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Dec 11, 2014|

Mut and Alex Speier are holding down the fort this week on the Hot Stove Show. They take calls on Jon Lester going to the Cubs and concerns with the Red Sox pitching rotation. They wrap things up with Rob Bradford who is still in San Diego where baseball's winter meetings were held.

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Lot to do all that hour to do it sold get right to it here on a hot so showed on a three point seven WEEI back for the winter meetings Alex beer. It's studio Alex. Who mutt fighting the illness. To be here appreciate it. Warrior this is this is Willis Reed I Willis Reed moment and a lot of people give Schilling credit for the sutures don't know sorry it's you being here. After flying back from San Diego rob Bradford stilled air you'll join us about 740 or so. Or rob weigh in on the week that was really it's about your phone calls your reaction. A lot toward now seem really not just last week but the last but it's 72 hours the Boston Red Sox. There are significant changes off and on the roster 617. 7797937. Your phone number 617779. 79837. The AT&T text line is 379837. In the Red Sox really. If Phillip Austin had some this plan in place if we don't get Jon Lester Alex. Here the moves were gonna make it involves trading for wade Miley trading for reports LO and today signing Justin Masterson to a one year deal. We'll get to Lester your reaction on the three pitchers the Red Sox acquired your last 48 hours. This this reminds me of of a couple of different offseason one is the 20042005. Offseason when the Red Sox lost Pedro Martinez and Derek Lowe. And in their place they kind of decided that they were going to get. Mid rotation replacements. And try to build up their depth a little bit that offseason it is up acquiring David Wells Matt Clement. In and Wade Miller. In order to kind of give themselves a bit more of a chance to have some rotation depth at that didn't go that well known but the the pedigree was there you understood the logic underlying it. And they they kind of were able to spackle together enough behind a really good offense in an okay starting rotation at times. I had to be able to ought to reach the post season that year but they got smoked by the White Sox three games. The other offseason that reminds me of in many respects is the 20122013. Offseason because. What bench Harrington did that year was to waved goodbye to the high end of prix of free agency now he didn't do that on the offensive side of things but that's what he's now done. On the pitching side with Jon Lester and invested that instead in the multitude of players so. You know we're talking about if you think about what wade Miley Justin Masterson and die in recourse so project earned next year. Let's talk about 25 million between those three that's about what year job Muster so they took that money. And they spread over three different guys back into the lot of flexibility going forward to continue adding as they see fit so now we can be a bit more aggressive they want to be. Rounding out the bullpen they haven't touched their top prospect and Torre I was actually pretty surprised that they were able to. You know tech kind of that did the kind of biggest hurt was I was a guy like a Webster Della Rosa. Like they'll get in one of weather for me and that Webster at the end of last year Alex you were there Q at Fenway you saw. Lack of confidence he showed down the last few starts it was really good. He had yet or better yet is gonna run is Della Rosa had any point in the year and his last three starts if you look at it I think you know sub two ERA certainly sub three Ari. In his last few starts to the surprise of a lot of people become I think the Red Sox ready doubt whether or not he can be a starter and is that well maybe we can get my shot to compete. In spring training but. With Red Sox did in 20122013. Was by time for prospects they said let's go veterans with established track record's not not place too greater reliance that lets not. Your markup that spot. For in the rotation for a guy who might not be ready for what the competition. Yields something not good if they have you know the likes of Brandon Workman and Matt Barnes and Steven Wright. And Anthony Renato and web stern were none of them is good in spring training. Now you don't have to be in a position where you're forced to nonetheless rely on one of those guys are scramble at the end of spring training on and it is interesting in this sense. When they were going in the Lester motto they're probably going to require two pitchers you're required three now the back of the Red Sox rotation there were 35 starts. Between Brandon Workman and Jake PD last year okay that's about the fifth starter spot right and they weren't good. It eighteen record and four point 97 ERA a so. If you think about it you're trying to construct the best team possible okay what way is to get an ace it's way better than league average. The other way is to avoid sucking way more than league average which is what happened with the Red Sox and their number five starter spot last year. Of the guys acquired I think people from the when Masterson and even pour sell because he pitched in the American League got the most interest in me is wade Miley out in that. And you wrote about this and WEEI dot com if you get him out of that ballpark which will run factor last year was the second most offensive ballpark in baseball finally coarse field. So eat it you know a ballpark it was very offensive. Office not not like pictures and and swear word I urban offensive for auto rough and tumble in downtown Phoenix he also pitched a coarse field in that division so really two of the ballparks in that division including a home field. We're pretty off offensively based. Brandon McCarthy got there last year about this on the website. And went from a guy who had a ten losses and five ERA. To too late night in the American League and not say it's gonna happen when mildly but for a guy who's only 2829 years old. It's under control the next three years. Was second rookie of the year to Bryce Harper just a couple of seasons ago has gone 194 and 202 watered it's for for 31 four years. To get here and four. Back and rotation fodder two young guys who aren't young anymore and dale roast and Webster. To me that's the most intriguing of all 3 Aleks is am I making too much of the acquisition wade Miley. I think the reds obviously I think that the Red Sox view him as being behind course LO in terms of buy in terms of tell I believe that yet but less talented yet got Miley is that might Miley is obviously reliably durable though the park's stuff is really interesting last year for instance. Three in seven with a five point 61 ERA at home. Ivan 53 point 17 ERA on the road. And he he is someone. Who kind of profile based on his strikeout numbers based on the extreme ground ball rates he had. As being a better pitcher than what his numbers might have suggested last year you know he wasn't a guy who gave up in a ton of bad contact or anything. I he had some bad luck some terrible defense behind him which is part of the reason why Brandon McCarthy went from looking from one of them you know let one of the pitchers was most emissions struggles. In all of baseball last year 21 of the most successful after you've been traded over to the Yankees. It's going to be interesting couple of months year for opening day as for the rotations that now. As much as I think this is a good step in the right direction I feel like if this is the opening day rotation. And Masterson is part of it. And it ends up in let's say balk Colts were sell low Joseph Kelly Masterson. Picked your young god still here. And yet still underwhelming Alex that that is not a really good rebuild. All of the post Lester and Lackey rotation in my opinion. They are still a top of the rotation guy away where they get that this offseason during the year I don't know but if this is the rotation. I am underwhelmed by that one through five the American League east. I think there's kind of as I I I I agree that it wouldn't make it wouldn't be an elite rotation right it doesn't have those like it was clear. Aces though of course Masterson couple years ago he was an all star caliber guy. Marcelo was really good last year Miley has had some moments where he's been really good but you know those those are all mid rotation guys in terms of in terms of just. Career track onto a three of the thing yet 34 you know I think and and depending on the case and masters and there's some uncertainty their based on how I performed last year as well. You know we still got a ton of ground balls and in pretty good strikeout rates. I I do think that we tend to underestimate the importance of a depth one through five the significance of that went through five depth so it's it's kind of what I was talked map before if you have an ace. But then you have let's say a pretty decent three middle of the rotation guys and terrible back of rotation. Then you have a mediocre rotation and if you have five mediocre guys that you have a mediocre rotation. So it's you know it's nonetheless. You wanna have that the proverbial horse for October. You know the guy who's able to shoulder a 230 to 250 innings load over the course of year it's possible the torso is ready to take a step forward in his career. Maybe but that's conjecture there's not back out with a proven track record of being able to do it I do think the Red Sox continue to explore. What else is going to be possible it might not be possible this offseason it might end up being though that there aren't really interest in position for me your trade. If they don't further solidified their rotation. In effect I'd doesn't emerge over the course of the of the season do you think they're done then acquire rotation talent for 2000 if he's a bowl is that the rotation now all see next year I've. I would I've it would be a mistake to say yes or no I I think that they're you know now they can deport this big good thing for the Red Sox bench Harrington. He was operating in a position of zero leverage about three days ago they were looking like the team that had just been you know Slade basically. By Theo Epstein and you know that was that wounded them there were as to the Red Sox officials. You know were that that was kind of a kick in the gut that night for a lot of them but nonetheless now they've put themselves in the position where they have. One through five a veteran one through five guys. Who do have some interest in track records along with this minor league depth along with this next crest of coming AAA debt. You know the Brian Johnson Henry Owens Henry Owens and it did Largo Rodriguez. Who haven't even been talked about it that fifth starter spot because they're couple months behind but they could be kind of impact that your call ups like Sonny gray was. In 2012 depending on how things come together. So they've got for a position of devastating weakness the one where they can negotiate from position of strength. This could be their season opening rotation in they would hope its depth kind of like the 2013 model rather than elite players were kind of carrying the day. But they're they put themselves in a position where they have the resources financial and prospect at wise that they can continue to pursue other moves. I have a wacky thought a masters and I'll say that because as expected you guys are lined up and fill the full lines here it's 617. 7797937. A promise to get to your phone calls. Up early and often your idea your thoughts on what has happened here Leicester out Masterson or sell and wade Miley in art is in North Carolina. Because soft your all the hot stove show art it's not an Alex beer tonight our U. Connecticut unmarked car and I I do not understand the red that's strategy. You can say all you want about our rotation. You get the well not a big Bernie. Talk and they have a forty cute Euro close. At a ball a little bit at the end of the year and it didn't give a backup plan. And they currently at seven help the other one who would take it gave the ridiculous amount of money didn't from short. They're current shortstop with both is that bad you know and a brilliant ground ball pitchers. And they ended up well like at the plate there big forum would probably only get a lot the year Q what they're there but at some of them are. And then add that gaping hole at third base again. They're trying to retained prospect but when that Detroit guy what I'm healing. I don't think outlook you know Rhode Island and what it should have been on our belabor. Kind of a guy who's not gonna be a Le. As an accurate but it might and I think that reading them now I kind of think traditionally they're trying to trade brought it. Not trade our let. They don't regret it but now you know that they don't know what they're gonna do it but. Now. It was one of those are artsy you don't like the off who you hit a bunch of different aren't here every helmet made our hit a lot of topics have dirt aid at all once art I appreciate the phone call. I'm address two things their Alex one is is in her Bogart's defensively. I do agree that when you acquire this wood three really ground ball pitchers and depth to their than top. I think top 25 ground balls a year ago. Infield defense becomes a lot more important is in a Bogart's ready to handle that every day loaded short given that now he's got a couple of guys in the mound. Restore an awful lot of ground balls his way if things go right for them and the Red Sox hope that's the case. To be determined you know it's it's going to be on he's up he's working out at athletes performance in Arizona you know work on agility and all that stuff in order to be in it in the best possible position. But to be ready to handle that responsibility. We saw progress from Emmitt at times last year he looked pretty comfortable. But shortstop down the stretch in the month of September he looked pretty comfortable at shortstop in the month of may after a tough start. In April but I think that that is a bear ballot open questioned that Bogart's has to answer and that he's going to have to work hard in order to. And to show that he can if he's averaged follow. Mean you know that's that's not that's not the ideal right you would love to have Jose graces defense complementing. The kind of Troy Tulowitzki offensive upside but or did you know or or aid. 20 in his prime but anyway it. I'll admit that that's part of the reason why it was yeah court for them. You know our was critical public sent a ball but he'd he's grated per number of years is about above average defensive third baseman Chase Headley beast. He's gotten to these studies above average and and he's he's been pretty solid at that position four for a long time so. That's important part of the consideration we know about Pedroia obviously. Napoli also is is kind of a gold glove to help out first baseman. But the last couple of years so I am so that it's up their concern on the part of Bogart but I think that. You know you also have to kind of take stock of the entirety of the of the infield. The other highlight of arts really airing of grievances with the Red Sox off genius at forest is. That that the hot the high upside and Al went through we deal Roloson did you think Alex that was too much to give up for a pitcher wade Miley status. I had no I I thought that you know I. The are the upside that had been so tantalizing I thought and 2013. I thought had had diminished in. Being bella Rose so was someone who is out of options this year so. Honestly don't NASA have a lot of places to go with him and I I frankly think that a lot of team officials had kind of reached the point where they thought. He's he's a bullpen guy or he's you know he's just not. He's not routine based enough his concentration isn't isn't sustainable enough to become a reliable consistent starter. But moreover even though he had the high octane fastball. It didn't play his swing and miss offering as a starter so you have the swing and miss changeup at times. But in game two changeup happy in so that ended up getting swatted around a lot by teams that came familiar with him like the Blue Jays. Webster I I think that is stuffed dial back this year. Not to the point where I had seen him as being kind of in a shoot the moon scenario. A potential number one starter in 2013. His velocity take back a little bit the swings and misses that this remiss rates. Also went out a little bit the the control got a little bit better which was important. I think a lot of value Raiders by the end of the year saw a guy who was who had the upside of a number four starter with maybe the floor of a reliever. Odd days and Randolph talking about the recent acquisitions for the Red Sox they've your on a hot stove show here and WEEI. I had I think it in the call got home. At just curious historically if you guys you know I'm. Let outfit where now the decision strengthen the go to visit weakness as we can have our starting vacation sold out however. I was a little historically is that a captain where you think we took on these guys you know. Oh Miley and Masterson. We possibly treat you to one of those I treated it one more elite starter if that happened really or is that just never really happened. I'll give you an example of of an instance where are they where there was kind of one trade to set up another. Back didn't act after the 2004 season I think it was. I know after the 2005 season the Red Sox traded Edgar Renteria to be out to the Braves burn this type effort this highly regarded prospect Andy Marte. But they did so as a means of of flipping him to the Indians. In order to land Coco Crisp at that time because they knew that the Indians like Arctic. So it can happen but frankly I I think that based on the fact that the other two gets. Have been guys were on the under control for one year Miley actually represents a pretty critical part of that because he's under team control for three years so. But you know I I think that the Red Sox. You you have to be open minded about about hearing anything but I I think that what they did manage to do was to kind of give themselves. Eight to find shape of their rotation for 2015 if nothing else does change but. I'll keep looking around and seeing if if things do change the diary where they have to wait assert my time that we want to treat masters yeah masters they'd have bravery. Because he's a free agency right they have free agent they couldn't treatment so. After June 15 I Joe's in Boston talked to Red Sox pitching here on WEEI joke at evening. Hi good evening guys' attention but I wanted to run something value I think come. Trading book holes would be good and package somewhat like victory you know when response prospects except for. That spoke out and Owens and then I'm. For him hole but Buchholz and Victorino on the prospects and then. Sign she'll. For our listed deal for the one very side and then you have Hamels shields for a solo. My Lee and Kelly slash Masterson but you guys think of that. I think it's hard to bad there's there's a chance that the Red Sox would it would dive deep into the pockets. In order to make one more one more major move of the offseason. I don't think that that package alliance quite right with what the Phillies are looking for. Meant it in terms of my Hamels return I don't think that they would be. You know particularly a guy like him Victorino even though he has obviously great history there but. You know that's that's not that they're looking to get younger guys coming up backs are gonna highly sought after and for in the trademark indeed indeed survey they're looking for young guys with upside firfer young guys with upside and I think it. You know but Colts would also be a difficult one to kind of explain this as the centerpiece returned based on his. Up and down results of the last couple of years but I I think that there is there's at least a chance. If they make a rabbit Hamels are or. Or Iraq or shields one of the other. I have a hard time believing though that there about it there or thereabouts drop you know. In the Hamels is case because 24 million dollars a year. He has the no trade protection against the Sox which I think gives the teams some pause about whether or not they would actually want him here whether or not he has hesitation about leaving the National League. In so I am not sure if there if the stars are aligning bear and with shields I think that he's gonna get five years and hundred million plus so. I think that that's you know if if you're getting into those waters and it's hard to explain why didn't just keep going the extra mile for Lester so. I think that this is this is a year where the trade market is really favorable for finding solutions I think if you the Red Sox you explore hard. The guys who are available on shorter term deals rather than the longer term ones that are the kind of that kind of hamstring you a little bit like Hamels. I also think the at the league gulp and opportunities you mention out the top that they get that in that top of the rotation guy. During the year that the trade market pops up during the year for this team and that's why I. You know I'm underwhelmed by the rotation today but I do acknowledge that there are what fourteen or fifteen. Very good pitchers and he's a final year of their deal and three or four those are top like guys pitch like Jordan Zimmermann if there that decide to move on from him during the year. That's a guy that would be the top of the rotation fit for the Boston Red Sox. Well I mean we've always just thought Jon Lester treated in the middle of this as yup and right we thought that fly balls out of it yet rated in the middle of this past season for really very tolerable or turns. If you have bats. Guess what the Red Sox have a little bit of a surplus of as you think about that outfield surplus now it looks an awful lot different when you think about what happens. If Shane Victorino or Allen Craig reestablish is their value for you over the course of the first couple months of the season. And then you have that crazy depth to work with in terms of making those bats for arms kind of trades in the middle of the offseason it's a pretty interesting. Possibility. Indies and Cincinnati were mentioned Cole Hamels you wanna talk about Cole Hamels titles on WEEI and eagle at. And I didn't go to any. I'd rather you like it like to try and block that that he brought up the ledge. On the. I'm on the club mostly I think I heard that on me earlier today talking about it. And the pack if the guy who legitimately and not want to kick in the American League east. When you can do with the treatment and everybody atom here. Well and I think back to him about it after. Talking about it. It remains to be seen whether or not he really wants that he really wouldn't wanna come here but he would require at least contractual sweeteners now. There's one school of thought that all you need to do is commit to exercising the option levity as it up in the fifth year which would be five years 110 million dollars committed to them. That's again you're asking questions about oh I didn't we just pay commit try to go after Lester a little bit harder when you're thinking about the value of those prospects that you would also be including. But what if Hamels insists on an extension beyond those five years. You know tacked on another year if you wanna convince me to come and it's like wow that's that's a bad contract plus prospects. That's tough high risk contract he's. That's some bad ass leverage and he basin area he has no team has a no trade list that says well you know you wanna get me earlier on my no trade but. You pick up that last the year my option picked it up now and maybe I'll wash off that and understand what our Phillies give away all of the all of this no trade protection they just. They they end up hamstring themselves so much what we've seen. On a number of occasions for them they finally were able to move Jimmy Rollins after. You know kind of years of explored the surface of that one week for Andrew Friedman out there and now I see Dan and nick and Tom were doing your phone calls. On a hot stove show get your reaction what the Red Sox offseason has been like what their rotation looks like right now at 61777979372. Text us. On the AT&T text line at 379837. On Twitter at Alex spear. At Mott and UT WE EL come back at your phone calls and get Alex's take. On the Jon Lester saga eventually ending with him in Chicago and how we got to that point all the hot stove show here on 93 point seven W yeah. As I said before can learn things. What happened sheer walls. But you know right now once you get in free agency and the different animal understand that. You know simply put the maybe choice. We respected and wish him nothing but the best and you know we go back to focusing. And our team together. We feel really get a. Jered to talking about the loss of Jon Lester he is a cub in the Red Sox to move on to plan B and so far. That includes reports LO Justin Masterson and wade Miley that include your phone calls the hot stove show 937 WEEI. There's been an off Lester talk of these fairways and not want Jon Lester to dominate tonight show which Robin and talk about in the first half hour. But I wouldn't be doing my job Alex and ask somebody like Q who is tied in his anybody in this business. And is tied and is anybody in this market. The Boston Red Sox your. Look back. And how we got to where we worthy he ended up picking the Cubs over the Red Sox and it is is simple is it as simple as I believe that the Red Sox just. But global off from the beginning started things off on such a bad foot that they never quite recovered and he ends up in a Cubs uniform yeah I think to that side. Think that's fair you know that basically they poisoned the idea here for negotiations by coming in four and seventy from the start. Now the funny thing is you know yesterday hearing ventured to sing well. You know eleven seasons and John knew that that wasn't you know that wasn't like our final offer that that was where are you coming from. But it it created basically an awkward negotiating dynamic and you know end. Lester didn't wanna be seen as kind of betraying they're very figures articulating his willingness to do in taking your hometown discount by having to how owner. At what would have been the Cole Hamels contract. So that would have sounded like you bet that would have. You know led to that would put him in a position to come off as as a hypocrite Expos. On how I I've I am somewhat sympathetic to the idea that the Red Sox tried to. Two expressed an interest in in resuming negotiations and at a couple points and they were kind of swat it away. By the Lester camp. I think they they are close to a deal during the year Alex outlined I don't think so now. I don't think that I don't know if they ever present I don't think they ever presented another offer during the year I don't think that the that door was ever open to do so. I don't think that the Red Sox would have been. I have the Red Sox taken the initiative and simply faxed over an offer and said look we have a five year 110 million dollar or five year 120 million dollar proposal. That we would like you to consider at this point I don't think that they would've thrown it straightened try to without having read it. But that's a I think that the I I think that there was just a bit of a mess with regards to they the negotiating atmosphere was was just. Kind of derailed from the from the very beginning. By what protects that and I don't think that the Red Sox are solely responsible for because they kept saying look we wanna talk we wanna negotiate we wanna get a broom. And have a conversation about this and it seems like you know what that would at least the way in which bench Harrington was describing it the Lester it was like we don't really need to get to him. In real quick at at 135 they came in. Potentially is the third of the I'll say third of the three offers forget the Dodgers but let's say Giants a couple ahead on the Red Sox so. He middle cover what the John Henry trips were about is that just John Henry going to meet Jon Lester say hey we can't pay you what the other teams are but. Comeback as awesome blog you try to pull the heart strings of Lester without giving on the cash she had from two other teams adapt well I. Think they do there was probably commitment to that moment are kind of saying you know two in that second is saying we will come back with Sidney with an even more aggressive offer. You know in maybe maybe they were sitting down face to face in just saying you know look like let's discuss the landscape of of what you have on the table right now. You know can we matched that. You know yes because remember whether it's the Red Sox altered their offer. 48 date they've made there and they made an initial offer in the offseason. In the first group is it down to see Lester in the Atlanta area in the they made another one this past week according to cherry intent. And so you know that was I think before we had any. Anything any any really kind of precise reports about anyone having bid beyond 135%. Sure though. I put I think the Red Sox were kind of trying to position themselves. But to be in the game as the game had been played to that point oven and yes also. You know probably also to. To kind of just break a little bit and to say to. You know and to say yeah be I wanna make clear how important you are. The franchise or what you'd know how important to be you know this is the first guy who was drafted under John Henry. You know there's there's there's history there. So yes I think that there was there was a aid directness that aside attempted to be accomplished but you know obviously that was enough to get that. I'd Dan is he sure is very easy to back your phone calls the hot stove show 937 WEEI didn't go had. 00 on them. Earlier on a guy came on he would like single single deal that that we may come. I'm not quite there. I really like the course so appealing. I don't think there was much of the market sources that it sure in a more accurate contract largely regarded. On approachable and and truthfully means power and for him now but he's he's just not not at bat that good football player no doubt I'd like. Yeah I actually did it did well with him my question to. The Red Sox are in the IP one at keeping at either one. They didn't want Lester back to be you know and they went in with that kind of a cursory offered in the stands and what we tried them. And he went to the highest bidder or Q is it and you shop at eight. Under a bit they'd miss read the market that significantly. That and we we don't know where the other team's world on their offer and I'll. But now because I because I think about it is coming up in the not too distant but there the Red Sox were aware of where the market had gone in the pine in in the final days of the winter meetings. Bench Harrington said as much she said that the letting that the Levinson says agents I had kind of kept the Red Sox apprised. Of the approximate nature of the guarantees that were out there. So I don't think that the Red Sox misread the market I think that they defined. They're value point for how law how are the kind of last. Best offer to Leicester could go obviously in the market last spring Alec oh it's my body is referring to that first off OK with that as a Homer Bailey Cole Hamels the numbers were there for seven he was a close to. Max Scherzer for a jurors in his it in his negotiation I. No I don't I don't think that they miss and I I think that they were I think that they defined their value point I don't think it was four and seventy. But I think they were willing to have kind of a a little bit of a negotiating brawl to have some back and forth. From pretty extreme points and up in the middle which artist is is that not atypical. Red Sox strategy when it comes to negotiating extensions with their guys were under long term control. Get a quick break come back more your phone calls talk in baseball hot stove show up until 8 o'clock tonight we'll check when rob Bradford he's still in San Diego one of the last. Writers there will see what's going on with rob and get your full colonel as rob you're a Sports Radio the new. Not so showed ID 37 WEEI the last man at Pacific beach bar grill. Turns off the lights and that is rob Bradford WEEI dot com making his way back east rob button Alex thanks for joining us by phone a non studio. A day. They editing that they view I do feel like a carnival like the last guy here it's pretty amazing as they squeeze out in a hurry the few people around by. Still have memories will last forever. The memory of the Red Sox and span of what 24 hours or so Clark three pitchers rob it. When we talked about the pitchers themselves you and I talked about we Miley last night. How things change for the Red Sox not just the talent of the pitchers but the big guys the side but their lot in life. As a team any roster how much has that changed in the last couple days in your mind. Yeah I look to interpret it however how is life change for the red card from that we seem to San Diego and and the year walk out with a network starter I think that's the legitimate question and you get by without that in eastern kid and he's got to be acquired. Commit at eventually be hit it and I don't know I don't know there's flaws in each of these guys that it was life. There on the right side right now that's why they're being classified as number three starters. But but looked a bit there are better than they were when they got here because they didn't have any hitting at all. When they got here and now at least they have some. Well a rob so at this point where do you see the Red Sox the Red Sox going I'm actually build the one thing it's startling to me. Is that they came away with not just two with three pitchers and they did it basically for the price of one Jon Lester contract. So yeah I they have resources to play with because they had already budgeted it for getting. Lester plus a starter as a back up catcher you know plus probably a bullpen arm. Wayward the resources go. Doubt see if you don't weird dynamic Alex about immediate question beauty perfectly note he had by appreciate you are Andrea. If you anyway I defer because I believe you have in sight that I haven't even thought about. Yeah. That is the media issues it is undeniable that they have got these pitchers sort of price of one Jon Leicester one year. But what we don't know if the level of production and yes Carcillo has been you know what he's been with Detroit which is pretty good last year. By the same way the National League so maybe just some doubt we can certainly understand why you thought it just a match into a night out million dollar contract for one year. Because we know all things that may have led to that that year how good he was before. So I understand all that but at this stage on this one year the two next year. You knew what you. I think which got laughter emanating out and I only did this and that by get a good certainty that you would have had to pay beat potentially several years. Right on lap but I understand that but still. That you we should take stock of that was a certain things. There is uncertainty with the other pitchers but for all the reasons I think you probably mentioned. There's a really good if not it's not a bad idea that the league go to this Rupp because of that and guys like we talked about it last night. I thought I'd never said you don't psychology you have no chance you cannot do without jobs laughter. When it Jon Leicester situation or what transpired this week to me it was all about. Reflecting on how that whole thing went down in the bad taste left him out but I thought that say the report can't win without our. RP do you think they're done now from the starting pitching standpoint is the rotation we see now the likely rotation to Bob begin 2015. Mike got it you know Mike Mike is that they're gonna get another guy and and as. In weather that they Hamels in game that was sealed last night I think it is there are gonna get another guy L thank. They'll be averse to trading what are the other guy did joked Kelly would you a prime candidate he could spit off wade Miley. You know I I wouldn't buckle to me because I think yeah avocado lopsided he'd probably worth more use of use and trade. Though but my job is that there are gonna get I don't know what you guys stay in. I do I do too I did Q Alex said it's too early detail because they could date it's eating wanna make. It what do you call I mean the thing that I ask rob is which what kind of top of the rotation starter is going to be available IN at a price that they're going to find palpable obviously they found a sweet spot. Match in terms of in terms of the three deals that were struck. Over this very compressed period. What what. Top of the rotation presence is are they going to be able to do that for. Well let play out sharing them when we get together today did how the other key of the top tier starters they'll loosen the strings a little bit am. He insinuate they try to out by. You know I it I don't think that you can really tell until. They get beat these Philadelphia's in the Washington and Cincinnati early start in the gun I I suspect they'll what Cincinnati did. They're probably gonna try to reach frankly don't and but yeah eight so that's. This stretch that went off the list and we know about Hamels and in between of the rumored but Amaro defining moment this is. So particularly for a job yet they've done that if you are getting back to why aren't that I don't know if you can do that deal. Zimmerman it's government in trusting one in. And in the lot when a lot of people think is probably the best. Jordan's era will look great Red Sox uniform that might happen during the year Arabia's happen now but it happens. During these hard for a team that's contending to remake their top of the rotation in the middle of the season and maybe they'll and it knocked in ten minutes the Red Sox or 2013 as you but doesn't fourteen they fall out of it and guess what kind of deal pitcher. You know in and shields is obviously the other game they are a lot of people would be talking about it and said that that would last night. I think if my opinion I think it would ship shield my opinion I think she'll Lynn and it took the heat. I think secret that they put it to happen the in the in that the good spot for the basic. Org guy you don't cruising through his mid thirties it is Cisco beat the spot. Rob last one for me a number of bullpen appearances Justin Masterson makes in 2050 I'll set it at one happy Dick in the old. Burden or under. Up have to be you know three years not Willie pitch out of the bullpen at some point this year yet arguably except it's not all and so. I think. It could use every opportunity I think been one of the masters and it says. Talked people where you have an out that document the injuries. Also for overeat and you work out that much in the top seed last year because he had torn rib cartilage. Right by you know I'll. Like early Masterson Jesus. On. But the joke but I figured you know the weather at the weather is not going to like what you keep that that I I've overcome a lot of a lot of ailments. Do they'll keep my body finally finally proud I. But I'll say that that's what David did wanna make sure when they were talking about percent. Was that he was going to have a a normal sort of work out the top seed in and hit the ground running and it's beyond it mean. It's all ought. Yeah he did he can. If orbit himself right into a lot a lot of money. Next year with all the money flying around if you have a good year this year awful what you already won. Could make a lot of money from. So much about a's send him an apt Pratt brochure Justin Speier MLS what last question rob. But do you think that there's any chance at the Red Sox channel their resources into the back end in to may be trying to build up a more dominant bullpen. You know add that way rather than if if to say if the market for top of the rotation guys is what they want. It's a good question because now if you stick with the guys you're gonna need a good ball and from what I understand now. And then it starts with somebody in there and with a masters this being kind of related to get you want some of these young guys. One or two of these young guys to fill of that you might view Brett welcome back you might feel they've not come back. I'd turn to look back and do the very active you know I don't think so but. I'll say it again if you do go this throw this rotation. You've got to have a good bullpen not consider bad starting pitchers but at the salute the campus that the model how I hate to say that that ruined. If they hear right the rob and the point is they don't attic Frontline started they've got to spend some money in the back in the bullpen at least in my aunt great stuff great coverage all week rob. I enjoy the red I've backed out of Chicago Austin. RED eight top dollar brought pat have leaked a couple c'mon. Single point that I've gone to Alex though the taco place. A bit too visited taco place for a third time of my ears though I'm propped up by brickyard with talked about the show out here at indigo. So good job where begum Ohio we're huge thanks rob yeah. Rob Bradford. I'm gonna try to sneak and call a pride cut off that's okay Nixon twister. Eight to a lot of people waiting patiently nick go that. I declared to be a little older than now Alex beer by the anyway it. I think. The big problem and luckily I'm bite or lose early here are great at the big issue is that Boston tenth spot until like I compared to a high school girl who just got dumped by her college boyfriend. You're getting too emotional. Are now they're the future and that your homework. That's got to walk up call I I nothing that there are well I was up against that patio good job guys good job nick could get all your phone calls. Alex is always great job audio okay thanks for thanks for have Meehan the hot stove show he missed any other will be posted a lot of WEEI dot com on demand great calls texts and tweets will pocket next Thursday Sports Radio WEEI.