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Are the Patriots in trouble?

Mar 17, 2015|

Mut gets the show going talking Patriots out of the gate. Both Herm Edwards and Stephen A. Smith made their opinions on the Patriots moves (or lack thereof) earlier today, just how concerned should Patriots fans be about the 2015 season?

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Some angry people in this building. Some angry angry people. Some of Ohio the anger. And try to pretend they're not angry but several behind the scenes knows there are there no matter what they try to portray. On the year. Off the year. He's just an angry guy the producer for dale and Holley and does give me crap today the second out walking site dared to Wear green I very little Irish in me were all months but. I wanna where agree that my wife reminded me of Porsche left preschool will forget to Wear green my son or agreed she worked rates or brain. Is give me crap because I wore green today and iris and adopt what mattered tallying you Lars PM I is that being a bad. Italian to Wear green and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day period on a hot percent Irish thanks. She he's everybody's I'll still angry. So at least Italy's anti though just acknowledged anger doesn't hide his anger on a different persona. As a retired Saint Patrick's Day patio happy saint Patrick's used Loma Mikey is off as you know this week. And I don't know areas tonight I heard he was getting together and rob Bradford down in Fort Myers. I heard he was. And while bar hopping with rob tonight so I don't know where it can Alito may be in to a gutter somewhere but it wouldn't be. A planet like Yuxi Patrick. Or you call in to give. My favorite and he's done what ultimate missing. Wealthy done favorite color. Her letter of the alphabet. Peter dale week so all those out what's your favorite day of the week. Look I'm I'm not trying to stereotype but this a drinking holiday I walked in today the salespeople Mike got. This salespeople I think they're already drug cure the office forget or the bars they were drunk here in the office. So in addition to when you called react to some patriots things will talk about some Bruins and Celtics issues it was a Red Sox can now attempt. Are smaller now. What's your desert island drink McGee viewer tool I should say it this way what's your electric chair drink because this is a drinking holiday. It if you could. Only have one more drink. What is that what your go to great for me it's pretty safe Patrick bows out tonight I guess I would go for it be shot and a beer that is my go to at a bar. It via shot of some sort of urban NF Ambien not just the Miller Lite that's at that you might go to patio to go out to bark tonight. Will be here go to drink. Reid Jamieson say there you go that's nice timing so in addition to when he caught not ask you to call it and give me your favorite treat but. That's part of the conversation you're dike because it is Saint Patrick's Day and will celebrate here until 10 o'clock at 617779793. Says as for. The local sports scene. Nationally today ideas he had a couple of guys that I light. In the roles that they have now on TV Stephen basement and Herm Edwards. Taking some shots at the patriots. And I think they've they've from a national perspective probably speak for a lot of people. Around the country because this is not been a great off season for the patriots as you know. Today they signed each taveras cadet. Now I'm show after tweeting now he's the replacement potentially for. Shane Vereen at 38 catches a year ago 51 targets. And looks like the receiving back to replace lingering but carries pretty damn good. At thirty shaft there's got to come down a little bit when he says well there's your Shane Vereen a replacement. Hey Fareed just set the record for most catches by running back in the super ball so let's see taveras cadet. Before your pro on Appalachian State you would for a little bit before say he's the official go to replacement for sure entering. But they also had and my god this is scary your pats fan do you see a list of quarterbacks who ran for visit today. Terence Newman proudly frat Fletcher Terrelle brown holy smokes. What a collection of 78 and 79 rated Madden cornerbacks that you went to baton. And you go to free agency beginning of the year there's millions Terence Newman's. There's a million Terrelle browns. There's a million Bradley Fletcher they are the prototypical. Go to 79 cornerback in Madden. You can sign every day of the week and twice on Sunday they had all three and that is a scary. Scary group. It's a for a look at that group a gold. Meant you better stick to what you have maybe Logan Ryan Malcolm alerts draft picks. Are better than trying to bring in Terence Newman or Bradley Fletcher. Or Terrelle brown. Who what was that the forty niners that is a Motley Crue but that's that's when you're trying to get at this point. To replace Revis and Browner in your secondary you're Super Bowl secondary is gone. Here bigoted Terence Newman and Terrell brown at Bradley Fletcher. 78801980. Apply their mad rankings if you looked him up right now in the book sell. It's a topic because the Austin had not been good night can't win the Super Bowl on March I get that. But Stephen basement and hurt Edwards took the first take today to react to what's going on here. With the patriots and Stephen they started out the conversation patio at the patriots are trouble right now. If we're talking about defending your Super Bowl crown. They're in a world of trouble because they didn't win a Super Bowl in the last ten years until they had revisit brown. You know in this second down that had a lot to do with the success that they were able to accrue throughout this season. And without those guys that's gonna put even more pressure on Tom Brady. Which once again makes it seem incredibly young theater one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. But it is what it is. He's ends and it is what it is which is perfect if your patriots fan that's Belichick's goat to. But he started out with the patriots are in trouble and pointed out that they have not won in ten years without a Revis or Browner and a secondary. And he's entirely right. And has been my reacts when patriot fans have said all that responded if way to do that we don't gonna have to find and afford to because. You're not real or place the skill Leeson the offseason maybe you can during it the trade portion of the season. You find it Aqib Talib but during the offseason. It's unlikely. And 99%. A likely gonna find the talent of Revis and Browner. And even to the year next year you're down rated quarterback and so obviously. The patriots are doing differently Steve Nate thinks that leads them to be in trouble. I'm Herm Edwards who was a defensive back in the NFL. Went on to talk about the loss of Browner in Revis and how big daddy's for the Patriots defense. You look at the back into their defense New England they lose Brower whose Regis that's big because this team became a man to man team similar to win. Ty law and Bruce feels great defense were put together they had to move through a lot of man to man that helped them to get off the field on third down to allow Tom Brady's possessed the ball didn't give up a lot of points so. They did a lot of great things with the corners they had not they lost. Karma not to talk about. The patriots inability to draft at that position and I guess the guys that were talking about veteran players like Newman and Fletcher. And brown who rent town for visits today with the patriots. Historically the last five or six years they haven't drafted well when it comes of course for wide receivers. For some reason outside the number of players from New England Patriots were watching last five or six years. Look at the players they drafted they never seem to work out when bill in this organization have been able to do was go get veteran guys plug the min they've come in really. Become stopgap players Foreman played well so now they're gonna have to address the core situation they're supports coming on the draft we'll have to see what they do. But they they've got to get this thing fixed again. They have to get this thing fixed again that part I completely agree with. What Herm Edwards talks about fixing this secondary. If he means by adding talent too he's a 100% right. I cannot imagine this team. Making it back to the Super Bowl get an AFC championship game if if they going into next year with a group quarterbacks they have. You can imagine. There are two there's there's too much history of this team giving up big offensive numbers too bad mediocre quarterback as recently as a couple years ago. For me to believe that all of a sudden. The addition of Jim Ball cheered up front and the return of Alan Branch and may be mailed back and that defense may be with Collins and I tower. Mean this team could just find a way to get back. They added eight top notch quarterback and Revis a physical presence and Browner and they use that. We get themselves whole field you point out in the playoffs they weren't lockdown defensive players anymore. Outside of the colts game you're right. What led them to get home field had to get offensive second or that was really tough to move the football locked in key spots they were really good at situationally. Because you can trust those defenders in man defense reais to Browner particular. In the days prior to Revis and Browner. It was that soft soul and it was let teams make placed upon a view GT FB. It's where brown famously said on our show back in the day get deep leap back. That is what this defense was that is what right now on paper they are heading in 2015. In the very early portion of free agency. Where most of the top end talent is off the board and you're now in two B Terence Newman Bradley Fletcher Fletcher taveras cadet. Portion of the program that that this team is GT FB scrambling for stop gaps. Jamal Williams Gaon. Browner signed elsewhere New Orleans. Any of the top flight quarters that you might bottle came Big Dig a pilot act I for a couple of years. And that some sort of I wouldn't say. Copycat it would re used to Browner gave you but a drop off that is not. You know so easy to see. Both guys are wrong with ties have been signed elsewhere. Will that last. Summer and got big money some didn't. So. We'll see what this team ends up doing. But. I tend to agree with Steve today and Herm when they talk about at least right now defensively that's secondary and it's super super early. They're in trouble and they they had there has to be some sort of building process for this group out I won't give them time. A bullet to give album get Belichick into the season. Your team's abuse the trade deadline or the patriots. So maybe that's going to be the way they have to go about it. What to think that ball is gonna emerging year two. And Logan Ryan's going to be consistent and the Kyle Larry it is going to be. Yeah more than just a very good nickel corner. I think you're asking a lot. Asked Cindy cheek while play 89 offensive snaps a year go to command. And be a part of this secondary a competent piece game by game week by week I think you raskin a lot. But I ask you guys you hear you could go Herm Edwards say they have to fix this year Steve Mays Smith say they're in trouble. You feel the same ways the patriots fan. Hereof what Saint Patrick's Day march 17. 61777979370. Is the phone number the AT&T text line 37937. On Twitter at Mott and UT WEEI. I will be here up until 10 o'clock here tonight Lenny megs of been a year seven crystallize the committee hearing o'clock. Pot and an addition to your patriot phone calls reaction with Stephen made her mad to say and what this team goes from here. We'll get a some Bruins and Celtics up later on and are simple saint Patrick they question if you are someone who indulge occasionally in an adult beverage. Yet one more go to you what to Bart and I'd celebrate Saint Patrick's Day what's the first thing you're ordering asset for me it would be. I shot a beer shot of urban preferably while Turkey. Anna Miller Light at the McCann a file with that. That's that's violent may shot a hook patio our producer said Jamison let's go. HTT tech like 37937603. A Long Island iced tea. That is a sugary. Sugary concoction. That is not one I can do many. Bacardi rum and Coke out bid there. Gotta go Irish car bomb as your goal to again packets that is a celebratory thing tonight. But as the thing you're going to lick right out of the gate you're go every night ego get one drink left in your life. You're going Irish car bomb good for you. Shot a Jamison or Miller Lite to someone combining. Our patio. Mikey out of Saint Patrick's Day air like peas and carrots and a really is. I'm hoping cell runs into Mikey tonight at that bar in Florida and calls and give us a live look at all on what Mikey is up the tonight on Saint Patrick's Day in Fort Myers. So what your page your phone calls at the Topper of what you cricket here tonight. On Saint Patrick's Day at 6177797937. ATP text line 37937. On Twitter. At Mott and UT WEEI. Calls it Watertown and lead this off Monday as saint Patrick state Tuesday Sports Radio W week DI Paul woody got. I'd I'd be happy think Eddie every day out there are too harsh or not. Gas pump I agree. Totally where. What smear. And the direction you're going and I Centre right away eight. Might be doing here is is seeing what he did separate years that were Rea. Pull the trigger. I wonder choked players away. It I would bet there and it went. Pedal last year. What was required. At one Super Bowl. They were the lot on paper at the Seattle closer and repeat there are no longer. Yeah my feeling is all of that good freeagent hard on in the patriot I am. Yeah who witnessed some old guy. Again in my right close what time it took about two years left but on important. If a nation that gauntlet there. Because it. Each at. Talk about the future we're going to be on in the future they gonna be. A change everything else with our inquiry. Actually it. Sure that'll that the app that like you and now an apartment yeah. A report so completely. And they are on an exciting seeing a watch where it ebitda is doing a great job. In Aaron. I think there's any of those little almost. Everything else. I think in 23 year you're gonna see it contending team and Celtics. I'm with you welcome the band wagon pulled the Celtics appreciate the call I have. I've been part app bandwagon for a couple months now. Only because I wanna see them make a playoff run and not root for the stake in ping pong balls if because the way they play. This team to steal Paul Flannery line plays like a twelve seed in the NCA term which is apropos at the term it getting underway here. A very soon. They play like a twelve seed. They like unlike a lot of NBA teams play the N games. Which a lot of fun to watch they're still missing that. Superstar player. Stock would ban more than afternoon show producers here today. Or tell which team would you buy stock in the but I wanna talk about with our Lenny Christmas negated here if you buy stock in the Celtics or Bruins going forward and I. I love the Celtics put it in to get that superstar player how to help the bank on them. I just an I you do possible talk about what that I I grew Paul's point they're funny to watch right now pure basketball fan at. This has been a fun stretch he will not Isiah Thomas they win big games. He gets its art week now though. In no Isiah Thomas against the spurs and against the out drawn a blank here commander it's been so all the thunder thank you. We'll see how they come out of that. But it's been a fun run appear Celtics fan. 61777979370. Is the phone number. A lot to all three sup pint of Guinness at room temperature that again is apropos for Saint Patrick's Day. I'm with you about except who shot one beer and occasionally at its image yeah that's a good point. I was just thinking you walk upn and normally go to one and one. Let's has been a bad night or homer a bad day at detract from the two for one I probably go on that route. Shot a fireball on a Sam's IP there you go some very eclectic views coming in here it would not be a planet Mikey show without some sort of theme to saint Patrick then a simple question. And this year thoughts of the patriots to start the show what what do you drink it tonight. What's the go to here at Saint Patrick's Day. We'll take your phone calls up until 10 o'clock let exit seven a lot easier to date. Patio is taking your calls but in for Mike got to Saint Patrick's Day Sports Radio W yeah.