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John Harbaugh backpedals, 1-14-15

Jan 14, 2015|

Ravens HC John Harbaugh was critical of Bill Belichick's tactics after their game on Saturday. With a few days to think about it, Harbaugh has shift his blame to the refs.

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Yeah we want to opportunity to go to iTunes to be eligible players. Because they rejoice or there they were now skills required commentator decliners were stabbed the ball full rich as you forgot who was lined up where. And that was a deception part of it was clearly deception so. And officials told me after that they would give us the opportunity to do that. Which they probably should have done during a series but they didn't really understand what was happening that's why had to take a penalty. To get their tensions that they would understand what was going on because it and understand what was going on. John. They had their season and it press conference in Baltimore for our boss to address all sorts issues going in the offseason. Not just gamers feature loss but it's only deals running injuries whatnot regency and so forth. It's gonna wrap up the season he was asked again about the ineligible receiver. Formation that the patriots ran Fiat any further thoughts on it and what took place many discussions he had. We officials and so forth sensors Harbaugh yesterday. Yeah right mutton to my thoughts are the same as they were you during the game after the game it was it was about the the mechanics of the officiating are never had an issue with the formation. Never even brought that up there wasn't about the formation at all. I don't sense and the game took place multiple times we've seen things written produced talked about nationally about will the league change. This rule and Nelson patriots fans that bristle at that like all the leagues don't have pages does their thing and they're gonna try to take away. But this is today. In my opinion. ET patriot mu to tweak this rule. You view it out Whaley is the league picking on the patriots because they're taking away something good the patriots do nothing but nobody else has figured out yet now they like to meet this is. For drug baseball analogy here this is kind of like. What baseball they when he figured out midstream that there were flaws in the instant replay system or nothing blocking the plate rule in the catchers in order mean. But this is something that well all I see how it looks now this isn't right we got to figure out how to change this regatta figure out how. What we got a putting better rule in place to prevent this will pull on the current rule for being exploited in making the game looks silly. So Belichick and the patriots were Smart enough to figure out first. Implemented use it to their advantage and a prime spot where they really needed to jump start themselves. Bully for them but at the league would change the rule. I don't see that as an anti patriot thing because now anybody can do it they just wanna make a mock. Change saying is that it would will be the tweak. We have the raft. Announcing to the crowd. Of 34 eligible do not cover him. What you wanted to put little yellow shirt on Alito they're standing I don't know made it up on where active with this report but you. Which I think that the comment first off from problem never questioned ballots in question mechanics of the call. Did you feel that way and post game when he was talking about it now. It was the post game against the asked a low. Public felt I was basically was built cheating right what was well of course we have that sound of he's nursing a before. We threw a cheeseburger and I'm not gonna comment on. Very easy answer there is no. If Uga if you don't think it's cheaper dirty you can simply say it's not cheaper dirty it's just an exploitation of the next one we're talking about I felt like a lot of it was directed. Bill this evening right. Playing it's like. It that you think it was cheating whatever no comment on the order comment on shall the next usually get probably anybody should be the rafts and he comes out proper rest it was never about bill. Which I don't agree with ethnic apt post game news pest. He was picked it up Bill Belichick was bending rules almost tweaking things. It's just all about the wraps it was it was also more about building yesterday comes out its audit problem the logic. I think it was a seal shock to us despite everything happened I didn't have enough time to digest it at that moment and after the game. When I guess what he was able to sit back and look at it. He realizes that he can or react well here's what happened. But which are on Osgood as his here's the follow up to them because I know when we're talking about how the dominoes fall from here right going into next week with the patriots use it again we're talking about this yesterday. It did they use this to their vetted somehow against the colts are symbol the next step is how to get Shane Vereen and bald after he reports as an eligible. Aussie and throw the ball down the line to somebody than have them pitch it back to marine who has been on guard. You guys are mocking me saying it was too complicated or never gonna happen that are inept Asian eligible anyway. Check this out hello John to mossy WEEI dot com. Here's a potential wrinkle we ran by bill coral former NFL refereeing current officiating quarter with a Big Ten. What do the patriots target marine on a lateral backwards pass or end around toss even after he reports as ineligible. Yes to wall parole wrote in an email legal. Any player eligible or ineligible. Can always receive legally and lateral or backwards pats. Notable players cannot receive a four past the NFL unless the report as eligible to the ref three prior to the snapped the proper mechanics. Is the ref for he will inform the defense and announce to the Mike no we are seeing it before. What this means is that the cultural and corporate entirely as many believe the ravens should have done that could be dangerous. So he can run back. On its now like Letterman did. Receive it back pass exactly. And then he can treat you would have to go she's got a report off the line or on the line but. Down away from the formation but he can step backwards yes and theoretically. Theoretically you could run the same play with Julian Edelman reporting as in answer yes reporting is ineligible. At that double pass. In theory Julian Edelman to report is ineligible receive the backwards pass from Brady. And then you'd green gloves are. Please see this very here suits you don't hear we're wasting time on the same way Belichick wants Madonna lays down a third right now. They are doing the exact same thing so it the right back recently he he did you blacks. It's a picket picket actually don't know they know the rule but it'll understand all the ins and outs of that they're not waste their time. On these things would probably be trivial right because that was gonna pull off or try this. Without they have now Tomas writing articles that people that are paid attention to him it's going on out here what's in the paper what was that there too with the store's meat pulled can be used our bulletin board material yet he's out of the local radio stations are at any rate remote app for the what is doable. I mean did you have any of that will be plenty. Break me already planning at dinner we go out there. OK so the same thing. Everybody this is what they wanted the pocket use I'll put him on that in Phoenix again that the knock a lineup they eligible at all not showing any of it. Well arguing that these are all reports of parent parent articles on this. I bet you they will do it if it's close game. There's like second half close game like it was played I don't either they do it if they don't know nothing at halftime the patriots not to do it again because they don't want it so what the hell is the next playoff. Either they hole that always Seahawks know that they do it it'll hold back the Seahawks are statements we don't know ask the Green Bay. Raikkonen held back in the race in the studio of sun outside for. For mocking your collateral. Of marine we did talk about it. I do believe they're gonna use it again yesterday is again it's. The first option is whoo man is the obviously why you don't millionaire got the guys too and I don't agree that there's this and do you think god is this bill ever put a play and it doesn't have something a playoff that would complement that. It would have to do a certain play until they figured out that it once they figured out this is what we do often. I mean. Almost all your place or they're kind of like. If this happens though this stuff first three but if they figured out and play like this this is what I want to play off of it as we went to law. And I think they can do the same thing with this play. The weather it is seven Vereen involve the whatever it is but now listen if if the defenses. To outline his own. Right to call up and inaudible into its own. Now some Brady knows defense you rated someone else to play off of that I think that they what you will see it might upbeat who'll win again. But it would be the option to off of that off the what of that players. This is the wildcat we're talking about. Kansas they want off special play. That is in the ball very small section of your game day playbook. That you may have maybe a couple of reverses Arabia a funky screen. And you're gonna have a double pass and they're gonna have this. Once she used it. You use it it's done you don't use it again the only way they would use it. All leeway is that they sort out there they kind of wanna see how they react. Maybe the defense bubbles route that they don't know to do they call timeout the bird one of those that vessel went for them other that. They lineup but it darted dig at lime off the field there they might have to call a time it at the rocket duty. Elements T shirt guy needs to get a hold of whom and see if you want to go in a project after wil Lou just said there even realize we tested there know who managed the first option. Almanac and yeah he needs he whoo man needs to get a T shirt company to print that out whoo man is the first stop short. And just show formulate that the pressure to be a picture of the formation him catch the pass against the ravens who man is the first auction. I Jon and a truck and Harbaugh on the outside job. Are you got to dial up Maloney investment climate and I agree with you little regular on the flight because everybody talking about it they're gonna write a book. Not only to colds all but you all and art to the rule saying I think it's no Ricky. You know I hate football and people mart and put it took note eight. And the percent who are patriots they are going to be. Well Bill Polian and the patriarch that are not too much alliance will be changed the app and it Baird's call. There's no doubt about it John that part of the reason on as much attention as it has is because of the tuck rule on spy gate everything else that the patriots. Somehow get over and get around every rule and regulations that if the colts should come out with the in eligible eligible. Last week before the patriots didn't look beginning close the amount of attention but that's the tenants of spike. That's the trickle down that's the residue that because that happened you're gonna be looked upon that way it's fourth down forever is the way it works that's part of go to jail on from Lincoln Joseph here on WEEI. Thank you guys I wonder I I don't think about oh featured. Clock mismanagement at the end of the game and I know Belichick the union sent ought to ukulele and candidate. But I think there might be a better way and I underwent it is err yeah he could. Yet there are a minute agreement secretary the other night United's second. Play car takes up 21 but that important right of that is that basically got out at 29 seconds worth of action. Does that follow the army so far. If you deduct some 35 and 35 there's a Birdie Putt like Michael Clayton. Yeah. When he snapped the ball. No not yet not only promote a you know how much time between played both in the play clocked one that's second remark wrong about that. What looked so we strategist and how much time was actually lasts. Based on June. Yes there are pretty good news reported by second news and every second camp like. You know like like between snaps. I think yeah yeah deduct that they're one night back at the actual action. That happens well after you deduct their deadly. 120 but I am pretty sure I would get up on that second quick. So I cannot believe that gentleman who's got terrific hands could not take it snapped at least for the first play. And run around 68 who knows how long run around or. You know and and wait a lot more time and breathe feeling out. And it made it because the way it worked out pick up the ball working seconds let it be fair caught the ball Eric Bruntlett template now one play. And you really compare about that situation and about. You know letting the clock out by just trying to run around somebody that confident that I mean element run back on all the time don't tell me he's gonna. Have a worse than not. Running around and would be get like catching punts on what your opinion about it. Well we've talked about him running around it basically they'd run. They were my thought has always been if they ran instead of just kneeling on the ball. What would have happened what do Dan is that there would have been enough time ticked off in between plays for whatever. Alignment you wanted to have the running backs element whatever that they would have had to have the second play after the punt the first that the hole that. Hail Mary never would have occurred after the month the putt would have been the last play maybe they never would've gotten to Aponte who else. Yeah I could've been an up or down but he could actually paid it back and fire that along want perhaps it would take it. You know or second in the air and come down on the clock would. I'm an advocate I I can't believe that was the best they can do. This I agree that it Tim agrees Christian doesn't. I don't think I think John. Nathan. From guessing as well thought out and Ronny Ronny let the fact of acute producer Rodney like that they did Teddy Bruschi didn't like what they did mean it just depends just double risk reward. Mrs. riskier for the gear blunt fumbling. Or hail Mary. You know I would rather see the gear on curveball couple times. From waste five seconds of soul lying on the ground getting guy spot the ball. Although sort of fun things I think it could have been avoided but others disagree talked about it for two days. I don't make that wants to bring up again doesn't. And I called yesterday yeah. Stride down. Ski go to Sydney rotten Sid you're on WEEI. There were Carter are you do about it. Very Kirsch award throughout our money rather not or oblong. Almost sounded didn't take him right sort. You know you're that guy you'd be mad at you if you did duke it out you did have some money submitted for so what's up mail we got. Or you're kind of our 1 o'clock ball a little bit it seems that the that's very well at all gold hawk. Last week did him on the ball all the short and app wire receive a little more that I don't know how. You don't see enough last week. Arctic if you come out our web. Lastly I want that every single week right. And that did well last week you've. Didn't save their butts that's our cause it to about gap they rent a place so quickly we couldn't identify who was eligible yet no save their bots that big timers they spurted up they did these adorable oilfield in the heat suit. I we come back. There's we're just looking of that TV screen to get rid the Rex Ryan press conference the instructor press conference for Rex in buffalo. Well the jets hired their new head coach and there's something very unfortunate about that Todd Bowles c'mon moral plane that is next 937 W media.