad day which you know exactly that's not a bad at that yet you work on. We gotta get out here might have Ecstasy tomorrow.