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Reaction to Revis heading back to the Jets

Mar 10, 2015|

Patriots fans are making their thoughts on Darrelle Revis heading back to the Jets, whether it was a no-brainer that they should have re-signed him, or if they know what they're doing.

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OK here we got Arenas hotline is open how much gonna veto midnight without believe me but yeah I have a million phone calls on this one. As you just heard an attorney now situation Revis coming on the jets and I just read a tweet it's it's kind of kind of mildly amusing. It goes like this and and who like to vote lost continent of Atlantis. Revis island sinks into the cold greens C. Never to be heard from again greens greens are all right that's the greens C techsters around it. Big time but had no idea what this anger Eric. It's alcohol and so on and do the Revis signing reminds you of Charlie has to quote from planet of the apes we finally really did it balls to his knees screaming. The jets gave up 31 touchdown passes last Clinton in army into session six. Six interceptions and they don't need read thunder ratio. Alex is out there were just a follow up aggregate the focal we'd all the money yet able to blast Q Mike no we don't know ask about the money we don't know what the money is and if we do we'll certainly pass and what you would have and in the trending now if you yet and we effort in that information so. It's Alex in the cargo ahead Alex your first. Courier the are you Barbara of course he had you know. Our relation to our troops are there aren't here. But I'm not really tried New York here and Chile are delusional bubble chart are arched. Darrelle Revis shouldn't interview you know war charter charter or where you know we more Barack. And it during your car there aren't really sure what did. He continue to shape you very cheap and the we are you gotta do stretch four through LB. And I fully agree with what a lot of and he. Shall call which is a Warner this article or water. And it HH a one yeah sure shortage all sure to betray the election. The hatred for Rourke and mark they shouldn't your partner not been. Yeah particular car particularly hot or are you warning if you're exporting aren't really. Okay yeah if they. Yeah but you know what this came down to twenty or 25 or he'd get becomes a free agent then the bidding war begins. We know what. Are already shipped a million auction. That we did in oh. That's right so it was really meaningless thing then really was. In. Part due to war on it and we don't know what we waved a home run out before we go to Nazi we know what the jets. Are things are and I are we don't know what struck with when we know that you can say we talked about it and of course what court. Terry are you guys that are important operating hours this because they were fortunate to all reuse. It chew on you you spiritual and that's. You in the end orchard put numbers are art and doubt your players that play into our Christine. To that to the you'll collect ultimately his artistry. People remember you stick by it but in the end yeah. 48 billion or whatever why I. Answer right now no no he doesn't have. Not a his decisions a youth you think Belichick guy gets soft dollar assignment and have apologized to rating. I'm sorry can't hear you Alex carries on the case right bunker Gaza can go now they can still hear you. We just said do you think the patriots had a hard time with the number if the reports are true. That there will wanna go to 35 million dollars that was he really valued the player that was the last report we got out and and so what that he was gonna get forty million dollars yet they guaranteed somewhere likely the jets. The patriots were stuck at 35 men so they go all what do 35 that's a lot of guaranteed money for the player. The question is how far how much fur with the jets go that's what you op I'm dying to know was at 45 right was it fifty exit if I was forty and they were at 35. And they lose the guy over five million dollars. You got a right to be yelled. Right it was dangerous to draw a line in the sand and they can jets knowing what that is it would tested for their own personal reasons and are they supposed to re drawn another line in the sand and say okay we'll have we'll go to that. Is that what they're debt that's not what this is about on the path gently line in the sand is the line is the lion right right right and who apparently with the jets. I still think what I said earlier in the show that the bump this and then say it's gonna make the separation that mutt look the other and again. Cop picked here just a couple different stop things here Jason block imports as patriots are getting held a cop pick. Out of the Revis departure nothing else structured wording a fifteen year contract so they'll still get a pick. Unaware that pick will be and how high it'll be an obvious season import players gonna. He's about the meeting come highest paid quarterback mystery football right so the cup we tied into what he makes financially. The other part that I don't think is over here. Is the patriots going after the jets for tampering. Tonic artist talked about this a lot and the patriots ever filed a tampering charge against the jets about a month ago. He ends up with the jets does Revis you can't tell me that the patriots arc wanna try to flush out some sort of compensation. Pick up what they believe is tampered. Gonna respect I don't your editor respect more emails from that from that exchange between at Davis as I had that Hillary Clinton's gonna have to put up at a salon. This whole scandal she's involved that are Kevin's on the cape Kevin. Hey guys thanks to take my call what's up Kevin I feel meant that at this it that made it nation are sure ought. Oh I'm I'm really I'm really disgusted. You know you're just lost the rock and a deep breath. You really did the top offensive player and to have a lot of the player at all what all. And you know what one of them get away I don't think you can overestimate just. Wall well is there a place where you can say you did not use the term let him get away and and and instead say refuse to overpay everywhere what line where would you draw that line Kevin. Well you know what I gotta be honest I think he was. I think you respect all the they didn't pick up out auction. It into a twenty million jump into that a free agency. Yeah absolutely he wanted to go to British agencies but the collapse all the wrong he had every intention the order create art got to negotiate with them in the you can. They weren't gonna work out a hole out debt out or even they're gonna fire I got I was gonna get to religion. On time out Kevin Garnett but I got some numbers many she met up of the New York Daily News says a source tells him to derail Revis contract. Five years. Seventy million. 39 fully guaranteed. 48 million for in the first three years. So sixty million a year for the first three NNN before the same we heard before but apparently now it's they they bump it up to a five year they had it years seventy million dollar deal with 39 fully. Guarantee the premiere at patriots were 35 fully get a tag get on the back end and they kept the numbers in the front end the same. You know what is the fact of the matter is that we guaranteed money you talked about 39 million dollars compared to 35 million dollars. I don't know I think that the very reasonable price thirteen million quality that's not what it is for a for a diving for a dotting. Fop lodge number one corner right. Insert I mean really that's I guess the question is now well available free agency ought to go to school are. Who's left is the question Kevin thanks for the call who left. An and is it well again. They get things that's important and right at me they got position players in those position but one who thinks they're going to be up to the stuff that they need. You know at this moment Robin not reporting replaced street know he sat with that now what about this brown thank. Also afraid that I know what I mean is Mets is that should that be like OK let's focus in on this. And testing if free waters the free agent waters. Maybe they should jump in those waters and start Dielman Browner make sure he states I'm did you hear those ultimate jets numbers. Yes I don't know what Corey from that I mean if if the patriot assembly billions is what it. Then it's certainly dollar contract that's the headline. But then underneath that is the guaranteed amount of money 39 over what three years right yeah. So he's guaranteed that no matter what but the numbers really what is what's what's on the on the on the books for him. Is really sixteen million a year right for the first three. Rudd yeah the mathematician well he's he's at 48. That's it's a monster deal in five years and seventy million. At its core it's that he's fourteen the core average the core is the same deal we just heard about three years and 48 million dollars. Sixteen million dollars a year and 39 million dollars guaranteed right and I think we've heard and waiting for Tommy cart a follow up on this. But Connie Curran said the patriots were 35 million dollars guaranteed. So did they fall four million dollar short to me that's the headline might be patriots fall four million dollar short guarantee money Revis guarantee that's the only patriot fans pissed off also point this out seat factor in this contract all the the money's mate. Worse case scenario. He's gonna end up with a 123. Million dollars in his career he has the potential now to make a 154. Million dollars. Minute and a worst contract. Yet now he lets say he gets pulled it he's got 39 million guaranteed right. 3939 fully show team so let's say he after to a lot of the people I have about right now right here for is either ineffective or Richard. So that means that if that's guaranteed money for those two years let's say goes out after two years completely doesn't play anymore that's twenty million dollars a year roughly nineteen and a half. That he that he's gonna get for sure broad based on those two years if it's spiked up to three years. It's what recent 48 million over three years sixteen year. Telling you right now the way it's set up here they have that should the deet tails. The details are. Revis contract sixteen million guaranteed in year 117. Million guaranteed in year two. Fifteen million dollars six and that is guaranteed year through okay now 111000000 and eleven million after that. Fine so it's a fourteen million dollar year average of replay it's not a at the first three years that aren't crazy I know what I'm missing here but. If the pats or go to 35 that's. This is 39 that's 39 million dollars guaranteed. The seventy and 623 plus sixteen is 39 right so they guaranteed a lot of it. But. If the patriots were 35 million dollars guaranteed AM getting 39 in the first three years it's with 240 years in the back end. They fall four million dollar short. I mean I'm not Smart but know what are you guys that are maybe you're just missed misappropriating his attitude in this may be he wants to be in New York yeah Ottawa answer there'll be in the jets' facility tomorrow according to. And each met the New York Daily News. Each in Rochester go ahead Pete it's all yours. I I would do so why can't I really can't fully addressed hot dog Sidney it sure at what. Thought. You out mark 8880. A own. Did you say bad word. I didn't women are you kidding me. He did say about work. Sugar honey iced tea. Out of every knows what it is we go next caller Jim and listen if its field Jim good at it like you don't yeah you can't there's certain words you can't say Jimmy you know that. Absolutely yeah you gotta keep it clean look at our I'm on call and about Darrelle Revis were more specifically when a truck and senior person in an expert talk about. How many bubbles Tom Brady knocked away and as a patriot. So I'll probably are many realistic yet on radio left. I would say three. OK so this this is what I'm so tired of right on the huge debt since. I'm so outside of ourselves in the crap being slow clap. It ourselves old soul heart cells are relative to check the ball well these are parks and happy right lately they'd order so bubble. That fat dumb and happy if it's absolute joke I mean it real you got a game changer like at Doral you. That at the cable or your defense. Right meaning you'd literally. To shut third in the field in now. The tribal court work court which aren't mean once you wish aren't it was dot. It soars higher that number I'm like there is no way is shining Darrelle Revis and and that nation out. Patriot nation let's call it nation whistling in the dark. Because that would everywhere and Leo and as they say IE. A anyway pop pop pop pop up but the reality is. They're gonna be exposed it's all about soup bowls I don't I'm not looking forward to lose and in the second round of the playoffs. The ravens because. They can't cobble Plaxico Burress and if you get or with the charts you don't mean. Well let me ask you this question all of you know does this mean. That the patriots get re involved. Not just on Browner. But maybe on Wilfork. And maybe for some of these other guys that are out there lurking in the bushes bag with and I say bush for reasons well for red on board will fox on. Gone on we've got there's no there's no chance no. Not not my mind now. Think that's cute insist. You know to me like you got out Dodd would. Rory what I understand that maybe he's gone to let's move on here for a second. Does this mean taken they have money to play with four other people some of the names have come up in over in the last week as potential patriots who is at. Well look let me ask you guys that are about to burst of it I was open at doing that aren't real. Without went about corners in the premarket. Huh hmm okay after the into Mott a TV couple name's Jamal Williams Antonio Cromartie will be named year a lot about and it's a water to your rental. Brandon Browner. Is a third guy there and after that I mean I hear it a lot these guys look the sad days you won't fire Maxwell off the board DeVon house off the board busters grime off the board to real Revis off the boards so and I'll be. A term on Williams. Choral event again Antonio Cromartie. Brenner breast here's the treats a tweet from Revis you're running your radio this during this week up. I wanna thank the pats and pats nation for an unbelievable year New York in bold I'm coming home. Revis island hash tag jet nation Thursday. So maybe it was that maybe he just wanna go back to New York the entire time that's if that's the difference makers and you know accommodate about winning because the first three years or 39 million dollars does not crazy money the patriots could match of their three and forty if they're at 335. That three of 39 is not Nazis they got the ring decided to go back he's got the ring he took home over winning another one. Guy navy. You're real quick yeah if you were able one boring. That can assert right by keeping by keeping Revis and paying. 45 million year Wright did Google Google pack is a guy like meaningless they'll get caught him off or if not up for now. You'd cut nomad yeah I was eleven goes straight years yeah right exactly so important important it is at that. That's well thought went on the Super Bowl without having. Any type look I mean when they had Brower a physical big guy corner to matchup with the Calvin Johnson or eight hall type guy and then. I garlic reduced G and people in it in out there are no. Due to the county got off the line it into intake data wait I mean that's like child. I mean they had this past year they had it in now it's all. Gone. Yeah Jim yet take a break your body Ian started cut jumper we do we have that on right now I'm real work begins to rebuild a secondary now routers are freeagent Revis is going back to New York follow our full text 3793 sevens of the text 61777979. Threesome for the cause. Back in a flash ever. I did. I don't doubt that out. It's a Revis thing. Readers is a jets. A New York Jack put that in your pipe and smoke it cheese. A few bits and all we've had such good feel good stuff going to Bruins are winning both the Celtics improved to make the playoffs threats are gonna win ninety you heard here. You heard it right here but then this and now pages. -- doc. If they really pictured readers and patriots uniform while it looked he looked good doing what he did when the jets. Get rid of sent him to tamper readers to camp EA they got a first and fourth round pick. Yes the first round words Sheldon Richardson yeah with pretty good play really good player how now they get news back and they get. The top guys they got I don't know the fourth round worth. So you nonsense about victory. Reap them have a scenario that Oregon quarterback. Look at and it work yup it did this this thing at the end of it and it does a lot of frustration to stand that I'm part of that group this works for the patriots. They saw an opportunity a year ago basically to the day last march at this time march 17 they went out and signed a role Revis they wanna Super Bowl in one year at the row Revis. The ones who brought so it's to it's tonight at midnight right it's march 12 the year ago. They sign Revis so. That's something at the table today there's an athlete and I'm so 363. Days later. He leaves you wanna Super Bowl and that does take some of the sting away but. The number here it's just not a big contract number it's not the crazy fifty million dollars guaranteed so now we sit and wait is like Mikey said was this. What grievous wanted to our long did he wanna go back to New York camp that's the case and the patriots were close on money. And I I don't know where he wouldn't go on back you beat dated win that ring maybe he would of because maybe he was after the ring now that's done in both sides got what they wanted right you got a ring and Revis able to restart reestablish his value now big market team back to New York I see on Twitter that put it as a result of the pictures of of Revis should both uniforms the jets uniform in the pages you for a I don't think of the pictures of of Manhattan Mumbai by the way to jets don't play there. They don't even have their own free can stadium and you know it cost to park for a month in New York 500 bucks. If if that's hate New York if the pats hadn't won the Super Bowl. We agreed to still be here who would be you know be luck and that's what I live question is it was it just as much dead meat maybe the ring is what. When that's dug up by in. My excellence go home and hello Mike in a car. Mikey and I don't or stop or. You're coming back from wrestling. Yeah. So are well remember that. Well you're only fourteen so it can't be that long but you know what that's cool because we've been on almost ten years now so maybe since you were five. I think or around that and but thanks a lot of the anything right. The jets called they went to couple AFC title geyser about an hour ago he hit it fat but that's that's a very. At yeah that that's true you're absolutely right that they've been amassed a man he is I can't trying to quarterback and let me the scope once and but you know obviously that try to change the image you know they get new gently they got to keep. Tryon yeah by the way just for historical perspective here Mike. Last time they did anything really really right was the same year that Woodstock happened. It's the same year the man landed on the moon 1969. I believe it was January of that year. The jets win the Super Bowl at the end of that year in October the Mets won the World Series. So was a big New York here. Ted Kennedy in like because Chappaquiddick happened and number nobody the helter skelter murders like it but that's the last time the jets did anything really red tape. Mike since you were only fourteen zone don't know anything like this that I am I doing Google it did you even know that the jets ever wanna so beau. Yeah I guess I you know he's just this the numbers Super Bowl. Three. Is the 11 right yes so like it but they did go to back to back gates' title games so why I want to patriots go to those I don't care a little sick so. And utes knew it was I'm just saying if you're gonna get the patriots credit he said now patriots got all the way to the AFC title game a couple years ago like it was a big deal that would give the Jack it was a big if you would like to suggest you read all those injury but all the back to back AFC title game yet but maybe twice in a row okay even with grievous they went to two of them but they don't go to the Super Bowl on an album Mikey like oh can't I can't we just keep being consistent for once. Just don't would lead or how target when you're talking about the highlight of their life nonetheless say that what they do anything right at a bit about eight stretch there are bad franchise a brutal owner okay an embarrassment. But you have to point out that while the patriots were in their division you know the back to back AFC title and that's and that's it with three as that's it. Yeah see if she titled you're absolutely lol yeah what plays at the pats credit for getting there yep against the jets credit righted Jews are the shoes on him for it right and and they beat. Either patriots beat them twice. Right and and those games won those two games yeah OK yeah it will be interesting to hear me bragging about it and didn't win that's all you be bragging about not winning the conference final at a don't know if they'd be if they went to. You each candidate to beat the jets is I was getting beat those two year okay back to you that right I want to mention right unless they went to the Super Bowl and what it because that's the standard we use. Patriots fans just via. We don't raise I don't go I don't think I would be if he has at least as a boat lift and is that it went so well balls that well we are white what happened what what went wrong then what lab rat slow it not come on now what is it what was it and that ten years in helmets and Greg is great play some misfortune and all of that right still final fourteen continued excellence even in the face of devastating injury. And notre when I mentioned I'm going to this beat Tennessee AFC title game I mentioned only because it was a miracle that they got there. One of the great coaching jobs ever by Belichick because they had players you know of that what you think the west Archos job by Belichick of course the worst yeah. What year to right. Would dipping and now you are a throwback that might mean wary or use him. Are about Portland to win. About buying. What. It will be at the end up back fine let it. Wow yes yes he did they hear this time I actually psychotic it is an outlet to. He did sign of the genocide and after he used that recalled in an idea to me and I hear you some assuming everybody knows damn mics in Durham. The bike. Mike Durham. Thank you prepared McCall argument. So I just want to talk about how you know trying to talk it felt awful let your like I'm sure a lot of people are. You know we were pretty. Flat here with very little pass rush. You know we at quarterback and hang out pock yeah it. He got tie and great they couldn't do anything and it is yet it'll be quarterbacks but maybe. We could use some of that cap space. And I've read in a pass rush trying to give them like I'm the worst ever in my it out that there's. They don't do pass rush down in March and yeah the guy they haven't per visit tonight would fit that your ball sheer that I kid who played for Cleveland was hi round draft pick for them he's got 23 career sacks has been. A good player against the pass and against the run. Outside linebacker you know I aid you know 34 defensive end. He would be an upgrade to what they have there they they will lose to see if today was not a big time linebacker they might lose. Some other players defensively. Sheer would be a guy immediately would be yet I think. Won a title players you're talking about it and get after the quarterback but also stop the. All right well I'm still on the alleged but it I appreciate it ago. You're welcome. And we appreciate your from your Mike thank you for calling in let's go to Paula in Boston on your next. Big guys thanks to take my call example. You know kind of like you're just saying you know like. Try to buy off the ledge what what they got sick and here's that will add the word out that the I think it this way and look at our ring. That's why I came here. We're looked dejected right now but as you know we got you. He got what he wanted and thought a little bit like a girl called. But. It's one of those things where I I think kind of inevitable. Immediately gonna do that and and blue line. It's as ammo at is am all right who's MO. You mean Revis yeah yeah. The Mubarak right. Right and and and let let's say let's just for a second say all things being equal both teams overpaying him let's say in the invoke their views you know make you desperate to have something tonnage overpay for. If both teams are overpaying. And her in the same exact number. And he he's got the ring and he wants to go back home to the jets it's a losing battle heated stunt because all things are not equal that out. What I'd I don't feel jilted right I mean they don't win a Super Bowl without items that is fair to say. Now no shot all right I heard they didn't ignore them they re asked when he shoot so Bozo rip things right. And I don't feel guilt. Why would he do it. And that was an exploit that was gonna make I mean obsolete. Yes we wouldn't we wouldn't want this all went out of either and eighty on the patriots again I think realistically. She urged a major every year ma oh how typical visit to win back the back. Exactly aren't that that was that was my next point are you got one way Tim right now we comes back next year and you say oh well win another month of luckily won with him mad that brave this year. All non non non no it's not that simple at all so I think we would get ready to say we he's the only. Answered warning is Super Bowl for any team we'll start there was an jets' offensive if he was the answer to jets what I had once since 1969. He was he's been a lot of years with them of course Italian place wisely I mean that there's only so many nobody works the system better than Revis as far as in the India and the NFL welcomed the value system. Well for the money yes but for the ring now. Not the jets the jets and Tampa you know so. He he found Goldie said this is the place I can win in Iraq and if they didn't win it this year witty stay with this team because they still have a chance to win I don't know that. We get take a break at Paul thanks Karl but he appreciated 61777. Point seven. 937. Revis is on the table as the topic. And after ten when this program man's after one more segment believe me when I tell you mark will be here to talk to all of you yup until midnight tonight about. Of the Revis departure will be right back on the planet.